Thursday, December 06, 2007

Girls, don't carry their bags, OK?

Falling for the same trick, over and over again. At this very moment, Raja Munirah Raja Iskandar Shah (left) faces a 7-year jail sentence in Japan for carrying Milad's luggage at the Tokyo airport. She was arrested with 100g of syabu in the bag and the Japanese courts are not convinced that the Iranian man really exist.

But compared with Umi Azlim Mohamad Lazim, Munirah must consder herself very lucky. Umi Azlim from Kelantan is facing death in China (read here). What happened to her was what happened to Munirah: she carried a friend's bag, seemingly without caring what the bag contained. On that fateful day, that bag contained nearly 3kg of heroine.

These are bright, young Malaysians. But sometimes all it takes is a half-second lapse in judgement. You go to jail for such lapses. You may even pay with your life.

Thing is, there have been cases like Munirah's and Umi's. Same shit, different day: Malaysian girl asked by Middle Eastern man to carry his luggage/Malaysian girl arrested as drugs found in bag/Middle Eastern guy nowhere to be seen/Malaysian girl charged in court/Malaysian girl go to jail.

I am riled and so dissappointed, but what I feel is not important right now. The family of Munirah is in dire need of help. Her father needs to raise RM20,000 to pay for the legal fees to appeal against the jail sentence. If you want to help, click here to the KMU site for details, including his bank account number.

For Umi Azlim and her mom and dad, I pray for you.

It'd be great if there are Malaysian lawyers to take up the girls' cases. It'd be greater if our girls learn from these tragedies and say NO to any request to carry any man's luggage. If nothing else, it's un-ladylike. Let them lug their own bags.


  1. Anonymous9:03 pm

    Sorry but I have to be crude. I can't sympathize with these girls. Remember the Perlis girl case in Australia? So much publicity then. No lessons learnt from this case?

    It is not the issue of lugging bags. It is the lure of all things material - the money, the trips to these foreign countries. Bright and intelligent they are not. Gullible, yes.

  2. I know Munirah! We used to go to the same college. Didn't know her all that well, but still. It's really odd to see people you know in the news, especially for things like this.

  3. Anonymous9:32 pm

    bro rocky's bru..

    nice piece so saddened by the increase in the number of similar incidences (almost 30 cases)using the same modus operandi by this foreigners especially the iranians and the nigerians....the big question mark is why our government keep silence on this?is it bcoz we have severe penalties for drug traffickers that make the government shy away under the pretext not to meddle into other countries affairs... meaning that the fate of our citizens are left unattended?what happened to our foreign affairs and women affairs ministry?why they fail to extend their assistance to the bereived families of the victims?what happen to our PDRM and all the intelligence network that dealings with the drugs syndicate?i thought our PDRM is amongst the best in the world ranking....shit!

  4. Anonymous9:49 pm

    Yes. Way to go Rocky. Malay/Muslim girls carry bags for foreign Muslim men and get caught with drugs, you ask lawyers to help. POOR THINGS YA.
    But Indians in this country who cannot find work and are being treated so badly by fellow Malaysians and the government system, you blast them as traitors and the AG and government accuse them of "attempted murder" and the IGP says they are working with terrorist groups, and YOU, ROCKY, perpetuate the hatred against the marginalised and hapless Indians by your snide remarks and hurtful racist words.
    I would like to ask for a laywer with some conscience to take up the case of the Indians in jail on trumpted up charges. On their behalf, sue the police and Malaysian government and the AG for persecution. The police went into a temple with batons and water canons and tear gas in an ATTEMPT TO MURDER Indians. Take that up.

  5. Anonymous9:52 pm

    Not just Middle eastern men but also nice old ladies. I have been approached by such ladies to help carry their bags. What I did was refer them to the airline staff

  6. Money runs in our lives
    The rich don’t need it badly
    As the poor and financially trapped

    The heart breaking stories
    Of gullible women on paid trips
    The kind hearted souls thinking it costs nothing
    Getting peanuts lose lives in the end

    Don’t tell me these women aren’t educated
    They gone to school and universities
    Yeah life can be hard in growing up years
    This is the part one has to play
    Knock on doors hard it may be

    Don’t go for the short cut to get rich
    There is nothing free in getting wealth
    One has to pay the honest way
    Bend the rules lose a life

    Be very observant
    Let the mind tells you the traps
    Nothing is free when it is money
    Don’t fall for the job sounding so easy

    Lessons many never learn
    Hardship and sorrows part of the life
    It is to build history and smile seeing the light
    This is what it is meant
    Work hard for it
    Don’t short changed a life
    Just because there is easy money!

