Saturday, December 22, 2007

Dr M: I'll testify if needed

ACA interviews former PM. Dr Mahathir Mohamad said today the ACA came to see him yesterday on the VK Lingam video clip.

"There were 3 officers," he said. Their meeting lasted an hour.

Dr M told a press conference at the Perdana Leadership Foundation that he would testify if the Royal Commission wants him to. "If I am required to testify, I can't say no."

He was responding to a question if he had been approached by the authorities with regards to the controversual video. Asked about allegations of judge-fixing that followed the disclosure of the video clip by his former deputy, Anwar Ibrahim, Dr Mahathir said he had not seen the video and would not know of whatever might have been said in the videod phone conversation between lawyer Lingam and the former Chief of Justice, said to be the man at the other end of the line.

Sources said among things dicussed during the ACA interview were letters related to the appointment of a CJ.

Ethnic cleansing, street demos, and ISA.

On the use of the Internal Security Act to arrest the Hindraf 5, Dr M reminded the press conference that when he was prime minister he used to apply the ISA to detain people as well.

"We are a democratic country. If you elect people who believe in the ISA, the ISA will be there. If you don't like the ISA, don't vote people who believe in the ISA," he said.

On Hindraf's claims that the Indians in the country have been marginalised and were victims of ethnic cleansing, Dr M said: "I read a lot of ethnic cleansing in Bosnia but here in Malaysia I have not heard of thousands of Indians being killed. I find the allegations (of ethnic cleansing of Indians in Malaysia) a little bit absurd."

Dr M said Hindraf was entitled to raise the issues facing the Indians in the country, "but there are other ways of doing it." The former PM also said he's not against street demonstrations if there are no other ways available to raise one's grouses.

Earlier, Dr M launched the book "The Third World and International Law" by Tunku Sofiah Jewa, a niece of first prime minister Tunku Abdul Rahman. It was his first official do since his heart surgery on Sept 6. I must say he looked a little frail. But I had to agree with the reporter from the Star, who quipped after the press conference: "He hasn't lost it."


  1. Anonymous2:49 pm

    I think Tun would relish the idea of testifying.

  2. Anonymous3:52 pm

    Tun should testify. Afterall, VK Lingam did act for him in a defamation suit. I wonder who recommended VK to Tun.

  3. Anonymous4:31 pm

    You are nothing but a two-face lying Hypo with no honour ,Mahathir.
    you will face your demons here and after.

  4. Dr. M... love him, blame him, or miss him...or all three...he is still one in a million...taruk the western media cukup2...apa nama...selamba ja...

  5. Anonymous4:54 pm

    Yoohoo Dr.M
    I miss him rule the country.
    Malaysia misses his leadership.
    I agree with Dr.M in everyhing he said.

  6. Say WHAT your guys wanna say about the Doc ! Dont Mess with him. He will have you guys like Cereal for Breakfast ,, minus the Milk. The Ultimate POlitical Animal .

  7. And Reporter From the STAR ,, HOPE the Rock didnt just Bury you !

  8. I missed the man ... too much to ridicule this PM from sleeping in function, bumbling his PC and interview, mismentioning name of the country's host ...

    Anyone interested could read my latest on PM's DiGi sponsored korban. I miss TDM as PM. With him, you can't catch him dead without an answer.

    Hmm ... what letter Rocky? I bet he has justifiably made those appointments based on someone's recomendation and in writing.

  9. Anonymous5:49 pm

    MOre like a fork tongue ex-dictator, he is.

  10. Jediraj,

    The Star fella was ok; he came over to say hello and even thanked me for asking the question that led to the ACA answer. He and the Malaysiakini reporter were not bad with their questions, I must say.

    And Mr Lempoyang! You do seem to know your stuff! The letters, yes the damn letters!

  11. Anonymous6:22 pm

    The Rock, are you telling me that you are now becoming members of the unjustly group?

  12. Anonymous6:28 pm

    I find no hypocrisy in his media statement. He was truthful in saying that he had used "ISA"; hence, in this context, he practices what he says.

