Thursday, January 17, 2008

Proton to sell Lotus?

Market talk. I hear the Proton management, the same one that sold MV Agusta for 1 Euro, is planning to sell off Lotus. No, not for 1 Euro. Fact is, I didn't hear how much they want to sell off Lotus for.
Proton sold off MV Agusta on the pretense that the bike outfit wasn't part of its primary operation, which is to make cars. Ironically, BMW, which is also primarily a car manufacturer, paid close to RM500 million for MV Agusta.

The re-making of Saga. Expect the Proton chairman to deny this talk tomorrow (Friday, 18/1), a big day for the national car maker as it launches a remake of the Saga, its first model. The PM is scheduled to do the launch at the KL Convention Centre.


  1. Anonymous1:50 am

    Tata had the foresight to come up with a car that capture the world imagination. Proton? After all these years, only coming up with a new model to replace Saga.

    Why not just sell off proton to Malaysians, regardless of race? But that would be too much for the Malays,right? So in the meantime, more money will just be wasted on keeping up their pride!

  2. Anonymous2:45 am

    anonymous 1.50am

    you, my friend are an idiot. what do you mean "..but that would be too much for the Malays, right?"..? when you say things like that, it is like saying things to my face.

    don't you bring your racialistic comments here and hide behind an anonymous tag.

    don't you generalise malays and put all of us in one basket. do not liken me to malays like zakaria deros or nazri aziz. they are idiots such as yourself.

    i can also generalise you and your race as well, but in this day and age, people are more civilised.

    do not make this blog an avenue to vent your racial bitterness.

  3. gaban sakti, i agree 100%.
    anon 1:50am is a racist moron.

    but then again, when Hindraf did their rally, I saw many ugly words come out from a certain population towards Indians in general.

    Very little unity left in this country.

  4. Buying Lotus and Linking up with Mitsuibishi are probably the two best decisions of Proton...

    when they dropped the partnership with mitsuibishi, proton lost its market lead in malaysia...but with satria gti and neo and a few notable good cars (thanks to lotus handling), proton still has its pride..

    if lotus is gone, i am not sure what's left of's "state-of-the-1990s-art" manufacturing plant in tanjung malim? or it's once-upon-a-time billions of dollars cash reserve?

  5. Anonymous6:26 am

    well, it takes a bigger idiot to recognize another idiot.

    If you are that passionate about your race, then speak out when you see your own kind behaving wrong. Speak out when you see your own kind hijacking your religion in the name of your race. If not, then keep quiet and wait for the moment when your shame is bought to the world stage.

  6. Before any offer coming for &2, I put my bid for RM100.

  7. Anonymous8:06 am

    Rocky, unlike Proton, BMW is indeed a big player in motorcycles, which makes sense for them to get Augusta.

  8. Oh please la...TATAs new so-called affordable car is a death trap, designed to take advantage and make more money off the masses without any safety considerations whatsoever...aircon pun tarak!!!

    I pun fed-up, I'm not Malay tapi FED_UP...sikit2 kutuk melayu, melayu, melayu...melayu ada rempit dia, india ada kaki botol dia (beer for the average joe, whisky for the Selangor clubbers), china ada ah long dia...which blardy race is perfect la..macam la Indians, Chinese etc don't hold own any big companies...podah!

  9. Bro,

    I hope this is just rumours. We should capitalize on Lotus and make Proton a better car for the world market.

    Proton is not just a Malay agenda. It's Malaysian pride. All of us should contribute ideas on how to make this venture a success. Not just making cheap comments like Anonymus (1.50am). Think like an adult la bro....

  10. Anonymous8:44 am

    if proton to sell lotus, that will spell doom to proton ....

  11. Anonymous9:33 am

    when you, mr rocky mentioned MV Augusta, my old wound bleed again. I just could not overcome the stress and extreme dissappointment of the act of Azlan Pingu and his board.

    How could u sell to others for 1 euro? I know they wanted to get rid of the biawak hidup but thats how business is all about. You take risk and turn the reds into profits.

    Tata Motors bought Jaguar from the Americans with Jag saddled with debts of over 1 BILLION dollars! and now, you'll see how tata motors turned that 1 billion debts into trillions of money! profits!

