Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"Don't ask me, I'm just a roti seller"

Pics: K and Siti; Vincent Tan takes his mind off the Lingam inquiry to enjoy some loaf

The Loaf.
A "quality restaurant" attracts a certain quality of people, and so when Dr M launched his bakery at Pavilion in Kuala Lumpur this afternoon, the event drew quite an impressive list of celebrities, both the Siti Nurhaliza kind as well as the Vincent Tan type.

The bosses of Naza, MK Land, Country Heights, and Kencana were among corporate leaders who attended the launch. Former MCA boss Ling Liong Sik was also there. And celebrity bloggers, including A. Kadir Jasin, Nuraina A. Samad, Jeff Ooi and Marina Mahathir.

But pastries were the last thing on the media's agenda. After token questions on The Loaf, journalists asked him about the general election ("ideal time to call for the GE as everything is up: the stock market, prices, etc.), Bush's visit to the Middle East ("not beneficial at all to the Palestinians"), and the OIC, in which PM Abdullah is the chair ("go ask the person (who chairs the OIC - Pak Lah)").

"Don't ask me all these questions, please, I am just "penjual roti" (bread seller)."

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  1. the breads are nice tho. nice meeting you rocky, and kak ena too. =)

  2. does look like there's a strong formidable oldies' corner counter punch disguised as some harmless white flour somewhere other than that current limelight 6 years in jail fellow , waiting to be floured
    aross the silent land.

  3. Is it the loaf of bread?
    I think it is Dr M
    The celebrity loaf seller
    People just want to know

    The reporters and cameramen
    Eagerly waiting to catch hints
    About election it seems……
    He isn’t the one to tell why
    He just wants to sell his bread

    VIPs come to support
    The ordinary folks never know
    I heard he wanted to open one in the city
    Mind you it isn’t cheap
    When you step in to have a taste
    Don’t crumble about the prices
    It is only for those who could pay

    The celebrity loaf seller
    Only for those who can pay
    It is 5 stars rating
    You pay for the ambience
    Quality service and Dr M

  4. sophie's world is definitely glad tt dr m's loaf is a hit!!!

    Rise to the Occasion

  5. Anonymous12:10 am

    Love the possible pun in the name 'Loaf'.

    Q: Dear Dr M, what do you do now that you're retired?

    A: I loaf. :D

  6. Need to try the loaf for sure! Is it a regular bakery? What is their specialty?

  7. Anonymous1:46 am

    "everything going up'? err...seems like the Bursa was and is still nose diving these past few days, yet no mention at all in the media.. not so long ago, someone said investors were confident at our economy when the CI hit 1500.. seems like all cabut lari? feel good again ahhh.

  8. Anonymous3:06 am

    I do agree that this is the right time for GE. Everything is up so it is the most ideal time.

    I can't wait to put a cross to get rid of teh Sleepy King and his son-in-law plus others like Kalimulah and Wong Chun Wai - the mercenary.

    At least now, we don't get to read the Joceline Tan rubbish on Khairy, the GOd gift to Malaysian politics, according to her.

    Looking forward for a GE now.

  9. Anonymous3:22 am

    Maybe 10 years down the line Pak Lah open a shop too. And we will all conveniently forget what he did 10 years before...

  10. As usual, he's quick off the starting line but ... Never mind, just a wishful thought ...

  11. Anonymous8:56 am

    I think we need to set up a royal commission on the fact that Tun M open a "roti shop". Anybody got any videos...

  12. Anonymous11:22 am

    We should take his "roti seller" statement as a jestful one, given the context concerned.

    However, if in the future he is questioned about his past political dealings or on matters of probable malfeasance, such as during the Lingam Tape commission inquiry, such evasive behaviour should be considered a perfidy of public trust.

  13. Berkonan den tengok CT pakai tudung. Masih kelihatan cantik, anggun dan ayu, walaupun dah isteri orang.

    Ado si pasquale tak suko dia bertudung. Buto ko mato ... Benggali putih tau pandang jobo ajo.

    Cumo ... dari Dato K. Alangkah lebih bahagia kamu CT kalau bersama Husin Lempoyang. Pasti lebih sedondon dan menarik kalau kita beriring-iring bersama.

    Husin Lempoyang, lebih untung jual orang dari jual unta, pun ada perasan... CT I Luv U. I sedia menunggu ... hingga jatuh bintang khursina.

    Fikirkanlah CT, apolah ado pada Dato K si misai plastik serba kontot ...

