Monday, November 05, 2007

Umno delegates stand to win RM5.25 million

Umno-EC lottery. The news article does not tell you how or why. It just says that Umno delegates stand to win RM5.25 million in prize money during the Umno general assembly this week.
No, I don't think you can call it money politics.
The Election Commission is involved, so it must have something to do with encouraging Umno members to register as voters.

Read the full story here.


  1. We were told that we should register as voters out of pride for our country. Are UMNO members different? They are allocated RM5.25 million as incentives? Either it is double standard or it shows UMNO members are less patriotic and need incentives to register as voters!

  2. Anonymous4:14 am

    Satu lagi bukti hubungan kamceng SPR-UMNO.

    Pak Rockybru boleh link kan video promosi himpunan rakyat di sini supaya semuanya sedar.

  3. Anonymous6:05 am

    OK! lets register but I dont have to necessary vote for them, right?

  4. Anonymous6:28 am

    Better make sure that it is UMNO's own money and not the tax-payers'

  5. Anonymous8:13 am

    Like dat also can ha....

    In BolehLand macam macam can happen.

  6. Anonymous8:17 am

    "For Umno members who have yet to register, we will provide the facility for them to do so during the assembly and the membership card will be made for them," he said.

    Just shows how independent the Election Commission is????

  7. Anonymous8:44 am

    This is plain for all to see.......MONEY POLITICS!!!

  8. Anonymous9:10 am

    As long as they are indulging in a gamble, it is fine with me. I guess I only get worked up when UMNO becomes puritanical! So UMNO, go go go for wine women and song!!!

  9. Anonymous9:16 am

    I applaud the intention to get more Malaysians registered as voters. I am also curious to know where the prizes were sourced from. Were they sponsored by UMNO members and delegates?

  10. Forget Courts Mammoth where u can only become suku jutawan.

    This one is better boss!!!

  11. This is legalised form of corruption.
    But then, lottery is also HARAM!

  12. Anonymous10:36 am

    Pak Rocky,
    Apa salahnya insentif begitu. Jangan pandang serong.
    Adalah elok sebelum pilihanraya skim loteri halal dijalankan oleh UMNO untuk mengalakkan Orang Melayu pergi menunaikan Ibadat.Hadiah utama menunaikan Haji, hadiah-hadiah lain seprti tiket dan perbelanjaan untuk UMRAH.
    Apa kata Ularmak?

  13. Anonymous11:18 am

    so this is a form of halal gambling, so what's next? - halal beers?

  14. Anonymous11:38 am

    bro..chck out NST's editorial tday. heard sumthing interesting but cant seem to access the site.



  15. Malaysia I am beginning to feel cheese off
    Oh show these leaders their way to the pit
    Let them stay together feeling the heat
    For greed and power let them fight it out

    The country wants upright leaders
    Fighting for the nation spread the wealth
    Nothing for themselves, cronies and families
    It is for the services to the people and nation

    Let the story spreading far and wide
    Into the villages, towns and cities
    Open up the peoples’ minds
    Don’t get fooled by a few
    To control the majority

    They say they have the money to give
    For projects and developments
    Mind you it is not their money
    It is your money taken out to give back to you

    Don’t get trapped by the sleazy leaders
    Smile of cunning ways of enrichments
    Give a little peanut in the bottle
    What they take you don’t even know

    Any party in power
    Can do what BN does
    It is the caring leaders we need
    To push forward for the people and nation

  16. Hello anon. 6.28am,
    you must be a moron to think UMNO has any money....hehe !IT is the tax-payer's money lah, where have you been, bodoh ??

  17. Anonymous1:33 pm


  18. Anonymous1:54 pm

    Keep your panties on!

    This is simply a money laundering exercise. I would wait to see who the winner is. May end up being KJ's sister, aunty, or grandfather's pet cat.

  19. Anonymous2:37 pm

    Aiyah, RM5.25 million is just kacang to the UMNO members.

  20. Anonymous3:20 pm

    nothing matters in this corrupt party, except dole. there is no logic in this. to goad members to register with the EC by dangling $ infront of their eyes. what a way to go, truly UMNO way.

  21. Next thing they will play dice with the electorates: vote for me and you stand to win a trip to Perth, where a yacht from turkey will await the pleasure of your cruise, inclusive of three-day two-night stay at one of those mansions, shopping not included.

    There's no way anyone will know if that money didn't come from the taxpayers, hard earned by people who include those who will never vote for Umno, who cannot be Umno delegates, who will always vote opposition, who never bother to vote.

    You want to see how the line is being drawn day by day? That's another example for you.

    Soon, their lordships will lord more over you. What's next, toll again ah?

  22. There are people who died and still dying in war for the cause of freedom, independance and ultimately, for the right to vote, the right to chose their Government in other countries. Back to Malaysia, there are still so many poor people, we see heart wrenching documentaries on hard core poor people still living without basic amenities, children not going to school and not knowing when is the next meal ready. Imagine what this few millions can do for these poor people. Distributed to them,even if it cant promise fancy housing, at least it can feed them for the next few days or weeks, provide the much needed school books, school shoes or mend a broken roof. But then, how stupid of me, this cant be the priority, election fever's just round the corner.

  23. Anonymous4:56 pm

    Selling my rights for RM 5.25 million, that's a bit cheap in my

    RM 1 billion, I might consider, and then I will setup my own government.

  24. again.... UN-BE-LIE-VA-BLE...

  25. Anonymous10:58 pm

    Umno = money. Period.

  26. Anonymous11:04 pm

    ya, 22 years roti canai only naik 20 sen. New PM project raise roti canai to 30 sen in just 5 years, really die...

  27. Wow! UMNO have actually revealed its true essence of patriotism practiced by its leaders and members.

    Bowing down to the almighty ringgit coz nothing else will move their butts.

    It's been said that UMNO can only win in the next GE through monetary incentives and if this is any indication, particularly, with the high profile gathering of delegates for the UMNO GA, I guess there's an element of truth.

    Remember, folks, last year, AAB gave RM600 million to 191 UMNO divisions.

  28. Bro Rocky,

    Masihkah kau ingat,
    Masihkah kau ingat,
    Bila Radzi batalkan cabutan bertuah mykad

    hahahahah nanti jadi macam tu la. Kalau sesapa tak tau Radzi ni juga Setiausaha Agung UMNO.

  29. bro rocky, is this true or r u pulling our legs? 5mil is a LOT of moolah!