Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What's with Siti Nurhaliza?

Are you disappointed with her? Blogger Pasquale, who adores Siti Nurhaliza, is upset with the singer's decision to start "covering up" (I am disappointed with Siti Nurhaliza!).
Me, I'm a little disappointed with some people at my girl's school. A couple of weeks ago she said she would have to start wearing the tudung to school. Peer/teacher pressure. I said no, unless the school makes everybody wears the tudung as part of its uniform.

Back to Siti. If you ask me, I think Siti is old, successful and rich enough and I don't care if she wears a tudung, a selendang or nothing. But I confess, I'm curious as to what she's done to the pupils of her eyes!

Now, with eyes that colour, you'd think she's blondie!

Picture borrowed from Utusan Malaysia, Jan 14, without permission.


  1. Anonymous1:46 pm

    I don't think it's anyone's business that she's wearing tudung. I think it is courageous of her to actually abide by the teachings of Islam in her own pace.

    It is also inspiring to other muslim women and it also carries a statement: "I can be successful, symbolic and rich and still carry out my duties as a muslimah."

  2. I don't care if she wears a tudung, a selendang or nothing! The NOTHING works fine with me Bro!Nice eyes tho.

    p.s: you have been borrowing too many pictures without permission lately. Borrowing without Permission !!! hahahahaha, i like that man.

  3. Anonymous1:52 pm

    This is Siti's ugliest foto ever. Who's her image consultant...looks like Anita Sarawak is younger than her...!!!!

  4. Anonymous2:13 pm

    Pakai tudung and nyanyi di khalayak ramai memepamerkan aurat is contradictory and defeats the purpose of hijab...tambah lagi nak pi global..terkinja2 atas pentas pakai tudung...image consultant needs a refresher course...she looked much nicer before when she was natural..now like mak nenek...must be Datuk K...typical kampung image...

  5. Anonymous2:15 pm

    I'm visitor number 2,777,577. Dunno why I'm still here!

  6. Siti oh Siti
    Don’t dance to others perspective
    What happening to your style?
    Gone into marriage
    Old styles have no meaning

    So next time I hear her sing
    Old timer songs of yesteryears
    A touch of modern beat perhaps
    Still winning with her smile

    Changing image
    Now she is married
    Entertainers can’t change
    The fans will disappear
    They may not want a new Siti
    Tudung or head scarf she appears

    In the beginning
    Entertainment magazines circulate
    A new style on Siti
    Maybe just an upgrade
    Everything is still old Siti
    Singing what she knows best

  7. Not that I care much about siti...

    But sorry, couldnt get the point. What is the problem with wearing a tudung? Siti is a sysmbol of emancipated women by not wearing a tudung? Woi, she has the right to wear one, you know? Isnt that what "emancipated" supposed to mean?

    Are we supposed to have a law to (like may be in Britain or france) to prevent women from wearing a tudung so that they are "emancipated?"

    Tudung is a symbol of what? Its not a symbol. Its a requirement! Not adhering to that requirement may arguably be a choice to some but to complain about those who chose to wear is not.

    I am not wearing one but I would defend those who chose to wear one.

  8. I was just imaging if I m his husband (hehehe) i would say...u looks ugly babe....

  9. I don't know about the tudung or the eyes.

    But man have you seen the size of her rear, arms and chin......

    Oh yeah not forgetting that belly. A real tai-tai look at 29. Not a great example of Malaysian beauty.

  10. Anonymous2:39 pm

    Hello friend,,,one anonymous said Anita Sarawak look younger than her...!!!!have too lah..her husband Datuk-K kan tua..than Anita hubby kan...younger than Anita..So no big deal....

  11. Anonymous3:16 pm

    That is why RPK said Malay Muslim try to show they are more Muslim than the Arabs.

    This only show the low mentality of Malay Muslim. Just visit youtube and you know what I meant.

  12. Anonymous3:16 pm

    I am not a bit concern whether she wears a headscarf or otherwise, but it adds another ten years to her age.

  13. agreed with afiq "I don't think it's anyone's business that she's wearing tudung."

    and the same applies to tudung in school, "I don't think it's anyone's business"

    just let the family and the kid decide on their own :-)

  14. Anonymous3:49 pm

    Pakai OK, tak pakai OK.


  15. Anonymous3:57 pm

    i thought somebody said 'agama adalah hak individu'..

    but why when somebody want to practice what their agama tought,
    everybody make it an issue??

  16. Anonymous4:04 pm

    Agree with "straycat's strut" views.

  17. Anonymous4:11 pm

    turkey on headscarf issue:


    Erdogan reaffirmed plans to ease Turkey's ban on women wearing headscarves in universities despite stiff opposition from the country's secular elite, including the army generals.

    "In Europe, in the United States, there are people attending university wearing headscarves," Erdogan said,

    "But in Turkey, a country which is 99 percent Muslim, we have this problem," he said, adding that a proposal to ease the ban would be included in a draft constitution.

    Erdogan pledged that within a month his government would propose an amendment to article 301 of the penal code which makes it a crime to insult "Buckishness."

    The European Union, which Ankara hopes to join, says the article stifles free speech and must be changed. It has been used against dozens of writers and journalists including Nobel Literature Laureate Orhan Pamuk.

    Turkey's justice minister had originally said the article would be sent to parliament last week but divisions within the government over the scope of the change -- which is opposed by powerful nationalist parties -- have caused delay.

    The Alliance of Civilisations forum, proposed by Spain in 2005 and co-sponsored at the United Nations by Turkey, aims to find ways to breach the cultural gap between the Muslim and Western worlds.

    Spain has supported Turkey in its bid to join the European Union, although former prime minister Felipe Gonzalez, who has been appointed to head a new "reflection group" on the EU's future, has said the large Muslim country should not join.

    funny, in turkey where 99% are muslim the ban was enforced under penal code .....

  18. Anonymous4:32 pm

    It's sad that ultimately, how a muslim lady dresses determines her level of spirituality and not what's inside...so so so sad.

    As for Siti herself, I think she's overstayed her popularity and its time she makes a graceful exit or at least reinvent herself like Tiara.

  19. Anonymous4:36 pm

    it is her choice and we should not be bothered.

    but in schools and universities, there is lots of pressure for girls to wear one.soon man will need to wear arab looks as well.Looks must be holy ma.

  20. Anonymous4:40 pm

    u know why teachers are forcing the kids to cover their head? becos they think they are the ketua in the school and they tanggung dosa budak2 ni yang tak ikut arahan agama! Very the cetek pemikiran... but that is what national schools have become these days.
    Pak lah is ketua negara, rilek je dia dgn wives dia tak pakai tudung!

