Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Pak Lah: Gimme more

One term's not enough. So how many terms would be fine?

The PM, who has been criticised for reneging on so many of his 04 election promises, said the government is just in the process of implementing almost all the programmes it promised. The programmes would take years to show results, he said.
“These are things that are not easy and take time to accomplish,” he said, adding that the programmes were not only confined to five-year plans in the 9th Malaysia Plan. They included development programmes, vision plans and national economic policies that took as long as 30 years.

That's right, he said thirty (30) years. [Of course, I don't think Pak Lah is asking to be PM for 30 years ...]

Read The Star's report, here.

"Gimme more time!" What do you make out of Najib's body language and facial expression when the PM wants a lot more time to prove his worth as PM?


  1. Anonymous7:13 pm

    News Scoop of the Year!!!!!!

    Head of Islam Hadhari has actually commissioned an Election Ad Campaign 2008 to be released soon on all Malaysian TVs. But you can have the first exclusive preview here:

    This is strictly top secret, so don't tell anyone!

  2. Anonymous7:25 pm

    paklah: "gimme more time"
    najib (in his head): "who can i call besides azilah and sirul?"

    ps: joking sajalah, najib.

  3. Anonymous7:32 pm

    Sleep on, Pak Lah

  4. Anonymous7:52 pm


  5. Anonymous8:07 pm

    eh,eh, orang tua ni dah melampau. more time? gila ke? kan tak tau aku ni menunggu ni.

    yes, i read that in najib's thought balloon.

  6. Anonymous8:33 pm

    It means PM is not sleeping when it comes to elections.

    He knows that it cannot be the same outcome like the last time.

    One of the many contributing factor - after seeing Semi-Value making a ruckus during the recent BN meeting - trying to engage in war-of-words with Kayveas.

    He is wide awake now on the eventual losses for BN.

    Be gald that he is awake now.

  7. Maybe he feels like "blowing up" Pak Lah too??

  8. Anonymous9:11 pm

    najib: migh think tis :walaueh tis man really bullshitiing .....

  9. A 17 year-old is not even given a second chance to resit for SPM if he fails the first time.
    And here we have a PM who has reneged on ALL his promises and yet have the cheek to come with a straight face to ask for more time.
    Yes, we could give him another chance if he had made a sincere effort to implement some of his promises.
    Nay, BUT HE BROKE ALL!!!
    He promised :
    -to fight Corruption,
    -to clean up the police force,
    -to implement IPCMC,
    -more integrity, transparency and good governance,
    -to listen to the people
    -to cut off extravagance and mega projects.
    -more media freedom
    etc, etc, etc
    Now what have we?
    His own character is tainted beyond belief.
    He has lost all credibility as a leader.
    I think he needs more time to groom his SIL to succeed him.
    My reply: Go fly kite. I vote on performance, not empty promises.

  10. It is the power gone crazy
    He should know his plans
    He can’t hook and unhook as he likes
    He should know how the mechanism works

    I remembered when he is PM for the beginning
    He made a grand entrance to Immigration
    After some publicity gimmick, does he go back again?
    He never walks there to find out anymore
    He is too tired to climb the stairs

    Give him more time?
    Let him sleeps in his Land of Oz
    There he can dream all sorts of reasons
    Nobody will care what he does then

    When one wants to implement
    Short term and long term plans
    One should have the will and stomach for it
    Go get it down within the time
    Don’t go sleeping and playing hide and seek
    When ask about it
    “I don’t know”

    His slogans and gimmicks
    Flying so high with expectations
    When there is no wind, it finally nosedives
    “He screams what happen out there?
    The court jesters hide it away
    Broken bottles the maids drop by”

    Give him more time
    The country will rise
    The high costs of many essential goods
    He will loose it
    He can’t understand economics

    The voters out there
    Don’t get conned one more time

  11. Anonymous9:53 pm

    one more term to make sure that SIL will kick out najib..

  12. ZZZZZZZzzzzzZZZZZZZ...

  13. Anonymous10:03 pm

    Gee.........if Abdullah is to be the PM for 22 years like Mahathir did, then we are all doomed !

    May God save us all !

  14. Anonymous10:28 pm

    What had PM done?
    PM is asking for more time!
    Should it be strike out or he can go for trial if anyone see a reason for his possible appeal?

    As a Man with own mandate in March 2004, to fight corruption, better delivery system, and IPCMC for a better Police, he was voted in.
    None can be seen!
    He had not lived up to his promises, as a Man!

