Wednesday, January 02, 2008

It's over for Chua

MCA Minister quits over scandal. Dr Chua Soi Lek, who turns 61 today xxx CORRECTION: Today is NOT Dr Chua's birthday. He turns 61 in May xxx has announced his resignation as Health Minister and MCA vice-president, shortly before the party's Emergency Presidential Meeting was to convene to discuss his involvement in a sex video.
This is the first time a Malaysian Cabinet minister is involved in a sex scandal on tape.

M-Star has the story HERE.

A bit about the man ... (taken from Hard-T):

Name: Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek

Date of birth: 2 May 1947
Place: Batu Pahat, Johor
Wife: Datin Seri Wong Sek Win
Sons/daughter: Chua Tee Joo, Chua Tee Yong, Chua Tee Ling
Post: Health Minister
Party post: MCA Vice President

Education Background :

Lim Poon Primary School 1954-1959
Batu Pahat High 1960-1965
Muar High School 1966-1967
University of Malaya 1968-1973 M.B.B.S.

Career Profile :
1973-1974 Houseman, Johor Bahru General Hospital, Johor.
1974-1976 Medical Officer, Batu Pahat District Hospital, Johor.
1976 Private Practitioner.
1986-2004 State Assemblyman for Penggaram, Johor.
Oct 1990 Member, Johor State Executive Council (EXCO - 1st term) Chairman, State Science, Technology and Human Resources Committee, Johor.
Jan 1992 Chairman, State Environment and Consumer Affairs Committee, Johor.
May 1995 Member, Johor State Executive Council (EXCO - 2nd term)
Chairman, Environment and Consumer Affairs Committee, Johor.
Dec 1999 Member, Johor State Executive Council (EXCO - 3rd term)
1999-2004 State Environment and Tourism Committee Chairman, Johor.
Mar 21, 2004 Member of Parliament for Labis, Johor.
Mar 27, 2004 Minister, Ministry of Health.

Political Party Affiliation and Involvement :

1982 MCA Head, MCA Zabedah Timur Branch, Johor.
1985 MCA Chairman, MCA Batu Pahat Division, Johor (returned unopposed in 1993 election)
1986 MCA Vice Chairman, MCA State Liaison Committee, Johor.
Aug 1993 MCA Deputy Chairman, Johor MCA.
1999-2002 MCA Member, MCA Central Committee.
Oct 2001 MCA Deputy Chairman, Johor MCA.
Jun 2002-2005 MCA Member, MCA Central Committee.
2002 MCA Chairman, MCA State Liaison Committee, Johor.
2003 MCA Chairman, Johor MCA.
Jun 2004 MCA Member, Party Disciplinary Board
May 2005 MCA Chief, Batu Pahat Division, Johor. (Won unopposed)
Aug 2005-2008 MCA Vice-President, MCA. (Chua polled 1,398 votes)
2005-2008 MCA Chairman, State Liaison Committee, Johor.

Elections Contested:

Aug 1986 BN/MCA Penggaram, State Constituency, Johor. Won with a majority of 3,990 votes against Gan Ah Liong of DAP.
Oct 1990 BN/MCA Penggaram, State Constituency, Johor. Won with a majority of 4,108 votes against Lim Hwah Beng of DAP.
Apr 1995 BN/MCA Penggaram, State Constituency, Johor. Won with a majority of 14,037 votes against Gan Teck Cheng of DAP.
Nov 29, 1999 BN/MCA Penggeram, State Constituency, Johor. Won with a majority of 13,460 votes against Gan Peck Cheng of DAP.
Mar 21, 2004 BN/MCA Labis, Parliamentary Constituency, Johor. Won with a majority of 10,729 votes against Tee Gey Yan of DAP.

