Sunday, December 23, 2007

Cops to permit anti-ISA gathering?

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 22 (Bernama) -- Police are willing to reconsider the application by Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA (GMI) for a permit to hold a gathering here on January 5. The gathering which was to be held at Dataran Merdeka here tonight was cancelled by the organisers. "We will review the application and issue a permit if we are certain it will not disturb the peace," Dang Wangi police chief ACP Zulkarnain Abd Rahmantold Bernama. Checks by Bernama found the square to be what it usually is on a Saturday night without signs of any illegal gathering taking place. The GMI had wanted to hold the gathering to call for the abolishment of the Internal Security Act (ISA).-- BERNAMA
Change of heart?
And does that mean we'll get a permit to be at Dataran Merdeka on New Year's eve to usher in 2008?


  1. Anonymous1:43 pm

    Anwar Ibrahim akan menjadi Perdana Menteri Malaysia selepas Pah Lah. Bukan atas tiket pembangkang, tapi atas tiket Umno.

    Bagi saya, pemecatan Anwar adalah satu konspirasi untuk memantapkan lagi Umno. Jika dilihat secara halus, Orang yang paling berpengaruh didalam pakatan pembangkang adalah orang yang di latih oleh UMNO.

    Tanpa Anwar, pembangkang tidak akan sekuat ini.

    Anwar telah berkorban hidupnya kepada bangsa Melayu yang tercipta. Kerana beliau, kuasa politik di Malaysia masih lagi dipegang orang Melayu.

    Agenda politik Melayu ini halus. Jika tiada Anwar, maka pembangkang kita yang kuat mestilah parti yang bukan Melayu. Jadi untuk mengimbanginya, maka samaada kerajaan atau pun pembangkang kuasa politik sekarang adalah orang melayu.

    mungkin ramalan saya ini tidak dapat diterima dan mungkin diangap gila.. tapi saya yakin. Tunggu dan lihat. =)

    -Nujum Politik-

  2. It's probably to cancel out the mat rempit's who like to gather at dataran merdeka during new year's ever.

  3. Anonymous4:13 pm

    Mual rasanya membaca nukilan jiwa nujum politik....betul-betul anda taksub, delusi dan ujub.

    Kekuatan Parti PAS dan DAP tidak ada kena mengena dengan Anwar Ibrahim. Manakala, parti PKR lemah dan tiada apa yang asli. Kuasa politik ditangan Melayu jelasnya dipertahankan oleh konstitusi negara Malaysia, dan tiada kena mengena dengan Anwar Ibrahim. Sukacita sekiranya Pak Nujum Politik boleh menyenaraikan sumbangan saudara Anwar Ibrahim dalam meempertahankan orang Melayu.

  4. Anonymous5:53 pm


    The authorities have to re-brand their one that also allows dissent.

    This is their weapon to tell the rakyat that they are fair - so that voters will be hoodwinked come next elections.

    Just before Hindraf's case comes to the best part of the legal deliberations, the guys will be released...also to prove the point that the authorities are fair - again another effort to hoodwink the rakyat.

    Rocky, you did not tell us that your name has now been reassigned to the election constituency of your choice...after you protested to the EC. Why did you not share this update with us?

    By the way, if you have got your matter solved, you should at least tell us all to also do the same (check our names in the electoral register) and give us the hope that the EC can be asked to correct such 'wrongs' .

    One Rocky alone cannot change things in this country. It is the collective initiative of the folks who yearn for such things.

  5. The Nujum Politic should watch Nujum Pak Belalang .... Thats a more Realistic Cerita Dongeng .Atuk Anwar dari NAGApattanam .. Sorry Bro , NO signs of Malay life form there ! Hang ni Cucu Ignaranus Moronus ke ?all the best Man .

  6. Anonymous8:35 pm

    If the cops are really smart
    They should ask organizer the list of activities for supports from cops
    Not Permit to be asked!
    In return with list of warning and supports with limitation of guarantee of safety or security as remarks.
    A deal and a common understanding to be reached!

    Good sign if no trick behind!

  7. Can anybody confirm the SMS poll done on Saturday night at TV3's prime-time news resulting with 72% in favor of the GMI gathering including the issuance of a police permit?

    I didn't see it but mum did, and told me.

  8. Anonymous4:16 am


    Anwar is wasn't from UMNO in the beginning, he was from an opposition party which I had forgotten the name of it. Tun saw his skill so he pull him into UMNO and train him to become his successor (Gaffar Baba is too week that time). If Anwar is patient enough to wait for Tun to step down first before stabbing him, I'm sure Anwar is our PM right now.

    Back to the current issue, I'm sure it was a 'wayang kulit' since election is nearby. Please don't eat it so easily and forgotten what had happen in the pass 4 months.

  9. Let them apply for the permit and the police will come out with some mumbo-jumbo, like "we have information that there are elements ......" or some 101 reasons why a permit will not be granted.
    The government does not recognize any poll or sms that puts the government in a negative light. So don't place too much hope on this statement.

  10. Anonymous12:15 pm

    It is not change of heart by the police but rather change of tactic.

    When the last minute arrives they will pull the rug under you. Everything will become Batuk Buruk. The last time a police officer told ...No monkey business" this must be the one.

  11. Anonymous12:27 pm

    Yes. They will issue a permit to assemble and protest against the ISA the Community Hall, Felda Settlement, Gua Musang on 30th February 2008.

  12. Anonymous8:03 pm

    Yes, they are willing to consider but I bet my last ringgit that they will at the last minute not allow it.

  13. Anonymous11:30 pm

    nujum politik..dalam keadaan sekarang ni siapa saje lebih layak untuk jadi PM, bandingkan dgn PM yg ada sekarang.
    Bukan kata Anwar, beruk MatYeh pon boley jadi PM.Sekurang2 nye beruk MatYeh lagi bagus dari beruk KayJeh..
    Memang la ni cerita merapu meraban, sama jugak macam ape kau tulis tu...

    hehehe jangan mareh...marah kena jual...