Tuesday, January 08, 2008

After the pillows, 10,000 roses

Flower power. 10,000 supporters of Hindraf are expected to present red and yellow roses to the Prime Minister in conjunction with Valentine's Day next month. P. Waytha Moorty, the self-exiled Hindraf leader, said in a press release from London the red rose signifies "love" and Hindraf's "peaceful struggle" while yellow signifies its demand for justice for the 5 Hindraf leaders detained under ISA for their role in the 25 Nov 2007 rally.

Hindraf has asked its supporters to bring the roses to the Parliament House on 16 Feb 2008 at 11 am, and has asked the PM to come in person to accept the gesture.

The full Hindraf press statement HERE.


  1. This idea of the HINDRAF just dosent click with the concept of valentines day.

    On another note, I have always wondered why is it that all these processions and demonstrations were carried out in KL or cities in general? Why not have it in hutan somewhere like taman negara ke, or genting setapah ke or anywhere la far far away from civilisation so that the rest of us citizens can do our daily chores/stuffs and obligations as usual and with no problems and comlications?

    Pls enlighten me on this cause I really am interested to know

  2. That day could be Election Eve. Will the water canons come out.

  3. Anonymous4:47 pm

    Tak habis habis hindu hindu ni... they think they are so great or what.

    Wake up to reality ppl . You ppl are not special , you ppl just like very other malaysians . Yo0u want money , you work hard for it .

    real sickening ppl hindraf have become.

  4. Anonymous4:50 pm

    Rocky , I think u should stop encouraging all these .Unless your intention is to create trouble .

  5. Anonymous5:04 pm

    Wow, lain padang, lain belalang...


  6. Anonymous5:06 pm

    Rocky Bro,

    1. Finally HINDRAF have their own website after so long fighting for their rights.

    After all press conferences
    illegal Rallies, memorandums, going in & out of the police station & Bukit Aman, ISA detention at kamnunting...bla bla.

    Funny is it ? why took so long.

    2. How much KJ give them the money to set up their spanking new website and who's operating on their behalf.

  7. roses are far deadlier...they have thorns and draw blood...never trust people who give roses...

  8. These monkeys are trying to congest our entry to Kuala Lumpur again to enjoy our weekend. Why don't they go to Sri Perdana? Firstly, it's way out, secondly, the PM won't have to come to town.

    Flowers.....these fools have nothing better to do on a Sturday than give the PM flowers. What a bunch of imbeciles.

  9. Bro,

    Saya tidak mahu berpolitik di sini. Tetapi saya ingin melihat Moorty juga hadir dan membawa bunga ros untuk dipersembahkan kepada Perdana Menteri. Sekiranya beliau tidak hadir, jelas beliau mempergunakan orang lain untuk kepentingan politik beliau.

  10. Anonymous6:33 pm

    As fa as I can gather, HINDRAF is not a recognized association and it is more like Hamas, AlQaeda and other illegal outfits out to sideline an orderly society using religion as the feedstock to fuel emotion. Don't think we should really bother with them or even talk to them. If we talk to them, even at an unofficial level, it is tantamount to recognizing their legitimacy.

  11. Anonymous7:01 pm

    Nice blog. :)

  12. Thats better than doing street demonstrations!

    So, some has send him pillows. Hindraf plan to send red roses. Bet there are those thinking of sending him pampers, sleep goggles, yellow whatever, etc.

    I think he needs lots of books on self improvement, motivation, reading and writing, proper healthcare, how tos, childcare, keeping pets (ie son in law) ....(do continue what gifts to give PM).

  13. thanks LAMAN, for the link to this story:

    ATHENS, Greece, Jan. 5 (UPI) -- Doctors say a former top-ranking Greek official who jumped from his fourth-floor apartment remains hospitalized but is showing improvement.

    Christos Zachopoulos, the former Culture Ministry general secretary, broke his legs, arms, ribs and a shoulder in the fall two weeks ago, but his spine was not injured, Kathimerini reported Saturday.