    Coming back to the topic, selling Lotus would be another tragic decision by the management. Then, where Proton will go for advance manpower or technology? You can compare the old Megavalve and Iswara and Satria GTi to know what the capability of Lotus.

    And also, the steady Waja and all the later models since 2000 are either have their suspensions or the gearboxs made or tuned by Lotus. thats why some blokes with cap pointing backwards feels like they are in 100K car when they stepped in Waja.

    I dont think Pak Syed the MD has anything to do with these stupid to be made decision. Because Pak Syed is only the seller man. he knows how to sell cars and his record is clearly evident at this work in Perodua.

    Dont sell Lotus. that is simple. If that simple advice oso u cannot follow, then what else you can do?


  12. Anonymous9:43 am

    aaahh... forgot to add something. that first anonymous commenter said something of selling off proton to Malaysians, regardless of race.

    Yes, you can. of course you can.

    but bear in mind, Proton is a long term project. Mercedes spend almost 100 years for you to enjoy the great SLR Mc Laren or the CLK or those of AMGs. BMW started almost few years later and they also spend more than 70-80 years before they can offer you the M3s or M5s which cost like a bomb!

    They cost much because of the high technology and fine build of Mercs and BMWs possessed. You pay for a car with BMW badge on it, then the price will shoot like hell. because BMW is all reknowed for its great designs etc.etc. But they spent almost 100 years for that to happen!

    i wonder if Proton spent that long on cars, surely those barking guys like the first commenter would lick Proton till the exhaust!

    See what those Chinese in the mainland are doing? Yes, they got money, like ours here. They buy companies and etc. etc. But look closely to their own design of cars. Its soooo stupid and unimaginable at all. It seemed the Chinese got only money, and they think they can buy everything. but nope. Ideas and skills cannot be bought.

    thats what you got when you try to short cut.

    Its not about the race that run Proton or whatever the company is. Its how you run the business is all that matters. go and ask Syed Mokhtar or Azman.

  13. Anonymous9:58 am

    gaban sakti,

    Granted anon 1:50 was over generalised!

    But then racial stereotyping/racial pofiling has been practised as an ART by 'Malay' - most of all by the umno bigot during their 'closed-door' meetings(?).

    'Malay' as defined by blogger Micheal Chick should be an insight to your understanding about this particular race(?).

    One more thing, since YOU are so much angered by the comments of anon 1:50 what are YOU going to do about IT?

    Either YOU look inward to find a solution to this 'generalisation' OR YOU can react outwadly like the umno bigot - by ranting & sending warnings. Which I believe YOU have just done THAT!

    Surprise for a so called enlighten 'Malay'. Or should YOU be addressed as Bugis, Minankabau, Javanese etc?

  14. Anonymous10:46 am

    I see it as another effort to show another TDM 'failed' pet project.

    Proton should have looked forward beyond using imported engines and Lotus expertise should have been tapped but now it will be another his story.

    Those running Proton are too far sighted as they are looking forward to 2057 !!! but forget the realities around them except $$$$$$$$$

  15. Anonymous11:13 am

    I agree with Gaban Sakti, Malaysia doesn't need any more racist, we have the BN party for that.
    what we need is a more tolerate, understanding and accountable society, where the good are rewarded, the downtrodden are given a hand and the bad are given the cane.
    our government doesn't stand for all that, not to my eyes. prove me wrong...

  16. to all

    stop being racist.. we're in a multicultural society.. abide it

    another 'patrick' will gain soon if the rumours is true

    as for me..the ceo of proton dont deserves the 'accountant' title

    where does he get his accounting knowledge.. even TMM can figure out how stupid he is

    somebody update me with this 'saga'

  17. Anonymous11:42 am

    I don't really know about business, if I know I would be better off than what I am today, but I think ...

    1. It's stupid to sell off MV Agusta, although BMW has more need because they are already into big bikes industry as well.

    2. Imagine going into China with an European name is kind of awkward in branding. Don't tell me people will not know it's a Malaysian made car with European backup technology as well.

    Personally, I think Proton is having a identity crisis, and I think it a bit too late for that to happen when they are suppose to be a kind-of-mature brand to confident their consumer.

    For example, big brands in motoring industry does not made cheap cars, but always advance in terms of engines design technology for better, and demanding markets needs these days. Advancing in technology is very important to be a player in such industry. If you can't you are as good as dead in the global arena.

