Friday, November 16, 2007

Politics of the Palace

Read between the lines.
16/11 Yang diPertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin expressed regret over claims that the Palace approved and supported Saturday's rally / STAR
Surprised? Don't be, and don't lose sleep over this. BERSIH didn't ask the Agong to support the 10-eleven march. What we wanted was for the Palace to look into our grievances. And those who marched did so demanding reforms in the electoral reforms, NOT to drag the Agong into the mud of partisan politics.

Anyway, if you think about it, it is rather funny. If the Palace really was not supporting the rally ["Tuanku Mizan regrets claims he supports illegal rally" - Bernama], any of the three below would have happened, as Nuraina A. Samad has also suggested in her posting Titah Tuanku:

1/ The Palace would have told the organisers to leave it out of the march. The 10-Eleven was organised nearly two months before the event; there was a lot of time to let BERSIH know of the Istana's stand.
2/ The Palace representatives would not have received the BERSIH delegation and accepted the memorandum
3/ The Agong would have issued a statement last Saturday condemning the rally.

As we all know, none of the above took place.
As far as I am concerned, we, the people, have done our bit and the Agong has done his bit. History has been made on 10-eleven and cannot be unmade.


  1. Anonymous5:53 pm

    I know whats you`re trying to say rock.. but look at all the gist and media capital that can be used by Khairy and the 4th floor boys. Damn!

  2. Anonymous6:02 pm


    Try as hard as they can, but they must remember that history cannot be erased.

    Cuma Melayu saja mudah lupa.
    So kena banyak banyak makan Habatus Sauda & kismis.

  3. Anonymous6:06 pm

    Read Raja Petra newest article in Malaysia-Today.
    Surprise that the Army was on standby mode to protect the citizens. Daulat Tuanku

  4. true kaaa this news?... or they've been exploiting the news... gomen kontol media... right?

  5. Anonymous6:21 pm

    The spinmeisters are on full-throttle again.

    Just read nasty-pee's Rehman Rashid's "The great wet T-shirt contest" at RPK and this is what i have to say to him.

    Yo Rehman, it's about time you embark on your next (Man Booker Prize-contender?) book. my title suggestion for the piece should be - A Malaysian's Descent to Asinine Journalism.

    Yeap, that aptly describes your current state of folly to the T.

    Your dad will be so proud to know that his son's soul could be sold to the highest bidder.

  6. Anonymous6:29 pm

    As a neutral observer, my reading of the matter is that while the King stated that he had not his given support , he did not say he condemned the rally.

  7. Anonymous6:37 pm

    A machai in Istana Negara doing this job for the 4th floor boys ?

    Sorry boys, it's too late & the whole world already know of the 10 eleven history

    Malaysian are not lembu like you & your machai.

    Tun Razak & Tun Dr Ismail's NEP plan was to produce a better Malays and he should be proud to see now it if he is still alive.

    But unfortunately, at the same time his plan also produce a dungu Malays like the 4th floor boys and their bosses.

    Just tell your boss to step down as PM, president of OIC & NAM and start his own country at Pulau Batu Putih and you should join him there as well.

    Better never than late lah in this case. It makes Malaysia like a country with a first class facilities but a third class politician.


  8. Anonymous6:52 pm

    It really dosent matter whatever the comments come out now because what took place on the 10th of November 2007 was unprecedented.The showing up of thousands in spite of even the PM saying he dosent like to be challenged, does say alot actually.It was a common platform taken for many issues requiring attention.

  9. Salam bro,

    Yay! I agree with you.

    And terry, till the media can really be counted as a free agent of democracy, we have to work hard to counter it through any means - electronic messages, handbills and even verbally. Do not be afraid to engage anyone in a civil discussion. If the other person is adamant, just leave him be.

  10. Anonymous6:59 pm

    manouvres Rocky, more manouvres.

    the king took one two three four five SIX DAYS to to say anything either way.

    Did anyone think he's gonna say he supports us, or even agree to "examine" the rakyat's grievance.

