Saturday, January 12, 2008

Please, Sir, give one up!

Soaring crime index and why Pak Lah must give up the Internal Security Ministry portfolio.
I just came back from The Scribe, Jalan Sudin, Tok Mommy, MageP's Lab, Galadriel's, Jeff Ooi's, People's Parliament, Zorro, the Nurin Alert blogs, Malaysiakini, Malaysia Today, and scores of other sites. Everywhere, everyone's writing about Nini, the cold-blood shooting of a politician, the high rate of crime.

In August 2006, Member of Parliament Fong Po Kuan proposed that Pak Lah gave up the Internal Security Minister portfolio in view of the rising crime index then.
Read my earlier posting Too Much for a Man? (27 Aug 2006).

I thought then that MP Fong's assertion that the country needed a full-time minister to fight crime was worth considering. This was before Nurin and before rape cases reported in 2007 increased by about 30-bloody-percent over 2006!
After Pak Lah's dazed "What's going on? Why is it so high?" reaction to the latest crime index, I would like to belatedly join MP Fong in asking Pak Lah, with all due respect, to make way for someone else to fight crime as the Internal Security Minister.

Abdullah holds 3 portfolios now: he is the Prime Minister, the Finance Minister, and the Internal Security Minister. We know enough of the man's capacity by now to conclude that it would be too much to expect him to excel in all three portfolios, mindful of the fact that he also holds other important titles internationally, including chairman of the OIC and the Non-Aligned Movement.


  1. i can take a good joke bro , as anyone . Even tho it it on me . But Dr.M's joke he pulled on everyone ....Making the clean pillow as PREMIER ......... tHAT TAKES cLASS . THE last laught is on us !

  2. Anonymous7:50 pm

    Enough of post? sorry, Rocky he is going to be Chairman of Price Fixing Committee to be ste up by the government. Next time, the headlines will be " WHY IS THERE A SHORTAGE OF EVERYTHING THATS UNDER PRICE FIXING. DOMESTIC TRADE MUST INVESTIGATE AND CATCH HOARDERS".
    Dearest PM, Remember ECONOMICS 101 in future.

  3. Anonymous7:52 pm

    Can you imagine someone who failed even a simple course in statistic has the nerve to hold three ministerial posts all at once like a superman.
    It is thus a statistical certainty that our nation will go down with him.
    We need change!

  4. For the love of the country, Pak Lah, please oblige.

  5. Bro,

    read some time back that Pak Lah and the missus were quite taken up with looking after some giddy goats at the back of the house in Putrajaya.

    Maybe he should just focus on that?

    Or is that too much to ask?

  6. Anonymous8:11 pm

    I think he best suited to be Tourism Minister... Drop the other three portfolios, even Donald Duck can do a better job than him. Sorry Donald, no pun intended at U!

    MADRID, Jan 12 (Bernama) — Fresh from playing host to Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in Kuala Lumpur, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi will now head for Spain, his first overseas trip for the year.
    Abdullah is due to arrive tomorrow in Madrid, the capital of Spain, where he will be attending the First Alliance of Civilisations (AoC) Annual Forum.
    Hosted by the Spanish government, the two-day forum from Tuesday seeks to find ways to bridge the growing divide between nations and cultures worldwide and to establish new partnerships to promote global understanding.
    It will bring together political leaders, media heads, grassroots and civil society leaders, corporate and film industry executives and religious figures, the AoC said in a statement.
    The forum, to be opened by the President of Spain, Josi Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, will be attended by the Prime Minister of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and former Protugal President Jorge Sampaio, who is also UN High Representative for Alliance of Civilisations.

  7. You have been way too kind to the dazed man !Perhaps he shud just go away somewhere like Timbuktu or South Pacific so that no one talks about him anymore( it does get quite sickening hearing his name yet again !) Everytime somethings gone wrong somewhere invariably it is his fault !
    for once isn't it another act of God ? or blame it on the Tuhan ?

    We intend to start a blog called "Please no more mentioning AAB, consider him ended, lets move on..."

  8. Anonymous9:46 pm

    Can we make him just PM.And without any portfolio. And give him a free all rider air ticket...he can just board any plane he wants and goes anywhere at anytime. Malaysia will be none the worse.

  9. Anonymous10:03 pm

    Perhaps Pak Lah should consider outsourcing or privatising the Internal Security Ministry.... Ha ha ha...

  10. .......PAK LAH.......PLS LAH.......

