Friday, January 11, 2008

Johor MIC No 2 shot dead

updates Jan 12, 4:35pm:
Pic is of photfit of the murder suspect

PM "shocked", Samy says Krishnasamy
did a lot for the Indians [click HERE]
Son pleads with media to stop speculating [here]

Original posting

By Malaysiakini
MIC leader shot dead in
Johor, Jan 11, 08 3:32pm

MIC Johor deputy chief and Tenggaroh state assemblyperson
S Krishnasamy was gunned down by unidentified assailants at
the MIC Johor headquarters this afternoon.
When contacted, his staff confirmed that Krishnasamy, 58, died
shortly after the 2pm incident. The politician was shot twice at
close range.

Rocky's comment: If there was doubt that a more drastic action
was needed for the police to allay our fears, this shooting should
erase that doubt.


  1. Anonymous5:09 pm

    in mca when you don like that person you set him up.

    in mic, you don like that person you kill him....

    in umno ??

    so scary malaysia.....

  2. Bro,

    Apa nak jadi dengan negara kita ini? Kejadian jenayah semakin menjadi-jadi. Bunuh, colek dan rogol menjadi bahan berita dan tatapan harian kita.

    Lokasi yang kita rasa selamat kini tidak lagi selamat. Dalam rumah, dalam pejabat, apatah lagi sekiranya kita berada di luar.

    Kenapa ini berlaku? Adakah kerana pihak penjenayah semakin ganas atau kita tidak membuat yang secukupnya untuk membanteras jenayah ini?

    Hari ini saya bersembahyang di Putrajaya. Di sana sini saya lihat polis kerana menjaga kehadiran seorang pemimpin besar negara jiran.

    Eloknya polis ini di gunakan untuk menjaga keselamatan kita daripada masalah jenayah yang semakin berleluasa ini.

    Saya berharap sangatlah sesuatu yang drastik dilakukan dan tindakan tersebut dalam bentuk realiti. Kerana sudah terlalu kerap sangat kita mendengar cakap-cakap untuk buat itu dan ini, tetapi ianya tidak menjadi realiti.

    yang realiti hanyalah Akademi Fantasia sahaja....

  3. Anonymous5:52 pm

    Seriously, is it just me or is something really fishy going on in Malaysia?
    Why the sudden increase in crime just before the election?
    It's like everything's happening at the same time and these crimes are getting scarier and scarier....
    Just what is going on?

  4. Anonymous5:55 pm

    satu lagi korban BE END untuk isu perkauman... pengalihan isu sebenar oleh golongan 'MASON MALAYSIA' bagi menangkan mereka dalam PRU 12

  5. Anonymous6:28 pm

    Sure by assasin hired by the Opposition..

  6. Anonymous7:24 pm

    First - Health minister resigns and a parliament seat vacancy is created.

    Next - an MIC state assemblyman is shot dead and a state seat is vacant.

    I remember the Johore guys saying that the state assemblymen of Dr Cua's consitituency will take care of the needs of the rakyat in that parliament consittuency.

    Now - who will take care of the rakyat in the MIC man's state constituency? Appointed local council folks?

  7. When the Police Force is seen as corrupt, inefficient and impotent, criminal tend to be more daring since they know that the chances of being arrested is slim.
    Moreover the Force is busy arresting Hindraf and Opposition supporters and sex video dealers.
    Its safer for them to go after 'soft targets.'

  8. How soon before fingers are pointed at Hindraf?

  9. Anonymous9:51 pm

    It is now assasination. Could the next phase be suicide bombing leading to May 13 Chapter 2. We all know that the result of May 13 Chapter 1 was the New
    Economic Policy in which any non-bumi Malaysians trying to go round the policy by having secret agreements with bumiputeras were ruled by the courts as illegal contracts, lost everything they entrusted to the bumiputera. With Chapter 2 maybe we will have a New New Economic Policy.

    Rocky, you misgiving about the police protection leads me to question the photofit of the suspect in Nini's disappearance. Given the infamous police blunder ever too often, are we sure the photofit is the right suspect and start to look out for him. If he is not then the real culprit is as free as ever.

  10. Now this is serious
    State Assemblyman shot dead in broad day light
    The police have no clue
    The state of fear rears its head again

    Sex scandal hasn’t died down
    Child kidnapping just 2 days ago
    Now bang………MIC deputy state chief died
    In Johore Baru

    Election will be postponed
    There is no good omen to hold it soon
    The Police must hunt the killers
    Can it be the same one who shot dead Dr Joe of Kulim years ago?

