Sunday, December 16, 2007

Silent Majority

A poll. Are you part of that "SILENT MAJORITY" that "Damai Malaysia" claims to speak for? If you are or if you are not or if you don't even know who the duck this Damai Malaysia are and why there are speaking on your behalf, click HERE and take part in the poll.


  1. Anonymous1:31 am

    The 'Silent Majority' is just that, we are the majority comprising disparate minorities but as a group we remain silent - but we listen, comprehend and act such that the majority prevails over the noisy empty cans.

    Quiet Potato

  2. poll bersih/hindraft/lawyer if there are represneting majority of malaysia then start with damai. What r u trying to do rocky? Do u think u represent the silent majority? Dont think with a hit of 2.5 mil u are in the right track.

  3. This so-called silent majority are nothing but Barisan paid goons, the types that are ferried in buses to infiltrate polling stations and the type that will lie without any embarresment that they represent 395 NGOs. Welcome to the Barisan sandiwara.... the atmosphere is ripe with running dog media blitz and orchestrated players.

  4. Anonymous4:34 am

    Damai? A bunch of prostitutes and sycophants who will sell their mothers for a dime. Never heard of them. Suddenly they have come to the rescue of Abdullah. You can bet they will be a regular feature of the political landscape. And of course they will fill the pages of the sycophantic press with monotonous regularity.

  5. Anonymous4:54 am

    By the way, heard the Monster blog of Umno newsletter New Straits Times has been put to sleep. Cant confirm it but will appreciate if he anyone can enlighten the readers. Right now nobody can visit the site. Also heard A. Kathirasen's column has been taken off because he made some comments about Hindraf which clearly upset the powers-that-be. Heard NST staff are working in fear.

  6. Anonymous7:55 am

    Silent Majority are those that don't go online. The poll can't represent well. During recent MyGOSSCON 07 conference I saw Mimos has this small computer similar to OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) and it meant for "Kampung" folk. Government will buy and give to the elder. May be then, the real Silent Majority will go online.

  7. What is this so called "Silent Majority" ?? Another government gimmick telling the Rakyat that majority still support the government after all the rots been going on ! ! I read the Straits Times everyday and it makes me wanted to thrown up... The amazing thing is, I still read it everyday... Probably is just for entertainment purposes...

    Enough of Bulls, I say....

  8. Anonymous9:19 am

    The silent majority wants to be led by a government, which is clean, fair, just, transparent and accountable and sensitive to the minorities as fellow human beings as well...while upholding Islam as enshrined in the constitution...and as in any other nation, the majority leads...

    ...the Europeans and Americans may proudly declare themselves secular, but underneath it all, you just can't separate a person's beliefs from everything else, it's plainly evident...I do believe (and have the right to) that Islam is the only one and true religion, but I don't seek to impose it on others...however those who decide to be governed by a particular nation, must respect its enshrined laws just as how we respect the laws of any other nation we decide to reside in or are born into...

    I do NOT want to apologize for my Deen and my beliefs in which there does NOT exist the separation of Islam and State...however, that is still a long way away given the complex nature of this nation and its people....

  9. The silent majority should be labelled the dumb majority - they're too dumb for words. And when they open their mouth they make incoherent noise like Zam. They deserve Zam who's going to live so long that they are going to get more of the same shit for the rest of their lives. I pity their children because they don't deserve having parents who won't stand up for them and speak out for their future.

    I can also see that cyber troopers are on round-the-clock watch here. They have to write a comment or two to earn their keeps while everyone is in bed. The tightening of the screw only means that the announcement of the GE is around the corner and if they postponed it again, it's because they still think they need to intimidate a few more.

    Their strategy is:


    So far, everything is working in their favour with clueless Hindraf as their incidental ally and the ISA as their weapon.


    They are also going on a charm offensive campaign soon as part of damage control, so people watch out for the road show.


    Yes, godfather Pak Lah, the dumb majority needs you. They need the safety of the BN cave and your reassuring shadow. After sitting in the dark for so long, the light outside is too blinding for them.

    You are unbeatable Pak Lah, so when are you going to erect a monument to yourself?