    No. That protest was a symbolic one and its message sent home, that of the people's disenchantment with the system.

    The Agong is expected to say what he just did. Cos if he did otherwise, wouldn't there be an open constitutional crisis?

    The real change, will be at the polls, ceteris paribus.

    Ceteris paribus? I'm sorry, I seem to live in utopia.

  11. Anonymous7:11 pm

    Well, I expected this.

    I also told some participants and active campaigners of the Nov 11 march that the rumour spreading about "SPB YDP Agong instructed a battalion of army to provide and ensure safe passage for the marchers towards Istana Negara" to be ABSOLUTE BOLLOCKS!

    I was right!

    This statement basically sealed of any further BERSIH and/or Opposition organised illegal rally, march and/or demonstration, to drag the Palace as their "branding", to gain support of the people.

    This statement also will give the Police more confidence to act against any illegal assemblies, sternly.

    Daulat Tuanku

  12. Hey Rocky, word has it there will be another BERSIH rally on the it true?

    Cos if there is going to be another one, I'm coming this time around.

  13. Anonymous7:35 pm

    Yeah, the march could be branded by mainstream media as a failure, even though it doesn't seem so from Rocky's standpoint.

    Don't expect to rely on royalty to save our asses all the time. Neither are they supposed to ingrained themselves in politics too much, so we're still on our own. Giving up, however, is not an helpful option. Keep marching!

  14. Anonymous7:46 pm

    Abang Rocky,
    Have you heard? The goverment finally agreed to set up a Royal Commission to investigate VK Lingam video clip. Read Bernama news today statement by Pak Lah.
    Pray to Allah that the proposed comission will have the gut or courage to reveal the truths.
    Bob from Kuching

  15. Not surprised at all; why else would the PM dare to say His Majesty would be mature and...

    That was an odd and daring statement to make to preempt the King; that statement was made before this. Something happened in between.

  16. Anonymous8:37 pm

    Scumbag make statement for the King!!!

    Is this inteference of the palace?

    Interesting story or (news). Apparently it was not the Keeper of the Royal Seal who make statement for King

    And today the Government of Malaysia tried doing a David Copperfield on us.

    “Tuanku Mizan Regrets Claims He Supports Illegal Rally,” screamed the Bernama headlines. The Malay version said, “Tuanku Mizan Kesal Dakwaan Baginda Sokong Perhimpunan Haram.” Both versions can be read below.

    Wow! To the layman this sounds very serious indeed. A very ‘high-ranking’ Istana Negara official named Datuk Wan Mohd Safiain Wan Hasan and going by the title of Datuk Pengelola Bijaya Diraja has issued a statement of behalf of The Agong. Who is this guy anyway?

    Well, this guy holds the position that Jeanne Danker used to hold before she dislodged the Raja Permaisuri Agong to become Malaysia’s so-called ‘First Lady’. Actually, the Prime Minister’s wife is maybe the ‘22nd Lady’ after the Raja Permaisuri Agong, the consorts of the nine State Rulers, the four Undangs, the four Governors, followed by the few ex-Raja Permaisuri Agong still living. But the government-controlled media would like us to believe that the Federal Constitution of Malaysia is wrong in placing 21 other ladies above the Prime Minister’s wife.

    This Wan Safiain chappie hails from Terengganu and works for the Prime Minister’s Department. In fact, the entire office of the Istana Negara comes under the Prime Minister’s Department. I remember relating an incident which happened way back in November 1999, a few days before the Tenth General Election.

  17. Anonymous8:42 pm

    Bro, this is what I was really afraid of. We can't depend on anybody, not even the king, our last resort.

    Not that i'm surprised, knowing how things work in our country, it's just that i was hopeful. It's so sad

  18. Although I feel quite dissatisfied with the neutral stand made by the palace, I do accept how complicated is this matter. However, Agong only issued statement about the legality of the marching and I do agree with brother Rocky. So based on my logical sense and understanding about what the real democracy should be, I still stand here and say loudly that we have done nothing wrong by speaking out our concerns.