  7. you know wat?

    I am going to be TOTALLY politically incorrect & heartless here..and plse..I mean absolutely NO disrespect to the feelings (& trauma) of the families of these 2 young ladies; and others like theirs.

    BUT BUT BUT...the thing is -

    1. It is not as if we are living in an age of no info.

    And this is NOT the 1st time ppl hv heard of such horror stories.

    Even movies have been made about such incidents, no?

    So how can these ladies profess their ignorance of such matters?

    Furthermore staff of airline counters (sometimes) even ask you if you hv packed yr own luggage.

    2. Being Msian all of us are aware that drug trafficking is punishable by death in our own country. So it isn't as if Msia is lenient on such matters.

    So why would these ladies not understand the repercussions of such a grave matter?

    3. These ladies are not teenagers. They are young adults.

    Other than learning 1 should not hv unprotected sex (for fear of contracting AIDS/STD), 1 shouldn't steal, rob or murder, etc..we should be able to take responsibility for our own lives, no?

    How many lessons & blah blah blah can parents and society keep drumming into ppl before the lessons are ALL learnt?

    So rocky while it is admirable u do what u do to highlight the plight of these young that others may learn from them - HOWEVER...

    I am afraid many will feel like me about such a matter.

    I think, given everyone's limited resources and countless other more (perhaps) deserving & pressing needs, it may be difficult to justify exactly why we should help these "victims"

    & again, I am NOT blaming these young ladies for their naivity but surely they have brought this on themselves in 1 way or another?

    SIGH....I can already hear the gun shots being fired in my Fire away ppl!

  8. Anonymous11:32 pm

    Never carry others belonging across border even if the person is in the same group. Just make it habit or 'principle'. The type of people lurking around such places is very complicated.

  9. Anonymous11:36 pm

    Hence the 3 magic questions at EU airports:
    1) did you pack your luggage yourself?
    2) were you asked by someone else to carry anything for them?
    3) did anyone tamper with your luggage?

    as much as i feel sympathetic for the plight of these women, they somehow dugged their own hole.

  10. Anonymous12:05 am

    Tengok muka .. memang chomel pun .As you Bro ,i pray for them too.But.. Depa pun kena ingat juga abang oii ,, pak arab,pak itam dan paki ni nak apa dengan depa , belajak tinggi tinggi ,mana peei akai ?,Nak Happening sangat ke tu ? mak bapa menaroh harapan gila kat depa ni . macham si Siti Nazira .. si husband chilok anak bawak ke pakistan ,baru nak minta tolong . Girls ... pegang kat pedoman yang di didik dari kecil . if not ... 7 years in yakuza land and please do not use Ignorance as and excuse .. coz its not " A Bliss!!!

  11. Anonymous12:06 am

    It never ceases to amaze me the speed at which politicians from Umno or the goverment move when inviduals of a certain race is in hot water overseas.

    This amazement sometimes turns to disgust as not a peep would be heard from any of these "concerned" or "deeply troubled" people when non-bumi Malaysians are in similar crisis.

    I have first hand evidence of such preferential bias based on race. It sends chills down my spine as some of the non-bumi Malaysians were lectured that "you are most certainly responsible for getting yourself in such a mess", and we send our best wishes on you and your loved ones to have a decent burial.

    Malaysia, truly asia, oh how sweet it sounds. It is like a durian that is half rotten, on the outside the picture and the smell invigorates - one needs only to remove the husk to discover the filth, malice and racism.

  12. I have two teenage daughters flying by themselves from abroad in a couple of days. Instructions to them: Absolutley no christian charity to any nice old lady on a wheelchair who wants to add any luggage to yours just because she is over weight and you guys are travelling light. No carrying oranges or even duty free for anybody even if they have only got one hand and the most loveliest smiles on their faces.

    anyway, it is not only these Malaysians sweating it out for their stupidity. There are Austrlains too languishing in Bali for what they claim is similar stupidity. One case though could be a set up as she claims no knowledge of how it got to her surf board...Could have been put there in transit. So you just never know do you.

  13. Anonymous12:48 am

    PAS has committed itself in helping Umi by sponsoring her parents plus their Chinese-spoken guide. And if necessary all legal expenses will be borne by PAS. Way to go. We need more good samaritan around in the country where lackeys are abundant.....

