Monday, December 10, 2007

No one above the law

9 persons, including 5 lawyers, nabbed at Human Rights walk; 8 from Bersih/Yellow March arrested
Newspapers report on their front page today of the PM's warning that no one, lawyers included, was above the law and all involved in illegal activities would face the consequences.

[Who are Edmund Bon, N. Surendren and Lateefa Koya? Read Eli Wong's Lawyer "hero".]

Will they be dealt with as his own son-in-law was dealt with when he committed illegal activities? Remember the photograph below?

The PM said he would be fair.

I ask that he be truthful.

That's my wish for today's World Human Rights Day. This year's theme is Dignity and Justice for all of us.


  1. Perhaps the S-I-L had a police permit which will suddenly make an apperance in the next few days.

    Hence, illegal becomes legal even though months after the event !!!

  2. Anonymous7:44 am

    In Malaysia there's one law for the masses, and another law for paklah and his group of wankers.

    If I was the FRU guy looking after Condi Rice, I would have "accidentally" water cannoned the biggest wanker of all.

  3. Anonymous8:36 am

    Really, PM to be fair, so charge KJ for illegal rally ......... not in our life time mate. The main issue with Bersih, Hindraf and even yesterday, was the right of the citizens to assemble and express their opinions, dissatisfactions etc. I remember everyone harping about lets be heard and see what happens. That is the reason for the silent majority. No want wish to be greeted by water cannon, tear gas and some even charged in court for attempted murder. Subject to wild allegations in case of Hindraf and daily spin in the papers. Wake up fellow citizens and commit to not differentiating each other as Malay, Chinese, Indian or others. The issue is our chosen leaders not honest, sincere despite millions of utterance to the contrary. All that comes out is bull shit.

  4. Anonymous9:11 am

    maybe abt time we distribute this monkey's face and his previous antics in front of the US Embassy far and wide. Print out leaflets and show ther akyat whether our Sleepy HEad ha d been fair and show us that NO ONE is above the law, not even a Monkey.

  5. Anonymous9:23 am

    just seeing that picture you put there mr rocky, i wanna puke straight away.

    i tot, he just pura-pura got his right hand banded. you know..maybe the actress taught him a thing or two. lol

    so, going by the few incidents in recent weeks, i would not be able to only walk with..lets say 100 mates..

    you know, our alumni quite active these days. morning walk. after noon walk. and many of us like to wear white shirt. then got to have permit gak ke? lol

    even we got night walk, to play futsal.


    ps- i tot that walk by the Bar Council, was a peaceful intended one. and i think, no one should be stripped off his/her basic right TO WALK.

  6. Anonymous9:24 am

    haiyoh, human rights day?
    did you see the banner edmond was trying to stop them from takin down at the bar council?

    says, if KJ can protest why not...
    i couldnt see the full words, but its something like that.

    what to do bang? i pun tak larat already. what can we do now? can someone share?

  7. Anonymous10:06 am

    No matter how much we talk about our soverign rights and non interference of other nations.
    In today's globalised world every nations actions are being observed
    by all and reactions still follow.
    Whether we are practising one brand or two brands of human rights is for all to easily see.
    Nothing can be hidden anymore in this new global village.

    Transformers 2

  8. Anonymous10:08 am

    We can't speak, we can't do anything, it's so dictatorship. About KJ? he is immune X 1000 times! JUST SIT AND WATCH...

  9. Anonymous10:09 am

    you dont see this in MSM and toay the editor in chief throw in a curveball trying to justify the arrests.
    gee, one law for certain folks and another more draconian for the rest. hypocrisy in the highest order. maybe , that is his way of freer society and more democratic space. restricted to certain folks only?

  10. Anonymous10:29 am

    This is what disgust the people and force them to take to the streets to protest. The hypocrisy and double standards that the Govt. practises.

    Why Bersih? In the first place, dear PM, had you acted decisively to investigate the matter of the Lingam tape and also acted with honour and integrity in the appointment of the CJ, you would have demonstrated the will to put things right and gained the people's trust. Instead, you made it worse by the surreptitious attempt to renew the tenure of a tainted CJ and other dubious judicial appointments forcing the Bar to take drastic measure to put a stop to it.

    Next, why Bersih? Again, you fail to demonstrate that your administration is not interfering in the EC. Your hatchet man minister indicated as such. Why did you not distance yourself when this was made public? Again, the people were forced to take drastic measures to put things right.

    As for Hindraf. If you and your stooges MIC had not neglected the Indians for so long, there is no reason for them to take to the streets. Who would be so stupid as to get their heads cracked and chemicals sprayed into their eyes if they are happy with their rights.

    PM, look into the mirror and ask yourself with your hand on your heart whether you have been fair and honest as you claim.

  11. Anonymous10:33 am

    Anyone can go above the Law!!
    If BAR cannot stand firm on the Law!!

    At second look, something wrong with Ambiga!!

