Friday, January 25, 2008

Another vet journo quits NST?

RM100k claims? A veteran journalist has resigned from the NST, I hear. Talk is that the Executive Editor had approved claims amounting to some RM100,000 submitted by a reporter who spent three weeks in Pakistan recently on an assignment. But that's not likely, I thought, as every claim by a reporter needs to be counter-signed by the Group Editor or the Group Editor-in-Chief.

P.S. Also heard that one ex-journo of NST, a Tony, is the latest to join Fox, the Brenden-Wong Sulong Moa-PR* firm. Not sure which Tony, though. Tony Emanuelle, Tony Francis, Tony Mariadass?

* A new term not found in any business dictionary yet, it stands for Motherofall-PR.


  1. Whats the issue actually?
    If the claim is valid, whats the fuss? If not, then there exists internal mechanism in NST to deal with false claims.

    What are you trying to say?

  2. Anonymous5:41 pm

    What internal mechanism crap ? ASK around and see who claimed for the hiring of an APC ( ARMOURED PERSONALL CARRIER) in BOSNIA . NO RECEIPT ! GO FIGURE

  3. Anonymous5:50 pm

    who's this journo?

  4. Anonymous6:17 pm

    must be more to that,

    Oh Warrior2...what's wrong with you? ada2 saja.

  5. Anonymous6:35 pm

    The Journo is Shaun Lee and the Editor is the Infamous K.P.WARAN.
    What goes around comes around.

  6. There is nothing wrong with me. I am curious as to what is the issue!

    WARLORD: as to your intervention, the internal mechanism I am referring to is the NST`s internal mechanism maaa! IF everything is in order, whats the fuss?

  7. Brother,

    The editor is the head of the "claims" syndicate at NST. Apparently, the Berita Harian reporter who went on the same trip to Pakistan, spent only RM8,000,

    The editor is also known to write movie reviews and golf reviews under the bylines of other reporters. That's why you see the byline of the RM100,000-reporter on Tamil movie reviews and golf reviews. This guy can't speak a word of Tamil and doesn't even know how to hold a golf club.

    Apparently, the editor resigned after Kalimullah Hassan threatened to hold a domestic Inquiry into the alleged scam. Otherwise, why resign when he can actually opt for early retirement in a few months when he turns 50. At 50, he would receive some payment as retirement benefit. Given the boot early....

    Actually, I think a DI is "Waran"ted! NSTP should even consider charging him for CBT. Isnt this the same guy who renovated his house with the advance he took for a trip to Bosnia. The trip never took place.

  8. Anonymous6:50 pm

    Dont wanna get into the details .. but The said journo claimed rm1200 a day for internet claims only !rm 400 for taxi from Airport to Karachi , Interpreter 25 thousand rupees (NO RECEIPT) what crappy editor signs this ? By the way ,someone should dig up the files and see how much this said editor claimed in BOSNIA ! A BIG CAN of worms ...and NO ... I dont work in the NST group!

  9. Anonymous8:07 pm

    Warrior2 ,, ur comments are UnWARENted .NST has been throwing money for years for these field trips. mana tak bangkrap ? SYED is right ! maybe a WARAN of arrest from a K.P is WARANted.

  10. Anonymous8:33 pm

    Three-way battle for Ipoh Timur?
    Syed Jaymal Zahiid | Jan 25, 08 7:07pm
    Rocky, what the heck!
    DAP and PKR are again slugging it out over seat allocations and this time, both parties seem headed for a three-way contest for Ipoh Timur with the BN.
    PKR: It's our turn now - not DAP!
    DAP: We are ready to face PKR anytime!
    With that kind of crap from these two hopeless clans, you seem more concerned about about some petty journos and their trifling claims? Let the NST alone. They are born losers since joining the UMNO-BN clan. What's more important is the state of our nation is at stake. How are we supposed to cobble the UMNO-BN clan with the two clowns in the Opposition circus unable to pull their act together and at loggerheads with each other, thus diluting the votes and ineffectively taking on the UMNO-BN juggernaut. In terms of political maturity, citizens of this Bolehland country is doomed if we do not possess wise politicians. Every dog has his day in the political circus, Anwar Ibrahim and Lim Kit Siang are two myopic mortals with pea brains! My apologies for venting out of context. This is supposed to be about cheating journos?? No? A conflict of different clans within the NST itself and a sign of unravelling within the mainstream media topdogs? Sorry.