  14. Anonymous12:58 am

    By cash or cheque deposit to their account via ATM. Depending if to be Anonymous.

    Website to list out the transfer or deposit so any donation be confirmed!

    If they have e-banking,
    this can be easily done!

  15. Anonymous1:57 am

    Bodoh nak mamposs.

    Anyway, I wish them lots of luck.

  16. I agree, girls have to be smart about it.Dont fall into the trap.

  17. Anonymous8:47 am

    hahahahahaha...tu dia yang najib dok ndak..melayu glokal. dulu cina saja bawak dadah pi Ostrolia, Amarika dan Eropah. La ni melayu bodoh tapi gelojoh dah jadi glokal dengan jadi pembawa dadah. di melaya orang melayu dok kena hina, di luar negeri dok buat bencana. hangpa tanggunglah bahana. tok sah dok simpati dengan orang macam ni. cari sapa tokeh depa. melayu ka cina ka. dok tak dok india. maju malaysia bawah Islam Hadhari. kalu mengantuk tambah tidok siang hari. kalu lapak makan roti mengali.

  18. Anonymous9:36 am

    What kind of ppl will fall for this carrying thing? So stupid.

  19. We'd like to believe that they are innocent because they are Malaysian. It's a different story with the Japanese/Chinese police, and for that matter our police when they nab a foreigner coming into the country with that much drug in a bag. I'm sure the Japanese and the Chinese citizen believe the Malaysian women are guilty, the way we'd like to believe when a foreigner is caught the same way in our country.

    Maybe one of them has to die in order to send a clear message to Malaysians (men and women) that you don't carry people's bag for fun without knowing what's in it. We can't keep blaming Iranian or Middle Eastern men for doing this to Malaysian women. We are not all that innocent as we'd like to think we are.

  20. This is another sad scene. These culprits just won't stop targeting innocent malaysian. Really have to be careful on the luggage you carry. Be sure to always lock it before you check in. Even your handcarry, make sure nobody touches it.

  21. Anonymous12:17 pm

    It is stupid to carry other people begs during customs clearance, no matter how helpless or innocence the person might be, you never know what is inside the beg.

  22. sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh....

    rocky.... i just don't know what to say.

    i have stopped asking why these girls fell for "that" trick. Obviously, they were duped.

  23. Anonymous2:55 pm

    I pray that they are given the strength to go through the ordeal.

    Anyhow, one can't help wondering how these university students could become so credulous, naive and stupid. Even my school going nieces understand 'never to travel with bags that they have not inspected the content'.

  24. Anonymous3:17 pm

    Anniyan and suaramalaysia

    For goodness sake, I dont think the Malays had not been helping non Malays. I have help many non Malays, so are many of my relative and friends within my circle.

    It is not only Indian who cant find job in this country. Stop being so self centered. The suraus belonging to PAS followers had also being forcefully demolished.

    It is just natural for people to feel closer to their own kind. Even DAP or MCA are quick to help whenever we hear a Chinese is in trouble. I am sure, Anniyan, you feel a lot closer to an Indian. These are just natural animal instinct which are not racism.

  25. wow

    And I thought I was gonna be shot for being "insensitive" here..

    Agree with Bergen abt how Msians would feel when a foreigner is arrested in Msia for doing the same

    There would be little sympathy amongst us; and so vice versa the same in other countries - China, Japan, USA, India etc!

    PAS had better have a deep pocket and feel no animosity towards China (and Chinese ppl by the same extention) if Umi can not be helped despite everything money can buy!

  26. Anonymous3:21 pm

    SuaraMalaysia pls dont try to make this a racial issue . Its nothing racial about this . Tsk tsk .. shame on you .

    These girls are mind blowing STUPID . Pantang tengok jantan yang handsome sikit. Real damn stupid . I would not pity her or anyone in such trouble. Sendiri cari sendiri tanggung la .

    As for donations I rather give to the poor ppl who really need help here in Malaysia.

    Same goes for Nazirah , Seriously I dont find the Government need to help her. Married that guy coz he looked like bollywood star ... are Fuck*(& kidding me ? Whats wrong with her parents , cant they stopped it .

    For all these girls the policy should be you dig your own grave you jump into it... you find your self out of it. Sendiri buat sendiri tanggung le...