    Can we voice out our dissatisfaction about this matter that means so much to us - fair and clean election - in TV where all the channels are controlled by the current government? No, then I ask myself again. Should we surpress our anger? No way, because we have right to be angry with what's going on in our country.

    So, to all Malaysians that walked that day, stand proud because you guys have made history and together, we should stand up and continue to demand clean and fair election.

    I will wear yellow every saturday because I believe what I do is right!

  19. Anonymous8:47 pm

    The battle is not lost yet, guys & girls!

    If the Yang di- Pertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin is genuinely concerned for the rakyat, then the (l)oyal palace officials should now crack their brains to come out with yet another palace official statement couched in language in such a way as to proclaim unequivocally the rakyat's rights while at the time strictly observe the constitional rule(s), royal protocol(s)and yet does not seem to undermine the govt's position. It can be done but requires genuine efforts and craftiness. That's all! It's time to practise political high-stake game as we Malaysians know how!

  20. Anonymous8:57 pm

    Brother, where did you get the Star News from, online? At 8.56pm now there is no such online news in Star portal

  21. Anonymous9:22 pm

    Are you guys saying that someone in the Istana is lying?

  22. Anonymous9:23 pm

    well..just have to keep doing it until someone listen to us.. do it a peacefull manner that is...
    keep does political icon out of it.. this way there is no such thing as "opposition lead " shit on the air.

  23. Well,

    When I first read the news, it was disappointing frankly. I felt as if I had just lost my purpose in life - duh....

    After a step back, we should realise that the Agong can't do more than what he already did.

    Say if he issued a statement that he's disappointed with the Government, or that he pressed Abdullah to follow the demands of the opposition, how do you think the situation likely to be? Chaos? Naa.. too much. Drastic, too drastic I would say, it would be a huge shock.

    And if you get what I mean, remember that the King is a constitutional monarch, and he never enjoyed the same popularity as the Thai King among his subjects. Look, if he did interfere, it would cause division among the citizenry, and it might even result into a constitutional crisis.

    Nevertheless, I'd like to reiterate that 10-Eleven was a still glorious Saturday. The fact that the King had accepted the petition, together with all what Nuraina said, I'm sure His Majesty is on our side. Mind you, he didn't even condemn. Smart move eh? At the end of the day, we had to take the struggle upon ourselves. It would not only be pathetic to rest our hope on the King, regardless how benevolent he is.

    Daulat Tuanku!

  24. Anonymous10:04 pm

    "History has been made on 10-eleven and cannot be unmade."............I proud of it.....

  25. rock, you might want to put a link on what RPK has to say about this...

  26. Anonymous10:20 pm

    Just imagine Star and NST dare to even published that there were only 4,000 people. We can easily see from Al Jazera that there were at least 40,000 people marching to the Istana.

    I can understand NST being controlled by Tingakt 4 boys. Wong Chun Wai of the Star also sold his soul to the 4th floor boys. Joceline Tan sold many monhts ago that's why she had to write alot of rubbish for Khairy.

    Wong Chun Wai stop being sued by the 4th floor boys. I am sure that Wong Chun Lai has a soul! Please stop selling your soul to Khairy and Klaimullah both of whom are trying to destroy our country.

  27. Hold your horses...I'm not gonna lose my beloved horses for you lowly peasants!!!

  28. Anonymous10:37 pm

    if it's a spin, the least the King can do is come out and release a statement to clarify.
    ... we, the rakyat will back him all the way no matter what.

    so, let see how things go in this few days.

  29. Anonymous10:41 pm

    Malaysia Today has the explanation to this propaganda - What the eye does not see. A must read.

  30. Anonymous10:45 pm

    Rocky, I was crestfallen as well, very much like Terry. However if you can direct everyone to read RPK's LATEST ARTICLE I am very sure everybody will be uplifted and happy. Just goes to show what lengths these so called elected leaders will go for DAMAGE CONTROL!!!