  21. I find it utterly uncivilized to poke my nose into an adult's choice. Much more when it is done for religious purposes. If Siti sees the tudung as "Islamic", why would we care about it so much so that we blog about it or engage in edifying jokes about it? I think blogging too needs responsibility. She is a not a government official for her to be the subject of sparring words between people in a given blog. I myself consider the tudung Islamic and I would be happy if my daughters wear them (Insha Allah, not married yet), but despite that, I will respect the person who sees it otherwise for everyone has his/her own grave and appointment with his/her Creator.

    However, Rocky, why did you deny your girl to wear tudung? If she sees it fit, then give her space. Oh, you may say that she wants it because of peer pressure. It is through peer pressure that we learn good and evil. Environment and our surrounding dictate that. But I advise that you go deeper for we may stumble upon the right. Lets give Siti TOTAL and UNRESERVED peace. Otherwise concocting stories about her is not only uncivil but utterly irresponsible, particularly on the choice of her clothing and attire. We are not paparazzi (Or are we?)

  22. Anonymous4:54 pm

    Yes its her business.

    But generally as you pointed out, there is a lot of "peer" pressure everywhere. Some real some very subtle but the pressure is there. Very soon the minority becomes the majority and the majority becomes a landslide. So soon you too have to conform or you will just be the odd one out or be ostracised. See if you can spot the "odd" one out at any gomen department. Or the Police force.

    But coming back to Siti, covering up and blue eyes, isn't there a clash? Perhaps not. Maybe underneath she's wearing Prada, Gucci or whatever.

    Ah! Where have the good ole days gone?

  23. Picture taken from Berita Harian 2nd Section not Utusan Malaysia. Tq

  24. Picture borrowed from Berita Harian 2nc Section not Utusan Malaysia. tq

  25. If this is not on her will to wear tudung, sooner or later it will break her psychologically. Life is fair.

    My comment about her wearing tudung is... it sucks.

    I prefer her old style.

  26. rocky, contacts lenses comes with a rainbow of colours nowadays, if you are daring enough, you too could have blue,green or violet eyes, and if you do, please post your pic then, we need some free entertainment after reading all the heavy stuff on the net, am sure you'll look good with blue. back to Siti,she's put on a few pounds too and will continue to, too good of a life for her.

  27. Anonymous5:22 pm

    is it any surprising that the malays are not a progressive race? look around, what role models do they have?

    the so-called spaceman? everyone knows (except for some for obvious reasons) that he is actually a space tourist.

    the one eye jack (that mp from malacca) whose name that i can't even bother to remember?

    the other crooked guy from klang who runs an illegal satay stall and still manage to live in a palace?

    those mat rempits who are nothing but actually breaking all laws every moment they get on their bikes?

    now we have a popular (only in malaysia anyway)singer who is 'creating waves'. wonder if she speaks english properly?

  28. Anonymous5:26 pm

    ahsah..jealous! sama ada dia pakai tudung ke tak, tua ke muda.

  29. OMG! i thought i saw a ghost!

  30. Anonymous5:34 pm

    Has anyone thought about whether the tudung is at the husband's insistence?
    He is a businessman after all and the big way to get those lucrative contracts is to get your wife to 'conform', especially when you see who the husband is trying to get close to.Open you eyes folks and you will see what i mean..

    By the way Rocky, my doctor friend tells me what is blue is not her pupils but her cornea!

  31. Anonymous5:44 pm

    I KNOW I'M GOING TO OFFEND MANY OF SITI'S FANS HERE, BUT SHE CAN WEAR TUDUNG OR nO TUDUNG OR WHATEVER, SHE WILL never make IT LIKE bEYONCE, MARIAH, WHITNEY OR THE MULTITUDE OF STARS THAT ARE TRULY global, EITHER ECONOMICALLY OR IN FAME OR IN STATURE....she will only and always be what we are always so sos famous for......producing jaguh kampungs......we are just glorifying mediocrity, at best, that's what siti has always been, mediocre.....compared to REAL STARS.....that's the furthest she can go, she will age like her nemesis, sharifah aini,

    entertainment watcher

  32. Anonymous5:59 pm

    Wearing tudung or not, is fine but equating wearing tudung (only) as covering aurah is not.

  33. there goes our chance of at least catching a glimpse of her cleavage.

  34. Rocky!

    You must show good example, your daughter must abide to the school's ruling for her to wear tudung, Rocky this is a fine Muslim country where Islam is the official religion so you must train your daughter to wear tudung,(have i said that already), in fact rafidah aziz must wear tudung, Marina Mahathir must wear one also, so should Azalina, banyak lagi lah perempuan kena pakai tudung kalau tidak masuk neraka jahanam, oh yes Toh Puan Aishah Ong Yoke Lin must also wear tudung......waaa letih lah!

  35. Anonymous6:20 pm

    i don't mean to nit-pick, rocky but her pupils hasn't changed.
    it is her iris ( would that be irises? ) that's changed color.

  36. Anonymous6:30 pm


    I agree with you. This tudung 'fashion', 'fad' or 'culture' is typically herd mentality.

    Yes its Allah's call for Muslims to cover their aurat. But what is the point of people observing this aurat call but simply refuse to observe other calls such as do five times prayer a day or abstain from illicit sex/fornication. How many times we see girls/ladies wearing hijab/tudung but flirt/smooch openly in public? How about this girls wear hijab/tudung and yet we can see their red thongs at the back; the top of their low cut jeans and low cut top!

    Remember just thirty years ago, non of the girls in school (secondary or tertiary) wear tudung/hijab and very few ladies wear them at work, which include Government offices.

    Are these ladies then, less Islam and observe lesser Islamic rights and call, then as compared to now?

    Remember, these same ladies are our grandmothers, mothers, aunties, sisters and cousins.

    All of these 'revelation' of the awareness to wear hijab/tudung falls so suddenly and rapidly, after the fall of Shah Iran in 1978 and upsurge of Islamic revolution.

    "Whats with the eye thingy"????

    As they say, simple things pleases simple mind. Maybe people like Siti Nurhaliza needs to wear a coloured contact lenses and/or add tinge to her hair, to make her feel good, feel 'validated' or even 'emancipated'.

  37. Ralats.

    1/ picture was borrowed from Berita Harian, not Utusan. Thanks Hard-T.

    2/ iris, not pupil. thanks aon 6.20pm.

  38. Anonymous7:31 pm


    what's with basic human rights?