  11. Anonymous10:58 pm

    I second the proposal

  12. Anonymous11:04 pm

    Why PM, MOF,& MIS in one go?
    Or any appointment letters he holds
    with job specifications be clearly told?
    Or, even interpretation of titles be wrongly spelled?
    PM - Power Machine - for power dividing
    MOF - Management of Fun - so everyone in with a share of fund.
    MIS - Mind with Internal Security to button ISA if anyone try to be naughty!
    A Tripod to go!
    So he can sleep better than MHT!

    More titles, more choice of going abroad to have face shown!

    What civilization he can bring to AOC?
    Or, to bring "civilization" home?

  13. Anonymous11:12 pm

    He didn't earned the "worse PM" title compared to his predecessors for nothing.
    There should be a post for him, the retirement post.


  14. Anonymous11:20 pm

    PM ni mengalahkan ketuat.

    tak berguna, tak elok, tapi susah nak tanggal... apparently unlanceable wart!

  15. I think another special portfolio should be created... Kementerian JALAN2 CARIK MAKAN ANGIN ...baru sesuai dgn orang Ong Ka Ting pun pegang dua portfolio sekarang...semua tamak haloba...rakyat merana..

  16. Rocky,

    I can't really explain this. But I don't believe about miniters' jobs not done. I believe they're doing/involving something more sinister activities beyond our rational mind - or at least knew something.

    Looking at the crimes now are like watching Mafia movies...

  17. With all due respect, Bro, there are no two ways - just pull him down!

    Unfortunately, we cant. Only Umno delegates can. Alahai...

  18. Anonymous12:01 am

    Read this carefully. Who is he blaming?


    Samy Vellu said at the moment some members of the Indian community were creating anti-MIC feeling.

    "They write as though the people hate us a lot. When people think we are no longer useful, perhaps a shoot to kill can occur," he said.

  19. Anonymous12:20 am

    he is also the husband now. And husband must perform his duty to the wife on bed. You think he is UP for it?

  20. Anonymous12:34 am

    Bro Rocky,
    I agreed with you on the need for Pak Lah to "surrender" one of his ministerial portfolio.
    But who is the ideal replacement?Do you have candidates?
    Bob from Kuching

  21. Bro,

    What makes you think that chief gasbag relinquishing one post will improve things?

    He will just be replaced by another nincompoop minister or BN moron, take your pick, who, you will agree, have all proven to be really adept at whatever it is they have done or are doing.

    Let him just drop from mental exhaustion trying to figure out what color tie to wear to his various portfolios.

    And now he has left for another intellectually stimulating bull session in the land of bull fights. How that will benefit us as a nation or even him personally is anybody's guess. More a two day holiday followed by a one week vacation on his yacht in nearby Mediterranean shores with darling Jean while his fulsome entourage savor the delights of being in sleepy heads wash.

  22. Anonymous1:17 am


    This one I TOTALLY agree.

    PM 'Flip-Flop' has shown time and again that he is unable to do the job properly.

    It is Islamic and I guess being a Hadharists, that one must deliver one's responsibility and 'deliverities'.

    If the rakyat still give the BN mandate to rule and/or administer this nation for what ever reasons, then PM 'Flip-Flop' Pak Lah should just stay as the PM and not assume any Minister's post. Let a full time Minister look after specific portfolios.

    Running this country is a full time job and should be done by someone committed and not someone who enjoys his leisures, luxuries, pomps and pageantries.

  23. DUBAI, Sat.:

    """Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin, along with 26 international riders, will get off to a mass start in the inaugural Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Endurance Cup 2008 here today.

    They will be joined by more than 100 riders from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in the championship at Dubai International Endurance City (DIEC).

    Dubai Equestrian Club (DEC) Vice-President, Saeed Al Tayer, said the championship is unique as it brings together some of the world’s best to contest as individuals.

    “The international riders and horses have been invited based on their current form and FEI (Federation Equestre Internationale) ranking,” he said in a statement.

    DEC General Manager Ali Moosa Al Khamiri said the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Endurance Cup, hosted by the DEC, is set to be one of the top sporting events taking place in the UAE.
    “Endurance has a huge profile in the UAE, where many of the best riders hail from, and it is fitting that the country hosts such a prestigious event, one which we hope will become the centrepiece of the endurance season worldwide,” he said.

    Malaysia will host the FEI World Endurance Championship next year, the first tropical country to do so."""

    ...How lucky to be one of the King's horses rather than one of many poverty stricken Malaysians...the horses get square meals and good medical attention...