  31. Check this out.

  32. Anonymous12:57 am

    My perception is that the language is so refined that most do not understand. I guess that's the everyday language of refined people.
    Ah..Indeed, am glad to be ordinary marhaen.

  33. Anonymous2:23 am

    Anon 6.02

    No shred of evidence that the army was on stand by to protect the marchers. Just because MT say it is so, doesn't mean its the gospel truth.

    Lets play the democracy game,

    Lets see if HM SPB YDP Agong is really what most of the readers here think he really is and dare to be himself and not assume the role as the Supreme Ruler.

    I seriously doubt he WILL NOT!

    Anon 1045pm,

    What damage control? Its totally lost!

    Bernama carried an official statement from the Office of the Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan Agong. It is the same office which issue communique' on congratulatory, bereavement and acceptances of invitations on behalf of the Supreme Ruler. It does not get anymore official than that.

    What can The MT rebuttal on this do any further?

    By morning, millions of Malaysians would have read the communique' on all major newspapers and all TV would have highlighted it.

    If most of doubted the Bernama report, read this AP report on the subject matter:

    By EILEEN NG,Associated Press Writer AP - Saturday, November 17

    KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia - Malaysia's king expressed regret Friday over a recent opposition-backed rally for electoral reforms, dealing a blow to activists who had hoped that royal intervention would boost their cause.

    In a rare media statement, Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin also dismissed claims that he had approved and supported the Nov. 10 rally, the biggest political demonstration in the country in nearly a decade.

    Organizers said 30,000 people took part in the demonstration, which was banned by the government. Police put the number at 4,000, and said nearly 250 people were briefly detained.

    The king said he "truly regretted the illegal gathering."

    The constitutional monarch almost never comments on political developments in the country. The break in protocol appeared to be an attempt by the royal palace to send a signal to the government that he remains apolitical amid concerns he had tacitly encouraged opposition activists by allowing a palace official to accept their memorandum after the rally.

    Mizan stressed that he and the National Palace "never at any time approved or gave any support, directly or indirectly, to any parties that organized or were involved in the illegal gathering or any other activities that violate the law."

    The demonstrators, prevented from gathering at a downtown park, had marched to the royal palace where they handed over the memorandum addressed to the king.

    The king, who largely has a ceremonial role with no executive power, remains a highly revered figure in Malaysia, especially by the majority Malay Muslims. Many even feel _ possibly in misplaced faith _ that the monarch is influential enough to stop the state from following undemocratic practices.

    Sivarasa Rasiah, one of the protest organizers, said the campaign for election reforms will go on, with general elections widely expected next year.

    "We respect the king's views but we continue to hope that the royalty will play a role to help advance the course of democracy and ensure elections are clean and fair," he told The Associated Press.

    The king urged the people to stay away from illegal gatherings, and to preserve unity and harmony. "Every Malaysian citizen is responsible for maintaining public order for continued peace and stability in the country," he said in the statement.

    The demonstrators were demanding the removal of phantom voters from electoral rolls, a crackdown on government workers using absentee ballots, access to state-controlled media by all political parties, and an end to vote-buying and other irregularities.

    The government denies election irregularities, saying electoral rolls have been cleaned up and the polling system is transparent.

    Rocky and all readers,

    So many upset and disappointed people with so much 'hopes' in here. Maybe their understanding of the system was not good enough, so they dared to hope the 'impossible'.

    Shakespeare once said "The bigger the lie, the more people would believe in it".

    Now who is the bigger liar? MT or the Office of HM SPB YDP Agong? Which lie is more believable?

    The truth will eventually prevail.

    God help us all.

    Dirgahayu, Tuanku. Daulat Tuanku

  34. Anonymous2:28 am

    I have faith in my King.