    Somebody is trying to pass message
    To the top leaders to study inwards
    Don’t make silly slogans
    Think first before saying it loudly

    This must be bad for the country
    Political assassination shadows the politicians
    So now what the Police will do?
    Go underground flush out the killers
    Maybe the killers have fled to Singapore
    Enjoying their lives in the city

    Bad year for 2008
    Something is hunting down the country
    Has the Lord got angry?
    Our leaders should sit up and study it deeply

  11. Anonymous9:57 pm

    That's why Kuan Yew once said JB (Johor) is a koboi city / state. It's a wild, wild south (or north) place. Any more doubts?

    What happened to all the extra police personnel that was sent there last year? Are they effective in bringing down the crime rates?

  12. Sdr Rocky's bru,


    Malaysia seumpama The Wild Wild West.

    Apakah Krishnasamy dan Sharlinie akan menjadi sekadar angka dalam statistik jenayah negara yang semakin meningkat?

    Barang dijauhkan bala dan balasan.

    Terima kasih.

  13. A kid is missing, a politician is shot dead..whats next?


    -The Man Who Sold The World-

  14. Rocky,

    What's happenin Man? DPM said these killings of political people is not our culture. There was that Lunas fellow, and before that there was the Gemenceh fellow. But it sure is happening right in front of our eyes.

    And little Nini? This after Nurin? Heck, this is not a culture too right?

    To me, what is developing could turn into a culture of our authorities not able to solve murdrs right in front of our doorstep!

  15. For latetst update details &
    MORE PICS & Video – Krishnasamy MIC Tenggaroh assemblyman Gunned down in Lift in MIC HQ; Vithiya Mohan, MIC Puteri found body at about 2.10pm 2nd MIC Assemblyman Killed in Similar Manner.
    Go H E R E
    and Krishnasamy attack on DAP Kulasegaran at Maika Meeting on 31Oct 2006

  16. i'm getting tired of all this... masya-Allah

  17. Anonymous3:46 am

    Is it political or else should have a say.
    Political is mad, so could have an "excuse" in Bolehland.
    Otherwise, to seek settlement like this, spell Law and Security totally failed.

    Justice cannot be addressed!
    Security not to protect!
    Any side, we are in hell!

    To get out of it?
    Only chance with a sensible and FAIR GE to go!
    Or more Guns will be seen!!
    TERRIBLE & HORRIBLE indeed!!

  18. Bak kata PM Khairy di belakang tabir..."the government can't do EVERYTHING" pandai2la kita rakyat Malaysia jaga a way, thanks to the ex-premier for the many2 enduring legacies...we couldn't even speak out then...look at what is happening now...Tuanku2 semua...teruskan main polo...don't let the decaying country spoil your afternoon...exercise your remain discreetly OBLIVIOUS....

  19. Anonymous9:51 am

    It is very sad for the family, isn't it? But I can tell you that Samy Vellu had nothing to do with this. Samy is just a loud mouth wearing a hair transplant treatment on his head. He may be greedy and not willing to let anything intelligent into his own head or HIS MIC but he is not responsible. Our sympathy to the family.

  20. Salam Bro' Din,

    Ini sequel movie "The Goodfelllas 2" ke or The Godfather pembikinan yang terakhir?

    Ini Malaysia sudah mau jadi Columbia agaknya...

    Jadi saya sudah kasi cancel mau subscribe itu ASTRO sebab sekarang punya berita dan paper sudah pakai motto ikut itu Astro "Macam-macam ada..."

    kenapa mau bayar lebih...


  21. Anonymous10:35 am

    Most of the comments that I read here are either dumb or wayward absurd. The police here might be corrupted or defective but I surely do not expect them to resolve this shooting incident in a jffy.

  22. Anonymous10:50 am

    in mca when you don like that person you set him up.
    in mic, you don like that person you kill him....
    in umno ??
    after that,the police will say,we have set up a special force team from the officers unit bla...bla...bla.....


  23. Anonymous10:55 am

    My condolences to the man's family, and may they go through the suffering that's been placed upon them so suddenly.

    I don't mean to be snide or offensive when I say that maybe now the authorities will look into improving the security of the state. It almost always takes a bigshot's death.

  24. Anonymous10:58 am

    * Copied somewhere from the net *

    MIC thuggery and gangsterim mismanaging the trust and rights of 66,000 Maika Holdings shareholders with thuggish and violent conduct repeated after 14 years – call on police to prove its efficiency and professionalism by arresting and charging the MIC Johore Assemblyman for Tenggaroh S. Krishnasamy for assaulting DAP MP for Ipoh Barat M. Kulasegaran

    Media Statement
    by Lim Kit Siang

    (Parliament, Wednesday) : The Police must prove its efficiency and professionalism by arresting and charging the MIC Johore Assemblyman for Tenggaroh, Datuk S. Krishnasamy for assaulting DAP MP for Ipoh Barat M. Kulasegaran at the Maika Holdings Bhd (Maika) Annual General Meeting (AGM) at Legend Hotel, Kuala Lumpur yesterday.

