Thursday, February 14, 2008

Clean electoral roll?

I thought it was rather brave of The Malay Mail came out with this piece on the same day the Election Commission announced the dates for Nomination and Polling for the country's 12th General Election.

In any case, I feel for Ang Lai Im, 36, who found out last month that she had already been registered as a voter when she never did register as one herself. Obviously, someone else did it for her!

Lai Im and I are not the only Malaysians whose identities might have been used by Phantom voters. There could be thousands of others. How is it that someone else can register you as a voter? The EC has been quiet about this. I lodged a police report on this last .. and went to the address that was supposed to have been my home in Rapat Setia. Till today, I have not received any kind of acknowledgement from the EC or the Police.


  1. Rocky,
    Now we know why they go to all this trouble to get the services of this chairman of EC extended. Only such a person can do their biddings and tolerate complaints of a not so clean election roll.

  2. Anonymous6:28 pm

    sharmila was inexplicably registered as a voter in kelantan. she has complained and as usual nothing was done by the EC.
    now, it confirms why the rogues in BN went to the extent of changing the constitution so that its running dog, Ra-shit, can continue to do its bidding. No wonder, Badawi was so incensed when Ra-shit picture was torn to bits! hey, i must say the torn pieces should not be wasted and used to wrap soiled diapers. fits the name, ra-shit well too.

  3. Anonymous7:03 pm

    "I lodged a police report on this last .. and went to the address that was supposed to have been my home in Rapat Setia." Rocky

    Will you then go to Rapat Setia on Polling Day and be at the polling center to greet your long lost "Phantom" twin brother when he comes to vote? Bring a camera along and a mata-mata or two. Your case will be immediately solved.

  4. I hope you dont hold your breath Rocky.

    We still need you..

  5. with the EC gerrymanderin for them, and all the mass media playing to their tunes, i wonder what's the hope for free media and democracy in malaysia. Reading Zainon Ahmad's recent piece on the sun ( is like reading a BN piece.


    malaysia BOLEH!

  6. Anonymous8:16 pm

    What c*ck Pak Lah talked on parachute candidates?

    This cocky PM himself need a parachute to jump down from KL Tower to prove people that he don't talk c*ck and BS throughout his premiership.

    He is a totally garbage person and don't deserve a name on his tomb stone.

    What a waste of God gifted life...

    Pity his Mom for having Son.


  7. Anonymous8:19 pm

    Rocky since you are registered as a voter, please do not forget to go to Rapat Setia to cast your votes.

    No point complaining just vote wisely.

    There are many more trying to register but fail.....

  8. There is this
    10.9 million Voters
    On the electoral list

    How sure it is clean?
    When there is no independent body to scrutinize it
    The BN government says it is the right list
    But the rat runs into its tiny hole
    Never want to entertain the big cat
    Meowing for him to come out and explain

    Nay….he goes hide and seek
    Collecting his paycheck every month
    Saying he supports the ruling elite
    So how independent is he?

    Complaints and police reports
    Under the carpet for them to step on
    BN wants to win badly
    For anything the BN leaders will do
    Like extending his tenure for one year
    What was the reason?
    Is he can’t be retired?
    Better survey his little holes
    Many secrets store up for good

    The big cat meows
    The little rat hides in his hole
    Biting away his whiskers
    Ignoring every complaint

    So go for change
    Vote out the lying party
    Give the country a new hope
    Progressing forward to glory

  9. rocky dude, have you ever been a umno member? if yes, it's surely they who registered your name. As for me, that same case happen, but i didn't know that i'm an umno member until one day, they sent me a letter, mentioning that i'm a member and all my fees have been paid... lol...

    and, i never ever register my name with SPR, but, in 1999, i just tried to check, whether EC got my name or not... guess what... i've been registered... but... i pity them.. as my vote.. never goes to them.. lol...

  10. Anonymous8:56 pm

    Bro Rocky,

    umno dah bayar orang untuk tukar their original alamat IC to area in Kelantan..taktik UMNO-BN nak tapau kelantan :)

  11. Anonymous9:02 pm

    To protect yourselves to being hijacked your name by someone, you can go to , then key-in your IC number in the shortcut box placed on the left of Malaysiakini website.