  35. Anonymous3:30 am

    ooop! forget 'bout de past, just want 2 know...

    our ? is ... is d agond r with d ppl or he is not with d ppl?

    whether d ppl or he is more important?

    let him decide... & we'll decide rest

  36. Anonymous3:41 am

    wtf, am i in m'sia or what!!!

    either is YES or NO... no balls or no guts?

    even d palace trying to 'main' politics

  37. That's the way, mate.Too bad.The Agong must be seen to be with the government whether he likes it or not.

  38. Anonymous10:04 am

    Yes!Bro.WE do NOT to drag the Agong into the mud of partisan politics.what we're asking was that the Palace to look into our GRIEVANECES.
    And the main media makes us more confuse!

  39. Anonymous10:35 am

    I think "Waiting for the world to change" by John Mayer seems to reflect what the rally has been fighting for. Why don't we make it as the official rally theme song?

  40. 40,000 heroes went,they braced the sun, rain, traffic jam,teargas and some even beatings from our protectors, the Police.

    Our papers published 4,000 people, gave the wrong information to Al-Jazheera by Zam zam ala ka zam (yes, Zam this blunder of yours will haunt you forever). And, we are to believe what they publish?

    I also read Raja Petra's article, so it gave me a fresh insight to what happened. We were LED to "believe" what the papers wanted us to believe, not necessary the truth.

    What happened the the principles of democracy?
    Freedom of press? sheeshh...down the drain. It's one blunder after another, and as the plot grows thicker, it didnt grow better, it only shows the demented side of many things. So,to these guys @ Putrajaya, its a poor show, covering one lie with another doenst make it better, just make it a bigger lie, and the TRUTH prevail ALL THE TIME.

    My KING will never abandon me or his citizens.

    My King will protect me and his citizens.

    I belive in my KING.


  41. That's the way the system works, ppl. So don't be so naive. Fight your own battles.

  42. Rocky, BERSIH got its messages loud and clear. November 10, 2007 indeed a historical day for all Malaysian and democracy in Malaysia. Thanks to the King and the good people of Malaysia. Have a nice day.

  43. Hi all, just want to confirm that there indeed was a convoy heading towards Sepang sighted at Nilai. We were on our way to KL for the rally. The moment we saw it, we sms Haris of People's Parliament. We had been updating him on the roadblocks from JB to KL. After reading RPK only we realize that this was the counter measure against government's oppression.

  44. Anonymous12:23 pm

    Does the march really need a royal blessing? It would be good if there was some sort of consent. But personally,I would say that it could also survive without it. But without a Royal theme, the march could have turned choatic. I think BN machinery misread and misplanned a lot of strategies from the begining; which was a first from my observation. Firstly, they thot it was going to be a Anwar's rally behind the Chinese and Indian electorates which would explain MCA initial silence and the present roar(good grief, no wonder I am now called a running dog). Secondly, they did not expect support from the Malays, which now forced them to reverse engineer the spill-offs with all these royal messages and refutes. Lastly, the presence of 'friendly' foreign presses (this is perhaps the biggest MOM-mother of all mistakes). All in all, the march was effective in uniting Malaysians and demonstrated the effectiveness of e-media and critzen maturity; notwithstanding some grunts from MCA orchestrated traders and friends. Perhaps, we should all watch Braveheart starring Mel Gibson again to be prepared for a possibility that betrayal and 'what good for the country' sometimes shake hands when you least expected. Enjoy your Sunday, and don't get too disappointed with the current spins. I think BN got the message about accountability and fairness. whispering9

  45. It's too early to be disillusioned or disheartened.
    Spinning is the Malaysian media's national sport.
    Let them spin for all that I care. They will discredit the 40,000. They will discredit the Opposition, nay, they will even discredit the entire population.
    What happens "behind the scene" is even more important that what we see and hear from the media.
    Evil will never prevail.

  46. Anonymous12:30 pm

    16/11 Yang diPertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin expressed regret over claims that the Palace approved and supported Saturday's rally / STAR

    ...who made the claims ... the organizer or the newspaper ..??

  47. Anonymous12:53 pm

    read latest aricle by RPK of Malaysia-Today. Its only spin by the government. If the King is truly against the wishes of the people to have a fair and free election, then please tell the people directly, not thru another person planted by the government in the palace.

