Monday, January 21, 2008

"Looks like me wasn't talking to Ahmad Fairuz"

picture from Yahoo!
Very Kiasu Lingam. V.K. Lingam said the man on video clip looks like him but at the same time insisted that the man who looks like him was not talking to Ahmad Fairuz. What crap.
"You can ask me a hundred questions (on the same matter), and I will tell you the same answer. It looks like me."
And the Royal Commission of Inquiry did not take him to task for trying to make a fool of the proceeding. [Stories here and Lingam wasn't drunk by Bernama]


  1. Anonymous6:35 pm

    I hope that the RCI will be able to fulfill it's purpose and bring back the dignity of Malaysia's judiciary. Act against those whose name has been mentioned so far in the inquiry such as VK himself, Eusoff Chin, Tengku Adnan, 6 judges mentioned by Karasu and others. Bring all these criminals to justice.

  2. Anonymous6:47 pm

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  3. Anonymous6:48 pm

    Lousy cock talking skill.

  4. He is giving the rope to the RCI to hang him?
    But will the panel members do it?
    This is one hearing where the witnesses can lie blatantly and get away with it without being admonished by the Bench.

  5. "You can ask me a hundred questions (on the same matter), and I will tell you the same answer. It looks like me." Can you belive the Galls of the guy ?
    He's treating the Royal Commission of Inquiry like a bunch of bafoons and will at the end of these proceedings get away with it SCOTCH free . Waste of F#@*ing Time and Taxpayers money ..... geeez ,what a circus !

    Definition of bafoon :.

    1. (n.) One who is foolish and distinctly resembles a baboon.

    Origins: From buffoon, a clown or jester, and baboon, a relative of the ape family

  6. LOL, at least he remembers who is NOT talking to. Then, who the hell was it? Er, talking to himself who looks like himself?

  7. Anonymous7:29 pm

    Just send VK Lingam to Hospital Tanjung Rambutan for that matter. Case closed.

  8. Mr.Lingam, awak seorang peguam yang tahu bila perlu cakap berbelit-belit macam ular! Mari kita corek-corek cakap bohong dia!

  9. Anonymous7:39 pm

    Tengku Addan said VK Lingam must be a drunken then. It seems he admitted he did drunk. What a coinsequence!!!!!

    Lingam kata kawan beritahunya beliau suka cakap mengarut bila minum wain
    21/01/2008 7:01pm

    KUALA LUMPUR 21 Jan — “Kawan-kawan saya memberitahu yang saya suka cakap benda-benda yang mengarut semasa saya minum wain,” kata peguam Datuk V.K. Lingam hari ini, mengakui yang beliau tidak ingat akan kejadian yang dipaparkan dalam klip video kontroversi yang kononnya beliau didakwa mengaturkan pelantikan hakim-hakim melalui telefon.

    Lingam, 57, berkata, dengan melihat kepada paparan dalam klip video itu, jelas kelihatan botol wain, wiski, brandi dan minuman ringan 7-Up di atas meja, dan menambah kelihatan seperti parti sedang diadakan dan juga sesi minum-minum.

    “Saya mungkin minum terlalu banyak (minuman keras),” kata Lingam.

    Beliau juga memberitahu Suruhanjaya Siasatan Diraja mengenai klip video itu bahawa dengan melihat rakaman klip video itu, kelihatan “terdapat agak banyak minuman keras” kerana terdapat dua botol wain, sebotol wiski dan beberapa botol minuman keras (lain).

    “Biasanya, saya boleh minum sehingga dua setengah gelas wain. Kemudian saya akan rasa pening dan mabuk,” katanya.

    Lingam berkata, beliau tidak pergi ke pub. “Jika saya mahu minum, saya minum di rumah, jika saya menghadiri sesuatu majlis, saya tidak minum banyak,” kata Lingam.- Bernama

  10. Anonymous7:49 pm

    Well...national secrets were revealed by VK Lingam when he was drunk. Now Royal Comission should have much easier jobs to wrap up the case. All they need now is by inviting VK Lingam to enjoy one or two barrel of whisky during the proceeding. Whilst he seems to be drunk surely he will not hesitate to reveal whatever past secrets he got then.