1979 P.I.S No title Pingat Ibrahim Sultan, Johor.
1988 P.P.N. No title Pingat Pangkuan Negara, Agong.
1997 S.M.J. No title Setia Mahkota Johor,
1999 D.P.M.J Dato' Darjah Mahkota Johor Yang Amat Mulia Pangkat Kedua, Johor.
Nov 5, 2005 A Fellowship, No title by the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland (RCPI).
Sep 16, 2006 S.P.D.K Datuk Seri Seri Panglima Darjah Kinabalu Panglima Sabah
Oct 2006 D.G.S.M Datuk Seri Darjah Gemilang Seri Melaka


1982-1968 Chairman, St. John Ambulance, Batu Pahat, Johor.
1983 Adviser, Parent Teachers' Association, Sekolah Rendah Jenis Kebangsaan (C) Cheng Siu 1 & 2.
1983 Adviser, Parent Teachers' Association, Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan (C) Ai Chun 1 & 2.
1986 Adviser, Chinese Teachers Association, Batu Pahat, Johor.
1986 Adviser, Tiong Hwa Association, Senggarang, Batu Pahat, Johor.
1987-1989 Chairman, Parent Teachers' Association, Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Montfort.
* Chairman, State Wild Elephant Relocation Taskforce, Johor.
* Deputy Chairman, Endau-Rompin Park Board.
* Chairman, Technical Committee, Endau-Rompin ParkBoard.
1990 Member of Government Meetings Council.
Nov 1992 President, Committee to coordinate efforts to enhance the skills of workers, Johor.
1999 Chairman, State Japanese Encephelitis (JE), Johor.

Sports Associations/Recreational Clubs:

1975 Ordinary Member, Golf Club.
1986 Adviser, Basketball Association, Batu Pahat, Johor.
1991 Chairman, Johor Volley Ball Association.
May 2004 President, The Malaysian Volleyball Association (MAVA).

Miscellaneous : - During his visit to Ireland, Dr Chua was conferred a fellowship by the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland (RCPI), the first health minister ever from the region to receive such honour.


  1. Anonymous4:26 pm

    selamat tahun baru...

    apakah tindakan yang telah diambil oleh PM kita, saudara Pak Lah untuk kes ini?

    kita lihat saja la....

  2. Anonymous4:28 pm

    dr chua saja nak test tengok pak lah kot nie?

  3. Anonymous4:29 pm

    Amazing how some can condone this joker of a minister's behavior, private or otherwise.

    Regardless of it being an official or private act, as a minister this sort of behavior is just unacceptable.

    So what if he is a good minister? There are some moral boundaries you just can't cross such as doing the wild thing with your friend for all to see. If he has ten mistresses and it's all kept hush-hush is another story all together but having it out in the open should prompt him to resign immediately if he had any sense of decency.

    Almost four years ago we allowed a homosexual to be a part of our cabinet. The person still sits there today. Today we have someone who has achieved porn-star like publicity and some still say it's ok.

    Tell me then, when will it be not ok? where do we draw the line? there must be a moral line that cannot be crossed otherwise what else is left?

  4. Anonymous4:31 pm

    Sebab pak lah is the Boss

    Dia lembab

    sekarang parti BN penuh masalah

  5. Anonymous4:36 pm

    I wish to commend the Minister for finally doing the right thing!
    And may all the other government leaders take note of this precedence and uphold this trend in future - resign when your public decorum is not within the norms of what is expected for a public figure.

    Having said you realise that the post of Minister of Health has always ended up tragically for the incumbent? Ranging from abrupt termination to death in office, the trail is dotted with disaster!

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    The juices of a New Year
    A bang in the political scene
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    It is the talk of the country

    Private affairs collide into political storm
    Amongst the enemies and backbiters
    A field day listening to the moralists
    Who has no sin in a life?

    Here I smell the fresh cutting grasses
    The aroma feels me with hope
    The New Year hasn’t gone badly
    There will be adjustments I am sure

    The singing wind blowing
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    The remnants of yesteryear
    It lays buried amongst the debris
    Streams, archives and history

  7. Anonymous4:50 pm

    Yes, he did the right and honourable thing. It was impossible for him to continue.

