Friday, January 11, 2008

Election fever and Anwar's dare

"If thy hath no fear of me ...."

"Jangan asyik mencabar saya bertanding. Mahkamah diperalatkan untuk menghalang saya. Jika sungguh bagai dikata, sila beri kelulusan saya bertanding!" - DSAI in Kalau berani benarkan saya bertanding
Simply translated, Anwar Ibrahim is challenging Pak Lah to hold the elections after April this year so as to enable him to contest. The former DPM is prevented by a court ruling from contesting in any election held before April.
Most people think Pak Lah is going to call for the 12th General Election during the first half of March 2008.

And what are you waiting for Zam? Go take Singapore's TODAY to task!
And Anwar has a "battle plan" for the coming GE. He gave Today, the Singapore paper, a sneak preview in an intervie. I expect Zainuddin Maidin, our Information Minister, to come down hard on the editors of Today (even though Today does not come under our KDN) for giving Anwar prominent space in the paper [here].
Last month Zam lashed out at a popular Indonesian TV station for airing an interview with Anwar!


  1. Anonymous6:32 am

    Wisdom for the Election
    or Wisdom for Politics or the People?
    When People are in deep shit,
    Politicians are only concerned with their Seats?
    Not a word of their vision for the election or future of the country?

    Yes, they got FEVER of election,
    FEVER to split power.
    Then, what are the difference with BN?

    They Dare to split the seats!
    Do they Dare to split the shit?
    With resolutions to fight the shit with a Principle and Direction that People would think fit?

    DAP and PAS, why should Anwar lead and not both of YOU?
    You have frightened Voters even before GE!!

    Please lead with the Principle and Direction before any coalition of force!
    Or a cart with many horses in directions still to be sorted!
    Or, a pair of Chopsticks in two hands
    or in Anwar's hand?

    Election are for People to pick the right parties with the acceptable visions and directions
    not a victory of seat splitting for only power sharing!!

  2. Anonymous8:10 am

    no need to wait until april, aab (with or without SIL advice) just simply advise agong to grant pardon to anwar to waive the prohibition and semuanya ok .....

  3. And don't forget, the MIC turned UMNO Minister also lashed out at AlJazeera for covering the BERSIH rally and for giving air time to Jeff.
    He is also the first government minister of any country to speak like a moron on cable TV.
    Who else can go lower than him?

  4. Anonymous9:26 am

    Hi, Pak Rocky

    Oh, dear - Zam must be frothing at the mouth at all the publicity that Anwar is getting in Indonesia and Singapore!

    Let's see now - maybe Zam should "hantam" Singapore's Institute of South-east Asian Studies for inviting Anwar to be a guest speaker at its Regional Outlook Forum.

    Next in line as a target for Zam's wrath - Singapore's Mediacorp for carrying Anwar's comments on Malaysian politics in its English news broadcasts on Channel 5 and Channel News Asia. Of course, a lot of people in Johor watch TV programmes from Singapore!

    And let's not forget the Singapore New Paper which carried a full-page report on Anwar and what he said at the Singapore forum:

    - he claimed Malaysian govt appears to be appealing to Muslim puritanism borne more by racist sentiment than religious principles (haven't we heard this before?). "It is this kind of theology that leads to the rejection of constitutional freedom of other faiths."

    - he labelled it "ridiculous nonsense" that only Muslims can use the word "Allah" and backed up his assertion by quoting from the Koran.

    - he said respecting the constitutional rights of all citizens of all faiths is an Islamic imperative.

    - he said Malaysia should avoid secular or Islamic state "labels". Instead, it should spell out constitutional sanctities which respect all religions and races.

    Oh, yah - let's not forget the Spore Straits Times which yesterday (Jan 10) carried a half-page report with the heading "Opposition parties seal election deal in Penang", complete with a big colour photo of Anwar linking hands with Khalid Ibrahim, Lim Guan Eng, Lim Kit Siang and Chow Kon Yeow.

    But then, realpolitik may necessitate that Zam bite his tongue and hold back any criticisms of Singapore. After all, Singapore's involvement is crucial for the success of the IDR in Johor.....There's a lot of mileage in sheer economic clout!

  5. Oh anwar, what the hell... go and kowtim with kj ler if you really want power. Like you dont know what to do pulak. Dont tell me that after getting your passport, you developed a conscience and decided to "putus sedara" with him.

    To us, no different lah, zam kah, anwar kah, kj kah, pak lah kah, stray cats kah. We'll certainly get screwed, cut to pieces and buried. We are just not sure of who should we give the honour of doing that...

    Tired lah. Tawakkal already. And knowing that nini is still missing...

  6. If it is only to keep away Anwar out the GE is called for in March, that would be real silly. After all he still reaches out to the people and will campaign for Keadilan. He is just but one seat. In anycase, he could come back into contention after the GE if one of the Keadilan candidates who wins, resigns his seat and forces a by-election in which Anwar contends. So what ever advantage the BN will and can lose within a short time. Even then Anwar's victory is just but one seat and that alone does not deprive the BN of the two-thirds that they will rather ruin this country for.