  11. pas saman NST - refer harakahdaily. whats ur comments.

  12. Anonymous8:49 pm

    A bunch of Worn out G Men Spinners with a mother of all PR company . NIAMAHHHH !

  13. Anonymous8:50 pm

    I am dying... tell me who, tell me who... the journo who should have been sent to Timbuktoo

  14. Anonymous8:52 pm

    RM100,000 for three week's holiday is obscene. Whoever approved the claims should be shot, not fired.

  15. Anonymous9:33 pm

    Have u been reading his column for the past few months? He deserves a WARAN for his wrongdoing. Some of his articles carried phone numbers and web addresses of the person he highlighted. Don't believe me? Google for his articles. In one article talking about Samantha, there were two phone numbers and web addresses of these girls. Wonder what he received in return!

  16. Anonymous9:34 pm


    The guy who is resigning or who was forced to resign is KP Waran and his last day is said to be on Feb 15.
    But the NSTP floor has it that Lionel Morais, the new "MAN" in "POWER" is the one who signed the claims. I thought he was your best friend, someone that you really had a lot to speak about.
    Thats not all bro a total of five journalist are said to resign as well. Is this true?
    The grapevine also has it, that BP and Lionel are having tea and etc, these days,. in fact BP was seen in NSTP building.
    What does all this mean? So much for change right. Is it true that people say you never trust a short fella , or did someone stab Waran.

  17. Anonymous9:39 pm

    Apa bezanya antara songlap RM100k dan salahguna akhbar? Buka mukasurat 22 Berita Harian hari ini dan lihat satu lagi salah laku.
    Siapa agaknya Datin N dalam gambar itu?

  18. Anonymous9:59 pm


    Tony Emmanuel la joining BP, afterall Tony and Lionel never got along well, it is said that Lionel stabbed Tony to take the crime editors position, so Tony when AWOL from nst.
    Tony Francis No way !
    Tony Mariadass, Ha Ha Ha, he is making money with Lesbo Azalina
    why join BP. I heard he is really making money, of course he will say just NO like any other ppl. Maybe you should ask him la bro after all both OF YOU of very close kan !

  19. Abdul Razak wrote pas saman NST - refer harakahdaily. whats ur comments.

    Thank you bro Razak. As a journalist I am always sympathetic towards the newspaper whenever it is faced with a lawsuit. However, the NSTP does not need my sympathy as it is also in the business of suing journalists. Refer to their suit against me.

    Thank you.

  20. Anonymous11:17 pm

    One thing for sure NSTP is facing a crisis with many of their senior journalist leaving. It all happen after Lionel had his first POWER meeting.
    It is said they will absorb some staffs from Malay Mail.
    Bro heard Frankie De Cruz making a come back. Macam mana ini. This Botak has stabbed to many people? Tony Francis needs trusted soldiers to be around him.
    Malay Mail is said to make an important announcement on Feb 15. We shall wait and see.
    Salam Muhibbah Bro

  21. Anonymous12:38 am

    Mother of all PR hmmmmm ... wonder what's gonna happen to his close neighbours now? Who is there left to help them in their fight versus CityHall and its biz partners-cum-property developers. What the heck, take the money!

  22. Anonymous1:10 am


    I tend to believe all the comments about this guy is true. THE NSTP days are all but over. No more professionalism, not one little bit. Lionel covered crime and Klang Valley scene. Suddenly he found himself covering the PM in Spain! The NST sabotaged the PM by sending a rookie (in the PM-coverage context). There's no thnking when assigning people. I was there. I'm not putting my name cos it is embarassing.

    There's no more prestige working for the NST or BH. People like Hisham and Manja and Lionel are a disgrace. They are all governed by money. They think that a Mercedez benz give them honour and dignity. Their peers laugh at them, their subordinates look down upon them.

    Shame on you!

