Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Should Pak Lah remain as PM?

Up to you and I, mister. Former PM Dr Mahathir was supposed to talk about his book that will be launched tomorrow. The foreign journos, of course, took the opp to ask him juicier questions.

Q: Do you think the PM should quit?
A: It is up to him to decide. It's also up to the people to decide. If the people want him to move on, if they think his administration is not benefiting them, they should make a decision.

In this latest attack on his successor, Dr M accused Abdullah Ahmad Badawi of "wasting money" and too accomodative in terms of foreign policies. "We are not as independent as before ...".

Read the Reuters piece here.
For more info on Dr M's latest book and the launch tomorrow, here.


  1. I may not have always agreed with Dr M, but I say his was a humngous shoe for Abdullah Badawi to fill.

    Looks like it still is.

    Naaah....{ak Lah shouldn't remain as PM. He's a liability to the country.
    He's an embarrassment to Malaysians.

    The general election will not dislodge him as PM. sad to say.

    But we all know he is unpopular becos of many things but I believe it is the son-in-law factor and issues related to that. Just hold a referendum now and you'll see.

    cheers, bro!

  2. Anonymous6:44 pm

    Stop pretending, Tunr. As if you dunno who you appointed. If you were so stupid then don't blame now for your own creation. I am sure you don't want to see Anwar or Kuli or Musa Hitam there, right?

    It is just like office politics, the superiors always prefer to appoint someone less competent then himself so that he can always be the best and doesn't poses a threat to himself. ( CAVEAT-Not all offices)

  3. We need someone who's not a lame duck like Badawi. But Mahathir should be one of the VERY LAST people to say this.

    But lets give him some slack... he's in his late-80s and old people sometimes lose their memory.

    Mahathir juga mudah lupa.

  4. Anonymous9:18 pm

    Dear Rocky
    I would like to comment on how our education system (and also our family system) is an utter dismal failure. What? The BN goons will scream. We have produced thousands of A students. I think this is the only country in the world with such a huge number of A students. Go figure.

    Most students to me are not educated. They do not know that one should say thank you, please and sorry.Why? Because many (too many) teachers themselves do not use these words. I have heard teachers screaming rudely at students at the top of their voices. This goes for many parents and politicians too.Monkey see, monkey do?

    How many Malaysians actually say thank you, please or sorry? Way too few. Even adults I have trained find it so hard to say or respond to " good morning", in whatever language, for example. My experience has all too often been that when I say " terima kasih" or "selamat pagi", there is no response. An adult trainee in one of my programmes once commented that to say "please" is like begging!!!!!

    Granted there are a small number of teachers who are dedicated and understand that to be really considered "educated" one must also be polite and civil.

    I live near a school and have observed students blithely throwing wrappers of junk food and even cans onto the road.They cut queues at the nearby 7-11 shop and have been heard to use foul language.Sure, parents are to be blamed too but children spend a large amount of time in school.

    By the way, I have many adults throw rubbish indiscriminately and cut queues too.

    Homework is another story.Don't many teachers realise that homework is not always a necessity? Students must be given time to review what they have studied for the day. Unfortunately it seems that teacher trainers do not appear to know this. I have taught study skills, something our schools do not teach and know the importance of reviewing what has been learnt each day so that it stays in long term memory.

    My 11 year-old niece studying in Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Subang Jaya in SS 14 was burdened with 9!!! pages of maths homework to be completed in one day. The poor thing was so stressed out and was crying. A friend of mine complained of the same thing.I understand that this is the norm.

    Children must be given time to review and also to play. We stress only on tons of homework and a "good" teacher is seen to be one who burdens the kids with homework.

    A British friend of mine ( a teacher)commented that she did not see kids playing after school. When told that most of them were either at tuition classes or doing their huge pile of homework, she just shook her head.No, I'm not saying that their education system is superior but at least even bus drivers there say "thank you" and "good morning".

    A good teacher or a good school is not one that produces record numbers of A students. A good teacher or a good school is one that can help E or D students achieve higher grades. Not only that, a good school or a good teacher is one who produces civil citizens.

    I have seen teachers and principals almost lick the shoes of rich parents and rich brats. Aren't teachers NOT to discriminate but to educate without favour?

    When I was in school in the late 50s and the 60s, the importance of being polite and civil was stressed. Sadly, not any more. Much as I detest colonialists, at least they left behind, though for a short while after independence, mny people who were polite and civil. You can see this in those who were educated until the late 60s.

