Friday, January 25, 2008

Toll hike lovers, stay away from KLCC!

But if you want to vent your frustration with having to pay RM12 every day to the filthy rich cronies and a sleepy government, and you think you can because this is supposed to be a democractic country, then make your way to the KLCC tomorrow 26 Jan. 3 p.m.
Go HERE for details and tips on what to wear.

Also, “Save Bukit Gasing” Residents Hearing
Venue: Community Hall, Jalan 5/46, Gasing Indah (opposite Petronas).
Time: 11 am.


  1. Anonymous2:13 pm

    I think all should rush to PM office and wake him up lah

    He sleeping too much

  2. Anonymous3:20 pm

    Hi Rocky,

    I'm just an ordinary rakyat. Today, I can say I still able to accept the higher toll price, the higher fuel price bla bla..

    But I cannot stand to be lied straight faced by Najib about our country inflation being the lowest in the world. This I cannot stand. Only those of Lingam friends able to stand liars like this fella.

    Oh please.. I had vent my anguish here..

  3. I have asked this question before.

    Why is it that processions, demonstration and show of defiants are held in cities/major towns and thus deprive normal citizens from doing thier daily business/routines and sometimes making life difficult for people in emergency to get to the hospitals/ fire trucks from getting to burning buldings because jam are everwhere? Hmm I wonder were there cases of people caught giving birth in cars?

    Why cant these people have thier things in the jungle? I am sure some monkeys would love to join them too!

  4. Anonymous5:55 pm

    many businesss in jalan bukit bintang will suffer cause no water or low water pressure in some area because of pipe replacement at the DUKE HIGHWAY area. shame on Kesturi konsortium and Syabas.

  5. Anonymous8:31 pm

    will the opposition hijacked this gathering again..?

  6. Anonymous8:54 pm

    I am with you guys, but in future can all the demonstration be done in PutraJaya, since it is the Malaysia's administration central, the road are pretty wide and less congested too. best is do it infrom of PM's office

  7. Anonymous9:15 am

    UNMO hijacked the Road with Concessionaires, Tolls and Tax Payers' hard-earned
    with compensation and scheduled Toll increases.
    UNMO turned Public Road into Private pockets with huge profit unshown!

    Thanks to the Opposition or this hi-jacked never be known!

    Protest in the City and Town to let the World knows
    City Monkeys siphon Money and Gold!!
    (and not protest in Jungle where Monkeys who will take only banana and go):
    No point for Toll as Government has responsibility for Public Road!!
    No point for Concessionaires as all are Money from Tax Payers' hard-earned!!
    No point for Toll Increases as Concessionaires all paid by Government using Tax payers' money!
    No point for UNMO to stay for they hi-jacked Public Asset into Private Hands!

  8. Anonymous12:50 pm

    i agree with peter lim. as much as we want to express our feeling, we don't want to be the reason for traffic congestion etc2. I work near KLCC, please if the organizer look at this post, i beg you, do the gathering at some other places. Plzzzzzzzzz

  9. SO that is what this is all about. Just came back from KLCC. I went there to visit kinokuniya and saw a bunch of police with gears. Thought it was another Hindraf thing cause I thought I saw a bunch of indians hanging around (not being racist here folks).

    Quite a low key event, the crowd was rather small and it was dispersed quickly, the police didn't have to use water cannon although they did brought it in. I personally think it would be overkill if they used it. Caused a small traffic jam, but by 4.30 everything was cleared.

    To tell you the truth, there were more bystanders and onlookers and protesters. Heck I think there were more police than protesters, the number of protesters is slightly higher than the number of cameraman and journalists.

    All in all a lot of people hang around there to how would you call it? Bikin Panas~!