  39. Its her right to wear it/not wear it. As long as she isn't forced...

  40. Anonymous9:14 pm

    I have not problem with siti's new image, she looks nicer and sweeter if she wears simple tudung like she occasionally wore before, but this tudung looks horrible and looks mcm orang tua same goes to her eyes. please laa tolong jgn pakai that contact lenses, buruk bebenor, do rok chetong, pakai yang simple je. Tengok mcm Norjuma dan Wardina comel je....

  41. Anonymous9:20 pm

    She's covering up becos she has put on alot of weight? Just look at her chubby face. Ah the good life maybe.

  42. Anonymous9:37 pm

    To tutup aurat..one needs to start somewhere.Sometimnes it's pressure at sch, by friends, etc.Other times, it's simply to hide grey hair (or bald head).My own experience was peer pressure at the age of 22 while a student in a western university.20 years on,I'm grateful it happened cos' wearing it is also a symbol of embracing my Islamic heritage and culture and if that is also resisting colonisation or one sided globalisation, I am proud I was ahead time!

    Tudung didn't begin with the Arabs by the way so how can you say those wearing tudung want to be more Arab than the Arabs (or more Muslim than the Arabs)The nuns wear them and no one accuse them of trying to be holier than anyone else.

    I think it's high time we learn to respect people who wear tudung and be open-minded.It's a choice they have made.And if they want to encourage others to do that, biarlah.Tak mau, jangan cakap banyak.Just don't do it -- without being judgmental.

  43. Anonymous9:38 pm

    Wow want to look like mat salleh.

    Is the husband bored of her original look? Now prefer mat Salleh...

  44. Anonymous9:40 pm

    I agree with Rusdie that Rocky's daughter should be trained to wear a tudung or else she will burn in the fires of hell or her brain might get pickled in the sweaty heat. Also Rocky will have to check what her tudunged teachers are stuffing her head with. This is a world ruled by style and diktat - to hell with the content. Heaven help us all!!! All this talk about being tudungeg makes me worry about my mother, grandmother, great grandmothers and all those wonderful women who have passed away and did not cover their heads!!!

  45. my my my... when it comes to this tudung issue so many comments and opinions. everybody wants to chip in ya? tudung/hijab equates Islam and my my my... how it ruffled all your feathers :)
    i think robert frost "the road not taken" is simple enough to be understood. everyone has the right to choose. why bother?

  46. Anonymous10:05 pm


  47. Anonymous10:34 pm

    Anonymous 5.22pm:

    If the Malays are not a progressive race, it's because so many of them are responding to this blog and bitching about a grown woman's choice to wear a tudung!

    Pantang tengok orang senang -- just want to rip her to bits coz takde kerja lain!

  48. Ah Sibuk sial PASQUALE nak berbincang dan berpendapat mengenai ARTIS bertudung atau tidak. Lantak dia le nak buat apa pun kita rupa macam ni jugak. Nak bergossip lah pulak mengenai mengapakah Siti bertudung sekarang tidak dahulu bla bla bla.. Ah ko ni PASQUALE MACAM MAKCIK!


    Apa kata ko menghantar pendapat kau kepada Mangga dan URTV melalui surat menyurat luahan perasaan peminat.

    Tapi ye la, sebenarnya aku pun tak minat siti pun, tak macam ko jadi aku memang tak peduli lah. Maka dalam frasa kejadian ini ingin aku meminjam kata-kata Dato Seri S Samy Vellu..

    Siapa itu Siti/Pandithan/(letakkan nama sesiapa)? Dia boleh pergi jatuh dalam Longkang!

  49. This comment has been removed by the author.

  50. Anonymous12:22 am

    pakai tudung or not, if it's her choice, let it be lah.

    by harping too much on such a trivial issue, we are just equating ourselves with those harian metro reading folks, always rooting for more celebrity news and scandals to be published on the front page of broadsheet newspapers.

  51. Yes, i agree it's her right to wear the tudung. After all religion is very personal. But what I dont understand is WHY stuff like this becomes important news..Remember the time when she announced her wedding? Or was it the engagement? Every bloody newspaper had that in the front page, pushing the news of an earthquake in Indon to the back..Stop treating this people like they're royalty..Heck, even our royals aren't treated like Siti and Mawi are..

  52. Anonymous12:59 am

    as a muslim woman, wearing tudung is a must.

  53. Anonymous1:25 am

    reminds me of the protest in turkey against abdullah gul because his wife wears "tudung".
    words like "we wants civilised modern ppl"

    civilised modern ppl does not incl woman who cover herself?

    thats in turkey.
    perharps pretty much in the west as well.

    siti can do what she wants wear whatever this is still a free country?

  54. Anonymous1:58 am

    Siti Nurhaliza was a personality that held great influence and potential to be one of the strongest role-models this nation has ever had.

    However, she threw a kingsize katak busok into that whole possibility. Not only did she let multitudes of young people who looked up to her down, but she let one of the best images of a young Malay woman in history go down the "longkang" drain.

    By choosing to marry a rich opportunist datuk who conveniently divorced his former wife, communicated and conveyed a deep malaise of what laid in the physce of young Malay teens and adults in our culture.

    Siti lacked the strength or impetus to break free from such an ideologica and ethno-cultural enslavement. The idea that it was "takdir" to opt for such a detestable "marriage" was in itself a contagion of both cultural and religous impotence.

    Young Malay Malaysians once again became subliminaly programmed, this time by their darling idol, to beleive that it is ok to justify marrying a man two or three times your age on "tadir" pronouncements.

    Was she destined to become a trophy isteri untuk datuk dan ....God knows what. One wonders why a young inteligent woman like Siti chose such a route when she had so much liberty to chart her own destiny.

    Now we are presented with this very visual, soapan santun "tudung" persona. What has become of the "maruah" or dignity or "personhood" of the young Malay teenage girl or woman in this country?

    Who will raise the law of the lid? To rise above this pathetic posturing and pandering to Islamic fundamentalism, humilation and profiling of women?

    As many have pointed out here, not too long ago, not a single Malay women wore the tudung. Many were godly women, role models and women of integrity and immense leadership quality.

    Are to beleive that the tudung will somehow curtail rapes,sodomy, baby dumping and incest and unfaithulness?

    Why is such stereotyping of women still continuing in our television dramas, media and movies. Why do thinking inteligent men silent over this attempt to religous and cultural imprisonment?

    Is there a another Siti out there that will raise the law of the lid? To help young Malay teens and women to see beyond this disgraceful conditioning and enslavement?

