Friday, January 04, 2008

Hindraf's Waytha refutes media reports

"Fight will continue to the end." Yesterday, a reader alerted us to an article in Straits Times (Singapore) on self-exiled Hindraf leader P. Waytha Moorthy "giving up" on the fight in an AP article headlined "Indians fight losing battle for equal rights". Reader kalyan97 has mailed me a statement which Waytha is supposed to have issued to deny the AP report.

In this latest statement, Waytha declared that "I will continue to lead HINDRAF even if I'm on the move throughout the world." He said he has lined up many plans to keep the struggle alive and that he will continue to lobby the support of foreign governemnts to keep the pressure on the Malaysian government.
"HINDRAF would also be organizing various peaceful protests throughout the country to highlight the plight of the 70% poor underclass Malaysian Indian society and for the release of the 5 Leaders of which I would announce the first plan on Monday 7th January 2008."
To read Waytha Moorthy's full statement: Waytha clarifies statement in AP report.


  1. Anonymous12:28 pm

    I am not sure what some of our budding journalist are taught in Journalis 101, but has it ever occured to any of our journalists that giving 5 or more sides of the story is one of the fundamentals of objective reporting.

    Why is that so many journalists today are conditioned with a fear so gripping that the last individual they would ask for comments or response is the individual or indivduals the whole issue is about?

    Was it impossible to have contacted Waytha before this so called "report" giving his statements? The conditioning of journalists in a country like Malaysia can leave a dbilating residue in their physce for years to come if they fail do recognise its contagion or break its spell over their thinking.

  2. Anonymous12:40 pm

    hindraf lawyers who are doing their call of duty are not spared from victimisation? it goes also for the lawyer (incacerated for one night by ACA for frivolous reason of not declaring his assets) who represented the senior cop, datuk ramli. this are dangerous precedents as it impinges the very basic right of a citizen for unfettered legal representation.
    no wonder Tun said this country is becoming a police state. freer society and more democratic space? maybe, to selected few but surely not to those that dont toe the line as defined by the powers-taht-be.

  3. Anonymous2:06 pm

    Allow me to point out that the AP report was published in a Singapore newspaper - the Straits Times - on Jan 3. The comments attributed to Mr Waytha Moorthy were in that report.

    AP filed that report from London.

    If Mr Moorthy's comments were taken out of context, then whoever wrote that AP report should be held responsible.

    Either that or the Singapore newspaper edited the AP report before publication.

    Let's see if the Singapore paper carries a report on Mr Waytha Moorthy's clarifications.

  4. Anonymous2:13 pm

    rocky bro,

    1. Can you please teach them how to set up their own blogspot

    2. Tell them to ask some money from KHAIRY so they can start their own website

    Then, they can have their own venue to voice out whatever they want to.

    Sometime I pity them, sometime I am confuse with them.

  5. 2 possibilities,
    - the western foreign reporter got it right the first time but this indian got a huge bashing from the hindraf circle and thus the retraction or attempt to correct himself or
    - there was misreporting

    whichever was the case, there is 1 party which cant be trusted and i trust the reporter more than this indian

  6. Anonymous3:25 pm

    Things will change but factors governs!
    Insistence of reform will surely go
    if performance continued not to grow.

    Why report to come out Jarkata
    Reason could be Indonesia is responding to request.

    If BN sure of the Hindraf fighting loosing battle of equal Rights
    Sam needs not walk on Jan 20 with only 15,000 "Indian" to BN

    where are those 40,000/50,000 Hindus?

    Sam speaks only 15,000 also refutes AP report!!

    Surely AP should have got the same refutes from Hindraf
    but has it be posted?

  7. warrior2....using the word "this indian..." to refer to someone is quite racist, but then again, what can u expect from a country where racism is so deeply ingrained in her system.

  8. Campaign contributions cheque did not bounce, more like it.

  9. Anonymous ... UR a funny guy my man . why dont you get Khairy to give you an IDENTITY so that you dont remain bola less and Anonymous for the rest of your life .Coz i am confused with you too . if its good for the GOOSE , IT should be good for the GANDER .

  10. Well, looks like Hindraf actually served a purpose; its opened peoples eyes that not is all and well socioeconomically in Malaysia's Indian community. Government is now trying to soothe the upset Indian community with economic promises of this and that, including starting some sort of interfaith panel. Without the noise and marches from Hindraf, you's seriously think Badawi would meet those Indian community leaders in a panel session?

    The MIC itself has said its trying to revamp itself to "make it more relevant"... implicitly an admission that it hasn't really being doing its job.

    Of course, lets see how much of this is lip service...