  11. Anonymous7:56 pm

    The Chairman of the Royal Commission (Tan Sri Haidar) and Commissioner (Datuk Steve Shim)are tryijng their extreme best to cover up for Eusoff Chin, Ahamd Fasiruz and V K LIngam.

    Three of these people are guilty of corruption. Haidar is doing a disservice to the nation. His job was just to protect Eusoff Chin, Ahamd Fairuz and VK Lingam.

    Come this elections we must all vote against BN in order to save the nation and the judiciary.

  12. Anonymous8:09 pm

    dire straites

    Just 1 thing i need to comment...cant they trace the calls true the phone numbers.
    Have they tried to...or just forgot or intentionally forgot to do this.

  13. Anonymous8:25 pm

    lauyar burok.....

  14. Anonymous8:32 pm


    The funniest surreal satire comedy, in thirty five years (since Watergate and Clinton's case!).

    So V K Lingam said "He looks like me" and the rest, under oath. Can anyone prove him wrong and he lied in this RCI?

    Unless that can happen, there is no one can do anything to V K Lingam, nor former CJs Tun Ahmad Fairuz and/or Tun Eussofe Chin.

    At the end of the day, what will the RCI achieve, going at this rate????

    V K Lingam apologize, for "faking the call (trying to look 'macho', for able to 'call' CJ Dato' Ahmad Fairuz) to his client and son (Loh and Loh)"????


    Its so funny!

  15. Anonymous8:38 pm

    Ever witnessed a banana court? The so-called Royal Comission is such, made up of judges and indivduals who are implicated in the corrupt proceedings they precide over.

    It is as if one expects a group of "practising arsonists" to expose and prosecute arsonists accused of burning down a city.

    The flames of injustice is engulfing the most sacred institution of our country and all the people can do is watch it as a dastardly spectacle.

    Who will save us from this pernicous opprtunists and politicians that have inflitrated the judicary and used it for their own corrupt gain?

    Can we resurrect the likes of Dr Tan Chee Koon or Tunku or those who have gone before us? Are there any leaders willing to pay the price of restoring integrity? Has the rot gotten to deep? All we need a few good men and women who are willing to pay the price.

    Do not fear the ISA, as Martin Luther King said prophetically: "If a man is not willing to die for what he beleives, he is not fit to live".

    The only reason the Lingams and the corrupt politicians can get away with murder is because of "tidakapathy". Rise up and let your talk be exemplified by your walk. Today is the day of reckoning.

  16. Anonymous8:52 pm

    Lingam Legam nak kena gam
    Mabuk berabuk serupa beruk
    Ya lah that looks like me...
    correct, correct, correct....

  17. Anonymous8:54 pm

    Is there perjury for RCI hearings?

  18. Anonymous9:24 pm

    Wait till you hear Vincent's story.

  19. Anonymous9:25 pm

    I am surprised. Nobody grilled him kow-kow?

  20. The circus never ends
    Lingam puts his head on the chopping board
    The RCI dares not pull the lever
    ‘See I told you
    I have your secrets’

    I had seen people got drunk
    Most of them just fell asleep
    Some got aggressive
    Others just vomited…..

    I don’t come across
    Getting drunk telling stories
    Of secrets of clients or what
    This is something I don’t buy it
    It is the circus
    The sheep and the dog playing
    Running wild in the open field

    I did my own experiment
    When my friends egged me on
    Knowing that I don’t drink
    Wine, beer and Guinness stout
    So I got fed up
    I drunk it all
    Wine, beer and Guinness stout
    When it was over
    I felt I was floating away
    They brought me back home
    I went to sleep

    I didn’t tell stories
    I didn’t tell secrets
    So what Lingam saying
    He didn’t know!

    The person on the video clip
    The person he was talking to
    But he knew how to remember telephone numbers
    What a way he makes fool of RCI!