    Like I have said, I am not a business person and I stand to be corrected with my 2cent worth of opinion.

  18. Anonymous11:56 am

    Well said 'gaban sakti', Proton is a national company, race has nothing to do with it.

    Nazri Aziz, Zakaria Mat Deros, and many others are unworthy of any respect, as are many well known politiccal personalties from the other communities.

    Malaysian should be the only 'race' which matters.

    Proton is a poorly run company which has a poor track record which churns out products of dubious quality with cosmetic 'new' designs, and one of the obvious reasons for this is political interference.

  19. Anonymous12:35 pm

    Only a bloody idiot of a racist would:-

    a) Turn any and every issue into a racial issue
    b) condemn another race while afraid to reveal his/her own
    c) reap any advantage (financial or otherwise) out of any situation ---probably started by him/her
    d) still hang around in a country while he is free to move on elsewhere --whether through emigration or asylum ( if he's accepted at all.

    So to you racists - doesnt metter from which community--shut up or ship out...

  20. Anonymous12:48 pm

    Srikanth..what do you think the Americans call you and think of you behind your back? Get real lah! Take off those idiotic looking glasses and maybe you can see the truth behind their pearly white smiles...

    Unity is not a problem amongst the's those in power and those with personal agendas that highlight and create division...

  21. Why are some of you DUMMIES here making this a racial issue ,i agree with "A Member of the Human Race" when he said "Proton is a poorly run company which has a poor track record " PERIOD !thats the answer ... and anonymous 1:50 had to bring his two cents worth of racial crap into this !Who do you propose buy Proton ? Uncle Ananthakrishnan or Uncle Robert Kuok ? They wouldnt touch PROTON with a 20 feet Pole lah you Racist Moron . Think Malaysian , live Malaysian . Malaysian Cars are a different issue. And the SAGA continues.............

  22. Rocky,
    A must read - "Bored with politics : UMNO is sooo last century."

  23. Anonymous2:13 pm

    malaysian useless..??
    "..With the signing of the LOI, the three parties will further explore works on the PETRONAS E01 technology to produce 1.8-litre to 2.2-litre engine family. The compact design of the PETRONAS E01 Engine allows it to be fitted into various vehicle platforms with customised intake and exhaust manifold to match vehicle requirement.

    The PETRONAS E01 Engine was a result of PETRONAS' involvement in the Formula One when it became, in 1995, the main sponsor of the SAUBER PETRONAS Team. The collaboration provided it with the opportunity to engage in the value-added automotive engineering technology R & D. One of the immediate fruits of this collaboration was the successful development of the PETRONAS E01 Engine in 1998 by a group of PETRONAS engineers. In 1999, the PETRONAS E01 Engine was fitted into the official cars of the first PETRONAS Malaysian Formula One Grand Prix..."

    we malaysian do not appreciate anything made in malaysia.. it took some other people to see it.. Its written "Made in Malaysia" not "made by malay..or chinese..etc.."

  24. Anonymous2:17 pm

    Nani Cheras said...
    I see it as another effort to show another TDM 'failed' pet project.

    Proton should have looked forward beyond using imported engines and Lotus expertise should have been tapped but now it will be another his story.

    Those running Proton are too far sighted as they are looking forward to 2057 !!! but forget the realities around them except $$$$$$$$$

    Durin TDM & Tengku Mahaleel, Proton has developed its own International Brand, and their bottom line is Making Money. They just did that. With Honor and Pride.

    Dont blame the downturn of the Proton to TDM & Mahaleen..blame on Dollah & the present MD/CEO and Board of Crap Directors.

    Whye shoul Proton used so called by you "imported used Lotus engines" where in fact Proton can build the engines themselve with Lotus? Stupid Nani Cheras.

    Failed TDM Pet Project? What a slender and lame excuses. He, TDM, has "trained" and developed automotive engineers, designers, vendors and now those vendors making good business and create thousands of employments opportunity.

    Nani Cheras- What have you created??? Tell the readers in this blog very sincere. OK?

  25. The solution to Porton's woes is to obtain, develop or purchase engineering which will be the yardstick for the next 20 years in automobile technology.

    The heart of this is not hybrid cars as they still use fossil fuel. It will be alternative fuel -
    hydrogen cells, solar, electric .... whatever.

