Wednesday, January 02, 2008

MCA to drop Dr Chua today?

UPDATE 2.15pm - Government insiders told me to expect Dr Chua to announce his resignation later today.
Emergency Meeting. The MCA is expected to drop Dr Chua Soi Lek, its vice president, at the party's Emergency Presidential Meeting at 5 pm today in Wisma MCA, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, over the sex-with-personal-friend video scandal.
That would be the cue for the Prime Minister to drop him as the Health Minister. Some people argue it should be the other way round: the PM drops him from the Cabient post and Ong Ka Ting will have the easier decision of leaving him out at the next party election.
Dr Chua's refusal to resign from party and government posts after having met the PM, the DPM and OKT has raised the eyebrows of even the most seasoned political observers.
Former NSTP group editor-in-chief A. Kadir Jasin, on his blog The Scribe, wrote that "in a more moral environment, where integrity and propriety matter, a politician in Chua's position would have resigned". Instead, Kadir noted, "(Chua) apologised to the Malaysian public, his supporters and colleagues, but adamant that he would not resign and, curiously, leave the decision to the Prime Minister".
Ex-political editor Nuraina A. Samad is baffled by the PM's quiet. "Is he taking the cue from the MCA?"
Some of my commenters, however, felt that Dr Chua's extra-marital affair is a private matter and should not be made a reason to force the minister to quit.

Let's see if the MCA big guns agree ...


  1. Anonymous1:51 pm

    if this happened in France, he can totally get away with it..not need to resign whatsoever. Whichever God you believe, premarital or extramarital affairs are no-no however, i think in the West side of the world, it has been regarded as "normal", their staple lifestyle.

    yes, it is his private matter, too bad his private matter has gone public. Morally, it's not right to have a leader like him (there are others like him i'm sure but there are no video of the rest;))..and yes, we don't need a leader with big house or duit berkepuk in their pocket, a leader on holiday while the rakyat experiencing flood, or a leader with a face so tight i'm sure we can use it as a slingshot.

    i dunno, morally is not video summore!! yekhh..

    ~anon 11.55

  2. I read somewhere and that includes your previous posting on the same matter that the sex act was done during the mca battle royale.

    If that is true, he did it when he was not the MOH, wasnt part of the government and wasnt part of the top echelon of the mca. Now I read all these comments about him as the MOH not practising what he was preaching i.e. safe sex (including that statement by the pas party), that he is a disgrace to the govt and to the post and all these calls for him to resign based on those comments.

    It is so odd to me!

  3. Dropping him from MCA after a public apology doesnt seem like a norm of the trend...

  4. Anonymous2:23 pm

    Thats the problem with politicians. Know why surgeons love to operate on politicians? Its because politicians got not guts, no heart, no balls, no spine and no brains. And this bugger is a doctor somemore. He had to leave all these at the door when he signed up with MCA, I'm sure.

  5. Anonymous2:24 pm

    Chua Soi Lek generally has done a good job as Minister of Health. During his tenure many new ultra modern hospitals have come up like in Sg. Buloh, Serdang, Ampang and Pandan, JB. Waiting time at Outpatient Clinics has also lessen and service basically have been good (don’t expect too much from public hospitals.. even in developed Canada …its almost the same). Of course there has been some boo-boos like Baby Yok Sun, but none so big like the Port Klang FTZ scandal. With some good policies Malaysia still has one of the best and most accessible medical services in the world.

    He was also man enough to own up to what he did. Do you think KJ (Maya Karin), Rahim Thamby Chik (schoolgirl), and the rest of the UMNO morons would own up to their extra marital affairs. One of them had a Mongolian girl blown up.

    And who the f**ck went to set up those video cameras?? Just imagine if you check into one of these hotels, make love with your girl and have all the videos up on youtube the next day. Sheesh… CCTVs inside a hotel room???

    Anyways from the 4 angled cameras that were set up in the hotel room it was obvious that his enemies wanted to overkill him. This would probably be one of the biggest Political sabotage and back-stabbing ever in Malaysian Political history.

  6. Anonymous2:30 pm

    Chua Soi Lek sacked

    gosh this is MCA bad omen

  7. Man of the Year Soi Lek


  8. Anonymous2:38 pm

    Typical of BN leaders. They wont resign no matter how big is the shit. The only way for them to step down is for the rakyat to vote them out.

  9. Rocky said " Let's see if the MCA BIG Guns agree ...(no pun intended i hope), and Nuriana is Baffled by the PM's QUIET ? After 4 years and we should be still Baffled ? I would have been shocked if he did something .Lets not get HOT here and kick Chua BELOW THE BELT.Everyone knows that he's a HANDS ON Minister even tho his PERFORMANCE is questionable.I admire his guts to STAND UP and he should go down the ANALS of history not as any tom, DICK and HAIRY but as a Party HEAD who SWALLOWED his pride and SHOOK us by his DEEP and PENETRATING ORAL admission of guilt.Whatever said about this man , he is also know for his traditional FRONTAL approach but was BACK STABBED .

  10. Anonymous2:43 pm

    How would a leader who preach Islam Hadari handle this situation?

    Correct, correct, correct! Get MCA to sack the adulterous one. After all he is their problem.

    Does MCA have a choice? Why not ask Wanita MCA?

    Being caught having a romp may not be embarassing for Chua but it sure is for MCA, BN, Malaysia and all the married men in the world. And that is enough reason for Chua to quit, not doing so is showing his shelfishness.

    Cukup le tu. Dah banyak buat duit. Bagi orang lain chan pulak!

