Friday, January 18, 2008

"He wanted to tag along. It was out of my control."

Holiday with acquaintance. Eusoff Chin today described controversial lawyer V.K. Lingam as "just an acquaintance". An acquaintance who decided to tag along when Eusoff, who was then the Chief Justice, went on a holiday with his whole family to New Zealand [here].

Would you let an acquaintance tag along with you on a holiday to NZ?
Me, I've never been to New Zealand ...


  1. hahaha
    when a chief justice tells lies and becomes filthy rich and peasants in da kampungs who tells the whole truth becomes filthy poor !

    Thank God there is Allah ! Or issit Tuhan ?

  2. Anonymous4:46 pm

    The latter said Lingam bumped into ex-CJ at the airport and decided to tag along. But Bernama version is different eh?
    what an excuse! tag along ok and share transport cost? what else you all shared eh for a not very close friend but close enough to share, eh?
    by the way, can anyone enlighten me whats the track record of Linam's cases brought before this ex-CJ?

  3. Man... look at their body language. I wouldn't be putting my hand over the shoulders of an acquaintance I don't know well.

  4. Anonymous5:01 pm

    They bumped into each other at Changi Airport!

    Why not flying MAS, ah?

    Not patriotic, is it?

    Or, maybe, the sarong kebayas of SIA are more enticing than those of MAS?

    Or, maybe, less curious eyes at Changi or on board an SIA flight!

    Must cover all the angles, mah!

  5. Anonymous5:20 pm

    I'm sure his Honour wouldn't mind sharing a meal or two with any Hitchhikers he picks up along his fantasctic holidays too

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  7. Anonymous5:41 pm

    i thought he said back then he bumped into linggam in new zealand. Hence the imfamous "lo and behold" statement.

    The then PM had evidence e.g. reservations for flight and hotel done by linggam's office. TDM did nothing bout it..

  8. Anonymous5:47 pm

    Now, if only the former health minister could think like Lingam & Eusoff and say of the video,"it looks like me and it sounds like me..." and "she was only an acquaintance...and she wants to tag along, what can I do". Imagine, he'd home free and could still be the minister today!

  9. Anonymous6:25 pm

    What a coincidence! Just happen to meet at the airport and tag along? You mean Lingam happen to be at the airport with his wife without a ticket and saw Eusoff and just ask him "where are you going?" NZ, said Eusoff and so Lingam went to the counter and bought a ticket! What a bowl full of crap! The commission shouldn't just accept Eusoff explaination. It doesn't make sense at all. To me, it's outright pre planned holiday arranged much earlier. Who paid the full cost? Only Lingam, Eusoff & God knows.

  10. Anonymous6:25 pm

    perhap if air asia is around at that time , will chose to fly air knee skimpy red skirt...

    tony really like legged chic...hehe


  11. Anonymous7:01 pm

    Rocky bro

    Lingam should now know the full definitio of the word "pariah".

    Never call those you know in HIGH places as FRIENDS.

    They drop you like a ton of bricks when the chips are down.

    People in very high places, in politics and in business, are not worth knowing as FRIENDS. They are only good to be used as a commodity as much as they use you like a disposable commodity.

    The higher you go socially, the less reliable you become as a friend. In fact there is a close relationship between hypocrisy and social status.

    If you know people who drop names at you, you should keep them away from you with a 10 ft pole.

    If people in high places are interested to know you, you should stay on guard.

    If Confucius is alive today, he would have said the same thing.

    Friends you have in Lake Club or in Selangor Club are potential social commodities, to be treated as disposable.

  12. Anonymous7:01 pm

    Couldn't resist commenting on the Star's headlines today.From a distance, it would appear the ex-PM is in a state of constant denial ("No,No,No").

    I would say that the headlines confirm that the Star has been bought over by the 4th Floor because it appears that those headlines are meant to implicate the ex-PM negatively.The way the mainstream media have been reporting the enquiry, seems to me the person that is being put on trial is the ex-PM and his decisions, not the real culprits.

    I have since stopped buying the Star and now resort to the internet for news. Just being environment-friendly, no trash to worry about!

  13. Chin,

    Awak gunakan nama Eusoff untuk membuktikan awak Melayu ke atau awak Islam ? Atau hanya kerana nak kan ...tat Melayu tu saja ?? Sepatutnya, kalau awak betul-betul Islam selama umor anak awak yang dua ekor tu, awak tau yang Islam benci dengan berbohong, apa lagi oleh seorang hakim. Awak ingat anak awak dapat menyorokkan muka dari pembohongan awak yang jelas itu ke ?? Sudahlah mereke anak celup, mereka juga kini menjadi anak bapak hakim penipu !!!