    Since he resigned from all posts including the Labis MP post, Pak Lah is forced to have a by-election in that constituency unless the GE comes first.

  8. Anonymous4:53 pm

    someone will try to get him to reconsider - just hope he won't make a u-turn.

  9. Anonymous5:01 pm


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  10. Sdr Rocky's Bru,

    There may still be hope for this beloved country of ours.

    Chua Soi Lek did the right thing.

    Let's hope that there are more men and women of honour and integrity in the corridor of power.

    Thank you.

  11. Anonymous5:05 pm


    Let us be with this man of honour during this trying moment for him. We should even pray that he and his family recover from this painful episode quickly.

    I was told once by my father that you should not kick a man when he is down.

    Let's commend him for his quick decision instead of prolonging the issue by denying and trying to blame the rest of the world.

    And his honesty should put many many people to shame. He has shamed the devil, let us hope this is the advent of a new political culture in Malaysia.

    Thank you, Dr Chua.

  12. Dr Chua Soi Lek is a gentleman politician.

  13. Anonymous5:18 pm

    Finally the curse of Chua Jui Ming strucks. Let see any taker for the Curse of LabisMan.

  14. Anonymous5:37 pm


    What honesty? He got no choice but to admit. The video is so obvious! Do you think he will confess if not force circumstantially. But as a brilliant politician, he played it to the hilt and thus, a good exit strategy.... and got your sympathy.

  15. Anonymous5:38 pm

    So Doc Chua has humbled himself before the rakyat. At least he has balls and accepts the Truth. He is a true citizen and not in a state of denial. Well done Chua.

    If you restart your medical practice we all will come and seek your medical advise and attention. The rakyat should support you not a public figure, but as an honorable member of the medical fraternity. A man with BALLS.
    If you have not read it, buy this book called The Secrets of the Rainmaker by Chin Ning Chu. "There is no failure its only God's Redirection."

    Bravo and let this be the a Defining Moment for Malaysian politicians. His example shallbe inscribed in Gold.

  16. Bro,

    Meletak jawatan adalah langkah yang terbaik buat YB Menteri berkenaan. Saya juga berharap satu mekanisma yang lebih baik di dalam pemilihan menteri. Lantiklah orang yang boleh bekerja dan mempunyai sifat terpuji.

  17. Anonymous5:51 pm

    I think he(dr chua) have some strong view on many things and therefore not really suitable to be a Malaysia leader. He is a popular chinese leader as some of my chinese friend tell me about Dr Chua Soi Lek and some even said he is more popular that Ong Ka Ting among MCA grassroots.
    One conspiracy theory told me that it is Ong Ka Ting supporter that set Dr Chua up.

  18. Anonymous5:57 pm

    for resigning from his posts,
    i commend dr chua soi lek.
    that, sir, was an honourable thing to do.

    MORE THAN I CAN SAY FOR many others!

  19. Anonymous6:10 pm

    lain kali periksa itu bilik hotel ada cctv atau tidak

  20. Anonymous6:12 pm

    ada tiga jawatan kosong
    1. menteri kesihatan
    2. ahli parlimen labis
    3. naib presiden mca

  21. Anonymous6:13 pm

    Okay, done deal. Dr. Chua did the most honourable and politically correct thing to do.

    Episode is over. Everyone can go home now. Lets leave Dr. Chua, Datin Seri Wong and the kids alone.

  22. Anonymous6:20 pm

    I think Dr. Chua did the honourable thing of resigning from all his position. If only our leaders can do the same when they did something wrong rather than holding on to their post.
    Lets not prosecute Dr. Chua any further. It's not easy on him to come to this point.
    However, the police must act against those resposible including the hotel concerned for intruding into someone's privacy. That is totally unbecoming and degrading.

