Friday, January 25, 2008

Singapore loves Malaysia's Lingam

The Lingam defence. Lingam is a hit with Singaporeans, too, it seems. Even the usually-sombre Singapore Business Times feels like a laugh in the article Looks like I wrote this - did I? by Jamie Ee, which suggests organising a conference on how to "Never Say Die even when your face is staring at your from the video". You can thank Sophie's World for the article.

The Singaporeans would love Lingam's act at yesterday's session of the Royal Commission of Inquiry. "I can pretend to talk to President Bush if I like," he said.
We have to face it - V.K. Lingam is a celebrity. And our kids may want to be a braggart and bullshitter when they grow up!


  1. Anonymous1:10 pm

    Dear Respected Royal Commission Members,

    If after you compl;ete the enquiry and do not conclude in your report that Lingam is a pathetic and pathological liar, most Malaysians would use that phrase on you 5 members.

    Your recommendations will go down in history as one that saved the nation.


  2. Anonymous1:30 pm

    Singaporean are laughing at us and the way we conduct the RCI. Not just Singaporean but the whole world is. It's like a kangaroo court. Malaysians pride have never been this low. We stand tall when TDM was the PM. but the tower is slowly crumbling under the current administration and becoming a laughing stock for the world.

  3. soon lingam will be a celebrity world-wide.... and this is no bullshit! who knows lingam might even brag about his celebrity status!

  4. Anonymous1:57 pm

    can someone contact letterman at CBS...

  5. Anonymous2:07 pm

    The antics of the Royal Commission can be recorded and distributed as a sitcom worldwide. I'm sure it will get phenomenal ratings. Who knows, it might even win an award. As it is, the proceedings are already a hit in Singapore. Malaysia Boleh!!

  6. Anonymous2:55 pm

    Point is, what could you conclude from the video recording of someone who is likely to be a liar and who like to brag

  7. Anonymous3:07 pm

    The tragic fact is that he is Mahathir's lawyer.....

  8. Everything that Lingam says is valid after all as you cannot prove otherwise.

    And if from Eusoff Chin to Fairuz Whatever was in his clutch what is to say that the RCI members are also not duly under his influence?

    Alternatively of course if I was on the stand like Lingam and thought that this RCI was a bunch of lunatics and idiots, I'd do the same too. Afterall as soon as this Lingam video got released, one of my earliest comments was that Lingam could say he was practicing acting and hoping to join the Indi and Allen Periera duo! After all he copuld make more in 20 minutes then he can in one hour of practising lawyering!

  9. oh and i forgot to add... what kind of shit are we going to expect when ahmad fairuz and vincent tan takes the stand??

  10. Anonymous3:46 pm

    Not only S'pore but we're going to be the laughing stock as far as the entire world is concerned....or have we already become that?
    All the hard work by the previous leaders gone down the drain within 4 years by this clown PM...its true that they say its easier to destroy than to create.

  11. another malaysia boleh spirit for the world to amaze at...

    the most funniest person in the world!!!!!

  12. Anonymous4:14 pm

    The REAL Lingam specie always stand-up and move its head and hands a lot when talking - either on an handphone, public phone or no phone.

    Doesn't that sound and looks familiar for this specie?. You don't need a digital verifyng machine to verify this specie's character.

    The closest specie that is not human is snake!. It curls its body a lot and the most distinguished physical character is it has SPLIT TONGUE!

    "It looks like me, it sounds like me, it's not SV could be a SNAKE! oh what difference does it makes?".

    LOL baha LOL

  13. Anonymous4:20 pm

    i am not surprised at all with this man's antics. He is drunk with misplaced power. He thinks he is the king and no one can touch him.

    He had proven before that, as a mere lawyer, he can help decide who gets to be whom in the judiciary.

    Now he wants to show to the world that he alone can make a fool out of all present and get away with it.

    The royal commission will yet be another of his playground and he will pee and shit as he pleases.

    The sad thing is all present are happy to let him do it to them in his 'royal' fashion.

    The Agong should step in and put a stop to this madness.

  14. ya anonymous...this whole fiasco was engineereed under the right honourable respect for him has evaporated now that he allowed the country to become a laughing stock from the seeds sown under his that the Gardener has become a Baker...we are overrun by the weeds he didn't bother to get rid of.

  15. But there's preceedent! Remember Clinton's " i did not have sex" in Lewinsky's hearing! Guess, Lingam has taken the bar slightly higher! With these clowns in session, poor malaysians have lost track of the poor mogolian who was blown to smithereens!

  16. Anonymous5:22 pm

    Chua Soi lek should do that

    It may look like me, perform like me, sounds like me and even scream like me.

    But my friend its not me !!!

  17. Anonymous5:22 pm

    Marina Mahathir had an interesting commentary ("Clean and efficient S'pore can be exciting") on Singapore. Her commentary was originally published in The Star.

    It was published in the Spore Straits Times today (Jan 25). I am not sure if it can be accessed on the paper's website (

    She was singing the praises of Spore's taxi system (clean, satellite-based, actually use meters!, arrive as promised).

    I am sure that the Singaporeans must be tickled pink to be praised by TDM's daughter!

    Although she did write that she wouldn't want to live in Spore long-term because she "would get bored too quickly."

  18. Anonymous5:44 pm

    Man, this dude rocks.
    Hey I rather like his answers so far. He certainly is entertaining.
    When he said he could be acting etc,
    I tell u i've met ppl in real life like that. From the guy who wants to impress his date pretending to talk to his broker making 550k in just one call, to the ex-office mate always talking to tan sri this and dato that.
    Lingams abound in Msia.

  19. Anonymous6:11 pm

    Only fools would think that TDM has nothing to do with these shambles. TDM and those who stood around watching and did nothing, have everything to with them ....

