Saturday, January 19, 2008

Selective Press freedom in Malaysia

No, it isn't odd, Marina.
Ain't it good to see more young Malaysians with balls to express themselves?

And ain't it good to know that we have editors who have balls at The Star who would publish the picture of a protest against the former PM who is still greatly admired by many Malaysians?

Now, if only those balls aren't detachable and are there all the time... [see Marina's Isn't it Odd?]

Read also blogger Big Dog's Open Letter to Wong Chun Wai, the Star's acting group editor-in-chief.


  1. Anonymous1:45 pm

    I hope the balls of justice can roll bigger

  2. Anonymous1:53 pm

    What goes around comes around.Wait till Anwar's two secret witnesses have a field day.
    Marina,WHAT is odd is your father who is known to have an elephant memory can so easily "forget".
    His 22 year legacy is now in serious doubt.
    It was a good thing Tun Dzaiddin wrote him that letter.

  3. Anonymous2:01 pm

    "Ain't it good to see more young Malaysians with balls to express themselves?"

    It is very refreshing! Mahathir emasculated our youths, that was why they didn't have the balls then.

    They grew some balls in the late 1990s when they took up the call for Reformasi but most Malaysians didn't know that because you and your lot in NST and other papers in those days had no balls either to tell the story.

    Don't talk about detatchable balls lah Encik Rocky if yours also can bukak and pasang balik ikut Tuan punya hari .....

  4. They are all the same.

    -The Man Who Sold The World-

  5. The master on his stand
    Nobody can fault him yet

    But I always hope he says something
    Don’t try to run away from ‘I forget’
    He is a master strategist in his day
    So I don’t believe he ever forgets

    No doubt I admire his ways
    Hard knocks staring at you in your eyes
    He won’t look away when he speaks
    Yet when he testified he played his game

    A leader must know his time is over
    He has to know some of his mistakes done
    He can’t possibly forget important issues
    He has to remember he kept his little black book

    I remembered important events in my life
    The decision I made thinking it was right
    But years down the road I could be wrong
    Or I could be right all along

    One always forget minor issues
    Something it never jolts the memory
    Important events in one’s life
    It will surely stay in one’s mind

    The master goes for his style
    “Let me know if you have something else
    I know what I am doing
    But I forget what I did!”

  6. Anonymous2:32 pm

    Is Selective Press "Preference" a better word?
    As it will need a hell of efforts to show any "Freedom" at work!
    When it is truth
    it is better than distorted and lies instead!!
    But totally wrong when only as instrument to act!!
    Honesty and Faithful to readers are priority to exist.
    Sympathy to MSM and sympathy to People
    as both live in a selective preference of UNMO or BN!!
    When balls has lost, can balls roll bigger??
    Asking Monk for a comb!!
    Get EC to clean up for a Fair EC is our show!
    Don't hang-on the RCI one as it is their show and not OURS if they can get over the GE that comes!!
    or People will have no show but theirs continuing to come!!

  7. Anonymous2:34 pm

    The best thing for Marina is to remain silent.

    Daddy is public domain being the Prime Minister for 21 years. The issue is when Daddy was PM.

    Protecting Daddy's weakness and faults in the public domain is a no-no especially when you are a respected blogger and commentator.

    Advice to Daddy's public profile daughter: Don't be heard on Daddy's horrible years as Prime Minister. Don't even praise him.

    Let others do the praising and the criticism.

    Doing so is treading on very steamy waters.

  8. Anonymous2:46 pm

    Your dad has not been truthful in this matter. He is answerable to the so-called 'prerogative' accorded to him.

    It is very unwise to give such power to a single person, ie PM to appoint judges. Don't you think so, Marina?

    I hope the RCI will recommend the abolishment of such power and instead, setting up a Judicial Commission to appoint judges. It is still not too late for your dad to open his mouth in this matter. You too, Marina. Please help Malaysia.

    Note : this comment was posted in Marina's blog. Posted again here just to ensure my view is aired for other to consider.

  9. Bru,

    U hit it right man! Selective alright! Where were the Star chaps in Putrajaya when the pillows were being sent to the PM? Did they dozed off too? Or maybe the guys who did that had not informed the media? Many people are looking for cheap thril. Everyting is so so political nowadays. Tun M mudah lupa? Heck, the geezer is no longer the young 80 year old who could ride horses and take part in endurance races anymore man! His legacy will be there for all to see, and that includes picking the current fellow to be his successor. Tun M regrets it, and has said so on numerous occassions. The Star has also forgotten the very things the newspaper said it would stand for - truth, impartiality, professionalism. Your friends in the newspaper business keep saying that the Star is owned by the MCA, run by the MIC and promote the interests of the DAP. Occassionally, the Star will run seemingly professional articles so as not to be seen to be too Barisan lah! And what will Chun Wai say then? Nak cari makan! Tomorrow when Najib takes over the Govt, the Star will reproduce the pictures of the yellow pillow. By then, they had discovered their 'telor.' Sudahlah...