    As a PM, he should recruit capable persons to run the Ministries and his PM Offices.
    How many Ministers or their subordinates had failed their jobs and continuing the post without any Penal code?
    Even Ministers can run away from answering queries from Parliament!
    He failed to have his cabinet answer the 2005 & 2006 AG Reports!
    So, he failed as a PM!

    As a Minister of Internal Security
    He failed to do the IPCMC bill due to under threat by Police to vote the Opposition and yet increments of welfare had been done!
    He failed to respect the basic Rights of People for Gathering and Opinions but with Teargas and Water Cannon.
    He failed to stop the Police, AG and the Court in torturing Victims of the Rallies with unnecssary prosecutions and even not allowing bails!
    He quote out of Context the ISA to put Hindraf Lawyers under ISA.
    He failed as a Minster of IS.

    As a Minister of Finance
    The best he had done is to pay out bills within 2 weeks time!!
    How can a Ministry be the one running corporations and doing payments at the same time?
    How can 20 or more corporations under the Ministry without Report to AG?
    He failed as Minister of Finance!

    He has breach the Trust of the People with his own Mandates and breach his Duty with posts he is holding so far!

    How much time he had been in Office instead of traveling around the World, in jets of millions but penny to disaster?
    Why his son-in-law can rally without permit and People to walk to speak the truth are stopped with Teargas and Water Cannon?
    Why People talk truly should be taken Defamation and ISA?
    How many times when country were in disasters and he was away?

    Personally, I do not see any reason why PM should not be sacked but extended for any period of time, except for time to pack-up and go!

  15. Anonymous10:31 pm

    How long does he need?

    If he is a CEO of a multinational company, he will be sacked long time ago.

  16. When I was in studying in Kelantan in 1987, there was a car sticker that the pakcik who sends me to school had on his car which read "Kami Mahu Two Car". It was during the presidential election of Razali and Mahathir.

    I wonder if the pakcik has decided to stick the sticker on his car once again. I know I would.

  17. Anonymous10:53 pm

    '....gimme one more night..ona no che....'

    dont remember whose line is that. but it is a song. i think its by the younger inglesias.

    come on...he' asking for more time, but those 3-4 years since 2004, is there any significant of his doings?

    i would say, ONE. only one. that is modal insan.

    i do only agree with him on modal insan because i do know that, whatever we have (infrastucture or money), we will still be lag behind if we ourselves are not of first class acts.

    but his own modal insan has been very poor.

  18. Anonymous11:19 pm

    Give the Sleepy Head another month, this country will go to the dog.

    We have had enough of his talks. Just pack his things and go for honeymoon with Jean forever.

    Let get ready to get rid of him, Khairy, Kalimullah and Kamaludin. Once these people are thrown out, this countyr will be a pleasnat place to live.

  19. Anonymous12:15 am

    bernama news? long time ago, its alredi no nama. thats the last place you look for credible news.
    thanks but no thanks bernama. go on with your spin. afterall, thats your job, aint it?

  20. Anonymous12:27 am

    najib: heh this is so embarrassing - here he goes again - i'll just force a smile anyway - i am real good that way

  21. Anonymous1:49 am

    He must be kidding.

    How much time does it take to find Zakaria Deros of the istana-on-low cost-land scandal guilty of corruption?

    How much time does it take to realise that VK Limgam is guilty of brokering judicial appointments?

    How much time does it take to acknowledge that the police is guilty of dysfunction?

    The list can go on ...

    Let's cut to the chase,if you as PM could not do it in 100 days, you would not be able to do it in 100 years. You just want another term of sleeping-on-thejob!

    Nice try PM. Nice joke.

  22. Anonymous2:54 am


    After 4 years

    He failed and is failing.
    He has nothing to show.
    He has nothing to prove.

    Just like all morons at helm his reputation speaks for itself.

    pride of umno common among bn parties.


  23. PM Abdullah is now rejuvenated with a new wife and buying more time to enjoy life on the fast lane.
    His “I have begun to implement” means he has really been sleeping all along and only after 4 years when he needs another mandate he woke up to implement his promises.
    The reality is that he is still looking for ‘the right time” to go to the Polls. With the shortages and spiraling prices, especially the essential goods hurting the pockets of everyone are also hurting the votes for the BN. He is now asking the 5000 UMNO reps he met to explain to the people first and to resolve local issues and the setting up of the National Stockpile and National Call Centre would be established under National Price Council. What use is the release of the stockpile items and to be smuggled out if there is no check on corruption in the anti-smuggling unit.
    The 5.8% EPF dividends was a sweetener to the private sector and for the Public sector he has the RM2billion in lieu of the Bonus announcement to win over the 1.2 Billion Government servant votes
    For More details
    Go H E R E

  24. Anonymous3:15 am

    Banyak cantik! :D

    Prestasi pemimpin bukan diukur drp janji kejayaan pencapaian jangka panjangnya saja. Kalau macam tu, Mat Jenin pun boleh jadi PM!

