Saturday, December 15, 2007

What a 10-sec soundbite can do

When the soundbite is Anwar's and it's aired on a government station, heads roll.
Well, make that "a head". I was told that a - or is it the? - "head" of 93.9FM aka Radio24, the first round-the-clock news station (run by Bernama, the national news agency), had resigned after a furious lashing by someone close to the PM's department over "a 10 or 11-second statement" made by Anwar Ibrahim and aired by the station a couple of days ago.

Waiting for a confirmation...


  1. Anonymous12:16 am

    Hi Rocky,
    Says a lot doesn't it? Thats democracy for you 'Malaysian Style'. No one allowed to speak unless you speak on behalf or in support of the government. What a farce!!!!Everyone knows in a proper democracy anyone is allowed to say his piece more so a politician be it the opposition or not. One things for sure, the walls are crumbling around them and I echo what has been said in many comments what goes around comes around!!!

  2. Anonymous4:49 am

    Abdullah Badawi seduced us with promises. He promised us the sky, he promised us a much more civil society, he promised he would listen to us, he promised us that he would work with us, he promised us that everyone would have a place in the sun. Who's the liar now? He has now threatened to jail anyone who opposes him. He is now putting the fear of Umno in us. He is now telling us to play his game - which is to support the government and stop airing grievances in public. He has now become an ogre. Suddenly, Mr Nice has shed his mask. The country had better get ready to living under the cloud of the ISA for a long time to come. This is the price we pay for being gullible. Malaysians never learn from history. When Hitler stood for election he promised a whole new world. When Stalin came to power, he promised a new Russia. When General Franco began his murderous rampage against communists, he promised to lead Spain to democracy. Santayana once said those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it. If history is any guide, Malaysians dont seem to remember the past.

  3. Does our middle level civil services leaders/managers have no backbones??
    No one stand for journalism anymore?

  4. Anonymous7:16 am


    Come on, you can't be serious!! This administration is touted to be the most liberal ever, and that press or media freedom has never been higher in our country's short history! Tun Musa Hitam said so, and many others echoed the same sentiments!

    I await your confirmation. If true...someone is not telling us Malaysians the whole story!


  5. If this government is strong as the Rock of Gibraltar, as it claims to be, and has a huge "silent majority" behind it, why is it afraid, yes, fearful of a 10sec voice of Anwar?
    Or is it a fragile government, propped up by a slavish media and an Election Commission.

  6. Anonymous11:21 am

    why resigned? fight your case all the way. if everybody start resigning how to make changes. then start blaming others.

  7. Anonymous11:32 am

    OMG! I just heard Syed Jamil our Radio Director has resigned last week. Is there conexion with this?

  8. Anonymous12:03 pm

    As a former management staff of Bernama, I would like to point out that if you're not happy with Bernama's reporting, you can complain to its Majlis Pengawasan which is headed by a High Court Judge.

    Some years ago MP Shahrir Samad brought a complaint against Bernama and then Editor-in-Chief Ahmad Rejal Arbee.

    This Majlis is made up for media people, university VCs and retired civil servants.

    Today Bernama is no longer independent unlike the early years. Bernama non-executive chairman Anwar Zaini, a PM crony is very influential. He runs the editorial department of Bernama. Not even Tan Sri Mazlan Nordin when he was chairman interfered. So was Kadir Jasin. Even Kallimullah hassan did not interfere as much.

    Today I was told by friends in Bernama that Bernama functions as the Information Department. Zam tried to interfere but he was ruled out by Amwar Zaini.

    High time that someone like Anwar Ibrahim report Bernama to the Majlis Pengawasan.

  9. Kathiresan's column has been stopped, so they say.
    I hope all journalist go on work to rule for one week.

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  11. Anonymous7:38 pm

    it pays him i guess, he so arrogant, and this is what came from god! u deserved hunchback (aka head)! qouted u (the head) "Life cruel!"

  12. Anonymous7:43 pm

    This administarion is so damn insecure and it is even afraid of its own shadow. freer society and more democratic space? its for all to see now what a liar he is.

  13. Anonymous8:46 pm

    Anwar Zaini is an apple polisher for a long time. He will apologised on behalf of Bodowi, who is fully asleep at all time.

    Anwatr Zaini tak malukah? Where is his professionalism. H eis no different to Wong Chun Wai, Wong Sai Wan Jocelyn Tan and Chelsea Ng, who will sell their souls to keep them up there. Thye are just mercenaries, who will also sell their parents to keep them there.