    Zachopoulos is opening his eyes and reacting to pain and noise -- signs he is recovering, said his doctors at Evangelismos Hospital in Athens.

    Meanwhile, a magistrate is investigating allegations Zachopoulos was being blackmailed by Evi Tsekou, his former assistant at the ministry, Athens News Agency reported Saturday.

    Tsekou initially denied having an affair with Zachopoulos, even after a DVD surfaced allegedly showing the pair having sex, ANA reported. Tsekou's attorneys now say she is ready to admit to the affair but continues to deny she ever tried to blackmail Zachopoulos, who is married, with the DVD.

  14. Anonymous8:03 pm

    10,000 red and yellow roses? Sh-t!!! Now the price will go through the roof for Valentine's Day.

    Why don't they just get 10,000 birds (preferably black crows) and release them all in Putrajaya? More meaningful and effective.

  15. Bro Rocky,

    Roses are expensive... lalang will do!!!

  16. Anonymous8:29 pm

    THE GREATEST NEWSPAPER ARTICLE IN HISTORY was published more than 100years ago...... in J'Accuse!

    "Zola's true crime has been in daring to rise to defend the truth and civil liberty ... [and] for that courageous defense of the primordial rights of the citizen, he will be honored wherever men have souls that are free ..."

    The most memorable: "la verite est en marche et rien ne l'arretera" (truth is on the march and nothing can stop it).

    excerp from: http://www.law.uga.edu/academics/profiles/dwilkes_more/his9_jaccuse.html

  17. Anonymous8:56 pm

    dear rocky's bru,

    for your further reading....
    i found it very refreshing.


  18. Anonymous9:11 pm

    At first I kinda pity to the plight of the indians here but lately this hindraf things has started to become a pest.

  19. Anonymous9:34 pm

    bagus ini satu cara lain untuk buat lebih duit dan gerakkan ekonomi terutama untuk penjual bunga..pastikan bunga itu hasil tempatan bukan impot..dan hari tu penjualair, roti, ais krim ,teksi atau bas tumpang untunglah..bijak juga kau orang ni..atau pun inilah masenya kementerian pertanian akan galakkan lebih banyak kebun bunga, beri kemudahan pinjaman mudah, dan panggil PM kempen tanam bunga, buat iklan besar-besar kat Tv dapat juga alasan utk himpun ramai orang guna peruntukan duit rakyat lagi..

  20. All the 10,000 roses will not win his heart this year.

    His heart now belongs to Jeanne Abdullah.

    Sorry Hindraf. Nice try.

    What I mean to say is, get your act in order and demand sensible.

  21. 10,000 roses
    10,000 people
    Trying to say something
    Marginalized citizens need help
    The government will not allow it
    Walking leisurely in Parliament House

    There is no Parliament sitting
    Are they giving to an empty ghost?
    You know the police will be waiting
    The water cannon tank ready
    Batons and shields to defend
    On the walk by the marginalized people

    Why 10,000 roses?
    A pick from the scriptures…..
    It is better the leaders educate the masses
    Take it out on the ballot boxes

    Use the money
    To go preaching to the marginalized citizens
    Tell them to use the ballot boxes
    Change the BN
    Change their fortunes

    If they want to do it
    March to his resident
    Swarm his place
    Sing him Happy Valentine

    Or wait for open houses
    March right to him
    He will not run away
    He has to welcome the people

    Think about it
    Find ways to get to him
    Don’t think about his aides
    They just throw it away

  22. Anonymous10:41 pm

    he he .. I tot I am the only one who got really fed up with all these hindraf asswipe thing ..many others feel the same way ....

    way to go Malaysians!

    Suarakaldai did not make any remarks today ..perhaps he is planting roses . Untuk dapat untung la katakan .

  23. Anonymous10:54 pm

    letakkan bunga atas pusara..

  24. Anonymous11:18 pm

    Rocky bro,
    red roses in conjuction with V's day? it can also be a gesture that after all the much ado, indians are making peace and supporting badawi's regime...
    maybe it is true that the whole "wayang" show has been orchestrated by KJ.