    ...Maybe Umar the Great Caliph can give some lessons on the burden of responsibility from his reign:

    "Umar came as a glorious caliph. He was sympathetic to the weak, firm in his stand by the truth, and all were equal in his sight. He went without food to feed others, and kept himself deprived to give to others. He went from door to door asking people about their conditions of living, and was well known for his activities in this behalf. For example, once he saw an old man. begging in the market-place. He questioned to ask him about his identity. He said that he was infirm and old (unable to work for his sustenance) and was therefore begging to pay Jizyah and keep something for his daily bread. He was from the Jews living in Madinah. 'Umar said to him, "Old man! We have not done justice to you. In your youth we realized Jizyah from you and have left you to fend for yourself in your old age". Holding him by the hand, he led him to his own house, and preparing food with his own hands fed him and issued orders to the treasurer of the Bait-al-mal that that old man and all others like him, should be regularly doled out a daily allowance which should suffice for them and their dependents..."

    Another example:

    "Umar's servant Aslam relates that he came out with 'Umar one night, and went far out into the open area outside Madinah. We were out on a fact finding mission to distant hamlets on the outskirt of Madinah. From a distance we observed fire aglow far off. 'Umar said, "I believe the darkness of the night and the cold have compelled some horsemen to sojourn here. Let us go and see." We proceeded at a brisk pace and reached that spot. We saw a woman Sitting there with some children around her, a pot boiling on fire, and the children crying. 'Umar greeted her and asked the woman about her condition and also what was going on there. The woman told him that the darkness and cold had forced her to stay there for the night. 'Umar asked her, "Why are these children crying?" And the woman said in reply, "They are hungry". Then 'Umar asked her, "What is there in that pot on fire?" The woman said, "Only water to console the children so that they may remain quiet and go to sleep. And God alone shall judge between us and 'Umar". What the woman wanted to convey was that 'Umar was not fair and just to them. 'Umar said to her, "My good woman, what does 'Umar know about your state of affairs?" To which she retaliated, "Why then should he hold the high office of the Caliph when he is unaware of our condition?" Aslam relates that 'Umar said to him, "Let us go now". And we started from there with all haste, Aslam goes on to say, "and reached the godown of provisions (of the Bait-al-mal) and 'Umar took a bag of flour and container of fat and asked me to load the bag on his back. I offered my services but he angrily brushed aside my offer saying 'Can you relieve me of my burden on the Day of reckoning also?' So I loaded the bag on his back, and then we hastened to-wards our destination at a fast enough pace and soon he placed the bag and taking out some flour from the bag gave it to the woman and asked her to knead it while he himself offered to fan the fire to a flame. So he started blowing the fire below the pot. His beard was thick and I saw smoke percolating through his beard. He went on blowing at it until the food was ready, and he asked the woman to bring some vessel. And when she brought a platter, he poured out the contents of the pot into it and asked the woman to feed the children while he himself fanned to cool it. We sat there until all of them had eaten to their fill. What was left of the flour and fat was handed over to her and then 'Umar got up and I followed suit. The woman said, 'God bless you. You are more deserving of that high office than the Amir of the believers.' 'Umar said to her, 'Say only a good word. When tomorrow you come to see Amir of the believers, you will find me there, God-willing.' After that 'Umar went to some distance and retraced his steps and hid himself close to their place of stay. I said to him that that was not proper on his part to observe them from the place of his concealment. But he kept quiet. We saw that the children were playing merrily and then they went to sleep. 'Umar thanked God and got up and turning to me said, 'Aslam I Hunger was growing at their stomachs and they were miserable and could not go to sleep. I would not haye been at ease until I had seen them happy and comfort-able. So I looked at them from my position of vantage. You have also seen that they have gone to sleep perfectly at ease."

    ...I wonder how our Muslim leaders and sovereigns can sleep with such ease and and clear conscience and engage themselves in such wasteful pursuits when so many of the rakyat are still wanting...

  24. Another example for the leaders of Islam Hadhari to learn from:

    "It happened once during the period of the Prophet that a woman of the Bani Makhzoom tribe, Fatimah, was found guilty of theft. She was brought to the Prophet so that she might receive her due according to the Shari'ah (Islamic Law). The Quraish tribe very much resented it since it involved their tribal prestige and dignity. So they thought of intercession by somebody for the remission of her punishment. It was therefore decided after deliberation to send Usamah bin Zaid for such intercession since he was very much in favour with the Prophet. So he was approached, prompted to intercede and he talked to the Prophet on this issue. The Prophet was very angry and said to Usamah, "You intercede in the matter of the limits prescribed by God?" Then he had the people called and harangued to a big gathering of the believers in a touching manner, saying, "The people before you who met their doom, discriminated between the patricians and the plebians in the dispensation of justice for crimes like theft. The high-placed were spared while the weaker elements of society were readily punished. By God if Fatimah bint-e-Muhammad had committed theft, I would have amputated her hand also."

