Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Maal Hijrah

The Madina Mosque, Cardiff. In 1414H, I went to the Thomson Foundation in this Welsh city for an advance diploma course for practising journalists.
We didn't celebrate the new year there but I remember this mosque, which had been a former warehouse, where a coursemate met, of all people, a former lecturer of mine from the School of Journalism in ITM, Shah Alam.

15 years on and I've never been back to Cardiff, or this mosque. Perhaps this year?

May 1429H be a blessed one for all God's creatures.


  1. Anonymous11:54 pm

    Rocky bro,
    the posting reminds me of those days being abroad as well.
    away by myself in a world full of strangers, the only people I could turn to were my muslim brothers.
    salam maal hijrah

  2. Anonymous1:37 am

    The Mind drives!

    How many people marked as Muslim to show the whole world?
    People gather because they have common topic to talk or goals to act.
    If more topics than Muslim
    should anyone be limited with Muslim!

    No offense means to raja bhopal. What people you turn to is at your choice!

    Nice meeting you in a blog with no restriction to Muslim!!

  3. Brother Rocky
    I was born yesterday. My name is SUARA. My address is
    Care to visit me?
    Salam Maal Hijrah from me

  4. Anonymous2:29 am

    Rumi must have written this about you, Bro...

    seak a pearl, brother, within a shell,
    and seek skill from among the men of words.

    salam to U and your readers.


  5. No wonder it rubbed off on you, bro'.. The Welsh Connection. Heard Welshman are 'men of words', betul ke?

    Salam Ma'al Hijrah, bro' (or in days gone by, Awal Muharram).

  6. Salam maal hijrah bro rocky's,semoga bro rocky's sekeluarga dirahmati Allah s.w.t.

  7. Bro, Salam Ma'al Hijrah to you too!

  8. Anonymous4:50 pm

    so-called sharing!!!
    i suppose my comment fits the right posting at the right time, maal hijrah.
    and there's nothing wrong about sharing my experience when first stepping on a foreign soil.
    so why you need to behave like a mother with post-partum syndrome, and no offence to you as well.
    Salam Maal Hijrah

  9. raja bhopal...I take bloody offence at your comment about "behaving like a mother with post partum Syndrome". You want to say "gila" u say "gila", but don't make fun of the suffering of a mother, you IDIOT. It's not a stupid joke, you fool! What a brainless and insensitive comment! Idiot! I hope someone close to you gets it, then you see if its funny.

  10. selamat menyambut maal hijrah 1429. semoga tahun ini lebih bermakna buat semua.

  11. Anonymous3:25 pm

    Raja bhopal, sharing and teh muhsin,

    Ni ape ke hal korang ni? Baru masuk tahun baru ni agak2lah sikit.

    Aku baru nak ucap selamat tahun baru hijrah, tapi dah tergencat baca korang punye comments.


  12. Yes, of all people also, Rocky met his former ITM lecturer at a dinner last night. He told me (the former lecturer) that he had just written in his blog about his coursemate meeting me in Cardiff. Just a coincident.

  13. Hi Rocky

    I am in Roath, Cardiff, for the last 6 years, not too far from the mosque you mention in your blog. Sad to say, the Medina mosque was set ablaze in 2006 and is currently being re-built:

    Have a nice day and best regards

    Derek Tan

  14. Doc Azmuddin, good to see you here, Sir!

    Derek Tan,
    Oh, gosh! Thanks for, er, the bad news. I read somewhere they are going to spend about 2 million pound sterling on a replacement mosque.

  15. I've not gotten to the latest figures but there was a 19% increase in crime motivated by religious bias in the US in 2006. Attacks on Muslims itself increased 22% (USA TODAY Nov.20 '07).

    Recently I was in Columbia, Missouri, visiting old friends and my alma mater. A friend who is with the Islamic Center told me that a couple of months back the FBI with its anti-bomb squad etc. cordoned the whole area around the Center because someone reported that a suspicious character was seen around the area. Perception towards the Center had since then changed to one with suspicion. What has happened to this world.

  16. I always go to the one at Wyverne Road :)

  17. You're right kimster, most of us go the mosque at Wyverne for the very simple reason it's nearer to the so-called UWCC campus. I said 'so-called' mainly because the university campus is part of the town, or the other way round may be. Nothing surprising anyway since it is quite typical of many campuses in the U.K.

    One of the things I remember quite well is that among the private businesses operating between the Thomson Foundation building and the university's IT office was a dental clinic. That was where I had my wisdom tooth pulled out. The experience sticks to my mind partly because it took almost a week to recover. I've just learned from Awang Goneng that the NHS does not cover that anymore. Looking at how things have developed in our country, we're not too far from that.