    However, as with the rest of BN politicians, he remained confused with the meaning of democracy, likely to be self-inflicted, a form of denial and rationalisation. The vote for BN by no mean suggests that people sanctioned every one of the BN manifesto including "ISA". The vote for BN is simply because the oppositions, collectively, are hopeless. BN would loose once the oppositions evolved to become credible, equivalent to the oppositions /former oppositions in some other countries, for example in the USA, Republicans and Democrats; Australia, Liberals and Labour; UK, Labour, Liberals and Conservative;

    The limited exposure in the main stream media has retards much of the opposition's opportunities to progress. However, it is really up to the oppositions whether to navigate themselves into chaotic political parties, where emotion overrule the brain and the tendency to cocoon oneself in the self-belief idea of "always being correct", like those in Pakistan; or they want to model themselves into a group of mature and developed politicians. I believe alternative avenues are wide opened, despite the oppression.

  13. ........may the truth prevail.......minus the drama......

  14. Cool bro ,, tks for the Reply . Was thinking if the The Star's Double D read your Blog and would PenilISE the journo.A Good Question from a Journo is always a breath of fresh Air .And BTW ,, isnt Lempoyang SOME kinda kueh ?? Pardon my Ignoramus .

  15. Anonymous10:10 pm

    He called Indians and Chinese Immigrant races conveniently omitting the fact that he himself is of immigrant stock.

  16. Anonymous10:42 pm


    Pak Lah is hopeless! That's all I want to say.

    Hantu Gigi Jarang

  17. Anonymous5:44 am

    Anti-Semite racist and despots like Mahathir are best described as crafty opportunists that would make any chamelon look like a novice. His whining about the current administration is typical of a dictator spooked by his own shadow.

    Mahathir is responsible for much of the rot we see today in the current Badawi administration; operation lalang,Press emasculation, the sacking of Tun Salleh Abbas and judicary crisis and ISA detentions are what he infected this country with.

    He should stop being a lying hypocrite and do "taubat" in his old age, or else he will go down in history as the lying chamelon who called the snake bad.

  18. Anonymous7:56 am

    Bro, refering to previous blog on Damai, malaysia unplugged forgot to mention that kimma had formed a 'sogososha' of sort - a business unit named Persatuan Ushawan Kimma, a.k.a Pukimma. The biggest branch is in K epala Batas

  19. Anonymous8:03 am


    Tun Dr. Mahathir did the second CABG surgery on 4 Sept la, not 6 Sept.

  20. Rocky

    Just an educated guess :)

    The mistake everyone make (and in this case Anwar) is to assume this man does things without proper justification and documentation. Dolah is likely to do such thing, not TDM.

    Please ... he is a highly disciplined, intelligent and articulative man. He can't be off guard with such petty issue.

    He has been in and out and been involved in more political/leadership challenges per annum than any leader I know in my lifetime. He has done it all. The VK Lingam tape orchestrated by Anwar is merely attempt to pin down the Tok Guru. Tok Gurus didn't pass down several buah silat to pupil. :)

    To pin him on the real issue, bring in the real McCoy of judicial issue ... sacking of Salleh Abas. Some lawyers and judges have been having a great time blaming it on him. SOri wrong target.

    I look forward the day the issue is brought forward. I bet TDM got aces hidden in his jacket on Salleh Abas. Another document perhaps? :)

    The story being bandied around is Salleh Abas was sacked and its orchestrated by Mahathir to get even for the UMNO case that resulted in UMNO becoming an unlawful organisation. Actually Salleh attempted to do so by rearranging judiciary number in cohort with Radzi the current Sec Gen of UMNO.

    I believe that is not the real issue but a mere diversionary. What everyone refused to accept is Salleh Abas was sack due to letters he wrote to Agong Johor and other rulers which is unbecoming of a judge. Salleh never hide his partisan stand (or anti certain party stand) when he was judge. The proceeding to sack come at Agong's request!

    Daulat Tuanku to all you Yellow Wavers! How about respecting Agong's wishes and lay down this Salleh Abas thing for good.

    For face saving, you can go after Tun Hamid who has got no business as subsequent benificiary to be on the Tribunal.

    Go after Tan Sri Haidar (current Chairman of Royal Commission) for closing off the court room from Bar Council lawyers to register a petition or something like that. Believed he ran away with the seal.

    For stateman like TDM, let history and God judge him.

