Thursday, February 14, 2008

8/3/8 and fighting a Dynasty

Polling date
Pundits' favourite date is 1/3 because 13 is his favourite number, but I've been told that Pak Lah has opted for 8/3/8 because of the Chinese fattat factor.

Bloggers' favourites/Che vs Dynasty
Some bloggers met to discuss our strategies last night and we have agreed to come up with a list of candidates we'd endorse.
The first thing these delegates must do is to endorse the People's Declaration. Make it their manifesto or part of their party's manifesto.
Among the candidates we've identified is Chegubard, the man who's going to take on Khairy Jamaluddin, Abdullah's son-in-law.
Chegubard told me yesterday he'd been offered by his party to contest elsewhere.
"But I told myself that someone must try and stop this attempt to form a Dynasty in the Malaysian government. If there's someone better to do it, I'll step aside and let that someone contest against the Dynasty. If not, I'll do it."
PAS, which contested the Rembau parliamentary seat in many past elections, has agreed to let PKR's youngest council member to stand in the Parliamentary seat this time around.


  1. Sink the Titanic
    Let the big hole swallow it
    For over 50 years BN talking big
    Let us change the landscape
    Like the Land of Oz did

    The land of division
    Penetrated by BN leaders
    Even in villages
    It happens

    Think of NEP
    Focusing on a race
    Forgetting about Malaysians
    The land called Malaysia

    BN leaders say policies are fair
    Study the rules and the laws
    Be it known it isn’t
    It is always for a race

    Look at the running dogs
    Puffing hard for the dog bones
    Purely skeletons no meat at all
    They think it is a good deal

    Sink the Titanic
    Into the big hole let it be
    It is enough of lies and deceptions
    Time the voters bury it

    The land of our birth
    Don’t let BN leaders pawn it
    Into the corridors
    It won’t be returned

  2. Rocky,
    If anything is to be achieved, a winning formula should be implemented. Datuk Ibrahim Ali is rumoured to be standing in for Pasir Mas Parliamentary seat on a PAS ticket and he will be throwing all his support for the Pas state candidates. I think that is a good formula as Ibrahim Ali still has a substantial followers that can tip the balance for a clean sweep of Pasir Mas state seats to Pas while denying BN of Pasir Mas Parliamentary seat.
    Only snag is bags full of postal ballots can ruin this formula.

  3. Anonymous11:47 am

    Rockyfella, for we all know, the BN will win any election hands down, by hook or by crook. But this time around they will still win but by at a much reduced majority. The reason is that we, the ordinary hard-up folks of godforsaken Bolehland country has finally decided to put them in their place. Enough is enough. We will give them a majority still but not a 2/3 majority. Merely a simple majority of 49/51.

    This time around, from 2008 to 2013,, we look forward to our voices being heard. It's gonna be a win-win for us - the ordinary folk. We still have a BN government (a much subdued bunch of assholes now), a much increased voice for the Opposition (training them in the finer points of governance perhaps - we need an alternative in case there is a mains failure, so to speak) and we need ourselves not only be heard but seen to be heard loud and clear, too. We will VOTE THE OPPOSITION, never mind if its PAS< DAP or PKR! At least, we, Malays, Chinese, Indians, Ibans, Kadazans, the birds in the sky and even the monkeys in the jungle (they have the Sahabat Alam Malaysia for them) can decide for ourselves what type of government we want, this time around.

    Enough of UMNOPutraism, Cronyism, Nepotism, Corruption and Religious Decadence via Islam Hadhari!. They sucks! These are the snakes, the rats, the worms and the other creepy-crawlie types of the two-legged types. Yucks! Good riddance.

  4. Anonymous11:51 am

    Yes Rocky, we must lawan these corrupted fuckers all the way. They think Malaysia belongs to them only.

  5. Anonymous11:57 am

    if not opposition someone within umno should oppress KJ so no family dynasty will be formed.

  6. Anonymous12:09 pm

    Ramai sungguh orang buta. Bila pembangkang kata BN tipu, orang undi BN. Bila Pak Lah kata Mahathir tipu, orang undi BN juga. Bila Pak Lah tipu, orang undi BN juga. Aku ingat pengundi ni bukan setakat buta tapi sawan juga. Butasawan. Butasawan Glokal

  7. Anonymous12:09 pm

    Bro. looks as if u've planted an insider at the Sri Perdana. I have closely followed many important date via your blogs and all went right till the magic number 08.03.08. Now can u list down which Menteri Besars gonna give the boots and who are new faces then?