  21. Anonymous9:51 pm

    Until today he never got arrested by ACA but get called for an interview. Isn't that is enough to tell where he stand in Bolehland.

    Instead of investigating the video tape, they should investigate the allegation in his brother's witness statement.

    Having said that I am not sure if anyone will allow to disturb the equilibirium of those in powers especially those with the powers to print money, literally - if you get my drift :)

  22. Anonymous9:56 pm

    Hahahah I'm amazed at the intellect of your readers, Rocky.

    Let VK have his say. He is a lawyer and understands the law, unlike most of us here. And if you don't know what VK is up to, go read piece on the video (he wrote it way back in Oct 2007.)

    As for VK, just wait till he has to explain his vk-tion with Tun Eusoff Chin. Coming out with a story that he tagged along would not pass 'beyond resonable doubt' test. (My reasobable doubt, how RCI define it is another matter.)The evidence indicate that the were together in Dec 1994.

    And if VK is going down, it will not be because of the video. All that can be proven is that the incident took place. Because, who he has talking to and the context of the conversation has not been proven.

    However, on VK and Tun Eusoff in bed together is a different ball game. And it looks like the government finally realise that it may be the prime objective of the video release. Maybe, that is why Tun Eusoff is taking a break huh? Big huddle going on now.

    And yes I wank. Anyone got a problem with that? Wanking makes me write rubbish on the internet. It looks like my writing. Buahahhahhaha!

  23. You can ask me a hundred times and I will tell you that HE IS V.K. Lingam and that he is NOT drunk.

  24. Anonymous10:03 pm

    I like how they defend themselves,one say don't remember,another say he is drunk,now Lingam say it appear to look like him. If not him ,no talk, period. why should he answer questions posed by RCI that he did not talk to former CJ,this and that...!

    Even the foreigners are laughing at us, they know our reputation,in the event of arbitration between local companies ,most elect to have their cases heard in UK, hong kong or singapore courts but not malaysian courts.

  25. Anonymous10:04 pm

    We are blind if we can't see that this is a farce ... We are ignorant if we believe that there's still hope while we do absolutely nothing ... Use the ballot box guys ... Send the message out, loud and clear

    And to those who know who they are ... rot in h*** you will

  26. Anonymous10:05 pm

    Should we call it a Private Commisison Of Inquiry...Leave the Royal out of it. Should not "dirty" royalty with inept commissioners.

  27. Anonymous10:12 pm

    So ... who was it that ...the person who looks like and sounds like VK Lingam (yet pretty damned sure that 'he' was not talking to Ahmad Fairuz) talking to?????

  28. Anonymous10:15 pm

    anom 7.56

    Just to let you know that when Ahmad Fairuz was promoted to President of the Court of Appeal, Haidar was promoted to be the Chief Judge of Malaya. So it is a abang adek" situation.

    That's why Haidar lean over backward to protect Lingam, Ahmad Fairuz and Eusoff Chin at the expense of the nation.

    Haidar tak malu kah? You must be thick skin. please think of the next generation and the interest of this nation and not the interest of those thieves in the judiciary, who called themnselves judges!

  29. The finding of the RCI depends very much on the political will of Umno. Truth is secondary to the preservation of the institution.

    In fact the election commission chief had said only Umno can rule the country.

  30. Anonymous10:26 pm

    VK Lingam...definition of a Prat. Taking us all for ride. Making fun of a Royal Commission hearing with lawyer speak. Sad joke. whitewash.What he needs is a tight slap on his face.

  31. Anonymous10:48 pm

    "It looked like me, sounded like me giving testimony at the RCI hearing. But was it me or that "imposter" in the tape?"

  32. Anonymous11:34 pm

    anwar wants to testify. lingam's brother wants to testify. why the road block from this commission? or the Chair is the same as before just to serve the powers that be. he did that for Tun and was well rewarded. now, he is doing for who and ensure his directorship in GLCs be remain? Another Tun Hamid?

