Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Kidnap in Shah Alam!

update 30/11
As D0ra is safe and back with her family, I've agreed to bring down her picture so that she can move on.
I believe that putting up her picture as an "urgent alert" the day she was abducted helped keep members of the public alert and on the look-out for her. It might even have saved her. - Rocky's Bru

update 29/11

Dora Goh has been released. Thank God.
Some quarters told me it was
wrong for bloggers to publish her picture and publicize the abduction as it could have forced the abductors to "do something stupid".
I think that's a strange logic, but I have asked an expert's view on that. Wait for a posting on that.
Right now, I am just happy that she's safe. Thanks to all who helped with the Alert effort.

original posting
Dora Goh,
25, was reportedly abducted by 3 persons in Shah Alam this morning. The abductors were seen driving off in a silver Toyata Camry bearing plate no 7641.
Anyone with info on the whereabout of Dora or the car, please alert the Police asap!


  1. OMG, which part od Shah Alam?!

  2. please everyone take a good look at this picture and if have to,please enlarge it to get a better look.keep a look out

  3. Anonymous4:36 pm

    I hope nothing happens to her..she such a lovely girl..Please God no more Canny Ong case! We had enough already after Nurin!

    Start initiating chain e-mail. That at least a mouse like me can do, let the info spread as far as it can reach to nail down the culprit ..another 1 hour before we go back from office guys! Lets go!

  4. how true is the news?

  5. Anonymous5:25 pm

    Whenever, there is a crisis in the country some criminals taking advantage of the situation. Looks like they knew police so busy with other things.

    JUst two months ago when everyone was focused with Altantayu trial Nurin was kidnapped. Now, everyone has forgotten about the trial including why Razak was using a stranger phone without his knowledge.

    Is it just coincidence?

  6. Anonymous7:02 pm

    the problem is that the case is not considered a kidnapping case until the person does not return home 48 hours. Can someone highlight me if this is true. I'm not sure if spreading pictures and details of the victim will do any good as there is privacy here, and also alerting the kidnappers, if the kidnappers are computer literate. And worse, I read somewhere that the police will not hold responsiblity if something bad happen because of this mass publicity.

    shit, why all this is happening in malaysia ?

  7. Brother Rocky,

    I will keep a lookout for her.

    Can anyone explain to me how Sime Darby Berhad has been given the RM20 billion Bakun Dam project without an open tender? Is the Government of today, led by Abdullah Ahmad Badawi so powerful that it can actually flout the law and award contracts to any Tom, Dick and Harry?

    Is that how Scomi Group, owned by Abdullah's son, Kamaluddin, grew to become empire of its own, overnight?

    Please brother Rocky....please explain how Sime Darby secured this project without even bidding for it in an open tender?

  8. Rocky!

    Now chances of this girl being let off free is lessened by the fact that we have reported the sighting of three men "grabbing" a girl and pushed in a car, complete with a number plate!
    If I am one of the three people I will be scared stiff now that my car and registration plate have been identified, since kidnapping is a death penalty crime can you imagine what will happen!
    The police should handle this case delicately, if the three men just want to have a good time they will allow the victim o go, if not I hope nothing bad will happen to her!

  9. Anonymous8:51 pm

    they say the Camry is metallic gold not silver...

  10. Anonymous8:55 pm

    ooops sorry... you could be correct... there are differing accounts on the colour of the car...

  11. 3 persons in gold Toyota Camry
    Bearing registration number 7641
    Cruising in Shah Alam kidnapped a young woman
    Dora Goh aged 25 years old today

    This is happening so regularly
    What’s happening in the country?
    Nurin death is still hot in the news
    Amongst the people who care

    Now this kidnapping
    On a young woman of aged 25 years old
    I pray the police will act in speed
    Don’t wait for days then go out looking
    Not like Nurin case please!

    I pray for her
    Nothing of harm befalls
    Let the message goes out
    Leaving her alone safely by the road

    p/s bro Rocky.....I post it in my blog too. Hope it helps. Salam

  12. Anonymous10:48 pm

    I've called Padini (the company the victim works in) and confirmed it's true. Have an ex-college mate who works there too who said the same thing..

  13. Alert the Police ? Of WHICH Country bro ?

  14. No lah...kalau number plate dah tau...lagi la org takut nak bunuh! mesti dia org mengelabah..lepaskan dia...coz they know polis know their identities ma... takkan nak graduate frm kidnap to bunuh when u know u are identified

  15. Anonymous12:46 am

    Read somewher her hair is curly and not straight. So how true is this story?

  16. THE STORY IS 100% TRUE. My sis is working with PADINI, announcemnet also made during 301 nite time news.

    What's wrong with the society now?
    I work at Padini before. The clock in time is 9.30a.m. At 9.15a.m, there are lots of employee heading to the office from parking. Yet, the three men dare to kidnap a gal.

    We should take extra caution for everyone's safety.

  17. Her dad doesn't owe anybody any money, does he? I hope she's okay. Bundled into a car by three men; sounds like a planned job.

  18. Ahhhh! Pasquale and his skewed analogies.

    Going by his comment, any kidnappings should be quietly swept under the carpet and not reported nor publicised in case it burdens the kidnappers to roam (drive) freely with their captive for fear of getting recognised by the public.

    Good going there, old chap. Guess you were in Mars when Nurin Alert was introduced and promoted by bloggers to, ostensibly, address matters such as this.

    And do let us know, will yer, if the kidnappers did have good time coz I'm sure they will inform you accordingly at your blog.

    Honestly, dud(e), stay away from the C4 coz the fumes alone can play havoc with your brain.

    P.S. Info obtained at Screenshots sez kidnappers contacted Dora's family with ransom bid.

