Sunday, December 02, 2007

Anwar: India right to fight for Indians

Former deputy prime minister of Malaysia, Anwar Ibrahim, has told NDTV that India is right in taking up the issue of ethnic Tamils in the country.
Ibrahim, who is in Mumbai, said that ''the present government has taken a wrong stand on the ethnic conflict in Malaysia.''
He said that ethnic Indians cannot be marginalized and they are part of Malaysia.
Supporting India's stand, he observed that the Indian government has taken a right stand by taking the issue forward.
Read the news article here.

The last couple of months have been good for DSAI, especially in terms of rebuilding his image. However, if DSAI meant what he said in this interview, that India is right in taking up the issue of ethnic Tamils in Malaysia, then I am very disappointed with him. It's akin to saying that China has the right to speak for the Chinese in this country. Or that Malaysia has the right to speak up for Malays here in Singapore.


  1. Anonymous10:02 am

    Rocky I think we should speak up for disenfranchised people everywhere dont you think?

  2. Then should Malaysia, Muslim nations and Muslims in general just shut up about Palestine and Israel since they are not domiciled in Palestine or Israel?

    What are your views then about the concept of worldwide Ummah?

    Note that for one's principles to be respected, it needs to be applied universally rather than selectively.

  3. Politicians come from the same mother.

  4. India should let Malaysia handles
    The country’s citizen problems
    Good ways or bad decisions
    The people should decide in the boxes

    The BN government should practice
    The principles of democracy
    Don’t use laws outdated now
    To curtail the street demonstrations

    Give them a designated area
    Where these people can express
    Without fear of any reprisals
    By the government or any leader

    The Police should give permits
    On conditions that the organizers should control members
    Nothing seditious nothing to downgrade any race or religion
    A march of civil consciousness
    Then all must disappear to where they came from
    Objectives have been done
    All can wish each other a good job done

    The Police can station its officers
    This is to prevent any untoward incidents
    They shouldn’t act against the peaceful civil marchers
    This isn’t the way the civil consciousness works

    At least now the sleeping beauty heard
    He has to do something before it turns ugly
    This isn’t the way one wanted to believe
    Listen to words nothing comes out of it

    Now Anwar got it wrong
    We are Malaysians not Indian nationals
    This is the country’s problem
    Let us handle it with our own expertise
    We don’t need outsiders to mess it up
    It will be no end if one allows it to happen

    The sleeping beauty had heard it
    Now we watch what he will do next
    At least now he has his chance
    To say he is there for all of us

  5. Anonymous11:05 am

    At least Anwar has teh right mind to say this seeing the Indians have no one to speak up in their defence, the Malsysian government dont give a crap about Indians. There are those who in my thoughts are too dumb to even realise who what teh Indians have done for Malaysia, and these dumb idoit ( example Rustam)want to revoke our citizenship, do not understand that it was teh hard work of Indian laborers who tapped rubber and Chinese who worked in tin mines, was what started the Malaysian economy. But the ungrateful Malsys now want to shed blood of these Indians, spray tear gas on a peaceful protest, and the procession was not to teh Malaysian government but to speak to teh British. Idiots, ungrateful idiots, this government is , you have forgoten who worked to jumstart Malayas economy, my father fought with teh British, against teh japanese and later teh Communist, but when he retired with aheavy heart and informed his children not to join this Mlay biased government. So India has teh fight to speak up on the behalf of these Indian who have sacrificed all for this country , since no one else cares.

    Anyway I am no longer in Malaysia, I love my country, but I hate the extremely racially biased government who treat Indians as though we were lower class people.

  6. Anonymous11:18 am

    Rocky the difference between you and Anwar is,he is a politician and you are a journalist!
    These buggers have no scruples.Nalla wants to join Barisan,Anwar supporting Hindraf etc.
    Samy(Humpty Dumpty) Vellu is really worried as India looks to cancel his road contracts there.
    But you know who is smart?
    Kayveas.He has not uttered a single word yet.

  7. i hope this is not true because he should know better. let's give him the benefit of the doubt.

    but if it is true then i am very sorry for this man and definitely he won't get my vote of confidence any more. i'm a malaysian and i don't want anyone to interfere my privacy.

  8. Anonymous11:32 am

    Correct! Correct! Correct! Anwar is right. I really think Malaysia should speak up against those Malays who is underprivileged and treated like slave in Singapore. That should be the way not like those Umno morons like kerimuddin who only knows waving his keris and talking about his 'ketuanan melayu' in Umno meeting. Indians in Malaysia has been long suffering due to such racist politics run by those Umno racist Malays and helped by those running dogs (the MIC and Samy) ..Sorry Rocky.. Enough of your racist posting and do some soul searching! That is true and you knew it. Now when Indians came out in show their disgust against those morons you were afraid is it? About your own ketuanan Melayu! When will this stop from our politics? Do you want all the underprivileged chinese and also malays to come out in numbers to believe our politics has been rotten by these Umno racist and fascist?

  9. Anonymous11:35 am

    Like many of my friends, we felt for anwar when he was sacked , even though before that we felt he was a shallow and self serving person.
    However, since you can only fool all of the people some of the time, his ruse was up within months when it was clear that all Keadilan was interested in was freeing anwar.
    Since his release, he has not put a foot right in my books,
    when he hijacked Bersih, with shouts of REFORMASI (I arrived just in time to hear his voic eon the megaphone) I was not only disappointed with Anwar but also PAS for letting him hijack it.
    This episode of agreeing with India pretty much seals his fate and that of PKR in the next general election in the hearts of many neutral people....
    If PAS wants to do well in the next GE they are better off dissociating themselves from this fool of a loose cannon.
    I secretly wish that he would tie p with DAP so that they would both go down in flames since Kit Siang is looking like he agrees with the letter/memo addressed to foreign leaders

  10. Anonymous11:50 am

    Hello, one response in the news you referred to was:

    "Is it ok for Malaysian governments to take political stand on issues related to Iraq, Iran, Palestine etc...when it suits their agenda which is Islamic centric? We had seen Malaysian PM made a open remark against Jewish people in general. What exactly Jewish people did to Malaysian people? If Malaysian government or Chineese government has barbaric practices as law then it will be countered in the International arena. You cant just discriminate a race just because it is convenient for you to frame law!"

    Try asking our leaders who claim to 'care' for all in this country. You will be amazed with the number of 'chickens' that will come out of their roost. Also ask about how and why the government took a certain stand on the Bosnia/Herzogivina issue.

    No one can dare answer this poser impartially/objectively.

    Talk about the US unfairly taking sides, but its no better here. And the guys expect Msians of all races to be unified with the government!

    Call that making use of own citizens for personal/political agenda?

    Contrary to what others say that you are also racial biased, I do not think so. But even in your own blogs you closed both eyes to many issues affecting the Malaysians of Indian origin. Such things never appeared in your blogs.

    You seem to write about corruption, misappropriation of rakyat's resources, but never blinked an eye when the folks in MIC played out one generation of Indians - siphoning off the meager assistance dished out by the government for the Indians - through the MIC.

    So much for your care for people!

    Your issues so far seem to be for the causes that you are against - not for the rakyat at large!

  11. Anonymous11:52 am

    Anwar is threading on a dangerous zone here with his latest comments. What has India got to do with our own internal affairs...

    Now he is losing my confidence. Talking is cheap.

  12. Anonymous11:53 am


    Say no to RACIST!


  13. Anonymous12:09 pm

    India Right to Fight for Indians?
    Everyone can fight for other Rights
    if touching Human Rights!
    Not because of any tribe
    or it will be a Kampung Fight!

    Human Rights is at UN sight
    so not a domestic might
    but if any UN member being right!
    Any UM member can rise
    to say it is not alright!
    Not only India but other members applied!

    Rights to vote!
    Rights to speech and assembly
    to talk about ministries
    especially when AG found fishy
    for PM to press the ministries!
    People suffer not only those fishy
    but did PM whip the ministries?
    Nothing but worsen and so the Rallies!

    When citizens have to ask UN or Queen
    PM and those ministries should shame
    not claim
    but get round table for appeal
    to work until the grievance disappear!
    BUT, are they creditable to work?

  14. wow saudara rocky. Ada bloggers yang kata u pun ada agenda ketuanan Melayu. Betul ke?

    Ini yang susah bila nak beri pendapat kepada mereka yang sememangnya bersifat perkauman. Yang melihat semuanya daripada perspektif kaum sendiri.

    Well I would like to say this is democracy Malaysian style. it giggles my foot.

  15. Anonymous12:19 pm

    The root cause is our PM. HINDRAF did organize another less publicized handing our memo somewhere in August to the PM.

    Temple is a small problem and majorities of Hindus do not want 17000 temples. If only the governemnt took the effort to have dialog more Hindu will happily relocate this small temples but unofortunately the governemnt only deals with UMNO/MIC and local council who turn everything to gain political mileage.

    About 30 years ago we build the statue of Plato in our school as part of recreation and educational purpose but now it is no longer allowed to be there.

    Things like this make me wonder what am I as a Malaysia in this country.

  16. Anonymous12:41 pm

    It seems to be quite a fashion to keep saying 'I'm not a racist' while making obliquely racist statements denouncing other races from highlighting the plight of the disenfranchised, just because they are of the same race that is coincidentally not their own. Oh and throw in also diverter about Malay plight in Singapore to give a impression that they are being oppressed too elsewhere (pray tell me what oppression they are suffering).

    Reminds me of the scene from Mars Attacks where the Martians keep repeating 'Do not run! We are your friends!' while zapping humans.

    And I would suppose Rocky will also think ASEAN and the rest of the world should also shut up about Myanmar too, right?

  17. Anonymous12:59 pm

    Anwar merely said that India has the right to take up the Malaysian Indian's issue.He didn't suggest a support for interference from India.

    There are many ways India can take up the issue without interfering, albeit it is a Malaysian local issue. Like how Malaysia played an active role in the abolishment of apartheid in South Africa.If that action by Malaysia can be justified, why can't India's?

    Every nation and every self respsecting human will have concern for other humans in other countries. Due to our 'non interference' principle, nations like burma can walk away scot free despite all the human rights infringement.

    And yes, Malaysia should take up the Malay's cause here in Singapore, if they can sufficiently prove it. I'm sure if in the future the Malays revolted(doubt it), the Malaysian government will go all out to help them yea? Even to the point of absorbing them as citizens.

    Oh wait, that won't happen for as long as the coward badawi is our PM.