  8. Anonymous12:10 pm

    KJ wil get a clear path to be in hisham will b in jb. KJ will be mentri belia sukan so can groom belia for future GE and b d nex PM

  9. Anonymous12:15 pm

    Rocky boy, the sleeping beauty is smart.

    Polling day is 8th March. Minus 13 days (his lucky number)and you will get Nomination day on a Sunday, i.e. 24th Feb. That's how it is done. The date is also AFTER the CNY so as not to "offend" the Chinese as the DAP has been harping on.

    Anyway, it seems amusing to me that this Hadhari fellow believes in feng shui and all that.

  10. who is chegubard? i am afraid he ll lose....

  11. Anonymous12:35 pm

    Rocky Bro,

    Now is the time for ALL MALAYSIAN BLOGGERS to WALK THE TALK.

    Here is my take on the election strategy to either kick out BN (read UMNO, MCA and MIC) from Government or deny them the two-third majority:

    The electoral system devised by UMNO-led Government is to enhance the power-base in the rural areas ie the greatest number of MPs elected to come from the rural areas ie capturing the Malay vote in the rural areas.

    There are less number of voters in each of the rural constituencies but with the majority, in the majority of cases, of Malay votes.

    The pressure point to take on UMNO in this election is to engage the MALAY HEARTLAND in the rural areas and those at the outskirts of the cities/towns.

    The many issues raised by the urban elites, the cafe latte chattering class in the Klang valley and in cyberspace are not being effectively brought to the full appreciation of the Malay heartland in the rural areas or for that matter.

    UMNO's arrogance comes from the fact that it has the stranglehold on the diffusion of its political propaganda to the Malay heartland in the rural areas through its Ketua Kampungs, Penghulus and the network of UMNO branches.

    Politically conscious bloggers must reach out to the Malay heartland in the rural areas with the burning issues and to win them over from UMNO.

    Only the MALAY HEARTLAND can change the political landscape of this country... not the Chinese, not the Indians.

    The way I see it, only PAS has the ground network to reach the Malay heartland throughout the country.

    And it is necessary therefore for PKR and DAP to work closely with PAS, even if PAS has no candidate in those seats, to get their messages to the Malay heartland. And PAS must be generous enough to give its FULL support to PKR and DAP to reach the Malay heartland.

    Bloggers who want to change the political landscape should package its political message in simple terms to the simple folks in the rural areas, and use the PAS network as the vehicle.

    Engaging the internet-savvy voters in the towns and cities is simply preaching to the choir.

    PAS, PKR and DAP MUST work together and be seen to work together.

    BN/UMNO will be playing the politics of fear, racial fears. The Opposition must be prepared to counter those fears convincingly.

    DAP must be able to defend PAS and PKR and PAS must be able to defend the positions of DAP and KPKR, likewise for PKR.

    The key to challenging UMNO's arrogance is the MALAY HEARTLAND in the rural areas and the outskirts of the towns.

    Unless RURAL MALAY HEARTLAND come on board with the issues of concern to the bloggers, to civil society and to the Opposition, it is just another waste of resources and time to take on UMNO/BN.

    Otherwise, it is an exercise of futility. It will be ALL TALK.

  12. Anonymous12:46 pm

    You are wrong, Rocky.

    Abdullah did not decide on Feb 13 to dissolve parliament, the Agung did.

    Abdullah did not decide on March 8 as the elections date, The SPR did.

    Now if you can believe that, then I have some nice scratch and win contests I'd like you to take part in.


  13. Anonymous12:57 pm


    See how AAB, Umno and BN dare to insult us, the Rakyat. They have been sleeping through the last four years and now they thought (confident) having a longer campaign period will change our mind and soul. 13 days are all they need to win back the hearts and soul of the rakyat. That's how stupid they think rakyat are. But they could be right. For 50 years, that's what Malaysians are.