  33. Anonymous11:37 pm


    i am fully with you. dont bring the word "royal" into disrepute. by the way, the two mutes in the panel, maybe its best to give them a tunship. a disgrace to the nation.

  34. Anonymous12:07 am

    E.T phone home......

  35. Anonymous12:11 am

    "Looks like me, but it's not me." That's cakap mengarut. Maybe he gulped a few cans before facing the commission. Why didn't anyone put him into alcohol test?

  36. Anonymous12:36 am

    Mahathir, Eusoffe Chin,Tengku Adnan and Lingam, all should be charged with perjury. We are all going to be the laughing stock of the world if the Royal commission let all these f&*#@$% bastards go. Look at the way all of them are mocking the Royal Commission! In other countries all of them would have been dealt with accordingly without having to go through this Royal Commission which is a big joke!!!

  37. Anonymous12:37 am


    When I follow the proceedings, I just want to say that my body could not contain the urge to put these atrocious beings somewhere on a desert island with nothing to eat or wear. If I had one wish offered by a genie, that would be the wish I would have wanted to realize. I cannot tell myself everyday when I wake up and see these beings influence my life, my work, my family, everything we had built since we were born in this glorious country we call Malaysia. I could understand if the illinformed rural populace could not do anything due to misinformation, but we, yes we, are the ones with the capacity to evaluate with the education given to us, to make things right.

    Please ask yourselves what you could do for your brother or sister Malaysian tomorrow morning - not Malaysian Malay, Malaysian Indian or Malaysian Chinese - but your fellow Malaysian. And for those who turn away from you when you bring this up, let them - we have no time nor the energy to implore - but to gather what we could and make the best of our limited time.

    Thanks for reading my rant here - sorry Rocky - to take up valuable byte space

  38. Anonymous12:39 am

    sounds like a desperately poor attempt at denial.

    the RCI should then be asking questions like:

    who has been lying?

    who should go to jail?

    who do you not think did not speak to ahmad fairuz?

    that should really bring all this mess to conclusion real quick.

  39. Anonymous1:13 am

    One thing i know is this...powerful people always rule. They can even get away with murder.What royal commission are they talking about?

    I'm sure THE TUN must be laughing at the PM for going ahead with this royal commission...and Linggam is making a fool of everyone. And Anwar must be cursing...doesn't he know the system of all people??

  40. Anonymous1:58 am

    I hope the bar council has not questioned VK.

    VK is relying on him being drunk and the confidence that his phone number can't be traced thus there is no evidence.

    It can be traced but it is whether ACA wants to do it. But most likely they are not keen but if it is a small fry or the person BN wants towhacklike the former police comm, wow really effective.

    Great 2 sets of laws in this country.

  41. Anonymous2:39 am

    since most of us here "debated" on the credibility (or lack of it) of the Royal Commission of Inquiry, then Lingam should be forgiven for agreeing with you guys and showed "tidak apa" attitude towards them..."Screw them" , he must have thought...

    yam seng!

  42. Kinda reminds me of the rapper, Eminem's Slim Shady LP.
    "...who dress like me; walk, talk and act like me and just might be the next best thing but not quite me!"

    Won't the real Slim Shady please stand up? pls stand up, pls stand up, pls stand up!

  43. Anonymous3:38 am

    he must really know the person who "looks like him". to the extent of knowing who the person who "looks like him" was talking to.

    it's probably his evil twin brother who has the same heart and soul as him.

  44. Anonymous7:41 am


    Amazing .. Malaysia.

    Crooks are so brazen and audacious they have no fear mocking the system.

    Of course a very bad system supported by the powerfuls.

    umnos values of course.


    And as for tun M, all the complains he made have come to naught not that he is sincere but because he has no intention of righting the wrong.

    What a wasted opportunity for the betterment of the country and people.

    What a hypocrit!


  45. bar council, please make a STAND

    this unethical lawyer should be expell

    our judiciary being tarnished by judges who want 'commission' from their cases

    stop this now

  46. Anonymous8:30 am

    Hmm... seems like the most happening thing to say now is "I can't remember... I can't recall"! Credits to Tun M for starting this trend.