  27. Anonymous3:40 pm

    anniyan...why don't all of you get together and DO something constructive instead of whining and barking and threatening other races and creating trouble and inciting hatred and perpetuating lies ha? typical la of you people...all drama and ranting and mayhem...its in the blood..go drink some clorox and cleanse the hatred in you...putar beli kot situ gak...macamla you indians are the only ones suffering in this nation, EVERYONE HAS SUFFERED IN ONE INSTANCE OR THE OTHER, me ...WHAT HAVE YOU DONE ABOUT MAKING MALAYSIA A SAFER PLACE? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE ABOUT HELPING MAKE SURE OUR KIDS DON'T GET MURDERED BY ALL THE BEASTS OUT THERE, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR MALAYSIA AND IT BETTERMENT????? I remember the police descrating Masjid Negara during reformasi and demolishing a few suraus and many squatter homes of ALL races...see anyone else threatening to KILL their fellow Malysians??? NO, we just get together to press for clean elections and transparency and accountability so ALL cases of injustices TO ALL RACES are dealt with. Your Hindraf way of burning the house we live in is betul2 BODOH!! So many innocent Muslims were also arrested and held under ISA for so many false charges during the height of Bush's Crusade...but do you see us whining and braying like asses and calling for blood????? Pakai otak la!!!!

  28. Anonymous3:49 pm


    Uthayakumar already done that for the Hindus..(not ALL Indian) fact he is a lawyer in practice.

    The only thing is that , instead of persuing his fight for the under previleged & poor Hindus rights against the corrupted govt, he crossed the line by going against ALL MALAYS & MUSLIMS that constitute the majority volume of this country! He is the one who invited the trouble by his way of actions!

    We are all human..don't say that a normal human being irrespective of colors & religions do not have mercy or hearts on others plight including the Indians.

    By inviting foreign party to interfere and accussing this country supporting Muslim terrorist in his memo and without valid proof..its already HIM against the YDP Agong & the Persekutuan Malaysia..

    What else do you expect the kind of retaliation from the screwed govt powerhouse, when all Persekutuan Malaysia available legal provision are in favour of them as the result arising from Uthaya provocative actions? The lawyer should know better about the law!

    The charges to go against the Persekutuan Malaysia & YDP Agong is bethrayal & its death at the gallow. Same case like the extremist al-Maunah! Lucky they have not decided to use that on him yet!

    Its a free blogsphere here in Rocky's Bru..if anybody respond to your favour then its your luck, same as PAS who sponsoring legal aid to the girl with China case.

    Have you called Samy Vellu and Kayveas or Karpal Singh or even Ananda & Tony (to pay for Karpal Singh service) about this?

  29. Anonymous3:55 pm

    Let's not be civil about the issue at hand...those girls are just too gatal. Parents are parents, surely to them their girls are angels.

  30. Anonymous4:08 pm

    I sincerely think most of us would have supported the Hindraf march had the memo not contained such lies and racism and don't blame other Malaysians...blame your leaders anniyan and suaramalaysia...or is it suarahindu sahaja?

  31. What can I say?! They are morons!!

  32. They felt for it because of their yearn to travel to see the world! Sad really sad!

  33. Anonymous4:35 pm

    dari isu yang mudah, jadi bahan untuk menyalahkan kerajaan. orang politik ambil kesempatan untuk kepentingan politik. perbincangan disini dah menular kepada perkauman. sebab itu negara ini masih belum bersedia untuk membenarkan rakyatnya bersuara mengeluarkan pendapat sesuka hati. kesudahannya isu perkauman, agama dan lain-lain lagi yang boleh menyakitkan hati antara satu sama lain baik melayu, cina atau india.
    bila seorang melontarkan emosi berbaur perkauman maka yang lain akan turut serta. kesudahannya kita tunggu dan lihat apa akan jadi nanti. pada masa itu menyesal tidak berguna.

    bila rakyat kita ditahan di negara luar kerana sesuatu kesalahan menurut undang-undang negara berkenaan tiada apa yang kerajaan boleh buat untuk melepaskan mereka selain daripada membenarkan proses undang-undang negara berkenaan menangani kes tersebut. selain daripada itu sendiri mau ingat.

  34. Anonymous4:35 pm

    Sad to say but I think both girls are guilty .

    I dont really buy the I carry bag for someone routine .