  14. Bro,

    I like the word "celebrity bloggers". Better than "Goblok".

    By the way, how to be a certified celebrity bloggers? Ada application form ke?

  15. Anonymous1:41 pm

    wait a minute, why siti's hair still visible ? if she committed "bertudung", isn't she have to cover her hair ???

  16. Anonymous1:54 pm

    Finally, he knows his job!!

  17. Anonymous1:56 pm

    Finally, he knows his job!!
    But it is already 25 years late!

  18. Finally, something I can afford in Pavillion

    -The Man Who Sold The World-

  19. Anonymous3:37 pm

    Mahathir rules and rocks!!

  20. Anonymous3:43 pm

    Tuan Rocky, bukan semua orang mampu makan roti The Loaf.

    Di kampong saya makan roti benggali pun dan cukup hebat.

    Cicah gulai atau kopi o pekat sambil gebang politik.

    Kami dok cakap semalam, salah-salah pangkah, bukan dapat roti The Loaf, dapat bread line macam di Mesir.

    Lawak lawak juga. Tapi Tun pun buat silap besar. Seluloi silap cari pengganti. La ni makan diri.

    Guru Pencen Derga

  21. Anonymous5:24 pm

    I met a beggar who said he has not eaten in 2 days.

  22. Anonymous5:35 pm

    Mahathir sucks and reeks!!

  23. Anonymous5:48 pm

    Bru, allow me to respond to;

    Guru Pencen Derga,

    Cikgu betoi ka Dr M salah pilih? kalau salah pilih takkan BN menang besaq 2004?
    Kalau la ni kita dah tau Dr M slaah pilih, kita sebagai pengundi toak lah yang salah dan pilihlah yang betoi...tapi bijak kah kita dalam pemilihan akan datang?
    rasa-rasanya pisang nak berbuah sekali lagi lah....

  24. Anonymous8:40 pm

    Roti bantal ada ka...aantaq pi pagi2 kat Seri Perdana...why you need to sell roti TDM, anak2 kan dah kaya raya...

  25. Anonymous8:45 pm

    i was thinking. (fantasizing?)

    the King has power to overthrow the govt correct? call a coup with the Generals. Maybe involve the Johor repluplican Army too...
    He should do just that. reinstate a interim government with Raja Nazrin as PM.
    Then call for elections.
    It will still be in line with the RAHMAN prophecies no?

    Abdul Razak
    Hussein Onn

    Raja Nazrin PM, chandra Muzaffar DPM.
    A man can dream can he?

  26. Anonymous9:37 pm

    i was at the pavilion yesterday. my friend wanted to have tea at the loaf. i said NO. Dr. M will not be getting a penny of my money. If anything I will tell people to not go to The Loaf. After his performance at the RCI last week, this man has completely lost my respect. He had the aopportunity to make ammends to all the wrong that he committed throughout his administration but he did not. My heart burns with hatred for this man. Part of me wants him to repent... but of course.. we all know he has too much pride to do that. I hope he rots in hell.

  27. Anonymous11:55 pm

    Tun's business partner, a certain Japanese gentleman, has business practices that leave a bad taste in the mouth. Both the contractors for this outlet and the one in Langkawi have yet to be completely paid.This chap's modus operandi is to create an 'issue' at the end and thus avoid the final payment.

    Good way to make easy dough I guess.

  28. Anonymous3:20 am

    Ohh.. so Tun Mahathir DOES know how to answer questions.. I thought his script only contained "I don't know" or "I don't remember".. Hehehe..

  29. Anonymous3:21 am

    Will those who take a bite of Mahathir's loaf suffer selective memory loss? Will the yeast in those buns and perdana pasteries lead one to conceal one's secret sins? Or will it be a bread story of the "tutup-mata dilemma?"

    Make me a ice-cold Latte. Tell me Mr ex-Prime Minister, is it true that your friends Lingam, Vincent and Chief Justice liked their bread buttered with "extra" toppings? Could it be that stolen bread tastes like foreign money?

    I am on my way to see some ISA detainees and prisoners whom you had put away. May I have a large "Roti Crony" takeaway, as I may encounter some of your buddies who run the joint. Pack me a "Roti Sandiwara" - the media simply love them.

    I must say your entrepreneural skills seems as impressive as your "operation lallang". If only you could name your dougnuts or pretzels after those you detained for treason. Perhaps you could call it "Croissant ISA"?

