Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Famous Anus award

1. "Correct, correct, correct".
2. "Looks Like Me, Sounds Like Me".
3. "... the toilet is the most beautiful, like a new bride."
4. "Mana ada bocor?"
5. " tak suka, you keluar dari Malaysia".
"Preston is one of the oldest universities in America."

Blogger Srikanth Siva, a Malaysian based in Chicago, is compiling a list famous quotes by Malaysians for a 2007/2008 award. Go here if you don't want him to miss listing your favourite line.


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"distinguished" presents to the country's 50th birthday and its people.

Pride of umno.



tehsin mukhtar said...

another famous anus line:

Malay/Muslim terrorists are systematically carrying out ethnic-cleansing in Malaysia against Hindus specifically ( nope Queen, couldn't have been a few trigger happy cops, ma' is the whole blardy Malay nation, plannning and plotting over roti canai and teh tarik every pagi and petang after work how to kill every Hindu alive in if the roti canai won't do it for us)

Anonymous said...

anon aka coward of the county:

I like the crap in that link which you didn't highlight..that Air Asia and Maxis suffered discrimination...why tak hilite that one aaa..what a load of some zionists...

Anonymous said...

Its gotta be Correct,correct,correct for me!! This what happens when you tunjuk terra! :) Cant wait to hear what Mr.Correct has gotta say when he is up in court!

mastura said...

"correct, correct, correct".

dalam mimpi pun dok dengar ni lagi....too much viewing of the video.... *sigh

lanaibeach said...

No, No, No
This isn’t what I meant
I made my decision
Nobody had to say

Isn’t it abridged on OSA?
No I wasn’t there
I denied it categorically
I didn’t know where he got his facts

Oh it sounds like me
It looks like me
Correct, correct, correct

He was drunk I could see
Dropping names to make him famous
Many people did that
So I could say

So the ceiling not leaking is it?
When it rains it drips
Don’t you see it then?
It costs millions to repair
No, No, NO
I make it my way

I can close one eye
Of things these people do
Give me the money
I can make it vanish

The toilets like virgins
You never forget when you go
After a long use a new sign
Make me over I will be fine

It is my way
I make my decisions alone
Correct, correct, correct
So I can go on with my plans

On the lover’s road
It is me in the act
I couldn’t say no
My older age hiccup
I was caught with my pants down
So correct, correct, correct

Only BN can give you developments
Only BN can give you wealth
No, NO, No
The opposition cries
The ACA falls back
Walking on its own sweet parade

O Stop the excuses!
Face up to the lies
Correct, correct, correct
Building my palace
Every one talking about it

Malaysian Joe said...

"I think Lingam is MAD or DRUNK."

Anonymous said...

You or anyone like Amir Muhammad can compile the list and come out with a book. Maybe can ask Lat to draw them in carricature.

Anonymous said...

ZAM : I would like to congradulate al - jazeera for being such a good actor.

Reporter : Sir as you are saying this we are watching the video and my colleaque is being sprayed chemicals all over.