  25. Anonymous3:35 am

    "I need more time" - Pak Lah.

    Well, everything has a time limit and expiry date.

    Your expiry date as Chairman of the OIC ends in mid-March 2008. Go tell all the Muslim nations "I need more time".

    By the way, Najib sitting next to you was thinking to himself "But I can't wait for you to quit. The sooner, the better. I am restless for my turn. I don't want to be like Prince Charles, always prince but will he ever be a King?".

    The stupid sleepy head fellow is just insensitive thinking only of himself. He wants to field younger and more capable people but he's blocks their way. He has to go. If a CEO can't produce results, he gets the sack and somebody else takes over.

  26. Anonymous6:10 am

    Rocky, the truth is, I am just so tired looking at his face! I want a PM that I can be proud of (Tegas, berdisiplin, healthy looking, inteligent, bersemangat, confident), that I can look at and say, I want to be just like him!

  27. naya tu, kalau dia mau 30 taun nak jadi PM, najib tadak pluang la nak jadi PM, masa tu umoq dah berapa?

    tapi, kita tunggu GE nanti...

  28. Anonymous8:31 am

    Najib's body language was saying "Fat hope - over my dead body (without the C4, of course)!"

  29. Anonymous8:43 am

    thankfully I'm NOT a reporter... because I cannot and will not suffer fools gladly.

    if I were, I'd be fired quicker than one could say, "Abdullah Ahmad Badawi."

    anyway, if I were at the PWTC briefing, this is what I'd say...

    He said, “These are things that are not easy and take time to accomplish.”

    I'd say, "Whoever said that running a country was going to be easy... it's certainly not a holiday. Anyhow, since you've experienced it first-hand, does this mean you're going to retire and become a jet-setter or, maybe, a goat farmer?"

    He said, “Some development and vision plans overlap and some need a long time to produce results.”

    I'd say, "How long? but, then again, give any idiot more than enough time, he/she could graduate with flying colours! But, seriously, if development/vision plans take a long time to produce results then there must be mistakes in those development/vision plans, isn't that obvious to you?"

    He said, “It was then a time of hope. There was expectation that a lot of things would change, but we cannot change, I cannot change everything."

    I'd say, "Finally, you've said something that I can agree with 100 per cent... spoken like a true born-loser!"

    For good measure, I'd even add, "So, how does it feel to have failed the hopes of millions?"

    May God have mercy on your soul... because I don't!

  30. Anonymous9:11 am

    Gee...the guy on Pak Lah's right in the photo - what's he thinking? Is that a cynical smirk on his face?

    What is Pak Lah's report card? Hmm, let's see:

    Crime - fail
    Corruption - fail
    Good governance - fail
    Racial tensions - fail
    Religious tensions - fail
    "Little Napoleons" - fail
    Open tenders - fail
    Mega projects - fail
    Hard-core poor of all races - fail
    Malaysians migrating - fail
    Policy flip-flops - fail
    Education system - fail
    Foreign direct investment - fail
    International competitiveness - fail
    Foreign reserves - pass
    Offensive nationalistic gestures - fail
    Perception of the judiciary - fail
    Perception of the police - fail
    Perception of the civil service - fail (see "Little Napoleons" above)
    Concern for the environment - fail
    Long-term strategic thinking - fail
    Illegal immigrants - fail

    Not an edifying picture, is it?

    On a Grade Point Average rating, Pak Lah would maybe get a 1.0 out of a possible 5.0.

  31. Eh..rocky..ralat...he looks like he wants to "blow up" AT Pak Lah...nanti ade insinuation plak...

    Ah, truthfully, he looks liks a fat, overfed (on dubious rezeki) old, haggard, overstaying, past his welcome old, old man...the same look of three quarters of the BN line-up...just go retire to Timbuktu and count your subs la...we're sick of all these old, bloated, corrupt faces...we want some change!

  32. Anonymous10:01 am

    Do we want to give him more time? Can we come back to where it all began and restart if after giving him more time things didnt workout?

    In any case, why so hasty in calling for General Election when your term is not completed yet? There is still time to fulfill your previous promises until the next election is due.

  33. Anonymous10:20 am

    After almost 4 years, PM says that it's just being implemented. How long more before it's actually being implemented. How about many other promises that you have made before the 2004 election? Why made empty promises that cannot be delivered? We were conned by your sweet talk and so called 'Mr. Nice Guy' image. Now, after 4 years, I know the truth about you, Mr PM.