    Kulasegaran yesterday lodged a police report against Krishnasamy for the assault.

    Krishnasamy’s misconduct yesterday is the latest scandal involving a Barisan Nasional elected representative defying the law in acting in a thuggish, gangsterish and violent manner at a public venue, the Maika AGM, to try to silence Kulasegaran from championing the rights of the 66,000 Maika shareholders.

    Kulasegaran is himself a Maika Holdings shareholder.

    For two decades, the over 66,000 Maika shareholders had been having a raw deal especially after the infamous RM120 million Maika Telekom shares hijacking scandal where nine of ten million Telekom shares specially allocated to Maika were diverted to three private companies.

    Fourteen years ago, on May 13, 1992, another MIC Assemblymen, the then Selangor Assemblyman for Seri Cahaya, S. Sivalingam, had also acted as a thug when he led an assault of Maika shareholders who were peacefully picketing against the Maika Telekoms hijacking scandal outside Maika headquarters.

    A woman, M. Pathmah was also assaulted and other victims were A. Sivanesan, K. Panjamurthi, K. Krishnan, S. Phulup Perumal and Kaliamah.

    The history of MIC thuggery and gangsterism in the mismanagement of Maika Holdings to deny the rights of 66,000 Maika shareholders through a reign of fear and intimidation was repeated yesterday.

    If Police does not take any action against Krishnasamy for his thuggish and gangsterish conduct, the issue will be raised in Parliament which will reconvene on Monday.


  25. Two high profile cases at the same time. Let us see the efficiency of our police force.

  26. Bro,

    Saya tertarik dengan komen Datuk A. Kadir Jasin. Menurut beliau "barang dijauhkan negara kita dari bala dan balasan".

    Selaras dengan pendekatan Islan Hadhari negara kita, wajar juga kita melihat permasalahan di dalam negara kita secara holistik dan spiritual.

    Barangkali para ulama kita wajar mengupas segala pesanan melalui Al-Quran dan Hadis berkaitan dengan kejadian jenayah serta bala yang menimpa. Apa kaitannya dengan segala perbuatan kita dalam mengejar arus pembangunan negara? Adakah kita ada membuat kesilapan? Sekiranya ada apakah yang perlu dan boleh kita lakukan?

    Tentunya pendekatan kita memerlukan lebih daripada sekadar bercakap dan membuat kenyataan bombastik. Kita perlukan penyelesaian secara total. Perubahan memerlukan "Kita" sendiri berubah dan menyumbang kepada kemakmuran semua.

  27. Yesterday, I called the rakancop line, to ask about where to get posters of NINI to help distribute in the Setiawangsa and Wangsa Maju area., bacause I haven't seen any over here. The cop who answered seemed so lethargic, couldn't be bothered, irritated and said he didn't know...."Saya tak taulaaaa"...

    Who hasn't registered to vote, please do..and who has, please check where you have been possessed by the "pengundi Hantu"'s a shame that many people haven't bothered to register yet. Send them a message.

  28. Anonymous12:30 pm

    aiya police will clsoe one eye la. WHo owns the police force u tell me if not the kingpin

  29. You peole is making it sound as though killings , sex scandals,abduction and rape of women and children etcetc is only peculiar to Malaysia and/or that it is worst here in Malaysia than in anywhere else in this world.

    Hey, these things happens EVERYWHERE including in Singapore, China, Japan, USA, the west, PNG, Nepal, Pakistan, Latin America, you name it.

    p/s: one blogger said why waste the police asset to protect the Indonesian President (or any leader of a country for that matter). He simply cant imagine what would happen if the President is murdered here in Malaysia

  30. Anonymous2:16 pm

    Tehsin ... I tak tau pulak kerja polis including mengecop poster !

    Geez get real man! U seems like a very frustrated person. Like u dont seems to like anything about this country at all .

    I suggest that you moved out to another country which will cater everything to you needs.

  31. Anonymous2:49 pm

    anon 9.51 am

    quite similar by prosecutor with his opening statement in murder trial of the mongolian girl.."prosecution will prove that there are only 3 persons involved in the murder and ......"
    who's involved?
    the police have alreadi spoken. dont speculate.
    may be should wait from the prosecutor office, be patient then.

  32. what is the matter with Msia?

    Crime rate (violent & non-violent)Up
    Inflation Up
    Cost of Living Up
    Corruption Up
    Keris Up
    Brain Drain Up

    The only thing going wa...ayyy down is the Voice of the People & their livelihood

    These statistics alone are enough to convince me we should Vote BN !!