  55. in different light. There's no light in you. Bending to peer pressure to learn good and evil? Bending to peer pressure will not only make Rocky's girl weak but as stupid as you.

    You were probably sodomised at boarding school to learn good and evil and will probably insist that every boy at boarding school should bend and be sodomised to learn good and evil. I hope you'll tell that to your son one day.

    Rocky. It's tough on your daughter to face peer/teacher pressure at school but it will build up her character and make her a strong young woman with an mind of her own one day. We are a nation in trouble and in desperate need of such citizens in future.

    Explain to her why and tell her that you'll allow her to wear the tudung if she can convince you that wearing one will make her feel closer to Allah and not just for the need to belong to a group of weak girls or be treated better by her stupid teachers.

    If light shines out of her eyes when she talks about Allah, let her.

    Maybe the reason to why Siti have "blue" eyes is because she wants us to believe that light is shining out of them ... but who's she trying to fool? Certainly not Allah.

  56. Wear tudung but wear colored contact lens! Whats the use??
    I guess that defeats the purpose.

    Also by singing, that also defeats the purpose.

    Also by falling in love with a married man and displacing his first wife and kids, also defeats the purpose.

    Also by buying a tudung from money gotten through haram ways, defeats the purpose.

    Life becomes weird when we analyze everything.

  57. Anonymous6:54 am

    suaramalaysia...you make me want to become a suicide bomber man...really makes me wanna puke and then go blow up some people hearing them trying to dictate how we should practise Islam...go polish your idols, k? before I go into a long lecture about the stupidity of worshipping dead statues, k?

  58. Anonymous9:31 am

    Who cares about her, she is not the 'best' example anyway.

  59. I do agree with suaramalaysia on some points, especially on the need to liberate Malay Muslim men and women from the shackles of societal pressure.
    It is indeed a contradictory statement - pseudotrad or pseudomod? - to wear a tudung AND tinted contact lenses; perhaps it's a cooptation of the 'trendy' into the 'traditional'.

  60. Anonymous10:35 am

    Dude, i always thought she wore tudung back then when she was a Kuala Lipis girl.

  61. Wearing tudung....PASS
    Wearing COLORED contacts....haram?

  62. Rocky@

    I dare Aljazeera to have forum on "Tudung" and "Hijab" it will be interesting to see how the panelist will fare!

  63. Anonymous11:30 am

    Dear Siti,

    Getting a little chubby, are you?

  64. Anonymous11:43 am

    I just met a few families with several school-going children among them. They are in dire straits with the schools asking for all kinds of fees, and asking them to buy all kind of books and other stuff. THEY ARE ALL SUFFERING.

    And here are more than 50 intelligent educated beings discussing Siti, a spoilt kid who went for a rich married man, wrecking a home in the process.

    Don't know about you guys, but I am disgusted with this blog actually discussing her.

  65. Anonymous11:44 am

    diam la suarakeldai..suka hati siti la nk pakai tudung ke, nk pakai bikini ke....

  66. Anonymous1:18 pm

    Suka hatilah Siti hendak pakai tudung ke tidak, tapi apa dah jadi dengan 'make-up' dia, kenapa rupa pelik terutama sekali biji mata macam 'alien' sahaja.... atau dah kena 'cataract' ke? Jumpa doktor mata cepat buat operation , ya!

  67. Saya setuju dengan pendapatan abang Rusdi Mustapha .. Tapi Bang , semua wanita famous punya nama you sebut lu punya Boss Punya Bini Punya Nama tarak sebut kah ? Dia pun tarak Tudung mahhh !

  68. Anonymous2:32 pm

    After reading some of the comments here I have to say that...'YOU CAN TAKE ALI OR MINAH OUT OF THE KAMPUNG, BUT YOU CAN'T TAKE THE KAMPUNG OUT OF ALI OR MINAH"

  69. Anonymous2:33 pm

    Hey ! How come theres no fuss about Sikhs wearing turbans !
    male or female , turban or tudung, --what the hell --- its still individual's rights kan kan ...

  70. Anonymous3:05 pm

    Srikanth Siva is right. Wearing tudung but with colored contact lenses defeats the whole purpose of covering oneself.

    The idea of tudung/hijab/purdah you name it, is modesty. Modesty is demanded by many religions as well as cultures.

    But in Malaysia, donning the tudung has become for many, either a peer-pressure-induced thing or a fashionable one.

    So much so that those Muslim women who actually decide to wear one as because of her faith becomes equated with others.

    Wearing the tudung and slathering on some serious layers of make up and dressing immodestly in tight or revealing clothes somewhat makes the whole ensemble look cheap and tart-like.

    It somehow also makes non-muslims have a rather dim view of muslim girls.

    Remember that modesty is a concept not limited to Islam.

    I'm cool with tudung-clad girls reading the news on tv. Or tudung clad girls singing even.

    But Siti as a celebrity, when she does something, sends signals to the public.

    Tudung+modest attire= modest woman
    Tudung+flamboyant clothes+blue lenses= contradicting signals.

    Check out this link. A few chicks talk abt why they wear tudung.


  71. Anonymous3:19 pm

    diamlah anti-bodoh kalau orang nak tulis komen ,dia pun hal-lah ,you sibuk apa ....tengok cermin lah dulu!kayu rapuh betul

  72. Anonymous3:23 pm

    kerp !you the man!!!

  73. Anonymous3:42 pm

    To muslims and non-muslims alike ,

    If you want to enlighten on the real purpose of wearing a tudung ,first do not to say anything if you don`t have an ounce of knowledge and do read this article at this link for some additional info.



  74. I observe peer pressure in university times. This lady is either shunned or were a loner. One day she got tudunged and seemed to have friends then. People have choice to decide and respected for it. we have to ask ourselves if our tactics to force them to do so is morally just ( in the name of religion?)

    My Malay friend on the same floor likes rock music and study ( engineer) instead of fooling about & being in the 'in' group. He was shunned. I do see religious looking mans knocking on his door and having long talk sessions. The leader of the 'in' group is in the same university for 7 years n have just manage to start first year in degree programme. Government pays all his tuition fee & allowance. If peer pressure can make the standard better, perhaps it is good. But am confuse in a lot of instances.