  10. The silent majority
    Damai Malaysia rakes its reward
    Labeling all those like me
    I haven’t heard of it
    Till the day this group met the sleeping head

    What am I?
    I have no voice to say my piece
    Somebody has hijacked my liberty
    Putting words in my mouth so to speak

    Now the sleeping beauty brags
    In the press saying the majority
    Doesn’t want any street demonstration
    It rattles his sleeping pattern I suppose

    There are many ways to skin a cat
    Rallies are many ways to organize
    Peaceful marching for a cause
    Let no demon comes to destroy
    Yet we all know
    The police will plant their agents
    Provokes the masses into retaliation
    This is what they wanted
    Justification that brute force must be used

    The businessmen will play their part
    Issuing statements saying profits go down
    They don’t say about human dignity
    It isn’t in their vocabulary
    Money is Mr Watson

    In democracy different view must prevail
    The avenues of saying that shouldn’t be blocked
    Let these people have their say what’s wrong
    The government of the day

    Grievances on the marginalized people
    It can’t be channeled to the race base parties
    Nothing will be done as recent events had shown
    They are left alone until they got fed up
    This is where the turnout would become

    The sleeping beauty turns it there
    Let the respective race base leaders take the role
    He goes back to sleep once more
    In his dreams of thousand and one nights

  11. Anonymous10:24 am

    If the "Majority" are "Silent," how did Damai Malaysia know how they feel. Do they read minds?

  12. Anonymous10:49 am

    Yes, my family and I we ARE part of the silent Majority. Kami Bersyukur menjadi rakyat Malaysia dan berTerima Kasih pada Allah swt atas segalaNYA.

    Rasullah saw berpesan: Jangan lihat ke atas apa yang ADA pada orang lain i.e. dalam kes ini Negara Orang lain, Tapi lihatlah ke bawah Anda akan rasa betapa BerTuahnya anda.

    Kami bersyukur tinggal di Malaysia, tidak di Bangladesh, India, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos atau Combodia sebagai Contoh. Kami Bersyukur jadi rakyat Malaysia dan BerTerima Kasih pada Kerajaan Malaysia dan semua rakyat Malaysia yang menjadikan Malaysia sebagai Malaysia.

    Kami "Silent Majority" yang cintakan kedamaian dan sudah cukup dengan apa yang ada, tidak perlu kaya raya, sederhana pun memadaai, takut tak tertahan pula jika diuji dengan kekayaan, Alhamdulillah semuanya setakat ini CUKUP malah kena bayar zakat, menunjukkan sudah lebih dari yang diperlukan. Alhamdulillah!!

  13. Anonymous11:05 am

    But that is the state of the nation:

    BN runs around with the `Damn I` group.

  14. Anonymous11:16 am

    syok sendiri

  15. Anonymous11:52 am

    You guys know, there is loads of bullshit in the NST and Star everyday.

    But I still buy the NST. Most of the time I read the sports section, the life and times and obituary. For current internal issues I prefer Malaysiakini.

    Sometimes I compare the two and then I go to the toilet with the NST in hand to purge into the toilet bowl. And the purge stinks !!!!

    Out of no where " Damai Malaysia " comes and speaks for me. How do they know what's in my head when I havent told anyone ???

    Damai Malaysia - BN Wayang Kulit

  16. The Silent majority is the ones who couldn't give a f**k about some online poll where the majority of 557 votes thinks that the silent majority exists. The silent majority is the ones who don't really care about ISA, Freedom of speech or bangsa malaysia as much as they are worried about the rising cost of libing, fuel price hike or the fact that it takes an extra 50 cent to buy the lunch they used to.

    The silent majority was the one that never bothered about democracy that he failed to register with SPR for so many years and got a shock of his life when his name was registered to vote somewhere in perak. Now he is no longer silent but very vocal and has decided to register with SPR. Tsk!Tsk!Tsk apa punya citizen ini....

    The silent majority are the ones who actually watches TV3, Karam Singh Walia, Buys The star, Utusan and harian metro.

    And Nobody, and I mean NOBODY has the right to label the silent majority as stupid or idiotic just because they refuse to support your political views. Just because you read malaysia today or have a blog that doesn't make you all knowing or smart, guess what getting into an INTERNET DEBATE doesn't mean you are all smart and witty. In fact in most times it proves quite the opposite.

    OOOHHHH fell free to blame me as one of the cyber troopers. In fact I prefer if you label me as CyberCops more than Cybertroopers based on the 90's japanese sentai shows where their weapons comes from the longkang whenever they call for it.

    ZOMG!!! Sinatra_Z is a cybertrooper and UMNO CYBERTROOPER! OIYOOOO!!