  33. Anonymous3:28 pm

    Someone commented bad omen will happen when animals were slaughtered on parliament grounds to hold PM's wedding ceremony. Guess these are just the beginning of it. Don't u think so Rocky?

  34. Anonymous7:34 pm

    jUST ANOTHER DEAD NIGGER !!! in front of the trigger .GEEEZ , get a holo of urselfs !

  35. Anonymous7:36 pm

    Srikanth Siva said...
    badawi....wake up!!

    7:58 AM ... HEY .. ARENT'U AU THE MORON AGAINST mic ?? pak lah wake up ?? Maybe he just did .

  36. Anonymous7:54 pm


    what are we to do? keep quiet as if nothing is happening though crime rate is soaring for the past few years.
    if the top cop cant do the job, resign then and let someone more capable to handle the security issue.

  37. Anon at 2.16pm...

    firstly, I am a woman

    secondly, i merely wanted to help...I tak de access to khazanah negara mcm BN to print thousands of posters, I thot since they distributed 100k posters in PJ, they might have printed more that I could help distribute over here...

    thirdly, org yang tak frustrated dengan keadaan pimpinan sekarang must be living in Akademi FantasiaLand or Mawi World..happily oblivious...

  38. Anonymous12:34 am

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  39. Anonymous2:19 am

    Stop this Politic's shit la wei!!!!

    Naik gile saya tgk kebodohan suara2sumbang yang bebal sangat nak salahkan KERAJAAN or POLIS pasal crime n budak nini yang kene culik ni..

    To me It's Fucking Stupid..

    crime, kidnapping and all this shit is everywhere in this world..


    From most of the comment i see, i can conclude that we should vote OPPOSITION then there will be no crime..

    Pls think LOGICALLY laa...

    What a stupid statement!!!

    Kenapa laah rakyat Malaysia ni bodoh sangat.. Dah lah PM Bodoh... Tapi rakyat nye lagi BODOH coz orang kene culik n tembak pon PM yang disalahkan..

    U all think PM is GOD is it????
    Can control every human being..

    Semua bende nak di Politikan!!

    i think demam pilihanraya ni dah panas sangat sampai OTAK pon jadi PANAS sampai TAK WARAS..

    PLS THINK la..

  40. dnandaff,

    Nothing to do with politics. I am talking about the crime.

  41. Anonymous4:16 am

    warrior 2 - politicians do not get shot at in Spore nor China(unless they are corrupt thus the firing squad). you can walk pretty much safely there and even in the Nepal and violents against kids are low.

    crime rate and the feel safe factor in Msia is not what we want. You can use Pakistan to bench mark, well hey we do not have an issue. Lets move on cos the terrorist capital is our bench mark and we come out tops.

    anyway does this mean there is gangsterism in MIC?

  42. Anonymous3:43 pm

    Why must blame MIC for gangsterism? You are a moron, is it?

    If this is a set up, the likeliest enemy with a motive is Kulasegaran and his tupid Maika supporters. DAP is the son of PAP, a true gangster party.

  43. Anonymous1:30 pm

    Tehsin , if u want to help . Print your own posters . No need to get BN or Khazanah negara or whatever shit that u keep on blaming.

    Anyway I am living in a wonderful world unlike you ! I know whats real n what is not .

    Some ppl can get to the point of Extreme finger pointing virus ..example you TEHSIN

  44. Anonymous2:06 pm

    And what really irks me is the bunch of idiots are taking advantage of the current rising crime rates to further pilferate the nation's coffers by drawing up contracts for public CCTVs...
    Do you seriously think the police are confident about using the CCTV to fight crime? Yes, the first few months may help a little as criminals become a little more careful but with our track record for maintenance of public utilities, crime rate will eventually go back up again.
    I say forget about the CCTV (and the contract to fellow cronies) and just pump the money into improving the police force. If HK police can tidy themselves up, I don't see why we can't...OK, maybe we can't with the current police chief.

  45. Anon at 1.30pm....

    Yes..go live in your really, real, wonderful world, wherever that is (must be drug-induced)...and in true cowardly fashion, throw barbs at people while hiding behind anonymity...

  46. Anonymous6:19 pm

    DPM said that it's not a political assasination but a personal matter. Is he implying gangsterism as this chap have beaten someone in MAIKA AGM before. A gangster killing another gangster?

  47. Anonymous11:18 pm

    ayoyo!dia punya muka macam saya punya adikla.nanti kena tangkap kena belasah lepas tu kata sori.SALAH ORANG!
    IF i was shot dead,my family will be questioned than everything will go normally.WHY!because i am nothing to the GOV. has to go on.....


  48. Anonymous10:41 pm

    IF i was shot dead,my family will be questioned than everything will go normally.WHY!because i am nothing to the GOV

    same story fr PG.