  75. Tu Dung, or not Tu Dung: that is the question:
    Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
    The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
    Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,
    And by opposing end them? To die: to sleep;
    No more; and by a sleep to say we end
    The heart-ache and the thousand natural shocks
    That flesh is heir to, 'tis a consummation
    Devoutly to be wish'd. To die, to sleep;
    To sleep: perchance to dream: ay, there's the rub;
    For in that sleep of death what dreams may come
    When we have shuffled off this mortal coil,
    Must give us pause: there's the respect
    That makes calamity of so long life;
    For who would bear the whips and scorns of time,
    The oppressor's wrong, the proud man's contumely,
    The pangs of despised love, the law's delay,
    The insolence of office and the spurns
    That patient merit of the unworthy takes,
    When he himself might his quietus make
    With a bare bodkin? who would fardels bear,
    To grunt and sweat under a weary life,
    But that the dread of something after death,
    The undiscover'd country from whose bourn
    No traveller returns, puzzles the will
    And makes us rather bear those ills we have
    Than fly to others that we know not of?
    Thus conscience does make cowards of us all;
    And thus the native hue of resolution
    Is sicklied o'er with the pale cast of thought,
    And enterprises of great pith and moment
    With this regard their currents turn awry,
    And lose the name of action.--Soft you now!
    The fair Siti Nurhaliza ! Nymph, in thy Bossom

  76. Anonymous4:56 pm

    anon 3:42

    Bagus info tu..berhujah biar berilmu mcm Ust.Zaharuddin..org ada Master dlm Fiqh Muamalat (Sistem Kewangan Islam) mana sama dgn 'ustaz' mengaji kaki lima ttp masih ada hati nak ada gelaran ustaz.

    Bahalol-bahalol condemn tudung ni rasa diri masing2 pandai, tapi gaya mereka cakap macam perbezaan tudung saji dgn tudung kepala pun tak reti .....

    Lebih teruk yg geng bukan Islam tu ..pandai sangat nak komen Islam walaupun tak faham apa2 langsung... kalau kita komen hal agama diaorg mau melenting macam lubang punggung dicucuk besi panas..tau pun marah..ludah ke langit tak sedar jatuh ke muka sendiri.

    Sitikus pun..tutup aurat memanglah kewajipan..tapi kalau suntik botox bg dagu panjang, pakai contact lense bewarna (tanpa sebab utk masalah penglihatan), baju masih sendat nampak bentuk buah-buahan apa gunanya..

    Nak betul2 berubah kena ada ilmu..tak payah jadi artislah. Carilah kerjaya lain yg comply syariah.

    (56 comments for this Sitikus including from one anonymouse...? What the hell..Bro Rock..for this artikel I rated it at tiga suku stars.. )

    Talk about botox & VitC..what about Khir Poyo? hehehe..arrghhh.. I cannot move my eye brow, my micro muscles paralysed..my face turning into that yellow smiley icon..hahahaha...)

    salam 1st 2008 Maal Hijrah...

  77. .......whatever said and done its a good idea to launch her carrer to international level but 1st and foremost she need a good english teacher if u know what mean.......

  78. Anonymous9:31 pm

    Wah cicak wear tudung lah!

  79. Roxanne,

    I find your comments utterly insulting and out of context. I was shocked to see such level of hatred. There is no doubt that you are burning with rage and anger feeling alienated and demoralized. You reached a point where you called me a “stupid” boy who was “sodomised in school” (Audhu Billah) and then in your temerity you went ahead to invoke the name of Allah SW to make a point. What an ingenious way of covering oneself! You are dirty, pugnacious, unregenerate and an evil element who has no dignity and human decency. Your identity and the iniquitous ideals that you hold dear were unearthed through the rants your inane head filled with unprofitable stuff spewed; no wonder the mouth of a fool spews wasted words. The fact that you ran into sodomy which is utterly un-Islamic and a bestial behaviour speaks volume of your true character for language is the dress of the ideals and thoughts of human beings.

    When I said bad and evil is learnt through peer group and neighbourhood, I was correct. Peer refers to school, neighborhood, working area and friendship, etc, and it was the Prophet (PBUH) who said “Every person is of the religion of his companion.” So if someone lives with others, he or she will learn many things from them (good/bad), it is here that he/she gains or loses depending on the overall conduct, ideals and positions of the companions /neighborhood or school/community. It was because of this that I advised Rocky not to deny his daughter to veil “if she sees it fit.” Digest my words before you vomit on my shoes. Then I went ahead to state that “everyone has his/her own grave” and therefore should be free to decide his destiny. Then went ahead to advise against poking our noses into the choices of adult people and mentioned Siti here. I didn’t say the school was correct but stated that “our surrounding and environment dictate” a lot as far as societal manners are concerned, which is a simple reality.

    You may have a bone to pick with Siti, you may feel alienated because the archaic ideals that you are perpetuating are being sniffed at by all the people who have higher purpose in life and value human decency, but that doesn’t give you the right to vomit on people’s shoes simply that you are frustrated. If you believe you are wise and “chic”, then you are free to state your position however illogical it is, that’s why Rocky gave everyone this platform but to go to immoral heights like sodomy and filthy culture is a testimony of what you are made of and the ideals you harbour. Finally, in every narration about the past people and their iniquitous behaviours, the Quran makes it clear that people learnt evil from one another, that’s also how good is learnt despite the fact that we are individuals endowed with intelligence who are advised to make critical choices for everyone is accountable for his deeds. May God guide us all. Amin.

  80. Anonymous11:11 pm

    anonymouse, hang ni pandai gak ugama rupanya, aku ingat hang ni dok melancap ja depan computer based on lomen hang dulu pasai pompuan...ada gak ilmu rupanya...baguih hang ni...aku setuju pandangan hang...

  81. Anonymous11:21 pm

    tudung kepala is thousand times better than tudung bir

  82. Anonymous11:54 pm

    My workplace theres one looks like CT and of course I adore both of you. Now I say GOODBYE to SITI and YATIE cause I am more handsome than Datuk K.

    KM abadi.

  83. Anonymous12:00 am

    anon 9.14pm,
    apa yang nicer and sweeternye?? Kalo nok paka tudung, paka je lah. no need to justify to anyone,dan apa kena mengena dgn norjuma dan wardina.Lu ni datang dari kampong ulu terengganu ke?

  84. Anonymous1:07 am

    Whats with Rocky?
    I almost totally stop reading MT during the fiery debates on anti-hadith some time back.But I decided to just stay clear of those articles.
    And now this posting? ... hmm.. macam baca Pancaindera la brader....hehehe

    Jangan mareh..

  85. wak segen,

    heh, tak mareh.
    selamat malem.

  86. Anonymous1:13 am

    pissed pash said...
    "suaramalaysia...you make me want to become a suicide bomber man...really makes me wanna puke and then go blow up some people...."