    Please hurry up to check you up.

  12. Anonymous9:04 pm


    You should do as what has been suggested by Anonymous 7:03PM.


  13. We may have witness the deteriorating nature of our 'system', so corrupted and perverted that it has paralysed itself from within. Coppers are no longer an independent or capable force, from your lowly-paid clerk to the big wigs, all under the payroll of this up and coming Dynasty, these 'public-servants' has no significance except to do it's master's bidding(Arahan Pihak Atasan) or risk being 'black-listed' by 'Pihak'. The fact is, we, as rakyat deserves more than what we've been starved of, with high inflation, shaky economy, poor promotion of tourism, poor infrastructure maintenance that little do we realised, even as 'public-servants', you and me are doing much better without any help from this extortionist political coalition.

    Break free from the clutches or stay imprisoned with the Be-End racial-hatred-filled horde.

  14. Anonymous10:17 pm

    Untuk para blogger,
    Sempena Pilihanraya Umum ke-12 ini, anda boleh sediakan kemudahan menyemak senarai pengundi dari blog anda tanpa perlu melawat laman web SPR. :P

    Sila dapatkan kod Semakan Daftar Pemilih Widget untuk blog anda.

    Untuk contoh widget, sila lawat (Widget ini terletak di sebelah kiri, atas sekali).

    Terima kasih.

  15. Anonymous10:18 pm

    anything can happen in this country lah. i am faded up!

  16. Anonymous10:18 pm

    This is how I get myself registered some 10 years ago: My 9 year old cousin came to my house bringing a piece of paper, asking me to write down my name and IC number, I did, then I asked her what for, she said her mother (an active Wanita member in the area) wanted to register me as a voter. As simple as that. The conclusion is: somebody who knows your full name and IC number can simply register on your behalf, you don't need to be present, you don't have to give your consent, there's no need for proof of identification whatsoever.

  17. Anonymous10:24 pm

    Should the matter be passed to Bersih or People Parliament to write Rashid an open letter?
    And take him to court for Breach of Duty and Trust if no answer from him within one week?
    Any Lawyer will do the job?
    Any court will accept the job?

  18. Anonymous11:16 pm

    YOU GUYS DONT GET IT DO U ??? CATCH 22 !!! WAS A G MAN 16 YEARS ,, NO WAY .............

  19. Anonymous11:33 pm

    So much for BERSIH, i am much disappointed. Mr.sleepy knew he is going to lose this time, more phantoms at REMBAU i bet? they will do anything to win? Pathetic!

  20. You should have seen Rashid at the press conference today broadcast over TV3. He lost it when a reporter asked him about phantom voters. He bullied the reporter for asking him about this and said something about asking questions as if he were in court. It was obvious that the reporter was a non-malay because Rashid just went into pasar Malay when bullying him. Hey the journo was only doing his job lah. Just as Rashid claims he is doing his job. Public servant???

  21. Anonymous12:18 am

    The problem is not everyone who is not registered will take the trouble to do a check with SPR on their status and this is what the RAshit is hoping u guys would do.

    And has anyone been sent to jail for this? NOPE!

    So much for Hadhari. More like a lying piece of crap to me.

  22. Ever wonder why there was still about 4 million newly eligible voters not registered yet with the SPR.

    If there are still phantom voters, perhaps it's because there is a phantom electoral roll which is only accessible by BN.

    Courtesy of Saluran Propaganda Rashid.

  23. ...looks like her...

  24. ...looks like her and maybe sound like her too...

  25. Anonymous1:07 am

    there is no way the electoral roll be clean....

    if Pak Lah wants to play clean, doubt that he actually secured 90% support back 2004.

    too many BS and idiotic vote counters runned by the Puteri UMNO Phantom... rest assured!

    the same going to happen this time around too.

    if the Prime Minister dared saying BN win big, that would already imply Phantom votes would be double than the existing 10 million registered voters.

    Pak Lah is sure dumb, but not fool enough to let go his comfort zone. surely Musharaff had taught him enough to cheat GOD and himself, to continue running until he ages 100 years old.