  35. Anonymous5:08 pm

    Rocky Oh're looking for sympathy for these girls??? So call 30,000 innocent indians who marched on the 25th Dec and they were all called names 'uneducated', paria keling and thugs and all out to create trouble. But when these 2 educated girls get caught for their crime that they were very well aware of and all I hear is pls lawyers help these poor innocent girls ?. What a crock??! Excuse me, I have no sympathy for such people like someone here said, looking for quick money and richness.These girls were not marginalised or beggars in the streets either. It really disgust me further when I hear people are so bias when it comes their own races expecially how they worry a muslim being caught or sentenced to prison in a foreign land and the hoo haa Malaysian goverment make. But the reverse can't be said the same for the non Muslims. Geez Rocky, pls la stop your hypocrisy and your racial bias -ness. Sorry no SYMPATHY for such people.

  36. Anonymous5:14 pm

    I have experience where a old lady asking me to carry her bag because she has three hand luggage (airport limited only two hand luggage). "I said sorry I'm not the bell boy!"... it's rude but I dont want to be jail or hang...... it's okay as a Malaysian?

  37. Anonymous5:17 pm

    ppl make mistakes and they have to pay for it.. for munirah not excluded. unless she's been scammed. On this issues, shes clearly make a mistake.

  38. First time commenting in your blog. Looks like very few sympathisers. BTW you wrote:"On that fateful day, that bag contained nearly 3kg of heroine." Hmm must be a very mini female bro. Bollywood certainly not. If heroin then something else.

    Sad indeed. But that is the law. As many have stated in the comments if by now you don't know the folly of carrying baggage which is not 100% your own then u have to face the consequences. BTW there was a Malaysian Indian girl too that was a similar victim. Don't recall you appealing for her. Hmmm you seem to have put off a lot of Indians. But even though I don't know you personally I know that you are a buddy of "Zorro" and so I think you deserve the benefit of the doubt.

    Cheers my friend.

  39. Cik Ina ,, duped ?? Mass comm student ? please lah . They got what they deserve. Like Rock said... its UnLadylike to carry Guys Luggage. Old school maybe . Depa bukan bangang ,,, depa tahu apa yang depa buat .And we have hung foreigners for lesser grammage . food for thought . and ,,,Semacam lah gadis yang kahwin shah rukh khan pakistani tu ,, anak dah bawak lari ,, baru cari menteri .Rock ,, if u wanna send a Lawyer to tokyo ,,send the moron Uthaya .

  40. At Amman airport some years ago, some Malay chap wanted us to help check in some of his huge stalks of tamar...didn't check to see it was a tamarlike terrorist (muslim mind you, no less) bomb or a year's supply of crack or heroin or syabu in the buah tamar itself....

  41. Anonymous6:46 pm

    ONE MORE --- Irine Manggi, 20-an, berasal dari Kampung Rayu, Matang Kuching, Sarawak, yang ditahan polis Brazil atas kesalahan membawa dadah jenis kokain di lapangan terbang Sao Paolo, pada Julai lalu dan kini Irine menunggu nasibnya yang akan ditentukan mahkamah negara itu. Esok keluar paper. Also Malay Mail sold today to Singapore, confirm.

  42. Eh, Rocky, I just noticed the word "pakiterminator" as one of the commentators' ID...

    OMG...does this mean, jeng, jeng, jeng...I'm facing ethnic cleansing too since I'm 70 percent Paki...should I call Musharaff or Bhutto?? Are they too bz with shit in their own country to help? Hey...wait a minute, I also have Indian technically can ask Manmohan for help or Hindraf..but eh... Uthaya also a bigot..its only for Hindus...damn...

    ...hey... maybe I can cry for help to Ahmadenijad since I have Persian ties...alamak..but he also too the crosshairs of the Crusaders... kids are half technically I'm also Melayu by I can ask for help from the Umnoputras too..or the Yamtuan?? Nah...the latter got Tatler issues to fill...

    Pakiterminator..I'm at your mercy...

  43. Well, whaddaya know? We hang people including foreigners for having narcotics on them, even though the evidence was shaky, and now that the tables are turned... some of us get hysterical. Even better, its a young pretty Malay girl... thats a damsel in distress & a cause celebre for PAS & Utusan.

    Don't agree with the death penalty for drug mules, though. Especially considering that we and Singapore are friendly with the leaders in Myanmar, who have stakes in the narco trade. One hand with the noose, the other hand shakes the Myanmar general's/drug baron's hand.

  44. Anonymous9:16 pm

    I am beginning to wonder whether writing from people such as Anniyan, suaramalaysia, Jasgill and several anonymous are really truly words that come deep from the heart of an Indian; or are they strategy of 'you know who' to flare up racial sentiments among the Malays.