    Maybe someone should start digging info at travel agencies to see whether VKL & Eusoff Chin booked the trip together or separately?

  47. Bro,

    Sebelum peguam bernama Lingam ini memberi keterangan di RCI, perlu di pastikan yang beliau tidak minum wine. Kemungkinan beliau minum itu ada kerana cakap berbelit-belit, macam orang mabuk sahaja ketika di tanya oleh ahli-ahli RCI.

    Macamana beliau boleh tahu yang beliau tidak bercakap dengan Tun Fairuz, sedangkan beliau tidak mengaku yang lelaki dalam video itu adalah beliau. Ada percanggahan fakta yang begitu jelas dengan keterangan yang beliau berikan.

    Budak sekolah rendah pun tahu yang peguam bernama Lingam ini cuba hendak memutar belitkan kenyataan. Sekiranya ahli RCI tidak dapat mengesan cubaan untuk mengabui fakta ini, tak berguna ada RCI.

    Apa-apa pun saya harap perkara ini di atasi dengan segera. Sekiranya penipuan peguam bernama Lingam ini berterusan, anak-anak kita akan belajar bagaimana hendak "menipu" dan "lepas daripada mengambil tanggungjawab" terhadap satu-satu kesalahan.

    Harapan saya, ahli RCI memberi keutamaan kepada kedaulatan undang-undang dan negara melebihi "perkara-perkara lain".

  48. Anonymous8:41 am

    LOL. I like your headlines. Creative.

  49. Anonymous8:42 am

    If I am not mistaken, the video was sent to some forensic lab in Spain or somewhere in Europe and they had confirmed that the voice was that of Lingam.

    However, this announcement was made only after that Chinese businessman surfaced to say that the video was recorded by his son.

    I guess if this Chinese guy did not come out into the open, the findings by the lab would still be held back from the public.

    This is what our country has come to. This country is fcuked.

  50. Anonymous9:34 am

    It's a shame if the RCI can be taken for a ride. They should grill all those who stand in the witness box without fear. Get every details out from them and not just accept their answers blindly. Make a stand. So far, people like Eusoff Chin, Tengku Adnan & VK have made a fool of the RCI.

  51. Anonymous9:36 am

    This is a true statement:

    "Lingam is a prick"

  52. Anonymous9:56 am

    lawyers can talk crap and get away with it. what a load of BS.

    this fler has no balls unlike the chinaman that is of CSL

    dont they know how stupid they sound when they talk? do they listen to themselves later and hear themselves making a fool of one another? themselves meaning linggam and his merry friend mahathir (mahathir mudah lupa jugak!)

  53. Anonymous10:02 am

    Should give him the truth syrup then put him under a lie-detector!

  54. Anonymous10:02 am

    the objective of the photo, his brother statement and as witness is to establish the background... in the video the cinaman said "i thot you're close with eusoff", and indian man "when eusoff in poser i can go pom pom pom", and "fairuz 110% loyalty". if the evidence (photo) shows lingam and eusoff are buddies and from the video fairuz is eusoff man, it proves that the video is consistent with why lingam support and push foir fairuz appointment... korek or not

  55. Anonymous10:08 am

    The Royal Commission has and will not serve anything.

    Other than the revelation on those attended the meeting, the person who taped it and where it happened, it has come out predictably as anticipated...

    It's fun making jokes of VK Lingam. But face the fact that VK Lingam has denied everything and smartly in a fashion that will not incriminate him.

    The onus lies on RC to proof. Lim claims he was there and VK Lingam said so. That is still my words against yours. WHere is the original tape?

    Even though some try to claim TDM knew of VK lingam by virtue of Mirzan's engagement of VK Lingam earlier, it still doesn't prove anyting. Proof allegation, hunches don;t count when making a serious allegations as this.

    TDM made his own decisions in accordance with the provision under the law. He had documents to back his claim that he did it with advise from T S Dziauddin.