    Thats all for now Mahathir. Give me a tall glass of "Maha Teh" without ice please.... my stomach needs a strong dose of bacteria to fight the lies the concubine media has been feeding us over the years. And sir, I hope your memory improves when you visit Lingam on your next vaccation.

  30. congrate tu dr. M..

    akhernya dia berjaya juga mempunyai kedai roti di kuala lumpur, kalau nak pi langkawi, jauh sangat...

    long live the king...

    p/s: regha dia mahai la... kena pi beli roti gardenia ja la....hahahaha

  31. Anonymous8:35 am

    But here is a money laundering lesson from Mama Juwie. (taken without permission from he or her)

    written by Mama Juwie, January 23, 2008 | 15:30:59
    Money Laundering 101

    1. Take all your illegal money and invest in a food outlet, say, a bread shop.

    2. Produce a high class range of delicacies, so that you can firstly claim that it uses many expensive, high quality ingredients, so it will be easier to justify when you mark up the price exorbitantly.

    3. Make sure your bread shop is at a high class area. The sky-high rent will make provide effective camouflage for your pricey products.

    3. If the customers buy the overpriced product, you are lucky to get the extra money.

    4. If they don't buy the products, just throw them in dustbin (no one would know, right?) but put on record as if the products have been 'sold'. Just use your extra illegal money to replace the 'sale' money.

    5. All the money accumulated through the 'sale' and actual sale will be put in the account as revenue of the shop.

    6. Deposit the 'hard earned' money into bank and VOILA! Clean money.

    [In preparing this lesson, Mama Juwie has taken an actual case study from a known failed politician]

    P/S - Taken from sbennit who had taken it from Mama Juwie and posted it on Rantings by MM.

  32. Anonymous10:57 am

    TDM, lepas bersara, jual roti. Badawi selepas ini, jual apa ya?

  33. Anonymous12:42 pm

    Dear harry,

    If you have forgotten, let me help you remember one thing he did 10 years ago. 10 years ago, my friend, he got us out of the currency crisis. We did not suffer (unless you had millions on the stock market ler). He made Malaysia stand up against the onslaught of the international crooks, man. I was proud of Malaysia then as I am proud of Tun now. I feel sorry for your loss of memory.

  34. Anonymous2:00 pm

    Dear Chak!:

    Doing a good thing doesn't right a wrong.

    So yes, Dr. Mahathir was the Prime Minister when we emerged from the Asian Crisis far less damaged than our neighbouring countries. A neat save, true (but also remember that he has a group of economic advisers to recommend the best course of actions to take and the fact that our economy was in relatively better shape than Indonesia's to begin with).

    But does that absolve previous and subsequent wrongs committed?

    Do you thank a man profusely and let him off the hook for swindling you of your life savings just because he comes along later and buys you a loaf of bread when you happen to be hungry?

    So broaden the ambit of your vision and your capacity to judge, pal. Don't just cheer a guy on for a juicy selection of actions, even though he may have mesmerised you by some charisma and bravado.

  35. Anonymous3:35 pm

    dont care whatever people says, the bread are to die for

  36. Anonymous3:35 pm

    dont care whatever people says, the bread are to die for

  37. Anonymous8:08 pm

    Let me broaden the ambit of my vision and my capacity to judge...






    oh well, Mahathir still rules and rocks!!

    and suarakeldai can kiss the old man's ***!

  38. Anonymous10:29 pm

    To anonymous 11.55pm,
    I'm one of the contractor who did the loaf, langkawi, and we have been paid completely.
    Don't talk nonsense if you don't know a thing or two.

  39. Anonymous2:15 am

    Hikayat, you maybe ONE of the contractors as you have rightly mentioned.But do you know for sure if the ALL the others have been fully paid?

    Are you aware of any legal cases before the courts?

    If not, look before you leap or put a sock (or a bun) in it!

  40. Anonymous12:20 pm

    TDM, lepas bersara, jual roti.

    Badawi selepas ini, jual apa ya?

    >>> Jual negara

  41. Anonymous6:03 pm

    Chak! said...

    /// Dear harry,

    If you have forgotten, let me help you remember one thing he did 10 years ago. 10 years ago, my friend, he got us out of the currency crisis. We did not suffer (unless you had millions on the stock market ler). He made Malaysia stand up against the onslaught of the international crooks, man. I was proud of Malaysia then as I am proud of Tun now. I feel sorry for your loss of memory.///

    If there is utter nonsense - this is it. TDM single-handed caused the ringgit and the KSLE to suffer more than it should. With his anti-Jews and anti-Soros and anti-the-whole world rhetorics, he got Malaysia punished for his sins.