  11. The final piece of this game is when he goes down don't forget to bring everybody with him. Showdown!

  12. Anonymous3:04 pm

    I don’t think he can be punished by PM.
    If he can be punish, so most of cabinet ministers should be punished first, included AP queen, Taxi minister, Toll minister, Mongolian Girl minister, 180 ships owner’s father & etc……

  13. Anonymous3:09 pm

    He screwing his gf is his problem and his family. Nobody got hurt except his family. Unlike, a women got blown up by C4, or IGP giving black eye to his prisoner, or taking commission, or deny having an affair then marrying her, or lying in parliament. All the other acts cause pain to rakyat.In short we all should condemn the hotel for allowing this(recording) to happen.

    Compared to other MIC man who betrayed the trust of the girl by secretly recording their act, Chua just did what some legally doing doing and others without getting caught.

    Give him a break. He is probably will be there for a few monthss until general election.

  14. Anonymous3:12 pm

    A reliable source from Wisma MCA Jalan Ampang mentioned that a motion to sack Minister CSL is already on the card for this noon meeting there. Just wait for this eve newsflash for the confirmation.

  15. Anonymous3:27 pm

    private matter it is, but once it's revealed in the public, it's no more private matter! furthermore, he is a public figure!

    it is private matter only when he did not get caught red handed (like he did)...

  16. Anonymous3:51 pm

    The thing about leadership is that you must set a good example.
    That he ahd a twinkie on the side is his personal choice but as a leader one must not get caught, For as long as you are not caught it is between you and God but once caught then the matter is dragged into the realms of ordinary men and their politics.
    The reality is that leaders are not judged by the same moreal standards, they are expected to be better than the rest of us, if they are no better than us why should we follow them?

  17. Dr Chua has relinquished all his posts in govt and MCA

  18. Anonymous4:05 pm

    As far as personal privacy is concerned, the idiot who recorded the minister's "happy hour" should be punished...this sort of video taping unknowing victims in moments of vulnerability (like those of girls in shopping mall fitting rooms, etc) has got to stop!
    However, I do think in order to maintain whatever little dignity he has, Chua should have done the right thing and offered to resign instead of clinging onto the little shreads of power typical of our m'sian politicians,who basically have no iota of the word "shame".
    It may be private matter but in politics, there's no such thing as privacy in morality sense I suppose...the public owns these damn bastards (hmmm, but how come it seems to be the other way round?)
    BTW Rocky, wanna wish you and your loved one Happy New Year!! May 2008 bring a little ray of light to all of us Malaysians....

  19. Anonymous4:06 pm

    BERNAMA at 15:53 : Chua resigns...

  20. Anonymous4:06 pm

    Chua Soi Lek umum perletakan semua jawatan

    02/01/2008 3:43:27 p.m.

    Naib Presiden MCA Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek hari ini mengumumkan peletakan jawatannya sebagai Menteri Kesihatan dan semua jawatan dalam parti serta anggota Parlimen Labis, berkuatkuasa serta merta.- Bernama

    Ok guys...close case. Let us move to another fruitful chapter.

  21. Anonymous4:12 pm

    many hospitals came up = a good health minister? Did he bother to look into amount of grafts happening in these hospitals? They are blatantly sucking the taxpayers' money dry. Year end will always be the "XMAS SHOPPING" and they will simply use up the funds. Not forgetting in between the purchasers get some habuan form suppliers and also the lowest price may not get the tender or deal sham.

    I can only say he is a "healthy minister" and not so much or a health minister.

    We are always blinded for the fact that we get a fe hospials and we are contented but forget that we can be much better off than Singapore by now.

    Yea, about time the sleepy PM throw us some peanuts and we will be laughing into 2010 again.

  22. Anonymous4:15 pm

    Many commenters have stated that the minister should be praised for being a man to admit it....I disagree. What choice does this man have? If he denied it, the evidence will surface like boiling larva and then he will have to eat his words.

    Also people have said what he does in private is his own business...nonsense!Once you are a public figure, there are norms you need to uphold to which are different from a private citizen.

    As for the PM, what better than elegance silence! Let the MCA provide him with their decision to sack him and he can then say "If the MCA wants it that way, so be it - its not my decision".

  23. Anonymous4:34 pm

    Those who expect PM Bad Awi to make a decision musr be living in dreamland. He is so lost..everything with him is on autopilot.
    MCA dropping Chua is work done for him by MCA.

  24. Anonymous4:35 pm


    This Chua SL should learn how his BN leader did.

    Ask Pak Lah how him being caught by Nori in his room with Jean while on holiday in Perth and later everything is kowtim.

    The most is Nori refused to accompany Pak Lah attending functions.

    No need to resign or dropp off.

  25. Anonymous7:39 pm

    Did he use a condom?
    He was the health minister so he must promote safe sex. Anyone seen the tape can confirm this?

  26. Anonymous9:46 pm

    Well, for ONCE in Malaysia history, somebosomeone finally had the GUTS and BALLS to take ultimate RESPONSIBILITY (though delayed somewhat) for his actions. Unlike current bunch of jokers.

  27. Anonymous8:58 am

    The doc was just performing a normal gyno exam on his personal friend..

    At least he didn't explode his subject with C4..

    Leave the man alone will ya...!

  28. Anonymous9:12 pm

    Poor Dr Chua. He's just a scapegoat. Just a smokescreen so that the cops can seem to go 'hunting for DVD lucah' and the distributors. But the 'DVD lucah' actually is not that of Dr Chua, but someone else's. A real 'DVD lucah' of a beruk hitam we all know very, very 'dearly'.

  29. Anonymous8:54 pm

    Emergency Meeting. The MCA is expected to drop Dr Chua Soi Lek.
    another emergency meeting, Dr Lah must sent cybertrooper to eliminate Dr Chua or change identity,face,name bla...bla....bla..

    i Xu pas.