    Why only DBKL and not the Police to be charged?
    Why talking only Trespassers and not other law breakers to the Bar?
    Why not talking Human Rights for Peaceful walk from Sogo to the Bar?
    Bar did not walk on Human Rights Festival!
    Some brave members of Bar & People had walked the Festival!!
    Don't you dare even to Voice the Bullies to the walk????
    Are you shy?
    Or have Human Rights been out of your sight?
    Or the 5 are not members of yours?
    who had uphold Justice without fear or Favour?

    Lawyers, tell Ambiga what to do
    A Bar for Lawyers and Justice to whom it concerns!!
    Fight them in court
    or a Institution of 13,000 members go burst!!
    Or, to tell Malaysia or the world only Edmund and the 5 plus Hindraf Lawyers at work for Human Rights!!
    Or, BAR is just a Victim of Banner Rights??

  12. Anonymous10:39 am

    When the S-I-L took to the street, the PM was in his usual sleepy mode but when it comes to others, the PM is fully awake. That's the big difference!

  13. Well, everyone wants to be remembered for some achievement. TAR as father of independence, TDM as a father of modern malaysia and so on. As a simple man this pm just wat to be remembered as a father-in-law (to an outlaw). The best someone can do without having to use the brain. A daughter who is willing to have a monkey as a husband is good enough.


  14. Anonymous11:12 am

    We should continue to circulate the pics of the sil extensively so that the authorities do not 'forget' that someone was left out from the hit-list.

  15. Anonymous11:17 am

    For our next rally/march, can I suggest we hold up lots of that priceless enlarged photo of the monkey at the US Embassy, with a caption "With police permit?". It wil be sort of an "In-you-face" message to the useless FIL.

  16. Anonymous11:34 am

    This man just don't have any "class", behaving just like another hoodlum underneath.

    Imagine him as a "Peeee Mmmmm".

    Withdraw his citizenship. Put him under ISA.

  17. Anonymous11:57 am

    Hi Rocky ,

    You hammer the nail on its head as a picture speaks a thousand words so they say, well-done.

    And now Mr Abdullah ,the ball is in your court.

  18. Anonymous12:52 pm

    No one is above the law, not even the Prime Minister of Malaysia. Shall we count the times when he made a travesty of the law? Look at Zakaria's mansion, the oil for food scandal, the Scomi terror link, the close-one-eye MP in Malacca, Kerismuddin and the Altantuya murder trial farce. Each time the PM looks the other way when the law is being transgressed, he is telling us the law does not matter. We have had enough of the rule of man that started with Dr M. May the Bar Council lead us on a march for the return of the rule of law.

  19. Anonymous12:54 pm


    We all are Malaysian Human and subject to Malaysian Law.

    Under Malaysian law, Beruk is not categorize as human.That's why he can do whatever he want to.

    And that's why some MP suggested beruk to be exported as they have some commercial value overseas instead of keeping beruk here and creating chaos in this

  20. here's what i saw amid all the fracas in yesterday's walk...rocky on tv!


  21. Anonymous1:42 pm

    The sleepy bodowi is right after all, "No one is above the Law".

    The picture shows a monkey protesting, so when is a monkey subject to the law?.

    FIL and SIL are above the law, are human so you are smart to make your own conclusion.

  22. Anonymous2:06 pm

    hahaha..PM talking cock..

    no one above the law? What law? UMNO law or the Constitution?

    Keris waving madmen, Ex CM wanting to bring out the parang, SIL protesting in frt of US Embassy? What laws apply to these?

    Go and sleep..and let the country go on auto pilot. It will be better.

  23. IF only the PM be Truthful , then there certainly won;t be so many rallys that attracted thousands of people ..

    IF only the PM being fair , then his beloved SIL won't be spared the tear gas , the rough and unhuman handling by the FRU officers and certainly the water cannons too ...

    IF only the PM is not a HYPOCRITE and so NAIVE , our motherland MALAYSIA is a definitely a beatiful , peaceful and wonderful place for all of us to live and earn our livings earnestly .......

    But then " IF ONLY " ???????????

    May Allah bless you with the wisdom u needed so much , Mr.PM .....

  24. Further to angry taxpayer's missive
    "For our next rally/march, can I suggest we hold up lots of that priceless enlarged photo of the monkey at the US Embassy, with a caption "With police permit?". It wil be sort of an "In-you-face" message to the useless FIL."

    we could write
    "Hii Kan Wok, Soh Kan Wee"

  25. You Guys dont get it do you ? We as a Nation are FUBAR !!! I Dont say it .. i know it .

  26. rocky,

    you know...the government does not need anyone to bring it down.

    it will be brought down by its own actions and prejudices.

  27. Anonymous7:29 pm

    Just as an aside bro - maybe UMNO should concentrate on stregthening their party in preparation for the elections instead of constantly harassing other groups. And if they want to fight the bloggers, perhaps the first thing they should do is activate their UmnoTV website. Check out
    So much for Pak Lah's confidence that Umno is ready to face the elections. "We are not afraid!"

  28. Sdr Rocky's Bru,

    The PM was stating fact. No one is above the law -- not even the PM himself.

    After the two constitutional crises involving the Rulers, even they and members of royal families are not above the law.