  11. Anonymous11:00 pm

    All the people who would not support the "hindu" struggle for its "sectarian" and "racial" slant should consider this: Did you not know that the Indians are the real "undersclass" in our society? Have you not heard their cries for years? Are you not aware that their cries were getting louder? Did anybody - Malays, CHinese, Christians, Muslims spoke up for them? Drawn the government's attention? The answer? NO! NO! NO! NO!
    None of us were/are willing to fight or even bring up their problems!!! Their so-called representatives- the MIC has been telling the country...the Indians have done well! They speak a language like so..let them go back to India! See how they will suffer!!
    Meanwhile our government is taking issues with the Israelis about the injustice to the Muslims in some far away land!!1 They have been fighting for umpteen centuries. Here we have problems at home. Let the justice begin here at home and then go be a hero in the world!
    Get real man! Dip your head and show some respects. Now the Chinaman who is always turning the other cheek is staring back! What are you going to do when someone wave a keris at you?

  12. Anonymous11:19 pm

    SriKANTH ,,, U SAID "what can u expect from a country where racism is so deeply ingrained in her system." One more time YOU talk about my COUNTRY .... i will go look for your remaining family left in malaysia ,, and will poke them with a Broken STEADLER pencil !

  13. These INDIANS don't realise that they get pissed off at us using the words.."these INDIANS' but in the same breath they can kutuk the "umnoputras", "MALAY/MUSLIM/TERRORISTS", etc2 and expect us to just smile and be apologetic.."oh yes..we are mass murderers and terrorists just like you say (lie)..thousand apologies, THAMBI"...

    Btw, i read Moorthy's decision to retreat in the Sun today, unless he was totally misquoted la), I think many Hindraf ppl were jumping up and down when they read that he was living in London and had abandoned them...dunno who to believe many spinners in the world today...a pity though...whatever their grouses (the real ones lah), and opportunities to call for inquiries and etc, have been shot down and ridiculed because of the ridiculous accusations heaped on the Muslims here in general (take a look at Kenya now to get a proper meaning of "ethnic cleansing")...

    HEY, Jazimin,et al, maybe all the parents/families of scores of murdered kids and raped women in Malaysia today can also claim "genocide/terrorism" and wage war on the gomen and the people because their grouses have also not been heeded and no one gives shit and justice has not been served...maybe there is a conspiracy by the Muslims to murder kids and rape women?

    Do the Hindraf give a hoot about the safety of all Malaysians? Or only their own color and religion???? Hmmm....

    What say you Siva and Suara? Hey exile like Bhutto also ka? Then brainwash your mindless, "poor and uneducated" as you called them from afar to wage war and bloodshed on the general population?

    Cowardly self-serving people.

  14. Anonymous2:52 am

    kasta system = racism

    kasta system = indian

    So, the indian says the Malaysian society especially the malay's is racist towards indian.

    What about indian among indian??

    u guys ni lagi racist la wei..

    Yang kaya takkan nak pandang yang miskin.. Berapa ramai hartawan keturunan india yang membantu kaum anda sendiri??

    Kalau dah kaya tu tak sedar diri.. Konon kasta dah tinggi.. Yang cerah tak berkawan dengan yang GELAP.. Konon dipanggil "PRIA"..

    This is a FACT!! Right??

    Orang melayu dah tak tahan dah ni.. Korang ni jangan ingat boleh buat suka hati je.. Nak macam2..
    Jangan sampai betul2 kene etnic cleansing..

    Its not fair for other races to help you when your own people is not helping you.. Where r the rich INDIANs? The lawyers, doctors who majority is indians.. Why r they not helping the poor indians???

    Bcoz Y??

    Bcoz different KASTA!!!
    Lupe daratan!!

    Correct me if i'm wrong..


  15. Anonymous3:38 am

    Umnoputra jihadists like tehsin mukhtar and warrior2 reflect a deep smouldering racist malice tendency against Indians and other non-Muslim Malaysians that is reflective of a contagion that orginated back in 1957.

    This bloodlust undertone is also reflected by some of the "anonymous" umnoputras who assume such nicks conceal who they really are.

    If you review their posting, malice is often directed against any individual or community who dares to expose the racist and ideological dream to Islamise Malaysia in Syariah type nationalism.

    Non-Muslims have seen such precedent in many countries in the South, espcially in Egypt,Africa and Indonesia where ethnic cleansing of non-Muslim communities had been systematically carried out in the name of religion country and race. Does that have a familiar ring to it? Claims such as "Allah" is exclusive to muslims only? Sounds very Nazi like...