  23. Anonymous8:43 am

    anon 9.34: No need to get excited over nothing. So what if BP was seen in the NSTP building, he goes there fairly regularly anyway, no big deal. His media company promotes the govt, which is what NSTP does as well. And what clandestine, ominous tea sessions are you hearing about on your wonderful 'grapevine'? So what if BP and Lionel Morais have tea together?

  24. Anonymous9:32 am

    Ah Datin N! Suami nya dilihat bersama seorang editor kanan berita harian baru2 ini memasuki pejabat Ketua Putera Umno. Apa agaknya berlaku dalam pejabat Ketua Putera tersebut.

  25. Anonymous9:49 am

    Oh yes, Lionel. Rocky should come out and tell us what he thinks of Lionel now. Learn from him. He backstabs everybody and see where he is today. A crime editor who can't even write and now Chief News Editor. He just carries balls, BP's balls. And don't forget your boy Chandra, Rocky. He is the master of all (moa)conspiracies in NST.

  26. Anonymous11:23 am

    Good riddance! LOL. Parameswaran, so sorry mate. hehe. No one will miss you when you walk out that NST newsroom.
    Now see if your handful of groupies will still buy you a round or two to drown your sorrow at your regular joint. You take care ok, man. hehehe

  27. Rocky and Warlord!

    I know KP Waran and I were in Bosnia and I know for a fact no APC was rented. But I do know we travelled from the helicopter landing pad to a town called Konjic, in Bosnia, in an APC, but courtesy of the French UN contigent. I also know for a fact that when a bunch of journalist wanted an agreement as to how much to claim from their respective company I refused to join. Due to that I was "ex-communicated". One Malay Star reporter that shall remain nameless was so nasty to me and later he became a Press Secretary to a former deputy Prime Minister. This man is so nasty that he forgets that I save his and other reporters lives wwhen we were stopped by a drunk Croats. The point here is I am happy that I do not cheat and has never been a cheater! Plus I still have a lot of friends!

    Many cheers today trust me!

  28. Anonymous11:49 am

    The problem with the NST is that it always mistakes the ampu bodeks for real talent. That's why you have the K.P. Warans and Lionel Moriases in positions of power. You can be the best newsman around but if you refuse to stoop low enough to lick balls, you get nowhere. Lionel is no more than a crime reporter prone to over-sensationalising stories. If the NST gives him free rein as Chief News Editor, it will have more lawsuits coming. Lionel as a people manager? Well, you know the saying about short asses having something to prove! As for K.P. Waran, he has finally been exposed for the fraud that he is. Well, I expect more worms to come out of the woodwork. Obviously, Kali and Brendan are poor judges of character. Sallehuddin Othman as Group Editor was another bad call by Kali. There should be a total clean-up at the NST --- get rid of all the ball carriers and get people of integrity in.

  29. Anonymous1:38 pm

    Isn't the NST part of the Umno business empire?

    So, ultimately, Umno calls the shots at the NST.

    All the editors, journalists etc (current or ex) are merely bit players in the sandiwara.

    In any case, this is not limited to Malaysia. Just see what Rupert Murdoch has done with the newspapers under his control.

    And even "well regarded" Asian newspapers like the Bangkok Post, Jakarta Post, South China Morning Post, Times of India etc have their own agendas to play up.

    And didn't Spore Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew say that there is no such thing as absolute freedom of the press?

    So why judge the New Straits Times by a different set of standards?

  30. Anonymous2:27 pm

    Rocky, if you tink Lionel doing bad in NST, all shud oso see what going on in Malay is one big joke. and guess who leading de circus. Non other than Yushaimi Yahaya who got no support from staff. All ppl can see how he first try secure his editorship then chop off people he dont like and try to tipu peopel he tink he can continue lying to. Like those work dogs like shariff, rizal hashim, muzli and najmuddin and even that no news haris slider. This Yushaimi teling reporters to go for vss, say he dont know who going new company dynahall, but common sense will say how dynahall can make list when they dont know MM staff. Only person can do that is Yushaimi who has been doing solo trips see blu inc hot shots. Sad things is he throwing some good rookies for an eye candy. I was told that In front of tonyf he chided staff, behind him, he tells soemthing else. Also, reporters kept in the dark, and told what they can do and cannt do. No details. Dulu NST big gun promised to jaga everyone, say MM will work with that styupid klud concept that shows more flesh and all, then now throw all to dynahall and Yushaimi said dynahall gonna make MM work by pumping money and more people when tonyf said no such thing. Too much lies going on. It seems now Muzli, Haris, Rizal and shariff all leaving. Mass exodus oh...hope Ibrahim now realise Yushaimi is not the man like what rahman think. Wihout these ppl how to jalan the paper?