  14. Anonymous9:21 pm

    Day 5 ... 'They' are lying through their teeth ... Shameless. And if Malaysians cannot see something as crystal clear as this, then without a doubt we will continue to be blind.

  15. Anonymous9:26 pm

    Is it possible for someone to tag along and foot all the bill for the whole NZ trip?

    Who is he trying to bluff?

    Can I tag if I do not know him?

  16. there is so many Lingam here in Malaysia..

  17. Anonymous9:36 pm

    read this:
    so easy to bump to each other and so coincidental that the itinerary matches.

    If the commission can believe this...i will believe the cows can fly.

  18. Anonymous9:52 pm

    Eusoffe Chin, you can tell that to the Marines.

  19. I remember seeing a picture of a man "who looks like me and sounds like me" and his wife with Mr and Mrs Eusoff Chin. In the picture the man "who looks like me and sounds like me" had his hand over Eusoff Chin's shoulder.
    How could this be a normal judge-lawyer relationship.
    In any case has Lingam ever lost a case before Eusoff Chine as judge.

    Me? I went to NZ in 1977 but did not bump into them.

  20. The truth is still hard to come by
    Years gone recalling seems hard to remember
    Friends and acquaintances in one’s career
    Years retired it could be forgotten

    Common sense says
    Acquaintance will not be in the company
    Like a person you meet once or a few times
    Hardly can you count as friend……….

    As one position in high esteem
    It is unlikely you would allow
    A barely known person to boot along
    So he must be somebody close
    Outside court in social networking

    They say pictures always tell something
    The body languages and posing together
    It is hard not to read its meaning
    The truth is still hard to come by

    Now we see the layers unfold
    Each player trying his best to say something else
    Pushing it back to Lingam to say his piece
    When he has his day

  21. Anonymous10:29 pm

    Next time, Eusoff Chin, if you go on holiday, call me. I wanna tag along, can?

    Don't tell me cannot since it is going to be 'out of your control'.

    Don't tell me to book my own hotel room if I wanna tag along.

  22. The whole country is out of control and out of order! Eusoffe Chin is out of order, Lingam is out of order! Yawnnn!

  23. Anonymous11:44 pm


    Nama Eusoff yang awak gunakan tu nak tunjuk awak Melayu ke atau nak tunjuk awak Islam ? Kalau nak tunjuk awak Melayu, sia-sia saja kerana dari nama awak pun orang tau awak Melayu celup. Kalau nak tunjuk Islam, orang yang dah lama Islam tak berbohong berterangan macam awak. Atau memang perangai hakim ke begitu ? Dulu Mokhtar Abdullah dan baru-baru ini Fairuz pula !!! Dimana agaknya anak-anak awak nak sorok muka berayahkan hakim besar pembohong ? Siapalah pula yang akan rela jadi menantu hakim besar pembohong bagi kedua anak perempuan awak tu nanti ???

  24. .....still correct,correct,correct.....

  25. Anonymous12:33 am

    Ai yeah, ex-CJ, sudah tua-tua lagi kuat-kuat cakap bohong.

    Pls list out the Lingam's cases under this ex-CJ, see what percentage Lingam won and the answer will not difficult to tell.

    Sudah tua-tua jangan kuat-kuat bohong.

    My 5 years old son also know ini tipu besar.

    Msia Boleh !!!!

  26. Anonymous9:18 am

    Review the Medical condition of our former Prime Minister and the ex-Chief Judge Eusoffe Chin ??

    Is it Chronic Amnesia or Alzheimers?

    I mean, they lost memory pretty quickly and conveniently.

    The Royal Commission should ask for their medical fitness.

    Do their wives know that??? Can they remember their birthdays???

    Now we have a Sleepy Prime Minister... so if there is another Royal Commission with Pak Lah in the witness box... Pak Lah can be believed if he says, " I cannot remember the occassion. Did it take place???" Well, all of us can vouch he was then asleep when the scandal took place.