  25. Anonymous11:42 pm

    I suspect this Hindu Revivalism (around the world) is also backed by CIA esp. to buat kacau in Muslim dominant countries.Apa lagi tak cukup? The statistics shows that the Indians have better lives than most Malays...

    On the visa issue (foreign priests especially Hindu priests are denied renewal of visas): getting a visa is not a right..it's a privilege..other Embassies have been practising this..if they feel a person or a group would be a threat to a nation, visa is not given.

  26. Anonymous11:46 pm

    You gotta be kidding my long suffering friend. You expect me to waste my hard earned money to buy that sleepy head a stalk of rose on valentine's day? no siree. But if you want me to contribute to a wreath to signify the end is near for him, I would even starve myself to chip in.

  27. Anonymous12:10 am

    Hindraf ni cakap kaum india MISKIN, xde DUIT, hidup susah..

    Ni nk bagi 10,000 roses to PM???

    Memang K_____G la HINDRAF ni..

    1 rose = rm 2
    10,000 = rm 20,000(normal)
    1 rose = rm 6
    10,000 = rm 60,000(Valentines)

    Simpan duit la wei.. Tolong kaum kau yang KONON susah tu..

    Orang Melayu dah tak tahan ni..

    Jangan ingat Polis je nanti nak halang, SELURUH MELAYU kt KL ni turun Belasah..

    Pls laa...

    This is a peacefull country..

    Be more responsible to others who wants peace n stability..

  28. Anonymous12:12 am

    Nice gesture and one I wish they did on Nov 25.

    Hardly original though...

    The Hindraf machans just got wind of the Gandhigiri movement that spurred the Indian diaspora to action in other countries lately, I guess.

    They did this in the US last year.
    check this out.

    And FYI, Gandhigiri was a revival of Gandhian values in the pop sense, made popular by Bollywood in the form of the Sanjay Dutt comedy. Lage Raho Munnabhai.

    Proves one thing though. My fellow Indians can be counted on for drama.

    I agree with flowers. But roses on Valentine's Day?

    Macha, try other flowers laa. We are downtrodden rite? Roses are expensive on Valentine's Day laa.

    And to those commenters who see fit to ridicule all things Hindraf, I have this to say:

    Their modus operandi left a ridiculous lot to be desired last year. That doesn't mean the message shud be ignored.

    The failure of the Indian community leaders led to this.

    And let's not kid ourselves, discrimination IS institutionalised here.

  29. Anonymous12:46 am

    Isn't 10,001 roses will be more significant and effective than just 10,000 roses. Mr. Waythamoorthy, please come back, we need you to carry the 10,001th rose.

  30. roses are red,
    violets are blue,
    he'll be in bed,
    just pass the bouquets to vellu.

  31. anonynous 4:47pm

    indians are just like any other people u say. You are right.

    so give us a bigger piece of the pie.

    u also said "u people are not special".....funny isnt it. are the other people special then?

  32. Anonymous2:09 am

    kalo dah kemplen tak ada duit, janganlah bazir beli bunga. mahal tu!

    lagi-lagi, ketuanya tu sedang syok kat london tak nak balik tu apahal? takut ke?

  33. Assalamualaikum Tuan Ahiruddin,

    Selamat Menyambut Maal Hijrah. Semoga berbahagia disamping keluarga.

    Jom kita lihat citer terbaru tentang Abu FurQaan...dan foto GEMPAAARRR anak kandungnya yang telah dikenal pasti melalui proses ujian DNA TEST...Abu Mazhab. 100% tulen!

    check it out bro'...http://theindiestory.blogspot.com

  34. Anonymous3:19 am

    Bro Rocky

    Please send the Sleepy Head sleepy pills so that he can sleep forever. Don't waste any more money to buy roses. Sent him the sleeping pills that what the Sleepy Head needs most.

