Wednesday, January 16, 2008

"Looks like me, sounds like me".

Lingam outdoes Lingam. Just when you thought nobody could come up with quotes that can match the classic "Correct, correct, correct", V.K. Lingam comes up with another vintage.
Excerpts from today's the Sun:
Commission member Datuk Mahadev Shankar asked Lingam's lawyer, R. Thayalan, if Lingam admitted it was him who appeared in the clip.
"Is it your position that your client is not him in the clip?" asked Mahadev.
"He said it looks and sounds like him in the clip," replied Thayalan.
Mahadev pressed Thayalan further and asked if Lingam admitted the details which appeared in the transcript was uttered by Lingam.
"I have to take instructions from him, but his stand now is that it looks and sounds like him," replied Thayalan.
Mr Smith calls it Quote of the Century.
To read the Sun's full article, click here. The story's headlined Lingam makes brief appearance.


Anonymous said...

yeah and looks like my house too.

Anonymous said...

If a bird looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it's probably a duck.

Check out:

Anonymous said...


This fella is really unbelievable.

Looks like me, sounds like me...

someone should do a film on this.

but seriously, someone should make a film out of this mess. good money.

maybe Malaysian Gangster?

try nick something out of American Gangster played by the Denzel Washington. That man is a legend!

Anonymous said...

hahahahahahah... lawyers' words...

Anonymous said...

It was me! said Chua Soi Lek....

Then this Lingam came about "Looks like me, sounds like me...but possibily "doctored"????

Come on Mr Linggam..learn from the brave Doctor la!!

Don't waste our time n money...

Knights Templar said...

CORRECTION ! If a bird looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, then ITS definately a Ornithorhynchus anatinus that tastes like fish.

Hanief said...

Lingam malu-malu... poorraaah

Asil said...

Someone should ask the duck to hold a cardboard or something, wrote: "LINGGAM", before taking any pictures or videos.


Linggam should "quack".

Then, case will be closed!

holytounge said...


Unknown said...

"It looks like me ... sounds like me ... but I can't remember since I had already downed a few whiskeys then"

Anonymous said...

lol ... i read this one in the paper today ... seriously funny ... :D

Anonymous said...

Rocky, don't waste time on these lying scumbags..the truth will out soon.

jasgill said...

They (lawyers) are so used to telling lies that they will never admit to anything. And with big bucks in his accounts he thinks the public are morons. Even if you were to bring his child (if he has any) and ask him to identify he would most likely deny that it is his. Though, in that instance, he would be partially telling the truth because only the wife will know for sure ;)-

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

'Looks like me, sounds like me, but couldnt possibly be me. My england sounds better than that fella in the clip'.

Anonymous said...

Dear Rocky,
I got to say my piece here..
Sound like Lingam,
Look like Linggam
Gaya like Linggam,
Stand Like Linggam,
Pusing like Lingam,
Even the room look like Linggam's

"Correct, Correct, Correct...."

its wrong my friend.

I believe the case can only be proven beyond any reasonable doubts not by looking at all those whiskey bottles....but another bottle in the room ie. the one with the label...


So those ACA officer should go and look for it...I am dead serious ,the answer is all there in the cant be more obvious than that..

My two cent worth of brilliant thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Looks like me and sound like me

That does not mean it is me, says Linggam.

This is BolehLand

Anonymous said...

It is a known fact that Tan Sri Haidar is not an independent chairman of the Royal Commission. If Haidar has honour he would have disqualified himself.

It is expected that Haidar will do his utmost to stop damasging evidence against Eusoffe Chin, Ahmad Fairuz and other judges from surfacing in hte Royal Commission hearing. That why Tan Sri Haidar was doing his best to prevent Karasu, the brother of V K Lingam from testifying before the Royual Commission.

If the Royal Commission is really interested in wanting to determine the truth of the contents of the video clip, which clearly shows Lingam is very closed to Eusoffe Chin and other jduges then why Haidar refused to allow Lingam's brother from testifying.

Lingam's brother, Karasu, knew full details of Lingam's relationship with the top judges in the country. One of the top judge, Datuk Low Hop Bing is still sitting int he Court of Appeal hearing cases. How disgusting!

Wee Choo Keong must press on at all cost to get Karasu to give evidence. It is our national interests to get to the truth of the video clip. If Karasu is not allow to testiy then the Royal commission is a big joke and its proceeding is just a coverup and a waste of public fund.

Anonymous said...

"You're a lawyer. It's your duty to lie, conceal and distort everything, and slander everybody."

Quote by Jean Giraudoux

Lingam just proves he is a good lawyer.

This is to say that all those who put much believed in lawyers are suckers!

Be them politicians like Lim Kit Siang, Nazri Aziz, etc. Or activist. Or whatever they are.

Overated petition writers!

So to all those that went to support the Penguin Walk in Putrajaya and Jln Tun Perak, huh!


Anonymous said...

If I am not mistaken kj used similar phrases when he was asked about his 'chronicles'...

Anonymous said...

Kalau Lingam lepas juga like other VIP crooks...don't say we had guessed wrong.

lanaibeach said...

Lingam productions
Looks like me sounds like me
It doesn’t mean it is I
Acting in the video clip

He isn’t a brave man
He is hiding behind a woman skirt
Trying his best to change the scenes
Until someone says he is lying
Now he isn’t admitting it
He only says “I am not that positively sure”

Even at this stage
On the production rolling
He wants to change the script
Trying his best to play ‘bodoh sepet’

Like the song of rock and roll
“How low can you go?”
Lingam wants to go very low
So nobody can see the tricks
He has hiding in his sleeve

Is it a bird or is it a plane?
Every one looks up to the sky
‘No it looks like me sounds like me
Yet I am not so sure
Now I am slimmer!’

