Friday, January 18, 2008

Brother Karasu wants in on Inquiry

Sound mind or not, Mr V. Thirunama Karasu aka Balan, lawyer V.K. Lingam's younger brother, is expected to be at the hearing today (Friday), first thing in the morning.
It'd be nice if Mr V.K. Lingam, drunk or not, could be there for a family gathering.


  1. Anonymous6:54 am

    two brother $$$$$$$$$$$ ping pong lah !!!!!!!! fuck lah !!!!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous9:41 am

    One is drunk one is 'tak betul'. A nice combination to give the galery a nice start to a wonderful weekend. Well done, Malaysia.


  3. Well, Tengku Adnan claims that Lingam is MAD or DRUNK... I see no reason why the brother whome the MAD or DRUNK Lingam claims to be of unsound mind could be true, right?

    Anyway, if Lingam in his MAD and DRUNK mind can talk about all the letters that was communicated.... err.. I say feed him more beer... to get him more drunk for him to fortell the future of our judiciary!

  4. Mr. Hatalulu wrote "V.K Lingam has incredible abilities"
    Truth behind the theory.

  5. Anonymous12:02 pm

    Salam Bro,

    From a lay person hearing aid ,he didn't say,
    '...corect,corect,correct' but 'korek,korek,korek.....'

  6. Anonymous12:25 pm

    Yes. Yes. Yes. Karasu should be called. But unlikely b'cos he was not directly involved in the tape issue at all. Only in the background "noise".

    Maybe we can compile a list as to who weren't called when they should have been called.

  7. Anonymous12:48 pm

    Tak Habis Habis India buat kecoh. Buang masa kita, duit cukai kita saja layan dia orang ni.

  8. Anonymous1:51 pm

    Still look like a drama, wonder how much Lingam got paid ??? Drama plot: cook up a story to support judicial rot and state names of people that are in revenge list, or name to be tainted.

  9. Mad or drunk Lingam
    He played his game to his best
    Learning from the master
    A strategist in his day
    The old man seems to enthrall
    The people who came to see

    Lingam had made
    The unsound mind of his brother
    Making it known publicly
    So when his time is up
    He knows he has no case to answer

    The drama will carry on
    Many interesting charades will be known
    The public will eat every word
    Feeding it sweetly
    The sleeping beauty crafts his moves
    Unleashed it when the public get so engrossed
    On Lingam and the people trooping in

    Beware of the game
    ACA didn’t interview all names
    Divide and rule it seems
    Correct, correct, correct

    Now we have the unfolding game
    He is mad or drunk to talk like that
    No, No, No I can’t remember
    It is my way I don’t have to explain

    Just don’t forget
    BN has a supreme coalition meeting in January
    Preparations of the election zooming in
    By then Lingam will be in hot news
    Or he will turn into a tame affair….

  10. the royal commission is a welcomed step and it has brought out in the open the dirty nature of malaysian politics..Where 'connections' rule the country..Lets wait and see what does the commission decides

  11. Anonymous6:28 pm

    Rocky , you were talking about racism a little while ago , why do you allow racist comments to be posted on you're blog , you are once again showing your irresponsibility as a blogger , I am referring to ananymous 12.48 pm . "tak habis habis India buat kecoh" , are you trying your hardest to stir racial tension , this is not about , Indians , Malays , Chinese , or any particular race , this is about human corruption, why refer to Lingam by his race ? It's been weeks since I looked at this blog , I take one little peek and the worst Malaysians of them all are still here , mindless idiots who can't see past race , pathetic really .

  12. Anonymous6:50 pm

    The Commission should re-open and investigate all cases involving Lingam and the judges named, let's see how many cases the decisions were in favour of Lingam, Then you know why this Commission is SO important to the nation's integrity. Perhaps the aggrieved parties can reopen these cases? THat would be whole new can of worms.

  13. Anonymous7:12 pm

    It seems Chinese paying 80% tax in Malaysia. Is it true? someone ,Please verify this

  14. this Lingam case make me sick.. i think lingam just prentending as a important person infront of Loh, but VVIP never know him.. just pretending as one of a very important person

  15. Anonymous9:06 pm

    Tan Sri Haidar,, the Royal Commission, is not ashame at all. he was trying all ways to protect his former boss and other jduges from being exposed becasue they msut be on the payroll of Lingam.

    What is the point of having a Royal Commission when important witness was prevented from being called?

    Tan Sri Haidar is not a fit and proper person to chair this Royal Commission as e a man of impecfcable charracter but tainted with the hiding of Court seal during the Salleh Abvas's fiasco.

    Haidar should be asham3ed of himself.