Wednesday, January 09, 2008

PM's "drastic action" order to cops - A short sms exchange

"Finally, Pak Lah sees d light abt d crime situatn. on frnt pages. hope he is dead serious."
I received this SMS from reader TM this morning. Ah, yes, TM, I hope he is dead serious, too. But I read the news on-line last night and I am not too optimistic. The Bernama report said the PM "also wanted the police to take more drastic action to tackle the rising crime index in the country". Good, so he's aware that crime is rising and is causing fear and there is need to allay people's fear.
But MORE DRASTIC action was he talking about?
Go on, read the article HERE.

Don't tell me fixing CCTVs is what's meant by "more drastic" action. One of Nurin Jazlin's killer was caught on CCTV, remember? But the cops haven't been able to make anything out of it despite FBI help, so what would a thousand CCTVs do to deter the bad guys?

And don't tell me hiring retired cops on contract is what's meant by "more drastic action". Because I've just read here that Christopher Wan, the CID director, has quit after serving the last day of his one-year contract yesterday. The report did not mention the fact that Christopher Wan was head of a special team set up by the Police to investigate Nurin Jazlin's murder last September. I don't remember anything drastic coming out of his special team to solve the case.

So, I replied to the sms.
"Morning, TM. Yes, I read it on Bne on line last night. Lip service. Doesnt sound like he has a real plan but could be a start if he's serious and sincere. And if he is, rather late in the game, just a month or so before gen election."

Malaysiakini has a story on the rising crime index, HERE.
(You will need to subscribe to the on-line portal, though. If you are supporting Haris Ibrahim's initiative to boycott the mainstream papers, it makes more sense if you also pay to subscribe to the alternative media. And place your advertisements in the likes of Malaysia Today or/and the blogs).

By the way, according to the Bernama report:
"(The Prime Minister) clarified that the crime index in the country was said to have increased as the police had added five new categories to the existing 14 categories. "The five new categories are criminal intimidation, defamation, blackmail, causing injury and rioting," he said.
He said the addition of the five categories was based on the increase in police reports on the matter.
Abdullah said if the crime index were to remain at the existing 14 categories, it would show a decline.


Anonymous said...

"Abdullah said if the crime index were to remain at the existing 14 categories, it would show a decline."

Better still, if we are to reduce the crime index to contain just 1 category e.g. having unnatural sex with fishes, we might, just might, be CRIME FREE.

What a stupid moron we have as PM with such low intellect.

Its dangerous to have him around.

tehsin mukhtar said...

A more drastic action would be for all us mothers to from a Barisan Bertindak and send a message to the PM, Shahrizat, the IGP and the King...crime cuts across all races and religions...And we as mothers AND fathers have no OTHER agenda except to push for a safe environment for our kids.

Rampant corruption, selective enforcement (or none at all) of laws and lax sentences, misappropriation of funds, misguided priorities in spending, detachment from the rakyat and etc...are all contributing to the current state of disarray...

I'm no intellectual, no businessperson, no careerwoman, no politician...I'm a mother... who is fearful for the future of this nation (and her kids) if the leaders continue to live in oblivion their gilded cages paid for by the rakyat...and allow themselves to be guided by those who couldn't care less about the people, only their own selfish ambitions.

A mother can always sense danger when it looms on the's a natural, God-given instinct, and believe me, the scent is now overwhelming.

Anonymous said...

I don't know but the crime rate in Malaysia is so bad that I doubt even PM can do anything.

Drastic action yes. But it sounds more like drastic action to pull in my votes.

Malaysia was not built in one day, neither will the crime rate improve by PM's one statement. No one will see the "drastic action", if any, through......

Also with the last paragraph, I really think it is not necessary to believe in Politicians at all, in toto.

Anonymous said...


haiya, Gua manyak takut lo kalu PM sudah bagi ini warning.

Itu suara dia macam halilintar membelah bumi lo.

So guys, better take serious of his warning sebab election sudah dekat. Jadi, PM kena tunjuk dia manyak garang lo.

Anonymous said...

Bro Rocky,

If the order comes from Khairy than I believe. But if it come from Pak Pandir, I think

Anonymous said...

an index is an index. But who do we feel? Do we feel safe? I can say my friends and I DO NOT feel safe regardless what the crime index says or if it has the original 14 categories.Well I guessmost will garee the crime index should be up and it is up.

