Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Bloggers of The Year (2007)

And now, ladies and gentlemen, the SoPo BloGGer of tHe Year 2007 award goes to .....
Winner: Oh, ah, uh! On behalf of my mama and papa (may they rest in peace, alfatihah), I would like to thank Rox UNcut for this award. It means the world to me and if I have to be sued again to keep the title for the next 12 months while I try and get myself a steady job, I would be forever grateful ...
Ok, ok, I don't know if Rox is offering cash prizes, but those of you whose names are listed below please find out what you've won (or lost) and collect your cheque HERE.

1. Raja Petra Kamaruddin
2. Nuraina A. Samad
3. Sheih Kickdefella
4. Haris Ibrahim
5. Kenny Sia
6. Susan Loone
7. Lilian Chan
8. Booked
9. The Storyteller
10. Bookaholic
11. Mob1900
12. Under Siege
12. Amir Hafizi
13. The Malay Male
14. Crankshaft
15. Pak Idrus
16. Zorro
17. Steven Lee
18. Husam Musa
19. John Lee
20. Jeff Ooi

p.s. Amir Hafizi gets 2 awards. TWO awards! What's wrong with the judges?


Anonymous said...


Something is gravely wrong with this list when bloggers like Dato' Kadir "The Scribe" Jasin is not mentioned at all. I could have sworn Dato AKJ gave some great perspective on some specific issues.

Also Ktemoc and Aisehman.

Then again, its her list. So why should someone's 'narrow' list be featured in this blog?

Might as well it be someone who blogs about his/her father's life threatening surgery or someone who gave away his daughter at her wedding day. So many can learn from that sort of 'human' experience.

the indie story said...

laaa... mentor saya Dato' Kadir Jasin mana hah? Apa ni???

Anonymous said...

Golly, people like abi aishah have become so uptight nowadays. Can't even take light hearted articles anymore.

Who cares.....this is rocky's blog and that is roxanne's own personal listing.


backStreetGluttons said...

right on man ! we have always thoz so , between you or jeff !

let us know the date in the club !

lanaibeach said...

Who select it?
There is no poll isn’t it?

How one arrives at this conclusion?
I am just very blurring…… my eyes
I think it could be one person view
On the selection of a choice

To make it more legitimate
Go for the poll
Let the visitors vote
So who are the people?
Making news in the blogsphere

So want to try again?
Put up the election in the blog
See what the outcome will be

matbondkg said...

Congrats bro! Keep it up! Never a days goed without your faithfuls checking on you! hehe. Hey! What happened to the old dude the Scribe?

Anonymous said...

And you dont make it to the list????

(adooohhhh saket perut gelak nih!)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

abi aishah,

Oh, for Heavens sake. It's Rox's list...done in her own blog.

You are free to have your own list of bloggers and rate them accordingly... as you wish.

my sweetlady.

Anonymous said...

Not to put a dampener on things but a blogger in Saudi just got arrested for exposing corruption there. How about a protest outside their embassy?


Rocky is socio-political blogger of the year (according to Rox).

hey, know we've been talking about rox (yeah, rox...we have) and wondering who she is, cos she writes so sharp, cynical and a little cavalier sometimes.

So's to you, cos you're on my list of favourite bloggers!

Anonymous said...

My top bloggers are as follows
1 Jeff Ooi, Rocky (tie, too close to call. Both blogs are a must for everyone)
2 Marina M (for her insightful pieces and her near-flawless English), Lim Kit Siang
3 Zorro.
4 Aisehman
5 Nuraina, Elizabeth Wong
6 Kadir Jasin
7 Haris Hussain
8 Pasquale
9 Shanghai Stephen
10 Dahpne Ling (who dared to dream).
Special award goes to The New Malay Male for making us feel comfortable with the word FUCK.
Lastly, I congratulate the NST for shooting itself once again by putting Monsterblog to sleep due to reasons wholly known to themsleves. (And they did it by not even having the courtesy to inform everybody, that's transparency for you, that's why nobody believes in them any more).

Anonymous said...

Jeff OOi fell to number 20? Looks like the once "Malaysia's Most Influential Blogger" is no longer "influential", if he ever was "influential" in the first place. Maybe it is because he entered politics. (Whoever gave him that title in the first place?). Maybe he will drop out of the listing for 2008, just like Universiti Malaya in THES.

Sad that Niamah!! fellow didn't make the cut. He's too busy with his projects to bother about his efforts. That's Bolehland for you, stomach first.

Anonymous said...

Freedom of expression or writing, remember, it’s her own blog, she can write anything her inner lady or otherwise desires, give her a break!

So, blame Rocky, oh! Right you can’t! It’s Rocky’s bru blog I am commenting on, He has every right to publish or linking anything. I find the whole thing quite hilarious.

Ahh!! People seem to forget the meaning of blogging.

Anonymous said...

And Elviza,

Why are you tergelaking sampai sakit perut??

You know, all these bloggers mentioned by rox are my favs.


Anonymous said...

my top 20 blogs
1) RPK!!!!
2) Zorro unmasked
3) Ronnie Liu
4) whatalulu
6) lim kit siang
7) polytikus
8) screenshots
9) rocky's bru
10)susan loone
11)elizabeth wong
12)people's parliament
13)must stop this
14)sang kelembai
15)tony pua
16)teresa kok
17)harakah daily
20)lau weng san

there are a lot more man, like morib's crib, bolehland,aisehman, rantings, niamah, ktemoc konsiders, infernal ramblings, sagadoola etc but i seldom go in those.. malay male would have gotten a vote but he is damn funny to close his shop when it was gaining momentum! lol

zorro's has a really one man no holds barred type articles on his blogs which is what most of us are feeling. he only lose to RPK because of the strength of RPK's news and the corridors of power articles.

well done all and have a great 2008!! continue blogging for the truth!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Kenny Sia included in that list?I don't think he deserved it.Just read his "syok sendiri" posting then you will know why.One thing I agreed though A.Kadir Jasin should be included in the list.
Bob From Kuching

Anonymous said...

Yes yes yes Kak Ena! I stand corrected.

Rocky is to modest to put that in his blog. Apprently ROx Uncut named him her hero, always.

Crankster said...

I certainly NEVER expected to get featured..

ewoon said...

Congratulations on being 'conferred' Blogger of The Year 2007.

Keep up the great work, bro. There's no letting up. Live up to your nick. Be The Rock. i know you are mine.

zewt said...

wah.... this is turning into some oscar...haha!