  19. Anonymous6:40 am

    Y think Maxis, Celcom and Digi should offer free service to provide free sms and mms to police and members who want to participate in crime busting. In that way, information moves straight to the streets rather than arriving thru blogs and email and by then it would be too late.

    I only got the news about this in jeffooi's blog and here. At all time I was stuck in the office and most liely the people I forwarded the email also in office.

    Make use of the bus drivers, taxi drivers, public on the streets with mobile phone.

  20. Anonymous8:59 am

    Hi guys,

    i received the chain letter yesterday innitiated by Padini. It's 1 of their staff. It's a silver camry written in the mail.


  21. Anonymous9:45 am

    Dora is save!!!

    See Zorro's blog here

    Pheewww.. =)

  22. apparently she is home safe now as revealed in Zorro

  23. Anonymous9:49 am

    She is safe...from some one claiming to be her bf's fren..

    also mentioned in her friendster and jeffooi and everywhere else..

  24. Anonymous9:59 am

    Read from Jeff's blog that the lady has been released and is now in the hospital. That's really great news.

    Keep up the great work Rocky. If only our nation's papers are run by you guys.

  25. Anonymous10:54 am

    got update from other blog..all ok already .

  26. Anonymous11:12 am

    she's already been found!

  27. Uncle Zorro says she safe.Take care

  28. Anonymous11:26 am

    they have found her it seems. safe and sound.

  29. see

    Dora found safe

  30. Anonymous12:04 pm

    the kidnapper has released her ...
    updated this morning..

  31. Anonymous1:49 pm

    stupid Lau weng san - u think rocky and jeff so free to put up a joke here huh???
    u r cold blooded to ask this type of question

  32. "wrong for bloggers" to publish her photo? What whole load of rubbish!! Her photos were widely circulated in many emails by people who cared about her.

    Anyway, glad she's safe :)

  33. Anonymous5:08 pm

    'if the three men just want to have a good time they will allow the victim o go,' a very insensitive statement. For some surviving victims such an experience is worse than death.

  34. The police are real busy chasing after demonstrators, questioning hundreds of them through the night, charging them in court, and going through their speeches to determine if they are seditious.
    These poor Indians are more dangerous that kidnapping, robbery, murder and rape.
    Peaceful demonstrators are easier and safer to handle as they are unarmed.
    hardened criminal can fight back.

  35. Anonymous5:21 pm

    thank you, rockybru.

  36. Anonymous5:33 pm

    Pasquale's reasoning is not that warped, it is the standard operating procedure of police force around the world to not put the kidnap victim under further danger by scaring the kidnappers, usually negotiatiosn are doen away from public eyes,

    This is why usually kidnapping cases are kept under close wraps...

    this is also why the police usually reluctant to talk to Press about it...Rocky should know this, he was editor of Malay mail before

    chances are the licence plate is fake and the car stolen so the police would not know who the identitites of the kidnappers are even if they know the car registration number....

    anyway there are also argument son the other side, saying publicity may help witnesses to come forward.

    well...thats my two cents anyway

    Good to hear that she is safe

  37. Anonymous6:31 pm

    but with all this photos posted, all i see are negative comments! and is it the public call the police/direct or rescue the girl. no! the girl is released after money is paid. no public intervened at the site when the kidnappers release the girl. and is public help to gather the money ? no ? the public only put pressure to the kidnappers and may result something nasty could happen!

  38. It's not fair to expect the police the solve the case within minutes after it is reported. Nak kasi orang disperse pun take time, somemore must use tear gas and water. But the cops should have known better to use rubber bullets. It get the crowd to disperse in minutes. Orang ramai cakap berani berjuang menegak keadilan tapi semua orang takut mati.

  39. ya denzook...see we dunno wan that the woman is the kena kidnapped thatz why wan the rocky boy wan go and tell everyone wan...if he know wan she is the kidnapped wan and not for rogol wan, the he no go tell tell everyone wan...anytime the girly girl get bundled into car wan...we must tell tell everyone very quickly very fast wan these bad people scared to do something wan...the public is no help because maybe they too kiasu wan..if i see wan i sure must help wan...don't worry wan...

  40. It is a common practice in USA to alert public whenever a child is abducted and the program is called ‘AMBER ALERT’. I think Malaysian should consider similar measure. Check out this link.

  41. good one tehsin for denzook! so, denzook, give us your picture so that if you were to be kidnapped (god bless the kidnapper),we'll not post it so that the Police will take their own sweet time to find you... if they do find you. See, tehsin, i have to read yours and denzook posting twice to understand wat he talking wan. denzook, we only helping wan,if can help must contribute ma..

    thanks Tehsin for reminding me to brush up on my engliss.

  42. haha..marykate...cud't resist wan that denzook wan posting...bukan nak hina dia...saja nak tergelak...typical chinese english..."is the public help" etc2.. so funny wan when we see all our difference races and their brand of Malaysian English....only in Malaysia we can laugh2 at each other la...

  43. Anonymous11:16 pm

    crime rates are going up like inflation in zimbabwee. what is our IGP doing?
    1. work with ACA against some of his underlyings who are now charged with fabrication of evidence. against whom? well, a underworld person with a chequered history who is now placed in restricted residence. your take why this is of such urgency and importance.
    2. make sure roadblocks are in place to prevent the BERSIH and HINDRAF gatherings. and that being done days before the gathering. this is to prevent crimes in the city centre? your take on that.

    Having failed to stop the gatherings, the police turned to become nice guys and were so gentle that no bodily contacts happened between the demonstrators and the police. But independent wires and blogs around showed otherwise.
    Am told that it is not right to fitnah, isnt it?