    It is silly and childish to question Rocky for appealing for help on behalf of the girls and linking the act with racism

    It is undeniable that racism exist in Malaysia, and the disease inflicts all ethnics. The Chinese discriminate against the Malays, Indians, Indonesians etc. The Malays against the Chinese, Indians, Indonesians, Burmese etc. The Indians against the Malays, Chinese etc.

    Shouting racist at each other will not bring us to anywhere. It is better to reform ourselves first, before demanding others not to be racist. I guess the first step toward reconciliation is to understand what is upsetting the others.

    It is good that people expressed themselves. The Chinese and Indians are very loud in expressing themselves. I hope the Malays could also be as loud to express the discrimination faced by them. Ask any Malay who had/has work in one of the company privately owned by the non Malays (70% of the companies are owned by non Malay). Ask any university student where the majority of the lecturers are non Malay.

  45. Anonymous12:12 am


    Jangan cakap banyaklah!! Bodoh people are the ones who do not see things is a bigger perspectives.

    You think polis2 kat US tu semua beradab ke kat pak itam2 (blacks), kat hispanics, etc.!

    At least polis kat Malaysia ni SEMUA dia belasah! Melayu cina india indon bangla etc. MANA ADA PILIH KASIH?! Hahahahah!!!

    You VERY STUPID RACIST bugger!!!
    Pandai cakap guna bontot oops! LUTUT aje!!.. Macam tak ade otak nak guna!!

    Nak kesian, kesian kat SEMUA lah!! Bukan india aje, bodoh!! Dasar RACIST!!

    Dahlah racist, TAK PANDAI GUNA OTAK PULAK TU!! - memalukan Negara aje ada rakyat otak sekerat macam anda ni!!!

  46. Anonymous1:19 pm

    Anniyan, suaramalaysia, Jasgill and those anon-balls Hindraf casted tribe..

    Other than moaning, ranting & mumbling and even condemning Rocky's posting, why don't you people start your own so-called fair blogspehere in favour with all your whatever things and try to be at par with Rocky's too ?

    Its a free blospehere here..anybody can condemned anybody and should expect the same returns for his/her words!

    Or are your afraid that most likely that MAJORITY MALAYSIAN MALAYS & MUSLIM will swarm your blog, attacking you with their cruel words other than putting sympathy as you expected..?

    Then the editing process will sure to take placed in your blog and some more you pretend to be non-racist, fair to everybody and all those meritocracy craps..

    Try putting a real test and see the reality result will you people? Start excrete out from your cocun.


    Do you HINDRAF people are soooo pathetic like spineless snakes? At least snakes got bones not like worms..

    Kutuk & komen org saja pandai...kena tongkat, kena subsidi..sendiri pun sama..salah org bila kena tindas, silap2 diri sendiri lagi teruk pasal asyik harap org lain sampai ke Queen E & Negara India utk bawa perubahan kpd diri sendiri...poooorahh!

    Why should I pity on you MINORITY HINDRAFs who go against the MAJORITY?

    Well..whether you like it or not..they called it DEMOCRACY! Yes..majority do speaks in democracy..the world are playing on the same bloody field for that rule!

    You people are working in the reverse direction of that rule and blamed others when you end up in deep shit! Its like excreting the sh!t to the brain instead exit via asshole.

    You should know better the end result you clowning moron!
    Not so smart after all eh, even for the so-called lawyer?

  47. Anonymous9:09 pm

    Wow. I'm really surprised at all of you. So quick to pass judgment, isn't it? So easy to turn ourselves into judge, jury and executioner. We don't know exactly what happened to the two ladies that led to their unfortunate circumstances other than what was reported. We don't know for sure if they really are guilty. What happened to "innocent till proven guilty"? Who are we to speculate, judge and call them stupid?


  48. Anniyan , you are being Racist here and i as a Malaysian of Indian Descent am offended by your comments.Did you get the issue here ?Where in Rock's posting did he say "MALAY GIRL" ? He said "These are bright, young Malaysians" was how i remembered it.You got an axe to grind , grind elsewhere ! And Emm ,, ur probably right . They could be Innocent !Kadir sheikh fadzir is definately Malay and i Could be of Inuit stock.

  49. Anonymous9:31 am

    A very likely story. I bet they were trying to make a quick yuan or yen. Standard excuse you you get busted. Stay and rot in jail.

  50. Anonymous6:36 pm

    i used to know this girl back in 2006..cause my bf is one of her friends..she is a good person but really she's alredy a junkie back then..popping on e and crack...i bet a lot of her knows her well,she's quite famous in her college.