    Tun Fairuz remain a valid CJ. He has even retired, thus there will not be any sensational dismissal. If he denies that he is not on the other side of the phone conversation, what will RC do?

    Ku Nan denied, and said VK LIngam is drunk. Can anyone prove Ku Nan sat and influence TDM? But still decision is TDM's.

    Eusoff Chin denied and provided a reasonable story of his not-case-related trip to NZ. Proof on RC to show otherwise.

    Predictably Vincent Tan will come and deny.

    However, I wrong ... RC serves to show and will proof the Anwar has no issue to raise and is merely fabricating issues for HIS politics.

    Anwar has got no genuine moral and locus standi to make any claims / criticism / accusation even of a dodo HP6 government of AAB. He was a practitioner of collusion, cronyism and nepotism. The corruption judgement agst him proves undoubtedly that he abuse power ie corrupt.

    Anwar is now a representative for the interest of Western powers out to destroy the fabric of society with his urban / middle class focus to promote the destructive Western liberal ideas. He is morally and politically bankrupt.

    This episode shows how cheap and vindictive he is as a person. God forbid, he will ever be a leader of this country. For his admirers, time will prove again.

    RC serve to show the Bar Council activist could easily be manipulated by cheap politics like that of Anwar and cheap rhetorics of claim justice and whatever bullshit.

    The basis for demonstration at Putrajaya has proven thus far to be baseless and be proven eventually to be futile. The reputation of the Bar Council is on the line here or we can call the legal profession a bunch of bullshiter that spew out consumed bullshit.

    Most important, RC serve to add to the many other proofs that the present leadership of Government is weak, indecisive and insecure. They show no conviction of the Government's own policies which proves to show they are inexperianced ignorant asses up there that they could succumb to even the most flimsiest of demands.

    Let me ask this often heard claims: Will the Royal commission bring about dignity to Malaysian judiciary?

    Not when it has not proven anything substantive. Thus far, the RC is a circus. It has made a mockery of a constitutional process to hang out dirty linen. It has hurt the reputation of the judiciary more than bringing dignity to it.

    This may sound like a cliche. It is undoubtedly beginning to show to be nothing more than the interest of some "hands" out there playing cheap politics and negligently will end up destroying the country's credibility.

    Again, it shows how stupid Dolah Badawi is ...

  56. Anonymous10:11 am

    Lingam : On that day, saya ada sikit minum tapi itu wine banyak keras.. belakang saya sudah pening..saya pun tarak ingat sapa saya suda telefon..saya hantam cakap sapa sapa punya nama..saya apa peduli janji my client pikir saya punya cable banyak kuat..itu video apa serupa saya tapi bukan saya la pasal saya tarak kenal itu orang..saya sebut saja..itu kecik punya hal pun court mau panggil ka?

  57. Anonymous10:20 am

    Lies and more lies.

    The rakyat must vote for change and throw out UMNO-BN

  58. Anonymous10:39 am

    i am just so depressed. malaysia is doomed.

  59. Anonymous11:22 am

    Mengapa dia tidak ditanya untuk jawab Ya atau Tidak. Begitu mudah.
    Cukup memualkan. Siapa dia VK Lingam ini sehingga dia dibenarkan membodoh-bodohkan sistem perhakiman negara.

    Atau ini bukti bahawa wujud manusia istimewa di Malaysia yang tidak bisa dicapai oleh pedang keadilan?

    Jikalau orang biasa melakukan aksi Lingam ini sudah pasti lama ditengking oleh tuan hakim. Bayangkan ... jika wajah penjenayah ditangkap oleh CCTV dan digunakan sebagai bukti ... suspek dengan senang saja boleh menafikan : "Looks like me, sounds like me", dan hakim tidak berbuat apa-apa!

  60. I am disappointed. Don't they know entertainment must include dancing and singing?? I would like to see Lingam do the "rap".....
    Looks like me, sounds like me

  61. Anonymous11:45 am

    Th Royal Commission is just a cricus show. Tan Sri Haidar is the one who hid the court seal in the Salleh Abbas sacking case.