    Feel free to call me racist, NEP or apartheid at

    I Pwned Ever1 n00bZ here Lolz!!1111

  17. Anonymous2:01 pm

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  18. Anonymous2:02 pm


    If i may put it simply, what you meant to say is you are NOT part of that silent majority. Correct?

    You made it all soud so complicated lah. Did you spoil your vote at the last G.E., Frank? May I call you Frank? I love them Old Blue Eyes' classics.

    Have a good Sunday.

  19. Bro,
    silent arse....I don't need some arse-licking morons orchestrated by the BN parasites looking for extra mileage and recognition, to the run-up of the speak on my behalf...I will "speak" with the cast of my vote in the next GE...or forever hold my own !As far as I'm concerned...never heard of them and that's final !
    Cheers bro !

  20. Anonymous3:41 pm

    BERSIH claimed they represent 66 NGOs where else Damai Malaysia have the signature and stamp of 397 NGOs.

    BERSIH had some memorandums prepared and so did the Damai Malaysia. The difference is that BERSIH did their thingy on the street where else Damai Malaysia did theirs in a Clubhouse. BERSIH planned their thingy for months where else Damai Malaysia had their in just a few short days, in response to HINDRAF's violence demonstrations.

    Dang Wangi Police issued a permit for Damai Malaysia (with conditions) and they had their thingy in the oldest Malay club in KL.

    BERSIH memo was presented by Opposition leaders where else Damai Malaysia are just NGO and community leaders, former civil servants and academicians (non politicians). There is even a retired Court of Appeal Judge who addressed the Damai Malaysia convention on 6 Dec 2007, from the point of the Constitution and law.

    Obviously Damai Malaysia consultative ways gets more attention from the administration.

  21. Anonymous6:12 pm

    errrr....If they're called the "Silent" ones, will they ever vote here? I mean, will they ever care, at all? This poll is as useless as "da mai" ("here it comes" in northern accent)...

    Hmm, I don't care if Hindraf's 5 were detained under ISA - they were not fighting for me... I don't care if people gather here or there, and kill each other on the streets - coz I'll treat them and get paid... I don't care if Zam and Nazri wanna talk bullshits - no woman will leave me to sleep with them... I don't care if NST and The Star write on behalf of UMNO and MCA - I don't have share in the companies... I don't care if Kulasegaran was suspended - all politicians are ball-lickers anyway...

    I don't care - am I one of the "Silent" ones?

    If you say yes, than I am. If you say no, than I'm not.

  22. Anonymous7:19 pm

    In commemoration of ISA day, visit:

  23. Anonymous7:41 pm

    damai ball carriers dont speak for me. not even a bit. i didnt go for the demos but my hearts are with BERSIH and the marginalised poor Indians, Chinese, Malays and all Malaysians.
    Asked the Damai ball carriers to keep on its ball carrying activities and dont try to represent us.

  24. Anonymous8:34 pm

    Just ignore this so-called silent majority or Dami Malaysia is sponsored by Khairyand Kalimullah to protect the Sleeping PM. They need the Sleeping PM in order to screw our country economy.

    So justignore Damai Malaysia becaue it is either an UMNO sponsored site or Khariy/Kalimulah site.

    Khairy and Kalimullah are desperate becaue they knew that the Sleeping PM days are numbered and so are theirs.

  25. Anonymous8:36 pm

    I am also a silent majority, I am a Penan from Sarawak. All my people can also consider as silent majority and our wish is to remove AAB. Silent majority speaks.

  26. Anonymous9:37 pm

    Association of the

  27. Anonymous9:45 pm

    Posters and commenters here should really read their won words sometime and reflect on it, those of you who think that you are smarter because you are online or can speak english well just love to call others name because of grammatical errors or the fact that they cannot speak english.
    God forbid if anyone in cyberspace should show support to the Governmnet, you guys think that somehow they are not worthy of the air that they breath.
    Keep it up guys, it helps to demean the medium and ensure that it is taken less seriously

    good job everyone

  28. You guys sometimes jump the Gun lah ,, Damai ! They are from the Komplex along jalan Ipoh !!! DUH ...

  29. Sinatra_Z is going to vote for the first time this upcoming election. I cannot be the silent majority cause I am not silent. But trust me having an internet poll does not make a very good (if not lousy) barometer on the status of silent majority. For the silent majority are the ones who uses the internet to download porn. In fact may I add that some of the vocal minority are also doing the same thing.

    For the silent majority are the ones who only logs on the internet during on weekdays so that they can burn some working time. During weekends they go someplace else spending quality time with their family or friends. The vocal minority are the ones who actually bother to come here during weekends and post comments.