The leadership of the cops under the current IGP is really sad. He is against the IPCMC, he talks tough but has got different priorities. He is more political than other IGPs we have had. Look at how much effort they are putting for the CSL dvd compared to his tough talk that he will get those responsible for leaking our Nurin's postmortem pics.Nor have they solved Nurin'smurder. Which i more important for the rakyat? For BN it is CSL tape, for us it's Nurin's case. Apa nak jadi?

and lets not forget about our IM/PM Pak Lah. He can't get things done. He promised IPCMC even when we didn't ask for it. Now he can't deliver.Then he is trying to paint different pic of index's etc when the truth is most Malaysian are scared and crime is increasing.

So Please do not take the rakyat as dumb moron who accept everything you say...some us actually think you are a stupid who doesn't understand things and is out of touch with reality and you a zzzzzz PM.

straycat's strut said...

Dont you wish that he just stop doing that lip service? Or better yet, why he dont he just stop opening his mouth. Everytime he did that, something irritating would come out. I pity the media for having to come out with stupid and meaningless headlines like, "Pak Lah marah," "Pak Lah kecewa," Saya Gembira" or "Pak Lah tak mau Banjir di KL berulang." Then after spending about 5 minutes reading the contents, you would find yourself asking "apa dia cakap nih...?"

I am more interested in knowing who gets to supply the cctv. I would not be surprised if scomi suddenly has a subsidiary specializing in just that.

Sort of wondering also how effective it is. Most criminals would've learn from CSL episode by now.

Anonymous said...

what is talkign about. according to malaysiakini, violent crimes including rapes in all category has risen sharply.
by the way, Mr PM can you look into these allegations:
1. that the IGP is close to a underground kingpin, and the police, ACA and AG offices have outflanked the Deputy Minister and played a major role to have him released from restricted residence.
2. that a member of the Police Commission Force is sitting on a private company involved in supply of helicopters to the police force. He also sits in the board of Infohub which is negotiating with the police force for a billion dollar project. Incidentally, family members of the underworld kingpin are also directors of infohub.

For goodness sake, the allegations have been around for some time and there has been a word of denial by the parties concerned. Mr PM, can you for once wake up and look into this matter. If the allegations are not true, then get the relevant parties to dispel the allegations.

Mr. Smith said...

Only a gullible fool with take this PM seriously. He has been lying to us from day one.
CCTV is merely to see what criminals are doing, not to arrest them.
Pm said the crime is indeed declining. Well look at these figures on Lim Guan Eng's statement here

Rape - 3,177 cases (+ 29.5%)
Outraging modesty - 2,320 (+ 12.4%)
Night-time home break-in - 24,440 (+ 21.7%)
Day break-in - 9,159 (+4.2%)
Motorcycle theft - 67,854 (+ 3.2%)
Car theft - 12,427 (+ 11.4%)
Snatch theft - 11,127 (+0.5%)

According to the PM the symbol + means decline!!!!

.. said...

On Nurin's case-I have more hope for the killer/s to surrender than the Police to nab him/them. That's my confidence in the Police force, and another 6 years old abducted for 3 hours. Paedophiles are almost always repeat offenders, but I guess safety is not high on the agenda nowadays. We dont want lip service, we just want the results - as in Nurin's case and actions - how safe is the streets for everyone nowadays.

Anonymous said...

As Kit Siang said on his blog today...kalau dah tau crime rampant, dah akcnowledge...stop la wasting PUBLIC resources on getting the sex DVD perps!!!!It's not a priority!!!!

Anonymous said...


How can the Sleepy Head be serious about things when he is either asleep or half asleep all these while. He can only be dead serious if he is now awake, which I very much doubt.

My personal view is that crime rate when never be reduced because of the rampant corruptions in the police force i.e. from the traffic police to the criminal investigation department.

Crime rate int he neighbouring contry like Singapore is so low because the police is efficicient and there is little corruption. Unlike in Malaysia, the police is ever ready to receive bribe for favour!!

So Sleepy Head carry on sleeping until after the coming General Elections.

Maverick SM said...

Bro Rocky,

The police , that is, the IGP promised that even though it is taking 20 years to catch the Nurin's murderer, they will do so; that's a great promise. They will catch the criminals, that's the promise; don't ask when; it's a matter of time; never mind it's 20 years; efficiency or effectiveness is not the question, for there's none, and as long as they will catch, it's success.