The rule of the game
The master crafts it to his advantage
Knowing how the system works
He may get his wishes
Somebody doctored my image

The one who should be in the witness box
The Royal Commission hasn’t call
It leaves a hole Lingam can crawl through
Then he can sing ‘I tell you so’

Chua Soi Lek should call Lingam
Be like me stop the charade
Let everybody goes home
Case close so what can be done
Let it falls justice of dignity

tehsin mukhtar said... the 75million ringgit gonna be used to buy the CCTVs for the councils will become another gajah putih (mata rakyat)...because the criminals caught on tape will have new line of defense...can say..."looks like me, sounds like me"...but how you know it was really me???? Can be "hantu(pilihan)raya" waaaatttt!

Anonymous said...

What does Lingam do when he sees poo on the floor?

He says "Look like shit, smells like shit. Heck, it even tastes like shit"

Bullshit bugger.

Anonymous said...

i have to take instruction from him! Yes, I do! Yep! I do! O.K. LAH I do!
same LAH!
ya LAH!
down LAH!!!!


Anonymous said...

i did it once by holding to the seal. and i will do it again with no remorse.
and he is well rewarded in life, aint it? not much different from lee lam thye except lee, for whatever his personal reasons, decide for once to have some semblence of integrity. good for you, lee.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahahaa..spoken like a true lawyer, that too a good one at slander and evasion!

Rox said...

Looks like me, sounds like me.It's my evil twin!

Anonymous said...

case of...

nama pun lingam, cakap pun lingam!

Srikanth Siva said...

lingam trying to pull a clinton...

This guy is a classic. Why dont our media have 10 best quotes of the year like they do in the US.

Lingam already has 2 spots.
I am going to initiate one for Malaysia. Feel free to contribute and we can add to the list and then vote on it shortly.

Anonymous said...

The essence of this issue is whether they - ANwar and KJ can pin down Dr M.

Did Dr Mahathir decided based on these influences and set-up by brokers and their politican messengers?

Think again.

If the story is right, we have this fast talking kicap sos talking to a Chinaman Corporate player with a Fu Manchu moustache.

The Fu Manchu subsequently spoke to his Malay partner turn Minister, a KG Baru origined Paki-Minangkabau-blooded Pahang Tengku, to influence Dr Mahathir. By the way, this Minister does not have high education and so does his Fu Manchu partner.

Listen, yes. Influenced, no. The man got his own mind. Unless, money talks, there is no way Dr Mahathir can be influenced by these yokos! If there is money being paid, prove it!

Some commentator used to posted of Dr would have all these covered. He is not those spontaneous reactive decision maker like Pak Lah.

Tough luck Anwar/Khairy. Try harder! You'll be more successful going after Pak Lah than TDM.

It won't be Dr Mahathir but lawyer Lingam, Vincent Tan, and some others that will end up being charge for corruption or whatever necessary offense under the law.

True, VK Lingam is Dr M's lawyer in Anwar's lawsuit against him. So, he may be implicated slightly by association. But which lawyers are not crook, in one way or another? It hardly soil his image and its not even a bruise.

While Anwar, .... will continue to dream on. If he wins Penang for DAP, he will be remembered forever as the Malay that gave DAP its first state. TRaitor!

Anonymous said...

How about this report in the Spore Straits Times today (Jan 18) - "Ex-chief secretary testifies Lingam knew govt secrets"?

Quote of the day (in the video, Lingam was heard telling the other man in the clip):

"Don't worry. Dzaiddin recommended Malek Ahmad to be Chief Judge of Malaya...I, Tengku Adnan, Vincent went and saw PM lah. Got him thrown out because he is anti-PM."

Wow! Let's see what TDM, Tengku Adnan and Vincent Tan have to say when summoned to testify.

Question: was Pak Lah, who was DPM at that time, aware of what was going on? If he did, why did he maintain an "elegant silence" after becoming PM?

Question: will the PM be summoned to testify before the Royal Commission?

Like this, elections almost sure to be postponed, lah! Too much s**t flying around, if you know what I mean!

multidimid said...

The lawyer replied: “His images are not clear”. If he is reduced to ashes, those who know him can easily recognize him and his voice. And the gall of his lawyer to send copies of the CD to US & UK verify the Clip for delay?. Anyway, he is reported to tell all in his coming testimonial. And for those interested to listen to the incriminating 2 min Clip Extract (Now at HALF speed, for clarity) fixing of High court & Court of Appeal judges
Go H E R E
for the UTube link

Anonymous said...

/// If a bird looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it's probably a duck. ///

Yup, that Lingam guy is trying to duck the issue...

MYSON said...

BAR council please remove him

he is not competent to be a lawyer

serious conman... yet do it in professional manners

Anonymous said...

Birds of the same feather flock together. Stupid Lingam doing a stupid KJ denial act.

Stupid rakyat arguing about stupid things and looking more stupid than ever !!!

Confused ?

holytounge said... friends personal chicken recipe is called ALA LINGAM.....jokes
a side..........and its famous down south.......

Anonymous said...

Looks like me, sounds like me...

Looks like a duck, sounds like a chicken, it's just probably a cock!

somboon cheanswaths said...

Reminds me of something I heard more than 20 years ago. Two friends were taking a walk when they came upon a pile of something that looks like human excreta. One stopped the other, bent down to have a closer look. "It looks like shit." Then he touched it and brought his hand up to his nose and remarked, "It smells like shit." Then he tasted it. "It also tastes like shit." To which his friend said, "And to think we almost stepped on it!" To which the pile of shit probably said, "Yeah it smells like me, it looks like me and tastes like. Therefore it must be me!!"