Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Seapark Police Station Report No: 8602/07

"The three lawyers told me that I must never revealed to my wife that I was told by them to put up an act that I was mentally unstable with suicidal tendency...." - Balan
A thousand times more damning than ... Thirunama Karasu a/l K. Vellupillai, also known as Balan, spent 6 hours with the police over his latest report against V.K. Lingam, the lawyer at the centre of the judge-fixing scandal undermining Pak Lah's administration.
Balan's report focuses on some alleged hanky-panky related to ACA investigations into Perwaja a decade ago. The people named in the report were - and some still are - big-wigs in the judiciary, the police and the government.

Wee Choo Keong, the recently-vindicated lawyer, who is assisting Balan in his crusade against his brother, has demanded that police take immediate action with regards to Balan's report. "The police called in Raja Petra Kamaruddin immediately after Umno lodged a police report against him. Balan's report is a thousand times more damning. The cops should call in all the people mentioned in the report for questioning immediately".

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  1. Anonymous1:31 pm

    My good God... if this story is true, it's disgustingly appalling to know how people can be so evil. Evil... just so godamn evil..

  2. Anonymous1:35 pm

    Anybody thinks the Prime Minister and his coterie of yes men care?

  3. Anonymous2:01 pm


    good luck to you if you think the cops will act on balan's report. there are only three outcomes rest assured. one, the report will gather dust. two, case close without further need for action. third, report missing and please make another report.
    oops, i forgot something. dont cheesed off the authorities. they might do an ISA on balan in the interest of race, religion and country.

  4. Anonymous2:35 pm

    In the Sun newspaper there was also another lawyer's name mentioned which is somehow missing in this report.

  5. Anonymous2:55 pm

    Tak habis habis cerita orang India bagi kita pening kepala. Belit atau Belit..dah keliru dah.

  6. Anonymous6:01 pm

    In the report, Balan was arranged to meet up with Gopal Sri Ram ... as arranged by VKLingam.

    Gopal Sri Ram is uncle to Anbiya Chairman of Bar Council. He is the judge that the like of Harris Ibrahim, Malik Imtiaz, many interfaith activist and legal activist are lobbying for a promotion up to Federal Court.

    IF VK Lingam is such a crooked lawyer, why is Sri Ram (when practising as lawyer in M/s Sri Ram and Co) hanging out with this claimed crooked.

    Ptooi ... penyangak juga. Bar Council pun bukan betul punya orang juga.

  7. Anonymous6:01 pm

    The antics of those in power begins to roll out like the laughable, poorly scripted plot of a bad B-Grade movie. It would be funny but for the fact that it's happening in this country under our very noses!
    Be afraid, be very afraid...

  8. Anonymous9:29 pm

    Prior Datuk Zaki immedaite elavation to the Federal Court, Datuk Gopal Sri Ram was the only one that got his elevation direct ot the Court of Appeal.

    Of course, Sri Ram is no angel in all the Lingam's sage. Lingam is also very close to Sri Ram as mentioned in Balan's police report. The only difference between Sri Ram and Lingam is Sri Ram know how to play his game and Lingam does not.

    Sri Ram is now the most senior of all in the court of Appeal after the retirement of Moktar Sidin. Sri Ram was by pass many times by so many other judges because of his "reputation" equalled only to Moktar Sidin.

    Sri Ram used to be the partner in Sri Ram & Co which was inherited by Mr C Vijaya Kumar, who was one of the three lawyers named in Balan's police report. So now you can see the connection between Sri Ram and Lingam.

    All those retired judges and the current court of appeal judges, Low Hop Bing and Sri Ram should be summoned before the Royal Commission for questioning.

    Low Hop Bing and Sri Ram should not preside over cases int he court of appeal from now on. How could they dispense justice when they are implicated in this judicial scandals of the century.

    I hope that the dreaming PM will take the necessarry actions to suspend Sri Ram and Low Hop Bing from sitting as judges until and after the Royal Commission has cleared them, which I do not think that both of them can be cleared. Definitely NOT for Datuk low Hop Bing, who is the closest of all judges to Tun Eusoff Chin, the New Zealand holiday partner of Lingam!

  9. Anonymous9:37 pm

    Bro Rocky

    Thank you for psoting the Seapark Report Number. I have now been told about the contents of the report where the 3 lawyers names were mentioned. They were named in Balan's fist report and they are Datuk Sithambaram, Datuk Kumahendran and Vijaya Kumar.

    Balan or Wee Choo Keong should forward the Seapark Report 8026 to
    teh Bar Council for actions to be taken agsint these 3 bad hats.

    What is the Bar Council is going to do with regards to these 3 lawyers who haev interfered with the ACA interogations and acted in the most shameful manner?

    AS for Lingam, he should be sent to jail and throw the key!

  10. The curry bubbling in the pot
    The spices mix to add flavor
    Once you taste it you won’t forget
    On the pages of report
    There will be the critic’s calling

    Now the police taste the curry
    A long list to digest in the stomach
    The hot spices warmly glow
    Will the police go after the spices?

    The flavors now turning hot
    The people smell the aroma
    They want action fast
    Speed it up don’t waste the taste
    It may go when fire burns low

    ACA gets a pot
    The flavor enriches though ACA winks
    Teary eyes don’t see it all
    Shuffling papers ink it with its mixture
    Trying to put a straight face
    Imploring there is no hanky panky

    The aroma flowing in the air
    The recipes find its way in nooks and corners
    Now the people want to know
    Action or none at all
    In the flavors of the corridors

    The spices in the recipes
    The authorities blink smelling it
    Trying to figure what to do
    While the fire blowing hotly

  11. Anonymous3:36 pm

    you're right about the inaction of the sleeping PM we have over this mega issue. i'm surprised we're still debating about it when it's high time they should be tried in court. pls someone knock pak lah off his constituency in the next GE. i really wish he could disappear... that bumbling buffoon.

  12. Anonymous5:08 pm

    The Attorney-General must review all the criminal cases defended by Datuk Sithambaram and Datuk Kumahendran.

    We congratulate the DPP for taking action to probe further on the murder case where a Chinese boy was killed allegly by Mr Koh, the milionaire stockbroker. You will remeber that Datuk Sithambaram was the one who handed to the court a medical certificate stating that Mr Koh was admitted to a hospital in China. Upon checking by two Chinese newspapers with the hospital in China, Mr Koh was not admitted.

    It is hoped that the DPP should lodge a police report into this matter.

    Wee Choo Keong or Balan should forward a copy of the Seapark Police Report to Bar Council for further actions to be taken agasint the three lawyers invovled in the interference with the investigations by the ACA.

  13. Anonymous12:37 pm

    Goodness, talk about name dropping.

    Something must be wrong.

    I guess they have a spooon long enough to sup with the devil.

    Right now, I am told that a group has been set up to ensure that these people will not get into any trouble at all.

    I also heard that one or all the three lawyers named have made police reports to deny their role in the plot.

    Does it make sense to get a "mad person" to sign a 81-page confession. If he is mad, why sign? Unless he is not mad.

    Sekarang juga, polis kita belum ada masa nak tengok kesah ini.