Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Drama Ahli Parlimen. In this unforgetable Feb 2 front-page picture, lawyer Haris Ibrahim stands second from the right with a ripped poster of the Election Commissioner. The Prime Minister called this act "biadap", an exceptionally strong Malay word for "rude".
Last night, Haris created a new category in his People's Parliament blog called BIADAP, which means Badan Insan Awasi Drama Ahli Parlimen [the Movement to Monitor MPs' Theatrics].
Looks like more posters will be ripped. Go HERE.


  1. Anonymous2:47 am


    For a moment I thought it stands for Barisan Intensely Against DAP.

    Election fever!!

  2. Anonymous5:01 am

    Mulut Pengerusi SPR lebih BIADAP daripada aksi mengoyakkan poster.Mulut yang BIADAP tidak layak untuk menjadi jurucakap badan yang sepatutnya berkecuali.Nenek aku lebih layak menjadi pengerusi SPR.

  3. I echo the view expressed by the PM in that the act of BERSIH was biadap.

    Now, why on earth would one tears up a photo of anybody? I can understand it if it is a lovers'act but this? Come on!

    Now, if BERSIH members, specially this 5 thinks that the election is not fair, they should not vote this election. Wouldnt it be a mockery if they vote?

    With regard to that recently set up "BIADAP" category, well what else can one expects from a BIADAP person?

  4. Apa yang biadapnye? It's a form of protest. The EC man is not a pious prophet...more likely, he is a prophet of DOOM.

    We all know how filthy our elections are..kalau TDM really wants to speak up and is sincere about cleaning up UMNO and the govt, then he should give us the dirt on the EC and concrete proof to get rid of Rashid...talk roti only with more air than tepung tarak guna...false bravado.

    What is more biadap, Pak Lah, is the fact that corrupt politicians, officials are still allowed to reign unchecked and free and god help us, actually contest again!!! Dan masih ada lagi rakyat yang duduk dalam reban PENINGGALAN ayam...ayam pun tak sanggup duduk dalam tu!!


  5. Anonymous9:26 am

    does that mean we are seeking the 'Mr.Super Cool' as next MP of the centuary?


  6. Anonymous11:51 am

    ya, ain't we all biadap, voting for those kurang ajar in bn.

  7. Anonymous2:15 pm

    Biadap??? Badawi just take a look at your son in law.

  8. Anonymous2:16 pm

    And this PM kept his silence when his MP's utter sexist and derogatory remarks in Parliament.

  9. Bro,
    this is what I got from the warrior2's blog.

    "Some like me and some despise me. I can be nice and I can be a pain in the neck too".

    View my complete profile

    Maybe warrior2 must change the 2nd line word from "neck" to "arse" cos that's where is also is speaking from !
    sheeesh...you moron !

  10. Anonymous2:56 pm

    you sound exactly like the EC fella. whats next warrior2? if we dont like it, get out of the country. got you monthly allowance alredi being a cybertrooper? spend it well.

  11. Anonymous6:10 pm

    the 'mangkuk' that called the bersih chaps as biadap, is not relising that he is the culprit of all biadap acts in this nation.

    well, pity the 'mangkuk' fella because only a mangkuk would call others biadap and the biadap fella cant admit that he is a mangkuk!

  12. Anonymous6:38 pm

    get me a picture of PM...i will tear it. remember he is voted into power..by the people,,and if the people are not happy..we can tell him to F*ck off.

  13. Anonymous12:50 am

    However dumb this PM, he has a point here. Haris must be so desperate as to resort to such antic. He is no better than those foreign demonstrators in Pakistan or Palestine. Just think if we just let this by, Haris will be promoting the burning of effigy next?

  14. Anonymous9:53 pm

    In a related news from a doubtful source, P. Uthayakumar is considering a legal suit against Harris Ibrahim for copyright breach. He claimed he had patented the "BIADAP" acronym long ago before Harris did.

    The spokesman of Uthayakumar's BIADAP (Barisan India dan Anak-anak DAP) refused to comment.

  15. Anonymous12:08 pm

    aha aha aha (mau peca pelut tapi tak peca peca)
    pak lah 'biadap'!!!