Friday, December 07, 2007

Free The 31

The difference between a brick and a rock. I am totally against what P. Uthayakumar has done (or undone) with his Hidraf agenda but the A-G's move to get the 31 alleged marchers charged with attempted murder makes it hard to decide who is the bigger bozo here.

Gani Patail's reasoning for the attempted murder charge: "They threw bricks at his head. Do you think it will not cause death?"

I have to agree with Malik Imtiaz - the A-G's excuse sucks big time. The police shot teargas and chemical at the crowd on Nov 25 and earlier during the Bersih march. So the cops should be charged with attempted murder, too? Sucks, right?

Incidentally, a security guard who threw a rock at a college girl in an attempt to rape her last April was charged with attempted rape, molest and causing hurt. But NOT attempted murder. The teenage guard admitted that he repeatedly hit the 18-year old victim's head with the rock for screaming as he was trying to rape her in a store room. What was the court told? "He did not intend to hurt the victim".

The lucky rock-thrower was sent to 3 years at the Henry Gurney home for juvenile offenders. ("Teen guard pins blame on rape bid on 'sudden feeling'" - NST Online, Dec 6).

So, does that mean you should throw a rock and not a brick next time? Sucks.


  1. Biasala...they act when they want to..when they choose to...that's why the murderers and rapists are running free...if everyone can get off on murder raps/attempted murder/rape because "sudden urge"..I don't know what is left for us to do to protect our families...wonder if they found Presheena's, Nurin's and the others' murderers? And the autopsy picture circulators?

    ..oh..sorry, they got better things to do...protect and tighten the noose on their khazanah...elections got lots of drama and mayhem to engineer from all sides...need police force and good, preventive sentencing for that, crush all opposition...peduli apa some woman got bashed in the brains many times...the poor fakker didn't mean to do it wat...kan
    ? kan? kan?

    Eh mana si Khairy? Hmmm...makes one wonder...

  2. Anonymous8:34 pm

    Bozo?? You are too kind with your definition, Rocky. Bozo are clowns, who make us laugh and cheer us when we feel down.

    The apt description is MORONS.

    No trust in the government
    No trust in the judiciary
    No trust in the police

    Who do we turn to for justice?

  3. Anonymous9:14 pm

    We have had enough of clowns. We have had enough idiots. We have had enough of sods. We have had enough of clowns in Abdullah's CAbinet. We have had enough of Patail and his stupidity. Patail, if you want to charge dozens of people with attempted murder, then you have to charge the police with attempted murder. Simple as that. Patail, you are a bodoh.

  4. Anonymous9:15 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    The rapists get away.

    The rempits with their dare devil attacks on traffic cops at road blocks, roar away.

    The so called flag burner is still at large.

    But 31 blokes who seeked shelter at
    a place called temple, are charged with attempted murder !!

    And the AG, for once,is making sure "justice in seen to be done".

    I am planning to give up my pet gold fish away - for adoption!

    I would go to all lengths to have a kangaroo as my next pet.

    At least,in this way,my pet would be able to fill some vacancies in the "kangaroo court" !!!!!

    Rastaman (JB)

  5. Anonymous9:27 pm

    bang, wat do u mean by "undone"?

  6. Anonymous9:48 pm

    turn to queen of england la or manmohan singh or george bush.

  7. I think Pak Lah has to take charge fully instead of making press statements. Think "what would Dr M do in such a situation?" Any guesses? I suggest the following:

    Get the main ring leaders of Hindraf esp the lawyers and throw them in detention under ISA.
    2) Sack all MIC leaders from their cabinet posts, especially Samy Vellu. You are not going to lose anything. As it is Indian votes are shaky. BUT put Kavyeas in Samy's Ministry and see the PPP ranks swell overnight. MIC is over period. The voters will thank you for this long needed amputation.
    3) For good measure put the Rahim bugger from Melaka and the 2 MPs who spoke against the christian schools also under ISA.
    Boy just imagine how your stature will change overnight. And do some porfolio changes with the other ministries also.
    4)Create a new ministry: Ministry for affairs of the Marginalised. (Ok that one was a joke).
    Release the 31 detained. Just get them charged for a minor offence like mischief making, sentence to 2 days jail but since already been in the lock-up, released immediately. I am sure Patail will not botch that up. That should earn you some goodwill. Hey you do that and I may even vote for BN;)-.