The theory expounded now is: either we put the criminals behind bars or we put the innocent behind bars. Either one of it, will ensure the safety of the public.

Of course, you know which is easier.

Doc said...

Talk talk talk, then he'll go and sleep!(alone or otherwise). There is never a continuity to the promises that he has been making since taking office. In fact many a times, this man has acted totally against his words and promises. Some reasons why going to change:
-They send all the police personnel to either go and man unnecessary roadblocks or to go and crackdown on "perhimpunan harams".
-ambiguities, hidden criterias and unattractive remuneration in the recruitment of police personnels so much so the non-Malays just don't bother applying at all.
-no one's going to want to take a bullet in the chest for the peanut remunerations that police officers in Malaysia get. And in case of loss of life or disablement, very poor after support for family members. So, better to take money than take a bullet.

I've heard this song once too many times to pay any attention anymore. Everyone only knows Nurin Jazlin's case (may her soul rest in peace), but do people actually know the true statistics of these kind of crimes in Malaysia? I attended a safety training about a month ago and i saw images of children (victims)that made me want to puke (and i'm a doctor mind you). I was in shock to see the number of these kind crimes taking place in Malaysia. We are unaware of this because it doesn't reach the media.
If we want to make a difference the it's time we, the people took back the power:


warrior2 said...

The whole discussion/exchanges on this started with the crime index having been perceived as going up visavis previous years(it was clarified later that it wasnt the same index that we are talking about and if the same index is used we will see a drop)

With that in mind, arent you rocky and others here are bullshitting yourself and us all?

Instead of bashing the PM you people should praise him for the drop.

On another note, I guess you dont know, in many countries specially the west, thousands of cctvs line up all public places/streets. Now rocky, if you think these cctvs dont contribute in curbing crime, go and tell those western conutries specially that they are wasting their money

Anonymous said...

"Abdullah said if the crime index were to remain at the existing 14 categories, it would show a decline."

Anonymous said...

crime rate is like stock market... there's times up, there's times down.... remember 2007 recorded 3% ?? so after aab says something, i "speculate" the rate will do down 5%, and when election over, up again 15%.....

too bad the rate cannot convert to monetary,,,, easy to speculate...

Anonymous said...

In the Malaysiakini report, the PM was quoted as asking ‘What’s going on? Why is it so high?’ Isn't he the interior security minister as well? Shouldn't he be answering the question rather than asking it.

Ordinary Superhero said...

Mmmmm, care to explain how crime index rises just because of new categories/sub categories?

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Straycat's Strut...Bodowi has no other expressions except "surprised", "shocked", "angry", "sad"...basically all boils down to the same thing...he doens't know what to do next cos SIL not by his side to advise.
CCTV? Just another inovation way to make someone really really rich. Predictably, these cameras will be rendered useless in less than a year's time.
Its just all show..after the election, he's going back to sleep mode.

lanaibeach said...

He wants to win votes
Saying statements he is concerned
Where was he?
When crimes ring so loud in the air

Maybe sleeping in the Land of Oz
Ride the kangaroo hopping free
Leaving the cries of helpless people
Screaming for action to be had

CCTV in hot areas
Has he made a study why gadgets always failed?
Look at the government motor vehicles
Many failed always in workshops for months
I had seen ambulances parked in workshops
For months nothing is done………
Sometimes it makes you wonder
Why send all motor vehicles so far away?
When in close proximity
There are motor workshops
They can do the jobs in a day

The sleeping beauty yawns
Listening to the C4 boys talk
His mind always on his holidays
He is too late to get it working

Crimes increase
Don’t give excuses because there isn’t any
Own it up like Dr Chua Soi Lek
Be a man calls it quits

Small crimes police reluctant to check
Like stealing flower pots and women under wear
Don’t crowd the police lock up
The most the culprits will spend a week in jail
Then they are free to repeat again

Only the hot crimes Police swing into its role
Bringing the might of the force…….
Like the minister sex tape
Only the poor amateur distributors caught
The big fish escapes the net
I wonder why it is so…………

So many crimes
So many corruptions
So many unreported gravy trains
Why so quiet when big ones escape?

And the sleeping beauty cuts and pastes
Thinking it can do the trick
O! Blinding fools wake up feel the beat!
There is a mark in every street

gram.kong said...

Installing more CCTV and re-employing retired cops are not going to help reduce crime rate, it would only help to spend more taxpayers money and make someone in the ruling party richer,supplying the equipments.

