Friday, February 15, 2008

Cyber campaigning begins in earnest

Smearing blogs with politics. Weblogs and websites will be used to the max in the run-up to this General Election. Many quarters will go overboard. Many will get up very close and personal. Azalina the Youth and Sports Minister, who is believed to be the head of the Umno cybertroopers set up to malign certain bloggers, is an early victim to this vicious tactic.
Readers are advised not to believe every shit served by the blogs. If you have read and, you know what I mean.
My advice: Stick to blogs whose credibility and integrity you are quite sure of.

Not all the new blogs and portals will be about dirt and skeletons. Some blogsites seem to try to be respectable and informative, in the way Malaysia Today and Malaysiakini are.

Among the states, Selangor is first off the block with
Nothing as juicy as the blog dedicated to Azalina, but you get quite a lot of news there. For eg, Selangor being the only state that has given its list of proposed candidates to the ACA to vet, here, makes one think of what's holding back the other states.
And this piece of news Shah Alam mungkin dapat semua calon tempatan is the biggest hint yet that the son-in-law, Khairy Jamaluddin, would not be fielded as a candidate in Shah Alam and would contest in the safe-as-condom Rembau seat.


  1. whoaa...that's rather too personal don't you think, brother? I mean, i can get personal too. Personally,...My fav lesbo is Janine Lindemulder...


  2. Anonymous5:38 am


    There are enough valid reasons to crucify Azalina as a politician and Minister but that blog you linked us to is just completely tasteless.

    While you did warn us of crappy content, I'm afraid I find it quite tasteless of you too to lead your so-many readers to such a site. Let others do that, not respectable bloggers like you.

    If you really want to contribute to healthy information sharing and discourse on the internet then you should link us to those good sites you talked about. Those that critique with depth and on issues, not personal attacks.

    In fact, as a young woman, I plead that you to take that link of. Whack her all you want on the many issues she should be whacked, but don't link us to cheap tak ada modal sites like that, please.

  3. Anonymous9:16 am

    Why the need to include the little girl into the whole affair. Really stupid. This imbecile blogger owes the little girl big time.... By the way those photos don't even prove anything. It won't stand in any Syariah court, Malaysian civil court? maybe....

  4. Anonymous9:20 am

    nice to see cyber campaign this time around

  5. Anonymous9:27 am

    Yes, I agree with you. Never believe blindly whatever that you read at the new blog sites. Some are just down right slanderous. So read with an open mind.

    Nice phrase that, "safe-as-condom". But even condom tends to 'bocor' sometime.

  6. Off Topic
    Bro i dont know where to put this,so i think its best to put it here..u gotta check this link..

  7. Anonymous10:00 am

    Bro rocky, the star forgot to mention among other names mentioned are also Dt Hishammuddin and Dt Khaleed. Names mentioned in the Star are macam corrupted n tak berwiwaba to lead jhr. If Dt Hishamuddin move to jhr, nampaknya Kj akan senang2 di federal.

  8. Not my normal definition of having an affair with someone else's wife but I would still stick with economics lah... Even if she married Sheih Muszafar, I would still be upset over the price of chicken.

    Anyway, I would be concern about the London Sports Academy or something like that more than her bedroom.

  9. Mr President, Rocky Sir

    I believe many new blogs will appear dedicated for the General Election only.

    I, as operator of SoPo Sentral would like to work with All Blog to:

    1. Compile
    2. Give them prominence
    3. Rate them.

    If possible, we would compile updates for easy browsing.

    Suggest it be done on one new blog that will be clsoed after the GE.

    Lets make the internet the source of information for General Election 2008.

    Caveat: No censorship, all is included, No exception to the party or inclination - personality or ideological or issue.

  10. Anonymous10:45 am

    Anon 5:38 AM

    How are we to know it is tasteless, if Rocky do not show it? We will demand to see it for ourselves, right?

    After all this Internet, no need to censor and information moves freely.

    It is our responsibility to use our own brain and conscience to judge things, and not completely swallow "hook line and sinker" whatever offered to us. That you find in MSM.

    Viva le blog!

  11. Anonymous11:17 am

    Bro The Rock

    Just to share with u 'Appeal Letters to Friends', i wrote it.

    keep on reading and keep in touch


  12. Anonymous11:18 am

    Quote: "Azalina the Youth and Sports Minister, who is believed to be the head of the Umno cybertroopers set up to malign certain bloggers, is an early victim to this vicious tactic."

    Attests to the truth of those age-old sayings, doesn't it, viz:

    * What goes around comes around.

    * She who lives by the sword dies by the sword.

    * Do not do unto others what you do not wish done to yourself.

    Poetic justice, no?!!