    Pity MM staff, they really fucked big time by NST. NST simply sell the paper with the ppl and dumped just liek that. Like they dont matter, like staff just pariah, like they not human but just working dogs and cows.

    So if got money scandal in NST, its not new. The group is worse now when can even treat ppl like cows and dogs. Apparently this is the deal between SFA and IMN.

    Bro, wonder if these MM staff can file legal action against that unravelling giant NST...for constructive dismissal. The top guns think reporters stupid or what...

  31. Anonymous3:14 pm

    Kalliullah runs a leaky boat. NST has become an Indian country. Melayu and Cina mana? No balls aa?


  32. Anonymous3:25 pm

    Kalliullah runs a leaky boat. NST has become an Indian country. Melayu and Cina mana? No balls aa?


  33. Anonymous3:54 pm

    Hey PASQUALE EL MORONO ! I KNOW no APC WAS RENTED ! pls check the CLAIMS .and SRI MENANTI was there also .

  34. Anonymous4:07 pm

    Anonymous said...
    Kalliullah runs a leaky boat. NST has become an Indian country. Melayu and Cina mana? No balls aa?

    you dumb MORON ! KALImullah is as malay as you and kadir shaik fadzir or even the tun ! get ur facts right !

  35. You NST guys just proved something to me .... semua tarak telok ! Naming everyones names and their bad deeds while you hide behind your momma's skirt with an Anonymous NICK .you wanna name someone and badmouth him or her ! say who you are pls .But then again ... that takes GUTS !

  36. Anonymous6:26 pm

    The NST sad so sad...none of the journalist in the NST can ever talk about journalistic ethics or professionalism.
    How can they?
    becos of your court case, bro, I shall not elaborate.

    anyway..for everybody's information, kamrul idris (poor boy, so inexperienced, so unqualified for the job of deputy group editor) takes instructions from brendan perera. don't be surprised. after all isn't brendan kali's machai. Therefore???
    and why lionel the clown is there? he's kali's and brendan's machai...Get it?
    Sorry bro, when you were his boss, he bodek you like crazy. But i know put him where he was not becos he bodek you but you saw some potential in him. You trained him well...but because you left...
    his elevation to his postion now is too soon. the biy has much to learn..

    anyway, I wouldn't want to be an NST reporter now. Imagine introducing Lionel as my chief news editor. Ouch!
    (wasn't he the one who got fresh with his own reporter back in the Malay Mail, and the reporter left?)

    do you think these assholes want good people (editors) to run the NST newsroom?
    they don't want qualified/able editors or those with balls because that's how they operate. they need slaves and Yes-men.

    I don't see why KP Waran had to go. Or be punished. He did not make the claims. It was a reporter (his blue-eyed boy, no doubt.)
    He should be accountable to some extent but he should not be sacked.
    Aren't tehy taking action against the reporter?

    As for KP Waran, he operates in the same way. He has a bunch of ass-lickers as well, If I'd get him it'd be for **** his own (female) reporters.

    Well,ruination fo the NSTP stable of newspapers is going as designed.
    Bro....look what they've done to the Malay Mail. And now the NST.

    Boy...I could sure prove my case in court....

  37. Anonymous7:29 pm

    I make it a rule not to kick people when they are down.

    In the case of Waran, I won't make an exception...

    But neither will I get in the way of people who are stomping on you, man. hahaha.

    God, please forgive those angry mob for their transgression.

  38. Anonymous8:29 pm

    I saw this news on Friday 24/1/07 with a big picture. Guess who is the owener. It is ethical?

