Thursday, November 29, 2007

Pahang pays RM48 K for MB's plate no

CCC 9. Pahang Menteri Besar Adnan Yaakob does not see anything wrong with it.
“The question of wasting money does not arise as the money is paid by the (state) government to the JPJ. In turn, the JPJ will use the money to pay salaries.
“Where got waste? The money goes from government to government. It's not for Adnan Yaakob (but) for the government."

Blogger Polytikus calls Adnan's logic "a load of bull". Read Pahangites take note! :"This is the kind of nonsense that is quietly going about in the country. A lot of it goes unreported. We don’t know about it, we don’t hear about it."

I am reminded of last week's news item Pahang's deficit to balloon to RM50 million (Star, Nov 17).


  1. Anonymous1:35 pm

    what stupid logic. Why does the MB needs a fancy plate number?

    This is what Najib meant by change lifestyle...screw BN!!!

  2. Anonymous1:50 pm

    This is perverse logic. This is sickening. This is shit. This is bull. This is a motherducking con job. This is the government we voted in.

  3. Anonymous1:58 pm

    rocky original

    they asked you to downgrade your lifestyle. for them, they need more of your money to further upgrade their already luxurious lifestyle.
    what the bull? are we just armchair critics. isnt it time to do our little bit to put this sort of morons in their proper place?

  4. Anonymous2:21 pm

    What kind of bullshit this stupid MB is arguing. If the no. plate was to auction off to a private entity the government is earning extra 50K rather than from right pocket to left pocket without any gain. God bless this bolehland with this kind of half past six Umno morons

  5. In the first place
    Money should be used wisely
    Not to pay for MB’s personal gratification
    On a car number plate

    Paid by the state government
    Who is the head of the state?
    The chief minister that’s who!

    The logic doesn’t hold water
    How could he explain it that way?
    So if that is the case
    Many things happen on contras
    Nobody knows about it
    Can he tell the people more?

    If he has people’s welfare
    He should use ordinary number plate
    It costs only $50 not $48,000
    This is an egoistic trip

    I know of people using single digit plate
    The power and the ego attached to it
    “Single digit you know
    You think everyone can get it”

    This is what ills the country leaders
    Out of focus and don’t care attitude
    The lost visions in their cloudy heads
    Only wealth captures their tastes
    Nothing else matters

    I drink to “Those were the days”
    Listen to “Seven lonely days”
    Of things happening in the nation
    The sleeping beauty still snores away

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  7. Anonymous3:05 pm


    Our menteris and pembesar2 negara are recklessly spending the rakyat's money without a care or thought to the general public. Our claims for better governance are treated dismissively and are 'justified' in the most outrageous manner. Citizens of other democratic countries would have long called for the resignation of such leaders.We the Malaysian rakyat shall see who has the last laugh come PRU 12.. BRING IT ON!!

  8. Anonymous3:34 pm

    They learned this kind of twisted logic from none other than No 1 himself. Remember his reply when asked about the RM200m for the new plane purchase for his use? "The Govt. did not buy it. PMB(a company wholly owned by MOF) bought it and the Govt leased it from them.

  9. Anonymous3:47 pm

    When they make mistakes they never
    want to accept the "BROOM"

    Same logic like "we don't buy, we lease" argument.....

    Better still just give a reason like...We were elected by majority, so we can do anything we like.


  10. Anonymous3:47 pm

    this MB nut should learn from Bloomberg.
    He should take a bus to work.

    New York City Mayor Bloomberg change lifestyle from taking limo to taking subway to work. Bloomberg office is a small cubicle, not a big fancy office. He once fired a city employee for playing windows games during office hours.

  11. Anonymous4:03 pm

    What does Adnan need the CCC9 plate for???

    If the MB is such a great economist, surely he should realise that, if a private individual had been allowed to buy that number (instead of it going to a government servant) then the government would have MADE MONEY, instead of circulating money within its own departments.


    That car (and its fancy number) better stay in government after Adnan leaves.

  12. Anonymous4:11 pm

    You spend, I spend. You splash, I splash. It's just the government's money, who cares? No money just ask Petronas to extract more oil. So simple.

  13. Anonymous4:14 pm

    It's by the same logic the RM200 million aeroplane was purchased. See it?

  14. Adnan Cekup is our Angkasawan ketiga!
    Why? He has been to the moon and brought back his Face.

    And the reason he's kamcing with Datuk K, he always thought the K meant Kawah/Kelentong/Kocok/Kena

    I'm done reasoning with these politicians, so should everyone!