  14. Anonymous1:28 pm

    Open query to all:

    PJ Selatan ~ the present incumbent Datuk Donald Lim.

    Who is going to run against him?
    And where do I get information data profile on this person?


  15. Anonymous1:45 pm


    better tell Che Gu Bard to contest under PAS or Bebas banner. Since he himself admitted that somebody in Keadilan asked him to contest somewhere else.

    There must be an agreement between Che Gu Bard adil's boss and KJ in making sure that KJ will get an easy 150% votes from Rembau voters.

    And that's one of the reason why Anwar is asking the Rembau seat from PAS.

    Che gu Bard FYI -in politic there is no true enemy nor friend, especially when you have an advisor like Anwar.

    Remember that he owe Dollah & KJ for releasing him from Sg Buloh.

    Hope they don't buy over your team and supporters at the last minutes. Remember that the Rembau Toll Plaza ( with lot of cash collection ) is just a stone away.

    Good luck Che Gu Bard.

  16. Anonymous1:49 pm

    Malaysia set for general elections on March 8

    KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 14 (Reuters) - Malaysia will hold general elections on March 8, the Election Commission said on Thursday, with the premier taking the country to the polls early despite a growing discord over race and religious issues.

    The next election was not due until May 2009.

    Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, in power since 2003, had secured the dissolution of parliament on Wednesday, as expected. Analysts said he wants a strong mandate to stamp his authority over the multi-racial country.

    "The EC has fixed the nomination date for February 24 and polling will be on March 8," EC chairman Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman told a press conference.

    The nomination date is the deadline by which all election candidates must register with the commission.

  17. Anonymous1:53 pm

    Rock ... you only have 1 million . This KJ has a war chest amounting to maybe a few hundred millions .You wanna take him heads on ? goodluck man .

  18. Anonymous2:20 pm

    Che gu bard,

    remember Mahathir says that there is a "gentlement agreement"
    between him and Pak Lah, which Pak Lah denied.

    There is also a "gentlemen agreement" between Anwar and Pak Lah in releasing him from Sungai Buloh. Which Pak Lah will again deny it if being confronted later.

    Among the agreement is Anwar thru Keadilan is to weaken the strength of PAS as a Malay based opposition party or to split the malay based opposition parties so that UMNO will emerge as the winner.

    And that's why Anwar never push Keadilan full hearted like he did against Mahathir or he just creating chaos among the Keadilan central commitee.

    The intention is not to make Keadilan seen as too strong and in certain area to confuse the Malay voters.

    Of course he did not show it in Ijok as it is a by election, which will create suspicious among his supporters.

  19. Anonymous2:29 pm

    As this is a topic about the coming elections -- Veera Pandiyan in his column in TheStar today made some cogent comments that might interest you, viz:

    Politicians are now putting on their best behaviour and bending over backwards to ingratiate themselves to the public because they want your votes. They are sweet-talking the voters with all kinds of promises -- but, fortunately, many people, with the help of the Internet and various blogs, are now sophisticated enough to realise that most politicians tend to speak with the forked tongue of a snake, and that promises may be made but not necessarily kept.

    Why are the BN fellas suddenly putting on such a friendly mask and wooing the public so ardently?

    Veera provides the answer: "It's actually about the immense power that voters hold, and the fact that our "leaders" are actually public servants, elected and paid by the people."

    Elsewhere in his column he reminded his readers to beware of "doublespeak" by fork-tongued politicians attempting to pull the wool over the eyes of the public.

    For example, when a pol says: "My candidacy is up to the party leadership to decide", the real translation is that the asshole actually means: "Tolong-lah, let me contest".

    His full article should be available in the StarOnline. It would be great if Veera were to write a blog which should free him to be more hardhitting in his commentaries. Writing for a newspaper means a journalist must necessarily be restricted in what he/she says by certain editorial guidelines. Non-UNMO (ie, United Narrow Minded Organization) publications work under the Sword of Damocles in the form of the Printing and Publications Act. Say something the dictators don't like and the permit to publish gets whisked away.

    The Star newspaper was in the 80's suspended from publication for a few months by the cruel Mahafiraun leading to great loss of earnings and, more grievously, loss of jobs for its employees.

    Coming back to the elections -- people must realise that their vote is vitally important even though each person has only one vote. Pooled together, working in unison, those votes can make or break a candidate.