I suggest the PM send the IGP and other top brass in the police force for intensive training on how to combat crime to the following places:

2.Hong Kong Police Dept
3.Singapore Police Force

All above had shown excellent results and commendable achievement for substantial reduction in crime in their respective city.

Those cities are now one of the safest in the world.

Otherwise, we can engage Rudy Guiliani, the ex-mayor of New York as consultant.He has been known as the man who clean up New York city.A no nonsense approach to fighting crime.

All this talk about shaping up the police force has been going on for several years and the irony is, the crime rate, instead of declining, had gotten worse.

What we have in the force is a serious attitude problem and lack of integrity.The only way to clean it up is a strict policy of 'shape up or ship out'.

Buying more gadgets and equipments are not going to make any difference.There must be a radical change of mindset and attitude toward the job.


elections near, babe.
need to say all these "we're concerned for your welfare" statements.

Selamat Mengundi!

Anonymous said...

sometime up sometime down. 2007 up because of wider coverage.
for warrior2 and denzook, the crime index has been growing by doble digits annually for the past few years. guess you wont feel the fear on the ground coz you are all protected species with special protection from the police force?

Anonymous said...

after 4 yrs baru perasan?? arghh
We shud just ignore the PM..hangat2 taik ayam je this guy.. GE maa..

btw RELA is good but since its under radzi everything gone wrong..
what happen to rukuntetangga anyway.. every taman to have one..

Anonymous said...

If you notice, this issue has been going around on all mainstream newspaper headlines. I'm under the impression the papers are merely used to report "quick fixes", which success rates are dubious at best. How is this CCTV proposal any different?

May I remind you that news on the perpetrator who set off a small bomb in Puduraya back in June 2007 has not been available for more than half a year now:

What impression does that have to more dangerous would-be terrorists?

Anonymous said...

After so many cases of carjacking, there is no special task force to look into this matter (not to mention snatch thief involving murder cases). Then last week it was reported that police setting special task force after Wan Zaleha's terror ride. Even YB Lee Hwa Beng's carjacking was not as important as her. Why is she so special ?

Old Fart said...

Teresa Kok revealed the con that is happening where the police is supposed to lease 9 helicopters from a private company in which guys with conflicts of interest have a stake in. This is all part of the justification for the expenses la. So just write off half a billiuon or whatever it is all going to cost.

Anonymous said...

PM Dollah,

" You'll Never Crawl Alone "
Malaysian will always be behind you.

Except you should note that Khairy is working very fast. So, make sure you are not being left out.

holytounge said...

....ya ya ya,now he wants drastics action,coz erection coming soon,be realistic pls not dramatic......

Crankster said...

Drastic action, hmmpph!

I blogged on police incompetence when it came to Nurin Jazlin's case.

The killer and at least his accessory/accomplice could have been caught if the right action had been taken. The evidence had fallen into their laps, but instead they went on a wild goose chase.

Of course, I do wonder if the police in fact did NOT want to catch the killer because he may have had political connections...

Rox said...

Warrior2. Sad to say but NO, CCTVs don't contribute in curbing crimes in the West but they do help the Police immensely in helping to solve them. Those London bombers knew they were on camera but did they care?

CCTVs give a false sense of security to those who need to believe that they will be safer but CCTVs are better as witnesses than deterrents.

For the citizens, it's good to have CCTVs in the sense that they can be comforted by the thought that whoever who harm/kill them or their loved ones will be caught. The success rate is high here because there are competent people handling the cases.

And having said that, have the Malaysian Police caught Nurin's killer/s?

Anonymous said...


OK crime rate has gone down. do you feel safe? if you have kids, will you allow them to walk freely?

rape has gone up by about that. if you buy a new car, do you feel safe and have no worries at all.

well if you feel safe and the PM has done a great job, boy we must be living in two different countries.All the best to you buddy.Take the blind fold off.

Anonymous said...

A crime is still a flipping crime no matter how you categories them you sleepy dungu. Please retire and save us from kicking you out you stupid moronic piece of dirt.

Anonymous said...

implemented IPCMC first!
if he really want to decrease the crime case.
cleaning from inside first before outside!

Anonymous said...

please check who will get the contract for the supply and installation of that cctvs? BK Tan n Co lagi ke?