  15. rocky,

    but why did the JPJ put that price on the number?

  16. Anonymous5:16 pm

    It's like MAS; the ex-chairman once bought paintings saying they will appreciate, meanwhile MAS nosedived. Same stupid and mad thinking too with this Pahang state govt.

    Adnan Yaacob says the reason for the flashy plate number was to make it more unique to identify quickly it's a govt special vehicle.

    Yeah, right; to make it more visible so that the poor of Pahang can pelt it with rotten eggs.

    This is Umno for you.

  17. Anonymous5:17 pm

    Ini MB penyangak,lucah serta biadap. Buat malu mak bapak dan ornag2 melayu sahaja. Orang2 macam nilah yang boleh membuatkan UMNO terlentang.
    Cakap tak pakai akhlak dan akal.

  18. Anonymous5:31 pm


    not a stupid logic, ini ada udang di sebalik batu...

    sending out a message with this triple C's thing ...

    cabar, cabar, cabar badawi


    probably they are just lingam fans... correct, correct, correct

  19. Anonymous5:36 pm

    Adnan should consider his answers carefully before answering, there is no good reason for the state government to waste money on something like that, if it was given for free then a whole different kettle of fish.... kalau dah make no difference from left pocket into right pocket ask lah for free....

  20. so what if the plate number is say, cee 641. the car can still ferry passengers around cant it? to come out with a statement that 48k for a lousy plate number is not a waste of money, now thats silly and ridiculous.

  21. That Guy ? i cant even EQUATE him to a Low Life Dog coz Dogs are loyal,honest and obedient.On the other hand ,, a Swine? hmmmm , sounds more appropriate .

  22. To all those who leech the rakyats money and misuse it ... Beware !!!The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he, who in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee.

  23. hey, the majority of the people in this country vote BN. so we get the govt we deserve. and that's going to happen again when the next GE rolls around soon enough. so unless WE ALL FUCKING WISE-UP and vote for the Opposition so that there is at least some check and balance, nothing is going to change.

  24. One bidder said "I dont know why JPJ told me I won the bid at
    RM46k, I only bid for RM10k" While the other said "It is for the official use, not mine. No wastage either, can use to pay civil servant salary"

    Oh my....

  25. The state government should have bought a share in JPJ. Good business.

  26. Anonymous7:24 pm

    rocky original,

    CCC in chinese can mean 4,4,4 or die,die,die !!

    9 can also mean DOG !

    So die die die DOG ?

  27. Anonymous7:31 pm

    stupid is what stupid does.

    Bodoh, bodoh, bodoh

  28. Anonymous8:49 pm

    It is a surprise we got to know about this!
    What a waste of taxpayers money.
    CCC 9 for RM48,000, bloody hell, most ordinary folks cars cost about that.
    The Pahang JPJ boss will be in deep shit for being so transparent, this is not the Malaysian culture.
    Look at the news media.
    In Malaysia the foreign news broadcasts are 'sanitised' that is the main reason that there is a time delay of 3 or 4 minutes for these supposedly 'live' news broadcasts.
    Sometime items of news are cut short, or replaced by advertisements.
    Foreign adverts are also cut out.
    I watch and listen to the news both on ASTRO and, in order to get the 'lost' items, also on SW radio and via the Internet.
    The local free to air TV news is not worth watching, and the local newspapers are full of propaganda, lies and misinformation, if anyone reads them any more, please learn to 'read between the lines'.

  29. Anonymous9:05 pm


    I'm from Benta, Pahang, Kuala Lipis! Used to be very active in UMNO and hate PAS and DAP like hell. But now no more, 10% because of the this man and 90% because of his stupid, sleeping boss in Putrajaya. Unfortunately, the majority of Pahangites is still..sleeping and stupid as well!

    What can I do? Please advise.

    Hantu Gigi Jarang

  30. Anonymous9:55 pm

    Just do not understand how does this pea sized brain can be a leader in the state?????

  31. sdra
    gambar tu menarik.. bekas pelajar UIA tengah buat apa tu..


    that was the best logic i ever had.

    MB Pahang...

    May i know your academic qualitfication? Which school?


  33. Anonymous12:00 am

    "If the MB is such a great economist, surely he should realise that, if a private individual had been allowed to buy that number (instead of it going to a government servant) then the government would have MADE MONEY, instead of circulating money within its own departments.


    above quote can never be understood by this HP6 leaders that BN has.

    CCC...can use a few swear word in various language to which will go with Adnan's hand signal.

    truly bodoh cos he doesn't understand how to gte more money instead use logic orang BODOH!!!