    Your right to vote is power in your hands, and what is the use of power if not exercised? Therefore, voters, use your vote to punish and discipline all those insolent scumbags who are presently infesting parliament.

    If we feel that those BN fellas have been treating us voters too cavalierly with barely disguised contempt and arrogance (especially those fellas from the United Narrow Minded Organization or UNMO) and jerking us voters around like we are simple-minded fools, then this is the time we send them a message: We have been very patient all this while but we have now reached the limit -- we have taken all we can take and now we will not take it anymore.

    Use your vote to punish and disciple these lying, overweeningly arrogant bastards a lesson. We can give our vote to an opposition candidate -- it doesn't matter who he/she is or from what party. Heck, if this fellow disappoints, no big deal -- in the next election in 2112/2113 use your vote to kick him/her out. Remember, your vote can be used as a weapon -- to punish and to discipline. You hold the power to say to non-performers: You are fired! See how gleefully Donald Trump does it on his Apprentice show. Now you have the chance to enjoy exercising this power. And sweetest of all, you are saying those three words to all those assholes who really deserve to be told that.

  20. Anonymous2:37 pm

    More than 1 De-Nasty at stake here.

    MCA's Ong De-Nasty is also at stake.

    Kick out BN, and you will kick out MCA.

  21. Anonymous3:04 pm

    Salaam, Pak Rocky

    Well, as was to be expected, the Singapore papers have in-depth reports on this.

    The Spore Straits Times had a front-page report "Malaysian Parliament dissolved" plus 3 full pages in its Asia section. Headings: "Abdullah's big gamble"; "The Malays: Strong backing for ruling coalition"; "The Chinese: Economy and education are top concerns"; "The Indians: Big supporters now an unhappy lot".

    And the Straits Times has a good team of reporters covering the forthcoming election - Carolyn Hong (the paper's Malaysia Bureau Chief), Leslie Lopez (S E Asia Correspondent) and Chow Kum Hor (Malaysia Correspondent).

    The Spore Business Times also carried a front-page report by it's Malaysian correspondents S Jayasankaran and Pauline Ng ("Msia prepares for polls with buzz over new faces").

    Incidentally, the BT report speculated that the PM will drop many of the "old guard" as candidates. Specific names mentioned for those expected to be left out:

    Zainuddin Maidin (Information Minister)
    Effendi Norwawi (Minister In Charge of the EPU)
    Azmi Khalid (Environment Minister)
    Aziz Shamsuddin (Rural Development Minister)
    Fong Chan Onn (Human Resources Minister)

    The BT also reported that Second Finance Minister Nor Mohamad Yakcop is likely to be fielded as a candidate in Penang. If he wins, he could take over the finance portfolio from the PM.

    Trust the Spore papers to be well clued-in as to what's happening in Malaysia.

    For some strange reason, Malaysian politicians have no qualms about talking to reporters for the Spore papers! Plenty of juicy tit-bits have been dispensed this way.

  22. Where got dynasty? More like "pimp my PM"....

    Malay Mail revealed more of your cases, a woman registered at a godforsaken address...the roll still haunted..dead people registered, pontianaks, hantu rayas, phantoms of the operas, doppelgangers, long lost twins, triplets, quadruplets...u name it.

    I hope this Chegu will lose the romanticism of Che Guava (Jambu) or whatshisname, of hopeful slogans and put up a good fight, and give d people something concrete...manifesto still festering somewhere?

  23. Anonymous4:02 pm

    Let me suggest Rocky bru vs Khairy in in the general election. Let ask Pas and PKR to give way for Rocky to take on Khairy in a one on one contest.
    I remember in one show, khairy critise Rocky said Rocky started this blog and being critical of the establishment becos he have a grudge to axe with NSTP for firing him.
    chegard, please give way for Rocky bru to give the son in law of the Prime Minister a knock out and put an end to khairy political career.

  24. Anonymous4:47 pm

    Wah lau,eh! RM200 million to be spent on this election, as per the EC head honcho?

    That's a lot of moolah, if you catch my drift.

    Strange how the EC head honcho has this figure all worked out already.