    His biggest mistake was to peg the ringgit and to impose capital control. The crisis has already dissipated. He locked the barn door after the horse has bolted. As a result Malaysia suffered a double whammy.

    Look at Thailand, Korea, Indonesia and the Philippines. They did not peg their currencies or impose capital controls, yet their economies recovered much faster.

    What you see now in the pathetic state of the Malaysian economy is the price that Malaysia pays for TDM's excesses. Investors remember his unilateral and unreasonable actions. FDIs are not coming in (though this is also due to NEP). Serious stock investors are not moving in.

    No, Malaysia did not stand up. It was beaten down. It became the pariah of the investment world. It still is.

  42. Anonymous1:00 am

    Mahathir's anti-Semetic, anti-West, anti-non-Muslim world stance took Malaysia into an economic, cultural and political tailspin that put Malaysia on top of the jihad charts.

    It has led to entrepreneural and international distrust against Malaysian citizens and is reaping the fruit of Barisan cronyism. No matter how hard one tries, the stench of an emasculated judicary and media stinks like rotten belacan in a clandestine factory.

    Ever wondered why Mahathir was head over heals to meet Soros for the second time? A little research will reveal since the last time when Mahathir considered Soros the great evil Jew cause of economic crisis, Soros himself underwent a "reformation".

    Like Mahathir, he became a newly "ordained" card-carrying anti-Semite that would make any of his "companions" proud. Local mainstream media has long supported such anti-Semetic bloodlust and evidence indicate it began prior to Mahathir's regime.

    Let us not forget such racisim and hatred that Mahathir infected this nation with. He owes this nation as well as the Jews and peoples of the West and non-Muslims an apology for such cowardly and dastardly behaviour.

    It takes a big man to humble himself and ask for forgiveness while he has the opportunity for reconciliation. May he seek the bread of righteousness while it is still called today.

  43. Anonymous4:38 pm

    to anonymous 2.15am,
    there may be some contractors who have not been fully paid, which I am not aware of, or perhaps I don't give too much damn as far as I am concerned.
    and mind you, there are some contractors who do shitty work as the rest of us might agree here. Not only that, in construction world, everybody can be shitty, the consultants, main contractors, the subcontractors, or the clients themselves.
    From what I perceive, some of us here (including me maybe) constantly criticize things even though those neither are visible nor visual in our respect.
    so, are you a contractor too?
    Rightly so, we are a bunch of 'holier than thou' netizen as Dr Chua Soi Lek said. :)

  44. Anonymous6:11 pm

    The Loafer should have been the name of the fivestar but lowclass breadseller Dr. M, the good ol doctor who suffers selective lapses of memory when the occasion calls for his senile recollections. Why is he competing with the poor but diligent Indian breadmen we see every day plying their humble wares? He is making a mockery of their simple livelihood.Shame on him. Is he telling us one day in godforsaken MALAYSIA BOLEH! country, our bread prices will attain the value of what he sells now at his expensive outlet? Geez, think of the days when your grandma tasted tapioca porridge during the Japanese occupation during WW2! He could be saying: "People, no big deal. Vote or no vote AAB and the BN, you still need bread, my bread. At my price! I am the breadseller. I am Mahathir, the breadwinner of this country!" See, he still thinks he rule the country - by default. So, every man in the street is stupefied and numbed to accept the ground reality that creeping inflation and rising prices is here to stay, permanently, for all Bolehland citizens whether they like it or not.

    Perhaps he should be better off opening a new dealer outlet to sell his once-beloved Proton cars (he already made his bundles in the Proton hooha years ago!).

    Or establish more petrol stations, Dr. M. "Maha-Gas" may aptly fits his sense of morbid fatalism and selective memory loss. Good riddance.

  45. Anonymous4:34 am

    Hikayat, fair enough, and no I am not a contractor, but I know enough about this case to say 'The Loaf' has no justification not to pay.

    This Japanese partner of Tun's was also a bad apple when he was the CEO of Malaysian Debt Ventures (MDV),a subsidiary of the Finance Ministry. Many of the loans given out during his tenure were dubious, as were some of the commissions made by certain individuals.If we had transparency in Malaysia it wouldn't be hard to prove. This chap just hides behind Tun all the time.