    And by the way, India had earlier wanted to let the issue be settled by Malaysia, but Nazri simply had to open his mouth.

  18. Anonymous2:16 pm

    Here you go - Aliran's views of how mainstream media reports issues concerning Malaysians. If thats the case, how do you expect this country to take an objective stand on world matters?

    Saturday, 01 December 2007

    Very much informed and persuaded by the government’s illiberal stand on citizens’ right to public assembly such as the recent Hindraf and Bersih rallies, the major newspapers, in particular The Star, the New Straits Times and theSun, predictably went to town yesterday with the speech given by the Raja Muda of Perak, Raja Nazrin Shah, at the opening of the 160th Perak Malay Customs and Islamic Religious Council conference.

    Raja Nazrin reportedly called on Malaysians, among other things, to “respect the law and enforcement agencies and be civilised and courteous in their approaches and actions” as well as to reject the “foreign culture of violence”.

    Predictably, the NST graced its front-page with a banner headline, “Show respect for the law”; theSun came up with a front-page headline, “Respect law, order: Nazrin”; and The Star placed a relatively smaller headline, “Nazrin: Obey the law” next to its masthead to remind readers that this important story could be found in the inside pages.

    Contrast this story to Raja Nazrin’s speech on 28 November, which was carried by the mainstream dailies the following day. This speech, which was delivered at the National Economic Outlook Conference 2008/2009 in Kuala Lumpur, focussed on the important issue of development and nationhood in Malaysia, and it was instead relegated to their inside pages.

    Now back to yesterday’s report of Raja Nazrin’s speech. One would think that his speech would have generated interest, concern and discussions. After all, civilised societies cater to discourses of national import.

    So it will be interesting to see whether these papers will carry the responses of concerned Malaysians. For one thing, there are certain quarters in our society who rightly believe that the Federal Constitution does provide for the citizens’ right to peaceful assembly.

    Also, they would argue that while laws must be respected, unjust and undemocratic laws should also be questioned conscientiously. As regards the ‘culture of violence’, yes, ordinary citizens should avoid that; but the enforcement agencies should also refrain from resorting to undue force especially when dealing with a crowd that is peaceful in nature.

    Hot line, cold story

    Apart from Raja Nazrin’s speech, The Star yesterday front-paged a story, headlined “Open lines”, about MIC’s plan to set up a hotline “to handle all problems faced by the Indian community”.

    The daily also duly reported MIC president Samy Vellu’s response to the question whether this move was a direct response to the Hindraf protest: “MIC always submitted a report to the Prime Minister every six months.”

    The paper could have asked a subsequent question such as: is Samy trying to push the buck to the Prime Minister by implying that no action has been taken regarding problems of the Indian community even though periodic reports had been submitted to Abdullah?

    Surely the Hindraf group in particular and the Indian community as a whole would not have wasted their precious time on staging a public rally in downtown Kuala Lumpur if their legitimate grievances had indeed been taken care of?

    Whatever the case may be, this report is an indirect admission that the Hindraf rally had some effect on the government and that something is indeed amiss in the Indian community.

    What choice?

    Then there was the report in The Star, headlined “IGP: We gave them choices”, which told the reader of IGP Musa Hassan’s rather belated revelation that: “Organisers of the recent illegal gatherings were offered stadiums and other alternative venues to hold peaceful demonstrations but they rejected them.”

    Were the Hindraf organisers given these options? We wouldn’t know, would we - because the paper didn’t bother to ask the organisers for verification and clarification.

    Below this report is one titled “Gerakan: Differing opinions allowed” about Gerakan president Dr Koh Tsu Koon’s response to Penang (Gerakan) state executive councillor Dr Toh Kin Woon’s principled stand on the Hindraf issue and his disagreement with the BN leadership’s position on the rally.

    Koh dismissed Toh’s comment as “merely expressing his personal views”. Wouldn’t the People’s Paper be interested to know from Toh himself what he felt about Koh’s swift assertion? After all, the former actually wrote a strongly worded letter about this issue which was published in Malaysiakini?

    The blame game

    In another page of the same newspaper, another report headlined, “Hisham: Don’t blame the Indians”, recorded what Umno Youth leader Hishamuddin Hussein had said about the Hindraf incident.

    He reportedly urged the people “not to blame the Indian community for the illegal gathering organised by the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) last Sunday”. The report however was not specific about who had actually put the “blame” on "the Indian community", which then begs the question whether Hishamuddin was indirectly or otherwise trying to pit the Hindraf organisers against the “Indian community”.

    Would the Hindraf folk be given their right of reply by the said daily?

    The Queen... and breaking ranks

    As if all this isn’t enough, in the same report, readers were informed by none other than (mis)Information Minister Zainuddin Maidin that “several groups of students” he met in Cairo were angry “over the Hindraf leaders’ move to ask Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II to intervene in Malaysia’s internal affars”. This is one way to create an impression that "the majority" are very much against the Hindraf rally.

    In the last page of the Hindraf-related issue, the daily carried a report, headlined “Hindraf applies to have rally ban order set aside”. Essentially, this report reported the Hindraf leaders as asking the High Court to rescind the 22 November order, which barred them from holding the 25 November rally.

    On the same day, the NST carried in the inside pages headlines such as “Hishammuddin: No need to get emotional over Hindraf”; “PM open to MIC proposals”; “Toh didn’t break ranks with BN, says Koh”; and “Hindraf rally: Six more charged”.

    And is if not to be outdone by its competitors, the NST also carried a column (“Off to London to see the queen”) by its writer Rehman Rashid in his rambling about the Hindraf move to send a petition to Queen Elizabeth II. In a sense, the writer was trying to trivialise the Hindraf’s objective, but given the long and winding way it’s written one is made to wonder whether he himself would be granted Her Majesty's audience at all.

    Derailing grievances

    Last, but not least, another commentary titled “When personal agendas can derail everything” by seasoned NST columnist Hardev Kaur put the blame on “some Malaysians”, presumably the Hindraf people, for having destroyed the “image, reputation and credibility of the nation” by resorting to “unlawful means to promote their own individual agendas when there are official, peaceful and civilised channels available”.

    Strangely, she didn’t find it disgraceful and unjust that the legitimate grievances of the country’s minorities have not been properly addressed. And she didn’t think that this gross negligence would mar the international image of our country. Did she really think that the country’s leadership had been accountable to ordinary citizens, particularly the marginalised and the poor? Is it so unpatriotic to speak truth to power?

  19. Just as we comment on injustices on people with connect with abroad we have to expect those who connect with us or even some of us to comment on us. We remain silent everytime Hamas or any other Palestinian group shoots rockets at Israelis for instance. But without thinking we criticise the Jews and Israelis everytime they respond to such attacks.

    So India sees what it considers injustices on Malaysian Indians, it has every right to criticise and censure it.

    But Anwar trying get some mileage out of this? now that is something else. He will sound authentic if only he can first purge himself of all his past sins while riding high in UMNO. Then he too would have told the Indians to lay off.

  20. Anonymous2:41 pm

    Sdr Rocky,

    To be fair to Anwar, we should look at the full transcript of the interview.

    For all we know NDTV is like what NSTP, or Utusan, or STAR in Malaysia.
    There is no such thing as a 100% independent one. Not even CNN, BBC etc. You should know better as you were in NSTP once.

    The only RIGHT stand is the correct, correct, correct one!


  21. Anonymous2:41 pm

    This old man is badly desparate to win in the next coming election that can be the last nail on his coffin.BN can check mate anytime now on these kind of blunders.
    You are not focused on your struggle.Focus on the management more rather than the conventional lip services.Pembangkang need a paradigm shift.

  22. ....lets see what happens next....

  23. err...rocky...then i guess we shouldnt speak up for the Burmese in myanmar? as it is none of our business?

    or if Cape Malays were attacked for some reason, we should just shut up and keep quiet?

    err...dont agree with you on this one!

  24. didnt some minister or someone recently made a statement that Malays are not doing so well in singapore? i dont remember though...if we did, time to butt out and shut up?

  25. Anonymous3:39 pm

    if india don't issued their concerns, then who? china izzit or will the arabs?


    1.why do we keep sending our troops to meddle with others internal problems under the pretense of un peacekeeping forces.

    2. why codemned and organising demos against the isreal, myanmar junta and the west at every available opportunities.

    if we asked india to back-off then we should also mind our farking business on issues outside malaysia.

  26. Apa la..mangkuk..sudu..pinggan...sama gak gunanya, tujuannya. Apsal nak beza-bezakan.Duk atas meja gak semuanya, dah buruk kena buang gak kan.
    Lagi satu kepada sean the man,
    Islam ni mane de melayu ke cina ke india ke arab ke mat saleh ke...dah Islam, Islam je la. Tak belajar sejarah lama dunia ke, lama org yahudi dok kat palestin tak sampai 400 thn pun, org Islam dekat 700 tahun. Jadi apasal org Islam nak claim tanah Allah ko nak marah. Kalau nak pikir sapa duduk sana dulu, orang Kanaan lah yang mula2 duduk kat tanah Sham, Ape cite beb,...setakat tengok kat reuters je berita pasal palestin/israel mana aci.
    apa pun aku doakan tanah melayu ni diperintah dgn syariah Islam, tak kira la bangsa apa pun, janji semuanya orang Islam. Barulah aman damai takde kezaliman. Tak percaya? bukak laa buku sejarah ketamadunan islam.

    Insya Allah.Allah Maha Besar!! Kalau Allah mahu menjadikan sesuatu, maka cukup dengan kata-kataNya sahaja.

  27. Anonymous4:06 pm

    Kalau susah susah sangat, India boleh ambillah balik semua orang orang hindcraf di Malaysia ni.

    Tukar anginlah pulak, rasa lah pulak duduk di India bawah kerajaan India. Buat apa nak pening pening kepala!

  28. as a Malay in singapore...i just want to highlight that WE are not suffering here...whatever agenda that is being played or i dunno maybe a political ploy....i guess....we are comfortable as what we are seems that Malaysian bloggers just love to play about so called the sad plight we had here in Singapore...our policy here is different from the policy that were practised in Malaysia...we owe nobody our lives here...we no need anybody to shout for us...cos we are comfortable here....we maybe not of the same par as the Chinese in singapore but iam happy that we had a same kinda level of competition here...please leave us alone there is no race in the world that had no problem...

  29. Anonymous4:14 pm

    Anwar is a wounded tiger...dangerously desperate.

