Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Anwar's real stand

"I don't subscribe to Hindraf's aggressive views ...". Anwar Ibrahim has been ducked left, right and centre since my Dec 2 posting Anwar: India right to fight for Indians, which I did based on a news article from an interview he had given to the Daily News and Analysis, India.
The former DPM posted the full transcript of the interview in his blog today. After reading the full transcript, I have to say that the news article did not do justice to Anwar.

What do you think about the racial discrimination faced by Indians in Malaysia?
Ours is a multiracial society and it is not just the Indians, but also the ethnic Malays and ethnic Chinese communities who have been complaining of racial discrimination.

Do you agree that historically Indians have been treated as slaves in Malaysia?
It is not just the ethnic Indians, the Chinese and Malays are also complaining about ill-treatment. I don’t subscribe to the Hindraf’s (Hindu Rights Action Force) aggressive view, but pulling down temples [as the Malaysian government is doing] isn’t the way to go.

Some Malaysian leaders believe that India must not get involved in local affairs…
These ministers are not aware of diplomatic niceties. When you raise issues of minorities being mistreated in other parts of the world, people are going to question the treatment of minorities in your own country.

Please read the full transcript, Muslims also are being discriminated against in Malaysia, at the DNA website.


  1. Rock .. Bro ...Sdr ANWAR ? ... PLS lah . jangan Sampai kita cakap ... aku dah agak dah .

  2. Anwar's Real stand ? Thought it was SUKMA .Sukan Malaysia .

  3. Anonymous11:18 pm

    Muslims being discriminated pulak? Whatever lah Anwar. Sampai bila agaknya engkau nak berlakon. Mungkin sampai dah tak terlakon kot. Go back to Washington you fake s.o.b.

  4. Anonymous11:30 pm

    This is very typical of Anwar Ibrahim. He is ready to twist and turn when it sutis him. He also advocated the baolishment of NEP. I am sure that when things get hot he will say that he was misquoated and he didn't wuite say that.

    Anwar is no different to Lim Kit Siang. Both will do and say anyhting for political expediency.

    I am sure that when it suit Anwar in a year time, he will say that he is with Hindraf all the way. He and Kit Siang are dangerous men in politics. You will only know when you get hit by them.

    Please do not trust these two in politics or in any other field.

  5. As consultant to the World Bank, perhaps Anwar is ready to open a Bank with the acronym of a former local Indian owned Bank, UAB ... Ular Anwar Banyak.

    Pencen lah Anwar ... don't chase your missed boat. You'll never get something when you hard up too much.

    I am sure the Americans can give you a citizenship and lecturing job there. Plese don't come back!

    You are everyone's traitor!

  6. Anonymous12:30 am


    I had thought you had jumped the gun in your earlier criticism of Anwar.

    Anwar is not dumb. I am sure and I was right in my own thinking that when he said India has a right to criticise Malaysia, it was in a context.

    As typical of any media out to sensationalise, the context of an opinion is always taken off. And you get a totally different perspective.

    When I supported Anwar's view, it was in the light that our Malaysian leaders had commented on other nation's treatment of their citizens. And why should we be the exception when others criticise us.

    This is not an issue of blind patriotism. It is a case of " being able to take (prais and criticisms) as much as being able to give to others."

    Our UMNO leaders are too thin skinned coupled with arrogance of being in power too long and taking Malaysians for granted too long.

    Bro, as fellow journalist, we must have known it.

  7. Anonymous2:05 am

    "(Anwar)Ibrahim, who has been Malaysia's Finance Minister when he was part of the ruling dispensation, blamed the "bhumiputra" (son-of-the-soil) policy -- which favoured the ethnic Malays over other communities -- for the conditions of Hindus in that country and also for the current crisis. "

    "The affirmative action (such as the bhumiputra policy) should not be race-based, but it should be for all the races," he said.
    THE HINDU - Anwar interview ...

    So org org Malayu and Bumi lain akan hilang hak hak istimewa bila Anwar Jadi PM ???

  8. Anonymous7:20 am

    " What are you doing to resolve this crisis in Malayasia?
    I have been openly engaging with the Indian community in Malaysia. I have been fighting their cases in our courts, even though I have been accused of being pro-India and pro-Hindu "

    Really ? When ? Where ? Which one ? What case ?

  9. AI, seorang oppurtunist. Dia tahu melayu akan lupa. Tak lama lagi, melayu akan lupa apa yang dia cakapkan pasal masyarakat India. Dan tak lama lagi, ada melayu yang akan mula menyanyungi beliau, sebagai kononya penyelamat bangsa Melayu, umat Islam! Dan PAS akan tetap menyokong beliau, asalkan mendapat political millage.

  10. Anonymous9:08 am

    lompat lah katak

  11. Anonymous9:43 am

    Bro... so you believe that "real" transcript is the real one.