    The Rulers are immune from prosecution only in the performance of their state duties and functions.

    With the AG himself now leading the prosecution of law and order cases, we may be witnessing greater use of the courts among parties seeking to exercise their fundamental rights and those seeking to hamper them.

    Even the police are going to the courts to get injunction against those proposing to hold assemblies as was the case with the proposed march to the Parliament tomorrow.

    This is going to be interesting. We should be watching the AG's stance closely.

    After failing to obtain conviction in a number of high profile cases like the Eric Chia CBT trial and sensational murder cases, the AG has to try something new.

    It looks as if he's fighting his own personal battle.

    Civil disobedience is a new thing for our courts and judges, more so under the newly minted CJ and Deputy CJ.

    Only time will tell which is more effective and more humane -- the outright incarceration under the ISA, which allows the police to detain a person for up to 60 days, or criminal charges that allow the courts to allow or disallow bails.

    So far, courts decisions have been mixed. In the case of the Hindraf attempted murder trial, bails have been refused while in one case involving Bersih protest, bails have been allowed.

    I stand corrected if I am wrong.

    Thank you.

  29. True nobody is above the law
    Even prime minister and his cabinet
    The eyes of the people
    There isn’t a fair view

    UMNO delegates
    Fiery speeches touching on race
    Light up the atmosphere drawing smoke
    And the ‘keris’ airing episode
    Aren’t they under the law are they?

    The double edges of a sword
    The power decides one’s faith
    Into the hands of the greedy
    Into the den of prisons

    True every one loves a peaceful day
    No hiccup with the rowdies
    Preaching all the good saints marching
    The values of a good citizen

    When lies spread
    When evil rear its ugly head
    When unfairness in distribution
    When marginalized people feel let down
    There is no way to plead for fairness
    On the streets they try

    When democracy is curtailed
    When freedom to express edges in laws
    When the rights to free assembly is denied
    Where art thou democracy thee preach?

  30. come'on kadir jasin!!

    U know & I KNOW - and the WHOLE world knows..

    There ARE Only 2 set of laws in Bolehland..

    1 set for common rakyat
    Another set ie Syariah (Muslims get double whammy)

    NONE for Powerful politicians & all their close relatives

    Where got just SIL don't need permit? did someone say satay man in Pt Klang invited 1000 ppl to his satay manor ? Did he get a permit??

    boring lah...

    Tell me something new WHEN & IF we have 1 set of common laws

    oh..btw to all our christian friends - jangan buat open house party for xmas & invite over 4 ppl - nanti mesti apply permit or face arrest man!

  31. We are not judge by our peers(juries), so when it has been proven our judiciary has been rigged and tampered at the highest level, why should we NOT believe this 'Law' does not apply to Dollah and Co?

    Dollah has great track records of shifting goalposts and changing rules of the game, so what happens when this senile-slogan-making old man blabbers in public? TDM made the mistake, WE made the mistake of trusting this Old Musang and look where it got us?

    He could have blurted, "I yam above the law!" and KariUlar would have his media proxies rearrange every word to paint a Handsome picture of him.

    But again how handsome could an aging and sleepy old man be painted?

  32. Anonymous12:12 am

    See a better picture of KJ in his Rally!!

  33. Anonymous2:58 am

    Khairy is a protected specie. You have been told by Khairy that the PM protected him so that he can do more damaged to the nation. Bodowi kept quiet so Bodowi agreed with Khairy.

    Lim Kit Siang and his DAP boys and girls also kept quiet about it, Why Lim Kit Siang dare not condemn Khariy and Badawi of their excesses?

    Well, Lim Kit Siang was given a full page interview in the NST

    May be Lim Kit Siang was also asleep like Bodowi thats why he didn't know about Khairy and Kamaludin excesses.

    Good for you Lim Kit Siang, you have protected Badai, Khairy and Kamaludin very well so you should be rewarded for your good deeds!

  34. Anonymous2:41 pm

    Guys, guys, KJ is going to be your PM in due time and he has to be given opportunities to project his profile as a leader and the protest that he led was such an opportunity, with the law on his side. Of course the Government did not count on Bersih, Hindraf and the lawyers to follow his exact example, but without the law on their side.

    One system, two result.

  35. ....very simple,we 2 must have 'protection'meaning f-i-l must be LELAKI,SUAMI DAN...

  36. Anonymous8:13 am

    why do you only pick on Khairy? Hishamuddin organised a 100K march to Bukit Jalil no hal pun. wanna pick on UMNO-led rallies, pick on all. not just the little one's la.

  37. Anonymous12:00 pm

    Hi Anon 8.13. KJ may be the little one, but he has a lot of clout. OK lah, include Hisham too, but as future PM, the little one is his rival. No?

  38. Anonymous2:09 am

    this 'beruk' is a rare species. New type of 'beruk' which can be found only in Malaysia. That's why PM just protect this 'beruk' because it so rare and must be protected as other species as well.

    We must admit it. This 'beruk' is a rare species.

  39. It should be "No one is above the Law with the exception of my Son-In-Law"