  30. Anonymous4:19 pm


  31. If India wish to intervene, remember they refused to accept back some Indians with citizenship issue prior to and after independence. Lucky for India. Otherwise they will have to content with a traitor named Anwar Ibrahim amongst its citizen.

    The last time he had a meeting with bloggers, he requested we not talk of the past and his American relationship.

    Perhaps its timely since I have called Anwar a traitor that he explain the following:

    1. What business of his to be in George Washington University (or was it Georgetown University)... both Corridors to the powers in Washington immediately after his release?

    2. What does he got to explain for colloborating with IMF in the midst of the nation facing the biggest financial crsis ever faced in 1997/8? When TDM applied our SCC formula, he were resisting and complaining over it. Till today you are still complaining despite it being a success. Clearly disguised in PKR's economic agenda.

    3. Tell us what is your relationship with Paul Wolfowitz, neo con who planned and engineered the destruction of Iraq?

    4. What about your State Department sponsored Foundation for the Future? It is a Foundation out to promote the American interest disguise under the promotion of democrasy!

    5. He is the Chairman for International Institute of Islamic Thoughts (IIIT) which was founded by your "guru" Professor Ismail Faruqi. I'll not go any further and disclose anymore workign of IIIT but IIIT is a CIA outfit. IS he workign together in the Theological Warfare on Malaysia, which the moderate Islam Hadhari is all about?

    6. He should explain for his and family's close liaison with Joseph Estrada who is widely known as a CIA man for SEA and Phillipines is where CIA operates for SEA.

    7. Perhaps he shd explain for his present close relationship with Jeffrey Kitingan, who is instrumental in attempting to undertake an armed cessation of Sabah with Colonel Honasan.

    8. His support of Hindaf clearly shows that he is part of a systematic and concerted action by different groups of people with the same agenda to undermine, erode and destroy the constitution and rites which tehre in serves to rewrite the social contract.

    On this last point, I assure you Anwar that upon your death I will pee on your grave just like I would on Musa Hitam's.

  32. Anonymous5:06 pm

    Are you trying to said that Malaysia CAN BUTT into other countries issues like the Palestine/Israel or the US/Iraq/Iran while India and China cannot help their marginalize people in Malaysia? The moment Malaysia butt into other countries business, they MUST EXPECT other countries to do the same thing to us! I started to wonder if you are thinking like Mr.Nazri!!!

    The world is going global, people are getting news from all over the world easily and we, HUMAN will help those who need help. When there was a genocide happen in Bosnia, WE DO SPEAK FOR THEIR PEOPLE! Same goes with the genocide happen in Cambodia under Pol Pot regime (more then 2 MILLION people were killed!!).

    So what Anwar said is TRUE! India has their right to butt into our country because we are PART OF THIS GLOBAL WORLD!! It doesn't matter if is a politic issue or not, we human WILL HELP those who need help!! Keep this in your mind please Rocky, don't drag yourself like that lowly Mr.Nazri or Mr.Zam. Think please brother, think!! Don't let politic issue cover your eyes!!!

  33. If we believe in the brotherhood of men (& sisterhood of women) under the fatherhood of God
    then it is considered fair & correct to speak out (as an opinion) on what's obviously wrong in any part of God's world affecting our fellow mankind in an objective, rational manner without fear or favour.

    When young, I was taught to respect all opinons (if freedom of expression/speech still exists, without any just laws being broken in any country on this mother earth) even though I may not believe or agree with all of them.

    Samuel Goh Kim Eng
    Sun. 2nd Dec. 2007.

  34. Anonymous6:07 pm

    a breach of human rights is not merely a regional issue, but it becomes an international one. an example would be the reent going-ons in Myanmar. Did the UN not send its envoy to help out? in a similar manner, i would think that the non-granting of rights to peaceful protest by the Malaysian Government towards the HINDRAF supporters is a matter to be attended to by international powers.

    maybe not India, but the UN, maybe?

  35. Anonymous6:08 pm

    Anwar is the main mastermind of all these demos. He is behind BERSIH, HINDRAF and other demonstrations. Not only providing support in strategy but in materials.

    Just watch him, now in India and next would be in US and so on.

    AlJazeera and CNN would certainly highlight all these news to help Anwar Ibrahim Al-Jub. Just wacth!

  36. Anonymous6:43 pm

    Rocky, the more I read the comments on your blog the more I realise that many of the commentors, whether in this or in earlier posts, are just shooting from the hip. I'm not even sure if they even know what human rights is really about.

    Aside from trading insults, have they really taken a closer look at what people outside of blogosphere are thinking - the non-politicians and the ordinary layman I mean? It seems like the war is virtually taking place only in your blog comment box.

    In the meantime in the real world, Bing Crosby is crooning about a white Christmas at Carrefour Supermarket and kids are whining for their parents to buy them new whether they celebrate Christmas or not. I look at fellow shoppers and see that everyone, whether they are Indian, Malay, Chinese or Mat Salleh, are busy trying to buy food for the family. There is friendliness, mutual respect and peace in the air. How precious this freedom we have to do daily chores such as the family shopping.

    Why do we talk of ethnic cleansing, of racism, of Islamic terrorists and extremists? Have any of you been to Belfast, Ireland? Have you ever heard the stories they tell of families, communities, a nation torned apart by religious extremism and terrorism? Have you seen the barbed wires and high walls that separated the Catholics from the Protestants? Have you counted the number of people who died during those troubled times?

    In taking his campaign abroad, P Uthayakumar should visit Uganda and find out what they did to Indians. He should visit South Africa and learn what the apartheid government did to blacks. He should visit Palestine and Guantanamo Bay to see how they treat Muslims. Heck, as a non-white man I'd like for him to find out if he is even welcome in the United States.

    As for Anwar, he should have cleaned up the electoral process and systems when he was in Government. He should have given the Indians all the rights they claim to have been deprived of and are demonstrating to reclaim when he had the power to do so. I suppose he forgot that Pak Lah gave him back his freedom? Small matter I'm sure. There is no honour among politicians I suppose?

    You know what is missing here? A sense of gratitude and thanksgiving. Just look around you. For all it's shortcomings, it's a wonderful life we have here in Malaysia. But only if we are willing to work hard for it. Sure we have to rap our elected reps when they fail to perform and be given the freedom to speak out when they do wrong. By all means do so if it will make the nation a better place for all Malaysians.

    The Universal Declaration of Human Rights does not spell out absolute freedoms. Freedom comes with responsibility. Are we, whether those in Government or the ordinary citizens, responsible enough to honour those freedoms?I think that at the root of it all is that maybe we have forgotten how to count our blessings. And those who forget the past are destined to repeat the same mistakes.

  37. Anonymous6:44 pm

    What Anwar said is very right. You have to have Indian friend to understand him.

    I have Indian friend who came from India and work in Malaysia. He loves this country and he married a local Indian girl as well. They are now a family and have children. But after so many years of working here, he found himself being marginalized! Look, he is no "Malaysian Indian", just because his skin is dark and look the same as the rest of Indian, he is subject to discrimination!

    There are SO MANY Indian imported from India to do programming job in Malaysia. How do YOU see them? Cheap labor? SAME as the rest of Malaysian Indian in term of attitude?

    It is our country itself didn't have proper treatment for races that gave raise to this kind of problem. Only Bumiputras is well taken care off. The rest left to live/die up to them.

  38. Anonymous7:30 pm

    Sometimes when one gets constipated the s**t starts to affect the brains.

    i thought this was the malady with most of our big shots. It looks like DSAI is now also a victim.

    So Musharaf can also do the same for his country-people here?

    Yo, why not let all the premiers of other citizens have the same right. This will get our country sorted out once and for all. No need GE. All problems solved. hehehe

  39. komen dari sayadahbosan yang bertanyakan saudara Rocky ada agenda ketuanan Melayu atau tidak? saya rasa soalan ini cukup tidak masuk akal. Takkan saudara Rocky ada agenda ketuanan Cina ataupun India? Biarlah kita yang terdiri daripada pelbagai kaum mempertahankan hak dan ketuanan kita. Kalau kita tidak mempertahankan hak dan ketuanan kita sendiri, takkan nak harap kaum lain bela kita?

    Malaysia mempunyai keisitmewaan tersendiri. biarlah kita hidup penuh harmoni dan saling faham-memahami antara satu dengan lain. saya sokong suara dan rintihan dari Hindraf tapi janganlah mengapi-apikan sampai bakar perasaan kaum lain pula.

  40. Anonymous9:17 pm

    Really? So what about the plights of the Indian Muslims or Indians who are Christians and Bhuddist?

    Racial issue? Naaa, strictly confined to Hindus and specifically Tamil Hindus. This is a religious issue HINDRAF is bringing up.

    Marginalized? A new word for being poor? But when there are Ananda Krishnan, Arumugam, Navaratnam, Doshi, Nallakarupan etc who is to say Indians are marginalized in Malaysia. They are marginalized by their own people and culture.

    Malaysia is a open society. Got money, and we are very open. Don't have any? Then go beg, borrow or steal like every other rich Malaysians! And if you can't do that, then vote for BN and hope for some of that money politics.

    Malaysia Boleh! Where everything is about money.

  41. Anonymous9:19 pm

    oh pleassee people, give me a break....are we now saying that the 'plight' of the Indians here are the same as those in Palestin, Burma etc.? If it is, explain those Indians with good jobs, driving Mercedes, living in bungalows etc. The fact is, other races (Chinese, Malay) have their own share of underpriveleged people too. The problem that we have now in Malaysia is nothing approaching 'atrocities', 'oppression' etc., none that requires the intervention from other countries. Palestine, yes. Burma, yes. Geez, the way you guys are going about its as if we are on the brink of a bleeding genocide.

  42. Anonymous9:34 pm

    antz 4.10pm.

    Spoken like a true singapore malay. They are no longer malays -they are SINGAPOREANS !



  43. No man is an island. And no country can remain an isolated entity.
    Why then did Malaysia speak so loudly against apartheid in South Africa. Why did we speak up for Palestine and Iraq and for Muslim struggles elsewhere in the world.

  44. zen non,

    you said muslims the jews have taken over land that is rightfully Palestenians....i agree with you....but then Phillipines claim against Sabah is valid, and indians or Chinese can perhaps some day claim Melaka according to history. (if I read history right)

    why the idiot KJ jumped like an ape when there were tensions in myanmar? Why the idiot Semi Value jumped on Indonesian Consulate and burnt the flag? why many other things Malaysian government has done.