    Now, can we ask who got the contracts to supply

    - the transparent plastic ballot boxes?
    - the indelible ink?

    and who got the contract to print the unnumbered ballot papers?

  25. Pak Lah is really a "BENGGAP" fella and what do the rakyat should do to such "BENGGAP" man, get rid of "BENGGAP Pak Lah" now that he is proud to be "BENGGAP".

    there are now many "BENGGAP" among the rakyat and addition of Pak Lah will not make much difference.

    Sad this is that Mr. Kickdefella is no longer active in kicking the "BENGGAP Pak Lah" from Kelantan scene. Very sad indeed and turning-over episode should by now going into increasing mode for easy bucks; reminded me of the old Anwar Ibrahim case...

    Good that election is nearer by seconds and my thumb sure goes to DAP. But watch out there can be a stalker or "BENGGAP-related" creature evolving from somewhere cutting voters right/left hand thumbs simply not to allow the voters voting the Oppositions.

    In Malaysia, anything Boleh.... don't we have child porn maniac flying gigantic flying cruiser?

    Imagine the rakyats living without fingers thumbs... voting in future will start with nose-print, if not foot-print.

    Nothing impossible especially Kimpossible already aired in ASTRO!

    Tell me where is my Jeff Ooi DAP chap....

  26. Anonymous4:56 pm

    So long the "Shivaji The Boss" did not come forward to go head-on against the Kambing Jantan "KJ", then no harm this smart Badrul chap taking the challenge.

    The rakyat, be Malays, Indians, Chinese, Dayaks, etc should show support to this braveheart Badrul because he is self-starter, making inroads with his brains without supports from FIL or even F**kerIL.

    Its nice to have "Shivaji The Boss" in Putrajaya or even Rembau but watch out, Mr. Ayo-yo could easily wallop Shivaji like Siput Sungai did to Sungai Siput.

    Dei- Badrul.... Good luck and the rakyat are proud of your consciencetiousness man.

    thumbs up!

  27. Anonymous4:59 pm

    Voters' sentiments are loud and clear..
    - Out with sleeping, lying, no-good bit Bodowi
    - Out with free-loading name-calling unemployed SIL
    - Out with all crude-remark making, blatantly-corrupted and brainless UMNO politicians
    - Out with ministers overstaying their welcome.

    Opposition should really make full use of BN's pathetic ratings and bring victory to their way...focus and forget about petty differences!

  28. Anonymous5:23 pm

    aiyaa.. r we choosing a family to run malaysia? anwer with his nurul, dollah with khairy..LKS laa..karpal laa.. etc etc
    well Nik aziz didnt want his kid in politics while his in power(quoted from some newspaper..cant really remember where i read it).. aikk he just reminded me of someone....

    anyway BN will in this GE.. by a small margin..and this time we will get an Emperor instead of a PM...

  29. Anonymous6:41 pm

    Malaysian are the funniest People
    They walked the Rally for "Fair Election" because someone said so.
    They rush to vote because election is coming so.
    They forget many Phantom Voters can be hided if complete electoral Roll not available for each constituency to check.
    They forget Postal Post can manipulated polling
    They forget Candidates with short nomination days and lacking of exposure are unfair for Candidates and Voters.

    EC is abusing every Human Rights of 10millions Voters and Candidates on the basis fundamental criteria of a GE - FAIRNESS!!
    Fighting an unfair war for Generations to come is horrible!
    Malaysian, where is your compass?

    TheStar is correct or humiliating the GE as "Malaysia decides 2008" and not Malaysian to decide!!

    Malaysia needs to amend the Constitution to put Legislation, Execution, Monitoring in Three Independences!
    There are many many unfair Acts to be changed, deleted and to incorporate more with Human Rights and obligations and liabilities of the Government before we can see any Blue Sky.
    Not until more than 1/2 of the Parliament seats are in good hands
    They can never be changed!

    If Fair Election is not prepared
    Bersih and many Voters already lost their first war!
    GE will be just a show!
    Under Fair conditions
    charanjit singh,
    you are Right for Rocky vs Khairy
    even the courage of Chegard are much appreciated!

    If even one EC Chief cannot be deal correctly,
    Malaysia is at a lost
    and so the GE!!

