Monday, December 17, 2007


Non-Muslim Affairs Department. 40 Indian-based NGOs which met in KL yesterday want 4 things from the PM:
1/ Set up a NoMAD to confront issues affecting non-Muslims (not just Hindus but people of other religions as well)
2/ Charge the 5 Hindraf leaders (detained under ISA last week) in court
3/ Drop the "attempted murder" charge against 31 Hindraf followers
4/ Receive their memo on issues confronting the Indians in one month
Read the Bernama story Indian-based NGOs want PM to set up NoMAD (Dec 16). At the end of it all, you've got to give it to S. Samy Vellu.


  1. Sorry to have to say this. But if this proposed NoMAD is expected to have the same status as the Islamic Affairs Department. Then this is a non-starter! Lets get real! If even the Inter-faith dialogues cannot happen, how is this going to ever?

    All these guys missed the one opportunity when all the faiths got together for one purpose. We were there at Blog House when this happened for a prayer of thanksgiving following the successful operation conducted on former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad.

    Yes we can get together. Just leave teh politicians out!

  2. Why do we need more sectarian bodies? There are already too many race based, religion based organizations when we should have only one -Malaysian based groups and groupings -.
    Muslim this, Muslim that- non Muslim this, non-Muslim that, Malay this, Chinese that, Indian this,.... et infinitum.
    When can we be one people?

  3. NoMad ...Nomadic people, also known as nomads, are communities of people that move from one place to another, rather than settling down in one location. There are an estimated 30-40 million nomads in the world .Many cultures have been traditionally nomadic, but traditional nomadic behavior is increasingly rare in industrialized countries. There are three kinds of nomads, hunter-gatherers, pastoral nomads, and peripatetic nomads.And now a new kind sprouts up in Malaysia , the Phatetic Non Muslim kind.

    Jeeezzz... Who choose your Group Name ? Atilla The Hun ???.Keep on NomaDing guys !

  4. Bro Rocky,

    Shouldn't it be Non-MAD? hahahaha..

    TheStar reported that Tengku Adnan said one Hindraf leader applied for British Citizenship and was rejected; therefore he led the demo against the British Embassy. The Hindraf leaders also wants something from Samy and didn't get; so they also fight MIC.

    Oh, these Hindraf demo's reason...puzzled by tourism minister.

  5. Anonymous11:24 am

    Hi Saudara Rocky,

    Cadangan untuk ditubuhkan satu jabatan (mungkin dalam Jabatan Perdana Menteri) untuk orang yang bukan beragama Islam, pada pandangan saya, adalah satu idea yang boleh diterimapakai untuk memelihara hak-hak agama/kebudayaan/mores kumpulan agama-agama minoriti di negara kita ini.

    Rumusan yang boleh saya buat berdasarkan pengalaman saya berdamping dengan isu-isu berkaitan hak-hak agama-agama minoriti di Malaysia untuk lebih kurang satu dekad yang lalu ialah perlunya satu badan kerajaan seperti NoMAD.

    Tujuan jabatan ini seharusnya tidak berkait terus dengan objektif untuk mengeratkan perhubungan Muslim-bukan Muslim, walaupun ia boleh dijadikan satu alat tidak langsung untuk membicarakan soal-soal Muslim-Bukan Muslim disebalik tabir.

    Tujuan utamanya haruslah untuk mendengar rungutan, permasalahan, cadangan membina dan kebimbangan golongan agama-agama minoriti untuk diketengahkan sama ada kepada jemaah menteri (sekiranya ia berkait langsung dengan isu-isu yang hangat) atau kepada kementerian-kementerian tertentu (sekiranya ianya lebih kepada soal pentadbiran rumah-rumah ibadat dan masalah kecil).

    Sekian lama permasalahan golongan agama minoriti dibincang antara jabatan kerajaan dan agama-agama minoriti yang diwakili oleh NGOs.

    Dan, banyak kali telah saya lihat berlakunya ketidaksamarataan (unequal equation) dalam perbincangan bersemuka kerana pada dasarnya pihak kerajaan selalunya mempunyai 'the upper-hand' dan banyak kali tidak mengendahkan permintaan tulus agama-agama minoriti atas alasan-alasan yang benar-benar tidak penting atau 'significant'.

    Oleh yang demikian, adalah penting untuk adanya jabatan ini untuk pihak kerajaan sendiri dipaksa untuk memelihara kepentingan beragama untuk semua di negara kita.

    Secara langsung jabatan ini (yakni NoMAD atau seumpamanya) juga boleh membantu melangsaikan masalah-masalah sesama agama-agama minoriti.

    Saya yakin NoMAD atau badan seumpamanya dibawah JPM boleh berfungsi untuk memelihara hak-hak agama-agama minoriti seperti mana yang tertera dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan.