  10. Different perpective about Lingam's case:

    - NOT about discovering truth or about discovering right & wrong
    - about a political battle between PM & ex-PM
    - about AAB tries to expose ex-PM & to wipe out his entire 22 yrs regime. Coz, he can't be a PM with the same regime. Then he'll build his own new regime led by KJ
    - using it as his wildcard to remind anyone, not to mess up with him

  11. Anonymous2:57 pm

    I also wonder whether former editors like AKJ and Rocky have balls. One thing for sure, these ex-editors suddenly grew balls when they are out of office.

    In Malaysian context, newspaper editors are no different than politicians.

  12. Anonymous3:08 pm

    Isn't d guy in the ponytail the same one who kasi bantal to Pak Lah.ok la tu,dua2 dia berani hentam...

  13. Anonymous4:18 pm

    Of course the Star dares. Question is , will the star have the guts to do the same if it involves those current leaders in BN esp. Badawi, Najib, Zam, Kerismudin, Khairi.....


  14. Anonymous4:42 pm

    Biasalah...bak peribahasa: lalang ikut kemana angin bertiup.

    No doubt about it.

    We are just lucky now there is the internet to see the pillow message. The other side of the stories and news.

  15. Anonymous5:15 pm

    Sdr Rocky

    Apa nama.....It's Odd???
    It's GOD's WILL.

    Don't get angry, get even.. She should help jog the father's memory to get even. He should admit his failings and rectify the issues.

    She, and the Dog chose the wrong fire hydrant too, he..he..

    The Editor (I am no fan) is a fast learner too......

    It was.... his PREROGATIVE!

    So..the "balls" are actually at our foot.

  16. Anonymous5:19 pm

    Pleaselah.. Your blog also being selective and bias in favour of the old man. In fact, all of us are selective in some way. That's the way of human nature.

  17. Anonymous5:24 pm

    Marina should just keep her mouth shut.

  18. Anonymous5:45 pm

    Omissions of articles like this are some of the reasons why more people, me included, are abandoning mainstream media in favour of the internet in order that we can obtain unbiased reporting so that we, as intelligent Mlaysians, can reason for ourselves and conclude on our own conclusions.

    IF Wong Chun Wai thinks he can influence public opinion at the behest of Fourth Floor, he better think twice. His credibility and that of the Star is on the downslide day by day.

  19. Anonymous7:12 pm

    I agree with Anon 2.01 pm and frank.

    is just so true how people tend to forget their past mistake or action..and then shout loudly later on when other people does the same action or mistake.

  20. Anonymous8:40 pm

    Look people!

    TDM said he has no knowledge of VK Lingam prior to appointing him as his lawyer.

    Just like he appoint Tengku Sofiah Jewa as lawyer. She was a close friend of Rais Yatim and was close with the S46 people. He only knows of her as some board or trustee member of PLF.

    I know many would not like to believe it but hey, most of the things I do since time immemorial are not within the knowledge and does not require approval of my parents.

    Does that not apply to Mirzan? WHta more with a father so busy, I bet the children needs an appointment to see him on serious matter. I don;'t think they would talk business during moments of limited family time.

    WHat is obviosu to me is The Star having been sued by Mirzan decide to get even.

    The Royal COmmission has thus far not proven anything legally wrong done by TDM. That makes Wong Chun Wai unhappy, is he? WHat does he do, shame him. Cheap ...

    If he decide to censor the pillow gift for PM, he should fairly censor this story too.

    Cheap ... heck man I don;t care for MSN, I get em for free on the internet. I trust the alternatvie news for information these days.

    INterpretation? I decide.

  21. Anonymous9:56 pm

    Does selective reporting hurt? Where does it hurt, and tell me why it did not hurt as much as it does now when it had been a normative culture in Mahathir's tenure as well as those before him since the May 13th turning point when the media was emasculated?

    Malaysians are an interesting people to study both anthropologically and culturally. The culture of viewing life, truth and injustice has been consistently distorted by the Barisan regime and its agents because as far as the dacing boys are concerned, they make the rules... and those who make the rules have the privelege to "tutup satu mata" whenever it feels like it.

    This malaise has much to do with perceiving history, education, religion and culture through race-coloured lenses and a ideology that keep a selective band of cronies in power through its manipulation of the electoral system, the judicary, the police and not forgetting.... their concubine media.

    You could say that Malaysians suffer from vision "bangsa saya dan ugama saya" obession and it has been indoctrinated by the cult of Barisan warlords that propagate its propaganda to demonise and castigate non-Malay races, non-Islamic religions and cultures as inferior, immoral, inferior and the great Satan.