    If Malaysia can be at the forefront of this, Proton will prosper. If not, they will always be a follower of trends and history has shown that even this is a few generations behind the cutting edge. How to survive like that ?

    BTW, whatever happen to Petronas research & devt of engines, fuels, etc ? Very quiet.

  26. Anonymous4:13 pm

    national unity in this country cease to exist the day umno (read: malays) hijack the nep and turn it into an enterprise to enrich themselves. I may or may not have had over-generalize things but have you ever had any dealings proton? I was a regular visitor to proton during her early days and during the last couple of years. I even had the opportunity to get to know some of the japanese engineers back then. If you had the opportunity to see and listen 1st hand to what had been going on in that company, i am 100% sure that you will feel disgusted...unless of course you are one of those cronies, then it's a different story.

    The truth is that proton was set up to promote national (read: malay) pride but the sad truth is that proton is a very badly managed company. So if you people can accept the praises so readily during her early days, do learn to accept the truth when the truth come around.

    To quote papa macho, "....Durin TDM & Tengku Mahaleel, Proton has developed its own International Brand, and their bottom line is Making Money. They just did that. With Honor and Pride."

    All i can say is that you are so misguided. When proton was making money with pride and honor, it was only because she had a monoploy in the local market but ever since AFTA came and went (even with some delays), ask yourself where is proton now? Please don't tell me that you (being malay and all) are still feeling proud about proton. AFTA has expose the truth that you people need crutches to make money. Is that something that you should feel proud and honor? (and oh, I AM saying this to your face Gaban Sakti.)

    As for your International Brand, talk to those ex-dealers in the overseas market and get their HONEST TO GOD views about the car and the company. A word of caution though, the truth hurts.

    To those who are saying 'Think Malaysian', Let me ask you this, 'Why don't you open up Proton (since it is a Malaysian company, is it not?) to more Malaysian aka non-malays? Afraid that they will do better than you guys and there goes the Malay pride?

    I am just as much Malaysian, if not more, than any others in this blog. Because of my extensive dealings and travels through this country of mine, I can safely say that everyone is a racist in this country. National unity? It can happen if everyone starts off on a level playing field and i suggest we use Proton as a springboard.

    By the way, my present car is a proton saga.

  27. Anonymous4:38 pm

    'Proton is a national company, race has nothing to do with it.'

    who the hell are you kidding!!!don't tell porkies here ! please call a spade a spade

  28. Anonymous4:57 pm

    tehsin ,you expose your fatal mistake...

  29. Anonymous5:13 pm

    Well..well, its not a surprise when it come to racial bashing of the Malay on even a stupid issue, it will come from some anon-time ball-less species who think his race are the supreme one destined by God to rule others (read Malays & Bumiputera).. (no ball hiding under anonymity race..but still wanna talk cock)

    Ok lets play figure game..enough of my shit talking!!

    Let me tell a statistical math story..When we talk about probability on statistical approach..the level of confidence & integrity of the probability (Z) depends highly on the number of data samples (N) and the calculated mean value & standard deviation (sigma)..

    the smaller the data samples, the lower the confident level and high value of standard deviation (sigma) i.e descrepancy giving poor result to reflect percentage of true probability under those normal distribution bell curve prediction..
    (Yes.. i'm talking shit about those Poisson's distribution things)

    Superimposed that on real situation:
    There are about 2 million UMNO members and the other 15 million ARE NOT.. and that only hold 11.8% of the data samples.. AND how high your level of confidence about that? Definiteley the standard deviation will yield such high value AND such descrepancy could not justify the integrity for truth of your probability..

    I conclude such remarks as a shit talking by some shit minded anon non-brain who have his rectum channeled direct to his neuronless cranium cavity!
    Everytime this species excrete go direct up & they will have the kind of good 'high' sensation about that!
    Mcm hisap ganja lah katakan..hidup ketagih nak kutuk orang Melayu saja species ni!!

    Anon 1:50 - Generalizing all the Malays based on some of UMNO imbeciles creatures averaging? What percentage sure of your probability when your sampling is only based on some tiny fraction? Even out of that 2 million UMNO members also, not all are getting anything from UMNO current regime heads..

    My conclusion - Anon 1:50're an idiot and plenty more from where that came from too! Typical irritating bastards..always wanna find trouble with the common Malays thought we never disturb your life at all.. We are truly piss of with your kind! Really.