  35. Anonymous4:51 am

    Giving roses to umnoputra jihadists has as much effect as giving condomns to repeat sex offenders. Corrupt semi-illiterate regimes do not have the capacity nor do they care to decode what such symbols mean.

    It is liken to giving Mat-Rempits a candy bar and hope that they will stop terrorising motorists and attacking the police.

    My hope is that the movement will continue to stand firm against the continued human rights violations against them and the unresolved deaths and killings of Indians in prison as well as the Kampong Medan slaughter.

    Continue to seek a just solution to these and other racist and ethnic violations and marginalisation against the Indian community. Refuse to give up till those responsible for the Hindu temple demolitions as well as Christian church demolitions are brought to justice.

    Stand firm and let your voices be heard. Refuse to be intimidated by the ISA detentions, allegations and media onslaught. No regime ever changed its corrupt practices without people willing to stand against its schemes.

    The world is watching. And the jihadists know that their continued propaganda and the spin doctors can only go so far before they drown in their own slimy pits.

    The only reason for evil regimes to prevail is for good men and women to do nothing.

  36. Anonymous5:10 am

    10,000 roses during Valentine's Day?? Aren't the Hindraf trying to tell us that the Indian are poor due to being marginalize by the government yet they can spend so much money on unnecessary stuffs?

    Do they know how much a rose cost during Valentine's Day?? Are they trying to feed the UMNO putera and making them fatter?

    Nowadays I see more Indians shopping in Mid Valley Mega Mall (my work there), I wonder who is the poor one here <_< .

  37. Anonymous7:29 am

    Instead of wasting that money on buying roses, why not donate it to a deserving Malaysian Indian child who's just about to start schooling? By the way , who is sponsoring Mr Moorty's self imposed exile in London? And London is a costly place to live in: ask any Brit. As for Valentine's Day, it's abig rip-off, by rose sellers and card makers. Just when and why do Malaysian Malays, Chinese and Indians celebrate Valentine's Day?

  38. Anonymous7:40 am

    Dear Hindraf, give me some of the money to buy the 10,000 roses and I can donate to a poor Indian family near my workplace where their 4,6 and 9 years old kids have to scavenge scrap metal to buy food!

  39. Anonymous9:58 am

    since it's during valentine's, will somebody then claim that hindraf is trying to promote christianity/christian values?

    you never know with them idiots..

  40. sambil bagi roses tu .. apa kata HINDRAF buat persembahan tarian sekali .. baru jadi filem Tamil .. good guy selalu tertindas .. politicians and polis selalu jahat ..

  41. Bro, tumpang tanya sikit.

    Rashid SPR said, electoral roll all clean now (The Star, Wednesday January 9, 2008). Are you still a voter in Simpang Pulai?

  42. Girly Man! Man! Man! Man! Man! Man!

    Gosh my old calculator ain't got no bow!

    Nipple-y man I met, he ate motorboat!

    Calm down and park that comfy shin guard armour!

    Welcome the dude who ain't the buyer of mugs!

    Girly Man!


  43. Anonymous11:19 am

    Jangan jadi bodoh la pengikut hindraf. Dah lebih sebulan buat kacau kat KL sampaikan aku nak bawak anak sakit teruk pergi ke HKL susah pasal jam so sekarang ni nak tunjuk baik, peacefully masih ada hati nak bagi bunga. Baik korang simpan duit dan tolong kaum india yang korang claim masih ramai yang susah dan miskin. Dah bodoh tu sudah la lar janganla pulak tunjuk kebodohan melampau. Jangan jadi macam celaka hidup menyusahkan orang ramai. kalau tak suka jadi warga negara baik berambus saja ke negara lain. Polis pun banyak tugas lain lagi yang perlu buat. Orang lain pun nak juga juga jalanraya untuk keperluan keluarga. Jangan orang ramai sumpah puak hindraf ni jadi babi. Hidup tak tahu untung.

  44. Tukar bunga taik ayam apa macam?

  45. Anonymous12:25 pm

    On valentine's day, roses can cost up to RM15/- each. better donate the money to the needy, makes more sense and readily appreciated.