    Suddenly I feel this sadness engulfing me.....

    Going back to listen to more Frank Sinatra and Litefm Swing time...

  30. Rock , in your earlier post you wrote "(Those who wish to delete the comments they posted earlier may go to the dustbin icon at the bottom of their respective comments. This facility is applicable only to bloggers" i can figure out why man . Excuse me for quoting Khayyam to reply to that...

    The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ,
    Moves on: nor all your Piety nor Wit
    Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,
    Nor all your Tears wash out a Word of it

    – Omar Khayyam

  31. Anonymous12:43 am

    Looks like being a 'silent majority' is a crime to you bloggers. Silent does not mean being naive or stupid. This is this blogger by the name of roxane who even goes to the extend of labelling us as dumb, but my take is this fella is brainless. Shouting out prejudices does not mean you are smart :(. On the contrary we'll make sure you won't get your way just to prove our might

    Quiet Potato

  32. Anonymous1:01 am

    What u all know about the silent majority laa....Only PakLah knows.
    Only he can hear the silent majority.His big ears can even hear the sounds of silence..

    Hehehe jangan marah....marah kena jual..

  33. hope not to be accused of racist, penyagak, pondan and links to terrorist and all that!
    Are silent majority termed as bumiputra?
    And the rest of us minorities the noisy ones are non bumiputra?
    Chinese 25% or less?
    Indian less than 10%?
    and others 5% or less?
    Just my opinion...hope not to offence..:)
    Don't put me in ISA kay..I'm so sorry ...

  34. Anonymous1:08 am

    Bodohland is a f%$#ing sewer. Things are are only going to get worse and its only going to be even more ridiculous to live in that shithole.

    Anyone with sense would have left that sewer a long time ago, or plan to leave.

    We have one life to live. It shouldn't be spent year after year in a backward hole like Bodohland. Remember, only one life. Make your life better.

  35. Anonymous1:45 am

    i am not one of the silent majority.
    but i am one of the " silenced majority" in my own country.
    Thats the big difference.
    A big fcuking difference.

  36. Quiet potato. Feeling the sting, eh? And you're not quiet so you've proved yourself to be a liar. But I'll agree with you on the potato thing - you belong to the deadly nightshade family.

    Normally I won't bother to respond but what the heck ... just something to entertain you poor thing while you're on your cyberwatch so late in the night.

    And who's name-calling who? You don't seem to possess enough brain cells to remember you call us "noisy empty cans" and you call me brainless???

    And you proved me right that you're a dumb ass when you wrote, "we'll make sure you won't get your way just to prove our might".

    I won't get my way? What way? Do I have any way? And what kind of people use might over sense? Yes, the dumb majority a.k.a idiots who support tyrants! You TRULY deserve Zam and all the shit you'll be getting.

  37. Anonymous11:53 am

    There seems to be a lot of surveys being carried recently which seems to all be in favour of this current PM....
    These monkeys either think we're all monkeys like them to believe that such surveys are for real bcos, till to date I have not seen or heard of anything like that being carried out, so, where on earth did they carry out their surveys? In the deep highlands of Borneo?

  38. hi angry taxpayer,

    it was good to have met you the other day!

    i have bad news for you. there will be more surveys coming our way and all will find that all of us are actually happy with everything around us, especially with the PM.

  39. Anonymous12:41 pm

    musa has an interesting take on the fella by the name of badawi who so happens to be the current PM. tilltillate this pseudo sultan and you will get what you want. make him real shiok, he may even sell part of the country to you.
    good luck malaysians and if you still want your beloved country vote wisely come this election.

  40. Anonymous2:40 pm

    You are right, no one has the right to call the 'silent majority' stupid, ignorant..etc etc. We live and eat in Malaysia suffice to know that indeed there are 'silent majority' that does not participate vocally in the politics of the country. Having said that, there are many sub categorization within ‘silent majority’ itself and hence cannot be classified into 1 blanket group for name-calling purpose.