  30. Get rid of Potong, it's been more than 20 years since ridiculous policies had been enforced onto the entire nation on supporting the worst product ever made. If a company like Pero2 prevails, at least we have a surviving kid forged from the so-called national aspiration.

    Potong had been led by cronies who does no inclination of the automobile industry, everything was about making a quick buck and jump ship as soon as their modus perandi uncovered but now it's too late to salvage its branding.

    Tell me, would any of you even buy a soap with Potong as its brand?
    Guess so.

  31. dear bro rocky..

    was it true??.. cos we have heard any news internally..

    so far proton is spending like hell to lotus... & will have to spend much much more...

    so.. readers.. better check first before throw up any speculation..

  32. Anonymous6:09 pm

    The decision to sell Lotus off may not hurt Proton very bad if the latter has learned enough from the former to the point that it is capable of developing its own performance parts for Proton cars, especially with the work done on Campro engines. Problem is, we don't know if Proton has learned well enough to have those training wheels removed, let alone produce quality parts on their own.

    The impression I have at Proton is that it's getting cocky following its recovery in 2007; but it can't afford to do that if it wants to succeed. This may spell a repeat of Proton woes in the late-1990s and early-2000s when Proton believed it controlled M'sia's roads, as Perodua sneaked up.

    While the new Saga is drawing a lot of potential buyers and profit, Proton's real test will begin after the country opens up to the AFTA (which is long overdue now).

    For the record, I'm putting off buying any car for the rest of the year.

  33. Anonymous6:28 pm

    anon 5:13,

    Have U ever heard someone saying – lies, damned lies & statistic?

    I've been trying very hard to look into your ranting about anon 1:50 for logic - sadly I dont find any! The foul languages don’t help either OR is it the best U can do???

    U want to talk about statistic???

    Then please tell the probability outcome of your name & time stamp in statistical term - ok? Is it a coincident, a chance or a divine interpretation?

    May13 has been a holy gail for the umno bigots!!!

    Or U r not up to it!- typical good to show BUT hopeless for real use!

    Back to basic – “…There are about 2 million UMNO members and the other 15 million ARE NOT.. and that only hold 11.8% of the data samples…”

    Statistically it makes the other ‘Malay’ looks very very stupid – meaning been conned by 11.8% of their own kind, some more for THAT long a period!!!

    Or deep down U don’t like the fact that whatever the11.8% got U missed out!

    Say it LOUD & say it out – REAL TRUE hurts – especially its inflicted by your OWN kind & yet U r not doing anything to rectify INWARDLY when the frauds are been exposed.

    I know I’ll been branded as a racist by writing so BUT am I? OR r U actually a closeted racist?

  34. Anonymous11:25 pm

    Earlier I wrote - I see it as another effort to show another TDM 'failed' pet project.

    May be I should be more elaborative like "I see it a another effort by 'Proton new Management (read AAB HP6++ Govt)' to show that Proton is one of TDM failed or failing project".

    Also earlier I wrote - Proton should have looked forward beyond using imported engines and Lotus expertise should have been tapped but now it will be another his story.

    I meant to say - Proton should have been more far sighted than the imported Mitsubishi engines and Lotus expoertise but to see the current 'issues' with most car makers and to be well ahead like the TV show Beyond Tomorrow. Due to short sightedness of current Proton Mgt (also HP6 cabinet) all TDM effort will be history. Will the jobs in Proton will become history too ?

    Q. What have you created???
    A. I wrote the little program to write/print your particulars in the early days of laminated driving license in mid 80s. My little effort was in most people pocket then.

    My small contribution to the nation.

  35. Lets wait for the announcement from Proton's head honchos first...

    If they're really selling Lotus, that won't be surprising. Share price hasn't been good since the proposed VW deal fell through. They must be hard on funds...

  36. Anonymous10:01 am

    Pretty loud there for one ball-less anon time species..

    We are all born racist..we evolved to be either racist, superacist & hyperacist..which one you're type belong to anon 6.28? The one that think only about the fight for his own race is the hyperacist..can you do some maths & tell me which one is of bigger percentage: 2/17, or 2/8 or 1/2??