  8. Anonymous10:47 pm

    dunno lah. really hard to be sympathetic to a group claiming ethnic cleansing (last i checked entire rows of houses next to my housing area house indians, and also scattered in my own, not to mention high ranking indian colleagues and indian contractors, suppliers, consultants i work with), want us to be referred to UN, complain about being brought here by british (i mean, some chinese can also complain what, and malays can complain that nobody asked them whether they want to be flooded with migrants from outside the archipelago - basically everyone can complain lah) and some more threaten terrorism a la tamil tigers (suicide bombing, anybody?). and complain internationally that indians get heavy-handed treatment for the protest. hello! ALL protestors treated like that lah! selfish siot. takde pun cakap apa2 through their international network bila PAS kena. people and HINDRAF can say whatever they want, that they fight for rights and fight for all malaysians, bla bla bla, but how is the litmus test. tanda-tanda tak baik dah nampak, in my opinion.

  9. As far as I know, Hindraf cawangan Ampang feels like they're being used as pawns in a game by their leaders...according to them...the majority of them do not have Internet access and don't know what their leaders are up to, they are being told not to believe what they hear...even they told me they have families and kids and are the last people who want bloodshed as proposed by Uthaya..most of them don't even know what is in the memo...tak taulah....

  10. Seems like 'certain' enforcers are acting as Judge and Executioner when certain lives are deemed more important than others.

    We need the IPCMC to keep rogue enforcers from doing anything they pleased and stop playing with people's lives. When we have even the 'kepala' enforcer telling lies in broadlight, we're really in trouble. He should get an acting job like his more famous brother.

  11. Anonymous11:58 pm


    This moron never fails to amaze.
    Like the previous useless sitting pretty cj and the ec, he thinks his position entitles him to abuse the power bestowed upon him never mind if justice was meted out.


    Who was the useless judge presiding the case – another moron?


  12. Anonymous3:54 am

    If sciologists were to evaluate the Barisan controlled-media's turnspeak on Hidraf, it would be entitled "the lust to demonize." It is almost impossible to conduct a meaningful dialogue with a media bound by a Printing Act leash around its neck. I am reminded of the statesman Dr Tan Chee khoon, he was one of the few who had the capacity to speak for the downtroden without fear or favor, and that was in an era where the media was not emasculated. Umno putras and their agents have conveniently camoflouged the whole March and dissent as an incidious racial issue, a volatile attempt to stir unrest in the country. It is a winding road often travelled, yet Malaysians are not as gullible as the establishment envisions it to be.

    As you have rightly pointed out the Indians have been crushed for decades. The tarred roads they laboured over have almost become a reflection of their marginalisation, while others have long passed that road to acheive their dreams. For decades the community, their children and peoples continue to face the same cycle of poverty, discrimination and disenfranchisement.

    The Indians have often stood with others in the cause of fighting against injustices, often to the point of losing the little fincances they have. They have often walked championing the cause of emancipation for other minorities while they lost their own priveleges, often at the expsense of their own lives. Invariably, when Indians stand up for their own plight, they stand alone.This predicament after five decades of oppression will not get them any standing ovation, other than continued “Police prison lock up mystery deaths” and a stoic establishment silence and refusal to prosecute those who perpetrated brutal killings of their families in slums such as Kampong Medan.

    Selective journalism has been with us long before the oldest profession. And it does exhibit its “assets” for maximum appeal. It amuses me to varying degrees of hilarity and sorrow as to how far some would go to legitamize their prejudice and religous bigotry against Indians. Feeding off the crumbs of Umno Printing Press Act table can have an adverse effect on institutionalised loyalty and allegiance. Rice bowl journalism however does create a dependence that is hard to disenggage.