  34. Anonymous10:21 am

    Bye bye Pak Lah, you are gonna be out soon and it's more devastating when Khairy take over. Blood suckers.

  35. Bro Rocky,

    Each human beings, how many four years do we have?

    The greater dilemma is that other countries are pacing themselves and have systems that taps on the opportunities of globalization and prospering, but our PM is saying he needs more time, probably another few terms to get a clean, efficient and excellent system started and implemented.

    As such, you and I will no more be around to observe the implementation. Oh, Pm also won't be around to see it happen; the future PM will then speak the same and ask for a few terms to get going. I'm not sure whether Malaysia would have become Zimbabwee of today.

  36. Anonymous11:15 am

    the fler needs up to 2057.
    give him la another 29 years, by that time we will the new zimbabwe.

    vote BN out NOW wherever you are.
    this is the best chance ever, we might not get this for the next 50 years.

    think about your children, dont make them pay for your mistakes today. they need a change.

    so do you guys.

  37. Anonymous12:58 pm

    tehsin mukhtar said... "he looks liks a fat, overfed (on dubious rezeki) old, haggard, overstaying, past his welcome old, old man...the same look of three quarters of the BN line-up...just go retire to Timbuktu"

    excuuuuse YOU, tehsin mukhtar! what did we ever do to you?

  38. Anonymous1:09 pm

    more time! for what? zzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzZZZZZ.


  39. Anonymous1:19 pm

    Najib does not look too happy in the picture, Bru! But if voters decide to punish the BN, Najib is in danger. Remember he almost lost in 1999. There's no love lost between these two men. Poor Najib and worse for Malaysia. I think Malay voters will revolt by punishing Umno. Money may not buy all of them. Also much on Umno's and BN's money will be looted and pocketed by a few anyway. The Chinese tawkeys will play two-way. They give money to BN openly and to the DAP quietly. Chinese will reject BN this time. Their perniagaan is affected by corruption and bad economic management. The poor Chinese are also suffering like the poor Malays and Indians. There are now Chinese beggers in Kuala Lumpur. Indians are split between Hindu Right Action Front and self appointed Hindu godman Samy Vellu, Keadilan and DAP. I think opposition can win 20 to 40 seats.

    Wong Se Wah

  40. Anonymous1:19 pm

    Pak Lah is trapped between the devil and the deep blue sea... if he holds off the elections, DSAI can be a force to be reckoned with (a spent force, nevertheless)...if he calls for an election before April, he knows BN is in for a difficult time so what will happen is that the oily greasy BN machinery will be working overtime to ensure the rural folks ( who actually deliver the winning votes) remain unaware and unaffected by the mismanagement of this country! Scary thought, isn't it??

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  42. Anonymous2:03 pm

    He asked BN leaders not to go overseas during this time but he himself? Cakap tak serupa bikin ! Malu lah aku dengan PM kita.

  43. Anonymous2:30 pm sorry man...timbuktu is steeped in rich history and one of the centres of early civilisation...don't want to contaminate it with the BN buffoons...I was thinking more about the distance...ok forget that..lets think along c4 lines...harder to put the buggers back together...end corruption once and for all...blow them away.....

  44. Anonymous2:36 pm

    "What! give you more time!"

    "You have already overstayed your welcome!."

  45. Anonymous3:30 pm

    hey people, of course PM needs more time, need more time to fill up his and his family coffer lah! He figured out by now that Malaysians were a lot smarter than he thought, so must cook up something to fool us so that another term can be renewed.Afterall, he fooled Tun M didnt he ?!! As for Najib, his body language says "drop dead now is fine with me, so I can fill up my already full coffer"

  46. Anonymous4:04 pm

    I wonder whether he's realised what sort of statement he just made...practically admitting that he's not been doing anything the last 4 years!
    This sleepy head just shouldn't be allowed to make impromptu statements, seriously embarrassing lah.

  47. Anonymous5:21 pm

    Meanwhile, Anwar Ibrahim was at it again.

    In an AFP report from Hong Kong, carried on the Spore Straits Times website( today, Anwar, who is now in HK, said that Malaysia had lost foreign investment, growth and attractiveness. Why?

    As per the report, the country's ability to attract foreign investment had been compromised by the retention of affirmative action policies in favour of the Malay majority.

    Anwar also was reported to have said in HK that "creeping Islamisation" in Malaysia is a turn-off for foreign investors.

    Go to the ST website to check out the report.

    Hmm...Anwar is treading a fine line here. I wonder if the govt will hit back by accusing him of bad-mouthing Malaysia overseas.