  20. Anonymous6:29 pm

    Can we put the blame on George Soros?

  21. Anonymous7:57 pm

    Selepas kes Batu Putih didengarkan,semacam ada agenda untuk memburukkan sistem perundangan dan kehakiman di Malaysia bermula dengan tuduhan genocide yg dibuat di Singapore oleh pemimpin Hindraf.
    Peguam negara merupakan seorang perwakilan Malaysia yang berhujah mengenai Batu Putih.Keputusan Batu Putih masih lagi belum keluar tetapi kes tuduhan genocide,Batu Buruk,Lingam tape dan macam2 lagi adalah merupakan satu cara untuk menjatuhkan kredibiliti peguam negara(secara langsung mengendalikan kes terbabit) dimata pemerhati ICJ.Mereka sanggup melakukan apa saja untuk memenangi kes Batu Putih.

    Hanya pemimpin yang tolol mengikut rentak perancangan mereka.

  22. This is a splendid and glorious display- the finest hour of a snake speaking with forked tougue. However this is also the biggest shame the other honest Malaysians are made to bear. The whole world is laughing at us.

  23. Too many antics
    Too many comedies
    Now the RCI should ask
    Yes or No?

    Too many circuit boards
    The final flow seems hard to come by
    The switch is hiding don’t know where
    Everybody waits
    The oily man makes his way
    So easily he twists and dances
    Enthralling the RCI
    Until they don’t know what to ask

    He makes it out
    “I am the best in my trade”
    Delaying his truth
    Playing his cards up to his nose
    And still he never says
    “I am the one”

    He squeezes every ounce
    On publicity he can get
    Sitting on his throne chair
    He sings he is the king

    Now the RCI has become
    A child plays in his crib
    Cooing, crying and laughing
    Waiting for his feeding time
    Then he stops his antics

    And our neighbors laugh
    What a way Malaysia Bolih!
    Let a child rules the court
    For ‘there is no milk today’

  24. isn't "lingam" the hindu word for phallus?

    is this lingam telling us to kiss his d**k ? I mean he is screwing all of us over right now AND openly making a mockery of the justice system.

    MIND YOU..what he said is not entirely illogical.

    Everything he has claim can well be true - provided one is not THIS lingam!

    We know he is talking rots, he knows he is talking rots but what can be done?

    He will walk off thinking he is the world's smartest ass, and we are the horse's backside who got screwed by a donkey to produce this ass.

  25. Anonymous8:24 am

    If Lingam were to be the lead council for the Pulau Batu Putih case, we can
    not only win back the island but get millions of $$$ from Singapore for trespassing and illegal occupation of
    the island.

    " It may looks like yours , but its mine "

  26. Anonymous9:43 am

    TDM actually have nails the coffin when he confirms it is PM prerogative to appoint Judges.Nobody could even 'fix' the appointment get it!!

    note:I have video of my uncle talking over the phone about Badawi should still win the Kepala Batas parliamentary in next election, when I ask him who he is talking to? he mentioned it was the EC chairman!I shall wait till end of election, if Badawi wins in Kepala Batas, then its proof there been a 'fix' of parlimentary seats between the EC chairman and my uncle LOL.

  27. Anonymous11:25 am

    Well, just my 2 sen's worth...Lingam is not the only Malaysian to have hit celebrity status in the island the past (and still is to a certain extent) is anwar ibrahim, mahathir, pak lah, ect...whatever they say, sometimes, makes the front page in s' point is, s'pore LOVE these-headline-making people because their own is simply...dull and boring.



  28. I was invited to sing at a reception last night. After a few beers, guess what, before I started singing I tried the Lingam excuse. I said, "Here's my Lingam excuse. After a few beers, you should expect me to get out of tune or forget the words", or something to that effect. guess what, the audience seemed to understand!!

  29. Anonymous4:50 pm

    we see a fish
    on a bait trying
    to free itself
    of course
    the more it swishes
    and swoshes
    the more it
    hurts itself

  30. Anonymous5:12 pm

    Everyone was clamoring for a Royal Commission and then YOU GOT ONE!!
    So now whats the BIG FUSS AHH!!!
    tHIS LINGAM CHAP is just defending himself and whoever but the fact is YOU GOT YOUR ROYAL COMMISSION.

  31. Anonymous6:55 pm

    Perhaps after this episode, Lingam can star in a movie called "Correct! Correct! Correct!" to be produced by Yasmin Ahmad, based on the Royal Commission Inquiry. It will sure be a best seller overseas and Lingam himself can be nominated for best actor!

  32. ...lingammania...,not only in s.e.a,but gonna take the world by storm,will be a good replacement for rowan atkinson(mr.bean)proudly a local product...

  33. Anonymous9:55 pm

    guess where Lingam got the idea of "looks like me, sounds like me"...believe it or not....from a Tamil Movie called "Nan avan illai". The story is about a culprit that try to cover his crimes when he got arrested saying that the real person who did the crime..sounds like him, talks like him, acts like him, looks like him....but he is not that person..(sorry for my direct tamil to english translation)..what's more worrying is that, how Lingam can make fool of the Royal Commission Members using a dialog from tamil movies. maybe we should make a mandatory by Malaysia Law that practising lawyers must watch all tamil movies in future to be aware of such tricks...

  34. Anonymous12:46 am

    this lingam, from "looks like me, sounds like me" and later tipsy with 2 cups of wine, and then to bragging and bullshiting, now accusing the prosecuting bar council in the scandal ?? this indian man sure damn alot of tricks!

  35. ....anon 9.55,a well done humor....

  36. .....singaporean's got THIER sitcom hero "phua chu kang" and we now got our very own "SHOCKKALINGAM"