    It is interesting to observe that none of the goverment-controlled media has dared to break ranks from the establishment leash to feature an independent non-biased interviewwith Uthayakumar. His view or version of the Hindraf march has instead been portrayed as one that is seditious and militant. The issue of multiple deaths of Indians in prison or the Kampong Medan killings has been deliberately concealed.

    I have yet to see Rocky or any of the BN concubine media take Umno Youth keris waving jihadists to task for inciting racial or religous sentiment. The simple fact is that threats of ethnic cleansing by keris waving politician according to these media concubines are to be condoned, the less influential minorities with little economic clout must be coerced to apologize for using their voices, in other words, the marginalised Malaysian Indians is only qualified to be the nation's top candidate reseverved for the heaviest possible crush.

    After all, are not the marginalised Malaysian Indians and other minorities not to smile and politely nod and sing praises to the goverment's ketuanan Melayu concept? We are being constantly lectured about the "intrinsic value" of ketuanan Melayu to the point any protest may result a quick confrontation from the boys at Kamunting. Perhaps it is a silencing we will ulitmately get used to? Umno Youth hopes is passionately convinced we will.

    The legitimate issues brought up by Hindraf should not be eclipsed by selective journalism, nor Umno jihadist propaganda. As Malaysians witnessed, none of the goverment-controlled media dared to state how the Police and FRU bulldozed the Batu Caves temple and shot chemical-laced water jets and tear gas into captive crowds. After all, as far as the goverment-controlled media is concerned, the BBC and other foreign media are all united against Umno putras and on a conspisary to "fabricate" news of what happened on the Sunday March. How dare any institution challenge the almighty Barisan controlled-media!

    The local Press went on a rampage to feature a tirade of fabricated “scoops” like the allegation that Hindraf members allegedly attacked an Indian restaurant in Brickfields(Paandi). Even in their retraction (when the restaurant owner himself exposed the blatant lies), the Star failed to print a retraction. Sri Paandi Restaurant boss Mr Thomas and Mr Kumar denies making any allegation against Hindraf or to indicate that they were responsible for an attack by thugs at his restaurant. Nevertheless, Tv1, Tv2, Tv3 or NTV7, Bernama and The Malay Mail quoted that he did. Such media control and manuevering by the Umno-controlled goverment rivals any coup de tat.

    In my opinion, Indians of various religous background and persuasions will stand with Hindraf for the following reasons:

    Firstly, Hindraf has a legitimate right to speak out against the systematic ethnic cleansing of poor and marginalised Indians that has manifested over the past three decades. There is irrefutable evidence of this in the aspect of multiple deaths or “Police related lock-up deaths” and the involment of goverment in carrying out such dastardly attacks. Uthayakumar himself has documented death threats against him and the destruction to his car and property in retaliation to his determination to defend Indians from these injustices.

    Secondly, Indians of other religous and ethnic persuasions have witnessed similar violations against them, the destruction of churches and property including the demolition of crosses and statues in Christian schools and Convents and to the Orang Asli in the interior has been carried out systematically. There is documented evidence of these and other violations and the goverment must demonstrate sincerity in its claim to openess to executing justice for these oppressed groups.

    Thirdly, the current MIC leadership has failed to bring economic, social or cultural emancipation to the community. There needs to be a new impetus and reformation in seeking development and breakthrough for the community.
    The continued propaganda and demonization of Hindraf is counterproductive and serves only to promote the narrow racist policies of Umno and its Barisan agents. It is pivotal that other communities stand with Hindraf in their struggle liberate the Indian community from its captive status. When one chooses to remains silent when a minority is being crushed, it may reap silence when if falls on them.

  13. suaramalaysia....the keris waving had nothing to do with Islam, it was a RACIST gesture by Hishammuddin against the stop associating it with ISLAM and giving the jihadist label...don't talk about jihad when you know cock and spout lies only about Islam...

  14. suaramalaysia,

    there are many indians who have succeeded and made a better life for them and their families.

    and there are those who are still trapped in the vicious cycle of poverty and marginalisation and also displacement and disenfrachisement. they are the ones who need help. there should HAVE BEEN political will and commitment to effect socio-economic reforms for them.

    it is still not too late to effect these reforms.