  46. Anonymous1:35 pm

    You ppl are not special just like any other malaysians . Or are u tooooo stupid to read ? or are you one of uneducated hindu like the hindraf leaders said as their follower ? DUHHHHHH.
    HIndraf is a terrorist organisation .

  47. Anonymous2:28 pm

    Mengada -ngada nak mampus , dulu kalau orang yang kesian dekat indians ni dah hilang kekesianan . Dah mula meluat.

    Sedarlah diri sekit . Dah org terima sebagai rakyat malaysia pun nak buat hal juga . Porrahhhh!

  48. I feel this gathering has it's shortfalls. Hindraf should reconsider:

  49. Anonymous5:16 pm

    Roses? For Badawi? You gotta be kidding. Don't waste that money on someone who is sleepy head about the situation in Malaysia. Give them to someone deserving, you fool.

    Bunga taik ayam I agree.

    p.s Don't burden the Indian population by asking them to spend money unnecessarily.

  50. Anonymous7:38 pm

    To Bustamam: not the bunga tahi ayam please. It's my favourite flower, comes in a variety of lovely colours like the rakyat of Malaysia
    Tahi ayam for Hindraf's valentin?
    Yes, yes, yes

  51. Anonymous7:46 pm

    Hopefully, those roses won't get trampled when they start rioting.

  52. Anonymous12:35 pm

    Roses are red , violts are blue
    Why to Pak Lah ? , your boss is Vellu !

    Roses are green, so is tahi Lembu
    You morons don’t learn ,really lah Dungu

    Roses are pink , just be merry and drink
    If you don’t like susu , there’s always samsu

    Roses are purple , what lah all you people
    Create jam in the city , jangan bodoh sampai mati

    Roses are yellow , deii all you buffalo
    If you’re really pissed , go look for the samy fellow

  53. Anonymous3:17 pm

    ever tried giving flowers to monkeys? It will be a waste.

  54. Anonymous4:54 pm

    And the world is watching....

    The Indian Defence Minister in KL signing a MOU with his Malaysian counterpart recently.

    Yeah, right.

    Realpolitik always trumps woolly-headed idealism! That's Machiavelli 101!

  55. Anonymous10:28 pm

    i am sick of this !!!!

  56. Anonymous7:38 am

    look at the direction this so called hindraf hero, who is hiding in the UK going? he suggest 10,000 indians to give roses to pak lah....what a waste of money for a sleeping man...why not use the money to help the poor indian children for their education...hello.. on Valentines day a stalk of rose cost at least RM10/- imagine x 10,000 what that money can do to help the poor indian children....if he is a true hindraf he should volunteer to be in kamunting with his friends and show the real malaysian indians and fellow malaysian that he got bolox...instead he is a god damm coward blaring his mouth from his safe haven in london......what a bloody hindrance to the real hardworking indians to our peaceful society.

  57. Anonymous1:34 pm

    Hindraf is just one pathetic, brainless & shameless organization...

    Now they already became the manace & laughing stock of Malaysia..

    10,000 expensive roses from the so-called poor & marginalized??


    I sense the dark force already exponentially disintegrating whatever leftover neurons in these Hindraf species brain proportional to real time.. At this kind of rate, the longer we let these Hindraf pursue their fight, the worst totally stupid things will soon excreted & destroy Malaysia..The Malays will never let Hindraf destroy this country because they do not have other place to run & seek refugees like Tamil Nadhu, Queen of England, USA or where ever!

    I can never imagine in my life how lawyers can turn out to be so low, stupid & coward..or maybe these Hindraf blood trait only good at twisting facts by the tongue & try to show off to the rest of the world...Hindraf lawyers already putting these stupidity to real result insulting the barrister chamber integrity. Well done Hindraf lawyers! hahahha...

    Whatever lah...wasting time talking to this Hindraf species..they will never learn..these pest only see themselves as so smart in everything in their very own self idolization view..totally dissociated from the real world around them.

    A toast to the pathetic ones! Cheers!!