  34. Anonymous12:54 am

    Never really understand why people will pay more than RM500 for license plates.

  35. Anonymous7:45 am

    Just a suggestion for the Untuk Melayu No Otak party (i.e regime) UMNO, why don`t YB Adnan Tangan Lucah propose an UMNO Plate i.e. UMNO 1 for Bodowee, UMNO 2 for Rosemah, UMNO 3 for Mohammad son of Mohammad- msom , UMNO 4 for Najoib Kapal Selam (4 in chinese mati maa...) .

    JPJ can make money, No Otak party can look for a cow to slaughter in order to purchase the UMNO special plate numbers and luxury cars !

    Naza can supply the cars at good discounted price ~ duty paid of coz!

    YB Adnan Tangan Lucah can use UMNO 9 as the official plate number.

    From here JPJ can start selling numbers and make good business. One day JPJ will be public listed!

    Suggestion as follows:-

    New plate numbers
    1. UMNO 222

    *( Bodowee the number tripple 2 looks like z z z ) Dozing.

    2. ADIL 1 (DSAI)

    3. MCA 1 - ( sounds like Macai )

    4. MIC 5454 ( Samy punya )Tak Mati Tak Mati !

    5. HINDRAF 1 (Uthayakumar punya!)
    * FRU & Police favourite hit list.

    6. BERSIH 8 (Tien Chua)

    7. BARISAN 1001 (1001 macam nonsense - msom)

    8. ECER 46 - (No takers, yet)

    9. NCER 1 ( Kboh Tsu Kouon )

    10 WP-Iskandar 4 ( Kellymuiloh )

    Why not? anyway we got plate numbers such as BAMbee, PutraJaya, Jaguh, Tiara, Naza, Putra,Sutera, OIC, Kelisa, Satria, Lotus, Sukom etc.

    For all these project of plate numbers, we shall let YB Adnan Tangan Lucah do the business with JPJ. Trust him, please. Its for the Gvt to the Gvt. If he fails, give him the broom.


  36. Anonymous10:52 am

    just found out. school of umno. are you surprise?

  37. Anonymous11:12 am

    PM should table a bill in the parliament to make it compulsory for all ministers and their deputies, parliamentary secretaries, MBs and their State Excos to have single digit registration number for their cars at a minimum RM50k per number, to be paid to JPJ. The more money paid to JPJ the better so that JPJ officers' salary is taken care of. Who cares about the poor peole in Pekan, Cherok Tok Kun and Cemomoi who can't afford to fork out, not even RM10 a day, for a decent meal for their families? Who cares? What crap is this? We have a Minister paying RM100k for WPA1 and I am paying through my nose to get my kids a quality pre-school education. Long Live BN leaders! (so that they do more sins and pay more time in hell later)

  38. Anonymous11:38 am

    I seriously feel that most of your commentators are the converted. And I am sure more than half of them are also not registered as voters. All oue efforts will go to waste if we don't take some serious actions. It will help our democratic cause if we:

    1. Start reading the blogs and forward important messages to those who don't read blogs. There are many out there.

    2. Get your siblings, nephews and nieces to register as voters.Tell them of the abuses that the current government is indulging in. Tell tham of the state exco member who built that multi-million ringgit mansion and yet Barisan sees fit to retain him. I shudder to think that these are the leaders who are going to run my children's and great grandchildren's life...

    3. Those who want to see a stronger opposition MUST take leave during the election campaign period and HELP the opposition parties voluntarily. They need your help.They lack funds unlike the Barisan parties who get lost of financial help from those who have benefited from the gravy train. They get hundreds of millions of ringgit which is actually our money paid in taxes.

    4. Talking and writing isn't enough. Anyone can do it. Get out there and contribute in the planning, or even physically distributing pamphlets. These count and will have a bearing.

    For far too long, we Malaysians have been just talking and hoping for some changes. Let not this great opportunity pass by as we have to wait for another 30 years.

    I feel it is going to be hard to change the government, in any case I don't think the opposition is ready. BUT let us give the opposition a strong voice in Parliament.

    If we don't make it this time, let us passive Malaysians just accept the verdict and continue to get violated. Because we deserve it.


  39. Anonymous12:28 pm

    The way they are throwing money like this makes one think that Malsysia is in fact filthy rich and can well afford it. But of course, style is important.

  40. Anonymous12:35 pm

    Don't miss the big issue on Toll Increase!
    Take them to court before they should talk!