    So aptly relevant to our current selective justice system...Islam Hadhari ni ikut Nabi Muhammad SAW ke ikut Nabi Nafsu Sendiri?

  25. It's all about control, guys. MONEY to spend, POWER in police force. Above all - as PM, he can pull all the strings. It's that the same posts Mahathir used to hold?

  26. Bro,
    Instead of looking at the validity of the suggestion for having a Full-time I.S. Minister, they will place us as firmly siding with the Opposition just because it was brought by Batu Gajah's Cili-Padi(MP Fong)

    You know how short-sighted they are, especialy with SIL and cronies shielding these truths from him or it could be worse, he's getting senile.

  27. rocky bru
    can someone plse ask the TV stations to put in the photofot of the suspect & nini every hour? Bombarding the media may help someone jolt their memory.

    Having said that, doing that may also jeopardize Nini's life; and this is providing she is still alive.

    Much as I pray for her safety & return, however at this point I am already rather pessimistic.

    God Bless her family to be strong.
    God Bless Nini to survive this ordeal.

  28. Anonymous11:01 pm


    think you hit the g-spot. was told over a beer that the PM has to "oversee" these 2 portfolios. the police to do his bidding. finance ministry to control the beneficiaries. its from tun days and its considered suicidal to let go of these two ministries.
    if this is true, something must be dirt wrong with the system now an dof course the governance structure.

  29. Anonymous8:17 am

    “Pilihan raya tak lama lagi saya rasa. Bila-bila pun pilihan raya diadakan, nasib kita sendiri pun tak tahu. Hanya Allah dan Presiden (UMNO) yang menentukan..."

  30. Anonymous1:59 pm

    I totally agree!
    To be honest, not only the Home Ministry but everything else...he is just too brainless and blur to run any organisation, maybe as an administrator but no way can he lead.
    Still can't get over the fact that he, the PM, has to be told about rising crime rates when he is, in the first place, expected to go thru the news and be briefed by his people on the going ons in this nation.
    I refuse to employ such a useless idiot who gets his salary every month for not doing anything except go on mini vacations in the name of work.
    In fact, the current bunch of ministers should go to. One of the very few with brains like Rafidah may be absolutely brilliant but its precisely becos they are so damn smart that they turn out so corrupted that even Marcos would be blush.

  31. Anonymous2:55 pm

    The following are Pak lah's portfolios:

    1. PM
    2. Finance Minister 1
    3. Internal security Minister

    He is also chariman/director of:
    1. Cabinet Committee on
    Government Management Integrity
    2. Cabinet Committee for Biotech development (something like that)
    3. Yayasan Bumiputra Pulau Pinang Berhad
    4. Cabinet Committee on Public Transport
    5. Cabinet Committee on Competitiveness
    6. Special committee on climate change
    7. Cabinet Committee on civil service wages
    8. Cabinet Committee on Price Control
    9. Cabinet Committee on Road safety

    Poltical posts:
    1. Umno president
    2. MP for Kepala Batas
    3. Head of Umno division (I think)
    4. Penang state chief
    5. Barisan Nasional chairman

    And about 10 other cabinet committees and task forces. So we can understand why he dozes off so very often. Too many meetings and briefings.


  32. Anonymous3:39 pm

    i hear the PM is in Spain for some forum.
    dearie me...more and more people will now know the kind of leader malaysia has.
    he should stay put in Putrajaya. He should be banned from going to internatonal forums.
    he will only expose himself and everyone will know what a teruk leader we have.
    so malu-lah.

  33. Anonymous4:29 pm

    and ppl will still vote for him in kepala batas..... it appears rakyat prefer for his "stupidity"...

  34. Anonymous6:11 pm

    With due respect to our PM, I DO NOT mind you holding so many post BUT if only you are capable to execute your job well. It's a shame that you are holding on to so many post and titles but never able to contribute to them. What's the point of being the minister in charge of this and that but never attend their meeting, unable to give constructive opinion etc. Look at what happen in the police force? In-fighting in the public and performance goes down the drain.

  35. Democrat

    Even that he has Najib to take up some 30 odd committee chairmanship.

    Strange ... we have the world's biggest number of cabinet ministers!

  36. Anonymous10:49 pm

    wak dol! kenapa tidak duduk saja nonton TV, dari pagi sampai malam banyak cerita drama yang membelakangkan minda untuk maju, go! go! please go!

    fr johor w. luv.

  37. Anonymous12:01 am


    sampai bila?.........

    fr. camppas with love.

  38. Anonymous10:04 pm

    anon 12:01am is right or another thing this WarkDol may visit Suharto.Who knows whats next.WarkDol becomes WrkGol.

    Cahaya Baru