    Don't waste ammo on the real enemy of the state ... the current PM himself. He destroyed what ever progress and development we have made and selling ourselves to Singapore! His four years mess will take more than 10 years to repair.

    This VK Lingam thang is just Anwar's Keldaian collusion with Dolah trying to divert attention from the much mess he is in. Don't be donkeyed by a desperado!

  21. Anonymous9:48 am

    Suaramalaysia, What's so big deal about Salleh Abas? Is he a saint or what?


  22. Anonymous10:49 am

    for the first time in 4 years. i had to thanked TV3 for airing Tun press conference last night at prime time buletin TV3.

    yes that is true statesmanship-he answered the lingam tape with strides, relaxed and calmed manner with a between and some sarcastic tones

    Malaysian has been looking for tis traits in Abdullah for 4 years and dissapointed....

    Abdullah really should teach religious at Johor Islamic School rather than being A PM of Malaysia.


  23. Anonymous10:55 am

    I expect the crooked and crafty old man to twist and turn his way out of trouble in relation to the Lingam tape. Guilty as hell he is but the tribunal will be too intimidated by him to be of any use as far as he is concerned. I have no love for the old man because he led us into the present chaos. I hope he will be honest with himself as he prepares to meet his maker and not try to deflect blame. Yes, he is smart enough to cover his tracks but God sees everything.

  24. Anonymous11:00 am

    I don't know whether to laugh or cry when I read pro Tun M's comments here. Some people just can't let go of the past. So who to blame when they can't move forward because they are stuck in the past waiting for the man who is spending a little time of his on earth

  25. The ghost of past
    One thinks it can be buried
    Forgotten filed it somewhere forever
    When one is tainted with the demons
    It is hard to forget about history

    This story must be coming out
    It is finally seeing light of day
    The players on the stage
    They will take the final curtain
    Before it can be gone

    The ills of the government
    The side alleys and the dog bones
    It must be dug out once more time
    The light of day must be shone
    The players on stage
    On the final curtain
    Of a journey finally seeing the green light

    The barking of dogs
    The demons stare and disappear
    Hiding behind dark curtains
    Peeping out to see
    Who are coming to visit?

    The hot news
    The Royal Circle comes to town
    Put up tents and clowns
    Dancing ropes and cages

    The bulletins on the boards
    The demons hide yet they know
    The days are numbered on their foreheads
    Time to face the truth
    It is said it would make one free

  26. Anonymous11:49 am

    Those who brand Mahathir as a dictator should enrol themselves in history class.

    Dictators don't readily and happily pass on the reign to a deputy or a successor. Pinochet, Marcos, Saddam, Mugabe, Idi Amin, Hitler, Mussolini, the Shah of Iran, Sukarno and even Fidel Castro are dictators. Those who are in power have been in power for decades; those who are no longer in power either died in office (of natural or more likely unnatural causes) or had to live in exile.

    Mahathir does not fit the bill. So don't honour him with the title of dictator, please. Find another label if you must but don't expose your ignorance just because you are consumed by hatred for the man.

  27. Anonymous11:59 am

    "Don't waste ammo on the real enemy of the state ... the current PM himself. He destroyed what ever progress and development we have made and selling ourselves to Singapore! His four years mess will take more than 10 years to repair.

    This VK Lingam thang is just Anwar's Keldaian collusion with Dolah trying to divert attention from the much mess he is in. Don't be donkeyed by a desperado!"

    Bro, This landscape can change dramatically. UMNO who started out with hard anti-corruption positions when things looked bad are now having to deal with a new reality. What comes around goes around. And people are starting to notice. The bottom line is all about political safeguard i.e taking good care of my own ass (Pak Lah). But ultimately, this is how Pak Lah is keeping score.(hidden agenda)

  28. Anonymous12:09 pm

    Some of the pathetic mahathir putras here remind me of the old proverb, a dog going back to its own vomit. Mana maruah anda? Have you got no sense of decency or righteousness in those bones. Why do a thousand korbans when you lick the soles of the wicked.

    Have some integrity. I know you can't bribe anyone to get integrity, but try a little something different. After all the year is about to end, its a good place to take a look into the Mahathir years through unsmoked goverment controlled corrupt media.