    I rest my case that many parents and teachers ( politicians, too)do not care about civil behaviour. Malaysia is NOT a civil society to a very large extent. Plus, our education system is a factory churning out rude and uncivil products.I shudder when I think of the future should this continue.

  5. Anonymous9:56 pm

    Many Malaysians will keep the present administration. Why? Because ours ia a lawless society in that laws are rarely enforced.
    Due to this, many people break the laws with impunity.So why should these people want to change the administration when they can do as they like and not be punished???

    I see many laws broken and also not enforced in my neighbourhood, SS18 in Subang Jaya. Some residents have claimed the grass kerb outside their homes, which stupid me thought was public property. They have cemented over the drains and the grass kerb to claim it as their own private parking space. One culprit is retired police big gun.

    Also, one resident has covered the grille over the drain(between 2 terrace houses)with tiles. So you have half a grille.Stupid me again! I thought what is outside our gates and fences is public property. When I asked MPSJ whether all this was allowed, they could not give me an answer. All they said was "err...err...err..".

    Further, many residents discharge their kitchen water and water from their washing machines directly into the drains at the back. I must be really daft!! I thought this is illegal.

    Another neighbour got their house renovated. In the process, the contractor dumped stones and cement into the drain at the back. As a result, water now collects and stays stagnant in the drain. Again, I complained to mpsj but no action was taken.This neighbour told me they have a"friend" in mpsj!!No wonder there are so many cases of dengue in subang jaya. No point fogging lah.

    So long as you have Malaysians like this, the present administration will stay.As I said, why should they want to change when they can do as they please to satisfy their selfish and irresponsible selves?

    Not only is the adminstration to be blamed (that's another long story), these types of Malaysians are also to be blamed for the rot and increased lawlessness in the country.It scares the sh*t out of me to see that this lawlesness looks like it will continue and even get worse. So, in Malaysia, anything goes! Malaysia and Malaysians definitely boleh do whatever they want.

  6. Anonymous10:04 pm

    badawi is lame.. so does the oppositions..therefore..badawi will still be PM...
    i just hope the army took over..throw them and their men on an island they cant leave.

    i cant bear the next 5yrs with badawi.

  7. Anonymous10:40 pm

    yes.he should quit..he is responsible for the behaviour body snatchers, kris wielding madmen, sexist MPs, racist MPs, corrupt Z mansion, and now even sick school principals forcing their own religious brand of sex segregation. Yes he should quit for not having the balls to discipline the vagabond UMNO holigans. He is PM..he is responsible

  8. If I have it my way, Bedol should remain a 'remain', the persona of a jello and an epitome of hypocrisy of the highest level. Yet, brutal enough to use ISA/OSA/PRDM/Rempit/Machais on ordinary rakyat who are voicing their dissent.

    As for Tun suggestion on 'the people' removing Bedol, he meant the Elites/Untoucables/Supreme Taukehs. Not the rakyat. ehem.

  9. anon@9:18pm,

    i cannot agree with you more.
    our teaching system has deteriorated so badly that I think teachers, generally, aren't interested in teaching.
    i am not sure about other schools but I have spoken to a lot of mothers whose children are studying in various other schools and we share similar sentiments about our children;s schools.
    do i know what i'm talking about. i believe so.i have only to reflect on the education system from which i benefited and the teachers who inspired me. I had so much regard for teachers that as a child i would mimic them at home, playing pretend-teacher with my sisters.
    But today, it is a differn story altogether.
    and talking about civic-mindedness, just today i saw a pupil - with nary a thought - threw a plastic wrapper into the drain as he was walking home.
    I have never never thrown any litter into a drain or on the ground for as long as i can remember.
    No...my parents didn;t teach me that. they didn't have to becos i was taught early in school (in kindergarten and early primary) not to litter. And I taught my younger sisters, nieces and nephews and my own kids not to do so.
    ok. i am digressing a little.

    to me...schools today are for bright, smart, intelligent and/or studious kids.
    they embrace these kids.
    schools are not kind to average students and are brutal and merciless to slow-learners or those C-average.

    teachers will concentrate and double-up their efforts to make sure A-students remain A-students. they will not bother about the C or the D students. yes...they do regard he;pin these kids toeb a waste of time.

    so, you're right...what does it show about our teachers today.
    hey... it's not tough teaching smart kids.

    so, yes. i agree. the teaching system sucks.

    my elder brother was so disillusioned with the system because it has failed his talented daughter that he has taken her out of her Subang Jaya school and sent her to be schooled in New Zealand.
    No kidding. He thought very carefully and very had about it. Finally, he came to the conclusion that his daughter would get a far better education in New Zealand.

    but how many of us can afford that?

    i'm sure there are good and dedicated teachers. i know of some. indeed they stand out. it is easy to, in a sea of very mediocre personalities..