  48. Anonymous12:53 pm




  49. Anonymous1:12 pm

    hey dog,

    yeah just cos MT says so doesn't mean it IS so. True, but same goes for your version of truth.
    For someone who has much to say contrary to the mainstream views (meaning in this blog, specifically this post)expressed here, it might be more appropriate to take your 'post-length' comment back to your own blog to post, where it might attract or resonate with like-minded people, however many if any that may be

    Otherwise, dog, it simply looks like you're merely being opportunistic under the guise of offering your own version of truth, (a substantial part of which is really cut-n-paste of someone else's view summore!) albeit in someone else's popular and credible space.

    You DO have a blog right and anaudience right?

  50. Anonymous1:44 pm

    Hi Rocky, re the pathetic efforts of the PM's functionaries to smear the rakyat's 10Eleven YellowMarch-to-the-Istana, it is time to ensure the adherence to the principle of the separation of power. His Royal Majesty DYMM YangDiPertuan Agung and the Council of Rulers must have an office befitting it's role & standing in the administration of the nation. The Council of Rulers must have an independent office - untainted by partisan politics, religion or race, committed to the rule of law within the context of the timeless principles of our Constitution, manned by the best qualified persons in law, humanities, sociology, et al - all, persons of unstinting personal intergrity. Such an office cannot be bought for pieces of silver or gold. Integrity must be its hallmark. And the very same is required for our Judiciary. And the YellowMarch must continue to pursue these goals, albeit with non-violence as our hallmark. CarlosPetra.

  51. Anonymous1:59 pm

    Bro Rocky
    Sorry to digress a bit. Is it possible to check on the validity of following report from harakahdaily ?

    Perhaps you can get someone you know in KT to verify on the report. Though my hometown is in Besut, I dont have contact there, since I stay in KL.
    IF it is TRUE, I certainly abhor it and I wonder whether the King will be too happy about it.

  52. Anonymous2:07 pm

    The "spin" is starting already.

    See the report "Businesses tell Bersih to keep protest indoors" in the NST today.

    Good governance or the pursuit of material gains? Will marches and rallies put bread on the table and your kids through school or university?

    The govt will be quick to exploit each and every such negative feedback (which is bad grammar, I know!).

  53. Anonymous2:10 pm

    Well, its all about 'saving-face'.
    Don't you all see the coincidence?

    A Royal Commission is established - giving in to the demands of the rakyat for a probe into the Lingam Tape affair (brought up by Anwar Ibrahim).

    It is off-set by a statement from the Palace (and who does such statements - if not the government of the day?) that 'illegal' assemblies are not condoned.

    In the first place - why was it illegal? Because the government of the day did not allow it. Period.

    Come on folks - always look for these kind of off-setting effects which are 'face-saving' tactics of those in power.

    And there is another interesting development - to the detriment of society that is taking least affecting one segment of the Malaysian population.

    The destruction of places of worship. Konon-nya because the 'new' landowners want such structures cleared so that they can profit by building their own permanent structures and selling it to the rakyat at high costs.

    Usually, its the enforcement authorities (who break down such strutures) who are featured as the 'bad guys'. But they only ikut perintah.

    Trace backwards and find out who these ruthless landowners are and you will see a better picture. These guys, practically 'buy' (or 'bribe') the authorities for smooth transfer of valuable land in their companies' names and then start evicting measures for those who have raised at least two generations on such land. In the process - places of worship also have to make way - be it temples or suraus.

    But I do not see these political parties coming out to condemn such landowners who instigate the enforcement authorities to do such 'demolition' jobs.

    They only 'prey' the enforcement authorities!

    Guys - do come out in the open and go after the folks who damage the delicate fabrics of a 'peace-loving' segment of the Malaysians who are from the poorer strata of society.

    Fair elections and Royal commissions will interest the middle class and those above.

    Championing for proper treatment of the poorer society will go far also, as otherwise, all it takes is for thugs, enforcement authorities, bullies to continue to threaten such folks to always vote for the establishment.