    So please accept these mercenaries as what they are for the moment. When Bodowi is finished then we deal with them one by one and if possible send them to jail as traitors to the nation.

  14. Anonymous ,, DREAM on lah putting them in jail as traitors of their nation ! while we bitch about professionalism and journalism they're scratching their hairless balls on their 1,980 centre tied pocket springs in 5’0” size and five sumptuous upholstery fillings that include CASHMERE, WOOL, SILK AND COTTON, all encased in the finest Belgian damask in their RM 1.2 million dollar Gated community home .There is money in Journalism !Just jual your maruah(if any left) Mamam Teloq and write about those who are in power , and the wifes of those in power who are in Labour Pain and when the water broke and you had it made man .Mainstream News Journalist !!! PTUiiii

  15. Bro Rocky,

    If it is true... I am not crying for Radio 24 boss. In the first place, he is not the right man for the job. Another apple polisher.

    However, I beg to differ with ex-Bernama or former Bernama management staff, that the public, in this case DS Anwar Ibrahim, can refer Bernama to the Majlis Pengawasan or Supervisory Council so that action can be taken. As far as I am aware, Radio 24 is not part of Bernama's editorial department and thus the Majlis is powerless to act. The Bernama Act does not cover Radio 24.

    I am in full agreement with the statement that Bernama is now nothing more than what the Jabatan Penerangan is to the ministry or the minister.

  16. Hi Bro

    Satu lagi alat untuk pemerintah terus memerintah...apa nak dihairankan

  17. Anonymous11:08 am

    annuar zaini, pembodek nombor wahid imam besar hadhari dan raja muda perak mana ada tahu malu.

    kelakarnya, pembodek ni yang pernah memufliskan yayasan perak masa dia jadi GM dulu dilantik pulak penasihat khas PM untuk NCER.

    annuar juga sanggup menarik masuk anak lelaki dia, mohd azril sebagai wartawan ke bernama mungkin untuk mengukuhkan lagi cengkaman dia ke atas bernama.

  18. Anonymous11:08 am

    this radio 24, got anyone listen to it meh?

    bodoh punya kera-jaan.
    apa pun sanggup buat demi boleh berkuasa lagi kat malaysia.

    Bloggers Unite and Spread the Truth!

  19. Anonymous3:35 pm

    oh kristal,

    get a life

  20. Anonymous3:52 pm


    Laporan ucapan Anwar di radio Bernama jadi isu

    PETALING JAYA: Satu-satunya stesen radio berita, yang baru beroperasi lebih tiga bulan, kini berdepan dengan kemelut apabila menyiarkan kenyataan seorang tokoh pembangkang minggu lalu.

    mStar Online difahamkan, pihak pengurusan Radio 24 yang dikendalikan Pertubuhan Berita Nasional Malaysia (Bernama), sebuah agensi bawah Kementerian Penerangan, bermesyuarat hari ini bagi menentukan tindakan yang wajar diambil.

    Radio itu, yang beroperasi sejak 3 Sept, menyiarkan secara langsung kenyataan penasihat PKR Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim di sidang akhbar bersama beberapa pemimpin PAS dan DAP pada 12 Dis.

    Di sidang media itu, Anwar menyatakan hasrat parti-parti pembangkang untuk bertemu Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi bagi membicangkan isu-isu perpaduan nasional, susulan perhimpunan besar Pasukan Bertindak Hak-hak Hindu (Hindraf).

    Sidang media itu turut dihadiri setiausaha agung DAP Lim Guan Eng dan pengarah pilihan raya PAS Datuk Mustafa Ali.

  21. Anonymous6:11 pm

    It was also interesting when the RSF's press freedom ranking was out, Radio 24 actually reported on it (although a day later) and carried an interview with CIJ exec director and the NUJ president - both who basically said there was too much govt interference in the media. And this a day after Zam lambasted the ranking (no local media except the sun reported it while utusan only carried singapore's reaction to it) and praised Lee Kuan Yew who won against Financial Times.

    Or is someone in Radio 24 with some good news sense?

  22. Anonymous8:33 pm

    sheikh raffie abd rahman dilantik pemangku pengarah radio24 berkuatkuasa 14 dis hingga ke satu tarikh yang dimaklumkan.

  23. Anonymous9:18 pm

    3 companies associated with annuar zaini (read berjaya group) dah takeover bernama tv. possible lepas ni radio24 akan ditakeover oleh annuar zaini sama seperti nasib bernama tv.