    And is it seditious to criticise the country's affirmative action policy and to talk about "creeping Islamisation"?

    The gloves are coming off.....

  48. Anonymous5:56 pm

    Is it possible that factions inside UMNO will "engineer" it to make Abdullah lose badly and then they demand his resignation as UMNO Head.

    Me think opposition parties will be given a lot of help by UMNO people in this election.

  49. Anonymous7:16 pm

    Pak Lah: 1 more term...
    Najib: Damn..time to top-up my term life benefits...

  50. Anonymous9:56 pm

    hei you people, please be kind to pak bedolah. GIVE HIM MORE TIME, HE NEEDS MORE TIME.........TO SLEEP.

    Whoaaaaa, I am feeling sleepy already.

    MenCuit dah jadi MenCarut

  51. Anonymous12:41 am

    Kubur kata mari, masih tak sedar diri .... bergelumang dengan segala jenis kemungkaran, ada hati nak terus jadi PM. Pooooorahhhhh!

  52. Anonymous1:48 am

    tehsinmukhtar said... "irate-timbuktoon...ok forget that..lets think along c4 lines...harder to put the buggers back together...end corruption once and for all...blow them away....."

    ah, you are talking about dust to dust, yes?

    being an outdoor culture, timbuktoons understand well the dust concept. but please don't think we are not modern enough to hoover dust blown in-doors too.

    you are as scary as a timbuktoon warrior, tehsin mukhtar!

  53. Anonymous10:02 am

    I am sure that our terror PM must have enjiyed this song in drainpipe pants and tight shirt....hahahaha

    Kylie Minogue - Give Me Just A Little More Time
    (Originally performed by Chairman of the Board in early 1970s )

    CHORUS: Give me just a little more time
    And our love will surely grow
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    Let's think of each other and hesitate
    Young and impatient we may be
    There's no need to act foolishly
    If we part our hearts won't forget it
    Years from now we'll surely regret it


    2: You're young and you're in a hurry
    You're eager for love but don't you worry
    We both want the sweetness in life
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    Boy, we're gonna succeed with another blow

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    Give me just a little more time
    And our love will surely grow
    Baby, please baby
    Baby, please baby CHORUS: (repeat & fade)

  54. Anonymous11:15 am

    The only thing I am going give Pak Lah is a kick up his backside.

  55. It is strange that everybody says that he hasnt deliver anything or failed in everything. OMG, either you people slept thru these four years (and not him) or you people are completely blind.

    Meanwhile, not everything can be done in 4 years. Malaysian public mentality is one hindrance for speedy implementation. To get peole off merempit pun susah, wear seatbelt pun susah, follow traffic rule pun susah, kerja kuat pun tak mu, beratur pun tk mau when due, etcetc. semua tak mau ikut or tak mau implement AND YOU PEOLE BLAME HIM for your own weaknesses and ignorance adn stupidity!

    Semua mau harap govt buat, sendiri tak mau bantu to help.

  56. you've gotta be kidding! I'm already embarrassed as it is...

  57. scary as a timbuktoon warrior eh..wah, I consider that a compliment if I can only get one of em touaregs...the Volkswagen kind...

  58. warrior2..memang la kita harap gomen buat..sebab elect dia orang rep kita...kalau org tak tak mo beratur. amik pembaris bantai bontot tu...kalau tak mau pakai seat belt..saman sampai poket kopak...kalau gomen, elected leaders buat suka hati..apa lagi rakyat..leadership by example..the cops don't even wear seatbelts btw...penah nampak? Bak kata Datuk head of Institute Integrity Malaysia....the people do not have to be clean...the leadership however, has to be whiter than white...we org besa expected to be idiots who will toe the line only when rapped by those we elect to keep us in line...kalau laws and regulations tak implement...lip service je...memang la org tak takut...will take more than a revamp of Civics in schools to retrain the Malaysian psyche..meanwhile...implement the damn laws la!!!

  59. Anonymous6:19 pm


    excuses, excuses...

    not easy, aaah, defending Pak Lah..
    diffult, mah, want to buy your argument!

  60. Anonymous6:41 pm

    "The PM, who has been criticised for reneging on so many of his 04 election promises, said the government is just in the process of implementing almost all the programmes it promised. The programmes would take years to show results, he said."

    Well mr Pee M, it certainly doesn't take too long to drop your pants for Jeannie. did it?

  61. Anonymous1:06 am

    If you are awake more you'll have enough time.

  62. Anonymous10:06 am

    "gimme more time"
    no way!let najib step in.let najib call in ACA on you.let it be!

    bullshit! LAH!