    For chinese, i guess May 13 is a dark reminder of ppl participating in politic...true or not...donno but that is what has happened and that was what was being blamed upon. The generation who has experienced May 13, in my opinion, is the founder of these 'silent majority' atleast true for the chinese 'silent majority'. However, to say that they are ignorant of what is going on politically in Malaysia is somewhat not accurate. The chinese newspaper, to a certain extent, paints a true-er picture of 'problems' in my elders were able to somehow, even without net access, gather that there is something sick with the country. BUT knowing that something is sick with Malaysia, these ppl will still not say anything. In their mind, May 13 will always remind them of the power of ISA to detain without question, inability to reason with the government and majority malays at that time. Too much emotion has been attached by both races. Right or wrong, that has been written in our history. Holding back what they wanted to say has been the norm and key to survival so much so until they become like a dead horses (hence the term ‘ flogging a dead horse...).

    These elders, not only they are politically adverse, they have indirectly / directly also affected the following generations with their mindset. Allow me to use an analogy if you may, if you got burnt by fire, you will always avoid kena burn again. And if you tell your son, who knows nuts about fire, they will take your words blindly and avoid fire at all cause...cos tht is the advise "avoid fire cos they burn". But there is a big difference between the 2 generations. The former understand what is fire and if used properly, it can be beneficial (they will support your cause, so long as they or their loved ones are not the ones to get their hands dirty) BUT the latter generations does not know about these 'understanding' because it was not on the list of priorities to pass down. And because of this, you have effectively cultivated a future generations, like us...who instinctively 'avoid politic cos it causes May 13 and hence jail". you may ask why was the ‘understanding’ not on the list of priorities...maybe it is because to explain 'fire' it takes a lot of time and effort...maybe it is just easier to tell them to avoid it all together...maybe it is for their own good to avoid politics and concentrate on their own rice bowl…maybe it is a combination of all above…your guess is as good as mine. But I believe, what the latter generation need is just the right nudge to come out from the ‘silent majority’ and actually be part of the people to take helm and steer the direction of the country. What is the right nudge? – dang if I knew! Election purpose, numbers do count so I’m doing my part also to nudge as much supporters as possible for Barisan Alternative!
    So, in a nutshell, indeed there is a ‘silent majority’ class in Malaysia. One cannot conclude that this class of ppl is ignorant…etc..etc… Neither can the government say that these ‘silent majority’ supports them in using ISA. Status of ‘silent majority’ = UNKNOWN.
    However, I do believe that the government knows which buttons to push…to make the silent majority move as they see fit…if you will, to manipulate. Sinatra Z is a classic example. If the government would just keep the oil, food n toll price constant, Sinatra Z would not have care less about the fact that RM4.2bil has been wasted in P.KLANG, govt paying 10x or 100x more for a set of screwdrivers,…etc …etc.., the fact that corruption has run wilder now and going out of control, and that we have left a big-eared but deaf sleepyhead running the country. Maybe you can say the government’s luck has run out this time BUT I was thinking more of, what if the government reverses its current policies and continue to feed the people bread crumbs? What would ppl like Sinatra Z then do? I would think Sinatra Z is a short term solution for a long term problem…and that finding a long term solution will need all of us to put our heads together.
    Oh YA! Have any of you read Patrick Teoh’s blog, which talks about us chinese who thinks like a ‘pendatang’…so true. For those who have not read it, please do. Sinatra Z, please do.

  41. Anonymous3:12 pm


    i'd call you a pengecut. and i say you are so pengecut you dare not say it to Rocky to his face personally.
    i'd say that you have no balls to speak of (if you're a man, which i doubt) and if you were a woman, then you're a ducking frustrated bitch.
    and yes... you must be short.
    whatever are also ducking jealous of rocky. hahaa. yep. cybertrooper or paid ducking trooper.
    so...pengecut and coward...just like the people you represent or are writing for.

    and go play with yourself!

  42. Anonymous5:13 pm

    Hi Rocky...great to finally meet the man are definitely "towering".
    Can't believe anyone falling for this sort of "feel-good-surveys" anymore now that its been discovered that those idiots couldn't even get their fact sorted out before coming out with such announcements (my goodness..only dum dums can get such a simple thing as the date wrong).This goes to only show what sort of talents we have at the local news spinners.

  43. angry taxpayer,

    go to and look at or take part in their survey on street demonstrations.

    the results of that poll shouldn't suprise anyone but coming from mstar (and given the recent resignation of the radio 24 boss over a 10-sec soundbyte of Anwar Ibrahim and the suspension of a columnist's column in the NST), it's an eye opener.

  44. Uhmm......

    Let me clarify things first.

    Point 1 - I commented on who is actually the Silent Minority.

