Thursday, January 10, 2008

Missing Nini

Not a good start for Muharram, not at all. Another girl has gone missing. Nini is 5 years old and she is 3' 2". A small girl.

If there's a time for a more drastic action on the part of the cops to allay our fears, this is the time.

Go here for more details.
And thanks, Jediraj, for the photos of the suspect:


  1. Anonymous6:51 pm

    "Missing Nini"what a sad title.
    you know bro!we're dammed short of police manpower!WHY!you know why!and those poor SRS guys doing their tasks.WHAT can they do!so,the GOV got to do something!!!


  2. Anonymous7:19 pm


    Both, parents and the Police should look this issue, which is recurring ever so often, despite the Nurin Jazlin case drew so much attention, sorrow, sympathy, anger and even political 'righteousness' for some.

    Yes, the Selangor Police should do something the minimal the size of a manhunt, to get poor Nini back.

    This is where technology helps. Yes, I also agree with you that the acquisition, procurement and deployment of these techie thingies to the Police should be properly supervised, trained and closely monitored, for the efficiency, cost effective and maximum utility, for the rakyat.

    I hope the PJ Selatan political parties, be it BN or the Oppositions and NGOs come to help Nini's case and stop further cases of Nurins and Ninis reoccur.

    Yes, not a good day for Maal Hijrah, a celebration of 'emancipation' from bad to good, progress from darkness to being enlighted and the compassion, brotherhood and solidarity the Ansaris shown and extent to the Muhajirins.

    Selamat Menyambut Maal Hijrah to the avid readers of Rocky's Bru.

  3. Anonymous7:36 pm

    OMG!!! what is becoming of our country.

    Maybe we should get the Johor police to come to Selangor as they can show the same zeal in the dvd case to catch this bastard who is after kids and teach Selangor and the IGP a lesson in getting things done.

    warrior2 - so how? what is a stat when your children are involved. Do you feel safe. Most of us DON'T. we dare not let our kids out.Maybe you do, good luck warrior2.

  4. let's stop the blaming game. Too late to blame and it does not do Nini any good.

    parents should be more vigilant & wat is going on with the police?

    REAL criminals are out there but they elude the police. Meanwhile our mata2 are too busy with ppl holding candles, and in yellow teeshirts!!

    I pray Nini will be found safe & intact. May her family be strong

    Big People - let us all be vigilant towards kids & single women from this day on.

    (i am so damn angry I had to self edit now from writing about what I would like to see happen to the killers and molesters of helpless victims like kids & women)

  5. I don't understand WHY the parents still allow their kids out alone. WHY can't they take 30 minutes to accompany their kids to the playground? What can her std two sis do? Nurin was in Std Two!

    Why was the girl in the earlier case playing alone outside? Was her mum at work? Is Shahrizat so blind to the fact that we need more child care facilities for lower income mums? Maybe she thinks like Khairy...who said that the govt can't do EVERYTHING in the case of parents still having to pay fees. Obviously, a rich brat from Oxford has never experienced a situation where even a 100 ringgit spells the difference between going hungry or buying only beras and garam to feed a family of 10. Don't talk about ikan masin...itu pun tak mampu beli. Tapi gomen can spend 2 fakking million on a Tsunami memorial in Kedah. WTF for???? These people are relentless and unchecked!

    More lip service in the NST today about drastic action by police. The only drastic action we rakyat need is for the police to REDIRECT their resources and men towards SERIOUS cases and not towards saving Chua's ass!!! If they can get and charge the DVD perps in no time, it just SHOWS that they can solve cases if they want to. They just don't want to. Did they even bother to question every resident on Presheena's block? I'm positive the murderer was a resident there. Why only round up the foreigners? Orang Malaysia tak sekejam tu? We even have child rapists who held office in Melaka, so apa nak heran? God, knows how many didn't get caught who are still in office. The buggers are running around getting bug sweepers to cover their scrawny asses and puny dicks, instead of worrying abt our kids!

    We don't need bloody cctv's ..we need more manpower and better pay and training for the cops and we need to get rid of the corruption within!

  6. Missing Nini
    On the playground she disappeared
    Thinking it was near her parents’ house
    Yet a guy managed to take her away

    A 5 years old girl
    Standing 3feet 2inches tall
    Innocent doesn’t know the world
    She is gone

    Do the parents ever learn?
    Kidnapping of young girls seem so easy
    Leaving them playing alone
    The parents think the others will see

    When the parents can’t have time
    Tell the children to stay at home
    Lock the doors watch tv or do homework
    Maybe playing games with relatives
    Always in the house for sure

    Missing Nini
    The horrible scene splashed in the minds
    Don’t let it be another Nurin
    The killer(s) not yet find

    The painful sleep at night
    The sorrowful face misty eyes
    Missing Nini
    Why happen again?

  7. Anonymous10:10 pm

    To be very honest, if you remove the misai and jangut, the picture resembles KJ slightly. But bear in mind that this is a photo-fit, the actual could be identical.