    Go on, prove me wrong. Prove me wrong that there are still some putras who can call a lying cheating swindling leader who manipulated the system and cause the nation to go on a tailspin for who he is. Go on, you can do it if you have have the courage. And a Blessed and peaceful Christmas to you too.

  29. Anonymous12:53 pm

    None so blind as those who have eyes and yet not see.

    Those who cannot recognise a rotten apple should donate their eyes to those who can make better use of them.

    After all the powers and false pretence are gone, what is left to justify a man's honour is his deeds.

    Malaysia is still licking her wounds.

  30. Anonymous2:19 pm

    Oh.. why should not we direct the ammo to Mahathir? The same can be said showing AAB weaknessness to hide Mahathir's past sins.
    Don't blame me for hating the despot Mahathir.
    I am really enjoying the show right now. Let me be the very few voices in the Cyberworld who are not those "Mudah Lupa" of what Mahathir has done before.

  31. Anonymous2:47 pm

    When he was the PM his bad intentions outweighed his good intentions.

    Look at the mess the country is in now. And that is Tun M for you. Look at how Badawi faithfully carry on the great Tun M's legacies as we continue to suffer.

    I learnt my lesson from a dictator called Tun M and I'm not fooled by how well he answers questions from the Press or how articulate he is in public speaking.

    To me, he is not man enough to apologise for his mistakes instead gloat about his abused of the ISA.

  32. Anonymous2:47 pm

    hahaha suaramalaysia, you're such a joker....will u be that "perfect" if you rule a multiracial country like malaysia? i doubt so... you're better left to be what you are - a weak, hopeless, grumbling, babbling "suara" (hahaha only a voice, man, not even a muscle!).. mana your maruah? in your pockets????

    tun dr mahathir rocks and rules. the best, ever. period.

  33. Anonymous4:41 pm

    How I miss him....

  34. Lempoyang ... u an ANWAR advocate ?? Pray tell ? IF you are ,pls tell ~!

  35. Anonymous8:19 pm

    vox said...
    When he was the PM his bad intentions outweighed his good intentions.

    I challenge you to list his bad intentions and good intentions. Giler ... nak talk of intentions. Only god read whats in your heart.

    Look at the mess the country is in now. And that is Tun M for you. Look at how Badawi faithfully carry on the great Tun M's legacies as we continue to suffer.

    You expecting spoon feeding kah? Jgn jadi PM lah kalau semua nak in perfect order!

    I learnt my lesson from a dictator called Tun M and I'm not fooled by how well he answers questions from the Press or how articulate he is in public speaking.

    So you base your decisions on hunches?

    To me, he is not man enough to apologise for his mistakes instead gloat about his abused of the ISA.

    You have not been hearing his lectures for one yrear and half. WHere did he gloat?

    He said somethign to do with the people elected a government that believe in ISA. Thats a lot of meaning and angle to look.

    DOn't comment lah vox if you know nuts!!!

  36. Anonymous8:28 pm

    He is a Hero Kampung because he knows local reporters dare not ask him tough questions.

    When he got screwed by CNN last time, his excuse was CNN cheated him.

    Malaysia is a country with first class infrastructure but third class mentality??... more likely with a third class leadership. Still, some of us miss leaders like him dearly...Is Pak Lah not his Legacy?

    We are a country with self-inflicted misery..Period.

  37. i want to say that i agree to disagree with all the tun dr mahathir basher(s)

    tun dr mahathir (to me) is a true statesman. he did it his way and the success of malaysia speaks in honor of tun.

    by his deeds shall a man be known.

  38. Anonymous10:45 pm

    i just could not understand why malaysians love to blame other people for their own sufferings... no matter malay, chinese, indian or lain-lain, u guys are such a shame, hoping government to provide everything for you..and when they don't, you blame on mahathir's dictatorship or badawi's poor leadership...
    you guys are a disgrace, no matter what reasons you use to justify your arguments...
    that's why i gave up my citizenship long ago, because i don't want to be associated with bunch of losers that i have to call my compatriots...pathetic...

  39. Anonymous12:21 am

    tis Royal comissions, as with so many royal comission before tis will bring nothing as with so many royal comission initiated by the dollah adminstration.

    the most, we can proclaimed dollah as Father of Royal Comission.