  23. Anonymous6:43 pm

    Looks like Dr Chua was set up 2 years ago, all the cameras were ready and the girl was probably in on it also. It was wrong but men always have a weakness for sex, many are just not strong enough.
    My worry is that who is going to take his place. At least he was a competent health minister, compared to the other jokers running other ministries. The deputy health minister is not very competent.
    For 2 years probably somebody has been threatening to release this tape, better for him to face it now and own up.
    It's a disgrace,but at least he did not waste 4 billion ringgit like that CKC guy who has no guts to resign.
    If the other politicians had half the honour or shame Dr Chua has, they should also resign.

  24. Anonymous7:30 pm

    Quoted from Bernama;
    He hoped that his resignation, supposedly over a "moral issue", would be a lesson to all leaders, whether in the MCA or other component parties of the Barisan Nasional (BN)."After making my admission (yesterday), I was hoping that Malaysians would accept my apologies but from the feedback I received, they could not accept."Dr Chua said he did not want to be a burden to the party and government if he continued holding the posts.
    "I have come forward (to own up), I have had to face not just the national and party leaders but also the people at large. It appeared that they could not accept (my mistake), so to me and my family it was better for me to resign from my posts so as not to be a liability to the national leadership."However, he admitted that he did not at all expect the overwhelming bad response from the public after his confession yesterday that he was the man in the DVD."I thought the response would be good but Astro said 91 per cent (of the people) wanted me to resign, while China Press said 99 per cent," he said.Noting that while those in public office liked to stand on high moral grounds, Dr Chua said he felt proud for coming out in the open to admit his fault.
    "I feel proud at least I dared to admit. I never said that it was not me (in the DVD). I never even said that it was doctored."

    Heyyy...Dr. Chua is the man. Shitt.. he still proud on his sexual escapade been made public. I dont think he perform badly on the DVD to made him said so.

  25. Bukit CHANDAN ,,, PLease eat manure and die ... Capture the issue at hand .

  26. Anonymous8:02 pm

    brother Rocky

    The Ex-Minister of Health has just resigned today. He should have resigned months ago when the cd was circulating inthe market place. In any event, the mater came out in the open yesterdya, he should have resigned yesterday. Resigning today is one day too late in political term.

    Nevetheless, this is a good political culture, which Badawi should follow and resign as well.
    Badawi's son was involved int eh oil for food scandal, his son, Kamaludin, was involved in the scandal involving the selling of component parts to make a weapon of mass destructions, his son-in-law, Khairy, and his friend, Kalimullah, was involved in the ECM Libra scandal.

    Of course, Badawi willnever resign becaue he had to stay on to protect his son, son-in-law and his friend Kalimullah.

  27. He did the right thing to admit and resigned.Secretly videotaping the sexual act is a criminal offence to start with therefore the parties who intrude into one's privacy should be penalised and I am not agreeing on the act of adultery. At this moment ,I don't even dare to go to departmental store's fitting room or public washrooms.

  28. Anonymous8:38 pm

    Best lah Dr Chua ...gua respect lu belani punya Menteli ohhh.itu reality show meh...gua vote lu lah pakai SMS.

  29. Anonymous8:39 pm

    i dont think csl told the whole truth abt this scandal. If the video was made 2 yrs ago, is he still in contact with this young lady? Was it a one-nite stand kinda thing? Was he trapped by someone on a one nite stand? If it is an affair then it's a total different story. If he was baited and he fell for it, then we must catch the culprit too!

    If not, was the video a random thing and so happen our dear CSL was int hat room that was used by certain ppl to secretly videotape occupants in the hotel? So can we all still make love with our wife in hotels? Are we safe?

  30. Anonymous9:45 pm

    I just about had enough. Stop praising the man.

    He's not honorable nor a gentleman. He ain't sorry & deserves no pity.

    And you guys out there who are praising him, will you be as magnanimous if it were a woman minister instead?

  31. CSL did the right thing or rather, he had no other choice unless he wishes to suffer more public scrutiny on his future whereabouts. He probably did it to protect his family which, if true, is commendable.