    By the way, Indian government does allow 'Persons of Indian origin' to reside in India. It is known as the PIO card. I know because I have one.

  45. Anonymous10:58 pm

    Alamak typo-lah Rocky in my earlier post. I meant "torn" apart. Sure kena bantai by the editor in the old days.

    Anyway, just to let you know that I have been to Belfast and the delegation I was in were taken on a tour of the city. Belfast has had it's share of civil unrest and the tour took us to the "war torn" parts of the city. It was really sad to see the barbed wire fences and the high walls that separated a city. On one street, we were shown homes on the Catholic Section with Protestant homes across the road. We were told that at one time, if a car from the wrong side strayed into the opposite side, you could get rocks thrown at you. At the height of civil unrest, worse things were done not just to your car.

    Ath the time life in Northern Ireland was on the mend and those "black" areas served only as a reminder how precious peace is. Irishman Sir Sidney Littlewood once said “The Irish don't know what they want and are prepared to fight to the death to get it”. It would appear that Malaysians may have been afflicted with this malady!

  46. Anonymous11:19 pm

    I read one article of Bangkok Post related to Malysia racism

  47. Anonymous12:12 am

    aiyooo I'm confused laa..wats the meaning of Ethnic cleansing la...
    Is it when people are forced to bathe in clorox to turn them white..thats ethnic cleansing is it..

    ayoyoyo tell me laa...

  48. Anonymous12:12 am

    A has-been politician wanting to make a comeback will say and do anything. We gave him a chance once, enough is enough.He cannot deliver and never will.

  49. India & other countries got the right to comment as a international monitor as what Malaysia does in case of Singapore Malays, Palestine issue etc..

    But India wont dictate Malaysia.Our government is just afraid of the international criticism.

    But, if it has to happen, we Malaysians will be looser not India/US/China.

    Its in the hands of WE people to vote out the ruling party.
    Join hands with other fellow citizens of the opposition and show the BN the EXIT.

    Malaysia has not yet reached to the extend that an outside country or UN to interfere.

    Things are changing..It will change Soon.Lets be Optimistic..

  50. lin liani,wa caya sama lu.........

  51. to puan/cik sri,
    Thank you for your kind reply. If you look back to the age of the old kings, there were four greatest kings ever ruled this world. Two were kind, two were tyrant.Let me tell you about the good kings. One was Prophet Sulaiman a.s. ibnu Daud (the west call him King Solomon son of King David) and the other one was further back in the ancient time where mankind had not even developed writings. His name was only written in Al-Quran, the only resource of proof for his existence. He was Iskandar Zulkarnain, and he was not Alexander the Macedonian as claimed by some historians. These kings, their faith was Islam and such a great kingdom they had. But indeed, they never claimed all their land and all their power to be theirs except it was a gift by Allah, The King of All Kings. And they were only the appointed rulers. So, you see, unless the world is govern by truthful Muslim leaders, oppression and corruption will be the spread throughout the land. As I quote the saying of Salahuddin Al Ayyoubi, "whoever rules Palestine shall rule the world.", I hope you understand why that piece of holy land is important to the Muslim.

  52. Anonymous1:01 am

    My poor Rocky ,
    One day , perhaps when you are old and on your death bed you will hopefully see the true nature of your existence . Your idea that race really means something in the big scheme of things is a pitifull illusion , I will once again ask you to please stop insulting yourself in your idea that you need special privalages in order to stay ahead in the world , these things , I believe , will do the complete opposite they will make you lazy , they will cloud you from realizing your true potential as a human being , they will keep you insular and afraid of the world , please dear Rocky wake up and play this game of life on a level playing field , you have nothing to fear but your own insecurities . I have an idea , you should go and spend some time with some English red necks , they see themselves above everyone else in the world , they are afraid of immigrants who go to England , work hard and do well for themselves , I'm sure that you would be able to see their faults but can you see yourself in them ? Do you have the ability to step outside of your ridiculously tiny ego for a moment to see yourself in those you point your finger at and then change yourself accordingly ? I think it will be a long , long time before you get there . Poor fellow , it must be rather scary being blind to yourself .

    ps . I think you should forget about politics and how you want to change the world so they will see it like you and sit on a beach or on a mountain for a very , very long time , pray to whoever it is you like to pray to and maybe , just maybe you will start to be able to see your own face in the ones you fear . Poor fellow , there will be no escape from seeing yourself one day .

  53. Divide and Conquer....

    Beware the under-currents of an age old trick employed by the colonial masters.....

    The British ruled India with less than 500 people...simply by putting Indians against one another...

    Same principle is being applied here in malaysia....ever since they left..our country was left to the elites of each race.....with a common understanding that "you take care of my back n i'll take care of yours"....this group represent less than 1% of the population....

    What is the underlying issue ; is it equitable economic development? is it access to education? etc etc ..well one can go on forever on this....but when a country and its people still cannot come to terms with being a "Malaysian" or belonging to a bangsa malaysia we have got a long way to go..

    The African American have long fought this battle...till today as we speak.....Hindraf is merely a drop in the a nation we are still young....the level of thinking in the society is still conditioned by our environment.

    What bothers me most about Hindraf is that what about Non Hindu Malaysian Indians?

    Anwar has never ever won my respect for what he says...just saw him recently on an Indonesia program - Kick Andy....this man is willing to say almost anything to provide the so called voice of reason representing malaysia.....

    To the topic in question; for another sovereign nation to consider a domestic issue of another sovereign nation n "so call takes the issue further"...this is globalisation at play in the Post 9-11 world.....its all about the web of international diplomacy....folks get used to it .. not that it will affect us in anyway....economically unless India imposes trade sanctions...

  54. Anonymous2:36 am

    Anear when in government and out of government speaks two different lingo. Anwar is a fraud. He supported the sackjgn of Salleh Abas, the then chief justice adn now he is complaining about the same judiciary which he had supported when he was the DPM.

    Anwar is the same as Lim Kit Siang, who is also a fraud. He is the Opposition Leader, who had never criticised Bodowi, Khairy, Kalimullah, Kamaludin (SCOMI) and his EC Libra, when the whole nation is angry with these personalities.

    Anwar and Lim Kit Siang are abang adeik - both fraud trying to fool the Malaysian voters in voting for them.

    Trust me, please vote for PAS and other opposition parties except the PKR and DAP. The leadesrship of these two parties are fraud.

  55. There is nothing wrong to speak up.As long as there is no physical interference, anyone can express their concern over discrimination and abuse of human rights.Our ministers are kampong bully and do not know the meaning of democracy.

    As a Malaysian, Anwar should not encourage Indian politicians to get too involved in the matter, just to gain political mileage with the Indian community here.

  56. Anonymous4:12 am

    It is fair to say Malaysia govt. should not get involved in Southern Thailand conflict.Practice what you preach.

  57. Anonymous4:33 am

    Presumably if you look at the issues from macro perspective, they are very instrumental to orchestrate the return of Malay's support towards PakLah after the succesful 'gelombang kuning'.
    Then, what DSAI has commented was the right thing done at the right time.

    The tarnish of our beloved country reputation obviously can't be comparable to the wining of the coming GE. Anyway who really cares the barking from Indian government towards the issue of this magnitude (as they themselves has bigger issue with Muslim in west bengal in hand). So if this is what the government really anticipate, DSAI just gave them a bigger punch on their nose.

    They have a bigger mess to clean up now so people, calm down. Dont play racist and let us continue watching the drama. Enjoy!

  58. Anonymous5:25 am

    Let's see the Malays shut their pie hole about Palestine first.

    Or is hypocrisy another one of the bumi rights?

  59. Anonymous6:13 am


    I think Anwar isright is saying so.

    The point is whether the Malaysian Indians are marginalised for the majority of the community by Government and by the public institutions and by the political process.

    I do think it is. It is much the same we Malaysians comment by Palestine, about the human rights in Myanmar.

    In the civilised world in the 21st century, we should look at humanity ACROOS borders.

    We should condemn for the marginalisatio of the dailits in India etc ie the untouchables.

    Malaysia cannot immune itself if we as Malaysians have reason to believe that there is a section of the malaysian society who are marginalised by mainstream politics and public institutions.

    I agree Anwar's stand on this one.

    And I am NOT an Indian in saying h the above.

    Though I have to repeat what I have said in various forums that Hindraf approach to this issue is narrow and too exclusive and therefore tend to be more divisive than inclusive.

    I support Hindraf's right to protest and to be the voice of the Tamils, but the way the Hindraf leadership packaged its message is wrong and in fact bring to the front the ugly racial face of Malaysian politics for which this UMNO government will milk it dry to further its already racist policies.

  60. Anonymous7:18 am

    anonymous said on 9.34pm,
    my reply to anonymous-
    why u bother us in the first place........why bother,why kick us out back in the 1965....???u kick us out BACK THEN AND WE HAVE TO SWIM ALONE IN THE DEEP SEA....and now keep beaming out sorry,terrible suffering plight....of the Malays...we have open our eyes to the real world.....we do not wait for the rice to fall down from the sky....we stand here without crutches...why bother if we fall down..anonymous...are u going to carry us...???whether are we not in the civil defence force/police/army whether no malays at all...only being the so call the sweeper cleaning dirty linen...why bother??spend some time your eyes wide and see for yourself...i have become what i want to be because of Singapore...and i am grateful to
    LKY....i would not want to add insult to injury as we are all rumpun melayu that has been divided by politics...but yet so far away from our principle....who wouldn't want to see success for the
    malays...??malays in malaysia live by unmo..malays in singapore live by pap....singapore is my homeland but iam proud to be a malay.....tak akan hilang bangsa di mana anda berada....

  61. Anonymous7:47 am

    Wow! Its a big oxymoron,
    For a country that has been practicing racial hegemony / castes since forever, India is telling us off.

    I think the marginalisation in India is far far worse.

    haha, come on, I really can't take them seriously. They don't even know wheteher to feed their people or to buy bombs.

  62. Anonymous8:48 am

    No galapagos, it's not a genocide, it's merely an apartheid.... no need for any foreign intervention of course, fat help it did for certain African nations...

