Sunday, December 02, 2007

Stop the 9/12 march, Zam tells Bar Council

Hidden Agenda. Information Minister Zainuddin Maidin says he believes that the real agenda behind the Dec 9 walk planned by lawyers is "to condemn the government" and "a front under the guise of human rights". The walk (which the Bar Council holds annually to mark World Human Rights day on Dec 10), therefore, should not be permitted by the police, Zam said here.
Zam was responding to the fact that the Bar Council met the police last Friday to discuss how best to stage the People's Freedom Walk.


  1. Zam speaks like he is PM of the country or is he the new security minister.
    He goes round warning newspapers, making false allegations Al Jazeera and now telling the police what to do.
    This guy is going mad.

  2. i have always suspected that he will use hindraf as the boogeyman. it serves the purpose. no thanks to hindraf it seems.

    to have this bugger as the information minister makes me wonder what other crap will the government throw us next year.

  3. Anonymous11:16 pm

    with or without hindraf, this zam fella will find a fall guy. he can shout on top of his voice but we know his capability or the lack of it. wonder how he obtained tokoh award in journalism. goosh, just really beat me.

  4. Anonymous11:50 pm

    Sign & Roles of Bar Council
    Bar Council is to speak of Laws, Rules and Regulations or even a fight (in court).
    Applying the permit are procedural
    and Walk are Constitutional Rights!
    If Bar back Hindraf on last Permit
    their chess is on the Board
    before Police could say NOT!
    Also a say to ISA!

    "Should Bar talk law before Dec walk?"
    "ISA vs Constitution" )

    Should Bar go without the permit
    or no legal action even no permit?
    Then Bar loss the sign & Roles
    and just anyone to call a Walk!!

    Then "How can Bar walk Human Rights?"
    Only in the Street but not the Court?

    If not, then Walk!!

    Walk before Court is Political
    Walk without DB report on V.K.
    say what?
    Can BAR lead the lawyers?
    or the People?

  5. pls can someone arrange another interview for him with al-j.he he he.......

  6. Anonymous12:24 am

    These days i feel very blue because there is so much anger in the air. If the whole point of the exercise is to force the Government's hand to a general election, as in Pakistan then those who are behind it should take a close hard look a their plan... there is a very real danger of things going the wrong way and in a way i feel helpless because i do not know what to say or do. If i were to say stop these marches people say that I am a government stooge or a racist or whatever is the flavour of the day.
    the thing is i just want my life to go on as normal, let me fight my battles in peace and stability
    things are hard for me now but at least i can still go out and try to make a decent living....

    as for the BAR council, they are not the most respectable of organisations and certainly not the standard bearer for civil society...

    don't get me wrong, there are many things that are not right with this country and countless more that can be improved but we need to find a more peaceful way of making known our unhappiness, I for one am in support of the candle-lighting campaign and the wear yellow on saturday move because they make known the unhappiness without any chaos.... lets start more of such campaigns and leave out those with political agenda out of it, leave the opposition out of it, leave the bar council out of it let us the people take the lead

  7. Rocky

    Please get check your fact, Are sure Bernama actually recorded Zam saying all these ...

    "... only a front under the guise of human rights."

    "Any form of street rallies for whatever reasons should not be allowed now as they will only tarnish the nation's image in the eyes of the international community."

    "I believe the Bar Council's intention to hold the People's Freedom Walk is to condemn the government under the guise of human rights."

    "Solutions cannot be found to human rights issues merely by staging street protests. Moreover, such protests will only worsen the current situation in the country,"

    Those are full sentences. And, mind you it is in English.

    Are you sure it is Zam?

  8. Anonymous1:26 am

    Yay! The boogey man is back!!!

    When BN Ministers cock-up big time, like Chan Kong Choy and Ala ka Zam, they are asked to go on mysterious "medical leave" or to take a break in some foreign land at taxpayers expense for a while until things cools down. Then they come back to give us more crap.

  9. This is really too much, the baseless assumptions and allegations!

    Time to Walk The Talk,
    time to stop the blame,
    time to stop the rot,
    time to rebuild the nation.

    For our future and our children's future
    for We are all ONE.
    When One is harmed, all are harmed.
    When One is helped, all are healed.

    Time to show we care
    Time to literally Walk the Talk
    Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia!
    Time to stand up and be counted.

    "How?," you may ask.
    "I just small fry (ikan bilis) lah", in frustration you add.
    Bravely you declare...
    "Never mind the water cannons,
    it's monsoon season anyway!"

    But on second thoughts, you cry…
    “Tear gas I scared; I get beaten up how?"
    "I still have parents depending on me!”
    “Gotta think of my children!”;
    “Gotta put food on the table!”