    KUALA LUMPUR: Syarikat hiasan dalaman, Casa Impian Holdings Sdn Bhd (Casa
    Impian) semalam memperkenalkan produk terkininya iaitu almari pasang siap
    yang memaparkan tiga konsep merangkumi 21 jenis rekaan yang sesuai dengan
    keperluan dan gaya hidup masyarakat moden.
    Pengarah Urusannya, Datin Noorlinda Abd Talib, berkata pihaknya
    menggunakan konsep tanpa laci untuk produk berkenaan bagi memberi peluang
    pembeli menghasilkan seni dekorasi tersendiri mengikut keperluan
    "Fungsi utama almari ini adalah untuk menyimpan segala keperluan, namun
    masalah sentiasa timbul apabila barang disimpan gagal ditemui ketika
    diperlukan. Oleh itu konsep almari ini dicetuskan bagi mengatasi masalah
    ini dan pembeli boleh menggunakan bakul dan kotak untuk mengisi barang
    mereka sebelum disusun di dalam almari berkenaan.
    "Pembahagian ruang menjadi keutamaan untuk almari ini dan tujuh jenis
    rekaan ditampilkan untuk setiap konsep daripada Revival yang boleh
    digunakan sepanjang zaman berharga dari RM2,050 sehingga RM5,460.
    "Revolution yang mempunyai kombinasi baru dan lama ditawarkan pada
    harga RM2,410 hingga RM5,780 sementara Exquisite pula menampilkan ciri
    moden sesuai untuk golongan muda berharga RM3,120 hingga RM7,450,"
    katanya pada sidang media pelancaran produk berkenaan pada Pameran Super
    Home Ideas di Pusat Pameran Mid Valley, di sini.
    Semua almari itu menampilkan konsep mesra pengguna, teratur dan mudah
    diuruskan, selain menepati kehendak pengguna yang mengutamakan ruang yang
    boleh dipelbagaikan dalam bahagian yang terhad.
    Semua almari ditawarkan pada ketinggian 2.7 meter, manakala lebarnya
    pula pelbagai, dari 1.2 meter sehingga 4.3 meter. Kepelbagaian saiz itu
    memberikan pilihan kepada pembeli untuk menyesuaikannya dengan keluasan
    ruang kamar.
    Noorlinda berkata, pihaknya turut menyediakan kemudahan pembayaran yang
    mana pembeli boleh membayar secara ansuran selama 12 bulan menggunakan
    kad kredit terpilih.

  39. Anonymous9:21 pm

    In my many years as a backroom boy of the NST newsroom, the Indian staff played a key stabilizing role. We were the loyal staff who kept away from office politics.
    Thus we boasted respectable Indian journalists and editors like David Thambayah, PC Shivadas, philip mathews, Jacob Paul and many others. We kept our noses clean by keeping away from Malay and Chinese politics. But we were lucky because we had good Malay and Chinese bosses like Tan Sri Lee, Tan Sri Samad, Tan Sri Nordin and many more. Even the younger Malay and Chinese editors were ok.
    As a shareholder I attended NSTP AGM regularly. From the debate at the AGM, I think the NST and the Indian staff became unprofessional and big headed when Datuk Kallimullah was made the boss. I think he politicised the Indian staff to form a ring around him because he did not trust the Malay and Chinese editors.
    I am ashamed that Indian staff are now reported to be involved in wrongful and unprofessional activities. Maybe power is bad after all as they said power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. I will speak up at the coming AGM.

    Former Journalist and Shareholder.

  40. Anonymous9:46 pm

    ALL former, present journalists in every media who never submitted fraud claims please raise your hands!
    Just as I know, none of you dared!
    This includes media bosses also lah, a practice long approved, but damaged by a greedy RM100,000 bullshit claim.

  41. Anonymous10:35 pm

    The reporter who made that 100k claim, can you please raise your hand?

  42. Anonymous10:56 pm

    Wahai anon 829..

    mana ada ethics lagi!! itu datin N bini dato Hisham kan? Laki promo bini..itu biasalah sekarang! sekarang semua boleh lah...kitapun dengar bini talipon newsdesk suruh cover assignment!! hohohoho! syed nazri saja yang tak bikin itu macam..tu fasal dia kena duduk sorang2. Ini bukan cerita dongeng..semua reporter tahu...


