Saturday, January 26, 2008

Abdullah's approval ratings down

Pop snag ahead of polls. The Merdeka Centre has come out with its latest survey to gauge what the people think of their Prime Minister. The result is not unexpected. Pak Lah's pop ratings have taken a beating, falling from 71% to 61%.
And if one looks closer at some of the tables and graphics, the picture becomes even clearer.

Above graph, for example:
Of the 61% who are still behind the PM, only 23% "strongly approve" Pak Lah's ways PM. The remaining 38% said they "somewhat approve" the man.
And "somewhat", bros and sis, can be, er, somewhat tricky.

Screenshots has more on why petrol prices increases, Dr M and street demos have made Pak Lah increasingly unpopular.


  1. I guess that doesn't change his ability to hack voting process?

  2. Anonymous4:58 pm

    it's Merdeka Center not Merdeka Review. 'somewhat approve' is 38% not 58%.

  3. Anonymous5:54 pm

    At his worse during reformasi, the survey for TDM was higher than that. He survived with some real dent on his vehicle because he was capable and a good communicator.

    Reagan was almost an AAB but survived 2 terms. He was an accomplished actor and had a good team behind.

    AAB is neither capable, nor communicator, not even an actor. He sleeps on the job. His cabinet couldn't function with his indecisive flip flop and interference from his nose running boys.

    His only saving grave is to have si muka pucat & tembam fell for si hitam monyet that helped him sustain an impression of leadership in the early 2 years.

    What chance for him?

    I believe other P&C reports are pointing south 'coz he is now down to pleading and begging.

    If he has any specks of intelligence and conscience to save UMNO, he better resign. Otherwise UMNO better kick his fuckin ass or it'll be a painful 2008 for BN.

    Even Najib, with also sort of accusation levelled at him will do well as a new broom and with a better work record. Only problem is he's got the two that comes with his organ stashed away by someone close

    ... but he'll be a better PM than this Pak Dogol al Bahlol.

  4. Anonymous6:06 pm


    his popularity may dip, but the people of Kelapa (whoops, Kepala) Batas will vote him as their MP and gues what? he'll still be PM for another term.

    My money on Barisan Nasional faring badly!

    I am the common people and to me BN represents nothing but arrogance and greed. therefore corruption.

  5. Anonymous6:22 pm

    Like it or not .... polls in Malaysia is highly influenced by race. Therefore, poll need to describe the approval rating according to race. Who are they?

  6. Anonymous8:55 pm

    What ratings? Malaysians are not americans. Come election, Pak Lah will still be there. Malaysians dont care whether they have a sleeping PM. Dont believe? Just wait and see. Malays will vote in Umno, Indians will retain Samy Vellu and Chinese... well, I think... the smartest of all malaysians.

  7. Sdr Rocky's Bru,

    It reminds me of the fall of the Kuomintang (KMT) of Taiwan some eight years or so ago, and the defeat of the Congress Party of India and the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan earlier.

    They fell party because they were in power too long. They became complacent. They become too big and too bureaucratic. Instead of serving their members and the voters, they became self-serving.

    KMT boasted membership of 2.5 million. Not that big compared to the claimed membership of Umno.

    Over time, LDP became autocratic and dynastic. Most constituencies were handed down from one generation to another. Many LDP’s MPs are third and fourth generations. It took a lot of money to unseat an incumbent -- up to US$2 million I was told.

    The Congress party is a dynasty till today. It has yet to regain its former glory. It is reduced to sharing power with rival parties at the federal and state levels. The same happened to the LDP.

    Being big and old are not necessarily good. One Umno minister and member of the party’s supreme council whispered to me just days ago that Umno today is a club.

    KMT is back in power in the Jan. 12 election after eight years. The vanquished President Chen Shui-bian accepted defeat and resigned as chairman of Democratic Progressive Party.

    Chen’s rule was described by the Economist magazine as lackluster. Of Mr Chen, the Economist wrote: “......some of whose family members and aides have been dogged by allegations of corruption.”