  13. Anonymous12:06 pm

    How do u describe an action that ridiculous+silly+time wasting?

  14. Anonymous12:54 pm

    I am sorry dear, but I do agree that the link is in poor taste.. Azalina shouldnt be judged on her sexual preference but rather on her work performance, ethics and professionalism. The whole blog is about her sexual inclinations, and I do feel very bad that the poor child has been dragged into this mess.


  15. Anonymous12:54 pm

    I am sorry dear, but I do agree that the link is in poor taste.. Azalina shouldnt be judged on her sexual preference but rather on her work performance, ethics and professionalism. The whole blog is about her sexual inclinations, and I do feel very bad that the poor child has been dragged into this mess.


  16. Anonymous12:56 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    I find a lot of holier-than-thou Malaysians here, criticizing that blogspot (and thank you for giving that link). It is a serious matter that a Minister, a public figure and more so a YOUTH Minister (hence a role-model) is a homosexual, especially when our society is facing a steady decline of its moral values. The minister's girlfriend, or wife (even though she is officially married to a tycoon that owns a hotel where Hard Rock is situated), also never tried to hide that fact. Sabrina and Azalina have been together for the past 15 years or so... Serious matter and you better believe those things posted, however tasteless the blog may seem. Thanks

  17. Anonymous1:21 pm

    Anon 10:45,

    I am not cybertrooping Mr. Rocky. Just a plead to lead us readers to decent content and more mature political discussions. Many of us look to this blog for that kind of thing. But looks like he doensn't seem he care about the request, and that's his call. In your school of thought, it shouldn't matter to us readers even if he links us to porn because it's up to him to do it in his blog and up to us to decide if we like the site or not. Fortunately in the decent writing world self-proclaimed decent bloggers will not do that [link us to porn]. Almost similar to the Azalina link, I find it like linking us down the path of dumbing down political discourse. Do you understand what I'm saying? Maybe not.

  18. agreed with anon 5:38 AM

    Bro, you're too pro to be at the level of these crappy blogs.

  19. And yes, the cybertroopers are out in full force. I already have anonymous commenters responding to my very mild post on the elections telling me not to talk about politics and just talk about Indonesians. Sheesh! Can spot them a mile away!

  20. Anonymous6:12 pm

    funny fav homo is still the bigmouth DSAI....way to go!

  21. Anonymous9:52 pm

    Bro, Malaysiakini not blogsite. It's a media organisation. Thanks Bro.

  22. Anonymous11:05 pm

    I think it silly of you to link us to that disgusting blog.

    It doesn't add anything to the political discourse.
    Also, the blog owner has done a child a lot of harm. That I find unforgiveable. The child is innocent, she did not asked to be adopted by that woman. You want to get at that odious woman but you hurt an innocent child in the process.
    With this level of mentality, msians truly deserve the leaders they get.
    What? Somebody wants to brand me cybertrooper. Kiss my ass

  23. rocky provided that link.

    but i have chosen not to open it because rocky has warned us that it is crappy.

    so you wouldn't know whether it is crappy or not if you don't opened it.

    since many of you have opened it, then rocky is right, it is crappy, so...i won't open it.

    simple. like i never opened

    or any child porn site.

  24. Anonymous1:10 am


    malaysiakini is not a 'blogsite'.



  25. bro,

    sorry. my earlier comment ada grammatical errors.

    should have been "if you don't OPEN it",
    and "i HAVE never opened".


  26. Anonymous11:30 am

    What on earth is the matter with some people. Rocky has already warned that this particular site is execrable and is completely of no merit. People are usually curious and some would surf over there to have a look just to satisfy their curiosity. That's perfectly alright and understandable.

    What I find offensive is that some readers go to that site and find themselves feeling upset by what they see, and then they criticise Rocky for putting up that link. Hey, dumbos, read my lips -- there is this thing called free will and choice. You CAN CHOOSE NOT TO GO THERE! And besides Rocky has already pointed out that that website is worthless. So why are you complaining and acting like a crybaby? You are an adult, I believe, so take responsibility for your own actions. Or are you brain dead. Perhaps your cranium is filled with cowdung instead of a brain.

    Besides, even if that website is meritless, think of it as an education, a broadening of your mind, a raising of your consciousness. Because now you know what a really bad, low quality/no quality site is like and hence in future you know what to avoid.

    Don't make a big deal out of nothing.

  27. Rockys sir,

    I believe there is a new blog created against RPK (Raja Petra Kamarudin). This person left a comment on my blog (

    The comment is as below,

    Blogger Raja Petra bin Raja Kamaruddin said,

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    I thought I bring this to your attention.


  28. That guy uses this email, to register te account for