Friday, December 07, 2007

Malaysian blogger to be quizzed by cops

Jeff Ooi. The Screenshots blogger has been summoned by the CCID of Bukit Aman this Monday at 2pm for an interview over a statement he was supposed to have issued to an Al-Jazeera reporter. On Nov 18, the NST reported that three NGOs had lodged a report with the police over the said "statement" and wanted the police to investigate Jeff Ooi.
Several bloggers have been called in by the cops for questioning this year, including Nathaniel Than and Mr and Mrs Raja Petra Kamarudin.
Anyone joining me at Bukit Aman this Monday?
[Read Jeff Ooi summoned by Bukit Aman CCID].


Mr. Smith said...

I wonder how low the Police will go to please UMNO. It mazes me how fast the act against Opposition members.
I have a few questions.
Did those who lodged the report see and hear Jeff on Al Jazeera?
If so, which word or phrase or sentence is seditious and tarnished the country's image?
Jeff can safely tell the cops to show him the clip to remind him of what he had said and ask them to point out what exactly is seditious?
Mind you, it has to be the original clip from Al Jazeera and not from U tube.
By the way, is tarnishing the country's image a crime?
If so grad in Zam too.
This is political victimization by the police on UMNO's behalf.

Sharing said...

1. Only Victim can have a say!!
country, government and police force??
But they are barred from suing defamation!

"What are their legal Standi? "
the judge on the Toll concessionaire case asked?

Hope this one is in the same court?
But, will the judge asked
or take is the trick!
2. What are the damage?

3. When what were told are incorrect
Then what are correct?

Images in most case are innuendo
Plaintiff need particulars to plead if to do so!
Plaintiff will have hard time to plead with innuendo!

Not knowing the Law make jokes
Not knowing the law get strokes!


"Good Luck, Good Health, God Bless You!"


Anonymous said...

I remember someone lodged a report against our sleepy HEAD someitme back for some amendments made to some minutes during a meeting. WHat happened ah? The ever so efficient police already quizzed our sleepy Head?

Old Fart said...

Yes it is very important they haul up and question Jeff. That the defacto Minister of Law, Nazri as well as Minister of Information Zam brought greater indignity talking bloody senseless nonsense and raising questions about the mental health of the whole of the Malaysian population is a greateer threat to the conomic future of the country seems not even to be recognised.

That two UMNO ministers wanted the crosses in Mission schools brought down and that such a suggestion might if referenced to, say, the Chinese gods and godesses might have caused a revolt seems to be of no threat to national security is something that judges will have to think about. How can the same police department on the one hand say jay walking on the road is dangerous and yet they themselves and do the jay walking with themselves withtheir families and not do anything about it? There is obvious inconsistencies here.

Or is it that they recognise that it is only the Malays who have the proclivity for running amok and therefore only anything said or done to potentially trigger that proclivity can be a threat to the security of the nation, then maybe it is about time that this is made law. After all there is no action taken or threats against any UMNO member or ulamak who say the darnest insensitive thing about the non-Malays/Muslims. Is it recognised that or is it an assumption that the non-Malays/muslims do not have the proclivity for running amok and therefore there is really no threat to the nation when Nazri, Zam, Badaruddin or the Butoh guy from Sabah say all those foul things about the non-Malay/Muslims? Therefore teh UMNO/Malay/ Muslims are perfectly alright to get as disparaging as they want on nons but not the other way around.

After all since MIC and MCA acceed to all this that is happening, shall I suggest that we might as well make this law so that there is nothing to protest anymore as it becomes law. We Malaysians are good followers of the law after all.

lucia said...

mental jog

why don't bukit aman summoned the thamby (ex melaka CM) for his highly seditious remarks instead?

zorro said...

Rocky, Jeff alerted me. I HAVE to be there for Jeff....2pm, Monday at Bukit Aman. See ya.

Mr. Smith, Bloggers never run. Because they stand their ground, the authorities can easily pick them up. So what....take your pick.

zorro said...

Anon 8.07

It's coming and it is going to be in the form of a criminal impeachement.

zorro said...

Guys, Bukit Aman 2 pm Monday....walk with Jeff.

galadriel said...

I'll be there, even though my kaki blistered from walking around in new shoes. Let's hope it heals.

caravanserai said...

Anything to do with UMNO
The police won’t make the walk
The IGP will sit on it
Talking in his hand-phone
He makes his business
To sleep on it until nobody remembers
So this is how it is working
Maybe I am wrong
But I read it is whom you know
The difference lies from there

When UMNO or its affiliates lodges police report
The top brass quickly swings into action
Calling the person to go to police station
Without clear cut investigation

What is the truth?
When it is at what point you looked
It is hard to say the least
But it is UMNO so it never wrong!

This is the thing
Too much power too long on the throne
Every thing and event disagree
UMNO will go after you

And the sleepy head will say
“Walk with me; talk to me”
When the people tell him so
He falls asleep some more

This is outright intimidation
By the police indirectly by UMNO and its affiliates
To block off any dissent amongst the people
Every thing is golden on the streets to the throne
No voice to dissent; no voice to protest

Remember the UMNO general assembly?
Police never swing into action
Though DAP made police report
Until today it is zero and zero

Anonymous said...

This is crap, unbelievable and only available in Malaysia because of those uniform jokers (being control by gobloks)!

Anonymous said...

freer society and more democratic space? pui, i spit about this spin. as crass i dont want to be, but i cant help it. hypocrisy in the highest order.