  10. Anonymous12:32 am

    What an idiot Pak lah is.

    But why is Mahathir complaining? Why is he using himself as the benchmark to guage others? Why does he Mahathir think so highly of himself? The many problems we face today are the consequences of the Maha's deeds. He is to be blamed for our current predicaments.

    The man is no saint. He will be punished in due course.

  11. Anonymous12:45 am

    Tun M is very wrong to say that Badawi was wasting government money. This cannot be true because he is asleep all the time.

    A sleeping PM cannot waste money ok. Further, Bodowi should not be responsible for all the none-sence done by Bodowi's son-in-law and Kalimulah.

    The best things that Badowi has contributed was to call for a general elections so that we all can caste our votes to get rid of those corrtupted buy.

  12. Anonymous2:32 am

    Dr.M should be blamed for this. he made the PM position so powerful and at the same time made it difficult for anyone to challenge the PM or the UMNO President. Dr.M screwed the UMNO election system such that a good smart guy who is not corrupt can't challenge the President. money politics set foot and grew under Dr.M's watch.Made our GE shorter and god knows how our EC is.

    The best part is now Dr.M know what happens when you allow a fool to become PM who has all the powers that Dr.M accumulated when he was PM. and Dr.M is the one who out the fool there and even disallowed Pak Lah to be challenged.

    Top it up, Dr.M screwed the judiciary in 1988 and his links with the Berjaya trio(current and former)doesn't go down well at all.

    Dr.M you are to blame for this man being PM. you should have left the best man become PM but no. and you are the worse judge of a character!

    Dr.M it is ALL YOUR FAULT!!!

  13. Anonymous4:27 am

    Do leaders make our country or does our country make our leaders? The more we evaluate the status quo, one finds the fruit of the matter is that our leaders are the product and creation of our own society.

    In other words, a country gets the kind of leaders it deserves.... In order to break the cycle of corrupt regimes like that of the Barisan, we need to start dealing with the rot from its roots. There is something wrong deep within.

    What did Dr Tan Chee Koon and Tunku posses that leaders like Mahathir and Abdulah Badawi lacked? In one word - integrity.

    When a nation keep electing corrupt men and men into leadership position and expect change, it is like electing wolves to lead sheep into greener pasture and safety.

    Lets get the wolves out of the pen this election. Never give up, till the last of the wolves are arrested for corrupting the judicary and the country with its evil contagion.

  14. Anonymous7:21 am

    Tuan Rocky, tulung bagi tau berapa banyak Pak Lah dan bini (bini-bini) belanja renovate Seri Perdana? Mintak sangat-sangat. Betui ka sampai RM16 juta atau banyak lagi? Tulung tuan!

    Pesara DID Alor Star.

  15. Anonymous7:56 am

    Dr M, you are beyond politics now.

    Speak out against all injustices.
    Hammer in some sense into the decay and waywardness.

  16. live with it

    its our fault that the society dont have enough information of their misbehave

    how many of us did actually went to the public promoting the mishap done by them

    screw us...they have the advantage of enforcing all the 'MACHINES' in malaysia

    why... because most of us just like to complaint, comment and read things in the internet

    we dont have strategies in spreading words to the public by all means be it cyber or the real 'kampung' folks out there who dont have access like we do

    maybe BRO you can suggest things to do to promote opposition during the coming election

    what you say Bro?

  17. Anonymous9:03 am

    We are still hopeful, aren't we? That the coming general elections CAN change things? Or people.We can dream.It's a beginning of something.

    On school education:if only you know how demoralised teachers are.If they had become monsters, it's because pressures placed on them by the Ministry, Jabatan Pelajaran, etc.

    And it is sad if one has to send a child away so young just because we believe education system on the other side of our world is better.At age 13/15, these kids will grow up as insecure and self-centred kids (and so alienated from their own culture+ religion) because they have to do that while trying to survive on their own in their new environs (without parental guidance when they still need it).