  43. Anonymous2:04 am

    jediraj said... You NST guys just proved something to me .... semua tarak telok ! Naming everyones names and their bad deeds while you hide behind your momma's skirt with an Anonymous NICK .you wanna name someone and badmouth him or her ! say who you are pls .But then again ... that takes GUTS !

    I'd say it takes money most people probably don't have.

    One needs to be backed by lots of funds to risk job and livelihood... and to cover one's precious behind from lawsuits. What good is having balls, when one ends up without pants to cover them.

    I think guts is overrated when you have to deal with people who don't play by the rules. In the current climate, can we blame the NST anons for being cautious ?

  44. Anonymous7:01 am

    Kawan, I know you know Hisham Aun from the Bernama days. Then I was told he could write pretty good english. But when he moved to BH from NST be became comfortable with writing in Malay .. not very classy Malay I must say because he wrote on sports. He's not known to be man of high intellectual capacity or integrity. Sports reporting is riddled with corruption and favours. He was further spoilt by Kok Lanas who made him his executive typist. Hisham is not analytical. His political and economic knowledge is nearly zero. He is also vengeful. See how he pressured Zian, the successful editor of Harian Metro, to leave. He survives and freely abuses his position because he kow-tows to Kalli and people like Manja and Syed can be bullied. If you accuse Hisham of using his position to make money for his wife , you can say that Manja and Syed work just to earn money. But believe me, he won't last long. You and I have to thank God that we are given good health and the freedom to be ourselves, free of characters like Kalli, Branden, KJ, Zaki and other little Rasputins at Putrajaya. As for KP and his Indian crowd, I agree with ex nst staff and shareholder that power had gotten to their heads. The Malay and Chinese in the NST are no longer providing leadership so the Indians take over. Are still still Chinese in NST? Boon and the bush jacket wearer? It's how power works. Vacuum will be filled even by jokers, thieves and pretenders.

    Bukit Selangor

  45. Anonymous10:59 am

    Bila gambar bini dan cerita bini pun mudah disiarkan dalam surat khabar suaminya yang jadi ketua editornya, maruah akhbar itu tergadai sudah. Jadi, bolehlah kita katakan, MARUAH akhbar itu sudah tergadai. Tak guna kami jadi wartawan NSTP sebab perangai editor kami yang tak bermaruah. Kami sudah terlalu benci dengan perangai mereka. Kami maih di sini kerana mahu tengok berapa lama mereka boleh bertahan. Kita mahu tengok mereka bungkus barang barang-barang mereka nanti. Pak Lah pun tentu ada limitasinya juga. Dia pun tentulah dah dapat macam-macam cerita dari pelbagai pihak. Janganlah kita underestimate Pak Lah pulak. Kita tunggulah lepas election nanti.

  46. Anonymous10:21 pm

    Ah.....finally the KP con has been brought down to earth with a thud like a hardened thosai.

    We reporters in NST celebrate this day when good has truimphed over evil.... one at least, many more to go.

    The donkeys are in fact Kali and Brenden, who in their pursuit for power, forgot that this bald Indian was minting money in NST.


    1. Fixing his off days to play golf during working hours

    2. Writing golf articles in NST after playing FREE during office hours

    3. Writing the same article, but re-angled Indian style with massala and contributing to Charles Raj of Malaysian Business under the nick of "Sir Buaya" and getting paid RM 350 for each article. So for two articles in a month in MB, he gets RM700 - enough for his journa machai in NST who drives him and covers up for him.

    3. Taking junior reporters and gals for treasure hunts and making them write articles that he approves for publication

    4. Transferring reporters to branches whenever they question him over the unfair duty roster?

    5. Making sure his journo Shaun is given the best shifts, and on the desk when he is MIA playing golf during office hours.

    6. As OC, walking in to office at 11am. In case Kali calls or walks in, journo Shaun will alert KP immediately.

    7. Approving all claims made by this journo, irrespective of amount. So thats how the RM100,000 claims were approved by this Indian mafia.

    8. KP had stated his intention that he wanted to buy a BMW 5 series this year, so which better way than to rip off NST.

  47. Anonymous4:31 pm

    allo jangan lah marah kat hisham aun. sekarang semua orang buat macasm tu. dpt duit lebih senang hati.
    Siapa kata Hisham tak boleh tulis? Bahasa Melayu dia sedap dibaca. Cek lah emedia. Tapi English dia tak taulah, kena orang translate kan kot.