  27. reading, watching, seeing and hearing this Lingam saga is like watching a bollywood movie, you hear the sound before the punch hit the face, out of the blue we'll have 20 dancers dancing under the coconut trees,wide eye innocent as in 'looks like me,sound like me??', shocking twist one after another, and now talking of 'conveniently tag along' so if you go to NZ, the rest of us can TAG along with you rocky? they must have taken the Malaysians for fools

  28. Anonymous10:12 am

    His body-language says it all. Putting his arm around Lingam's shoulder in a photo pose shows he is more than an aquantance. It also mean to say THANK YOU BUDDY for a wonderful holiday for my family.

  29. this is a pure example of hypocrisy. this judge is a disgrace to his profession.

    what a nonsensical explanation from a judge who is supposed to be "the higher being" in the justice system. he is definitely a WEAK judge but can be a superb lawyer like lingam.

    "he looks like me and wear the same dress like me and hey the woman looks and dressed like my wife too. gosh!"

  30. Anonymous11:14 am

    I dont find the statement by Eusoff Chin, pertaining to his relationship with Lingam questionable. However, the socialising between a judge and a lawyer is questionable - does he not know the ethics ? Maybe it is another act of Lingam, strategically stalking and befriending Eusoff Chin in an attempt to damage the latter's career....

    However, it's not unusual for recently met acquaintance to end up traveling together, and take pictures like Lingam and Eusoff Chin did - under specific cicumstances.

    Whenever I'm overseas, it always becomes natural for me to feel close to any Malaysian who happen to cross my path, irrespective of race, particularly when the person is in the same profession as me. I myself have been in similar situation on several occasions when I were overseas. The pictures we took, definitely would make people think that we have been close friend for a long time.

  31. Question: "Datuk, the Commision is asking you to get a lawyer. Do you know what that means?. If I were to suggest that they could discern you have been lying, what would you say?"

  32. Its interesting, 2 days 2 personalities, one an ex-PM, one ex-CJ. Both having similar selective memory and both have great answers. "I dont know."

    And Commissioner Haidar is more interested in covering the case rather than getting to the bottom of it. Luckily Commissioner Mahadev Shanker is more blunt and decisive. While Commissioner Shim is more interested in getting his ex-boss a legal representation. hmmm.... And I am very sure of Lingam's replies when he is called to the stand... "It looks like me.. sounds like me..""I dont know."

    I say, call all the witnesses, Karasu and the 2 "secret" witnesses to the stand!

  33. Eusoffe Abdulcader is a righteous man... Eusof Chin however is a....


  34. Anonymous12:27 pm

    Tom Cat you're brilliant !

    Remember Botak Chin

  35. Anonymous1:06 pm

    Looks like the two old men, one ex PM and the other ex CJ and incidentally both TUNs, make a big fool out of the RCI.

  36. Anonymous1:16 pm

    It is clear that not only Mahathir, but Eusoff Chin,Tengku Adnan and the others are lying through their teeth and expect all of us to believe them! It is clear that this so called Royal Commission is letting them go, especially Mahathir! I won't be surprized that at the end of the inquiry Lingam will either be let off lightly or there would be no case against him. Again the people are taken for a ride. Inilah MALAYSIA BOLEH!!

  37. Anonymous1:16 pm

    they should subphoena bini2 depa...biar menangis2 kat stand tu..material witness gak apa in the pictures????

  38. Anonymous3:12 pm

    Everybody get their seats?
    A comedy on show so everyone will not fall asleep!

    The curtain lifted!
    Oh, they were judges that many of us know!
    Q: Had they judged well so they are now judges again?
    A: Su!! They are bad judges that why they are hired again!!
    A: Su!! They are hired because they are going to try CJ, lawyers and politicians with similar ethnics of their type!!
    Oh! That's why!!

    Don't forget we are watching a show and not a trial!!
    Q: But they are Royal Commission!!
    A: Royal meaning superior than Law!!

    Not too bad! The biggest stars all in the show!!
    Q: Who pay them to come?
    A: The Tax-payers!! including all the carefree that come!!
    Shit!! We are watching our hard-earned money turning Big Stars in the Show!
    Q: Who is the Director?
    A: AAB
    Q: How can he be the Director of the Show?
    A: Walk for Justice has endorsed the show and the Royal had not denied the show!!

    Q: Are we watching Comedy or Tragedy?
    A: A Comedy because clowns are on the show!
    A Tragedy because we see how justice were manipulated by Big Stars with our hard-earned money to start. We suffer and they have only to give a show of Comedy to flash any enquiry to go!

    Watching a Comedy with Tears and Sneezes!!
    Enjoy the Tragedy and decide what to Vote to decide the next Episode to go!
    Again a live show with Everyone in the show!!