    My solution is simple: what the school can't give to my child, I give him at home because I am also responsible for the well-being of my kid.So stop expecting other people to do that job for you.

  18. Anonymous9:10 am

    Pak Lah should stay as PM since nobody and that means you ROCKY willing to do anything at all.
    to mahathir pegi daa!!! Serupa la lu dgn badawi / anuar / KJ and of course limkit siang. the differnece in all of you is appearnce. YUKSS!!

  19. Anonymous9:32 am

    ya correct mr rocky,

    today there will be a book launch by dr. M.. which is to be held in yayasan perdana at 11am...

    book edited and compile by Dollah Kok Lanas...

  20. Anonymous9:52 am

    Dollah is entitle to be lame as he is, but Khairy Jamaludin and his monkeys abuse that previlege.

    Pity to you all Malaysian.

  21. Anonymous10:26 am

    yo! bro! at 50's i've stand in the middle of paddy field. nothing to enjoy much. but pa lah wasting everything, he should let the young ones take over and for himself sit in the middle of a mosque.


  22. Anonymous10:32 am

    Settle the question of Badawi's resignation as PM by bundling the hated and corrupt UMNO/BN out in the next general election. After that a new govt should arrest Mahathir, Vincent Tan, Lingam and all the other cronies and charge them with economic plunder...with the death penalty if found guilty. I think this is what most people want

  23. Anonymous12:28 pm

    Extract form book The Wealth and Poverty of Nations by David S Landen Chapter 15

    “Let us begin by delineating the ideal case, the society theoretically best suited to pursue material progress and general enrichment. Keep in mind that this is not necessarily a “better” or a “superior” society (words to be avoided), simply one fitter to produce goods and services. This ideal growth-and-development society would be one that

    1. Knew how to operate, manage, and build the instruments of production and to create, adapt and master new techniques on the technological frontier.
    2. Was able to impart this knowledge and know-how to the young, whether by formal education of apprenticeship training.
    3. Chose people for jobs by competence and relative merit; promoted and demoted on the basis of performance.
    4. Afforded opportunity to individual or collective enterprise; encouraged initiative, competition, and emulation.
    5. Allowed people to enjoy and employ the fruits of their labor and enterprise.

    These standards imply corollaries: gender equality (thereby doubling the pool of talent); no discrimination of the basis of irrelevant criteria (race, sex, religion, etc.); also a preference for scientific (means-end) rationality over magic and superstition (irrationality).

    Such a society would also possess the kind of political and social institutions that favor the achievement of these larger goals; that would, for example,

    1. Secure rights of private property, the better to encourage saving and investment.
    2. Secure rights of personal liberty – secure them against both the abuses of tyranny and private disorder (crime and corruption).
    3. Enforce the right of contract, explicit and implicit.
    4. Provide stable government, not necessarily democratic, but itself governed by publicly known rules (a government of laws rather than men). If democratic, that is, based on periodic election, the majority winds but does not violate the rights of the losers; while the lowers accept their loss and look forward to another turn at the polls.
    5. Provide responsive government, one that will hear complaint and make redress.
    6. Provide honest government, such that economic actors are not moved to seek advantage and privilege inside or outside the marketplace. In economic jargon, there should be no rents to favor and position.
    7. Provide moderate, efficient, ungreedy government. The effect should be to hold taxes down, reduce the government’s claim on the social surplus, and avoid privilege.”

  24. Anonymous12:44 pm

    Pak Lah should ganti dgn org lain la.. bagi Najib la...

  25. Anonymous1:15 pm

    Garbage In.. Garbage Out..

    Its about time somebody need to clean that smelly trash can for sure...

    Pungent smell to everyone nose..irritating to eyes & give the feeling like vomitting blood already..

  26. The sleeping beauty says
    “I am not daydreaming
    My corridors will turn into reality
    Just give me 5
    I don’t ask much do I?”

    He is thinking
    The new costs to come
    The ways he wants to do
    He has to time it right

    The basket full of rising costs
    He looks around trying his best to hide
    The intentions he has in mind
    Rising goods squeezing the people on the streets

    He has to move it fast
    The time won’t be right if he delays
    But he feels he doesn’t need rating
    He knows he can sit on the chair

    The electric current flow
    One wrong move he is cooked
    He signals his k-cat
    “Go smell the rats!”