    Notwithstanding, CSL has unwittingly become the litmus test for any BN politicians. Shape up or ship out, and the public will not tolerate any more shenanigans.

    Technology played an integral part in this expose, hence, considering this video is two years old, will there be more forthcoming on the others?

    Time will reveal. Can't wait for the UMNO show and tell movie.

  32. Anonymous10:40 pm

    even Keldaian's Anwar could not swallow the crowd and admit he's a homo... Chua Sex Lek is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more gentle"man".....

  33. Anonymous10:46 pm

    While a Minister is expected to have high morals and his resignation seems just, what is perturbing is that nobody is safe now. People with an axe to grind can intrude someone's privacy and record intimate scenes and post it in a blog or the Net in general. We should have laws that are stricter and allow for heavy jail sentences for intruding others' privacy. Else, not just illicit affairs but even scenes of husband and wife in intimate moments will find its way to public domain. Such is the level of perversion in this age of Internet.

  34. Anonymous10:54 pm

    Dr. Chua did the right thing by admitting, but refused to relinquish his posts. Then he did the right thing again by quitting but tried to drag his collegues along. He said, "I am proud that I have balls to admit my sins and save the taxpayers money to form panels to investigate my case if I did not admit but claim that the guy in the video isn't me, or my face was superimposed.

    "By admitting, and apologizing, I should be forgiven. Instead people insist that I step down. I am sick of this 'holier than thou attitude'. It's like everyone wants to be ulamaks now.

    "I received 200 SMSes that say other leaders do the same thing (involved in scandals). Not only leaders from MCA, but from other component parties as well. I need not reveal who they are, but mind you I am not the first 'victim' and definitely wont be the last."

    Yeah, doc, tell us who they are. People want to know. People want a clean government. Why should we forgive you, doc. Your lewd act is unacceptable to us Malaysians. You as a leader should set a good example to all of us and our children. If you are allowed to go scott free I can't imagine what will happen to our society in the future.

  35. Anonymous1:52 am

    Chua can go for full time amateurs porn now, at 61 years old, he is doing fine based on his tape except that he need to practice safe sex.

  36. Anonymous1:56 am

    This 61 year olds is a real stunt, he still need mistresses for his need,good for him...

  37. Anonymous4:01 am

    With my eye I spy..

    Lots of people on their pretty little high horses.

  38. Despite what is perceived as a gentlement act to own up and resign, I am not gonna fully honour Dr Chua for it.

    He did it with reluctance. He initially insist to stay on and had put the ball in the court of the PM. Then Rocky's expose that MCA was goign to do an emergency meeting.

    Suspect Flipper Flopper PM reluctant to make decisions to push MCA and Dr Chua to resign.

    HE did too much fumbling of late - charge/withdraw on Hindraf 31, sedition/dismiss/sedition/ISA on Hindraf leaders, and ban/withdrawal on use of Allah in Christian publications.

    Still trying to get where Hantutelur got those quotes but keyword in Dr Chua's resignation statement is mocking the leadership - Islam Hadhari, Holier than thou and rakyat.

    Can the PM read the cue?

    Hmmm ... remind him of SIL involvement in ECM LIbra, Kamal in Nuclear centrifuge affair, "my son did not government contracts" for Scomi, Noni sister-in-law oil for food scandal, Perth "it's Kamal's said KJ" but it's Patrick's home, "My idea" WPI and the selling to Singapore, etc etc etc.

  39. strip him of his datukship... memalukan saja...

  40. Anonymous9:57 am

    How safe is our hotel? Is there camera hidden everywhere? Ministry Of Tourism must conduct check on these. Or else nobody will dare to stay in there.
    How about toilet at workplace, shopping mall and other public area ? It will end up in DVD sold at pasar malam.

  41. Anonymous10:20 am

    Chua's case is an opening scandal for the govt for yr 2008. Will this open up the flood gate of other scandals? We'll see.
    Why can't he deny that it's not him? Isn't that what all ministers do, denial and denial, no and no and no. There are many other ministers that have many dirty secrets that have been swept under the carpet and not exposed.