    Btw, what race are you? :)

  63. Anonymous9:42 am

    let's be honest and admit that there are problems. Instead of finger-pointing and usual brickmanship, why cant the government lend a more sympathetic ear to these individuals....ultimately, MIC is at fault for not championing the rights of the Indians....its the official party for indians, but it couldnt be more wrong in terms of its priorities and aspirations.....its time for all Indians, regardless of caste and clannish prejudices to come together and strive for a better future...its time for MIC to get back to the grassroots and listen to the people and fight for their rights in a peaceful and constructive manner.......i admit as an Indian, that the protests and the claims that have been bandied around are quite extreme in some cases, but this was all because no one wanted to listen to them, and now they've created awareness....kudos to them, of course they could have done it in a much more peaceful manner, i have never condoned violence and i dont encourage it any shape or form, but its time for the gov to listen to these marginalised souls.....i hope and pray for a better future for all of us, not just Indians, but Malaysians as a whole, regardless of age, race and creed.

  64. People people ... Please do not be a hypocrite !!!

    Anyone in this world has a right to speak up and stand up against any injustice done or perceived.

    Same applies to any countries in this world. This is the basis of the freedom of speech and also the basis of global responsibility.

    Remember the Jewish holocaust, the African genocides, the Bosnian ethnic cleansing etc etc. It is because of the "Mind Your Own Business" that such despicable inhumane acts were successful. Anwar simply stated the fact that Indian government has the right to speak up and champion the cause of the Malaysian Indians since even the corrupt Malaysian government is unable to address the grievances of the Malaysian Indian community.

    To open malay and everyone else,

    Please check your facts. No minorities are discriminated against in Singapore. At least not overtly like in Malaysia. There are no rules giving fixed quotas to different races in education, no discounts for any races for anything, no preferential treatment.

    If you said that the malays are marginalised in Singapore.
    Then how do you explain that the top student in PSLE exams (primary six exams) is a malay, Natasha Muhammad Nasir who has scored the highest point in the history of the exams.

    And another malay student topped the same exam two years ago, Adil Hakeem Mohamad Rafee.

    The malays can be proud of their achievements in Singapore as they spar on a level field with the rest of the world.

    As for the achievements of malays in Malaysia, your effort will be always be tainted by the affirmative policies (NEP etc) of the government. No matter how great your achievements are, it will always be hard to be respected since it will always be perceived as the result of getting preferential treatment and other goodies from the government.

    Shame on you !!!

  65. I agree with you to an extent, Rocky. By right, a country's government should be able to deal with it's internal problems alone and without the need for foreign intervention. But what happens when the government has no intention of helping its citizens and has been actively marginalizing them time and time again?

  66. Anonymous11:11 am

    Anon 9.34pm

    Yes the Malays in Malaysia may be getting the good jobs but how do they get them? Through open competition? Or all through the back door of the so called NEP. Compete on merit and then you can brag.

  67. Anonymous11:24 am

    Anon 7.18 am

    You said it spot-on. Malays in Singapore stand on their own feet without crutches. We compete on merit with all races. We have pride in the jobs we got through our own merit, effort and competition, not waiting for handouts from the Government. And we are proud of our achievements. The facts speak for themselves and only people with empty brains cannot see the progress we have made. Need I say more.

  68. Anonymous11:30 am

    if india cannot speak out for the indians in malaysia, then u malays should also stop speaking out for palestine la. \

    also, stop speaking out for the muslims killed in south thailand.. like u said ..none of their business , so none of yr business too

    podahh la u all

  69. As long as Malaysia have right to speak for Palestine, Bosnia, Iraq etc etc, India or China will have the same right. As what your former master (Tun M, the cause of all the Pak Lah's headache now) regularly says we have to find the "ROOT CAUSE" of the extremism. In this case we must find what is the root cause of HINDRAF's extremism. It is as simple as that. ANWAR IS ONE BOLD MAN. HAT OFF FOR HIM.

  70. Anonymous11:53 am

    ethnic cleansing [Encyclopædia Britannica Article]

    the attempt to create ethnically homogeneous geographic areas through the deportation or forcible displacement of persons belonging to particular ethnic groups. Ethnic cleansing sometimes involves the removal of all physical vestiges of the targeted group through the destruction of monuments, cemeteries, and houses of worship.

  71. Anonymous12:27 pm


    Memanglah Anwar was and still is a fraud. So is Lim Kit Siang and his sons who are also frauds. I do agree that up to now I have never hedard of Lim Kit Siang being critical about Badawi, Khairy, Scomi, Kalimullah and ECM Libra. In fact, Anwar was also veruy silence on these issues that the nation is concerned about.

    I will definitely not vote for DAP & PKR in view of their uncertain stands and of course, the fraud of their leaders.

    So lets vote for PAS andother opposition parties ohterwise the PKR and DAP leaders will think that the rakyat are stupid. Reject PKR and DAP, whose leaders are opportunists.

  72. Anonymous12:28 pm

    Why are we so bothered when other countries take a stand about us. Heck, Burma is a sovereign state, so does Pakistan, Zimbabwe etc. And we also take official stands against them. We slammed the US and other western countries left and right. If we take offense, then we should keep our mouth shut.

  73. Anonymous1:17 pm

    Some of the arguments clearly reflect ignorant and lack of empathy toward the plight of the oppressed Palestinians, Southern Thais, Bosnians or the people of Zibabwe, whom are clearly subjected to real massacre and cruelty. This probably stems from either being plain ignorance or a manifestation of an underlying racist outlook, against specific religion or race. Comparing these people with the Hindu in this country is grossly unfeeling.

    To those who had put forward this careless comparison for the sake of arguing, could I suggest that you draw a table with six columns and multiple rows. Write the heading of the columns as (1)Indian Malaysian (2) Palestinian (3)Jews during Nazi German (4) Zimbabwe (5) Southern Thais (6) Bosnians under Serbian controlled. Now write the title of each row as (1)Population size according to race/religion(2)Mortality rate according to religion/race (2)Gross per capita income according to race /religion (4) Breakdown of educational and occupational status within the population (5) political death according to race/religion (6) Number of mosque/Hindu temples/Buddhist temples/Church & others (7) Credible reports of ethnic/religious killing. Examples include: the Sabra and Shatila refugee camp massacre and the Jews in German by the Nazis (8)Number of graduates according to breakdown of races/religion (9) Number of professionals according to race/religions in the government offices (10) Number of professionals according to race / religions in the private sectors (11)Number of registered companies including law firms, private clinics, architecture firms etc according to race/ religion (12)Number of the different religious building being torn down with or without permit (13)Number of houses being torn down without permit according to race and religion (14) Number of application to the police/army force according to race/religion and the breakdown of acceptance (15) Individual's equity ownership according to race and religion (17)Number of decision making administrative post according to race/religion (18)whatever other analysis ......
    For each statistics, average them according to the ethnic/religious population of the country.

    I believe that the statistics would point to discrepancies among the different ethnics. It is a fact that the Malays were given more opportunities to enter Universities and to obtain government scholarships, as part of the NEP policy to improve the educational status of the Bumis after their higher education opportunities had being oppressed for 400 years by the British. However, I don't think that there will be evidence of oppression of any population.

    It would also serve the government well if they could start learning the art of dealing with educated populations by responding to issues in question by learning to provide facts, and undertaking detail and critical analyses; rather than practicing the age old 'non constructive, regressive and thought-paralysing methodologies' of arrogant mouth denial.

    I believe we should speak up against the cruelty in Palestine, Zimbabwe, Bosnia, Chechnya and even Muslims and Sikhs in India. However, India should shut up because the issues brought up by Hindraff are mostly exaggerated and defamatory.

    However, this comment is not to say that all is well in the country.

  74. Anonymous1:31 pm

    I will never vote for Anuar , not before and not in the future . He is a dangerous PM wannabe and I am so sure he dont care how he do it , and at what cost. He just wanna be PM ...

  75. If these kinda crap talk carries on , i'm gonna ask Kim Jong-il to fu@*ing Nuke Malaysia out of the World map and pronounce Amir Hafizi as the new President of Negara Pulau Batu Putih. Geezz

  76. Bro,

    Saya minta sangat-sangat kepada Anwar Ibrahim dan mereka yang seangkatan dengannya supaya BERFIKIR tentang negara dan anak-anak kita di dalam kes HINDRAF ini.

    Jangan jadi hipokrit dan menjatuhkan kredibiliti sendiri hanya kerana undi!!!

    Ringkasnya jangan membodohkan diri sendiri.

  77. Anonymous2:19 pm

    Maybe we should ask Anwar to change his nationality and settle down in Tamil Nadu

  78. Anonymous2:36 pm

    Anuar is another asshole along with that Hindraf bigot his citizenship should be revoked .

    Anuar has never cared for Malaysia or Malaysia he only cared for himself . If you guys think BN is corrupted . You guys should really checked out Anuar and his family's wealths ..see how it is .!

    You know , I at least have respect for Kit Siang , Karpal n Pas ppl . At least the fight what they stand for from the begining not like Anuar , from UMNO , to opposition . Nampak sangat he is not honest in his standing . He just want to be PM to destroy all of us .

    May God bring peace back to Malaysia.

  79. Anonymous2:43 pm


    Unfortunately, the need to look for the "root cause" only applies where Muslim behavior is concerned; and is a convenient distraction to excuse, in a very backdoor way, the terrorist behaviors by extremist Muslims.

  80. Anonymous2:44 pm

    That ass**** station is wellknow for interviewing oppositions leaders from coutries which they think they can bullied .

    Not only Anuar , I have seen interviewed Malaysian who is living in INDIA . Saying how good Chennai is , and how horrible life is in Malaysia. But when asked why not given up Malaysian pasport . The lady practically cant answered.

    But anyway ... why we care .... is not ppl in india will vote for our Goverment... its US .... so its up to us to really think who is right who is wrong .....

    and anuar with his gangters style politics is wrong !

  81. Anonymous2:52 pm


    I guess to you half a bangsa is better than no bangsa at all.

    Like I said---as long as you're happy.....

    Yes be grateful to lky --after all whAt would you be without him !

    Do i sense just a teeny bit of regret that you were'kicked out' as you say. ? On that grounds i give you my sympathy.You poor thing !


  82. Anonymous3:42 pm

    This one I'm not with you Mr Rocky!

  83. Anonymous3:53 pm

    Tembam ...clap clap clap ... well said ...

    If Anuar is here in front of me now I would punch his face now .
    Agreed laAnuar pun should go and live in Tamilnadu .... baru tahu langit tinggi rendah .

  84. Anonymous5:32 pm

    Anwar has suffer a lot and was a victim of political conspiracy. Sudah diaibkan dgn sebegitu rupa, you guys still condemn and criticize him harshly. Who you guys expect would be better than him?