  40. Mahathir is way more Manlier than Anwar (in many-many ways... ;P)

    Like I said before at one point I thought Tun was the opposition leader.

  41. Anonymous2:03 am

    I do agree with Husin Lempoyang's posting that Badawi was just using the Royal Commission on VK Lingam's video clip to divert attention from his inability to run the country and selling the country to Singapore through the Singaproe operatives, the famous two Ks'.

    If Badawi was serious in wanting to clean up the judiciary then the terms of reference of teh Royal Commission should have been wider to include VK Lingam's brother police reports, which have mentioned names of judges like Tun Eusoff Chin, Tan Sri Lamin Yunus, Datuk Mokthar Sidin, Datuk KL Rekraj and Datuk Low Hop Bing. All of these jduges have retuired except Low Hop Bing, who is still hearing cases in the Court of Appeal.

    Datuk Low Hop Bing has no shame or self respect at all. Once a jduge has been implicated in a very serious scandal he should take the honourable step to take leave from dispensing justice in order to preserve the good name of the judiciary.

    Badawi was just not serious in restoring the independece of the judiciary.

    So we the rakyat must do it by getting rid of Badawi and his BN so that the judges will start to behave themselves.

  42. Anonymous4:02 am

    No matter how many people hated him, the way he rule like a dictator or how dirty he was, his LEADERSHIP skill level is 100,000% better then ZZzzZZzzzZZZ AAB!

    At least, he control his minions well and the way he make press statement is impressive. His 'apa nama' selamba kung fu skill is the best.

  43. suaramalaysia...aren't u guys anti-muslims? hmmm..i guess its ok to jump on the Muslim terrorists, murderers bandwagon...more politically correct than demolishing illegally built temples...or suraus or tokongs...didn't recall u people jumping up and down like hot papads when the PAS suraus were demolished...or when your fellow Indian daughter Preesheena was sodomized and thrown off a balcony or when Nurin was murdered, I guess kids' lives and the safety of all Malysians not important..your own agendas are...yes... I too macam Dr Mahathir... I am proudly anti-zionist too or anti-semite, whichever way u want to see it..depending on which zionist or jew has more blood on their dirty hands...

  44. anonymous at 10,45pm...

    WE are equally GLAD that you left the country!!!! At least we are rid of cowards who turn where did you go to? Some white ass country where they murder innocents in OTHER countries?? Don't come back...please!!! Kalau tak faham the gist of the issue here...jangan comment...go count your money and blessings and kiss some white ass...

  45. Anonymous1:20 pm

    true, i bet suaramalaysia is just another Anwar's Keldaian's donkey... pathetic ex-DPM who will do anything so that he can get his hands to the money / multi-million tenders he once received from Tun Mahathir's UMNO..
    don't propagate here, suaramalaysia... you're such an ass (keldai or ******, whichever u like)

  46. Anonymous2:10 pm

    Yes, Badawi expects to be spoon fed when he became PM. That was the reason why the PM was asleep all the time including when he walks. So sleeping during meetings and press conferences were the norms.

    Badawi had the golden opportunity to clean up the judiciary i.e. prosecuting judges like Eusoff Chin, Ahmad Fairuz, Moktar Sidin, Low Hop Bing and others.

    Badawi has no political will to do anything good for hte country except for his Khairy, Kalimullah and his son, Kamaludin.

    So we do not need such a Sleeping PM that does not care for the rakyat. Vote Badawi out and prosecute his son in law for all the ill gotten gains.

  47. Anonymous3:17 pm

    This husin lempoyang is a real malay donkey

  48. Anonymous1:23 am

    Ask Milosovich if there had been "ethnic cleansing" in Bosnia and he would have certainly said "no". Mahathir has been asked the same question with reference to Malaysia, and he has given the same answer - "no". Mahathir paved the way and started the "ethnic cleansing" process, and would of course deny. His defence, as is typical of him, is to compare to the worst case to show that "there is no such thing in Malaysia". That's the Mahathir hallmark, and we see it here in his reponse to the question on "ethnic cleansing" - alway comparing to the worst case and not looking at the issue and facts.