  8. Anonymous10:18 pm

    Tehsin .. i cant and wont allow this country to BE a police state for my kids . If my son say's PAW" I WANNA go to the playground , i say go .in a way u are right ... parents taking the kids to the playground everyday ? is this what malaysia has evolved to ? Praise be to ALLAH ! opps ,,, am i allowed to say the name of God IN arabic ?

  9. Anonymous11:08 pm


    feel the same frustration as you. the rot starts at the top. when you have senior cops getting mix up in a conflict of interest business position and allegations of connections with undergroung kingpin undispelled, i dont see much hope in crime combating by those down the line. afterall, what do you expect of the frontline cops to behave if the top's credibility is perceived to be compromise?
    i seriously hope i am wrong but stats todate are not too encouraging, are they?

  10. Anonymous11:31 pm

    ai!ya! my place in pj,JB no SRS lah!can 'jbdragon' jab the GOV(police) do more works,even my place got SRS they have gun but come out water only!what can do!
    and one more thing,can the police give a nice clear picture of the wanted man(to be printed and stick on notice board-jawatan kosong)

  11. Anonymous12:00 am

    yup, stop the blame game, you pathetic asses..

    this is time for us to do our part for the society we claimed we belong to...the least we can do is pray (and shut the f****** mouth while doing so)...

    stop being a moron until these things end well...

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Anon. 10.10,

    Janganlah main politik dalam hal ini. Tak baik bergurau dalam kesedihan orang lain.

  14. Anonymous9:10 am

    betul ke gambar ni? Polis ni kasi macam gambar Snoop Dog je?

  15. Anonymous10:40 am

    Bro!after they (GOV) on TV,today we have different stories.SO,they (GOV) should not talk but move very fast.NOW,what happen!
    stupid GOV.


  16. Anonymous11:39 am

    Yes, on one hand, we parents have to do our part in ensuring our children stay alive and safe...but on the other hand, it totally irks me that our police force prioritise their time and energy to doing the will of their "masters"...why the huge manpower to catch Porn DVD sellers or harmless citizens in a rally when criminals are happily roaming the streets?
    My prayers are with the little girl and her parents.

  17. Anonymous12:04 pm

    Both musa and sharizat have the moment of glamour in todays paper..

    will they just recoil back to their office and let things be or will they need another nurin or nini to really do something.

  18. rocky,

    from taman tun dr ismail to puchong --- one police patrol car stopped a motorbike.

    why? the rider and pillion looked foreign.
    So what?

    I can only guess. but i'd like to think that the policemen in the car thought the rider or pillion looked very much like the suspect in Nini's case.

  19. Anonymous12:48 pm

    I am appalled reading this recurring incident, all within the span of 48 hours in the same area. I can't help making a public comment now ~ it is time for parents to be held responsible for negligence for not taking care of their children. Yes, I know it sounds crude during these present hard times of finding Nini. But enough!!

    How much more we want to blame the police? The reality of living in today's environment is not as it was before when we were young kids ourselves.

    Even after Nurin's case, I still see the carelessness in shopping malls. Children being left by themselves whilst the mothers and fathers were busy browsing. And yes, I did put harsh words to one young mother before for letting her 3 year old girl wandering by herself while she was looking at some clothings. And she gave me that look for criticizing her publicly.

    I live in this nearby area where these 2 latest incidents happened. And boy, do I observe normal scenes ~ how small children crossing the roads and left by themselves. Not counting the days when I see parents riding their bikes and carrying their babies with them. Sometimes, I observe 4 people on a bike ~ father, mother, a young kid and a little infant.

    Since before Christmas, there has been a constant police road block at Taman Sri Manja...

    Why point fingers to the police alone? Reading this latest news, I point my fingers at the parents too. Absolute negligence on their parts too. Now we are reading this poor Nini is having asthmatic problems...why let a 5 year old asthmatic girl playing without elders looking after her? What if she has her asthmatic attacks? You expect others to look out for your child? I only sympathize with the child but not these parents. Stupid. stupid.

    It is about time ~ I for one will support for government calls to charge parents who are negligent in taking care of their children.

  20. Anonymous1:16 pm

    me and my friends patrolled PJ section 14, SS2, SS3 and Kelana Jaya last nite with some friends of nini's parents...we stopped by, handed out leaflets and asked some shopkeepers, who were either ignorant bout this or just dont give a shit..."satu libu olang jalan lepan wa punya kedai ingat wa ala pelasan kaa"...we wont give up though..

