Saturday, December 22, 2007

S.O.S. from flood victims

Pekan. Two bloggers posted on the floods in Pekan yesterday. TV Smith has 12 pics in his photo essay on "Road to Pekan". I have taken the liberty to publish one here.

And from Marina Mahathir:
"got an urgent sms from a friend appealing for help for the flood victims in Pahang. The floods are getting worse especially in Pekan area. 8000 people are stranded and the roads have been cut off. Not sure how they are going to get supplies to the Pekanites but these are items they need:

diapers, baby milk, sanitary pads, eggs, canned food, rice, sugar, water, other foodstuffs, candles and torchlights, clothing.

Those living in KL, please deliver your contributions to the Flood Relief Centre at Istana Pahang, Persiaran Raja Chulan, KL. Please contact Dato Nordin at 012-988-9149 or 012-900-7068."


Sharing said...

1. For River Management & Flood Mitigation, probably some information can be pick-up from
to see what had been done, or little been done or only on a few areas it has or will be done!!
2. Some Monitoring seems to have been set-up, but, how they are used to alert flooding seems not much been covered.
3. Mitigation are emphasized in some area with projects. Are many areas being left out and are they adequate are questions to be answered!
4. For Pahang and so Pekan following may give some info
where the gradients of the Sungai Pahang can be understood, with Pekan at the lowest being 3.66 at most, so the greatest chance of flooding, if other measures not implanted.
for the rainfall and water level of the days for Pekan.

Retention ponds or even lakes should be emphasized along Sungai Pahang to avoid all rush downstream to Pekan. This should help irrigation for all along the river and so cut the risk of flooding along.

Channel or Tunnels should not left out Retention Ponds or Lakes to go around the flooding. Are this been emphasized in all areas? But, quite a number of retention ponds been abuse in Selangor, so chance of flooding has not got with the coming of Channels or Tunnels! Be aware!

What had been really done by the Government on flood prevention big question marks?
Budget gone to the wrong place or hands should be marked!!

caravanserai said...

The high cost of floods
It comes with no clear cut nationality
It crosses every where
Where nature gets the blue

The black spots
The greedy corporations do
The government supports the move
Now it is for the eyes to see

Every year
The spot checks begin
Do we change our attitude?
Nay it is still the same thing

Correct, correct and correct
It is ok, ok and ok
Now lately there is this
Quick, quick and quick
The flooding flows without racial sting

The greed of wealth
Never take nature for granted
It will be our own disasters
As it spreads out in our eyes

The softly rain
It makes fool out of our lives
Teaching us lessons
Take care of nature
It will take care of our times

Sadly when the footprints disappear
We are back at our worst habits
Quick, quick and quick
The greed flows like the faint rain
Trapping us of our fear
Yet we never learn
Our lessons all those years!

antubiul said...

Hi Rocky,
Mother nature strike again due to our own greeds for development and wealth. We should do better to prevent such disaster again. Anyway dont you think the govement has done a good jod in handling the flood victim beside NGO's and the opposition parties. The goverment machineries are doing their best handling the floods. Prabo to them and those who done their deeds. Hey Rocky for a while say something good on the goverment. Not all are bad right. Ok Rocky, I read your blog but cant find any news on the 9% ASB bonus and dividens. Aint that a good news to the Bumi investors? Why aint you put that in your blog? Forgive me if I cant find it. It seems that the goverment did well indeed, PNB has done agood job this year and the KLSE have gone up. Now we are hoping for a better return from EPF. Even though there are issues with the goverment like those of Libra etc, but the year end result look promising. You may say it due to election or whatever but credit should be given to those agencies that perform well. Well Rocky, not all the goverement decission are bad after all. Anyway you still havent reply why as a Malaysian citizen you have never register as a voter since independent till TDM retirement. Why Rocky? I said this becausu you a a great guy from your days as a responsible newsman till your blogging day. Therefore I still cant understand why you did not registers as a voter?.

Anonymous said...

Pekan? Thats Najib's place. If the DPM can't do much, then what the heck?

I will do my part to help his people if he can't.

nstman said...

Has anyone noticed that help doesnt appear to be forthcoming from local players. But when disasters occur outside of the country, our local heroes are the first to volunteer. If my memory serves me right, Mercy was the first local agency to gather funds and help for Indonesia when the tsunami struck. Of course we all know that most of the funds went into the pockets of Indon politicians. Even Umno went on a nationwide campaign to collect funds for the Indons. Our local heroes apparently have adopted a foreign first policy. Or maybe helping foreigners is more glamorous or more chic. If i may recall, Mercy was lambasted for showing too much enthusiasm for foreign aid work when the tsunami struck. Mercy volunteers appeared to work with gusto when it comes to foreigners, especially Indons and Bosnians. Malu lah.

goostee said...

"Anonymous", its naive of you to doubt your DPM's benevolence. You shd be guided by "Antibiul"'s contentment with "the good job" dished out by the Govt on his laps.If you don't know, "Antibiul" must be one of the lucky Pekan Citizens who were recently awarded with RM 1,000 each by the DPM.This is not tall tale. Our neighbour regretted for not having settled back in Pekan after being widowed some years back. According to her, her "adik-adik" had just won RM 1,000 windfalls each from "who else" not too long ago, in preference to a Medan Trip. To "Antibiul" who appears to believe in destiny, don't you think that Allah, by decreeing the floods, is just trying to even things out amongst us all ???

Anonymous said...

nstman/7.33pm - your statement is very general-lah!

The national air carrier did its part too for this situation - sending relief items to Pahang.

See the Utusan/Kosmo/NST/The Star and Berita Harian of Saturday 22 Dec 2007.

sayadahbosan said...

well well well nstman... since i think you are from the media due to your nickname why don't you visit mercy's website and check out their accountability report for a few precious minutes of your time instead of making preemptive strike towards them?
or did i miss the boat that took you to pekan? if so i'm very sorry ya.

chp said...

How can we be certain that the donations or aid sent to the flood victims is not hijacked by some unscrupulous cretins?

An article posted on Malaysia-Today mentioned how some UMNO Pahang "volunteers" have been stealing flood relief aid and not distributing it to the victims themselves.

Any truth to the report?