  15. SuarahindubukanMalaysia...

    ...welcome to the world of selective journalism...where have you been all this while...baru tau??? Obviously you were sleeping like our leaders too...except when it comes to you and yours...where was Hindraf when the Bersih protesters, men, women and kids, marching for ALL Malaysians' right to free elections, transparency and accountability got sprayed... and where were you when scores of innocent Muslims got thrown into ISA (and still are languishing there) for their unproven links to so-called terrorist groups..don't recall any Hindus coming out to make noise about selective journalism then...

    ...Hindraf brays about perceived or real oppression, cover-ups, abuses, racism, bigotry etc...yet in the same breath, in order to get cheap, instant international attention, unashamedly rides on the convenient Islamist/terrorist/extremist boogeyman hysteria perpetuated falsely and unjustly upon all Muslims the world over by the US Administration and their Zionist masters in order to further their own agenda for world domination.

    Knowing that the international community would not give a hoot about some Hindus oppressed in a small corner of the world, Hindraf chooses to USE fellow Muslim Malaysians, the majority of whom have been their friends and neighbours for decades, to further their causes and grievances by riding on the ultimate attention-getter... The Islamist Boogeyman...

    India voices concern about the Indians here...yet millions of Indians live in deplorable conditions in their own nation...oppressed and ostracized by their OWN through a "convenient" caste system...such hypocrisy...I guess if Hindus oppress their own its ok...

    The US Congress has set up a panel to protest the treatment of Indians here, and yet the inhumane and horrific treatment of Guantanamo detainees (who were merely defending their own country, Afghanistan) and the profiling and discrimination and automatic extremist/terrorist labeling of Muslims and the loss of many of their civil liberties continues...ditto Britain, Europe and Australia...hypocrisy and double standards of the so-called civilized nations.

    Do not taint the inherently just and fair Islamic religion and all the Malay Muslims by relating it and them to the actions of some Umno fanatics/government stooges with their own warped view and selective use of Islam.

    Malaysia, despite many weaknesses in the system and the arrogance and detachment of the leaders, has given many of us a chance for a better life, if we choose to work for it...and I'm speaking from experience, because my father came from Jalandhur as an illiterate boy, selling even cows, cycling for miles... to eke out a living... and through sheer hard work and perseverance, ran a textile business with his relatives, managing to put me and my siblings through school and university...and taught himself to read...(ending up arguing with us as to who would get the first read of the latest Reader's Digest and Newsweek...) don't dwell on the negative, think of all the opportunities we have here in a peaceful nation, ..and work towards cleaning up the government and calling for greater accountability TOGETHER...a clean government with more checks and balances will ensure that the rights of all the races will be protected and no elected official/public servant will be able to act with impunity against ANY Malaysian.

  16. Anonymous2:36 pm

    I don't think the gunny fler is a see..he is so indebted to the armno sh*theads, he is just paying back. I don't think he sleep well.

    This is what happens when you sell your soul.

  17. Anonymous3:56 pm

    If one throws a rock at another person, there is a chance that the other person being hit will suffer grievous injury.And if his skull suffers fractures, he may die.

    So let us see whether Gani Patail is bodoh or those Hindus are.

  18. Anonymous9:43 pm

    the AG? he replaced the whole prosecution team with that from the commercial crime division. shit, there's C4 involved. no, its ok coz there is need for a bigger agenda. only he knows what it is. but to me, he stinks big big time.
    better keep my my mouth shut. he may cite me for inciting some shit.
    oops, I thought he is in support of the ex-CJ to replace the common laws. well, do you think jhe is fit to talk about that? your take, readers.

  19. Anonymous11:02 pm
    HINDRAF : IGP terrorist claim 10 Million suit “IGP and AG linked to AL Queda”



    If this statement really issued by Uthayakumar a/l Ponnusamy
    i don't think anybody should support HINDRAF. What he wants to achieve by issuing such statement?
    Fueling more anger?

    by MixBlood