  42. Anonymous12:01 pm

    "By admitting, and apologizing, I should be forgiven. Instead people insist that I step down. I am sick of this 'holier than thou attitude'. It's like everyone wants to be ulamaks now.

    what kind of statement is this! he CHEATED his wife, his children, his family! And should he still qualify to be minister ? when a crook robs a bank, can he still be acquited by simply say i'm sorry, i will not do again? yes adultery is not criminal, but for someone who cheated his wife and no sense of integrity, it's hell for someone like dat to lead the country (not to mention how he handled the baby arm amputated case). he's no bill gate and bill clinton to compare with. worse, he committed with the woman who can become his daughter and out of lust! so old and so pervert... yeah everybody is sinned, but his is a lot worse! and it's damn pathetic to watch how his supporter rejects his resignation. he should resign at the day he confessed instead participating waiting-for-to-be-pardoned game!

    what should the wife and children say either than to forgive the minister? that "i sick with you", "i divorce with you" ? pity the family in upcoming days....

    btw, i still respect this guy, 60+ yrs and still strong solid. geng, wonder if his predecessor mr ling is still that strong...

  43. For the latest update on
    MORE PICS & Video – Dr Chua Soi Lek Resignation & Na├»ve Assumption on Public Acceptance of Confession; Reactions; Hobson’s Choice on Moral Grounds and Negative public feedback & reactions; Resignation: - Responsible, wise and apt – by others and
    women’s rights activist Zaitun Kasim. "Is it for the public to make these decisions?" she asked, stating firmly that the real crime is in the invasion of privacy, rather than adultery. More details
    Go H E R E

  44. Rocky,

    You appear to be still lamenting the loss of an adulterer judging from the trouble you took to list out his credentials. To me one who engages in illicit sex is just as morally corrupt as those who cheat the rakyat. You think he is innocent of other types of immoral and corrupt practices ? And, why didn't he also appologise for such transgressions if he is really sorry and sincere ???

  45. Anonymous1:26 pm

    padan muka. adulterous pervert, screwing a girl young enough to be his daughter. i hope this expose is only the beginning of his misery.

  46. Anonymous1:51 pm

    ye la bukit chandan...

    mike nie masok topik ape kebendenye nie? teman idak le paham...
    teman pon org kuale juge...

    kejor yob kejor...

  47. Anonymous2:06 pm

    quoting multimid: "women’s rights activist Zaitun Kasim. "Is it for the public to make these decisions?" she asked, stating firmly that the real crime is in the invasion of privacy, rather than adultery."


    ...but adultery leads to bigger corruptions.

    brother a voice, I quote dr. chua from TV3 broadcast - though in my own words. Multimid links to a more detailed extract of the press announcement BUT he ommitted the "ulamaks" part.

    t'was a 35 minutes press conference (45 min. according to TV3), he assumed he would be forgiven by admitting, but felt cheated when people urged him to step down instead. that was why he played the "i'll drag you along" game. looks like his balls bloated awhile, then shrunk to the size of peanuts.

    you can ask forgiveness from God. you will be forgiven. but you still have to pay. that's the promise.

  48. Anonymous2:09 pm

    Simple question:

    If your dad, reagrdless of his stature, was caught screwing a young chick in a sleazy hotel:

    - would you say its OK for him to cheat on your mother and siblings?

    Or how about if you found out that you mom was screwing a toy boy?

    - Is is OK to you?

    COME ON!!Lets see a show of hands here....

    Hmmph....thought so.....don't just talk for the sake of talking typical.

  49. I've had about enough too. Especially when he accuses Malaysians of having a holier-than-thou attitude.

  50. "It's over for Chua".. really? The perv in me wanna know if his 'affair' is really over. Wow, gotta take my hat off to this hyper- SEXagenerian character called SOIL EK.