    Any attempt to express legitimate concerns over human rights violations or injustice is often deflected like raindrops on a pig's back. Get a hold of yourselves and get a grip on that puny jihadist mental midget mindset.

    Try in 2008 to think out of the box and put that overfed NEP fat legs into the shoes of those who have been battered and treated like dirt over five decades. Non-Malay and non-Muslim Malaysians refuse to be intimidated any longer and the voices of a new generation will not bow or subscribe to the "ketuanan Melayu" ideology.

    Umnoputras fed at the royal breasts of the kerajaan must strive to have an objective understanding of Malaysian history instead of spewing venomn against non-Malays telling them to go back to India or China.

    Such ignorance and racial chauvinism must cease to exist if racial harmony and equality is to exist. Some continue to live in constant denial of history and assume that history in Malaysia only began after the 14th Century when Islam was introuduced.

    Do an independent unshackled study of uncensorced histroy books and undertake an open review of how Indian kingdoms such as the Sri Vijay and Chola ruled in Kedah, and Johor before the 7th Century.

    Some umnoputra agents are doing a hatchet job to destory and restrict research into some of these regions within peninsula Malaysia as well as in East Malaysia.Artifacts and other priceless relics of these early kingdoms and their legacy are being destroyed.

    Revisionist history will not deceive all of the people in this country. Sometimes it takes a new generation to see what the former was not prepared to see. Then again, isn't addiction to narcotics, baby dumping and keris waving a favourite pastime of some?

    A primitive sense of castigating everyone else but oneself for atrocities done is the mark of regimes past and present. One of the most effective ways of breaking the vicious cycle is to unshackle oneself from all forms of bigotry and self-righteousness.

    Has not the fourth PM Mahathir himself writen and spoken openly of the scourge of a certain community marrying their first cousins and refusing to go beyond the culture of blame? Who can we blame for such a diagnosis or "dilemma" as he terms it?

    The begining of true knowledge and objectivity begins when one is prepared to be critical of oneself.

    Complaining that the rest of the world stinks without examing one's own filth is like a blind man cursing the light.. So, stop shooting those who emphasise the need for a close look at selective media reports and instutionalised journalism on the whole.

  16. Anonymous12:48 pm

    suarakeldai (aka suaramalaysia) bising lagi...tido laaa, you are only a voice in your own head... not even a muscle, "dude"...

  17. Anonymous12:52 pm

    i'm bored la rockybru...this fella n his own kind are kaki "kencing" n "auta lebih"...

    waytha the master auta - it's rhyme!

  18. Anonymous2:00 pm

    Suaramalaysia, you keep expressing yourself .You write quite objectively without injecting degrading remarks like tehsin muktar, the Malay boys, and warrior2.

    Don’t let these closet bigots stop you or others who wish for a mature discussion.

    “what can u expect from a country where racism is so deeply ingrained in her system”.

    You are relatively right Srikanth. It’s so deep within the system that people seems too oblivious to this problem. I think some of these people are just ignorant (inferiority complex) not racist in nature.

    What we need is an open- minded-all-discussion-no barrier-healthy education system and leaders whom must be able to face the consequence to do the right thing even to the extent of losing their life and popularity or whichever comes first….

    At the end of day, change must come within us, maybe a little positive support from outside. It does help you know......

  19. Suaramalaysia is objective???? Hahahahaha...that's even funnier than an old politician's naked butt caught on video...

    Yes!!! I am a madrasa-loving (madrasas get such an unfair bad rap these days thanks to the Crusaders' spin and the Hindus and etc jumping onto the bandwagon) Muslim extremist, fundamentalist, jihadi......I support a Muslim Majority-led government for sake of my beliefs and my future...and a fair deal for all other minorities as what is espoused by Prophet Muhammad SAW...

    I would wholeheartedly support the protests against the oppression of and injustices against minorities and their right to their religion (tapi tak dak la sampai one temple per household!)BUT I do not support extremist Hindus who fan hatred and propagate lies and backtrack over their own shit they spouted earlier without thinking of the consequences (or maybe with full clarity and purpose for their own agendas)...without realising their own ingrained bigotry against other races and own brand of history AND their own oppressive caste system against THEIR about being blind, suaramalaysia...

    Always this nation of "Muslim terrorists" and "ethnic-cleansers" and "embattled Hndus", the second richest man is Ananda Krishnan (AN INDIAN) to Robert Kuok (or maybe Samy Vellu kot). What have the successful Indians done for their own? Any sense of responsibility there?