    Point 2 - Based on that I explain why the internet poll would not be effective because of what the silent majority is.

    point 3 - I made the remark about the perak voter thing is actually pointed at rocky and it is meant as a joke. Meaning to be a responsible citizen and not just the I dont care citizen one should always check with SPR about your voters identity so that it may not be used for the wrong purposes. Simply not checking with SPR for the last 20 years is abit bahaya lah.

    point 4 - Guess what, people do consider many other factors than ISA before voting. And guess what fuel prices, flour, electrical charges, water, chicken and many more is on the rise thus there is a pretty good chance BN will lose a lot of votes in the next GE.

    Right now to reply comments made by bacardi...

    1)Why would a pengecut be willing to give away his email or blog?

    2)Why would I be jealous of rocky What has rocky got to do with this?

    3)What is it that I dare not say to rocky in front of his face personally?

    Don't you just love internet debates...

    Oh on a sidenote, I don't think cybertroopers work on weekends.
    Oh ever notice that there is only UMNO cybertroopers, funny it's never BN,MCA,MIC or SNAP Cybertroopers. It is always UMNO. hmm...... Just an observation lah.

  45. Anonymous8:28 pm

    Bacardi...apa si sinatra_z says also ada juga kebenarannya...sometimes we need to see the other side of the coin also and not be blinded by our own views...

  46. Anonymous9:48 pm

    Roxanne aka empty cans, so worked up and labelling all others as troopers just because we have differing views. So you are not just dumb but a moron as well.
    Rocky's bru it is unfortunate that you have these small group of moronic mobs trying to impose their views and to denounce other thoughts so they turn out worse than their adversary.
    Nonetheless I'll try to create some semblance of balance here so that your blog may have some credibility.

    Quiet Potato

  47. You are still making incoherent noise quiet potato a.k.a liar and you call us "noisy empty cans"?

    "Nonetheless I'll try to create some semblance of balance here so that your blog may have some credibility."

    Since when does Rocky need your help? You are indeed a joke! I would expect your bosses to hire better cyber troopers!

    At least some who will at least have TWO brain cells.

  48. Anonymous11:27 am

    There is no silent majority in Malaysia but I would rather call them"springing Majority"
    Why ? they are at the disposal of their obvious Master as and when required and spring into action to show the number 395. Indeed they are three digit punters too.

  49. Anonymous1:14 pm

    My dumb 'roxanne', Rocky's bru has indeed listened, very intensely - he even pointed out why only UMNO cybertrooprers and not MCA or MIC cybertroopers. Think again and read between the lines, just need what's left of your bigoted trace of your grey matter to understand. Aah ... the name 'roxanne' betrays you, longing to be a white neandertal or christian, the kind that destroys other countries. We should be wary of these creatures, small in number but dangerous if left unchecked

  50. Quiet? Potato. Speak for yourself, liar potato! Don't speak for Rocky, he's not dumb. My nickname has its root in the Middle East and I'm not a Christian. So you're WRONG on both counts! Your stupidity has spoken so loudly that whatever you may say in future has no credibility and thus deserves to be ignored.

  51. Anonymous12:34 am

    quiet potato and roxanne,
    are you both under 12 years old? because both of you behave like ones....if so, have you ever get your parents permission to surf the net and read this blog? this might be unsuitable for you kids, as it has shown...

    and if you're not, stop this name-calling and shitful attitude...i'm not a moral police, but grow up for God sake! get a pair of boxing gloves each if you still wanna pursue this!!!

    ohh..and in this country, "stupidity lies in the eyes of STPM's paper examiners"... in this country, the more A's you get, the "smarter" you, to put a full-stop to this, start comparing your SPM and STPM results... peace...=D

  52. And why are you telling me that, left-wing socialist? Which part of my last comment didn't you understand?

    Just in case you're so stupid that you didn't, I've said that I'll say no more to Quiet (?) Potato.

  53. c'mon guys, it beginning to sound like the debate at the parlimen where nazri calls people stupid, bodoh, tak cerdik, bloody racist, pondan, penyagak, and all that..
    Each and every one has opinions and they entitled to have their say as we always wanted freedom of speech. Let them have their say. We have ours. Intolerant with one another on opinions is just like the gov with the ISA trigger happy people. Respect each other kay guys.

  54. Anonymous1:25 am

    hey roxanne, chill out, dude... i'm so sorry to be stupid, coz i only read medicine in shortcomings though, not yours...

    and you're correct, melvin..i guess we'll always have double-faced scums who claimed they hate nazri's, jerai's and bung mokhtar's way, but preach the same tune they do...