    Anyway here's to 2008 bro' and we look forward to more SEXposes and indiscretions from our publicly-elected officials.. Must be the Year of The Rat (lots of rats ratting away lately).

  51. Anonymous2:54 pm

    bukit chandan's living in fantasy

  52. Anonymous3:42 pm

    "Holier than thou" fellow readers..

    Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men's bones, and of all uncleanness.
    (Matthew ch. XXIII, v. 27)

    Are we all never sinned?

  53. Anonymous5:10 pm

    I was just wondering how long a duration was the CCTV already being install in the room? Did it record anybody else during the duration, if it was there for a long time? Does it need focusing for such CCTV? How does the person know that the target is gonna check in at a particular time and place, and only install it minutes before just for the target? Is there enough time and can that be done with this type of CCTV? Very curious and have ot of questions on this one ... hummmmm ... :)

  54. Anonymous5:19 pm

    oh, sorry ... does anybody here know which hotel is it? I don't think I want to have my Cuti-Cuti Malaysia in that hotel? Who knows these days, I don't want to be at the wrong place in the wrong time? ... :)

  55. hantutelur,

    I fully agree with you. However, I'm sorry for having not read your posting prior to posting mine above. I was so sick with everyone for being so forgiving and naive. No one seemed to realise that they have been cunningly tricked into sympathising with his predicaments. Worst still, he now blames us for adopting "ulamak's stand" in rejecting his plea.

    To SUE Lek, please be informed that we don't reject you because we are ulamaks. We reject you because your apologies were not sincere. For your info. we also commit sins. But, we take pains to avoid them. We don't sleep in hotels because our wives are at home and Islam melarang kami menghampiri zina. Your campaign to use condom seems to hit back at you !!!

  56. Anonymous7:02 pm

    monica, i agree with you. this chua sleazebag damn tak tau malu. really pity his wife and kids, i bet they dunno where to hide their face to have this type of husband/father in full porno glory. seriously gag-inducing.

  57. Anonymous8:19 pm

    To those who think they are so high up as compare to Chua:


  58. Anonymous8:26 pm




  59. Anonymous11:24 pm

    he's still not done yet! now "I regret having to come to KL to accept the ministerial post. I had to tour around the country to make myself known the members of the party. I was relatively unknown prior to becoming the Menteri Kesihatan." (quoted from earlier tonight's TV3 news)

    Poor chap, now he is vely famous. Like he never enjoyed his lise from olineli loctor to becoming a milister.

    If he was only a branch level leader, being unfaithful to his wife would be more acceptable and less sinful?

    How bout perks you enjoy while being a minister? You regret that too?

    I wonder how many "personal friends" you do have, doc?

  60. Anonymous12:05 am

    There is no one else and nothing else to be blamed except Dato Dr Chua Soi Lek himself.

    Blame on the spy cam but if he did not have sex with that woman, there will be nothing on the tape.

    Blame on invasion of privacy and he should know that the only real private place is his own home

    Blame on the MCA and he should know better that there are a lot of competitors around.

    Blame on the opposition and he should know that the opposition is always watching the ruling government.

    Blame on his own sexual desires and he should ask what is a wife for.

    Yes, he has worked hard. But he has lost the respect of many. Respect is important because without it, he cannot go very far. You can still respect him to a certain degree but you cannot completely respect him when you imagine him having sex with one who is not his wife. Respect is to be earned. Once you earn the respect, don't throw it away. Once you throw it away, you might not be able to recover it again.

  61. Damn. I condone it! I condone it! The only people Chua has to answer to are his wife, his children and the rest of his family.

    And then there is God. And after God, Jose Mourinho.

    Fuck morals.

    And who the Fuck are other people? They're not his wife. I mean, wives.

  62. Anonymous9:01 am

    Anonymous said:




    Yeah, great..... This is the typical mentality of malaysians that we have right now.

    Ya laa.....what's the difference?