    Mahathir contributed much in this arena and his anti-Semetic, anti-Western malice is part of the rot and decay of a nation weaned on religous fundamentalism and racist dogma.

    In all of this outrage against the Star's selective reporting and photos, lets all just turn the page and sip our lattes and remember that the old raunchy chorus.... "don't cha wish your paper was "hot" like my Barisan concubine Star... hey don't cha?

  22. Anonymous10:04 pm

    aiyah rocky, u also selective reporting... why didnt you talk about mahathir's terlupa comments and how he said he will go there and tell the truth?

    you are so full of shit la rocky

  23. Anonymous11:00 pm

    Wong Chun Wai gots balls? You msut be joking. He is a journalist enugh and a mercenary, who will not hesitate to sell his soul to the 4th floor boys and Kalimullah.

    When the same group of people sent pillows and bolster to the Sleepy Head and the PM Residence, the Star did not publish it. So Wong Chun Wai got balls?

    Wong Chun Wai is just a mercenary. He has forgotten his working class root in Penang. Now he is a corporate figure not a lorry dirver son!

  24. Anonymous11:01 pm

    I also hope the balls of justice can roll bigger & bigger .......................................... big big ..........dee mat mat

  25. Yeah, because we all knew Mahathir was a defender of free speech during his tenure.

    Mahathir (dan penyokongnya) Memang Mudah Lupa

  26. Anonymous12:06 am

    yoo..Rocky.. selective press and selective readers..
    ppl in malaysia will read things that is good for them...what eva is agiasnt will be damned..

    Talking bout balls.. where were all this commentor when 'dgn izin' the old man was in power..? their balls got bigger when its in a group or being anonymous.. alone it is just plain dry up prune...

    Congrats to Black of his big balls..

    PS: Why dont they prove that there is a phone converstion b4 calling all those witnesses?

  27. Anonymous1:16 am

    Mahathir is being served a nice hot plate of poetic justice, and he deserves it.

    He is going to be consumed by the system he helped build (or destroy, depending which way you look at it).

  28. We know the media is government controlled, whats surprising about the selective news/photos?

    Its like looking through the MAS inflight magazine and seeing a good article on Air Asia. It just doesnt happen.

  29. Anonymous3:34 pm

    Tun has balls to do it..but no balls to remember. Afraid of his own shadow? He has done much for Malaysia..but that does not justify his "dismantling" of the judiciary.

    If he got balls....

  30. Anonymous7:31 pm

    Artchan, you've got big balls huh?

  31. Anonymous9:41 am

    This appointed Royal commission by the Badawi government and consented by the Agong is just a big joke.

    Considering this Haidar was
    involved in the fiasco of sacking the former Lord President Salleh Abbas and the other two panel

    This royal commission just proves the Monarchy wreaks havoc to the democracy in Malaysia.

    First this old dictator colluded with the former Agong in sacking the former Lord President Salleh Abbas who was a staunch defender of independent pillar of judiciary. The sacking of the Lord President rendered the Judicial Pillar to a handicapped judicial pillar, thus destroying the True Democracy in Malaysia.

    We can say that the Monarch played a crucial role in destroying the democracy in Malaysia.

    The Monarch is being taken care of by the Rakyat and by right should protect the interests of the Rakyat. Malaysia is in such a quagmire is mainly due to the Monarch who was in cahoot with the ruthless dictator.

    Now we have this 'royak' commission further tainting the name of the Nation’s Monarchy. It’s the fault of this present Agong in appointing such a ‘royak commission’ in wanting to right the wrongs of this handicapped judiciary? Is it because we have a ‘royak’ Agong? Otherwise how can we have a ‘royak commission’ as ‘royak judges’ trying all these culprits who were responsible in destroying the sacred judicial system in Malaysia?

    Nepal is abolishing the Monarchy system.

    Perhaps it’s time for Malaysia in considering the abolishing the Monarchy system in Malaysia if Malaysia wants an eternal Democracy for the future.

  32. Anonymous11:45 am

    I am reminded of a TV show I saw some years ago. It was one of those slick American series about lawyers and criminals. In the scene that had come to my mind, the lawyer said to his client, a crook, "Look, I don't care how guilty you are. When you get on the witness stand, just deny everything and leave the rest to me. I will get you off the hook. That's what I do all my life. And I'm good at it."

  33. What balls? I see a lot of girls. They hold up half the sky man. Give lah credit where credit is due.

  34. Anonymous5:15 pm

    Its not so much a question of who's being supportive of who but it is about the blatant and shameless ass-kissing of the MSM to publish pictures of one group insulting the ex-PM but not of the other group presenting a pillow and bolster to the current one.
    If it were me, I would think the pillow story fetches higher ratings, don't you think. It's totally hilarious! And still can't over the fact that the security guards actually accepted the "gift" on his behalf.