    So what with the jealousy things & stupidity..?? It is obvious you want whatever those Umno bigots have for yourselves too like everybody else.. Just admit la brader your also have those built-in greed & please do not try to pretend your're type are so holy & so wise..You want more & more & everything for your minority type..never your type had in mind anything for the others at all..just admit it.

    I'm just defending Malays from all you typical racist bastards... Changes?? like you dare to even do any other than verbal criticizing & complaining a lot..not even a micro muscles. that's the best your kind can do, bro?? Yellow Bersih march proved something.. Malu lah sikit woi! Penakut tapi pandai nak salah org lain saja...

    Hahahaha... takdak telor & batang pun berani nak cakap kuat..funny lah your type. By the way what's your 'flavour'..?? Can I call you shit since you smell like one?? Your're hiding under that anonymity race coz you're afraid I might be doing the same like that stupid anon 1.50 person also.. oh wait...maybe you're the same person..only Rocky knows based on that IP add..ziltch!

    I rest my case for're paranoid with us...just admit it. Maybe its better to just let Hishamuddin wave his keris & show it frequently in TV since it is a haunting nightmare for those racist bigots minded out there, the effect is proportional to the level of racism..especially for the hyperacist mind & superstitious no.13 believe...sleep tight, bro..

    we'll just let some stupid guy to do the job if we were fit to be called a racist despite our tolerance & accomodating gesture AND just watch the fun these racist type of people jump like wild monkeys when they see the idiot show a keris (lucky he didn't show his dick)..Bro, do you piss in your pants when you see a giant keris replica?


    Whatever you do, just don't not cross the line with over reaction otherwise your're the one who should blame yourselves for provoking the history to re-occur.. You're thinking that I would stab you with a keris..?

    Naah.. I prefer to convert you becoming a Muslim so we can be a universal brothers, nothing based on color,caste or class..and work together in a larger volume.

    Aggression & violent doesn't resolve anything in this world..

    I remain anonymouse.

  37. Anonymous10:08 am

    Dear Nani..

    Congratulations!!!. You have at least created and contributed in the evolution process of Malaysia. Admire that thoughs is was tha "small".

    To "anon 1.50" said...
    are you paid by UMNO Cybertrooper for all of your postings?

    There is no country without any restrictions (read : APs for Motor Vehicles and all other trades). Please name it if there's any.

    You're linking to AFTA. Fine, that is what those so called capitalist or in correct terms "crooked" love to do. Using international body to squeez and manipulate the world.

    Put it in simple, u wanted No Restristions rite"... got to S'pore and go to Hong Kong (so called Open Market)... You'll know whether there ain't any rules and restrictions..

    I've asked Nani,and I want to ask you..."What have you created??"

    ......Take note Anon : 1:50, Japan learn from the American on car building using "tin milo".. then from thereon they progress....never stop.

    The problem here was just that this Dollah Donkey and his "people" in PROTON stop progressing.. Let Us Bet... The Grand Design is for Temasek to Take Over Proton when it seems unprofitable... huuhhuhu just guessin.

  38. @Husin Lempoyang

    I doubble that, RM200!

  39. Anonymous10:52 am

    /// "Proton is a poorly run company which has a poor track record " PERIOD !thats the answer ... and anonymous 1:50 had to bring his two cents worth of racial crap into this ! ///


    Maybe the two are connected. Instead of saying Proton is a poorly run company, ask yourself WHY is it poorly run. Are Proton's management staffed by the best people available regardless of race. So, be honest with yourself...

  40. Anonymous2:59 pm

    21 years ago, I was involved in a research that required my group to travel to various places in one of the Felda land. We traveled in my friend's brand new Nissan. The car's interior finishing just dropped off one by one as we traveled along the road, starting from the back door hand rest, the windows winder,...... . The quality of Nissan cars at the point was considered poor by many. However, today Nissan has evolved into what it is now.

    Proton is less that 25 years old. After two protons, I don't think the cars are that bad. Of course I could not compare them with Honda, Toyota, VW etc. I hope and I do believe that there will improve. While criticisms are good, many are not criticism, but plainly bashing, with the Malays being the bashing object.

    Nevertheless, I totally disagree with the protectionism strategy that pushes the price of other cars in Malaysia sky high. The car price that equates 30 months salary of an average earning citizen is a burden. In most developed countries, the car price is only about 3-6 months salary of an average earning citizen.

