Wednesday, December 05, 2007

9/12 Walk ON?

Lawyers to walk despite Bar's decision. I was with some lawyers last night. They weren't happy with the Bar Council's decision to cancel the People's Freedom Walk. Lawyers have walked for the last two years to mark the World Human Rights Day (celebrated on Dec 10 every year) so they don't see why the Bar should cancel the walk just because the Information Minister said so.

These lawyers said they and others will walk on December 9. "It is important, more now than ever, that we walk this Sunday."

If the lawyers walk, I'll walk. Wait for the details, bros and sis.

p.s. Dear (commenter) lawgiver, re: your comment in my last posting 9/12 Walk off, looks like the Bar is NOT all about power and money. Can't rest your case yet.


  1. Anonymous10:37 am


    The bar president is useless to say the least.

    She was the first in the bar to approve of the three men panel appointed by the govt.

    What more to say about her?

    A government apologist, maybe


  2. What country is this that we're living in? Is the our government that of men or of law? Clearly it's that of men, for we have to go to such extent to accommodate the whim and speculation of just one man, the grounds of which is yet to be established. It seems that he has the ultimate wisdom that surpasses the rest of us, and he has every right to tell us what to believe, what is right, what is not.

    To quote Golaniya a famous blogger from Syria as interviewed by Al-Jazeera

    "What bothers me is that we are not treated as peers with the government, as if we cannot rightly judge what's good and what's bad for us ... it is not only about censoring thoughts and freedom of speech but we people, Syrian people, are considered by our government as inferior minds who cannot build a reasonable judgment if given freedom."

  3. Anonymous11:10 am

    Ya..count me in for the walk

  4. Anonymous11:39 am

    What an awful, awful let down.

    The valuable and priceless momentum gained at great cost from the sacrifice of BERSIH and HINDRAF rally participants so easily squandered by the cowardly Malaysian Bar.

    Please, please, for the love of god, do not ever deceive us again of your intents (and non-existent courage).

  5. Anonymous12:05 pm

    wow this woman sure got pahwer.

    one minute tell loyers to walk, one more minute tell loyers cannot walk.

    why huh? got latokship on the way ke?

  6. After the walk ,everyone please adjourn to the Press Club at jalan Tangsi where the Real BAR Council sits .Cheers

  7. Anonymous12:20 pm

    Hey, what's the difference? Walk, dance, march, demo, samba, tango or salsa- they are all the same! I would now call it Samba! So? The objective is still the same, isn't it?

    Anyway, too many dances or demos, whatever you want to call it, will eventually lead to public apathy. Then, you will look a right wally doing a walk by yourself holding a sandwich board proclaiming "The end is nigh!".

    Do not let the govt fool you, demo is not quite widespread in the West, as a result of too many causes and demos. It might have have been in the 70s or 80s. Look at Phillipine now! It might be fun initially but as you know anything that becomes too often or allowed will make people lose interest.

    It will be worse if the govt allows it. You all know human narure, they like to taste forbidden fruit, but once it's freely available, it becomes a bore!

    Rock, you can delete the following ** if you wish but tell your blogger friends:

    **And another thing, you'd all better hope the govt does not get wise up and turn this demo thing into a money spinner or makig scheme to regenrate the economy. Just imagine, in the last Bersih demo alone, there were close to 100,000 people congregated in KL. It's a mind boggling thought, isn't it? See how much food, drink etc can be sold on that day?
    Plus you young fashion-lovers would be out on a spending spree after the demo, wouldn't you? Especially for the out-of-towners.Isn't this better than the "Visit Malaysia Year" campaign? Gosh, how I wish I were a street venodr, as I would be spending the rest of the year surfing the US of A like the son-in-law. So, the govt is actually doing you all a favour by limiting your spending power!. Otherwise, I bet you, there won't be many people turning up for the next demo as you all would have run out of spending money. So, comrades, DO NOT SPEND IT ALL IN ONE GO, BE PATIENT! Think before you act! **

    Oh, for those who have been calling pepole names and making silly threats the last few days, happy now? We are not perfect after all, are we? Just remember: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction- Newton's second law. You can be nasty, I can be nastier- MyLaw. The moral of the story is, "Don't do unto others what you don't what others to do unto you!" -Common-sense law!

  8. Anonymous12:24 pm

    I am disappointed at the Malaysian Bar’s decision, cancelling the People’s Freedom Walk. The Bar is literally ‘chickened’ out. They all know damn well how local major media and the government would portray them should they proceed with the walk. By calling off the walk, it has effectively nullified momentum that was built up in the past month. The government would use it as mean to silent future people’s rally.