    I think Anwar should focus his attention on denying the BN the two-thirds. Of coure itsa long short to deny them the simple majority.

  7. Anonymous10:20 am


    Nazri is my answer.

    anwar in a by-election...well that will be fun cos it will be Anwar& Keadilan vs the the whole govt and BN. can't wait for that. Maybe Pak Lah will do a debate with Anwar.

    This election will be interesting. The point man is Pak Lah and it is his doing that is going to cause BN lots of votes. He promised us many things in 2004 and has not delivered. His leadership is weak and his sleeping...

    Pak Lah is the bogey man for BN and he will loose votes due to his snafus and blaming others will not help...just wait and see.

  8. Anonymous10:36 am

    that zam thinks he owns all the press in the world. and that he can call and the editors will lick his boots and toe the line.
    wake up, zam and dont zzzz like your boss. the world ourside is very different.

  9. Anonymous10:37 am

    good for you better stay clean,we are gonna cross you.


  10. Anonymous11:09 am

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  11. Anonymous12:25 pm


    You know what the abbreviation ZAM stands for?


    Pak Lah is going to win the next election, that's for sure. And if he retains this blinkered blindly-sycophant in the overly large MEDIOCRE cabinet, we will never get out of the Third World forever and ever.

    May God be with Malaysia

  12. Anonymous12:49 pm

    "In anycase, he could come back into contention after the GE if one of the Keadilan candidates who wins, resigns his seat and forces a by-election in which Anwar contends"..

    yeah but what happens the election is getting dirtier and when the candidate resigns, there's 0% chance keadilan getting back tat seat. unless that constituent is keadilan fanatic. moreover, with bn "limitless" resource compare with opposition "limited" one, local election proves futile for opposition...

  13. Anonymous1:08 pm

    Anwar will be like any other UMNO's minister...When he was in power, he practised the same shits and if he will be in power again, he will sing the same tune...

    Another case of gila kuasa, gila pangkat and gila tender... Is there ever a sincere Malay politician exists? Nik Aziz may be one, but heck, he easily calls non-Muslims as kafir...What to do? Is there a Malay politician who gives a shit if a Chinese/Indian/Lain-lain is helpless? Lost hope already...

    Btw, Keldai-an's suaramalaysia must be jumping on-off the couch reading Anwar's dare... Are you going to hide behind anonymity in this blog again, suarakeldai?

  14. Mydeen wonders if Anwar really wants to contest in the GE, or if he's willing to have his party engineer a by-election after the GE to allow him to compete ?

    Having a GE in March and a by-election in April/May would allow DSAI and the PKR folks to gauge their relevance in national politics. After all, it would be a major blow if DSAI were to actually lose in an electoral contest now, wont it ?

  15. Anonymous4:17 pm

    Good for Anwar if he is allowed to contest in this GE.

    If he wins than he is right that people still wants him.

    If he lose than there are only two reasons, people have rejected him and his "noble" idea and his holier-than-thou personality, or he is not destined to lead the country.

    But if he lose of cause he will scream that the election is rigged.

    But again if the whole GEs were rigged, he was part of it when he was the deputy president of umno?

    Hmmm . . . . .

  16. Anonymous7:38 pm

    bukan Saudara aku ANWAR .... HOW DEEP DO YOU WANT TO GET INTO ??

  17. Anonymous11:49 pm

    Hi rocky bro...
    If you have time, why don't pay a visit at Sheih's Kickdefella... He wrote some nice pre-election analysis there (under "As Murky as it Can Be")... May not be agree 100% with him, but there are hardly really good stuff in the blogosphere lately, and Sheih pens it well...

  18. Sdra Roki,

    Gua cakap sama lu, itu Zam mabuk kuasa. Dia ingat dia masih pengarang surat kabar. Itu dulu beb.

    As for Anwar, jangan underestimate dia. Dia bermula dari bawah. Dia tak kurang karisma. Dia mungkin kurang sopan dalam hal-hal tertentu, tapi dia banyak penyokong, dalam dan luar negara. Tengok aje sejarah dia..

  19. Anonymous3:15 am

    Anwar 'CLEAN ' is SAMY then..and of course te list will be to long for this blog....
    UMNO is TONG TAHI so only TAHI goes in there.....get wat i mean...

  20. The government of the day decides when to hold elections based on their own criterias/reasons and NOT because they want to accept one person`s DARE!

    Anwar`s inelligibility to contest if the election is held before April is not the government`s concern and business. That is his problem!Anwar is taking a cheap shot!Like a budak budak.

    How is it that when one is in the government, one defends the government in everything but the moment that one person becomes an opposition, everything that the govt says or do is WRONG, UNFAIR, UNJUSTICE IS DONE etcetc.

  21. Anonymous6:30 pm

    Put him back in jail.Anwar's dare konon. Boleh blah.

  22. Anonymous8:02 am

    Ai yah. Undi barisan korupsional sajalah. Rogol, curi, colek apa benda pun boleh.