    Ah in the garden of wealth
    Full of glitter starry light
    He daydreams with a smile
    Knowing he has his rights
    And the faithful k-cat
    Waiting with eyes full of hope
    Knowing he has done a good job
    Putting his mark in every pie

  27. Anonymous1:39 pm

    Should Pak Lah remain as PM?

    A moot question. Judging by his past performance after the landslide BN victory when many disillusioned voters placed high hopes and expectations of him, he is a downright incompetent. Possessed of mediocre capability and prone to being usurped by his lesser-being UMNOPutra nincompoops!
    His frequent overseas trips to shore up a lameduck and less than illustrious domestic stature is pathetic.

    As Machiavelli would have it: a bad king is better than no king. A lousy country is better than being stateless. Much water has flowed under the political bridge since Dr M quit, and I hate to say it, but I must say it nonetheless. Dr M is much preferable to our sleepy BODOWI and his screwie son-in-law. My verdict is Pak Lah must give way to a younger, more vibrant personality. Not necesaarily the Najib Tun Razak type. In a rating of 5-star, NR stays at 2, for me. The guy possessed too many sleazy and slimy skeletons in the closet himself. Perhaps we should let keris-wielding HH stand a chance. Let him learn the hard way that his naive and stupid swashbuckling ways will not stand the scrutiny of leadership and time. Of course, he has plenty of time at his disposal.

    BTW, coming to an interesting comment by an anonymous commentatot of yours about the ills in our Bolehland education system, Rocky, I reckon you will be doing citizens of this country a good service to probe and investigate the extent of the rot and decay engendered by an incompetent and mediocre education system that does not meet the needs of the times. Instead of teaching our children to trade and invest in China, we are probably training them to be potential suicide bombers (forgive my pun).

    Rockyboy, create space for comments on EDUCATION IN BOLEHLAND per se. Whatever, I apologise to some very dedicated and diligent schoolteachers (they are the minority) I have met for any uncouth reamrks and aspersions I may have cast.

  28. Remain in office?
    No, no, and again, no. A thousand times, no.
    Let him not darken the doorsteps of our fair land a minute longer. He has overstayed his welcome. He's welcome to his second wife. Don't give him a second term.

    And about our schooling system failing our kids, why just blame the schools when the rot is all around. Uneducated people also don't behave any different from those supposedly educated people.

    Go to any "high-class" neighborhoods and see the early morning exercises dogs do in the parks or roadsides while the two-legged one on the other end of the leash stands there as nonchalant as can be.

    Look how people puff away completely indifferent to the rights of others around them to clean breathable air. I've seen parents smoking right in front of their kids in restaurants, blowing smoke into their faces and happily tapping the cigarette ash onto the floor.

    What are all these? Asian values? We claim to have the oldest civilizations, but unfortunately civility seems to be as extinct as the dodo.

    Seen anyone slowing down his car to let people cross the street, or giving up his seat to others more in need of it, or not taken aback when you wished them good morning, or said thank you when you held the door open for them?

    Sad. But like the various indexes used to gauge our nation's health, we're probably similarly up there on any index of social behavior.

  29. Anonymous1:50 pm

    DR M :Should Pak Lah remain as PM?
    Dollah:Give me another term!
    KJ :I'll kick out the old
    donkey and bring in my
    young monkeys.

    I don't want to make any further comment but leave it to KJ to answer it.

    After all it's KJ's future which is actually on the line.

  30. Anonymous1:56 pm

    Rocky and Dr M,

    If Pak Lah is not KJ's father in law, definately he will kick out Dollah ( together with other old dead wood ) out of the next BN General Election list.

    That's my answer and to Dollah, actually you are lucky to be KJ's FIL.

  31. Anonymous2:18 pm

    hidup pak lah! macam mana rupa pm pun mesti ada komplen kan... hidup pak lah!

    nak bagi anak-anak pandai pun komplen.. kalau dibiar bodoh pun lagi kena komplen...

    bayangkan kalau tak de tempat nak komplen macam ni!! tq rocky

  32. Anonymous2:30 pm

    Dear Rocky

    Since when ordinary Malaysians can decide who can be the Prime Minister of Malaysia? I don't remember electing lah to be a Prime Minister, do you?

    So what doublespeak then is he talking about?

    Maybe a hidden code to UMNO members to bring him down, but nothing to do with me cause I don't have a direct say in deciding who can or cannot be Prime Minister. Until there is a change in the system.