  85. Anonymous5:49 pm

    Kalau timbangan tidak berat sebelah all these would have been avoided. Even among some self-proclaimed human rights/activists blogger showed their true colours when come to race.

    Why should any right thinking citizens point a gun at Anwar when one fails to show compassion to others?

    Malaysians are turning for the worst into racial bigots just like the politicians especially Umno's.

    Nobody asks: "How did we arrive to where we are today? Racialists, un compassionate to the plight of other races.

    Let me say this. Before Umno comes to Sabah, the rakyat there irrespective of their race and religion, are one big happy family. The question of race and religion was never an issue. They help each other and tried hard to fend the 'ketuanan semenanjung' for good reasons. But to no avail.

    The divide and rule culture of Umno are now leading Sabahans to where Semananjung Malaysians are today - increasingly racialist and suspicious of the other races.

    My thoughts are for the poor and neglected Malaysians.

    I am sorry for the underprivileged Malays that the NEP didn't work for them as it did for the elite Malays and their cronies.

    I am sorry that the NEP did nothing to bridge the gap between the poor and rich.

    I am sorry that the NEP contributed to racial animosity and disharmony among the people.

    I am sorry leaders of Umno don't see it that way because that's exactly how they manipulated the Malays - using the failed NEP as weapon.

    If only the 'dacing' tidak berat sebelah......


    He would sleep with the Jews if it gives him mileage to further fool the Muslims.

  87. Anonymous6:34 pm

    siti khad

    As a country we make official stand based on our interests. We supported US when they invaded Iraq the first time. Why? In the second war, we supported Iraq. Why? We initiated to bring Myanmar into Asean when other members questioned their human-rights records. We said what they do in Myanmar is their own business. On the other hand we were one of the committee members (Dato Musa as our rep.)that voted for Pakistan to be expelled from Commonwealth the first time. Why? We slammed America for their foreign policy but welcome their dollars with open arms knowing fully that they prosper economically from the foreign policy. This is international real-politik. We have shown that we want to a hero of the third world by speaking-up in the international arena, are you saying our affairs are off-limits to others? Get real!

  88. Anonymous6:45 pm

    "It's akin to saying that China has the right to speak for the Chinese in this country. Or that Malaysia has the right to speak up for Malays here in Singapore."

    To that singapore malay fella---WHOA !! Nobody's dragging you into this. Note the word "AKIN".

    So don't worry papa lee is not going to cane you yah !!

    Of course to be safer --you could (as you have already done)say words of praise about him---.

    Merit? Don't be too sure my friend. Your 'bongkakness' will never get you anywhere. (Well at least you know that--dun you ?). That is something that you'd like to think so.

    Peace brother--and to each his own.
    Oh by the way next time you are in Malaysia for a bit of space and freedom---do slow down youe vehicle and respect our law ( I know its difficult to test out your car in the island) -- and please don't litter my country. (I understand you are ruled by too many canes ) , but with all our "weaknesses' as you want to call it, we do have a beautiful country ---and a spacious one at that..

  89. I really feel so sorry for the poor and disenfranchised Malaysian Indians -- they have no credible leader. Not Samy Vellu and certainly not Uthayakumar.

    Uthayakumar distorts facts and the truth.

    He is fanning racial sentiments and hatred.

    Uthayakumar will not be good for the community in the long term.

  90. Anonymous8:46 pm

    Playing to the gallery as usual...

  91. Anonymous8:47 pm

    events that has been going on in malaysia...reminds me of a real event that happened during nabi musa confrontation with firaun...though the facts are different but deeply looking into it....i can say quite similar...and mind u goes down to al-quran....and every body knows bout this story....what is the difference between a chinese/malay/indian or whatever race are u...why not of the same treatment....of the same country...all run but only one will come a chinese/malay/indian or whatever...please tell me how to reply, I a Singapore Malay visits larkin,jb went to a chinese shop...he saw me and directly just told me...kerajaan malaysia banyak hilang duit pasal mau kasi makan dengan orang-orang yang kat luar situ(gerai-gerai melayu) itu pasal....singapore kaya...pasal makin hari harga barang semua KL in a taxi....a chinese driver...orang melayu malaysia banyak malas...budak sekolah depan aja rumah...tau mau jalan...lepas tu tak mau bayar....a chinese malaysian..girl working in singapore....kenapa mau duduk singapore...kulit macam lu patut duduk malaysia....mcm-mcm dapat tak payah nak susah-susah kerja lain macam indian malaysian girl....saya pagi-pagi kena bangun...working in singapore nantuk tapi tak boleh anak mau makan...susah mau cari kerja...di malaysia...melayu sana tak suka saya....all this event was being pointed out to me....just bcos iam a malay in singapore iam speechless....and at the same time ashamed....of my own race...being belittle to the lowest....apa dah jadi dengan orang melayu??How do u think i would feel???

  92. Anonymous9:04 pm

    If anyone from outer space (not from India, US, UK, EC countries, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore) wants to observe an exhibition of bigots, half-baked sick minds, racists, crooked thinking, ignorance, extremists, reactionaries, self-serving cowards and down right idiots, visit this blogsite. Except for the likes of Siti Khad and a few others. Dear Siti Khad no one or no country/culture will dare to follow up your suggestion. It cuts too close to the bone because they know who are culpable of the worst atrocities in mankind's history. But history is written by the winners and Malaysia is no winner in this scenario, right from the invasion of the Portuguese. The rest is history. The plight of Indian Hindus, for e.g. is just a red herring to tear up this country and throw it to the dogs and there are lots of dogs within and without the Malay Peninsula.

  93. Anonymous9:08 pm

    If anyone from outer space (not from India, US, UK, EC countries, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore) wants to observe an exhibition of bigots, half-baked sick minds, racists, crooked thinking, ignorance, extremists, reactionaries, self-serving cowards and down right idiots, visit this blogsite. Except for the likes of Siti Khad and a few others. Dear Siti Khad no one or no country/culture will dare to follow up your suggestion. It cuts too close to the bone because they know who are culpable of the worst atrocities in mankind's history. But history is written by the winners and Malaysia is no winner in this scenario, right from the invasion of the Portuguese. The rest is history. The plight of Indian Hindus, for e.g. is just a red herring to tear up this country and throw it to the dogs and there are lots of dogs within and without the Malay Peninsula.

  94. Anonymous12:45 am

    lol. in this time and age, anybody can speak for everybody. just like how i have a right to condemn the burmese military junta or voice support for the temuan orang aslis.

    only narrow minds are not receptive to opinions no matter how much it differs from ours. what separates us all is in fact not the colour of our skins but the size of our egos.

  95. Anonymous12:49 am

    They are demolishing temples and guess what's next up their sleeves. Read here...

  96. Anonymous12:59 am

    anon 8.48, you are comparing malaysia with south africa during the late 40's to early 90's. well done!

  97. Anonymous10:47 am

    Singapore and Malaysia used to be of one country. 40 years on, its evident which country's policy of nation-building is working.

  98. Anonymous12:12 pm

    Anon 6.45pm

    Oh thank you for your reminder about the space and freedom when we next visit Malaysia. But we know that we should not drive our cars there because many Singaporean cars driven into Malaysia just disappeared under their owner's noses.

    Oh, don't worry about littering because we are a civilised people and do not pollute rivers that are already polluted or litter in places that are already littered, and we do recycle things much more than others brag and dream about.

    Oh, we also know that Singaporeans are not very welcomed in Malaysia be it for business or pleasure because, well, we are Singaporeans. So I guess Singaporeans would prefer to go further North to Thailand or Vietnam, where they can have a better peace of mind and relax, rather than having to worry about daylight robberies, snatch-thieves, kidnappings etc which are becoming everyday affairs in Malaysia.

    So. no hard feelings when we next visit Thailand or Vietnam. We will leave Malaysia to the Bumis.

  99. Anonymous12:29 pm

    anon 10.47 am

    that, my friend is a matter of opinion.
    Spore has not been tested in many areas---for one thing, the continual presence of lky in the govt . You have to admit that his influence is still apparent in the running of the country.
    And what about the freedom. (or the lack of it ) accorded to the opposition in the island.will that change the scenario with lky's demise ?And what would be the repercussion ? We ll wait and see whether that 'nation-building' can take the test.

    No sirree, your island has not been tested . Certainly unlike Malaysia.

  100. Anonymous4:12 pm

    anon 12.12pm


    Check the number of Spore cars coming across just to buy petrol.
    There were also timeswhen they came over to buy even cooking oil.

    Otherwise why would your own Customs have such ruling about the quantity of petrol in spore cars before leaving their country and also on return.

    But of course they will have an aswer (and lots of promises) for that.....

  101. Anonymous4:16 pm

    'Oh, don't worry about littering because we are a civilised people and do not pollute rivers that are already polluted or litter in places that are already littered, and we do recycle things much more than others brag and dream about. '

    Civilised ?Thers no prison in your island ? No murder ? No servant abused ? HA! HA! HA!

    Rivers ? What riverss ????

    Never mind . Take care of your coming casino and coming F! race. HA!HA!HA!

    Not so squeaky after all !

  102. Anonymous5:03 pm

    In Singapore, they sue their opposition bankrupt!!
    That's how they "nation build"

  103. Anonymous5:15 pm

    Oh yeah, we make sure we do not compete with Malaysia for the casino and FI pie because after all we are so small, how to compete with a country as big as Malaysia. Cannot lah! Sure loose! We surrender!

  104. Nama Anwar mesti dijadikan sinonim dengan perkataan pengkhianat Agama Islam dan Bangsa Melayu. Dulu, isteri dia melutut kepada Amerika untuk menolong suaminya, sekarang Anwar pula sanggup ke India untuk menjadika dirinnya sebagai anjing negara itu. Dia sudah menjadi sundal dalam arena politik kerana dia seperti kapal yang tidak berlabuh.

    Sentimen ini harus di jadikan vitamin untuk BN gunakan di Pematang Pauh nanti.

  105. Anonymous6:54 pm

    anon 5.15pm

    The pie is big enough for all. The superiority complex or 'bongkakness' have never been our trait .
    We have our downside , like any other nation and we dun pretend to be a super nation !

    While on a transit in Changi airport, I was shocked to see a few senior citizen working in the terminal. What were they doing ? Wiping clean each leaf of decorative plants . They could hardly walk-and i am not exagerating.

