Monday, December 10, 2007

Trylah, people!

Is Musa disappointed now? Aniza Damis' interview with Musa Hitam, reproduced by CTSB here, on our rights to peacefully assemble.


Aniza Damis: Is Malaysia ready for peaceful assemblies?
Musa Hitam: Yes! Come on, we have been independent for 50 years ....

Aniza Damis: If the government doesn’t come up with a system, what would this say about human rights and about us?
Musa Hitam: The government has the right to say no. The government has a right to refuse. But if it does, I’ll be disappointed. Try, lah!


  1. Anonymous11:24 am

    Government scared stiff lah. Badly shaken and now stirred into denials and panic stattions by all these demonstrations.

    Cannot have "elegant silence" 'cos the natives are restles.

  2. that is refreshing considering the fact that the sime darby position is linked to the government.

  3. Anonymous12:59 pm

    Musa Hitam should shut up and concentrate on his job as chairman of Sime Darby. Stop talking nonsense because he has lost whatver credibility he had since his Suhakam days. The interview was full of doublespeak, typical of Musa. And the interviewer Aniza was also trying to portray herself as a human rights liberal but fell flat in her face.

  4. Anonymous1:10 pm


    you should come out with something on why Hindraf leaders was not arrested like the others ie their supporters, Mat Sabu, Tien Chua and the others.

    What they get only being charge in court and bail for RM 800 while their supporters get a heavier charges.

    A lot question bro....

    I believe the most these Hindraf leaders get is just a fine which somebody will pay for them. Definately no jail terms or ISA.

  5. Anonymous1:22 pm

    Ya-kah!? I thot he likes elegant silent? Konon-nya, ya?

  6. Anonymous2:56 pm

    While Malaysia has come a long way and its people have experienced a lot of good and many opportunities unavailable in other nations, there is still much corruption, injustice, marginalization and apathy on the part of the administration the people are having trouble accepting ..the rakyat are merely expressing their dissatisfaction in a peaceful manner, not demonstrating, just grouping and walking together publicly to be seen and heard...since all the other complaints via legal avenues have come to nought or have been put in cold storage...or simply dismissed.

    Under Dr. Mahathir dulu..langsung tarak chance wooo...

  7. Remember Memali people ... it's Musa Hitam. Don't forget BMF, he is invovled but goes aroudn pointing finger at TDM and TR.

    Believe a Rabbi even Meir Kahane but never Musa Hitam.

  8. Anonymous3:07 pm

    now are you disappointed, Tun Musa? Hey, I have great respect for you but your timing in politics were not right. you are just too smart for Tun Mahatir's liking and being he is what he is, you have to go. you may not agree with my observation but Tun's move is only right for him as a mountain cannot accomodate two tigers.

  9. Thanks Rocky.

    Aniza Damis is fast becoming the lone voice of truth.

  10. I like this:

    Musa Hitam answers "The TV saying everyday that Ini Bukan Budaya Kita. I’m sorry for ridiculing this, but where is there a Budaya of violence anywhere in the world? Do you think violence is a French budaya? Indonesians? Filipinos?"

  11. This moron thinks running the country can be done by a trial and error method.

  12. At least we know Musa Hitam said IT and not a Gutless Anonymous . And Memali .. the Tun was in China AND musa made a field Decision , least u forget .Easy being an armchair editor or critic.

  13. Anonymous5:42 pm

    Bagi Musa jadi PM - baru kau orang tau 'human right' dia macam mana...

  14. Being disappointed is not good enough!!! Being the ex UN chairman of Human Rights he shud issue the strongest condemnation.

  15. Anonymous7:28 pm

    Didn't the Malays rally and protest against the British? If then can, why not now? When was there a culture change?

  16. Anonymous8:26 pm

    Try-lah, who?

    The people have tried. And they want to try summore and more.

    Its the no-bolas gomen that don't want to try, this Cemerlang, Gembilang, Tebilang" gomen. And they say its "our culture" whatever that is.

  17. Rock ! awat hang terima too many guttless Anonymous postings ? kalau Depa tarak teloq nak bagitau siapa depa ... Awat nak layan sangat .An old ugly stone.. trown in the dark .

  18. The net throwing into the sea
    The sea of people get caught
    Defending the fundamental rights
    The government of sleeping beauty
    It can’t tolerate the thumping of feet
    Echoing on the streets

    The self styled leaders issuing statements
    Invoking ISA strip off citizenship
    Why can’t they engage the people?
    Why use threats and police to harass them?

    The sleeping beauty wakes up
    And declared “I am angry”
    How could he when he said “I hear you”?
    This is another flip flopping statement
    Will the sleeping beauty ever wakes up for good?

    Many people are angry too
    Not only Malays, Chinese, Indians,
    Other people in Sabah and Sarawak
    The treatment totally unfairly distributed
    There are for all to see

    Words to prune the rights
    Of the Malaysians needs
    When will the government learn?
    Harassment and threats won’t work
    In this multi-racial multi-religious country

    Come down from your ivory tower
    Oh leader of the nation
    Walk the streets and alley ways
    Engage with the people
    You score will hit high

    But no the net throwing wide
    Many fishes will be caught in the net
    Bring them to the prison
    Lock them up
    And you go to sleep again!