  48. Anonymous4:41 pm

    To anon 2.27pm,

    i think what you wrote not true lah about the Malay Mail.

    Yushaimi is a good guy. I heard he is the new editor of Malay Mail.

    It is just that he is blur. Imagine appointing an editor who has never managed a desk. I pity the new owners lah.

    As a journalist last time, Yushaimi spent most of his time at the Press club, where his luv for his friends and cronies was nourished. He is better off as a music reviewer than an editor.

    It so happened he is in Kali's good books that he was transferred to NST for a fleeting moment. At that particular time he was the assistant news editor of MM.

    Then he was transferred back to MM. Shortly after that, Rocky was removed and in came Mzul the Johor chap of Bugis-Filipino extract.

    Yushaimi made sure he got the deputy editor's job. It was related to many that it was Rocky's idea in the event the revamped paper got gobsmacked.

    True enough, Mzul was shown the door by NSTP but rescued by Rahman Media Prima to head the NEW MEDIA gua dot com dot my portal.

    Now Ibrahim Mohd Noor was said to be in favour of someone else but Yushaimi is said to enjoy Rahman's support.

    The names you mentioned like Sharif, Muzli, Najmuddin, Rizal and Haris are not indispensable. They might be good or loyal workers but not entirely irreplaceable.

    If they want to leave, so be it. Yushaimi can handle the news desk. For a relatively young editor (he turns 40 this year), he should have the energy to run the desk, think of story ideas and do the copy tasting. After all Tony Francis, Frankie D Cruz will help Yushaimi.

  49. Anonymous4:51 pm

    Malay Mail oh Malay Mail...

    They are a bunch of losers lah..The entire editorial team are failures.

    TonyFrancis and his cohorts should run the paper. Just absorb the failures back to NST or give them VSS. Settle the issue.

    Ibrahim should start on a clean slate. No excess baggage.

    Tony is the best man for the job. the former chief news editor of NST, sports editor of NST and sports editor of MM is known to be a man of ideas. He came up with columns for his underlings like Dan Guen Chin, Randhir Singh, Peminat Sukan and came up with the Timesport Man of the Year award.

    He must also rope in people like Chandra Segar Pillai, Anthony Mariadass Gnanapragasam, Lazarus Karunakaran Rokk, Fudzi Omar, just to name a few, to make the paper a success. They are all proven products with iconic status.

    If you read a recent edition of Malaysia Tatler, westPort exec chairman Tan Sri Gnanalingam paid tribute to Malay Mail. He said the paper provided him the turning point of his career. he won the word puzzle and from the winner's purse, he went on to build a career as a marketing and branding man. TonyFrancis is apparently his trusted lieutenant who is always at his beck and call for a paltry sum of RM5,000 a month.

  50. Anonymous9:29 pm

    Oh Shit... God save journalism...

  51. Anonymous12:41 am

    Contrary to popular belief, NST and the MM are still very much relevant to the industry.

    To those who criticise from the outside looking in, they dont understand the limitations in a pro-establishment media house.

    There are still qualified people in the company that might be able to salvage the publications.

    It is interesting that MM has come under a private owner. Ibrahim Mohd Nor made his millions in Bernas and is upbeat the paper can reach a different segment of the market.

    As for the editors, Yushaimi is not only a music reviewer. Have you seen him in action when he was a reporter?

    He used to enjoy grilling VIPs and Ministers in true MM fashion...he was known to bring back exclusives also in true MM fashion.

    We must give due credit to other loyal staff of MM. Badrolhisham Bidin was part of the Abdullah Ang expose and he's still there. You don't lose your quality overnight, people!

    Ibrahim might just be the saviour MM was looking for.

    Whoever his men are they will no doubt will have to live up to expectations.

    NST is shuffling their pack ahead of the GE. It's good that Lionel Morais is the chief news editor. He and Yushaimi made a great tag team when they were in the MM.

    Instead of pouring scorn on their ability, let's give them time. Judge them in a year's time.