  20. Anonymous9:05 pm

    Anon at 12:48

    "suarakeldai (aka suaramalaysia) bising lagi"

    he's an Indian and a Hindraf supporter....why wouldn't he bising?? until he gets his Datuk-ship, a private jet, some nice bungalow in Putrajaya etc - he shall remain bising..

  21. Anonymous11:30 am

    I have yet to see any AP report, or report in the Singapore papers, about Mr Waytha Moorthy's refutation of the AP report in question.

    Is AP censoring reports of his refutation?

  22. Anonymous2:54 am

    Hey guys (especially suaramalaysia), an Indian girl was found murdered in her house in Kapar...They said the boyfriend was drunk and attacked the girl...

    Do you think it was a cover-up? Was it a conspiracy by police to carried out "ethnic-cleansing" and "kill-an-Indian-a-week" policy?? Should we ask Hindraf to sue the government because the boyfriend was drunk?? Should we sue Carlsberg, Heineken, Tiger Beer what-not too?? Where was Samy Vellu when the girl was hopeless??


  23. Anonymous2:55 am

    errr..i mean, when the girl was helpless...

  24. Anonymous1:08 pm

    anti-bodoh ,you are really a bodoh

  25. Anonymous1:13 pm


    Just a same repeating voice influence at all..

    like anon 12:48 said:
    "you are only a voice in your own head... not even a muscle, "dude"...

    Get a life will ya (also to the Hindraf tribes)...

    Minority people who cannot control their own life without the need of help from others..& being so helpless & weak.. only best at crying, complaining, ranting & mumbling , cursing & blaming others around them for all their misfortunes, can only be best described as 'pathetic'...

    Where in the world you see the minority complaint so much about their life among the majority society they live in..Normally, most of them survive well & even become so successfull compared to the majority people..

    Its call the art of survival..real life is cruel and its a fact the minority have to deal with to live & adapt with that nature rule! In this case - the DEMOCRACY RULE where the majority rules..

    Even the Malay , Chinese or Indian in UK, USA, Australia , South Africa or any parts of the world have to face the same things and one thing for sure they all never mess up with the majority people there..

    My advice to the 'pathetic' ones:
    "Do not destroy Malaysia and others living in it.. If you cannot afford to live your own life..just go and commit suicide...if not, don't complaint if you're being hunt like an animal (like Waryamoorty)!"

  26. Anonymous3:58 pm


    Is that your reasoning, very constructive.......Calling people pathetic, animals, keldai and etc?

    Maybe you and others with the same mentality can start your own blog and name it “Me Malaysia Me HEAR NO EVIL, SEE NO EVIL, SPEAK EVIL”

    It’s a good thing that The Hindraf episode happened .It has open the Pandora box and expose the bigot, the racist, the hypocrite ,the self-righteous and the so called “tolerant”. It only ascertains that Malaysians are tolerant, WHEN it suits them.....

    “have to face the same things and one thing for sure they all never mess up with the majority people there..”
    Are you that naive and ignorant? You want to tell that to my West Indies, Albanian and my Asian mates?

  27. Anonymous11:44 pm

    anti-bodoh said

    "Hey guys (especially suaramalaysia), an Indian girl was found murdered in her house in Kapar...They said the boyfriend was drunk and attacked the girl...

    Do you think it was a cover-up? Was it a conspiracy by police to carried out "ethnic-cleansing" and "kill-an-Indian-a-week" policy?? Should we ask Hindraf to sue the government because the boyfriend was drunk?? Should we sue Carlsberg, Heineken, Tiger Beer what-not too?? Where was Samy Vellu when the girl was hopeless??"

    hahaha i sensed your sarcasm there...

  28. Anonymous2:40 am

    To Suara MAlaysia,

    Memang K____G Kuat Putar belit!!

    Go to HeLL!!

    We dont need you here!!

  29. Anonymous2:43 pm

    The malay boys said

    To Suara MAlaysia,

    Memang K____G Kuat Putar belit!!

    Go to HeLL!!

    We dont need you here!!

    Wow! RADICAL dude! Is that all? Come on you can do better than that!
    All praise to the Malaysian education system and the exalted hishamuddin aka Keris tumpul man!

    Rocky, I didn’t know the word Keling can be used here, Are you condoning such behavior?

    I am all for freedom of speech (if the forum requires swearing/foul/racist language, I am cool with It. So, I will add my own foul word.). But this is hardly a discussion anymore….

    Wonder where are all the tolerant and fair Malaysian at? Frottage?

  30. Anonymous11:58 pm

    Hindraf calls the malays Islamist Teror and ethnic cleanser..

    U aspect the malays to just keep quite n be cool??


    to Anoy 2.43pm

    There's nothing wrong with The education system.. Its perfect..