    Selling MV Augusta would be alright if the company was not really into bike business; however, selling it for one Euro was plainly stupid, as stupid as the reasons given for selling it. I am sure that when the previous management bought MV Augusta, they were very well aware about the liabilities, but the idea was to convert this into profit. It is unfortunate that the replacing management team does not possess the vision, the skill and the ability to venture into this.

  41. Anonymous3:22 pm


    I’m glad I’ve really bring out the BEST of U.

    Intellectually, U r like what I’ve said previously. PERIOD.

    Emotionally, U r full of bruised egos, & self-imposed inferiority.

    Religiously, U r turning a blind eye to the injustice exercised by your fellow bigots in the name of your religion!

    This is not a personal attack but a true observation. Do take it like a humble muslim & do some justice to your religion!

    I DON’T need anything from the umno bigots – Oh! Sorry I want them to burn in hell if I may!

    My defence of anon 1:50 is purely logic AND my ranting about U is U give statistics a bad name!

    My actuarial proficiency is well recognized AND most of my demands come from overseas. My contribution to the country is I bring in foreign incomes THROUGH my own works.

    Not that I don’t work with the locals, more so because – 1) most of the time I need to work with imbeciles who are there just because of skin colour even though they carry ‘big titles’ from you know where(?). 2) I need to give kick backs to a middle man, (U guess it right – your kind) for the projects that need my expertises! There is a case where after I refused to work with this middle man for a govt project, who then got a mat salleh to act as a front man to try getting me in again. Of course both of them had to go flying kite after I realized.

    Anyway enough about my self-promotion – not that I need any more local jobs!

    Let’s go back to Proton, there is a factual article in MT; - Malaysia in reverse gear: Proton to make Kereta Lembu.

    BTW actuarially speaking Proton can be classified as a killer machine that ever allow to be on the road. Go figure – OK?

  42. I watched the launch of the new Proton Saga, great looking car. However, I was suprised Tun Dr. Mahathir's name wasn't even mentioned once when they talked about the history of the Saga brand. Maybe it was mentioned in the introduction of the launch, I missed it as I watched from the middle onwards.

    Only the RTM reporter mentioned that it was the ilham of our previous pemimpin.

    How sneaky.

  43. Anonymous5:18 pm

    Oh dear. Looks like comments on a local car company have now mutated into an argument about racism. Reminds me of reader comments in Malaysia Today.

    Anon 1:50, I don't suppose you'll stomach a visit to Lots more praise on the new Saga are abound.

  44. Anonymous5:19 pm

    Looks who's bragging now...

    Please lick your own spewed shit & leave this country if you feel like living in hell for doing so... the door are always WIDE OPEN for you to go to your paradise...we won't pull your leg to stay here.

    Let me speak onother genre called the economic ecosystem ..its works based on demand & supply rule.. so far only the supply side thinking that they work on their own & nothing to do with the demand side at all...

    If you try hard to gain any respect at all as an actuarian, I'm not bother at all to buy any craps from you.. your way of thinking showing similar reverse gear as your condemned people ..

    I also works in a multinational company as a technical guy dealing with maintenance. I work with all sort of people. If you happens to bump with the imbeciles, its nothing to be brag about coz I bump into all type of color imbeciles just as much as you did..even sometime I also do stupid error as a human. Pity you coz you only see one type of color as imbeciles coz your mind already pigmented with one color racist shit brain version.. pity you whatever your race!

    Being a humble muslim doesn't means letting somebody else stepping on my head as other human beings with dignity will do..

    As much as you like I also want the Umno bigots to burn in hell, but I do not act God on that matter since no mortal are damn so perfect to say other are all bad and and he/she is a saint.

    Anon 2.59 (after this different time identity eh).. Professional should never brag anything about their works or condemn others just base on samples of situational perspectives ....its called professional ethics & profesional never see races as a pre-determining factor for intelligent especially for among Asian genes.'re an actuarian so give me your % probability how imbeciles is all the Malays, and at what sigma your integrity level..Don't tell me you talk shit also. I sense Nazis/Zionism dark force deep in your sub-concious mind thought you try to deny it..
    hmmmm.. you are pathetic for an actuarian actually.

    [end of line]

    As for Proton.. I still believe Malaysian are better off without them..As a consumer, we may enjoy the fruits from the stiff competition in the open market which benefit majority at large..