  39. Bro,

    Cadangan untuk memanggil isteri bekas CJ dan isteri Lingam adalah satu cadangan yang baik. Kita perlu melihat versi kedua-dua isteri berkenaan pula, khususnya yang berkaitan dengan kejadian "terjumpa" di Changi tu.

    Yang pentingnya (dan saya pasti semua pmbesar kita pun bersetuju) ialah untuk melihat kebenaran.

    Dalam masa yang sama, bekas CJ ada menyatakan di dalam sessi soal jawab bahawa Lingam meletakkan tangan dibahunya dan susah untuk beliau menolaknya.

    Walaubagaimanapun, saya lihat dalam gambar yang menjadi rujukan, bkas CJ yang meletakkan tangan di atas bahu linggam. Yang mana satu betul ni?

  40. Anonymous3:24 pm

    am thinking, if these guys said wht we want to hear... then they are not lying eh...

  41. If memory serves me, the late MGG Pillai had written up an investigative report on this trip to NZ.

  42. Anonymous6:02 pm

    In Lingam's defence he's the only one who's dressed ok in that picture, all others look like they've been dragged backward thru a garden somewhere. What was Mrs lingam thinking? bright, yellow, printed shirt 5 sizes large is in now way cool!! They must have left some impression on the people of NZ!!

  43. Anonymous6:24 pm

    The Sanskrit word for the male sexual organ is Lingam and is loosely translated as "Wand of Light." In Tantra or Sacred Sexuality, the Lingam is respectfully viewed and honored, as a "Wand of Light" that channels creative energy and pleasure.

    I believe an erotic tape will show up soon.

  44. Anonymous7:29 pm

    A third party? Who took the holiday photo?

  45. Former CJ Tun Eusoff Chin was a confused man on Day 5 of the RCI. He came unrepresented and was subjected to a barrage of questions until the commissioners advised him to get a lawyer. He seems to contradict himself about Lingam tagging along. He said it was first in Changi airport but in the interview reported by Rais Yatim, they met at the NZ Zoo.
    His lapse in memory is also astounding. Knowing someone for so long, he claimed he cannot recognize Lingam after viewing the Video Clip but “sounds like him” only. For more details
    Go H E R E
    plus details of the reactions more than 7 years ago on
    1. Vacation Photos Land Top Malaysia Judge in Hot Water
    2. What did Rais Yatim said 7 years ago?
    3. Reaction s7 years ago at the Bar Council Malaysia?
    4. What did Anwar Ibrahim do 7ears ago? .. recuse Tun Eusoff Chin from his 2nd appeal
    5. 2. DAP Futile attempt 7 years ago in Parliament in moving a substantiative motion

  46. Anonymous11:09 pm

    YB WEE CHOO KEONG is " SAMURAI " very good lawyer !

  47. Anonymous12:36 am

    lets strip him naked of his false testimony and we dont need RCI to do that:
    1. "bump into each other at airport"

    Eusoff, you told the whole world that lingam bump into you at the ZOO in your previous clarification.

    2. cant shove away his hands when he put it on my shoulder

    Eusoff brother, it was you that put your hand in Lingam's shoulders. Or is the picture not clear enough for you.

    3. people likes to take picture with me

    Encik Eusoff, you aint no handsome and not a film star. When was the last time someone scramble to you for a photo together?

    JUst cant wait for more lies from him. More lies to cover lies, for sure. No wonder, he took heed of the advice from RCI to engage a lawyer.

  48. Anonymous12:14 pm

    doggie, shooh shooh stop following me. no food for ya. and its not good that you keep following me coz outsiders will talk about me chief justice and lawyer buddy buddy. shooh shooh, doggie go away.

  49. bro,
    Cheers to eu (shark) sow (female pig) ffe (f*** f**** e* whateveerrr) chin (half a chinese) and lingam (phallus/prick/dick) who together are the main act in the comedy court par excellence of Malaysia !!
    no more words for these 2 shameless excuse for "men of prominence"- every other liar now looks like a saint compared to these two buggers lah ! Give up man- sheeeeesh !

  50. Eusoff has basically called V.K. Lingam a "pariah dog". Isn't it a pariah dog that tags you whereever you go and you just can't shake it off. And why does it tag you? It has hopes that you would shower it with food and/or some affection.

    So according to Eusoff Chin V.K. Lingam is a pariah dog! Are you V.K.?

    But I feel sorry for Eusoff actually. He is such a bad liar! He needs help!