    You hear what you heard?
    The bedtime stories
    Cinderella and her dwarves
    But your princess has arrived
    Yet you still walking in limbo

    Hear do the right thing
    Dialogue with the leaders
    Find out the root of the problems
    Don’t let your goons issuing nonsense
    Let the light glow for Malaysia!

  19. Anonymous10:58 pm

    berpusing-pusing cakapnya; bercabang-cabang lidahnya; bertukar-tukar warnanya;

  20. Problem is, this Garmen doesn't take accountability or own up to its crackdown on peaceful dissent. It sent in 'proxies' like the Nasty Paper and 'puppet-authorities/enforcers' to do its dirty work.

    In fact it doesn't even acknowledge everyone has a right to anything. To them we're like herds to be milk for votes during election.

  21. Anonymous11:13 pm

    Bro Rocky,
    Your drinking buddies from Sarawak told me a lot of things about NST and Malay Mail. I pray that Musa Hitam will not be interviewed and ask on the human rights issue particularly the right to peaceful assembly or gathering because he is not the right person to talk about human rights,Dr Chandra Muzaffar for me the right person.I was disappointed. I'am not against peaceful assembly but I always wondered why doing when come election times. Why not do it in 2005 and 2006?Hope we can meet when I fly to KL soon. Anyway I'am not Anon From Miri.We,Bro Rocky, are in the same boat brother,so to speak.
    Bob From Kuching

  22. lest we forget, musa is from the establishment (read UMNO). how different is (or can) his stand be? and he occupies a plump position now. surely he knows which side of his bread is buttered.

  23. Interesting comments..

    Jediraj...u impressed me with facts. Yeah, The GOM was on his was to China when Memali broke out. Among his last words of wisdom to the Acting Prime Minister was "Do what u have to...I am sure u know what to do".

    Was among the first group of reporters who arrived minutes after the last body of the skirmish was loaded onto a police truck. Kampung Charuk Putih in Memali was neva the same again.

    Anakbukit, Alor Setar, Kedah

  24. Anonymous2:48 am

    Musa Hitam is no different to Lim Kit Siang. Both are apologists for Bodowi administration.

    Both never were critical of Bodowi, khairy, kamaludin and Kalimullah. The whole nation knew about their scandals except Lim Kit Siang and Musa Hitam. Musa Hitam and Lim Kit Siang please carries on with your bull-shit.

    Lim Kit

  25. Anonymous8:52 am

    Now talk differentlah. Appointed Chairman of Sime Darby with big salary. Cannot offend Badawi if not no BIG job with BIG salary.. Trylahhhhhh

  26. Anonymous10:50 am

    If Suhakam had done their part in the past, should HR be in no way as today?
    Was the Interview trying to remind him of these? Or, trying to give him a chance to confess?
    Neither one Musa had done it correct!
    Only proved he should has never been in Suhakam?
    Or Suhakam a place for politician and not HR!

    Another typical example of what should be has not been should be!!

    Is this what Aniza trying to prove?

    Malaysia Boleh!!

  27. Anonymous1:48 pm

    good thoughts is good thoughts even if uttered by fools. foolishness is foolishness even if uttered by wise men. i thot his idea of how to enable peaceful assembly is worth a try what - it can work. it's better than always wanting the right to assembly, but not working out the framework of how to do it properly etc. in a formal way. it is true that the right to assemble carries responsibilities. both the right and the responsibilities should be documented, so that the one side cannot claim they have no right at all (or as good as no right), and the other cannot claim from a single violent incident (which did not abide by rules) that all assemblies can result in riot. reasonable what? also agree that the excuse 'bukan budaya kita' is ridiculous. i thot org melayu went out to protest in the street in an unprecedented move, which was why malayan union got cancelled. otherwise, no malaysia and melayu already hilang di dunia... :D anyway, hope that the activists keep up a good humour and good spirit! it's good PR to fence-sitters and silent majority.

  28. Aiyaaa Guys , Give the Guy a break lah. Duty, Honor, Loyalty, Country combined with Guts and Glory Dont put food on the Table.Now .. Chairman of Sime Darby !!! You talking big bucks here with the plus plus.And any journo worth his or her salt should'nt have and would'nt have asked him to comment , unless was asked to , which i think is the case .

  29. Btui Jediraj..aku sokong hang 100 least hang nak baling kat aku pasai komen "paria" atau "keling" tu pun hang tau mana nak depa ni betui la...menyorok belakang anonymity...come out show who you are, be counted and show that you have a face as a concerned or pissed citizen of Malaysia, whether the mamak stall owner, housewife or uppity intellectual (is that discriminatory), or yuppie professional...the state of the nation affects us all...we owe it to our kids...but depend on Rocky lah...