  21. Anonymous2:41 pm


    sure, parents must do more but stop and think before extending your judgement.
    what about both father and mother having to work to put enough meals on the table? or for the little extra so that the kids have something better. and that they dont have the luxury to look after the kids full time.
    the fury at the police is not unwarranted. crime rate has been soaring for the past few years. look at the stats. what has the police been doing. it has been all talk and action has been slow in coming. even the placid LLT commented that the latest strategies to combat crime expounded by the PM were discussed aeons ago but there is no implementation. remember the hue and cry about crime in Johor. The police was in denial until the signature campaign.
    the perception is that the top cops are more interested in big time contracts now. leasing helicopters and what e-police solution. and of course, doing the bidding of the powers-that-be. and provision of basic secuirty to the general public has been relegated to the back burners.

  22. Anonymous4:00 pm

    I for one think now tak teragak agak blaming the parents . Kalau ni kejadian yang pertama berlaku , ok boleh salahkan polis , boleh salahkan kerajaan .

    Kenapa la bodoh sangat ibubapa budak tu . tak tahu jaga anak . Perempuan pulak tu di biarkan bermain sorang sorang.

    Kalau polis nak charged the parents biarkan .

    I never before blame the parents but this time I hope someone would read this n tell the parents ...
    buat anak tahu , jaga anak tak mahu . Kenapa biar si Kak umur 8 tahun tu bawa budak tu . U think 8 yrs old girl abale to take care of her sister ... damn it she cant take care of herself.

    Damn stupid parents la . Parents macamni kena ajar cukup cukup . Jangan buat muda bodoh aje mak dia tu bila keluar ka newspaper.

  23. Anonymous4:23 pm

    I think the police is too slow to react.

    The police too busy collecting money next to the pillar in LDP highway they forget how a policeman should actually work.

  24. Anonymous4:36 pm

    Saya seorang bapa kepada dua Puteri yang amat saya sayangi, memohon kepada seluruh rakyat Malaysia marilah kita semua berdoa agar Sharlinie dikembalikan kepada kedua orang tua segera, Semoga jangan diapa²kan anak kecil itu, Anak yang kecil itulah adalah keindahan Anugerah Tuhan Kepada Kita. Saya juga merayu kepada pihak Polis Agar mengambil berat mengenai perkara ini, Jangan dibiarkan kisah Adik Nurin berulang dan merobek hati kita semua, Jangan hanya sibuk nak mendakwa Ibu Bapa tapi cuba renungkan kembali adakah kita telah menjalankan tanggungjawab kita dengan sepenuhnya bagi memberikan satu persekitaran yang selamat untuk Anak kita....Semoga Allah bersama dengan Linie.....InsyaAllah...

  25. bukan ke kakak sharlinie cakap "ada kakak cantik bawak adik."? Jadi kenapa suspek nya lelaki pula?

  26. There's a bigger poster and relevent contact numbers at Azhad's blog.

  27. Anonymous11:59 pm

    I currently live in Singapore, yet I keep close tab on the latest updates in KL through the net and from friends and family. Amongst all that I hear and read, issues that always raise a concern is the safety level in our country, which literally is decreasing day by day, evidenced by the increasing crime rate!
    What is happening Rocky?I worry for my young nieces back home, single lady friends whom drive home alone each day, those who cary handbags and walk the streets...of our cities.
    EVERYONE of them needs to exert caution, extra caution that too!

    Why? Why do we have to live in fear?Each moment looking over our shoulders and being in the state of mind to protect ourselves when the unforseen happens, or should I say(with the current crime rate) "the forseen" happens?
    Why do we have to tell parents to be watchful of their children at all times even at playgrounds?Snatch thefts happen even in broad daylight!Crime committers even break in-to homes within guarded compounds!
    Where do we draw the line?Are we eventually going to stay at home and never step out of our houses?
    I speak as a victim Rocky...its not merely parents that need to exert caution, we need a nation that is SAFER for all to walk its streets, even during the day, let alone at night!

    The root of the problem may be too deep a point to get to, or even complicated to trace in the first place.Yet on the surface many can see that the force lacks people to beef up security or even entice those already in the force to do their jobs with greater commitment and dedication. Why? One good reason would be the pay these poor souls receive! These people are like you and me, family people who work to fend for their families!
    When income is so low, distraction is obvious! Offer them to join the force and not many come up these days for recruitment drives!
    How many amongst us are committed to our Rukun Tetangga concepts these days in the cities?Very few..some even refuse - out of fear what the possibilities may be when serving such duty!
    What level of respect and fear is there for those in the force these days?Not much in 'the world of law abiding citizens'..let alone those living way beyond its statutes in our country!!Criminal offenders should be the ones living in fear..not the rest of us!!!!


  28. Anonymous11:59 am

    We are living in a system of a down..

    Yes..that includes everybody in Malaysia..the govt, the police, the sellfish & you...

    We cannot take care of our own self and people around us..

    The only thing that we're good at is the blame game! Everybody try to express themselves as 'holier than thou' (even the unfortunate parents also got the blame like nobody can snatch your kids right under your own nose in just a split second at your most unexpected place!)...

    really pathetic we are.. we already lost our soul & humanity!

  29. Anonymous6:14 pm

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