    OK, OK, i hear you.
    Here's something you CAN DO...

    Wear a yellow T-shirt every Saturday
    Your entire family members too
    Show your solidarity;
    “Saya Anak Malaysia”; “Malaysia Truly Asia”
    Demonstrated and expressed by you and me
    The simple folks on the street.

    In the park, shopping mall or wet market
    When you see another in yellow
    Don’t be shy; smile, nod your head,
    Bersalam, our Malaysian custom
    – by placing your palms to your chest
    or just one palm, Salam means peace.

    Wear a yellow T-shirt every Saturday
    Till our nation is back on its feet.

    Pat Lu
    Pahlawan Volunteer

    P.S. Feel free to circulate, publish on your blog or post at other forums you participate in.

    BTW, read and follow comments on Demolish Statues, Destroy Crosses in Mission Schools said UMNO MP at Malaysians Say The Darndest Things!

  10. Anonymous1:54 am

    I gotta tell yous I really admire this guy's nerve. After all the al-Jazeera's animated talk, for some fuzzy logic within him, he treats that as finding FAME(V gonna live forever!).

    Now he couldn't stop giving statement after statement. Ministers, from where he just came back from holiday,would have been covered in shame and try to dodge reporters but apparently not our cranky ministers!

    Gosh, I wish I could be like him. Then, perhaps, I could become a fuzzy logic minister too!

    Yes, minister, you are now famous! We know!!!!! Can I PLEA.....SSSSSSSE have your autograph? Send it to Rock so he can redirect it to me!

  11. Anonymous2:28 am

    Zam, please stop of making a fool of yourself. You cannot even pronounce the word "election" properly. I am not not sure whether after Al Jezera had exposed him of saying "ERECTION" instead of Election, I do not think he can be erected.

    Bodowi should be proud that he had tow idiotic ministers, Zam and Nazri. Of ocurse, Bodowi is another itdiot, who doesn't what the hellis going on in the country. It is for htis reason that poeple of Khairy and Kalimullah could do as they please at the expense of the nation.

    Lets get these bas... out as soon as possible befor this country more "koyak'. It is the duty of every Malaysian to get rid of Bodowi - once Bodowi is out of office Khairy and Kalimullah have to disappear from this country.

  12. A humble opinion of an overseas dwelling Malaysian:

    -Who votes for idiots like Zainuddin Maidin in the first place? The opposition in Malaysia also need to get their shit together and give their smart, young professionals a portfolio that shadows each Goverment Ministry so that there will at least be more accountablility and simple quality control, if nothing else. Mr Badawi, as CEO of Malaysia, should manage this guy out before Malaysia's shareholder value is eroded any further (if that's possible).

    -Who put him in a position of power? Most of the driving seats for the Malaysian goverment at the mercy of a political party that spends its time bitching, whining, pacifying and ego stroking.

    My hope is that people as intelligent as Jeff Ooi, Raja Petra , TV Smith (yes, even if he does have too many pics of GT girls on his site, LOL!) and Marina M. get elected to office one day. To be in government is above all, an honour and a privilege because you're SERVING THE PUBLIC.

  13. Anonymous8:25 am

    The current Info Minister reminds one of a previous Info Minister who took it on himself to be the custodian of public morals and decided to censor the internet.

    Even some within the inner circles of the current PM wanted Zam out a year ago for his outdated thinking and illogical logic, but the man at the top somehow believes in him and insisted he stay on.

    Well, we can see what a liability he has become.His interview with Al-Jazeera merely reinforces his incompetence.

  14. He goes around warning newspapers?

    oh yeah.. he did..
    What freedom of press are we talking about?

  15. Anonymous9:53 am

    *Get retire and stop making stupid comments that project himself as a fool.

  16. Oh well, our lists of freedoms is getting shorter each day. Each time we are told that that national security is the major issue. if bernama is quoting the minister accurately, he has finally shown "true party loyalty" by showing us that all along, it was potential embarrassment that could have been caused to our govt as the reason not to allow demonstrations. Spoken like a true UMNOputra.

    And obviously, some bernama editor has been kind enough to prevent this minister from embarassing himself further after his "brilliant" showing on Al-Jazeera. Nothwithstanding that, someone should help this Zam minister from further embarrassing himself.