    I was to;d by my singaporean friends that ther are many more senior citizens working the odd job .

    God Bless Malaysia--the place i want to grow old in .

  106. Anonymous6:57 pm

    They also make the national service a condition before you get a permanent job as an unwritten rule.

    And then they delay your call-up to do your service.

    So what DO you do...

    Another nation-building ?

  107. Anonymous7:08 pm

    Anon 12.12pm

    Civilised = Fines and Caning

    Rivers in Spore ? Its like calling MOUNT. Faber a mountain.

    Crime-free singapore ? hahahah ! Poor jobless judges---but of course they are busy handling cases of sued oppositions.

    Yes - all your wanted refuge criminal all come to Malaysia to take refuge. And of course our police had to find them, arrest them and returm them to the crime-free island. Please keep them in your country.
    Maybe most of the crimes, kidnapping and what have you are all done by these refugees.


  108. Anonymous9:05 pm

    anon 11.24am

    Dun be naive ! And how many of you are actually promoted ? --not unless you can speak Mandarin which is the unwritten condition.

    How many of you actually became scholarship holder inspite of being the best students. And how mabny other non-malays actually won scholarships--local or otherwise ?

    I still have relatives and friends in spore-- malays ,chinese and indians. They are good friends --and i do hear their woes whenever we meet.

    Not as rosy as you are trying to make it out to be....

  109. anonymous 9.05 pm
    look at statistic before saying...where is singapore in world standing afd of course where is malaysia by the way...we are not frog under the skull.....without us,singaporeans going over to malaysia...well i guess..what will happen to tourism malaysia...pls take note...from which contry malaysia welcome tourist....??simply don't like....just close your have kicked us backin 1965 might as well shut down your borders....freedom of speech well??? it's better to exchange for a sronger economy and currency be in constant denial...for how long???somebody say we cannot survive but here we are next to you well but i guess...not being welcome....and by the way no reply to my 8.47pm...
    why u ppl keep blaming anwar and anwar tak sudah sudah...kalau jatuh harus bangun sendiri....all i can us to simply things were being twist and turn...turn and twist...misunderstand,misinterpret and misconcept here i country is perfect....only listening to stories/grievances or reading newspaper will not get u anywhere but more of misunderstand and feeling hatred....and by the way why bother all this leave it to the respective leaders and we'll see....who will be afloat...??dahlah tendang kami bulat-bulat tapi masih belum puas lagi....

  110. Anonymous11:53 pm

    Democracy- Majority Rulz!! No more vote for Tamil Hindu BN nominated Reps. Vote your own kind, 8% you are MINORITY..Democracy is fair aint it. BYE BYE MIC! Tamil Hindus, you dont like it? Ok so you want to win and do what you like ? You know where to go...(surely u know where that is..)

  111. Anonymous12:31 am

    So we should follow Singapore's way to become success?

    Then we should do this become in Singapore there is:

    1) No freedom of speech
    - those who opposed the gov will be sent to jail

    2) No democracy
    - how many opposition party survived in Singapore? All must support the PAP

    3) Family politics
    - Father Minister Mentor, son Prime Minister

    4) Family monopolised business
    - everything is Temasik that runs by Lee Kuan Yew's Family

    5) Compulsary to join the Army

    6) Pay high tax

    7) Pay tol everywhere

    and lots more..

    So guys, if u want Malaysia to become like Singapore this is what we should do.

    Do u want this?

  112. Anonymous12:36 am

    Kepada Anwar Ibrahim,

    Saya amat kecewa. Kami penat buat macam-macam bagi memenangi hati rakyat untuk menyokong kita di pihak pembangkang.

    Tetapi, dengan satu langkah yg kurang bijak dilakukan oleh Dato Seri, perhimpunan 100 000 Rakyat dan lain-lain lagi sudah tidak bermakna.

    Terima kasih kerana membuang masa kami. kita sudah sikit lagi mahu berjaya, tapi Dato' Seri tamak, nak lagi..

    Ni lah akibatnya apabila orang tamak.

  113. Anonymous1:58 am

    Dear Malaysian,

    Pls read this article. Statement made by Dato' Seri Annuar on The Hindu news paper.

    Read it n judge ur self.. =)

    i'm malay n after i read this, i'm so sad to be his supporter all this while..

    Good bye Dato' Seri..

  114. Anonymous6:43 am

    antz 9.22

    sure sure---lil spore is so big in the world--like someone wrote---full stomach and empty brain.

    Tourism ?---we won't die without you coming over---but we'll have less traffic jams in JB, lower cost of living in JB, less litter from your 'statistically correct' thousands of sporean tiurist, less speeding spore cars (your big bikers are better and safer user than drivers they are not as many but definitely more welcomed )--and of course less(hopefully, no) ugly sporeans arond to behave like they own the world.

    You see , we are not like you---we have our downs, but we love our values. Walk around any town, we still have human faces everywhere----not plastic expressions --lifeless and impersonal in you-know-where.

    Ohh --think i'll go to a waterfall or a highland station this weekend--...

    Anyway , be happy in your country and i 'll be in mine. Like a Malay saying --- Tepuk dada , tanya selera...

  115. Anonymous8:35 am

    my reply to anak malaysia,
    So we should follow Singapore's way to become success?

    Then we should do this become in Singapore there is:

    1) No freedom of speech
    - those who opposed the gov will be sent to jail

    2) No democracy
    - how many opposition party survived in Singapore? All must support the PAP

    my answer:it's all actually up to only singaporeans to have a kinda freedom speech here...singaporeans do not wish to have a shout and scream for this and that for what kinda's better we have a kinda strong economy and high currency that we do among all the SEA countries...not necessarry that we MUST support PAP...during the GE there is some...ppl voting for opposition...but majority wants PAP that have lead singapore to be efficient cos pls take note this small island have nothing no resources and of course sorrounded by hostilities...we are not next to Bahamas or the sudden change of govt very costly...we cannot as and when as u like change into that and suddenly into's for survival...

    3) Family politics
    - Father Minister Mentor, son Prime Minister

    4) Family monopolised business
    - everything is Temasik that runs by Lee Kuan Yew's Family

    my reply:Minister LKY came to singapore political scene becaue he stepped be one where his country in a time wish to joing the bigger malaysian but was forced to be out due to political difference...with your tuanku abdul rahman...and as a Malay myself that prove very costly...and a mistake...setelah bangsa sendiri menendang kami keluar dari nusantara melayu secara tiba,kita terpaksa berenang sendiri dan telah dibela...dan diajar dan diingatkan bahawa melayu singapura mesti ada harga diri di mata dunia supaya bersaing bersama-sama walaupun lambat tapi harus sampai ke penamat...dan Minister LKY tidak mengecewakan kami seperi melayu malaysia telah mengecewakan kami dahulu...
    temasek indirectly not run by his family,the CEO is the prect prime minister wife...but the chairman...making decision is S.Dhanabalan...former minister and ya by the way present PM LEE entered politics on the invitation of SM goh Chok tong...he took more than 30 over be a PM and he achieved to be a PM by OWN MERIT and we singaporeans see that actually...

    5) Compulsary to join the Army

    6) Pay high tax

    7) Pay tol everywhere

    and lots more..

    my answer-Natinal service is a must for all races...cos that's our defence and like what i say we are notin the meditteranean...anything can fact after being kicked out...we have to defend ourselves..this isour homeland...under British context...malaysia gotta look after the smaller state,singapore back then but it seems that never happen
    Not that really high taxes and tol.well mana ada tol kat sini,we do not have so called north-south u have...
    i do not want to insult anyboly but stating the real truth and the facts right...there is details if u would only do some proper and better research rationally not by some grievances....why is Singapore like this and that and this and's a matter of if u want to do it...there's no a shortcut and easy way...and if malaysia wants to merge with Singapore...we start at the same line....but lies in a different place after so long being seperated...Malaysia definitely be a success if everybody is equally citizen...what does malaysia do not have???here in singapore,kami tidak ada cara lain selain berenang dan bersaing...supaya kita ada temapat di mata dunia..

    So guys, if u want Malaysia to become like Singapore this is what we should do.

    Do u want this?

  116. Anonymous10:10 am

    Anwar is such an opportunist.Suddenly he is the champion of the Indians.Please fellow Malaysians, do not trust this man.I am Malay and I acknowledge that there is an imbalance. But is it so bad that we have to resort to calling in other countries to assist. Where will it end? Should Muslims in Malaysia then picket and call for an end to discrimination against Muslims in India then...The problems are here. So are the solutions.

  117. Anonymous10:49 am

    anon 8.35am

    You really want my answer you cheeky sod.

    NO--we want to maintain our identity.
    No we dun want to walk around with plastic expression.
    No We want to maintain our quality of life.
    No we dun want to flood our neighbouring countries with our attitude.
    No we dun want to be the little bigot of a nation.
    No we are not paranoid of our neighbours.
    No we dun want to go on cheating our neighbour of a water deal just so we can wash our cars,
    No we still want to maintain our freedom of speech .(Not the best in the region butDefinitely better than in your country)
    No we dun want to be a sand scavenger
    No we want to continue to respect neighbours terriotary
    No we dun want to be so arrogant as to advice others that they should follow their style after of govt. If you have sold your soul to the devil---dun drag others to it !!

  118. Anonymous11:59 am

    Dear Rocky and All,

    Thanks for your attention, there's a clarification on this matter on DSAI's blog.

    Also, there's a news article which gives full context to DSAI's comments.

    Hope all might spare a moment to take a look.

    Thanks again!

  119. Anonymous12:17 pm


    You were shocked to see old people working at Changi Airport? Don't be, because here in Singapore they don't depend on crutches even though they could hardly walk,
    and they do not wait for handouts and special favours from the Government. They compete on meit, not under the protection of the NEP. If people depend too much on crutches they may never learn to walk again. Ever.

    God will have to bless Malaysia.

    Anon 7.08

    Civilised? Flashing weapons in Parliament? Hmmm, you call that a civilised people?

    Of course, small rivers in Singapore cannot compare to Malaysia's Amazons and Niles, but we just use them as small catchment areas, just in case some people choose to run amok again and threaten to cut off water supplies.

    Refugee criminals all go to Malaysia? The Malaysian police find them? Oh no, they welcome them, because the Malaysian Police are erh, just like their good friends and brothers. Heheheheh.