    Why cancel the walk this year? If the walk violates the law, how would the gathering at the Central Market consider legal? It is mind boggling how the Bar could be such submissive?

    I believe a good lawyer is a great liar and their action confirms my belief.

  9. Anonymous12:26 pm

    I said before Bar President, Ambiga is niece to Gopal Sri Ram and she instigated members of the Bar to demonstrate to promote her uncle.

    Hahaha ... Now is kencing time ... must be a deal behind close door.

    Next Federal Court Judge: Dato Gopal Sri Ram

    Special thanks and new promising actor: Virtual Tamil movie main actor, Uthayakumar. In one sweep he made himself matyr, helped AAB secure power and ... dunno what is to happen to Samy Velu.

    Biggest victim of kencing: All the enslaved Indians estate worker indentured to the chettiar and mandur for life!!!!

    The blame goesssss .... (in the manner of Oscar Presentation ceremony) ... to ... British colonials, UMNO/Malay, Mamak, but not carnivorous segment of the Indian community... hahaha

  10. Anonymous12:54 pm

    Is the Bar scared to walk? Yes, they are. They have lost their courage. A few weeks ago, they plucked up the courage and walked the walk. Now, they have lost the respect of everyone. Shame on you, Ambiga.

  11. Anonymous1:05 pm

    Yes, anon 10:37am, you are right that the Bar President is the government apologist, who was the first one to celebrate with approval.

    Just because no permit, the Bar Presidnet capitulate by callingoff the peaceful march to celebrate Human Right Day.

    Yes, Rocky, you are right. We all shall march this sunday to celebrate Human Right Day. Let see what that Sleeping PM is going to do - to hang us? He should hang himself, Khairy and Kalimullah first.

    All memebrs of civil society let all march on 9th December. To hell with Bar Council a bunch of opportunists motivated by self interests. THey were all hoping ot rub shoulders with PM and ministers for their own interests.

  12. Anonymous1:10 pm


    Rocky, if Khariy (the son-in-law) did not need police permit to march and gate-crashed into KL Convention Centre to protest agsint US Secretary of State Condoliza Rice why do we need police permit to celebrate Human Right Day. We are not protesting like the son-in-law.

    F..k the Bar Council and its President, lets all march - following the son-in-law way and I believe it will be allright. What is good for the goose will also be good for the gender.

    See you on 9th March at SOGO Jalan Tar. What time to meet, bro?

  13. Sad tale the council of the Bar
    I saja nak Tanya apa khaBar
    Wanted to walk but you were disBar
    By a moron who is a dumBar
    Please don’t create your own sandBar
    Baru kena sikit you dah deBar
    Too much lenthils in ur samBar ?
    Feel like hitting ur head with a crowBar
    Really a president ? or just a sideBar?
    Like in the hotel ,don’t be the miniBar
    And ur talk has become a milliBar
    Empty empty , like your loBar
    Walk straight ,turn not your handleBar
    Coz together you’d be a busBar
    And i am sure , u know about FuBar
    If all else fails ... follow Rocky to the Press Bar

  14. Anonymous1:20 pm

    Forget about Bar Council President, she is the niece of the Court of Appeal Judge, Datuk Gopal Sri Ram, who was named in the Lingam's brother police report of last week. So udnerstandlah and don't put pressure on her. Nanti di pensanlah!


    So lets all march on 9th Dewcemebr to celebrate Human Right Day. Forget about Bar PResident and Bar Council they are reactionaries. Bar Council memebrs want to look after their own future and not the future of the nation. SO forget about them. Lets have our peaceful march. Please post the time and venue to meet quickly before Zam, our "Erection" Information Minister will stop internet service until 10th December so that we are all in the dark!.

  15. Anonymous1:22 pm

    Bar Council memebrs have no courage let alone principle. Screwed them. I want to march. Tey me when and where to meet. We do not need the Bar Council to lead. Bar Council is useless. They are not like the Pakistan lawyers.

    Bar Cuncil thought that after they ahve marched once they can g t sleep after that.

  16. Looks like the lack of law enforcement is turning KL into a circus.

    Every weekend from now on, we'll see jokers wanting to hold a "peaceful walk".

    If you people are damned high on walking, do it at the lake gardens and save the KL residents the congestions.

    Next week, the homos will want to hold a walk and the week after the lesbies, then the heteros, then the Chinese, then the Malays. What the f*ck? Are your lives too boring at homes in the weekend?

    Who asked you lot to marry ugly wives? Or are the wives the ones screaming to find an excuse to get out in the weekends than to look attheir obnoxious husbands?