    Anyone prepare to revoke the result of GE if any Phantom Voter or hanky-panky be founded and EC chief be responsible?
    Anyone objects EC to take 4% instead of 2% deviation to cast any recounting?

  30. Anonymous6:47 pm

    First Chegubard had better leave PKR, Anwar and his former Umno goons....they are just a bunch of bitter ex-umno people.

    If Chegubard is really a good politician who wants to make changes he had better get a better seat, there is no glory in losing. If you want to deny KJ then concentrate your efforts where he is contesting but give Chegbard another seat where he can actually win....

    Just noticed something interesting int eh NST elections supplement--- PKR ahs won not a single state seat. State seats are usually used to vent dissatisfaction with the feds this is where PAS and DAP get most of their representation but PKR is so lacking in cred that they can even muster protest votes in the state races.....PAS, DAP, ditch them quickly

  31. Anonymous7:03 pm

    I have only one regret: That I'm not a registered voter in Rembau. So that I can have the satisfaction of not voting That One.

    To Anon/Fenway
    PJ selatan has an independent, woman candidate. Go to Haris Ibrahim's blog for the profile on this lady.

  32. Anonymous8:06 pm

    Charanjit Singh,

    To level the playing field which they are always emphasing, maybe Khairy if he is MAN enough, should quit his UMNO position and fight as an independent like Rocky.

  33. Anonymous10:00 pm

    Before MHT stepped down he had arranged an acceptable plumber to the public
    but not to plug any of his loopholes!
    So ABB was endorsed!
    (Anonymous 2.20pm)
    When ABB wants to step down who do you think this plumber will be?
    LKS should be the best plumber in Town but he will plug all loopholes.
    So he needs another "hero" who are an UNMO outside UNMO!
    Therefore, vote DAP whenever possible!!

    BN can take in and exclude any Party to keep them as the Majority.

    Malaysian "culture" of red-herring is everywhere.
    Everyone will take "hero"!!
    but how many are red-herring?
    Some candidates last intended for MCA now joined DAP?

    I wonder if any Candidate elected can switch their seat to other Party?

    Are we watching the show
    or being party of the show
    but no way out of the characters of "victims"?
    Especially when a Fair Election is nowhere in place!!

  34. Anonymous2:16 am

    Hi Rocky,

    Just came away from a ceramah organised by PAS and Keadilan held in a shophouse (no other halls or hotels were willing to host the activity with most worried about police interfernce)
    I am 53 and have voted since the 70's and this was my first attendance at a PAS gathering.

    The space was jam packed with almost 300 people, that you could smell what the other guy had for his lunch !
    Save for about 70 -80 Malays, the rest of the crowd were surprisingly Indians ! However, it was sad to see no Chinese around.

    The waft was so is now or never.You can see it in their eyes....Down with MIC.....down with BN.
    Pas allowed the reps of the Indians to deliver their speeches,
    they allowed the use of their toys and tools to show the crowd the Bersih and Hindraf marches and the subsequent police actions.
    There was even a short clip of KJ and his "monkeys" comment directed at the marchers.
    Pas also offered teh-o and curry puffs to all.
    According to my friends,
    the majority Indian presence has become a norm in most Pas and PKR gatherings in and around JB.
    I had a chance to chat with some of those present and almost all showed their dislike to MIC,Semi "D" Satan and to BN.
    Imagine, some would not even want to mention the Semi D Satan's name !!!!!
    In the life of mine,never had I come across such hatred for a leader.

    The mood of the crowd was simply overwhelming....they were united in making a call for changes.They have realised that the time has come and BN has to be dealt with.

    I have come away with lots of confidence that the support for BN will sure erode.

    Go for it Rocky.....the time is now and lets show the BN,WE ARE THE BOSS AFTERALL.!!!

    In a recent popularity poll,the findings were :

    3rd) Telemarketers

    2nd) Scratch and Win Promoters

    1st) Sammy Vellu

    Rastaman (JB)

  35. Anonymous7:04 pm

    Tabik Badrul! Hentikan pembentukan dinasti. Kita negara demokrasi, kerusi PM bukannya boleh diturunkan sewenang-wenang kepada suku-sakat. Berikan saingan kepada Khairy!

  36. not clean LAH HAD-HARI