Anonymous said...

i have never been so upset and its only appropriate to call them bastards. now, they are going after those that contribute to hindraf.
what the fuck are they trying to do? crime rate has gone thru the roof (except for warrior2) and they are abusing security resources to serve the politicl masters. so that, they in turn can screw the rakyat with helicopter leasing and infohub while the political master close one eye? i scratch your back and you scrtach mine. to shit with all other else including provision of basic security to the rakyat?

Anonymous said...

"The Wolf is coming" said many many many times!
But staircase sounded without any creature coming down!
Changing the tune into
"The Wolf is not coming"
or Staircase without sounding.
Will the Voice or sound be different?

Better snoring than teasing!!

Another wakened "soul" on Malay privileges 'will still be championed'

The Indian version

The similarity of all three are:
Problems remains but solutions in future to be claimed!

"No news is Good News!!"

Anonymous said...


This guy flunked Statistics in Uni and was kicked out of Econs course....ended up studying hadhari. Now he is interpreting statics!!

Anonymous said...

but how many riots did we hv over the years?

OOOO. Each dude who went for the riot is = 1 criminal offence. So we hv abt 10000 crimes in one particualr day. Or was it 50000?

Anonymous said...

can the PM be very so lack of intelligence? i always have a nagging doubt coz it really needs loads of grey matter to enable one to climb up to the pinnacle of politics. but, the doubts are really beginning to clear with his persistence lack of wisdom. look at this one. " if we exclude the 5 categories which have now been included due to fast rising rate of incidence in computing the total crime rate, then there is a decrease in the other composition"
to warrior2 and PM alike, if you all cant get it, let me say it simply: it only means all the forms of crime rate have gone up! you dont need a statistician to know this! the data is so damn obvious.

Anonymous said...

No matter how the constituent components are changed, the index will always be normalised so that there will be no discontinuities.

Take Singapore's STI index which has just been reduced from 45 stocks to 30 stocks. Does it mean the STI index will show a drop immediately when the new index takes effect? Definitely not.

Anonymous said...

.. Very sad that there are such monsters in our midst who are able to do such things. But as bad is the incompetence of the police that the person has still not been caught. Just sad... :(
so GOV!i say GOV!don't u c your flag coming down!!

Anonymous said...

Any crime statistics prepared by Christopher Wan, should be taken with a pinch of salt!! If you don't believe me ask Datuk JO!!

I think IGP and outgoing Dir CID were taking Pak Lah round the bush and for a ride!! The real statistics were all the time not inclusive of the five categories of crime. JUst as an excuse when confronted by PM, I suppose!! Lets us have the detail of the five categories of crime! PDRM is not adhering to the Interpol standards anymore?

warrior2 said...

My point, once again, you cant compare an apple to an orange!

CCTV is a deterrent mechanism first and foremost. It then helps in investigation if there is a criminal/illegal act.

My earlier comment was to give my view on the article. Do I feel safe for meself and me familly? NAhhh, I will never feel safe because here in Malaysia we have perverts, sickos, murderers, A88**Les, jerks etctec and by the way, in every countries

Anonymous said...

I guess by him talking about the crime rate increaes is good.

However, I guess he hasnt done his homework.. Firstly installing CCTV and more police officers will help at all. The prob is our cops have other agenda in their minds.

I remember bringing a friend who's handbag got snatched to report at the police station. All i remember the cop saying was that this always happens at that area. What does this say? If they know it happens in that area so frequent, shouldnt it be easy to curb this?

Secondly, I also notice our cops spend loads of time in dark allies some with proper bikes some with some cub chai.. Ohh not to curb crime rate but to somehow to make something from the foreign workers who look so harmless.. they also spend loads of time trying to catch ppl on da road not for fining purposes..

I think we have enough cops however, quality ones.. Hmmm i dont think so.. it doesnt take a brilliant person to lower the crime rate... If only they had pride in what they did it would be a diff story..

Its sad to say that I dont get a safe feeling in Malaysia compared to if I'm in Singapore, Bangkok or even bigger countries like China.. I see cops all around the city center roaming by foot and cars to ensure of peoples safety.

I do hope things get better as this is our country and I cant stand to see it go down... Pay the cops more and stop corruption..

Anonymous said...

the peopel said

the cops were recently given a big jump in salary. nop, its not the salay alone. its the culture. the rot starts from the top. PERIOD.

Anonymous said...

roxanne said
And having said that, have the Malaysian Police caught Nurin's killer/s?

what about Preshena? no important to be mention ,i guess.