    Pak Lah our dumb-not-fool had fooled Tun Dr Mahathir, and if that was easily achieved, what more the 26 million rakyat.

    rakyat and oppositions must think real... with possible billions he got from neighbouring country (say only!), he can easily pay millions to vote counters and these "basta*ds" are no angels either.

    so, check the vote counters and trail them to even tomb stones, all you know the phantom votes are already in ballot boxes and not at Nirwana Memorial Park in Nilai.

    think about it... if rakyat have not seen Satan, well Pak Lah face has 99% resemblance to one Master Satan...

    and never underestimate dumb-not-fool person like Pak Lah...

    put a water-fountain at right corner of your bedroom, and you will have good night sleep without Pak Lah face resurfacing in your nightmare...

    try that and see!

  26. No matter how many complains to SPR and repot polis , repot BPR will NOT do any good.Such reports are only for our filing purpose that we did reported it and provided sufficient and more than ample evidence.
    As they wont act nor react.
    We are not just facing umno and bn goons but the entire machinery which includes all government agencies.
    Malaysian might need to do a "THAKSIN" on umno if things dont improves in near future.
    I dont think it will be my fight then, as i and some of us might not be around this in world too long.Future generations might do it.

  27. Anonymous9:52 am

    Rocky & all those 'putih-putih registered' voters in unknown constituents,

    Please goto your pre-registered voting polling stations & VOTE early. MAKE SURE you're the first few to vote in order to select YOUR true choice!

    After that THEN wait for your 'twin' to come & MAKE SURE you have a camera in hand.

    Let the truth be OUT!

  28. i registered back in march 2007 but no record till now. what must i do?

  29. I fully support Anonymous 9.52 am's advice.

    For all those who have been "phantomed", go early to the designated polling station, and complete your business there.

    Then wait for the so-called phantom to show up. Can one make a citizen's arrest ? I believe it is a crime to use someone else's identity, isn't it ? Are the poll station workers authorised to detain suspected fraudulent voters ?

    We need to do this to contain and then eliminate fraudulent electoral practices. If the EC does not have the wherewithal to do it, heck, the rakyat will have to do the work for them !

  30. Anonymous11:30 am

    Rockyfella, a disillusioned and disenchanted ex MCA member told me this bombshell of an expose.

    MCA people are going around to buy your votes and they have no qualms about doing it even publicly! Why? The intention is to let you and I know, to let everybody know for sure that "yeah, big deal, the BN won the GE by vote rigging or money politics, so what! Money makes the world go round, and you know it. It is a way of life in Bolehland ane everybody is doing it." Every voter inevitably comes to accept that as a fact of life.

    The sinister part is that they, the MCA and the BN (they are not stupid) know that after you pocketed their money, you will still vote the Opposition. They are not perturbed or worried as keris-wielding Hishamuddin and NR The C4 Man would say. Why? Everyone may vote or the majority of them voted for the Opposition but the BN still wins the election! Isn't that amazing!

    It is because vote buying helps to conceal the fact that an even dirtier tactic is at work behind the scenes - THE SWITCHING AND TAMPERING OF THE BALLOT BOXES B4THE COUNTING STARTS!!!

    Now, people, isn't that a shocking bombshell to you. Vote buying is acceptable and people will come to terms with that. But hanky-panky with the ballot boxes is like playing sleigh of hand in a poker game and if you are caught, it is game over. BN will try all means to hide that as a fact.

    May I suggest if it is not too late to enlist the UN to keep track of the ballot boxes from Point A to Point B until it ends at Point Z.

    NEVER TRUST THE uSELESS EC , THE DIRTY COPS, THE BLIGHTED JUDICIARY AND THE CORRUPT ACA IN THE HOLY GE! NEVER EVER TRUST THE GODFORSAKEN BN per se. That's my last will and testament to the good folks who reside in this hapless country.

  31. Anonymous10:38 pm

    i recently found out that i too, who have never ever registered my name (despite being 36 this year) was registered as a voter in kedah. a state which i have never set foot in - being born and bred at the other end of the peninsular. so, any suggestions on what i should do?

  32. Anonymous11:21 am

    VOTERS! we are. Worry not! We are ' SHUFFLE '.


  33. Anonymous12:49 pm


    Check this out