    Tan Sri haidar is there to cover up the improprieties of the judges. Whoever are trying to cover up this judicial scandals are doing a disservice to this country and the next generation.

    I hope that Malaysians realise that judciary is another pillar of the government to protect the nation from corrutpion, abused of power and to dispense justice.

    Now the judiciary is so corrupted that no one trust it anymore.

  62. Anonymous11:50 am

    The whole wide world is watching our pathetic judiciary system in display at a kangaroo court of inquiry. Even our RCI is damned from the very beginning. Justice must not only be done but seen to be done. Who are the vested interests behind the appointees? To bring back the sanity and legitimacy to the system, these commisioners should have bee ex-Commonwealth judges. I bet our Umnoputra government prefers to pull wool over our eyes at the end of the day and the verdict already decided - no case! For the world at large, Malaysia and its legal/judiciary system may as well goes to the dogs. No wonder foreigh direct investments is dwindling day by day and we ordinary folks are suffering in the process. People, like our good old Doctor said: you deserve the government you voted in!

  63. Anonymous12:10 pm

    Salam, Bro.
    Sebelum ni, Gua dah meluat dengan opera Altantuya yang masih tak habis-habis lagi.
    Sekarang ni, Gua bukan saja meluat tapi muntah-muntah dengan gelagat bangsat-bangsat yang tak ingat, yang tak tau itu ini, yang buat negara ni ikut suka dia, yang buat helah bodoh, yang bagi jawapan bahalul, dan yang macam-macam lagi.
    Di celah-celah tu, ada pulak kisah DVD sensasi dan khabarnya ada lagi kisah-kisah DVD sensasi.
    Hei!! Apa dah jadi kepada pembesar-pembesar yang diundi ni? Maukah kita (tak termasuk Gua, sebab Gua undi BA) mengundi mereka lagi? Habis jahanam negara ni.
    Maaflah, Bro. Gua berbahasa kesat, tapi sesuai untuk si bangsat-bangsat yang keparat ni.

  64. more quotes for the top 10 list! is VK Lingam going to grab all 10 spots??

  65. Anonymous1:07 pm

    I have one question. What punishment lies ahead for those who told lies under oath in front of the RCI?

  66. Anonymous1:47 pm

    With the foolproof Drunken Indian Defence, it looks like the one taking the video is going to kena something like invading the privacy of Mr. Looks-Like-Me-Sounds-Like-Me.

  67. Anonymous2:40 pm

    Hang them for their treason against the country. Too much costs involved in hearing their nonsenses in RCI. Case closed.

  68. Anonymous2:41 pm


    I think using the defence of S.80 of the Penal Code.
    Any way in this situation any possibility of S.84 apply?
    S.84 Perbuatan seseorang yang tak sempurna akal.

    Please dont make a mockery of our judical syatem.It worsen the situation.
    Lay back and think and think deeply.
    Why are we in this world.Is it an ego trip?


  69. This would have been more fun reading had VK Lingam been a Health Minister and the Royal Commission of Inquiry was on a sex tape scandal.

    "I would not commit on the authenticity of the VCD until my experts have had the opportunity to verify it. Until I get the original recording and the equipment that was used to record it, I maintain, irrespective of what others say, that the man in the clip looks and sounds like me..."

    "Are you the man ******* in the clip?"

    "He looks like me...irrespective of what others have to say, he sounds and looks like me."

    "Who were you ******* in the clip?"

    "I don't know who I was *******. Certainly I was not ******* Ms ******"

    "Can you tell when the ******* took place?"

    "I don't know. I can't recall the occasion."

    And come to think of it, both the woman and judiciary had one thing in common. Both were ******!! And Malaysia managed to put on two very entertaining shows for the world.