    It is not my nature to enggage dialogues with would be suicide-bombers looking for someone to blame their malice driven worldview on.... however, I do have some advise for pissed pash: "those who live by the sword will die by the sword".

    Blind hatred and malice is no solution to the issues facing our nation. If you are consumed or driven by such bloodlust, you will not be enjoying 72 virgin hourein and perpetual boys of freshness in Jenna, but inherit an eternal destiny of suffering and banishment and eternal regret.

    And another thing pissed pash, your assumption that I am a hindu reflects your deep-seated racism and bitterness towards Hindus and Malaysian Indians in general.

    Unlike the inheritance some have received from the country's racial profiling, not all who express their views against the injustices of a community or religous group belong to that group.

    Such conditioning is the result of a race-driven political tradition that indoctrinate certain quarters to only see through race-colored lenses. In other words, any love or concern or justice sought for those not of their race or faith is seen as a threat to their right to existence.

    These individuals are "hijacked" intellectualy and in some sense psychologically and spiritualy. They lack the ability to critically evaluate evil or injustices within their own culture or community but are obessed with the "us verses them" paradigm.

    An example of such outlook can be witnessed in some of our local Malay dramas, where the woman is often potrayed as the evil protagonist, the one who causes division and marital break-ups. It has also for years stereotyped certain races in such roles as either the villan, drunkard and betrayer.

    Such stereotyping and racial profiling has mutated many "pissed pashs" and it would be presumptous to assume that their thinking or attitude towards people of other races and faiths will be instantly altered.

    But I am convinced that there is still hope and potential for the pissed pash generation... at some point of life they may have the breakthrough to think out of the box; in other words to be unshackled by a debilatating sense of ethno-cultural or religous sense of superiority.

    As I have mentioned before, the "ketuanan Melayu" mindset is a dangerous aparthied-like mentality. For genuine goodwill and harmony to emerge there needs to be a condemnation of such ideological posturings. One can't despise Nazism and at the same time nurture similar ideological super-race mandates.

    Concerning Siti, may she grow to be the woman that God wants her to be. And may she be empowered to think her own thoughts and develop a sense of pride of doing right even when no one else thinks it to be worthy.

    One of the greatest treasons in life and history is doing the right things for the wrong reasons.

  87. Anonymous2:28 am

    In different light,

    I think you misunderstood Roxanne’s prose .Calling her evil, pugnacious, unregenerate and dirty is totally erroneous and ludicrously. In fact, she brings an honest and refreshing view of matters especially on the subject of daily life. You don’t have to agree with her analysis besides she is not GOD...so, what are you afraid of?

  88. Anonymous2:33 am

    If Siti wants to sell her English album abroad, she will fail. She can barely speak English as she has to drop that ridiculous title of Datuk which is given to every Samy, Ali and Wong for a herty price. Its becoming a standard joke among many Malaysians.

  89. in a different light. I didn't say you were sodomised. I'll never put myself in a position that will allow someone to sue me! I said you were "probably" sodomised. Probably means maybe or may not but in your case I think MOST likely than not.

    You really amuse me, you've not only misread me but the more you explained yourself the more you confirmed that I'm right about you. You are indeed STUPID!

    "How can you get wisdom ... when your talk is of bullocks?" Apocrypha, Ecclesiasticus 38:25

    I don't hate Siti. I don't even know her. Siti has "blue" eyes and I've no problem with that but tudung with fake "blue" eyes is just as incongruent to me as tudung with pouty red lips. If you want to be modest, at least BE consistent!

  90. Anonymous8:21 am

    suaramalaysia..I'm well aware of the inherent racism and injustices in my country...no need to pontificate macamla you are so enlightened...you talk about all these ingrained slanted worldview...tapi you pun sama jugak...

    Islam is a beautiful, fair and just religion...cutting across borders, race and cultures...and the only determining factor is the iman and taqwa of a person...if you care put your own inherent bias against Islam aside and look back in time, you will see that the spread of Islam wrought unparalleled positive changes in terms of social justice, good governance....it championed the emancipation and rights of women (not in the widely trumpeted but failed western ideals), the poor and downtrodden, and contributed such light to the world of knowledge....

    You have a tendency to drag Islam thru the mud of "ketuanan Melayu", Umno's and BN's racial posturing, and the afflictions affecting Malay society (all races have their own, but funny how Malays are often singled out, and no I'm not Malay) with words carefully selected to inflame and incite and prejudice, ie: extremism, jihadists, fundamentalism, terrorists, Islamists...THAT IS WHAT PISSES ME OFF...people like you who hide behind the false veneer of intellectual ie bombastic wordplay and objective (konon) speak...

    The brand of Islam practiced by Umno/ some Malays and the actions of the misguided in dealing with other races and religions is not a true and just indicator of the message of the blessed Deen...

    Why single out Islam and Malays only? "Ketuanan" in various forms has been practised/is being practised the world over. The so-called great democracies and leaders of the world can barely hide their own thinly disguised bigoted and racist views and religious posturing...just look at examples in India, the US and European countries like Denmark, Austria, Germany and their attempts to quash the rise of Islam within their own communities and use of the the "Islamist/terrorist" bogeyman to violate sovereign nations in their efforts to maintain supremacy and power (power to oppress, that is)...under the guise of spreading democracy and justice around the world...Iraq today is an example of the "democracy" they propagate..a nation and people ruined.

  91. Hamzah 3.24, I agree its none of anyone's business if anyone wears a tudung. Its also nobody's business if Rocky does not want his daughter to wear a tudung! I am sure you will agree to that too!

  92. Anonymous9:48 am

    Hey anonymous, it's every Samy, Abdullah and Ong lah....

  93. Anonymous10:06 am

    I feel sorry for some of you - what is becoming of this country.
    There's too much hatred for other races and religion. Some of you'll might be a mother or a father to your children but hey the example you set - talking rubbish (eg, criticizing another race/religion, bickering about a silly 'tudung' over much more serious issues in this country. GROW UP PEOPLE . No wonder day by day people are fleeing out of this country to much a greener pasture . Simply because of racial politics and every now and then certain group of race are marginalised and bias-ness that happens daily. It's really sick . Btw, Rocky you certainly post interesting topics but then it comes back and bites your ASS.

  94. Anonymous10:11 am

    Akak Pish Pash...