    Rocky, sometimes we have to give opportunity for an idea to work especially when that idea comes from members of the public and not directly from the politicians.

    The danger lies when segments of the public object to such ideas without table discussion, instead resorting to street protests (like in the case of the Inter-Faith Commission).

    And, when that happens such good ideas are hijacked and used by politicians for their own benefits.

    (Rocky are you coming to Ipoh on Wednesday to hear the habeas M.Manoharan's corpus application at High Court No.4. If you are not, may be I can post the news uncensored to your blog.)

  6. Work for unity
    The true journey of a soul
    Let there be color blind
    In things we do and say

    The sleeping beauty says
    All parties to work together
    How true it can be!
    When there is a fair playing field

    Yet there isn’t
    How can we achieve it?
    When the cake isn’t divided fairly?
    Don’t just say with words
    Action speaks louder in the beats

    Remove the impositions of unfairness
    Take away laws and policies infringing human dignity
    Then tell us fairness is what you wanted to achieve
    In this country of multi-racial and multi-religious populace

  7. Anonymous11:48 am

    malaysian indian youth council president A. Rajaratnam & your 40 odd indian ngos...

    don't worry 'bout the other races & pls put religious issues aside...

    get your master, sami to do at least a decent thing in his life before he kick the bucket - pls go, go help the indians first.

  8. Anonymous1:00 pm

    "At the end of it all, you've got to give it to S. Samy Vellu."

    Give what? What more to give?

    What else should the Malaysian Indians give this person?

    More black hair to plant on his head?

    More money from allocations that were meant for the poor?

    More praises that if not for him, the community would have not 'progressed' this far?

    More of our personal money for him to start another 'MAIKA' type venture and make the community waith for another generation to see things in shambles again?

    Rocky - are you really ignorant?
    Where is your sense of concern for the minority community in Malaysia?

  9. Don't waste our money on maintaining another ministry or dept just for this.

    If this is born out of the Hindraf effort, then we are saying that they were right to do the demo.

    Why does it take a demo for the govt to act? Are they that daft?

  10. Sounds a bit like Jabatan Hal Ehwal Orang Asli - another government department to control marginalised minorities.

  11. Anonymous12:50 pm


    We already had enough of bureaucracy in Malaysia..

    Add one more?? Its oxymoron fucking bureacrazy!

    More bureaucracy... More corruption!

    Malaysia should have less non-functional ministry & govt departments for good..

    Close all those asshole ministry that only know how to pass the burdon to the citizen instead of finding ways to wisely resolve by good management of RM millions worth of taxpayer's fund allocation each year!

    The top list (not in order):
    1) Work Ministry (Samy no-value..tol..tol..tol! tolol! You cannot even take care of the Indian welfare except your own hair! From mahkamah roof to minority society..everything collapse & falling apart. I wish I could dip this guy in that flamed-heated bitumen)

    2) Information Ministry (Zam the powderful Manglishman..nobody watching RTM lah Pak Zam.. RTM is for zombies only - Racun Taik Menteri! Full of shits..uwekk)

    2) Education Ministry (Hishamudin the said school fees abolished..or does it terms differently coz people still have to fork out hefty sum of money for their kids to go to school? People don't talk cock about 'Negara Maju' if the govt still fail to provide free BASIC EDUCATION for all people like in UK for example..)

    3) Health Ministry (towards privatisation of basic medical need for the people?? Still cannot subsidized pneomococal vaccine for the rakyat until today?? shit!! talk about state-of-the-art govt endogram & hemodylsis centre.. No Money- No Life in Bolehland? Fucking hell!!)

    4) Transport Ministry (un-resolveable public transport problem? That's why we still need to use our own bloody transport guzzling that fucking price-escalating octane! Who need a car so much in Japan , Europe & even S'pore in daily work traveling..Just look at KL & my working place USJ!)..Improve it then only we can do something about the fossil fuel consumption demand.

    5) Last but not least (should be no.1 I think), the Clown House cum the Finance, Home Affairs, son-in-law dept etc.. The Imperial Cruiser! - The Prime Minister & PM Department: where you can find your all time favourite clown Nazri Aziz.

    The rest I leave it to you to add..

    I really hope Malaysian will wake up...not in snooze mode like AAB.
    No more RM5 for a packet of megi mee and those so expensive screwdriver (is it 34K Gold Plated?)..

    That's why the citizen never had enough despite our GDP 34th world ranking and GDP/population ratio higher than Brunei!! We have more petroleum. Theoretically, we can live at par like people of Brunei! No work also got money from govt. Malaysian are working more but getting less in return from the govt!!

    When its not enough for these bureaucratic people , they will take more from the rakyat mouth! Really bastards! God will definitely burn them in deepest hell than any other sinner since they bring so much misery to the rakyat at large!

    Oh Bolehland..lama-lama boleh terus jalan...