  70. When you honestly believe that you are talking to a bunch of idiots then you will always say the most stupid and idiotic things won't you? And when the bunch of idiots keep silent then they only prove that the speaker is right in assuming that you are all a bunch of fools and idiots! So what is wrong about that? Now you have the Tun, Eusoff Chin and Lingam talking to a bunch of idiots who only could keep quiet listening to these guys taking them for fools and idiots!

  71. Anonymous5:28 pm

    ..err..It looks like me NOT talking on the phone with Tun Ahmad Fairus..??!! WTF! Stupid fagot...

    ..just sent him to the gallows together with those who he mentioned during the conversation...

    ..Every vote counts, vote wisely!

  72. Anonymous6:38 pm

    Those who expose CSL sex's tape should not have done it earlier. Have they do it now, perhaps CSL could use the same phrase "Looks like me", "sounds like me" but not me lah.Who says it's me even though the tape shows that it's me. Hello, I'm a lawyer and I know how to fool the judges as I have been doing so in the past. This RCI makes no difference from other court hearing. As for CSL, he would not need to resign from all his post!

  73. Anonymous7:48 pm

    Cool. We should make a movie out of it and send it to OSCAR nominations and produce it multiple language. Five billion population will have the best laugh in their life. At least few Malaysian contibuted to the well being of the world and we can have them in Hall of Fame under the category newly opened "Biggest Insult"

    Any Takers. Sure Letup one.

  74. Anonymous1:57 am

    A cobra and V.K. Lingam slither into your house. Which do you kill first?.............................Lingam of course!

  75. Anonymous3:15 am

    Tan Sri Haidar and Tan Sri Steve Shim are not fit and proper person to sit in the Royal Commission becuae both of them were the judges who sat in a case involving Tan Sri Vincent Tan and the decision was a two to one Majority. Of course, two to one in favour of Tan Sri Vincent Tan.

    Further, Dato V K lingam was the lawyer for Tan Sri Vincent Tan. So they Haidar and Steve Shim are interested parties.

    MCG Pillai v Tan Sri Vincent Tan Chee Yioun [2002] 2 MLJ 673.

    Both Tan Sri Haidar and Tan Sri Steve Shim have no self respect and of course, tak malu.

    I am not sruprised why both of them were trying so hard to stop Karasu, Lingam's brotehr, to testify becaue he knows too much. If you wnat to knwo full detail please go to MalaysianOnLine - Raja Petra blog.

    After reading his statement then you will understand why both of them trying so hard to exclude Karasu's testimony. They are put there just to do a covering up job.

  76. bro,
    this moron's smile is as slithery as slime and reeks of shit and this "kangaroo" RCI is a shameful waste of tax-payers funds !

  77. Anonymous5:10 pm

    Now it appears as if the RCI and not Lingam is being investigated! Lingam has got the cheek to flaunt his weight and lie even under oath. Who does he think the people? Vote the whole pack of UMNO/BN out together with all their cronies like Lingam, Vincent Tan, Eusoffe Chin, etc who should all be charged for corruption!!!

  78. Anonymous11:32 pm

    yes, Lingam, Eusof Chin, Ahamd Fairuz, Haidar (Comission chairman) and Steve Shim (commissioner)should all be charged for corruption.

    Why include Haidar and Steve Shim? Becasue both of them trying very hard to do covering up job for Eusoff Chin, Ahmad Fairuz, Low Hop Bing and Mokhtar Sidin.

    Let vote for opposistion to get rid of these bastards, who have no shame at all.

  79. Anonymous3:31 pm

    Now you have a cobra and Lingam before you and you can only kill one of them. What is your choice? after reading through all the comments in this blog, the cobra is more noble and we should spare it. You know which one we should get rid of.

  80. there is a solid lingam defence --

  81. Anonymous12:23 pm



    Tak ingat

    Tak pasti

    is a valid answer in court. Tu pasal lawyer tak boleh deny all this answer

  82. Anonymous11:05 pm

    basically by now, all of us with a mind would know what the outcome of the enquiry will be. lingam himself knows too. he is basically giving us a lesson on "how to act stupid" when in a similar situation.