    Tq for your warm gesture...I seem to have a magnetic personality to you, eh?
    Naah.. melancap dpn PC (an electronic gadget) mana ada syok lah akak...akak la tolong baru best...hehehe :D
    Akak.. Rat love & live in holes..its a fact.
    [end of line]

    Feel free to attack a Muslim for his/her stand & attitude which indeed very subjective , but that doesn't granted any objective license for a person to attack Islam (Ad-Din) as a whole.. Especially from people who have no knowledge at all about true Islam (a complex system of living by Allah for mankind comprising spiritual,social, science, economic & politics).. Its just like an idiot who think he/she is so smart enough to lecture rocket science to others & bragging about it. even a muslim also doesn't means he/she have full understanding about it either..that's why they do suicide bombing..

    The wise one only argue with true facts & figures..

    If not, its called 'shit talking' = no intellectual value worth for mind to digest whatsoever..just shit!

    (Based on these guideline, everybody can now filter their own comments whatever wether its 'shit talking' or not..But sometimes its fun doing shit talking..no need to think & do homework at all..)

  95. Anonymous1:09 pm

    Betullah anonymouse..secara halus mau hentam islam...

    " on the need to liberate Malay Muslim men and women from the shackles of societal pressure." konon...

    You Wimps ( Westernized Islamic Malay Peoples )and others soon will know in the future there will be "need to undress all your daughters to vultures due to societal pressure on prom night"

    Go go American Pie Generation..

    mana-mana lah

  96. yes, i agree with you guys, each and every single one of you. we still wont be able to see her cleavage.

  97. Roxanne,

    Where is the wisdom in your words? And why would you quote your Bible to prove your lunacy and indecorum? When you say “probably”, what’s was in your mind? Why would you go to dizzy heights in showing the nefarious and abhorrent culture that you cherish? Then you say I must have been “sodomised” in your thinking. Chinua Achebe says “You accuse others of what actually you are.” It only shows the obnoxious and loathsome life that you have had. If the best example that you can offer is “sodomy” in this given debate, then it only shows the true character of yourself. The good thing is that no one feels offended by your sleazy comments because in your own imagination, males mounting each other like brute animals are what you offer and dream of. I wonder as a female, if you regret God’s creation order because I can see what you are yearning for. We seek God’s protection.

    You said I “misread” your comments but insisted on your aberration, (My ribs…I can’t laugh anymore), why would I misread when the best example you could mention to drive your point home was barnyard and bestial behaviour that all civilized societies detest? And if I misunderstood, why haven’t you retracted your profane and scatological “sodomy” vomit? I would remind you that it is better to be “stupid” than a marauding she-goat whose higher purpose in life is defined by odious culture and the companionship of every moribund character.

    Finally on Siti, whether you hate her or not is not the question and neither were you given the cozy comfort of saying so because Siti is not hungry for the recognition of peccant elements of your ilk, but the choice of an adult person who came under attack. Whether she puts on lipstick and the veil or not is a personal choice, the fact that you share nothing with her be it religion, ideas and ideals or simply the objectionable “sodomy” yearning you have can’t be a reason as to why you should vomit on her shoes. If you disagree with her, you are free to retire to your world.

  98. Anonymous1:58 pm

    suarakeldai aka suaramalaysia is antiIslam and antiMalay as always...his words not worth listening...oh wait, keldai where got suara...they bray when mating...

  99. i miss her wearing a tudung..she looked better...

  100. Anonymous10:47 pm

    tolonglah... takkan secetek ini pemikiran bangsaku.

  101. in different light. Your stupidity is confirmed once again. I'll say no more. Whatever you say from now on will keep on reconfirming it, so I rest my case.

  102. Anonymous3:23 pm

    Just a note from an observer on this blog. I noticed SuaraMalaysia constant feedback on most topics speaks the truth and makes sense than most of you. Sometimes the truth hurts , doesn't it??

  103. Anonymous3:48 pm

    pissed pash - you sound like an idiot . Honestly are you guys really educated like you sound? Why do you always get defensive about Islamic teaching/belief and religion unless time and time again more Muslims are getting out of your religion and you feel so threatened .Because of the silly beliefs (like 72 virgins upin heaven are there waiting for you suicide bombers for their love of their wonderful religion - what do they really teach you guys in religious classes), and when you say I wish I was suicide bomber , that speaks loud - You're sick. Get your head checked and your beliefs as well. Stop criticizing other religion and beliefs when your religion is a butt of jokes in western countries. Why are most muslims denied a 10 years visa(just given 6 mths) and some of us non muslims are so easy to get 10 year of visa with no queries or harrasment like some of you guys come crying to me when you want to visit US . You know why?? Because of your DUMB suicide bombers / terrorist which majority of you are Muslims. I rest my case. So don't go shooting your ASS off now, will ya.

  104. This comment has been removed by the author.

  105. Anonymous11:00 pm

    tudung or no tudung
    I know a couple of dozens
    tudunged who practice
    free s_x

    so its up to the individual(s) and God to judge

    who are we to judge?

  106. Anonymous1:59 am

    anon at 3.48pm...i don't wish to visit the US, i have been the whole world over when it was still sane before a lunatic alcoholic crusader like Bush made it a less fun world...not hard up to visit a country with blood on its hands..u are the uneducated idiot..don't know a tongue-in-cheek comment when you see one..dumbkopf...and coward too..kalu pariah tu pariah gak..go and live in UK or US and see what they think of you la..you wud prob get the prop prices down..at least kat Malaysia ni dapat kat india mcm Tony and Ananda make biilions off people..be like the chinese la..they just work harder...

  107. For the enlightenment of everyone else. The quote: "How can you get wisdom ... when your talk is of bullocks?" Apocrypha, Ecclesiasticus 38:25, is not from the official Bible.

    In fact, the Apocrypha where it came from was banned by the early church fathers from the canonical Bible as "dangerous knowledge". Later, in 16th century, it was proclaimed "dubious writings" by the ruling church. Today, it's included as the "third" section of the Bible by some Christian denominations.

    I didn't use it in a religious context but to illustrate a point. It just popped into mind as how true those words are from something that was proclaimed false by those who lust for control of others.

  108. Hey you anonymous 3:48,

    Your quote - "like 72 virgins upin heaven are there waiting for you suicide bombers for their love of their wonderful religion"
    Did you just just quote it from "he Kingdom" movie?.It is so pathetic that your historical reference only starts after 9/11..

    Go watch Michael Moore`s Fahrenheit 9/11 you dipwad...or at least Paul Haggis Crash....

    It is really annoying to know people who subscribe Rocky` Bru because hates malaysia`s maisntream news still believes news from US mainstream news....go get the real story ..