    You're a sorry bunch!!

  17. Q: Santa Claus, The Bar Council President, an honest lawyer and an Old Drunk are walking down along Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman together when they simultaneously spot a hundred dollar bill. Who gets it?

    A: The old drunk, of course; the other three are mythical creatures.

  18. I never liked lawyers, though I prefer the LRT I wouldn't mind walking.

    What time is the walk and Can we shout slogans?

  19. if they walk then count me in too.

  20. Anonymous3:15 pm

    My bros and sis,

    I am lawyer and I wnat to march. Please psot when and where to meet.

    Let them jail us all. Let see whether the jail can accommodate all ofus. Enugh is enugh.

    So Mr Rocky, post the appointmetn now so that I can call a few of my lawyers friends to go too.

    Forget about Bar Council, they do not really represent the lawyers. They a law themselves. They are no different to the DAP, there is no direct election in the Bar Council for its office bearers. The Bar Council members elect the office bearers among themselves.

    Further, you have members like Ambiga (niece of Gopal Sri Ram), Datuk Shafee Abdullah (knew all about Lingam's nonesense with the judiciary for many years but kept quiet about the scandals until today), Datuk Sithambaram, who was named in Lingam's brother police report for pressuring him to puting up an act to be insane inorder to help Lingam during hte ACA investigation.

    So what hope do we have with the Bar Council. NO hope.

    LETS MARCH ON 9TH DECEMBER. Readers please ask all your friends to join the march too.

    So with

  21. Anonymous3:23 pm

    nilly willy reasons not to walk or to walk. damn be it. there are more pressing issues and the bar council must stand up on this. UMNO has effectively place their man as the CJ as per the latest announcement by the sleepy PM.I seriously fret for the country's future when the top judiciary post credibility and impartiality is compromised futher.
    a second civil march to bring back the judiciary to its former glory? or the bar council will again be apologetic?

  22. Anonymous3:25 pm

    Your honourable Ambiga,

    The Malaysian Bar Website Top Banner Highlights the following:

    An independent Bar, hallmark of a free and democratic society

    Upholding the cause of justice without any fear or favor

    and the body post:

    Purpose of the Malaysian Bar

    The purpose of the Malaysian Bar shall be -

    (a) to uphold the cause of justice without regard to its own interests or that of its members, uninfluenced by fear or favour

    Now please give me one solid reason that you want the Freedom Walk cancelled?

  23. I am walking with your defenders.

  24. Rocky , more about LAW . Majlis Raja Raja telah memperkenankan pelantikan Y.A.A DATO' ABDUL HAMID MOHAMAD as KETUA HAKIM NEGARA and TAN SRI DATO' ZAKI TUN AZMI as PRESIDENT MAKAMAH RAYUAN . DAULAT TUANKU !

  25. Anonymous5:22 pm

    Is that 'dacing' logo at the Bar Council's website represents the BN or justice?

    If you don't believe in justice let alone human rights, don't be a lawyer. Shame on your profession!

    Get your ass and walk the talk, Ambiga and company! You can walk behind us if you are that scared.

  26. Anonymous5:32 pm

    Ok, I am sorry. Not all lawyers are chicken. Not all lawyers are money grabbers. Not all lawyers unscrupulous. Not all lawyers are crooks. But I still say the Bar Council is chicken. It seems that no matter who we elected and under whatever guise, the people we elected ended up being chicken, two-faced, unscrupulous, mindless, gutless and selfish. That applies to the government of Civilizational (hadhari) Islam. I say we have to fight our own battle.

  27. Anonymous7:06 pm

    lawyers got water cannon and tear gas - can't imagine the outcome .....

  28. Anonymous7:22 pm

    Bukti bergambar ANWAR menyokong hindraf. check this out http://hindraf.wordpress,com

  29. You want to walk or you don’t
    This is the objective to raise awareness
    For the people to see and know
    The Bar Council has gone AWOL

    You can find them in Central Market
    Posing as models for the artists
    Giving business so they can raise stakes
    In another forum they have something to say

    When the march for awareness
    The Bar Council closes its doors
    Holding their own prayers
    Telling everybody to go home
    There is nothing to be had
    There is nothing to say at all

    Are the lawyers suddenly got no fire?
    To go for a peaceful walk on the streets
    Go as plan as what people believe
    Let the masses realize you mean what you say

    Don’t get screwed yourself
    By the power that sings the marching tune
    Use your fiery words to chant your way
    There will be a light somewhere
    You never know if you don’t try at all

    So 9 December 2007
    There will be a march I am sure
    Starting at 7.30 in the morning
    At Sogo in Kuala Lumpur

    The breakfast walk
    For sunshine in the horizon
    For people who care
    The future of the generations

  30. Anonymous11:14 pm

    Good for them. They should first clean up their own back-yard. They should stop acting like they know what is best for the country.After all, God knows how many third-class degree holders have been admitted to the bar.And they want to march for a cause? Puhleezzz...