  45. Anonymous11:41 pm

    Maybe it's a coincidence or Proton is really going to get rid of Lotus, but the new Proton badge - as revealed to the Malaysian motoring media a few days ago in Cyberjaya during a preview of the new Saga - is now consisting of just two tones, chrome & black.

    Syed Zainal said this will be the colour scheme on all Protons from now on.

    So, no more green & yellow (Lotus colour), that have been on the Proton badge these past few years.

    Also, there was no mention of Lotus' involvement in the development of the new Saga, as far as the Press kit was concerned.

    Not a single 'Lotus' was mentioned at all...


  46. They can't even do bicycle business. If they get rid of Lotus, they're definitely rinky-dink business.

  47. Anonymous10:04 am

    I think ...

    The two color badge is a cost related decision. Two color is cheaper. Then again, it really depends on how they re-brand rather than how they implement.

    ... 2cent worth of thoughts here again ... :)

  48. Anonymous11:32 am


    This is the last of my write-up with U!

    No point getting into ‘dirts’ with some incoherent mind. Your series of writings have just indicated the wholesome distorted thinkings that were leading U. At your current stage of mind anything more that throw at U will lead U ‘kaput’!


    - Why the sudden thought to copy the umno bigots –" tak suka, you keluar dari Malaysia"?

    Or is it that every time U lost an argument U resort to this? Could this be the basic instinct or upbringing?

    - What’s the pointer with the economic ecosystem? Trying to use ‘big words’ to prove your worth? Obviously U have spent too much time in those useless seminars trying to gain status.

    - My skill is well known & established AND I don’t NEED anything from U. But I can spare some advices if U like!

    - For someone working in mnc, U have VERY bad EQ! Please think VERY hard about how U manage to get into that position. Maybe something has to do with the window-dressing that most of the mncs in M’sia do!

    - Who is stepping on your head? See what I said about U been a muslim – your preset arroganceness does NO justice to Islam.

    - The anon (timestamp) pseudonym suits me fine! Any stated pen-name just adds another layer of identity. After all I’m not writing anything nauseous about ANYTHING under the sun. Moreover, I’m NOT an addicted blog commentator!

    - Professional ethics dictate that I must not give my profession a BAD name. I must DO justice to my job. THIS I have up held throughout my life & in these blogs – if U not happened to notice!

    - There was a study along the line of % of the competency among the govt servants done not too long ago. Unfortunately the result is NOT printable – it is OSA-ed!
    But I guess U will be intelligent enough to interpolate the guessing, AND please DO ponder about this fact.

    - What’s ‘…Nazis/Zionism dark force deep in your sub-concious mind…’got to do with my actuarial training? Please refer to my reply at the beginning. BTW a piece of advice - its better to keep your mouth shut & let others think that you are a fool then open it thus remove all doubts – OK?

    Bashing U adds nothing to my life & I DON’T enjoy doing them – NUMBERS is my game & life AND that’s what I enjoy most. Perhaps a game of Sodoku a day can improve your life.

  49. Anonymous11:33 pm

    owh no, Bapak! why hasn't Proton (really)capitalise full force in Lotus? What will happened to R3 and the extensive R&D works?

    Don't tell me that Proton has given up hope to be the top in automotive global market? Satria, Neo, Gti, Waja, Savvy and the rest are Malaysian does the manpower and the brains behind Proton. Kenapa kita mudah lupa??

    cik adik

  50. Anonymous10:04 am

    Whatever lah bragging anon...
    I'm also tired arguing with something like a gas from the asshole... spontaneously coming & just dissapear into thin air ..irritating smell but just nothing more than a virtual words..

    My life is more than just a number game like yours..other than playing with those numbers try wank balls & banana, if you have any..

    So binomially speaking you are..what a nerd ..that's your blood running traits, eh? In that case, I got nothing to worry & let not further waste my own precious mind & energy on something so insignificantly virtual. I cannot imagine how a nerd believe he has the view of life & world just by must be living in a matrix.

    Whatever 90deg you have, lets not forget the other 270deg which is not of yours to say or comprehend..

    duhh..what's up doc? get real lah bra..maybe the only thing useful is your brain and nothing from waist down.....keep on bragging, ya..

    -the end-