    If you have the brains not just blabbering away try to read this article :


  109. Anonymous9:42 pm

    no fuss, private matter, check out the modesty verse that talks about lower your gaze and cover your bosom...

    check out this web www.submission.org

  110. Anonymous7:40 pm

    Hey Guys, Ladies, whatever.....
    Whats the commotion all about?!? There's no need to bite each others off. After reading all your posts...there's no need for further discussion or post. Whatever one want to do with oneself, its their problem. Tudung or no tudung. Blue eyes or no blue eyes. Blonde hair or not. Why to go to such detail of a person while you should look at yourself for the imperfection and time to look into the mirror what you have done to yourself. Then self improve and self perfect yourself, only you can comment on others. May Allah Bless you all.


  111. Anonymous11:24 am

    ppl are very judgemental here, neighbours busybody, society busybody, politicians busybody.each want to look over each other shoulder.Gossip society

    about tudung,one say veil is right, other say purdah is right,some say shawl..some don't know etc which is which?

  112. Anonymous2:53 am

    "He who is without sin among you, let him be the first to throw a stone at her." Nampaknya banyak sekali orang-orang your comments di sini datang daripada mereka yang tak mempunyai dosa. You guys mengumpat dan bukankah mengumpat tu dosa namanya.

    What is she doing to her self let it be between her and God. No one in here menerima any pahala for saying what you guys were saying. Need to look yourself in the mirror first before bercakap tentang orang lain. No one is holier that the other accept God. Menutup aurat ke tak ke did not guarantee your place in Heaven kalau your hati and your fikiran tidak baik. We are all sinners so consider this and renung sekejap see where you guys at "He who is without sin among you, let him be the first to throw a stone at her."

  113. Anonymous10:51 am

    I was surfing and happen to find myself in this site. Siti is famous isn't she? Too bad her step in marrying Datuk K was a big mistake- it only proves to the public she had urged Datuk K to divorce his poor beautiful then wife;a royalty before he's able to marry Siti, only after few months of the divorce settlement? Thats heartless, Siti. If she was really in love with Datuk K for who he is,not because of wealth and status, Siti should know her own status as a normal village girl and not to encourage divorce. If only she places herself as the one being divorced. Imagine if Datuk K left Siti (after few kids) for a younger women. Dear Siti, there are reasons why Allah has not given you any children. Though, you should be patient. What are you trying to achieve? As a Muslim women, you encourage divorce, as a Muslim women who has performed the pilgrimage you dont cover up properly, as A Muslim women you still sing and dance on stage. My friends- Europeans, Americans, English have all almost lost respect for you. We used to think that you're a true talented Malay beauty. Its a pity, because we used to adore Siti so much.

    Queen of Hearts.

  114. Anonymous6:12 pm


  115. Anonymous1:38 am

    i dont understand why everyone's being such a busy body about her covering herself when most seems to say 'not that i care much about her'. neither do i, but whats the fuss with the tudung? let her be la. i dont see her bothering other ppls life by wearing it. face it, she has it all.. i guess ppl cant accept that fact huh?

    and over people saying she looks ugly or whatnot with her scarfs on, i can bet shes still prettier then those who actly say she's 'ugly with her scarfs on'.

    im suprise to know how shallow and prejudice our malaysian citizens are, especially over this such SMALL matter.

  116. Anonymous4:51 am

    this issue only happened inside the country that are muslim majority.why?not really know the reason or cause.
    about siti,she can do whatever she want to because as she always said she is muslim and let her and her husband carry the sin lar...eheh
    hmmm,the eyes looked like to pop out and she really look chubby and old.sorry siti...but true..anonymous

  117. suria4:53 pm

    i am appalled by some malay muslim commenters here who talks about islam and use vulgar words at the same time. and then use "bodoh/bahalol" and the like words while talking about how great islam is.

    yes! islam is great and pure etc- but not you guys, sorry! i am so ashamed to my non-muslim friends and non-arab friends. ps. among the non-malay muslims, malays are famous for being both religious and sinful at the same time. it is normal for malays to wear tudung and at the same time sing and dance and have dates with boyfriends. but its not normal with non-malay muslims. you will find non-malay muslim ladies singing or dancing or modelling or hold hands with guys etc but they dont wear tudung or pray either. but malays, no, they do both bad and good. they go to hajj ten times, read quran and also go to music concerts and discos. my my my!

    whats the point you cover one part of your attractiveness (hair) but don't cover the other parts of your attractiveness, in fact enhancing it? (by publicising your voice, cleavage, etc)?

    someone mention nuns. yes, what do you think if nuns sing in public and have millions of MALE fans adoring her, fantasizing being with her etc. whats the purpose of her being a nun or in a muslim's case, covering herself up then? to please God or to please men's fantasies??

    even this simple question, a malay mind can't seem to get it. whats more embarressing is, a non-muslim gets it more than a malay muslim does.

    how sad.

    and yes, i'm malay. i hope the malays in this land will wake up and let not the tragedy of Acheh befalls us. look at the bruneians, they are malay muslims and they are still decent. why can't we be more like that? choose, if you want the non-islamic way, then go that way. but if you want islamic way, do it RIGHT and do it WELL.

    you say the non-muslims have no right to comment on islam. no, they are not commenting on islam, they are commenting on us MALAY muslims for doing BOTH the obligatory AND the forbidden. islam ask us to do the obligatory and leave the forbidden. choose ONE. dont do both. and when you do both, dont get mad when non-muslims start commenting.

    nuff said.

  118. Anonymous11:53 pm

    i think you should validate your html, it got errors

  119. Anonymous10:31 am

    I do not see any issue for siti decision to put on hijab. but the issue here, is the way she portray herself. wearing a designer hijab and frontal part of her hair,neck still can be seen. some picture shown her ear. with her fleshy boobs shape still can be seen. Is this the proper way of putting on hijab?

    The aim of the hijab, usually worn as headscarf, is to hide a woman's beauty. All Muslim women are required to wear the hijab according to Islam.

    The hijab is an act of worship and protection against the lustful looks of others. The hijab also helps keep muslimah from infusing sex into any interaction.

  120. siti tu tak terima hidayah lagi .. lantak dia la.... ntah hidayah mana dia nak tunggu ntah.... cukuplah nabi kita dah diturunkan al quran.... takde kitab lain lagi nak diturunkan.. lebih2 lagi utk siti..

    org belajar rendah memang otak mcm ni walaupun kawin ngan dato dan si kaya.. otaknya tetap camtu... rambut ngan mata je kaler... berubah.

    kalau bercakap suaranya cukup sedap ... anugerah allah..

    bila menyanyi suara sengau keluar ikut idung... allah tak suruh menyanyi bila lahir ke dunia ni.