    Come on la you know anwar.. flip flop

  12. Anonymous12:11 pm

    thanks so much for taking the time rocky, we do appreciate it!


  13. Anonymous1:01 pm

    jediraj...Kalau nak komen biarlah menunjukkan saudara ni bijak. Kalau tak bijakpun, bukan bodoh.

    I think Anwar punya stand amat tepat sekali. After all kita dah 50tahun merdeka.

  14. Anonymous1:21 pm

    Anwar is completely a different person now.. he is a change man. He is more an intellectual person rather than a politician. Long live DSAI!

  15. Anonymous , i respect your right to support whoever you want to , and ur right to think what ever i am .Changed man ? Politician ? He wore a USD 24 K Patek Philippe Twenty~4 with an USD 8 K aRMANI suit while talking about the hunger faced by the people in BALING. He was a man in a hurry with no where to go ! And still no where to go.Remember the wise words of My Beloved Tun M , "In POLITICS , there are no Permanent enemies and neither are there Permanent Friends " As my Learned Moslem Brothers put it my friend ....Khun FayA Khun .Peace be with you .

  16. Anonymous3:29 pm


    I never trust Anwar since he join UMNO from ABIM.

    Ulaq Besar kata orang Penang. Pandai putaq but everything is about his political survival and his master......

    Masa 70's dulu dia jadi student leader @ hero rakyat, public bolehlah dengaq.

    Masa student dulu dengan USSR
    (tanya Hishamudin Rais sapa yang tolong dia keluaq dari Malaysia )
    Bila join UMNO, baik dengan US. Nak keluaq Sg Buloh, baik dengan KJ. La ni nak jadi hero tamil pula.

    Memang tak ada pendirian @ pride mamat sorang ni.

    Nationalist apa jenis macam ni.

    Just take a look at his new big bungalow in Segambaut Dalam.
    Nak harap gaji Azizah as MP manalah cukup, eventough lepas jual rumah kat Damansara........

  17. Anonymous3:39 pm

    Not that I don't love Anwar Ibrahim but I prefer Abdullah Badawi. But if there is a third choice, I chose Raja Nazrin Shah.
    Ampun Tuanku.

  18. Anonymous9:03 pm

    Sdr Rocky,

    When they cannot argue intellectually they attack The MAN with such venom.

    You at least have been fair to him.
    To the guy who longs to pee on the KUBUR...May ALLAH have mercy on his BLADDER!!

    Macam ni punya orang pun ada...Not long ago in another entry, he was asking others to respect other dissenting opinions... Mudah lupa macam his Idol's saying!

    A Mirror

  19. Anonymous11:33 pm

    I'm glad the truth is out.some say he twist and turn things. Hell at least he does it better than our 'great'leader Pak Lah wholied about his son's bis and not knowing what he did nor that his son got bis from Petronas.

    Rockybru - great of you to give Anwar his side of the story unlike some establish newspaper.

  20. Anonymous11:35 pm

    Anwar = Yahudi = Pengkhianat Bangsa..

    That why Kerajaan membuat satu konspirasi bagi menjatuhkan Anwar dengan menuduh beliau macam2 perkara pada 1998. Ia bagi menyelamatkan negara dari Dipimpin oleh PM yang mengikut telunjuk Yahudi..

    Hubungan akrabnya dengan Washington dan Zionis sentiasa diragui oleh kerajaan. Duit pergerakan PKR pon pernah ditaja oleh George Sorros.. MENGAPA??

  21. Anonymous9:49 am

    Beer and more beer jediraj...

    I don't normally listen to a drunkard but...sekurang-kurangnya Anwar is a fighter. Dia keluar masuk penjara to fight on apa yang dia percaya.

    You..journalist photographer. You are just merely taking picture...and get drunk.

  22. Anonymous ,, if u wanna get personal here ,, done .maybe we get Tok Mat here ,, to comment on ur Tup Tapness.And ur a lalang .. hidup Hidup Tun M, IdUp anwar. now idup KJ . Hang melayu .. jangan jadi macam eLkelingo !Comprende ? or i will circulate ur vistana hotel pictures ! On YOUTUBE.

  23. And You know why i get drunk Bro ? Coz morons like U and your Masters
    are Running and Ruining Our Country .Rape PILLAGE and Plunder ! . And i cant do nothing about it except self dEstruct .Tanah Tumpah Nya Darah KU means nothing to you GUYS...... ENDS . i LOSE.

  24. Anonymous9:10 am

    Beer and more beer jediraj...

    My point is, if you cannot take criticism, don't criticise...

    You hentam Anwar left and right like you know everything. Tapi bila I cuit you sikit you melenting. Jangan jadi hipokrit bro.