    In Malaysia, Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra was compelled to resign as Umno president and Prime Minister when Umno and the Alliance did badly in 1969.

    Thank you.

  8. Race base parties should disband
    In this 21st century it shouldn’t allowed to take hold no more
    Saying and making statements all about each race
    When will we ever say we are Malaysians?
    And our country is Malaysia………………

    Playing politics on race
    Malays Chinese Indians
    Other races take a back seat
    Where are the Malaysians?

    The racial politics the people should reject
    Put these parties in the wastepaper baskets
    Time the people shoulder for the multi-racial parties
    Fighting the country for the common goals
    Nothing to plot for a race

    The Super-powers can change
    The people there know their rights
    Only fools feeling so scared
    Walking out of the house
    Seems like ages to hell

    Man the people should wake up
    Before we are swallowed by deceit
    Manufactured by leaders of race base parties
    Polluting our minds pollinating their wealth

    We should go for multi-racial parties
    This is where the country would lead
    Into the forefront of the 21st century

  9. Thanks Hazman, corrections made, with apologies.

  10. Thanks Hazman, corrections made, with apologies.

  11. Anonymous10:15 pm

    There's no dispute that the PM's popularity has dropped...he himself has admitted that the BN will not come in as strong as 2004.

    We should look beyond that: he will remain as PM even with a 51% majority.
    So the coterie in 4th Floor will continue their arrogant ways and things will continue as at present.

    What choice does one have? Even the PM knows that he's the only choice the majority of the rakyat have!

    Me? I'm voting for the man, not the party..

  12. Anonymous10:56 pm

    more reason why Pak Lah needs an election soon. The longer he waits, the worse it is going to get cos more will know what kind of leader he is.


    That is my hope that after a bad election, UMNO will get rid of Pak Lah and his SIL. we need a better leader who can take us forward instead one who is falling back on the good work of past leaders and screwing things up at the moment.

  13. Anonymous11:30 pm

    I am most surprised that the Sleeping Head still get 40%. I would have thought that 10% will be far too high. Bodowi just sleep all the time. The only time he is awake is when he is eating.

    The Sleeping Head is a disaster for UMNNO and Malaysia. We are ashame of him. The countyr can function without him.

  14. Anonymous11:59 pm

    What is starkly obvious is that only 30% disapprove him, of which a dismal 5% strongly disapprove and 25% somewhat disapprove ! What your comment ?

  15. Anonymous12:20 am

    But that's not Pak Lah and his goons see it. They are all still jumping for joy!!!

    61% of the people still support him / them!!! Way to go man!!! 61% approval rating!!!!

    Yeah, man!!! Awesome!!! Compared to the Japanese PM and Bush at lowly 30%. Glass is half full, ain't it?

  16. Anonymous1:04 am

    It is hoped that Pak Lah will call for dy General Elections in March, so that we can get rid of him and other corrupted ministers.

    Lets all get ready to vote against BN. As long as we could break BN 2/3 majority, UMNo will definitely get rid of that stupid PM.

    I can wait for the General Elections to exercise my vote against BN..

  17. Anonymous2:23 am

    What is interesting the sample size and demography of the sampling, that Merdeka Centre can come up with this analysis.

    if the sampling is poor, than the conclusion of this analysis is weak.

  18. I am glad Malaysians are now paying more importance to statistics such as this. We need to continously harp on this issue over and over again.

  19. Anonymous8:48 am

    Election results will depends on whether the malays are ready for change?
    This is the real situation and BN knows this.

    Most areas are malay for a few urban areas where non malays are the majority.

  20. "in politics, you only need 51% approval to win" - dick chenny

  21. Anonymous2:34 pm

    I'm pleasantly surprise that BN hasn't changed Merdeka Poll Center into Merdeka Propaganda Center... Good job...

  22. No matter which way you look at the survey/poll, his acceptance is still high and his disapproval is low.

    I will start to sit up and pay attention to your article here and these comments if it is the other way around!