    Thanks to the system coz i'm now an airline PILOT + Bac in Aerospace Eng.!!

    Fucking HINDRAF makes me SICK!!

  31. Anonymous3:09 pm

    malay boys ,the way you write to articulate your opinion confirms it...

    Having a degree makes it more despairing but am I surprise? NOPE...Just look at way this country is administrated.

    Maruah! Don’t me make puke! More like injudicious Maruah
    There is a different between Maruah and injudicious Maruah.

    There is nothing wrong with possessing a healthy pride in life. As long as it for a worthy humanitarian cause.

  32. Anonymous9:58 am

    anon 3:58,

    You seem to know your so-called West Indies, Albanian and your Asian mates very well,do ya, really??
    AND do they know you that well too (an anon?) AND if you're in Malaysia do you even know your so-called Malay Extremist & Muslim Terorrist who happened to be the majority in your neighbourhood that well too?
    How constructive is that?

    Yes..I do express my opinion & reasoning constructively & even an idiot can understand what i'm talking about..
    Unfortunate indeed that message failed to penetrated your decaying neurons box.. You're worst. Pathetic indeed.

    Well anon, you're pathetic..I don't know you & I don't see a need to do that either..

    you're are something attachement..coz you're just an anon-time-label caste the time this verbatim exchange took already become a new 'time' identity..

    who cares an anon-time-label type who cannot handle facts & truth-- you're just insignificant & pathetic!

    Read my words anon 3:58.."Go & join the 'pathetic bandwagon'.."

    Leave Malaysia in whatever leftover state of peace rather than turning it into pieces!

    Go find your own exodus elsewhere with your so-fanatically believed 'appostles' Uthaya & Warya if you think that the Malays & Muslims are as cruel as the ancient Egyptian & Pharoah ruler..

    I remain in Malaysia & I am a consistent identity.. a Malay+Asia! Be it Southern Thai, Indonesia, Philipines, Borneo until Papua New Guinea --> this geographical regions are known as 'Malay Archipelagos' ..(Yes! that include the orang Asli & whatever aborigines in it)

    AND even Hindraf's footlicked & worshiped Western also acknowledged that..truth & reality does hurts for people with the reverse rule mentality..
    [end of line]

  33. Anonymous4:37 am

    you are just a bigot filled with ketuanan melayu juice, that's all

    "who cares an anon-time-label type who cannot handle facts & truth-- you're just insignificant & pathetic!"
    HA!HAA HA! that's rich coming from a spoon fed bumiputera wanker!wake up !you git!

  34. Anonymous9:57 am

    Well..well..another anon-time type bozo...

    Pity you..You don't even have balls or banana to wank anything at all..(jealous eh, bro?)hahaha....really2 sad..nothing more can i say about you..pathetic!

    I may be sleepy coz I'm tired living with your type..on the other hand your type are drunk & caused trouble in my homeland..We are awake now thanks to Hindraf but we prefer to pretend to be still sleeping and let your type think that you are ahead in your every moves.. under estimating opponent..we'll just let you comfort with your thought..People who underestimate his opponent can never anticipate the kind of retaliation they gonna get back in return..

    Keep on whining about the spoon feed bumiputera..we are the majority & we decided that way.. Its a democracy country..Just a same rule same field all around the world.

    Should your type try to get our trust & convince us that you means no harm for us to share whatever everything with you, don't you? Or are you thinking the other way around?

    Unfortunate that WE (bumiputeras) are getting negative messages from your side that seems tarnishing the communication portal towards a total closure..Blame yourselves for that..Do you think the Bumiputeras are all that stupid and to take their whatever constitutional enshrined right is as simple as stealing candy from a baby? Stupid indeed & pathetic your type!

    Whatever 'ketuanan' tag, I am a 'tuan' of my own destiny which i already far UMNO only gave me one tea spoon to survive (pinjaman pelajaran boleh-ubah JPA..even some of the non-bumi also got it too) . I already survived well with my own quality potential..

    So far the British never gave me any special spoon feed as a Malay for taking their A-Level exam & qualifying in their top universities , but for all you pathetic idiots always believe the other way around..I don't blame you coz its your default mind set..thinking your species are the supreme one & destined by God to rule others (read Malays & Bumiputera)..Its already implanted since you were born..

    Do you want some feeding also? Well you'll just need to open your mouth and let me excreted it out from my ass specially for you... (which you already did!)

    hahahaha...pathetic anon-time..all typical reverse rule mentality species!

    So go get yourself a beer draft.. & drink along with your Hindraf bros...then form a clown parade and you can set up a circus and make a living out of it!