  33. Anonymous2:37 pm

    "Should Pak Lah remain as PM?"

    Sure, why not?

    AM, PM whats the difference? It bedtime for Bozo all the time, just like:



  34. Anonymous2:42 pm

    A Malaysiakini reader wrote: "Why must the Islamic authorities inflict so much pain on the family of the deceased (so-called Muslim convert) when the family is already in a state of grief? What kind of religion is this? Islam preaches compassion but where is the human compassion?

    If this practice is not stopped, I fear that the non-Muslims in Malaysia will never ever feel secure living in Malaysia."

    Read the last paragraph carefully.

    That's exactly the point. Pak Lah's brand of Hadhari Islam is what it is - in all its naked truth! He wants to mix and mingle his religion with his politics such that all non-Muslim citizens will feel nothing but fear and foreboding. The so-called FEAR FACTOR and there are 3 of them in Bolehland country. Fear of May 13. Faer of Islam and Islamic terror. Fear of being thrown to sea - BALIK INDIA, BALIK CINA.

    However, over the years, every non-Muslim citizen has come to realise that it is all part of UMNOputra plitics - main wayang kulit- to gather and garner support along racist lines. In fact every non-bumiputra is a tough and sturdy survivalist with the UMNOputa onslaught. Survival of the fittest, they called it. We should all be thankful to UMNOputra politics to toughen us up for the challenges of globalisation. Who ended up the losers? UMNOputras. Sad to say, the Malays are hoodwinked and cheated of a destiny for glory. Thanks or no thanks to Dr. M and BODOWI!

  35. Anonymous3:01 pm

    Should Pak Lah remain as PM?

    KJ : saya dah shortlist nama bapak
    untuk next GE pun dah cukup
    bagus. Itu pun sebab hang tu
    pak mentua aku.

    Kalau ikut hati ku, nak aje
    aku hantar bapak
    duduk pencen kat Perth.

    Tak pernah aku jumpa PM
    lembap macam ni.

    Pok Lah : Ala Khairy, satu term
    aje lagi. Boleh la.

    KJ : OK tapi dengan syarat bapak
    bagi saya kawin dengan
    ayaM Karen......

    Pok Lah : Ok la khairi, nanti
    bapak pujuk Nori ya.

    kwang kwang kwang.

  36. Bro,

    With the SIL and sycophants propping him up, asleep or otherwise, AAB will remain as PM for the foreseeable future.

    Too much at stake and far too much money to siphon off for too many fat cats enjoying the good life under AAB's blinkered watch.

    We're looking at a living example of rigor mortis in motion.

  37. Anonymous5:25 pm

    yes he should go, Should give a new leader who could lead better and concern about providing jobs for single mothers and youth a chance.

  38. Anonymous5:32 pm

    It's sad to read about the Islam Hadhari law. Just read today that a mother cannot claim the insurance compensation of his son who died while on duty.The amount is only RM 58K and the son have written his mother's name as beneficiary but he converted to Islam before he died. So, now the mother who is poor cannot even get a single cent. Really pity her.

  39. Wow Bro,

    Ramainya "anonymous" dalam thread ni.

  40. Anonymous6:25 pm

    Orang Kampung, u must either be qualified to teach in all subjects, or so rich that you can send your kids to tuition classes. Not all parents are like you.

    What's the point in having schools? Unlike you, average parents can only do so much. I may have a degree in geography but I certainly may not be able to help my kid with maths or even bahasa malaysia. Ok I am a dumbo unlike you who can teach your child all the subjects. Wow! I am so impressed.U must be a master of all trades.

    So, as our public hospitals and many doctors are also in a sorry state, are you recommending that parents treat their kids themselves? I guess you can.

    The reason many teachers are not fit to teach is because many of them are rejects who fail to get into uni to do the courses they want to. They are not interested in teaching in the first place.I have come across a number of those who complete either form 5 or form 6, and can't get into uni to do what they want and settle to become teachers. People like these have no business being in the teaching profession. It is a noble profession calling for a high degree of commitment and responsibility.

    Granted there are teachers who become teachers because they want to teach or love teaching. Very sadly, they are the minority.

    Only those who come from weak cultures or are ignorant about their own religion or do not give their kids a strong foundation in their religion will consider that those studying abroad will be alienated from their culture or religion.