    Other politicians oso doing it what?....other politicans oso sapu money, contracts, do gangbangs oso what.....??

    so nevermind la..close one eye laa...why target him right? Even his family says its OK already whaat?? why make noise?...

    If its good for the health minister who advocates safe sex and fidelity - hey! its oso OK for everyone else right? Lets all tell that to our kids and spouses then.....

    Hello joe,

    Who is being naive here?

    In case you didnt realise there is such a thing called "INTEGRITY" something which is EXPECTED of all elected leaders.

    Haven't you heard of the phrase "TWO WRONGS DONT MAKE ONE RIGHT?"

    If its OK, then don't complain about the gomen anymore lor...just say that the gomen is uber fantasticos! and everything or semuanya OK!

    Free for all mah...the rakyats has given its rubber stamp....

  63. Anonymous9:58 am

    anon 8.26pm: Just because everyone else does it, does not mean it becomes right and acceptable, unless you subscribe to moral relativism.

  64. Anonymous10:56 am

    Aiiyah, this ah chua got use condom or not. after he spread AIDS to other girls lah.

    why soi lek cannot control his batang. now he kena sack from mca.

  65. Anonymous12:19 pm

    "But he has lost the respect of many"

    this is not quite true - imho many still respect him coz at 60+ he's still strong and solid..

    yeah respect for wrong reason....

  66. Anonymous1:54 pm

    denzook -- "this is not quite true - imho many still respect him coz at 60+ he's still strong and solid.."

    I'm curious. You must be in Muar or Batu Pahat where the videos were supposed to be distributed free! I search youtube, looks like I wont be able to view the performance which "show leg" is proud of.

    anon 10:56 -- "why soi lek cannot control his batang. now he kena sack from mca."

    No surprise what, he's a doctor, must inject one.

  67. Anonymous3:08 pm

    To the earlier posters, it's not such a sleazy hotel lah. Many of us can't even afford to go there. Anyway, it's still not a crime like the murder of a certain Mongolian model.

  68. Anonymous5:34 pm

    Resign memang la dia kena resign. tapi those who hantam soi lek here are either not aware of the truth behind the whole episode or know about it but just want to kick him while he is down. buat pengetahuan korang, bini dia dah benarkan dia ada hubungan dengan perempuan tu lama dah. kira second wife la, cuma sebab dia cina boleh register satu je la. tu sebab dia cool je masa press conference tu. tak percaya ceck la dengan orang MCA kat johor. perempuan tu sebenarnya umur 30an meniaga bunga kat batu pahat. kalau bini dia pun tak kesah, engkau orang ni siapa pulak nak kutuk dia. aku rasa engkau orang kutuk orang yang sekodeng dia tengah main tu lagi baik. dah lah sekodeng, pi buat dvd lagi rosakkan hidup dia. engkau orang yang tengok dvd tu pun kira mat dan minah sekodeng juga la.

  69. Anonymous10:36 pm

    haiya sudah lambat mau comment. itu apek tua main sama itu amoi menteri kah?

    haiya,menteri kesihatan somemore.
    gua tatak mau ini macam punya apek suka main amoi jadi malaysia punya menteli ohhh!

  70. Anonymous3:45 am

    At least was honourable enough to resign. I believe that the leaders of the opposition are no better.

    Chua was right in stating that poeple practice the "hollier than thou" policy.

    Therefore, you cannot really blame Lim Kit Siang was keeping a bit quite than usual on this issue. One would have thought that Lim Kit Siang would have gone to town with issue like. But he didn't because he still beleive in those who live in glass houses should not thrown stone.

    Mr S K Soong of Johor, do you know about Ms FOO by any chance?????

  71. Aiyo, kalau tatak mau menteli main sama amoi, mau menteli main sama ah beng, ah?

    Atau itu menteli main sama minatang. Sayur-sayuran also can. Bijirin also got.

    Aku mau laminate ini Chua SOi Lek jadi naib presiden PUNDEK - Parti Undi Kongkek.