    These are the real majority who are actually 'suppressed' by the bullying tactics of the thugs, gangsters, robotic enforcement authorities (I dont blame them), keris-weilding peace lovers, idiots who actually see tunnels in skirts of others (except their wives, mothers, daughters, grandmothers and their illegal side-kicks), fools who do not know how to address and reprimand those morally responsible for genuine leaks in august policy making buildings but can 'sniff' other bilogical leaks, 'simple' folks who can build castles amidst land for the poor and yet do not pay proper assessments (which the menteri besar does not care, but can give out brooms).

  54. Anonymous2:25 pm

    anon 1:12 pm

    Now, don't be too quick in judgment! If the Dog does read & post in this blog. What does that tell you? They are listening and worried and dog is relaying all the messages here to the upstair masters! So, it proves one thing: Lim Keng Yaik is just bull bull about socio-political blogs! There, why not welcome them? Otherwise, we'll not be able to send our messages across to the powers-that-be!

    Never turn away your comrades! That's all! QED!!!!!

  55. Anonymous2:40 pm

    anonymous 2.10pm. Yes to all your points! And the YellowMarch must continue its endeavour to ensure fair play in all aspects of our Malaysia. We want the electoral system to reflect greater parity of voter strength across the nation. And the poor need greater support - that must be the bedrock of the NEP. Without justice at all levels of our society, we cannot be free from crime. Let's help build a civil society. CarlosPetra.

  56. Anonymous3:02 pm

    Anon 1:12 PM - Dogs or butterfly, its Rocky who decide who comments in this blog. Who the hell are you to tell others not to comment?

    Do not question the dictatorial power of Rocky here.

    Other - I m trying to figure out why it is not the official spokesmen for the palace giving the statement. Never heard of a position called Dato Pengelola.

    Heck ... why can't the sovereign give their own statement press statement on an issue like this. Even the Queen of England does that on occasion.

    The so-called statement from the palace is quite necessary. We do not want an out into public war between palace and executive.


  58. Anonymous4:02 pm

    Just be a little alert for a particular dog barking, just be alert. Anyone with an insight as to a certain dog are most welcome to provide an insight or understanding of its thinking.

  59. Anonymous5:32 pm

    Hello, excuse me for divagating. As far as I can see, the blogs are populated with intellectuals. I am enjoying and maturing with every discussion whatever their inclination, as long as it does not end up with disparaging discussion trying to belittle other people's religion, race, or culture.

    The so claim 80% women bloggers must then be hidden intellectuals.

  60. Anonymous6:39 pm

    What a fine kettle of fish. I have an idea to propose, Rock... laters.

  61. Anonymous12:17 pm

    Some more "spin" - Kalimullah Hassan's column ("Reforms yes, but not through violence in the streets") in the New Sunday Times. Nov 18. Note how he cleverly dragged in Anwar Ibrahim. The man can write well - dang it!

    And Tunku Abdul Aziz's column ("Wrong to link the king to the demo") in the same paper is pretty explicit.

    Note also that 3 NGOs have lodged police reports against Jeff Ooi for something he said on Al-Jazeera.

    I think that the people behind Bersih clearly miscalculated when they planned the rally and the march to the Istana Negara.

    And the govt's spinmeisters are adept at exploiting such fissures.

  62. Anonymous11:40 pm

    Someone caught a Red Herring!
    Where can all the grievances gone?
    Where have all the wisdoms gone?

    The Rally had started
    because grievances were stuck.
    Rulers should have wisdoms
    to run Agong's kingdom
    on people's freedom
    but they messed up all the rhythms!

    Is Agony the one to open the door
    for grievance to be heard?
    Or, only a sign of hope
    to remind the rulers they better note?
    Or sighs to tell the world that
    nothing can be cooked
    unless independent EC can be booked?

    Declaring the "hope" broke
    what the world will look?

    People know well
    answer from PM is what they look!
    May be People overlook
    only those with wisdoms can uncoded!
    So Right answer from someone Right
    still not arrived!
    Or, football in the night
    without light!
    BN or PM missed the ball!