    I have met many who have studied abroad ( not rich bratty children of datuks or tan sris who ape westerners in all ways at home to begin with) and have come back appreciating their own culture more and being stronger in their religion while absorbing the good from foreign cultures. I can almost hear u snort: How can any culture other than mine be good in any way?

    As an orang kampung you must advocate staying under the tempurung. It is precisely this that destroys a culture not being exposed to other cultures.

  41. Anonymous7:48 pm

    That is exactly what I did !. I only crossed the ONE that I trusted and can serve my constituency. If NONE can be trusted, I will CROSSED all !.

    At the BALLOT box of course. That's ALL I have within my power.

    The rest, let NATURE takes its course.

  42. Anonymous10:24 pm

    During DMM time ordinary Bumis have no chance to get shares beyond the 10,000 units but under AAB, MITI can now allocate sizeable amount to these middle-class Bumis. The creation of more middle-class Bumis is the only way to stabilise the society too much skewed by money-minded chinese. Pl dont misunderstand its just that Bumis and chinese have different outlook towards money

  43. Anonymous12:40 am

    elo zainal a kassim suka hati kitaorang la nak jadi anon, lu apa sibuk! ini blog rocky kan sporting, kata kebebasan bersuara!

  44. Anonymous12:56 am

    coming ge, u people use your voting power wisely laa. talk-talk too much also no use one.. macam tong kosong.. u know, and rocky have u registerd as a voter?? tak kan nak dibiarkan nama anda jadi mangsa pengundi hantu aje..

  45. Anonymous9:45 am

    "Should Pak Lah reamin as PM" NO WAY man,stay home do the 'father-in-law and son-in-law' chours.Dopn't ever let us live for nothing anymore cause when this happen surely we will die for something!!

  46. Anonymous11:52 am

    "...one must not confuse support for the party with support for the individual...,"

    Hmm... i wonder why then when he was in power supporting the individual means supporting the party and vice versa. Those who were "not confused" like he said to support the party and not the individual were labelled "pengkhianat". Using his logic when he was in power, by right he should be labelled pengkhianat himself for not supporting the individual. Refer to the 1987 era and after and you get what i mean. Now, he's saying things differently.and i wonder why...hmmmmmm...

    Penanak Nasik

  47. Anonymous4:35 pm


    Tun, we do remember it is you who appointed him don't you?

  48. Anonymous4:35 pm


    Tun, we do remember it is you who appointed him don't you?

  49. Anonymous8:19 pm

    Sdr Rocky,

    Sdr adalah individu yg sangat bijak. Berpendidikan tinggi, kenapa gunakan kebijakan itu untuk melayan karenah tua Mahathir Mohd?

    Fikir dengan tenang, pegang ayat Al-Quran dan hadis Rasulullah SAW, tinggalkan Mahathir dan terus berkarya dengan lebih bebas.

  50. Anonymous9:23 pm

    Anon 9.18,

    I dont think its fair to squarely blame the education system for not churning out 'civil citizens'. It all starts at home. Parents have to teach their kids to be polite and to be on good behaviours . Good parents make good children.

    And sorry to rain on your parade, but the bus drivers in the UK do not say good morning or thank you anymore, not in London anyway. One more thing, the kids in the UK are no angels either. At least in Malaysia I'm not scared of bumping into a group of 13-years old kids.

    Just some perspectives.

  51. Anonymous10:06 pm

    Menyalahkan TDM atas apa yang berlaku apakah boleh membuat keadaan jadi lebih baik. Setakat lepas geram dan meluahkan apa yg terbuku pada Pak Bedol.

    Malangnya ramai memilih utk menyalahkan TDM. Padan muka hangpa semua. Soalnya bagaimana nak perbetulkan keadaan dan apakah pandangan TDM tersebut merupakan sampah. Jika benar begitu, maka eloklah kita jadi burung kakaktua. Sekurang-kurangnya pada saya TDM berani mencuba untuk mengubah keadaan jika benar beliau silap dalam memilih Pak Bedol. Bandingkan pula para perayap diatas, menyalahkan TDM, apakah boleh keadaan kita menjadi lebih baik????? Kalau itu yg kita rasakan maka itulah yang kita dapat.

  52. Anonymous4:32 pm

    "Should Pak Lah remain as PM?"
    bro! is this a stupid Q or what? by this time he should be taking a long nap like Suharto!

    eye 4N eye!