    Anon 9.05

    Yeah, how many Malays actually get scholarships or promoted in Malaysia based on merit and ability? And how many non-Malay best students got scholarships in Malaysia? Compete on merit and ability and then you can brag about it.

    Anak Malaysia

    Who was the minister in Malaysia who broke ranks and spoke in support of Hindraf, got roasted and later told to toe the line? Freedom of speech, my foot.

    Opposition in Malaysia? Let's say they are UMNO subsidiaries, call them UMYes lah! Sama, sama.

    Family politics in Singapore? Well, we have father-in-law as PM, son-in law behind the scene running the show. Sama, sama.

    Family monopolised business in Singapore? Well, why were Malaysians complaining about bail-outs of family businesses during the Mahathir era and still the same thing happening in this Badawi era? Sama, sama.

    Need I say more.

  120. Anonymous4:48 pm

    Anon 12.17

    Obviously youre not providing them the crutches. Thanks for confirming that. Certainly proves what my singaporean friends are moaning about.

    They certainly look like they ARE melting to me.

  121. Anonymous5:04 pm

    How would I put to words eh....either this people who equalized the scenarios in Palastine, Southern Thailand , Bosnia, Myanmar or South Africa with the plight of Hindus in Malaysia are fucking stupid or asshole blind or what?
    -->Apple to apple your ass!

    Do you see any Malay stabbing a Hindus or other races with keris in public or any Malay army/police carrying M16 everyday & pointing and trigger-happpy shooting the Hindus ?
    -->Ethnic cleansing your ass! Hey, you forgot your Christians, Buddhists, Muslims and Sikh brothers when talking about ethnic? Ohh..are your saying that they are of different 'caste'.. they are not a 'pure' Indian eh if not Hindus?!

    Maybe Malay should stab some Hindus with their bloody keris then only we have a real issues on 'ethnic cleansing'! then only we talk about India or UN peace keeper other talk cock!
    --> Woi extreme Malays! Don't be ass brain like them too! Don't burn your existing 'house' and thinking you can afford to built a 'luxury banglo' out of total destruction..'internal renovation' is more cost economical. The British already taken million of tons of tin and gold from this country. Lucky they did't have the technology at that time to explore the oil from sea bed. Value what you have and NEVER let somebody BURN your house as a result of their anger!

    A dung racist mind is always a dung racist..Let me put a racist remarks also since we are all already in deep shit and condone it in my own perspective as non racist like their f@cking lawyers do..

    "The Bangsa Malaysia deal is off for the Hindus..its a total blackout now, they are the one to be blamed for overloading the current that burned the fuse!"

  122. Anonymous5:44 pm

    anon 6.43am

    after 50 long years...still in constant denial of your sorroundings... and not wanting to admit...that you have failed the so called bangsa sendiri yang telah ditendang keluar...dijadikan bahan ketawa...dan masih tidak puas lagi...depan tersenyum ria tetapi dibelakang masih lagi dendam membara... dan skrg kononnya telah dijual oleh syaitan the world is turning around....everybody is moving forward....tepuk dad tanya selera.we'll see then in 50years time....
    to make it simple...we see in another 50 years

  123. Anonymous5:51 pm


    actually you & RPK get a far more follower than just forget about him.

    Hope in future you won't ever mention Anwar statement as this guy is an ular.

    He is so desparate will do anything to be in the picture of Malaysian politic. Itu lah manusia bila dah gila kuasa is nothing to him

    He survive because he has his zionis master still support him

    Just look at how big is his new bungalow in Segambut Dalam.

  124. Anonymous8:39 pm

    anon 12.17

    Good for you.. Spoken like a true lky disciple. Now if only he 's reading this....he'd be so proud that all the laboratory experiment is working ---if you know what i mean..

  125. Anonymous9:36 am

    Why bring the S'pore Malay into picture when talking about Annuar & Hindraf? they are irrelevant la bro!

    Somebody was saying that he was soooo surprised to see old people still working
    at Changi Airport without the need of crutches..

    no need crutches your ass..what a fucking analogy!

    Its nothing to brag about old people still working in S'pore..the fact is S'pore is on the bottom lowest 3 list of the world fertility rate you moron..! that's why all the old-bag-of-bones still need to work like LKY and gang..the island of old farts! They are insufficient of young tarts to screw..hahaha...Now they are importing people from outside to replenish their citizen..

    Mr. LKY..Don't forget these Hindraf & the non-loyal Chinese & Indian here in Malaysia..They are soo damn smart, they say your country is like heaven..they cannot live with the so-called stupid Malay here..please take them..please I beg you!

    If not enough space you can put them to stay on Pedra Branca or even under the sea coz they can survive and evolved like sea snakes!

    GO..JUST GO to your great garden of Eden..or anywhere you consider heaven! and leave the stupid Malay alone in Malaysia for the fight to reform back this country..Even if 2 millions of the so-called smart Indians run away..what do you think that there not even 10% out of 18million Malay who are smart!

    What anasshole marginalization from the real world out there..stuck in blogsphere like an unexretable sh!t!

    Annuar & PKR are dinosaur fossil.. they are no longer relevant to the current political mainstreams..still playing the 60s - 90s assholingus strategy..! Reform-ass-i Annuar!

  126. Anonymous10:46 am

    So does Mathathir's labouratory experiments with NEP. The whole world can see the results now...if you know what I mean.

  127. Anonymous4:17 pm

    anon 10.46

    at least the subjects are not in pigeon holes with carrot and cane treatment---heheheh.


  128. Anonymous4:21 pm

    anonmouse 9.36

    'no need crutches your ass..what a fucking analogy!

    your upbringing is showing mate---need i say more?heheh
    Not so civilised after all ya !!

  129. Anonymous1:03 pm

    Anon 4:21 PM said:

    anonmouse 9.36

    'no need crutches your ass..what a fucking analogy!

    your upbringing is showing mate---need i say more?heheh
    Not so civilised after all ya !!

    anon 4:26 PM
    Yes, ofcourse I do need crutches whan I get old like your grandpa, moron! I'm not a robot like your race..hehe.. What crutches got anything to do with Bumiputera special previlege when talking about old people still working without crutches..?

    anon 4:26 PM
    Let me re-phrase again & this time specially dedicated to you:
    " apple to apple your ass & no need crutches for old people your ass too..
    what a fucking anal-logic from people like you!"

    Your upbringing is also showing mate..

    The last thing a civilization need is an asshole twisted-tongue remarks from somebody like you..!

    I thought someone civilized like you won't waste time excreting out something shit like this from your so-called intelligent real facts & figures to justify such statement & based only on exaggeration & manipulation of other people words..(hmm..sound like.....?) ..People like your type will probably comment on my typo error too.. hahahaha...piss on you!

    By the way..are you one of those Hindraf lawyers mate? coz you sound like one. Need I say more?

  130. Anonymous4:23 pm

    I dont know about "slaves", but I have my breakfast everyday at an indian shop, send my car for repairs at an Indian shop, buy my groc at an indian shop, renovate my apart by an Indain contractor, have happy hours with fellow indian drinkers who seams to be there every other day, now tell me that 'slaves " in Malaysia are being illtreated. I spend a lot of my money at these "slaves" establishments..and no one is complaining.... except those withpolitical interests.

  131. Anonymous5:25 pm

    Anon 4.21

    Why bother with a low living creature known as a 'mouse' that lives in a shit hole. No wonder he calls old people old farts. Obviously one of the 'kurang ajar' variety that does not respect old folks. Did he think of his parents and grandparents when he utter such profanities. I guess it is their trait.

    Leave him in his shit hole because he is liable to run amok soon.

  132. Anonymous6:59 pm

    anonmouse 1.00pm

    Like i said you're doing your parent proud with the foul-language spewing out of your mouth.

    But then who is to say---that IS the way you have been brought up and that is the only way to communicate you knew...

    So till you learn good manners i wont waste my time on street urchin like you.

    This exchange is closed.

    Have a good life with the profanities in you.

    Cheers mate.

  133. Anonymous12:19 pm

    Anon 5.25, 4:21, 4:26 or anonass-time-label-caste...haha..

    Just like toilet paper to wipe-out true identity, commitment, no attachment, no responsibility. Just flush away...sploshhh!

    A mouse at large at least have a bigger significant balls than you all..thank you for amplifying my voice magnitude with your mouth assholefier! shame..shame..your parent also probably be so proud to have such 'ball-less' kids barking loud from far and throwing stone and hiding your filthy hands pretending you're not the culprit to be holy when addressing racist & seditious remarks.. that's your blood running traits eh..?

    Poor holy things.. pity on you people..need to excrete your holy shit from your mouth instead from your asshole to vomit to me... I'm feel so proud & appreciated on that..thanx guys..hehehe..

    Well guys..i'm so touch from the people do love me a lot eh..

    Foul language..? for a mouse living in shithole its nothing to be brag my country that's the best way to communicate with these shit-minded racist that have their asshole rectum channeled direct to their brain..what else do your expect in a foul play racist game? hahaha..

    Some old folks only not all are worth to be the way, who need to respect a bloody racist old farts like LKY when this species only deserve to be served as a canine food!

    My parent would be sooo proud when they're in grave seeing that his son has started to do a real good deed to correct all the mistakes done by their ancestors- too much tollerate & accomodating with these bunch of fucking racist minorities!

    The 'sopan santun' & 'bertimbang rasa' proven to be irrelevent nowdays to deal with this extreme pest..foul languange is indeed a par caste to serve for communicating with these species coz they had started the real foul game by their stupid lawyers..

    Anon 5.25, 4:21, 4:26
    So why are you communicating with me..? hahahaha.. it proved that you really fit to be in my asshole bill..

    Errr... ex-singaporean..
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    Profanities? Welcome to deep shit world! Guess you are not so holy after all, already smeared with shit without you so-called smart species even have the brain to noticed it. You know why? coz your brain are all clouded with sh!t also..that doesn't make us different..hahhaha.. :P

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    Foul play anyone? Need I say more? too long already..pritt! foulplay!

  134. Anonymous2:12 am

    Statistically there are more hard core poor malays out there. they have no where to go and no place to hide if something goes wrong in malaysia. unlike our lucky pio friends as well as potential migrants to canada, usa, australia and new zealand etc for the rich ones. the little political edge that malays had was simply due to more numbers of malays that need to be represented in malaysia government. don't bicker over this fact. malays in singapore that was once under johore sultanate never complaint of being marginalized because they accept reality. similarly lets face and accept malaysian reality and move on to help all poor malaysians.