  17. Bar Council wants to walk
    Zam cries in his cradle
    Rocking it along
    His mother whacks his backside
    Then he keeps silence
    Sucking his thumb-drive
    Eyes red with his crying

    The sleeping beauty in Monsoon Cup
    Off he shows his face clapping his hands
    The affairs of the country
    He says he hears it in his big ears
    And the morons will cry…………..
    “Correct, Correct, Correct”

    Zam gets his act
    Showing how good he has become
    Crying in his cradle he gets his way
    His mother shakes her head and let him play

    The police still ponder
    Give the lawyers a say?
    Or water cannon cocktails on the streets?
    Zam eyes glow with playful antics
    And the morons will sing
    “Correct, Correct, Correct”

    The big ears listen
    Yawning in his catnap
    The mouse feels secure
    Time to run for a cause

    The march on 9 December
    About World Humans Right
    The police still sit on it
    Staring into the blue sky
    Will there be water cannon cocktails?
    Will there be spicy teargas?

    And Zam telling the police
    There is no way you guys would permit
    The march on 9 December
    He has become the leader of the coalition
    The morons drumming on the table
    “Correct, Correct, Correct”

  18. ahh..still more on Zam zam ala ka zam. Still wanting to continue the tradition heh, let's have another interview wtih Al-Jazheera, with all that's happening, we need the entertainment desperately.

  19. Anonymous11:09 am

    I would like to know how th Bar Council responds....but it is best not to reply to a nincomp**p. Bar Council should just go ahead. I will be there

  20. Anonymous11:12 am

    i weep for this country la....i really do....

  21. Zam has reached a drunken stage of too much political power (ministerial) that he can longer tell the difference between his toe and his thumb.

    Like in the accounting system, he can be written off as bad debts. The Bar Council is not interested in a protest neither a rally. It merely wish to heighten public awareness towards their rights and civil responsibility in modern society in the name of what I called, the "bastardization of Malaysian democracy" by the minority few in power.


  22. if Zam's quotes are true, I think Bar Council has enough material to take him to court :-)

  23. The Bar Council wants to Walk ,
    GO On says King Blogger Bro ROCK !
    Suddenly Enters Mamak who talks Cock !
    This is my cradle he says,Careful ,dont Rock !
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  24. zam is getting paranoid. next thing you know, a family with 5 children and 10 grandchildren going on a walk at the botanical garden will also be condemned by him as protest against the gomen.

  25. Anonymous3:55 pm

    Al Gore has "An Inconvenient Truth"

    Zam has "An Inconvenient Joke"
    We have erection every 5 years, never fail!!

    We should nominate Zam for Oscar.
    His performance is outstanding.

  26. Anonymous6:10 pm

    Whats wrong with Malaysians now a days . Buat perabih duit aku aje bayar income tax so that the police will jaga these idiots during the idiotic walk ...
    Who the hell say human rights is all about walking in the hot sun tak paham la aku ...

    Tunngu la GE , pi la pangkah apa yang patut .... cih ....

    I think all idiotics lawyers in malaysia also should pi belayar la ...

  27. "The minister also chastised an English daily for publishing reports promoting the Bar Council's plan to organise the "People's Freedom Walk"."

    In other words:
    "I'm the information minister and I HEREBY EXPRESSLY DO NOT ALLOW the English daily FREEDOM OF PRESS"

    "He said the daily was not bothered about racial unity in the country."

    This People's Freedom Walk will be the PARAGON OF NATIONAL UNITY! (Hmm..this phrase should go on the banner..)

    You want to see all races walking hand in hand for a cause they truly share, this is the day!

    *stupid @$$! carut! carut! carut!*

  28. stop showing the monsoon cup as its a freakin sport only for the freakin' elites. besides, its the most boring sport ever organised by any freakin' sports body.- Kerp tells starsport.

  29. Anonymous12:19 am

    Kalau aku Polis, ku biaq smua jalan asalkan peaceful. Soon jadi macam carnaval parade, people just come to watch then go back home n continue with their lives.

  30. only have erection every five years? hmmm kena jumpa bomoh urut batin tu...

  31. Anonymous12:53 pm

    Bar to Walk What?
    "Freedom of Expression through Art, Music, Culture, Conscience"??

    Walk for Human Rights
    Slogan be neat & Precise!

    Human Rights, a Basic Civil Rights
    for association, communication, educations, employments, goods,
    services and so on....
    under the UN Constitution,
    as well as Malaysia's
    with possible deviations to be defined!

    The poster had skipped assembly & Association
    and Constitution - the LAW!
    Put Human Rights under Civil study
    in school to raise!

  32. Anonymous3:44 pm

    Kesian la ... average Malaysians think human rights is all about walking n parade .... sedih sedih ...or bodoh bodoh ...

  33. The WALK has been called OFF Rock. instead ,,, the LAW gUYS AND gALS gonna DANCE.