  41. Anonymous3:08 pm

    reminds me of another dungoo. when questioned on the exceptional large commission paid to a local middleman for arms deal between malaysian government and russians, the MP said.."its alright coz the commission is paid by the seller ( russians) and not the buyer (malaysian government)".
    i almost fell from my chair on hearing this. indirectly, this government MP was telling taxpayers to take a hike and corruption is ok and can be above table.
    now, you have another dungoo telling his lower rung mates to limit the spending on no plates to a cap of RM10,000. For himself, its alrite to throw away state funds of RM48,000 with such perverse logic.
    getserious, you are absolutely right. stop being armchair critics. start to do something now for the forthcoming elections. vote wisely to tell these dungoos off. if not for ourselves, do this for our children.

  42. Anonymous3:12 pm

    Hi Rock,

    May I draw your attention to the following report:

    "Don't get emotional. Don't get trapped in Hindraf's political strategy.


    A marked change of attitude coming from our once irrational UMNO Youth president. It's quite refreshing to hear statement like that. Perhaps, there maybe some hope for the nation as a whole after all. This should have been the way(s) the govt deals with dissent(s)- in a calm and rational way instead of making threats and all sorts of dumb excuses!

    We should give credit where credit is due!

    Still, for those anti-BN voters, believe me, I am NOT here to promote BN but to point out the way how you all should debate and articulate your views instead of charging through like a bull in china shop!

    After having said that, I still would not vote for BN. Sorry lah!

  43. MAlaysia memang sebuah Negara yang kaya raya...tidak semua Negara ada minyak, emas, bijih timah, kayu balak, etc...tapi kekayaan untuk SIAPA?

    Jawapannya ada ditangan anda...

  44. Anonymous3:32 pm

    you know after all the crap we've been getting it's a wonder why people still vote for them. they deserve better honestly.

  45. this is what i call pure bulldung. why does the office of MB Pahang need that particular number?

    waste of taxpayer's money.

  46. Anonymous11:00 pm

    In Australia Triple C stands for Corruption and Crime Commission!

  47. Anonymous11:13 pm

    heh, sorry very busy dan dah lama tak melawat dan meliwat postings brother. itu MB ada bongok kah? who was he trying to fool? Nyampah aku!

  48. Anonymous7:47 am

    brighter future, don't be FOOLED - that's a POLITICIAN speaking!!

  49. ....SI ADNAN TANGAN LUCAH,will be a good title for local drama....

  50. oh yea!c c c.mati mati mati.adnan the new samseng on the block.

  51. Anonymous12:34 pm

    I guess he can use the same logic when caught by ACA.
    "Where got corruption, I am using the money to buy house, in turn will benefit the contractor, who in turn will pay the Citizen salaries"

    If BN has any balls left, should impound the state government of abusing the power or privilege.

    What is wrong is that the legit public will pay for it, in turns will benefit the government through JPJ. Instead, the bastard MB is hounding all beautiful numbers and later sell it at RM 1 dollar, and he may pocket the rest.

    Stupid logic with a lot of holes

  52. Anonymous12:59 pm

    The MB is an idiot, shouldn't the money be spent on the poors like Zakaria Deraman and others, rather than on a car registration ?

    I am so angry and sad..............

  53. CCC - Confirmed Chief Croo..ha..ha.

  54. this is getting more interesting !

  55. Anonymous9:41 am


    All this suggest to me that come next election the Stae will go to OPPOSITION.

    Unless the voters are all still asleep like the leader in Putra jaya.

    Concern Citizen

  56. Anonymous9:00 pm

    Taking weapon in this country is illegal and punishable so I can’t do that. But I wish God gives me one, just one single boon. I had this dream if I could get one boon from God I would ask him to grant me my everlasting happiness with family and surroundings.

    Now, I think I have more important things than my happiness.

    I would ask “My Lord, Please change any politician of Malaysia who wants to cheat public of their wealth and rights into a ‘Human Waste Eating Pig’ and make him to eat his own waste"


  57. Anonymous4:35 pm

    Seriously, our beloved people are doomed if we hve leaders that think along these lines. Common folk facing challenges that is real putting food on the table, ensuring better future for their children by attempting to give them good education with cost rising and we hve leaders like that who pay RM48k for a plate no, what gives?

    Also in the east (Sabah), read on the blog someone whose passport was confiscated by ACA was charged in Hong Kong, a place u need passport to go to (last I checked) for having RM16 mio (illegal???), maybe that guy and his "boss" also wants to buy plate nos.

    God save our people from the wolves