  31. Anonymous11:55 pm

    Walk or not - as you wish!
    Walk the Bar, not even a side-dish!!

    Get to know the principle of Human Rights
    Where to practice and teach!
    It's a long walk to reach
    so everyday a HR day!

    9/12 is "Free to walk day"
    as Bar's Trail loss the way!
    With HR in heart
    Free HR all the ways!!

    See comment 26 "9/2 Walk off"!!
    Good day!

  32. Anonymous10:30 am

    How come for tha past walks, they were legal, and now suddenly deemed illegal?
    The policy makers of this country are all retards ah? One minute say "GO" another minute say "Opps! NO GO".

  33. Anonymous11:51 am

    fear? the same fate as the 31 hindraf members? lock-up with no bail for a trump up charge.
    i have never seen such brutality by the government in this country. not even during tun's days when he is allegedly to be less tolerant. is this Islam hadhari way? i guess as usual cakap tak serupa bikin.

  34. Anonymous1:20 pm

    I am disappointed that despite being professional lawyers should also soften under pressure, more so from a Govt which has been proven to be untrustworthy to the core times and again. The Bar's about-turn from the walk and its nod to the Zaki appointment will remain a permanent blackmark of your failure as a profession.

  35. Anonymous4:09 pm

    Ambiaga and hte BAr Council are just useless lots. Got for nothing. They walked once and they thougth that they have wiped out injustice. They are so stupid.

    Bar Council should be opposing the appointmetn of ZAKI, who was prachuted into the judiciary from no where like Sri Ram and the Bar Council was supporting the stupid appointment of ZAKI. How can Zaki dispense justice ot us when he cannot even do justice to his wife (half his age!)

    Pondeklah Ambiga and the Bar Council members. I know some of them are ok but they dare not take the stand to resign in protest.

    Pondek to all the Bar COuncil members.

    Rocky, pleae let us have detailsof the walk on the 9th December OK! Lets stop talking and do the walking!

  36. Anonymous1:47 pm

    Dear Ambiga, i'm sure the government has offered the lawyers a sweet carrot for giving up halfway. I hope for the People's sake, this carrot is not only sweet but the biggest carrot in history cos the price to pay for giving up on the People is titanic!
    I'm going to take a stroll down TAR on SUN with our bloggers to remind myself how fragile our cause can be.

  37. Anonymous4:48 pm

    Walk or no walk with a Song?

    Song for the Scenes!
    When PM looks at Surveys not the Screams!
    (Rhythms: from Where have all the flowers gone?)
    Where have all the appeals gone?
    Long time passing!
    Where have all the memos gone?
    Some time ago!
    Where have all the Rallies gone?
    Police teargas everywhere!
    Did PM ever see?
    Did PM ever see?

    Where have all the police gone?
    Gone to Rallies everyone!
    Where have all the fairness gone?
    Gone to greedy!
    Where have all the money gone?
    Gone to toll, tax, corruptions!
    No one need to be told!
    No one need to be told!

    Where have all the MPs gone?
    Gone to sleeping everyone!
    Where have all the projects gone?
    Gone to Samy!
    Where have all the joking gone?
    Gone to leaking everywhere!
    Did PM ever know?
    Did PM ever know?

    Where have lost the ballots box?
    EC chief knew nothing?
    Where have all the tricks to be?
    BN knows well!
    Where have all the postal votes?
    Gone to BN's pocket!
    Did PM ever know?
    Did PM ever know?

    Where have all the People gone?
    Gone to Rallies everyone!
    Where have all the People gone?
    Gone to Valley!
    Where have all the People gone?
    Talking grievance everyone!
    So PM stays away
    So PM stays away!

    Why surveys one by one?
    BN's way of swinging!
    Why only survey done?
    Their only way!
    Why survey off the facts?
    BN's tricks to overcome!
    Hiding facts from everyone
    Hiding facts from everyone!!

    The original sang during Anti-war in U.S.
    so for Peace this song wrote
    and for Peace this song is repeated!!
    The question is where the Grievances can go?
    How many more to be abused
    when at least 31 Hindu in court
    for a peaceful walk in Batu Cave!

    PM swing with surveys over facts
    Just repeating "King in his new dress"!
    People not in War but to the walls!!